and he stays with exo

I’m going to make a post about this because of fucking course ppl have to start drama around yixing , so people are saying lays speech for album of the year was arrogant and petty. What the statement was ill leave you guys find out yourselfs im sure if you come across this post you'vd heard it . In my opinion He’s not arrogant that statement means he hopes exo will stand the test of time He isn’t saying “we can never Be beaten we are the best” he means it in a way that he wants exo to work hard to stay on top. Also He was trying to use a chinese idiom sometimes it doesn’t translate well into English. I understand how people can misunderstand but don’t be so quick to drop yixing because of one statement without trying to understand. I stanned yixing for almost 3 years and I feel yixing isn’t the arrogant or petty type. The rest is up to you guys .


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//Gong Yoo x you ❤️

Word count: 11,119

Summary: Gong Yoo knows shit about courting women.

Rated: explicit, mentions of toys and bondage

Ok, I know everybody is losing their shit over Goblin (AND I AM AS WELL), but I’ve always loved him, and today I realised that he has no English porn online, and the state of his fanfiction is even worse than Jongdae’s so… Say hello to Gong Yoo, he is here to stay. Along EXO.

Special thanks to @hidaulie for French translation, and for research on suits, which somehow lead to maddening spam of photos of Gong Yoo wearing suits.

This job is everything you could have dreamed about. Every job you could manage while being a senior at the University is a good job, but the one that has satisfactory pay, social that you can’t really complain about, and it’s moderately easy? It’s a needle found in the stack of hay, really.

And on top of that it’s one that you put on your LinkedIn resume and it would actually give you some kind of experience.

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When will y’all stop doubting yixing? do you know how much he loves and worries for exo? do you think he’s happy with the situation he is in? and if you think he is then you don’t anything about him. 

Yixing works his ass off for exo everyday and this how y’all pay him? if i were yixing i had left the group a long time ago but he didn’t because he’s loyal to exo, because he loves exo, HE LOVES EXO.

Is it too difficult to believe he loves exo and he’ll stay with us? oh no wait, is this because he’s chinese? how can you based someone’s opinion just by their ethnic or nationality? isn’t it racist? luhan, kris and tao are not yixing and yixing is not them.  

And before you put your full of oppas world first, try to inform yourself about China’s and South Korea’s political problems right now. Yixing isn’t the only one affected by this but many other chinese idols so please take out your head from your bias’ ass and see the bigger problems that are happening now. 

Thank you for your time.


because baby baek refuses to leave the stage ‘^’

EXO being jealous/overprotective

Suho: He’d stay quiet and would act like nothing happened, you’re his girl anyways so WHO IS THE REAL WINNER HERE BITCH.

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Chanyeol: Will be dying inside so he’d approach to and pull you away from the dude that was trying to flirt with you. The other guy would be intimidated by his height and especially his arm muscles.

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Baekhyun: Starts acting cute and clingy with you letting other guys know you’re his until they leave “Yes bitchachos go away she’s mine”.

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D.O: After he saw a guy flirting with you at the mall he went home and Googled “how to murder someone without being caught” 

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Xiumin: “Excuse me, she’s my girlfriend and we are leaving” kisses you in front of the other guy.

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Lay: You were having a good time at the party and he didn’t mind you talked to other people, it was not until he saw this guy being very close to you and he noticed you were uncomfortable so he went to the rescue and you just found it cute that Lay was jealous. You two stayed together the rest of the party.

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Kai: “WhY IS sHEEEE daNcCiNg WiTh hiiMMm?! whY?! whAT?!”

Sehun: Kai control yourself


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Sehun: Stays quiet when he sees this guy is talking to you and notices how good your chemistry was, so this saddens him “why you two are always joking and playing around? you like him now? is it becAUSE IM UGLY!?” He soon forgets about everything when you kiss his temple out of nowhere.

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I have a lot of free time at work lmao



best of exo selfies 2015 (⬅ click for other members) // suho (✿◠‿◠)


when his members (chanyeol, sehun, suho, kai & baekhyun) appeared on the VCR to wish him happy birthday