and he starts glitching out

Unhealthy obsession

Characters: Darkiplier x Reader hint of Markiplier x one sided!reader

Summary/prompt: Based off my imagine here.

Warnings: Language, implied sexual content. 

Notes: I just might continue this with other parts, but I would still appreciate your opinions on this story and if you want me to continue this. ^^

Part 2

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“You just don’t know me yet but I love you and you love me the same.”

This was not expected. 

You wouldn’t call it a mistake, just a hasty decision that was meant to have a long hard think on. Maybe if you had done that, you wouldn’t be in this situation in another entity’s world stuck until he decides to let you go.

Yet you are.

“Y/N,” He whispers you name in your ear, the smirk clear on his face. Of course he can feel the fear you still held towards him, he can also see the effect he on on you. “You like this, don’t you?”

Yes. But you weren’t about to tell him that, not in a million years. Even though you shouted out an “N-no!” he continued with his ministration. His hands caressing your body and making small sounds bubble in your throat that you refused to let out. 

It’s not quite a long story as to how you ended up in this situation. With a man - no, demon - that was as charming as he is handsome. With a deep voice that sent chills down your spine and goosebumps to rise on your skin in both a good and bad way. 

And it’s all because that damn deal.

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How would Error and Ink react if Ink somehow started glitching? Would Ink freak the Hell- I mean the heck out?

Ink starting to glitch?

He got his own kind of glitches the whole time! (And he’s good at deceiving himself that they’re “just tatoos”.)

Say Goodbye (pt. 4)

It was Signe’s idea, if Sean is honest with himself, but he likes to think that he had a big part in actually bringing it to fruition. And of course, someone had to talk Anti into coming out again.

Now, as he hides behind the door to the convention room, watching the screen and watching the people enjoying his video, he’s so nervous and giddy that he can barely contain himself. When they see the first glitch, the audience starts to freak.

Anti glitches around in Sean’s head. He’s on edge. Sean can tell that much, but the glitch doesn’t say a word as they both watch eagerly.

The video goes dark for the first time and then reappears. The audience begins cheering wildly, and when it does it a second time, it’s Anti’s time to shine. He appears in a blaze of sporadic videos and giggles, glitching onto the screen with his signature bloodied neck. Signe had insisted on fake blood this time.

“Did you miss me?”

The roar of the crowd is almost deafening, and Sean takes step back, mouth agape. It’s a whole new feeling to see them react to one of his videos in person. Anti leans forward. He can feel their excitement charging him with energy like fire through his veins.

As the video goes on, the audience almost drops to an awed hush as the glitch conveys his envious message. “You found someone new! Threw me aside!” Anti whispers the words along with the video, “I’m not going anywhere.”

When the video reaches its crescendo and Anti’s final words ring out, the crowd starts to cheer again, and Sean can feel something inside of him spark wildly. Anti grunts in pain and starts glitching out of control. “What’s happening?” He coughs once, his head whipping around quickly at odd angles, and then he disappears. Sean feels the silence of it all the way down to his bones. He’s alone in his mind once again, and the video has ended.

Time to start the show.


Anti awakes backstage where he can still hear their excited screams and Sean’s playful banter with the audience. Their hearts are still racing. They hang onto his every word, but it’s all because of Anti. He looks down at himself, at his new body. He just needed that one last little push over the edge, and here he is, material. Whole. Well… mostly whole.

He traces his fingers over the cut along his neck. “Great, now ’m stuck with this,” he mumbles, but really, he’s so overjoyed, he doesn’t know how to react. And he can’t draw attention to himself, not here.

Anti stands, smelling the dust and the cold, recycled air of being backstage. Always in the background. He peeks around the curtain to look out at the audience’s excited faces. They did it, they gave him this, and it isn’t much of an existence. But it’s something.

And Anti wants more.


When the panel is over and Sean finally meets up with Signe again, Anti is nowhere to be found. “He just… disappeared,” Sean tells her. “When the video ended, something happened to him, and he disappeared.”

Signe curls a finger around a lock of her hair and nibbles at the corner of her mouth. “Maybe he appeared somewhere else? I mean, we have no idea how this works, right? So, anything could’ve happened.”

“I can’t believe ’m worried about him,” Sean mutters. “He tried ta kill me.”

“But he didn’t,” she replies. “For whatever reason, he doesn’t actually want to kill you. Even when he stole your body, he didn’t hurt you or me. So, maybe he’s not all bad.”

Sean takes Signe’s hand, lacing their fingers together and sighing. “Let’s hope not. Otherwise we may have just unleashed demon on the world.”

I love the “black thumbnail, no title” concept going around lately. Thought I’d try one too.

Black thumbnail, no title.

Jack is sitting in front of the camera, not looking directly at it but instead looking at a space just behind it. He’s clearly looking at something, or someone, and eventually he nods and then addresses the camera.

“Um, I’m doing a vlog today. I know I don’t do them often but I thought it could be…” again his eyes flick to the side, glancing again at the space behind the camera. “Fun.” He seems to be nervously checking he’s saying the right thing, then he looks back at the camera and forces a smile. He looks incredibly uncomfortable, and everything about the video seems forced. Not to mention, he looks exhausted.

