and he spends nights staring at her number like

Pretty Woman - TRES (Bucky Barnes x OFC AU)


SUMMARY: A very successful, wealthy lawyer, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, hires a beautiful and unlikely prostitute, Gabriella Alvarez, from Sunset Blvd to bring along to various business events for the week. An attraction develops between the two and Bucky finds it harder and harder to let the infectious, kind-hearted Gabriella go.

WARNINGS: mention of drugs. language.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: hey everyone! part 3 is here and ready to take OFF. my characters for this series now have banners here and here made by MOI if you’d like to check them out!


Gabriella woke up the next day in the biggest, most softest bed she had ever come across in her life. The cream colored heavy curtains were pulled back slightly, letting in the sun rays. She smiled to herself before throwing the fluffy white comforter off her body and getting out of bed, her bare feet softly hit the carpet as she made her way to the bathroom.

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KnK, "To Tick"

Summary: Somehow, when she wasn’t paying attention, her clock hit zero. (Soul Mate Clock!AU)

Rating: T

Pairing: Akirai


She’s little when she learns the meaning of the numbers on her wrist. Five years old and curious and wide-eyed and new to the world. Never mind that her blood is used for hunting demons. She just wants to know why she has a clock ticking on her skin.

Her chubby little fingers trace her mother’s own numbers- each one is a zero. Mama’s don’t move like hers do. Mama’s are more like a trophy, something of the past that’s redundant now but kept around to look at with a special fondness.

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{Another} Lucaya Sad Thought.

Mun: Sorry x3 Ahem. So what if…

On a bright early morning, there is a knock at the door. A strange knock- because Maya specifically know how each of her friends and family knocks. She opens the door- 

It’s her dad.

He’s returned after years of abandonment and wants to know if he can be forgiven. They talk, and talk, and he promises her and Katy that he will be a better dad. 

Maya tries not to show it, but she cant help but get a little excited. Why wouldn’t she be? He’s getting a new job soon, a new house- he wants her in his life. He promises to be back for her soon. The 22nd of next month to be exact.

She tells all her school friends. She does everything she can to hold back her excitement. She still has to act like she always does: Calm.

But try as she might, that twinkle in her eye cannot be unseen by Lucas Friar. He knows that her dad returning has lit a candle inside her that never wants to be extinguished.

He has a few concerns, actually he has a lot of them from what he’s heard about her father.

But he shuts up about it. The twinkle in her eyes takes his breath away to say the least. He wants her to stay happy like that forever.

She waits patiently for next month, the 22nd. Even if happy whispers of future events trickle from her mouth. Maya get’s ready for his return by making sure she has double of basic things like bedding, toiletries, etc etc, for when she visits. 

The Twenty Second finally comes, and Maya doesn’t come to school. He desk Lays empty. Not that Lucas thought anything different would happen. Her dad’s back, she would probably play hockey and spend the full day with her dad.

Although for some reason. through the whole lesson the empty desk haunts him. No blond head to stare at. No girl to exchange banter with. Almost like she should be there, but she isn’t.

It’s the 22nd. Very late at night, and Lucas gets a mysterious knock at his door, he sleepily answers it.

It’s Maya

Her eyes look puffy and red, like they have been long crying all day long.

It’s the 22nd. And Maya’s dad didn’t come for her. The number he gave her is disconnected. 

It’s the 22nd. And Lucas now cradles a crying Maya on his sofa late as night, as the unbearable guilt wells inside him with each tear that drops onto his chest.

Because he knew, didn’t he?,

That her dad wasn’t going to come.

And he didn’t do anything about it because he tried to so hard to convince himself, For Maya’s happiness, that he was wrong.


friarharts o3o I have fun with these o3o

a/n- Extreme AU. The thought of Punk Goddess Rae makes my heart burn.

She’s got the world on a string. His heart, too, it he’s honest.