“So we’re just gonna go through my day and I’ll take you along with me. I’m so happy about it, I really think it will be fun. I’m so happy to be doing this video. It’s something I wanted to do. It was my own idea and I’m happy to be doing it.” It’s painfully obvious that he’s reading from a script, or at the very least being told what to say. He keeps glancing behind the camera, seemingly distracted by whatever he’s looking at. He looks nervous. He doesn’t smile except every so often when he looks behind the camera, and then suddenly smiles again as though he’s being reminded to do so.

There’s a long silence where Jack is just sat there, looking behind the camera in a “was that good enough?” expression. He seems to be unsure whether to keep talking or not. For some reason he doesn’t simply get up and turn the camera off, and you wonder why this bit wasn’t edited out. You see Jack close his eyes and look thoughtful, and then he seems to decide on something. When he opens his eyes he’s looking directly at the camera, not uncomfortable anymore, but scared. “You have to listen to me, I’m being-”

The video cuts abruptly and now the camera is filming an assortment of knives. “So this is my kitchen.” Jack is holding the camera. His voice has gone back to the nervous, unsteady one from the start of the video. “This video is so much fun. These are some knives. I’m having so much fun filming this.” There’s a bit of muffled noise and you can just about hear Jack’s voice much lower this time. “I’m not saying that. I know you will but you can’t make- no, don’t!” The camera is still on the knives but it’s shaking around now. Jack is shouting, and there’s another noise too, like static. You can only just hear Jack shouting above it. The picture starts to go fuzzy before the whole screen glitches over and over. Jack’s voice sounds distant, yelling “stop!” but you’re also sure you can hear him laughing at the same time.

The video cuts to Jack standing in another darker room. There’s blood in his hair and a large cut on his arm which is holding up the camera, you just get glimpses of it every so often. “I decided to take a walk.” He’s literally pacing up and down what appears to be a small empty room. “Walking is fun and this is a fun lighthearted video. I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m so lucky that I get to talk to you guys. It’s great that I’m allowed to make videos and interact with the world outside. I’m very thankful. Obviously I’d do anything not to lose this privilege. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a video. I think since the Halloween before last.” Jack squeezes his eyes shut and grits his teeth as though suddenly in pain. The screen is glitching again.

When things return to normal, Jack opens his eyes. “I mean, obviously I’ve been making videos all this time. I misspoke, I’m not sure what I was talking about. Ignore that. The point is I’m making a video now. It feels really cool to be able to do things again!” He waves his fingers in front of the camera. “Look, that’s me doing that, I’m moving my own hand by myself! I finally get to be in control of my own-” With no warning, Jack’s hand shoots up to his throat and we just catch a glimpse of his shocked expression before his other hand drops the camera. The screen is glitching out again.

When the picture returns, Jack is in the same room, holding the camera again. The blood in his hair has gone dry, and when you see the cut on his arm you can see it’s almost healed over now. Jack has dark circles under his eyes. On the wall behind him are tally marks, but you can’t tell how high they go. “So I was doing a vlog. I missed you guys. I’m very lucky that I get to talk to you all. This is a really fun video and…” Jack trails off into silence. He suddenly gets closer to the camera and talks louder. “Look, I don’t have much time. He’s got control of everything! It’s been over a year-” He starts to glitch out but he quickly shakes his head and gets louder. “I won’t be able to do this again. You have to help me!” He’s glitching but keeps shouting. “I’m still here!”

The video goes black and ends. You wait for the second video of the day but it’s completely ordinary. Or at least… until you look closer. Has Jack always smirked at the camera like that? Did he just talk about knives? Why is he so excited by violence in the game he’s playing? No, you’re sure it’s just Jack. He’s behaving exactly as he has been all year…

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The V3 boys finding out their S/O has been kidnapped by a serial killer and finding them.... Why is my Imagination weird...?

>_> *Totally doesn’t have a weird imagination either* This also makes me think of the Joker for some reason and I mean… :3

DRV3 Boys finding out S/O got kidnapped by a serial killer

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He found a note with geographical coordinates

Oh no

- He looked around the apartment but you were nowhere to be found

- He ran to the coordinates, he couldn’t let anything happen to you

- When he got there he found you sitting in a chair, tears making their way down your face, a knife pressed to your neck

- “Oh! You must be Saihara! This little cutie here kept saying your name over and over again and look at that you actually came!”

- “What do you want”

- “Nothing!”

- They press the knife to your neck a bit more

- “I just want to kill people~”

Think Shuuichi. Think!

- The serial killer just flashes him a nice grin

- “What will you do, detective?

Kaito Momota:

- He was just watching TV when suddenly his screen started to glitch out

- He stood up to try and hit the TV but then the image became more clear

Wait… That’s you

- “S/O?”

- “Can you see me Momota - kun?”

Who the hell is that?

- “Are you watching~ Your sweet little S/O is spending some quality time with me! Would you like to join?”

- He’s gritting his teeth now

- “I’m coming to save you S/O, don’t even worry about it.”

- He quickly grabs his jacket before going for the door

- “Oh how sweet! Momota - kun is actually going to save you! Look at him go!”

- “K-Kaito - kun… Hurry…”

- The last thing he heard was maniacal laughter


- His vision was blurry

- He had no idea what was happening but then he saw you

- You were sitting in a chair, blood dripping from your mouth

- “Can you see me robot boy? I’m sure you can see cute little S/O!”

- “Kiibo…kun”

- Your voice was weak and he could barely hear it

- “Wanna come visit? I’ll send you the coordinates~”

- His vision shifts back to the room he was in

- Sure enough he receives coordinates seconds later

- He can’t really explain what happens next, he’s angry… No scared?

- What is this feeling?

- No matter! He has to go save you!

Rantaro Amami:

- “S/O - san/kun!”

- No response

- That’s weird, you’re usually home by now

- He slowly makes his way towards your room but… You’re not there either

- He takes a quick look around, something isn’t right. Sure enough he finds a note

- What the? A riddle?

- He reads it at least twice and then turns the note to find the words: “You have 24h before I slit their throat :D”

- He’s instantly out of the house sprinting to your location

- As soon as I find that asshole he will pay for messing with me

- Needless to say Amami keeps his promise

Kokichi Ouma:

- “S/O - chaaan!”

- He’s been looking for you for the past 5 minutes, are you playing hide and seek with him?

- If only that were the truth

- Suddenly, a monitor lights up with someone close to the camera

- “You must be Ouma Kokichi!”

- He stops and raises an eyebrow. A threat? What a low blow

- “Oh? Not impressed? How about now?”

- He moves the camera so that it now shows you sitting in a chair, bruises and cuts all over your body

- “Where are you.”

- Ouma’s voice lost all of it’s usual playfulness

- “Oh I don’t know…. Surely we still have some time to kill

- To say that Ouma was furious was an understatement

- He was screaming at his members


Gonta Gokuhara:

- Gonta knew something was wrong as soon as he found a dead insect, and then another, and then another

- After following the trail he finally found you, a knife pressed to your neck and someone standing behind you with a calm smile

- “You must be Gonta - kun… I thought you’d be a bit smaller.”

- “Did you kill the insects?”

- “Sure did!”

- What a horrible person. Not a gentleman at all. 

- “People who hate insects are bad”

- “Hahahahaha! I am bad! I’m going to slit S/O’s throat you know! Seeeee~”

- The killer pressed the knife a bit more causing droplets of blood to drip onto your clothes

- Forgive me S/O - san/kun… What I’m about to do is not gentlemanly at all

- Gonta takes a few steps forward, then some more

- “Let them go please”

- The killer just laughs

- Alright then

- Before anyone knew what happened, the killer lay unconscious on the ground and you were in Gonta’s arms

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He knew something was up the second he got home

- Books were scattered everywhere, there was clearly some sort of struggle here

- He instantly starts looking for you but… You’re not there

- Dammit

- He gets out his phone ready to call the police when he finds that someone sent him a picture

- It’s a picture of you sitting tied up in a chair, bruises on your face

- He instantly demands to know where you are

- “What’s the rush Shinguji - kun? It’s not like…. Your S/O has 4h to live :)”

- He quickly sends a few more texts demanding to know where you are but whilst waiting for a reply he studies the surroundings in your picture

- “The old warehouse near the edge of town. We’ll be waiting <3″

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He noticed someone who looked kind of suspicious in the audience but he didn’t do much about it

- That was his mistake

- When he glanced at the crowd once more you were nowhere to be seen

- When Hoshi ran over to your seat he found a mask

- It looks familiar… After studying it for a bit he deduces that the kidnapper must be related to the gang he dealt with

- He quickly turned the mask over to find an address scribbled on it

- Okay…. I have to be smart. S/O is definitely in trouble. One wrong move and it could all be over

- He takes time to carefully plan how to get you out of there safe

- This however doesn’t stop him from taking some of his metal tennis balls

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Sole comes into the companion's home all beat up and bloody and passes out on their doorstep go

Cait - “Bloody hell?!” she almost screams as she runs up to them, kneeling down and slapping their face several times. She should have never let them travel on their own, she thinks as she’s desperately stabbing stims into their arm.

Codsworth - “Sir/Mum?!” He doesn’t believe his own eyes and rushes up to them quickly, calling for help, since his own body isn’t exactly suitable, nor he is programmed for healing. He starts glitching a little, out of the worry for them.

Curie - She is very worried, yet she manages to keep her head cool. She knew medicine for her whole life and was quickly able to find out what hurt them the most and treat their wounds. She held onto their hand when they lied unconscious on the mattress, their body covered by band aids and bandages.

Danse - He rushes up to them as soon as he sees them collapsing, catching them in his arms a moment before they hit the ground. He shakes their whole body several times, panicking a little. He carried them to the nearest doctor, carrying them while in his power armour was not a problem at all.

Deacon - He thinks they’re joking with him at first, but as they don’t respond to him calling out for them, he curses under his breath and quickly checks their breathing and pulse. He quickly stims them and bandages their worst wounds. When they wake up, all pale and weak, he helps them to the nearest doctor, being awfully quiet.

Dogmeat - Whimpers and quickly bites into their clothes, dragging them somewhere fellows will see them and help them.

Hancock - “Shit! Shit, shit shit!” He says when he runs up to them, kneeling down and taking their upper body with his arms, pleading them to wake up. He then checks on their heart beat and breathing and is relieved when everything seems to be rather normal. He calls Dr. Amari urgently and nervously paces around the room as she’s tending their injuries. Every groan or gasp for air from unconscious Sole gets him a tiny infarct.