The first time he sees her, she’s just gotten back from France and she’s flirting with Archie (who’s just loving the attention). She’s got a little nose ring and torn nylons and she’s so punk rock that Finn instantly regrets every crap reggae album he’s ever bought.

He sees her again at Chloe’s pool party and she’s wearing this bright red number that makes her looking fucking delicious (Finn will spend the entire night trying to not stare at her and fails so miserably that Chop tells him to keep his hands above the water and his eyes in his head).

Then they’re smoking in the sauna, drunk and lit like a Christmas tree, and he’s blatantly checking her out. She catches him and her turns as red as her bathing suit and mumbles something along the lines of “Hotter than a fucking snake’s arse in here” as if that’s what was making him blush scarlet.

She goes out with Archie and they kiss and Finn dedicates an entire 24 hours to convincing himself that he doesn’t care but he does, he really does because Archie the Geek and Rae the Punk Goddess didn’t belong together.

Archie sends Finn to break their second date. When he tells her, she just rolls her eyes. “Alright, then. Thanks for the heads up.”

She’s almost out of his sight when he hears his own voice call out “Rae!” The fuck is he doing? He panics when she turns back but he drinks in the sight of her lace dress and combat boots and yeah, he likes her. “You doing anything?”

“Not now, I guess. I did get invited to a party, though. Should probably make an appearance. It’s in Dalehead.”

“Oh, well, um, I’ll see you then.” He tries not to look like kicked puppy but that’s exactly how he feels and why doesn’t she want to spend any time with him?

“Finn, that was my subtle way of saying you should come with me.”

“Don’t feel bad about Arch bailing,” he tells her when he hands her a helmet.

“I don’t but tell me why I shouldn’t.”

He’s not good enough for you. He’s a knob head for not being as head over heels for you as I am when he’s got the chance to peel those nylons off your legs. “He likes Phil Collins.”

She’s behind him on the scooter, holding on to him and he’s trying not to think about her thighs on either side of him (he hit the brakes hard twice just so she’d slide a little closer). The party is lame and that twat Kendo keeps trying to give Rae drugs, but she’s not having it and tells him to fuck off. The Julia spies them and she wobbles over, drunk. She’s the type of girl who puts others down for her own amusement and Finn is on the defense as she approaches.

She looks Rae up and down before sneering, “Bet it takes you an hour to squeeze in and out of that thing.”

Finn’s about to say something (very rude) but Rae just shrugs and says, “Usually but your boyfriend gets me out of it in about two minutes.” (Finn used to be Julia’s boyfriend and he wonders if that counts because he could have her out of it in 2 seconds flat)

He takes her home that night and helps her out of the helmet. “Sorry about what… you know.”

“You’re sweet,” she kisses his cheek. “But girls like that don’t faze me. I know I’m fabulous,” she does a little spin and he catches a peek of red lace and almost comes unglued. “Night, Finnley.”

He dances with her all night at the rave and he’s obviously out of his mind because he kisses her and he thinks she kisses back but he’s so wobbly that he isn’t sure. She pulls back and stares at him, half-smile in place. “You’re a huge dork, you know that?”

He’ll think about that for the next 3 days. Dork? Huge dork? The fuck she mean by that? Archie kissed her and she didn’t say he was a dork! Archie had glasses and wore dumb striped shirts and had shit taste in music (well, sometimes). Phil fucking Collins, for God’s sake!

He sees her at the pub and he thinks about ignoring her but she’s got on this shirt that says “I Heart Dorks” and he blushes all the way down to his toes.

“Too subtle?” She asks, bumping his arm.

His mouth twists as he tries not to smile. “Think so.”

“How about ‘Finn Nelson, when are you going to get your arse in gear and ask me out’?”

Finn pretends to think about it. “Tomorrow.”

“Good. Gives me plenty of time to think of how to turn you down.”

“You’ll say yes.”

“I will?”

He nods. “How about I buy you a drink and tell you all the reasons you should say yes.”

“The first better be that you hate Phil Collins.”