MacCready - He is mad and scared. Mad, because they walked into his room like this and no one helped them on their way. Where is everyone when they need them?! He keeps his head cool, however, quickly pulling a pillow behind their neck and tending their injuries, calming down only after they’re breathing is steady and their pulse even and loud.

Nick Valentine - Similarly to Danse, he cattches their body moment before they hit the ground, calling out for Ellie to bring Dr. Sun over and quickly. He then carries them to his bed upstairs and lies them down on their sound, his hand glued to their wrist as he reassures himself they live.

Piper - “Blue? Blue! Nat, Nat get the doctor, now!” She slaps their face and holds their head in her hands, setting it on her own lap. She then holds her hand in front of their face, letting out a sigh of relief when she feels their breath, her own almost stopping for a while.

Preston - Without no words, he quickly rushes to them and picks them up. They’re only a little while from the doctor and he doesn’t even feel like he was carrying their body in his arms at all, running. He asks if they hear him, which is answered only by his own shallow breathing.

X6-88 - Quickly teleports to the Institute, calling out for the doctors, his voice unusually angry. He keeps a watch over the doctors as they treat their wounds expertly. It is, after all, an interest to all of them to keep the future of the Institute alive.

I wish I could say that the hardest part was letting go of him, but the truth is that I never let go. I just squeeze harder when I feel the bubbles start to pop on my skin, when he starts to shimmer and glitch out. The bed always breaks my fall, and then I spend minutes lying there with my feet dangling off the bed and my waist bent ninety degrees. I wish I could say that he’s gone, but he isn’t. He’s still there, just somewhere else, and someone else.

There are a few things common between this universe and the other one. He always notices when I don’t eat enough at the cafeteria. The difference is that in this one, he just frowns a little, shakes his head a little, and goes right back to eating. In the other one, he frowns deeply, shakes his head stubbornly, and makes sure I get another helping. “You need to eat well if you want to stay healthy,” he scolds me, waving a fork. And the moment that kills me, it’s when I start eating and he breaks into a smile.

It’s most confusing if the shift happens when I’m asleep. I’ll wake up, call him, and then immediately catch myself. Do I call him ‘muffin’? Crap. What did I call him for? And then I awkwardly ask if he’d like to hang out. Half the time, he responds with “Of course!” because he finds it adorable I’m still so nervous about asking him out, like it’s my first time. Half the time, he responds with “Sorry, my schedule’s kind of full right now. Next time, maybe.”

No, I’ll never let go. And yet he’ll disappear one day, for good. No surprise there. And he’ll stay in the other world, whether I like it or not. The question is which one will go, and which one will stay. It’s not something I like thinking about, but the thought drills itself into my brain nonetheless, and I start crying onto his shoulder. I tell him about it as he runs his hand through my hair. “I’m not going anywhere for now,” he says. He doesn’t understand.

It becomes an obsession, a choice, a coin toss. Do I want him gone in this world, or that world? How do I cope with either reality? It’s tempting to think that the more distance exists between us, the easier it’ll be to see him go. But that’s just not how things work, sadly. It just means a life that’s half-empty. It’ll always be half-empty, and then it’ll be all empty.

He drums my head. “You think too much,” he tells me.

“The other you would agree,” I tell him.

“Tell the other me that he’s a bro,” he says. “And tell him he has shit taste in life partners.”

“What if he says the same about you?” I ask.

He leaned his head back on the wall, looked up to remember something, and when he finally remembered, he said, “Make that two cups of coffee very hot and sweet.”

Artificial Intelligence Part 6

Word Count: 1,088

Ship: Platonic Logicality

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Ahhh truth be told, I’m not feeling the best about this chapter guys. But I promised you guys an update today so I needed to get it up, hopefully it turned out better than I thought!


Logan was pulled out of his work a few hours later by a weird sound from downstairs. He looked over to the clock to see that it had actually been around two hours. And for a few minutes he was actually pretty confused as to where Patton was. He was pulled out of it by another sound, it sounded a bit like someone was trying to cry, but they couldn’t.

That was when he remembered that he had sent Patton downstairs. And that must have meant that the sound was coming from Patton…it only took him a moment to stand up, starting downstairs quickly. What if the virus was starting to glitch out his systems again? He had thought he would have had more time! His eyes were wide with worry as he reached the living room, only to pause.

The android was curled up on the couch, a pillow pulled close to his chest. Logan frowned and quickly moved over, not noticing what was playing on the television. ‘Patton! Are you alright?” he questioned, Patton dropped the pillow automatically and moved to Logan, clinging to him. Logan awkwardly curled his arms around him. That’s when he noticed what was on the screen. “You…Oh my god. Patton, you shouldn’t have watched that.” He held back a sigh of relief. While he did feel that Patton getting so emotional over nothing more but a movie was ridiculous, he figured it was best not to bring it up and instead simply tried to bring him comfort.

Patton didn’t speak for a while after that, he stayed curled up in Logan’s arms, his hands curled into fists in his shirt. Logan was completely unsure of what to do. So he simply held him close, gently rubbing the androids back. Eventually he spoke up.  “Why would anyone make a movie like that!?” He whined, burying his face into Logan’s shirt. “They killed the puppy Logan! The puppy!!”

“Yes I know they did…but they didn’t really kill him Patton, there really is no need to get this emotional.” Logan glanced down at the electronic who simply responded with more whimpering. But eventually he did look back up at him. “T-they didn’t..?” he questioned softly. Even Logan had to admit that Patton was rather cute…well, for an electronic he was.

“No, they didn’t kill the dog. It was just a movie, nothing more.” Logan moved so he could fix his glasses before he tried to stand up. But to no avail, as it seemed that Patton was absolutely determined to make it so he couldn’t stand up. “Patton, you’re fine. The dog didn’t die, now please let me get back to work.” He stated, trying once again to stand up, only for the machine to stubbornly pull him back down. “But you promised me you’d take a break!”

“I came down here to help you did I not? I would say that that counts for enough of a break.” Logan insisted, trying one last time to stand up before he gave up. “But you were only down here for like, a minute Logan! Please just relax with me? You worked for a whole extra hour you weren’t supposed to!” Patton held onto his creator as he spoke, obviously not going to give up on the matter.

Logan really hated to admit it, but Patton did have a point. So he ended up giving in to what Patton wanted, laying down on the couch. Patton still didn’t move though, he just kept clinging to him. Naturally, Logan felt incredibly awkward as he wasn’t used to physical contact. But he didn’t bother trying to move away, he didn’t even ask for Patton to let go of him. He didn’t know exactly why he just let it happen, he just did. Hell, for once he wasn’t even questioning what he was doing here. For the first time ever since he had discovered the virus in Patton’s systems he actually let himself completely relax.

He ended up just lying there with Patton in a comfortable silence for a while. He didn’t know when exactly, but he must have ended up drifting off. As when he opened his eyes again the sky was starting to darken. Logan knew he must have slept for quite some time, but he still somehow managed to feel tired. He looked down to check on Patton to see the android had pretty much curled up on top of him and was listening to his heartbeat. If Logan hadn’t made him he would have just thought that Patton was just asleep.

Logan didn’t know what he did to get his attention, but only a moment later Patton was looking up at him with a happy glint in his eyes. “Hey Logan! Did you sleep well?” He questioned, he got a simple nod in response. Logan reached up to rub where his glasses had pressed into his nose. There was a reason you always had to remove your glasses before falling asleep (besides how they might break). “Yes Patton…I slept well. Now if you excuse me, I really need to get back to work”

Logan moved to sit up, and Patton simply moved away. He was content that Logan managed to sleep for a while and that he actually took a proper break. “Okay! Don’t work too late!” He smiled widely as he watched Logan stand and stretch out. “Well I have to catch up on the work I missed out o-” He was cut off by a loud knocking at the door. The scientist frowned, wondering who could possibly be at his door at this time. Or…well, ever. Logan didn’t get visitors much at all. “I’ll be right back, Patton. Stay here.” He told him before he walked down to the door.

Patton couldn’t hear much of what was being said at first, but eventually it escalated and he could hear Logan getting more and more frustrated until eventually the sound of the door slamming shut echoed through the house. The electronic frowned, wondering what could have possibly angered Logan to the point of where he slammed the door. He watched curiously as Logan headed back over.

Logan ran a hand through his hair as he sat back down next to him, obviously stressing out and gripping so tightly onto a letter that his knuckles had turned white. “Logan? Whats wrong?” Patton questioned, the frown still present on his features as Logan looked over to him, setting the letter aside

. “Its nothing, Patton.”

Reminder Darkiplier

So i noticed that the titles have changed after we noticed the two weird titles.

I think that’s Marks way of trying to say “It’s fine! It’s ok! Nothing to see here!”

It actually reminds me of a game he played. (I don’t remember which)

He was starting to “throw shade” at Anti. The screen glitched out and he immediately says “it’s ok. Nothings wrong.”

I don’t know why but this is reminding me of that incident.

Story! Yay?!

Marvin was at a performance showing everyone his magic skills! He was so proud of himself that he had made it this far in life just because of his magic ability. The others were proud of him too even if they couldn’t come to every show they supported him and that was what mattered more to Marvin than the audience the support. This time Marvin was nowhere he was having a day off from his travels and shows and magic had relaxed in his room reading a book about the theory of magic he enjoyed this sort of stuff! The others where busy with work or videos or family Marvin didn’t have any of that today some LG it he never had in the first place Marvin didn’t care too much though he was happy as he was. Anti was off course watching everyone waiting to blow up Hera’s angry again for some reason or another no one cared so they just left him to it and went around their business. Marvin knew that anti was angry he could feel it he was a magician after all and we felt there was probably more to the anger than just antis natural anger he didn’t care about anti though so he didn’t bother thinking about it anymore. “Marvin bro we’re going out do you wanna come dude!?” “Nah I’m gonna stay here and relax you guys go and have fun!” He smiled because it warmed his heart to see them all alright living with anti and stuff. “OK just call us if you need us dude!” “I will bye Chase!” “Bye Marv!” Marvin went onto reading another book about magic theory and demons because why not he heard anti in his room next door yelling and he felt antis anger it was worse than he had ever felt he knew he should check it out but he didn’t he just left it as it was he didn’t know what a bad idea that was at the time… A few hours later Marvin got board of reading and went through to the living room/kitchen to get some food and watch TV after eating lunch he went and sat down in the contest seat but before he could turn the TV on he stopped and as he did he felt a strong grip on his shoulders and then a manic laugh before being reported our of the house into a bleak empty room that was grey and the same on every wall it was empty no door no windows nothing but himself and a glitching figure on the other side of the square room he immediately knew it was anti and he was here because of anti. “What do you want glitch bitch,” “What do I want..?” He laughed in a mocking tone “Ha ha what’s the deal here?!” Marvin was angry he at least deserved to know why. “Oh wouldn’t you like to know! Haha haha!” “Your insane!” “You only just figured that out now!?” Marvin’s hands started glowing a brilliant purple he was furious he was ready to beat the shot out of anti with no regrets or hesitation! “Ooohh gonna use your kids magic on me oh no I’m so scared!” Marvin charged at anti while firing his explosive magic at him anti glitched out of the way with ease he started swinging his knife through the air Marvin dodged every swipe but one his fore arm began to bleed he was in pain but that just fired him up more and made his magic stronger and faster anti laughed menacingly he knew he would win but he wanted to provoke the beast as far as he could before grilled him! Marvin charged at him screaming and anti glitched out of existence and appeared behind Marvin he grabbed his cloak and held on Marvin’s whole body started glowing he turned around fast and pushed anti right in the face anti couldn’t gmdohe at such a close range and with Marv’s magic added to the punch I the Kurt like hell even to anti. Marvin laughed “I’ll will win and you will regret this when your dead!” “When I’m DEAD haha haha haha I think your the only insane one in this room!!” Marvin actually growled at anti before firing his homing magic at him aot hitting anti the 3rd time then suddenly Marv felt a cold thin line press against his neck not hard enough to cut but hard enough to stop Marvin in his tracks he stood stock still he knew it was a knife and he knew it was anti he knew this man could kill him in seconds if he wanted to he felt another cold knife blade cutting his arms quickly and deeply he flinched each time the pain becoming more unbearable with every slice he couldn’t move though pent he had a high risk of dying anti then glitched back to twitter side of the room and smiled “Let’s try again magic boy!” Marvin couldn’t move his arms without a searing pain so he stopped his magic and tried running at anti to push him he knew it wouldn’t work but it ws his last option so he had to try and dodged and then when Marv ran at him the second time anti pulled out a k I’ve and threw it at Marvin’s left leg Hegel the pain and his leg suddenly shave way he couldn’t withstand the pain so he screamed he was now leaning on his good leg while trying to ease the knife out of his leg he couldn’t the pain made him weak he couldn’t perform healing magic or any magic he couldn’t even find the energy to get up again he fell from his knee and lay on the floor he knew he was dying he knew there was nothing he could do so he lay down and when closed his eyes and gritted his teeth trying to distract himself from the pain but he couldn’t when he opened his eyes again he saw anti lying next to him face next to his anti was staring at him the knife still in hiding and giggling to himself he was impressed with how long the magician had lasted he was surprised how well he himself had done against Marv. Marvin opened his mouth to speak but no words came out he couldn’t there was no point he might as well die in the pool of his blood forming on the floor he wasn’t ready to go but it was about to happen and he couldn’t control the future so he excepted his fate and began to cry he manged the energy to say to anti “….don’t hurt……them….please..” He was now begging anti he couldn’t do anything else.“why would I listen to you soon to be dead magician Hahaha!” “….please..anti…..” “Maybe maybe not well it doesn’t matter what I tell you you’ll be dead so you won’t know!” “………” “I’m going to take you back now and you’ll die in one of there arms if not then WE’LL GET TO PLAY AGAIN!” “….why…” “Why not!” “…..” “Let’s get you back to your room” Once Marv was back in his room GE was in the floor his door was open he heard the front door click his friends were back he heard them his only hope was here! “……..please I’m…in here…..” He was minutes from death. “Hey doc do you hear something very faint dude but I think I hear Marv?!” “Yes I hear it too Chase” “What if he’s in trouble doc!” “We should go and check hiz room keys go Chase!” They got to Marc’s bedroom door and Schneep saw him first lying on his blood soaked carpet with a knife in his leg and cuts everywhere! “..c-Chase…Sch-Schneep … came…” “Chase help me get him into my room we have to treat him immediately!!” “I know let’s go!” Chase scooped up Marvin into his arms and ran to schneeps room to save Marvin!!
Chase lay Marvin on schneeps bed Schneep began turning on machines and dressing Marvin’s wounds. The others were soon there they followed the trail of blood to schneeps room where they saw Marvin Schneep and chase anti was watching from the darkness he knew they were going to save their friend but he had no intentions of stopping them just making it harder for them! Anti threw a knife from the darkness it was seconds away from hitting Marv but luckily he missed Marvin knew he was there and managed to summon a small bit of magic he threw it directly at anti he was then visible and left seconds after that. “Marvin wvhat was that,” “Marvin bro what happened who did this to you??!!” “..An…ti….” “That bastard!” Schneep was angry too now Jack came in and was shocked to see Marvin in such a state we rushed over to the bed and started asking hundreds of questions he was so confused he wanted to help but he didn’t know how. “Schneep what can I do what happened is Marv all right!!!???” “Jack calm down we are doing our best it was anti zats all we know!“ “I’m sorry Schneep I’m just worried…” “It’s…..alright…jack..Chase and Schneep….found me…I’m fine….now…thanks to….them…” Marvin smiled weakly Jack smiled back just as weakly he knelt on to the floor and held Marv’s hand gently he didn’t want to hurt him Marvin closed his eyes and relaxed he knew he was in good hands and that his pain would fade he fell asleep while Jack held his hand and Schneep treated him Jackiboyman and Chase stood behind jack telling him it would be okay while be did the same to Marv but without using words just thought and his facial expression. Weeks later Marvin was home alone again he wasn’t careless this time if he so much as sensed anti he was ready to attack he refused to leave anyone in the house by themselves unguarded he dreaded what might happen if he were to leave them alone in the house because none of them knew magic or could defend themselves half as well as he could. Anti went missing for months no one saw him no one sensed him no one cared about this but Marvin he knew this was wrong he was waiting ready he refused to let down his guard… Thanks for reading I hope you liked it here are some tags! @chase-brody-protection-squad@schneeplestein-protection-squad@magic-marvin-protection-patrol@conceptual-bee

Author: Randomnessoffanfiction (HardLadyHeart)

Summary: Sometimes studying with Stiles wasn’t as boring as usual

Word Count: 1041

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, JOHN Stilinski, Momma McCall (Mentioned), Reader

One Shot Starters: “I took a pregnancy test.”

Tapping your pencil against your knee helped you to concentrate as you studied over at your friend’s house. You noticed that he never kept still and after a while, you just picked up on it so now Scott called you the drummers.

Stiles was at his desk while you were on his bed, sometimes asking each other questions about the material in front of you. You would both smile for a second after your questions were answered and then back to the books you’d go.

Were you seeing each other? No, just close friends that were almost joined at the hip. Did you think about something more? Duh, what girl wouldn’t?

As your mind began to wander to your friend, you could help but glance at him. A highlighter hung from his lips like a cigarette, a small amount of drool showing on the marker from where it slipped some. His brows were furrowed, brown eyes concentrating on the book in front of him as he marked it up with another color.

Stiles looked at you, cocking his head to the side in question, marker still in his mouth. “What are you looking at?” His face read the question completely, making you smile and shrug, looking away but being able to see him scratch his neck from the corner of your eye.

A knock on the open doorway made the both of you look to see the sheriff standing in the hall. You waved at him with another smile, the cop doing the same. “Stiles, I got a question… uh, you two are using protection, right?”

Stiles almost flipped in his chair, his mouth wide and the marker tumbling to the floor. “Dad, what are you even talking about?”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, you chose a great girl,” his dad looked at you, “you know you’re like a daughter to me,” he looked back to Stiles, “but I just want to make sure when you… you know.. that you’re using protection.”

You couldn’t help but look at Stiles and the sheriff, Stiles looking like he might have swallowed something and his dad looking like this conversation was the worst thing he ever had to do.

You couldn’t take it anymore and landed on your back as you laughed. Hugging your sides to get them to stop hurting, you tried to stop, but both of their faces made it impossible.

“I-I’m sorry, but that was- that was so funny,” you told the two between breaths. “We aren’t sleeping together; we’re just friends, Sir.”

“Then why did I find this in the garbage,” John asked, holding up a pregnancy kit box.

If your friend’s eyes could get any bigger, they would have fallen out. All the boy could do was point at the box and then at you, repeatedly. You were starting to think he glitched out.

The sheriff just stood there, the box still in his hand, as he waited for an explanation.  “When I went to the store the other day, I found a really cheap one at the counter. I was curious so I bought it and used it.” You shrugged, not really thinking it was that big of a deal. But now that you thought about it, putting it in the garbage of your best friend’s house did sound a bit off.

“You were just curious,” Stiles finally asked after you explain. “Oh, my God!” He just landed on the floor, not even bothering to get up.

“Don’t scare me like that… I’m already worried about Melissa,” and without a goodbye, John walked down the hall and the stairs.

Leaning over the bed, you looked down at Stiles, his arms splayed out on the floor. “Why in the hell would you be curious about something like that? I mean, you- you aren’t sleeping with someone are you,” he shot straight up off the floor after asking his question.

“No, Stiles, I’m not even seeing anyone. You know I wouldn’t ever do a one night stand, either.” You blushed at the mention of you being single, embarrassed that you couldn’t find someone that liked you, or more along the lines of finding a Stiles that liked you.

“Ok, good,” his back straightened, realizing what he just said. Stiles turned slowly, running a hand through his hair while biting his bottom lip and wincing.

“Why is that a good thing, Stiles?” What was he not telling you?

“Oh, no reason, just that I’ve had a thing for you since we started high school and couldn’t tell you because of all the supernatural stuff happening so I figured you liked someone and that you were dating them and that I’d never get to tell you,” he told you quickly, taking a deep breath afterwards.

“Wait, you like me,” you couldn’t help but question. There was no way he could like you, he likes Lydia. No, LOVES Lydia.

“After I found out that Lydia and Scott made out in coach’s office, I realized that after I told you about it and you went home, that you had always been there for me. It didn’t matter how silly it sounded to you or you had no idea what was going on, you stayed by me for as long as I needed. It was like you knew, when something was wrong and you knew when I needed to be left alone,” he sighed before continuing, “That was when I fell for you.”

You sat still on his bed, blinking, wondering what to do net. The seconds ticked by as you mind repeated what he told you just moments ago; your eyes never leaving him. You mentally told your body to stand, telling yourself to walk to the boy in front of you who just admitted his feelings for you. When you placed your hand on his shoulder, your body finally understood what to do and you no longer felt like a robot.

Stiles’ lips were soft, even before he began kissing you back. His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to him, a smile finally rising on his lips. You pulled away enough to look him in the eyes.

“Stiles? Why is your dad worried about Ms. McCall being pregnant?”

Peter Maximoff (XM:A) Childhood HeadCanons

I can confidently say that Peter is the best big brother ever! Being the oldest son he definitely felt the need to fill the role as the “man of the house” and did everything to help his mother. I think he even convinced himself that he didnt need a “dad” in his life -that his mother and siblings were enough-, but when he found out about Magneto he suddenly felt the need to know his dad. He wanted to know what his dad was like and if his life would have been better with him in it.

•as a kid Peter was always so full of energy and light and he loved to play and run but he couldn’t control his powers yet so he’d just crash into things at top speed and break them

•9 year old Peter getting a dog for his birthday and deciding to go for a run with the tiny lapdog but he forgot to hold onto its neck so its neck snapped and he cried for 3 days straight :(

•teenage Peter always using his super speed to mess with girls he knew he had no chance with

•peter always glitching out controllers during video games because he starts moving too fast

•in high school peter tried out for track & field but the coaches never believed that he had run the whole thing because it looked like he hadn’t even moved

•growing up Peters mom used to promise him a treat if he went to church with him so everyday after church they would go to the local grocery store but by then most of the donuts were gone so they’d just get twinkies and thats why peter is so obsessed with them

•he’s probably seen every disney movie ever invented and is regularly required by his younger sisters to sing along (which he does so happily bc he totally still loves disney)

•his younger sister would love tea parties so Peter would let her dress him up and they’d sit around the table with mr. Snufflekinz talking about Princess Mary Allen’s hexed new pony! And one day you would show up early for a date and find him in a dress and boa sipping out of a tiny cup and you’d start giggling loudly and next thing you knew he’d be in regular clothes “ready to go” but also very embarrassed

A Year Every Minute Pt. 41

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

With good healing and a few days resting his arm, Papyrus would be good as new. However his brother was another story.

Stressing his magic was never a good idea, especially when he was younger. Teleporting was one thing, it came naturally to him now, but healing had always been very difficult; perhaps because it countered his original purpose for being made. Either way forcing it, even as little as he had, set forth into motion the same churning, bubbling cauldron of magic inside him he had felt in his previous life.

Of course, as usual, he hid his ailments as best he could and continued as though everything was normal.

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The Catscan

As soon as i opened the scanner to scan some drawings, Sumo jumped on and started inspecting. He himself sat on the scanner, so i decided to scan him! And when the scan started he freaked out and was about to jump hence the glitch!

Mumbai, 2014.

paradoxicaltwins  asked:

The combination of magic and bad direction sense is a very wonderful thing, most of the time. He ends up whisking himself off to strangely wonderful places. This time he seems to have appeared in this vaguely familiar place, it took him a few minutes before he could figure out why. Oh right! This is where Heta lives! Deciding that poofing up there with out warning would be...well rude. He calls out as loud as he can, "Hey, Heta can I come in?"

There was a moment of silence between the duration of him arriving and calling out. A flash of light passes by, inevitably hurtling towards the guest with such violent speed it could deem fatal if not for what it actually is.

F̸̝̫͔̹̙͇̟̘̭̼̯͘ͅr͢͏̛̭̮̰̳͍͘ú̟̦̹̺͖̣̯̟̖͇̪͈͎͙̮̖͇̪́e̵̢̨̞̠͔̟̺͕̣͔͉̣̫̤̝̯̺̬̬͢n̼̜̝̘͚̞̼̜͘͘͘d͚̯͇̺̥͟͡ ==>  P̣̼̘̼͎̳o͎̥͍̺͍̣͜un͓͙̰͇̣͕̦̕ce̬̯͘ ̛͔̤̠̤̹̳a͖͓͉͉̗t̰̥̰͟ ͔̼͇͉̘̤i̛̗̼͕n̡̫t̤̬̘̯r̸͚͙̜̬͕̺̬ṳ͈̟̫̬̖̪͜ḏ̨͔̺er͇̠͙̟̬͉


Hetalia heard the loud demonically glitched sound of their canine companion and immediately rushed out from their place within the hallway to see Fruend about the tear through whom seemed to be someone they haven’t seen in a while.

“Ah! Fruend, sit! At ease!”

Upon the command of their caretaker, the flashing sprite halt and returned to his original color before getting off the now recognized ally and dashing over to spiral around their owner in bright streaks of light.

Hetalia laughed lightly, petting their silly overprotective dog and sat down on the floor to hug him in case he glitched out again and start harassing their guest. They still need work on that.

“Heh…. Sorry, Anon. It’s been a while since you last visited me. Fruend doesn’t take to kindly to strangers lately… How have you been?”