and he smiles brightly in an absolute 'yes'

Some of you are saying that the citizens of Hasetsu probably think Viktor is just Yuuri’s eccentric foreign boyfriend and I cannot say how much I agree.

“What a nice young man,” says Tamura-san, who used to run the fish shop in town and now usually sits beside the register and chats with customers while her grandson rings them up. She was born before ice skating was declared an Olympic sport and has absolutely no idea who Viktor Nikiforov is. 

“Yes, we’re very glad to have Vicchan staying with us!” Hiroko says of Viktor, who’s standing behind her cradling fifteen pounds of tuna and smiling brightly at Tamura-san. 

“How good of you to follow Yuu-chan home after he graduated!” Tamura-san continues, about ten decibels louder than she needs to. Tamura-san is about 87% deaf in her old age, but nobody has the heart to tell her so. “You must love him very much!”

Viktor, who has no idea what she’s just said to him but who heard Yuuri’s name, just blindly says, “Oh yes!” and grins even brighter. 

“Have you seen Viktor Nikiforov?” demands a rabid paparazzo of some poor fisherman just trying to do his job.

“Who?” asks the fisherman, frowning at the lens of the camera. 

“He’s tall? Foreign? Silver hair?”

“You mean Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend?” says the fisherman. Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend had run by ten minutes before with his poodle in tow, European synth pop blasting so loud from his headphones that it could be heard for a full minute both before and after he ran past. The fisherman doesn’t exactly know where Katsuki-kun found that guy, but he looks at Katsuki-kun like he hung the stars, so the fisherman can’t blame him.

In the end, he tells the paparazzo to go the opposite direction of the one he just saw Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend go.

A girl from Hasetsu graduates high school the summer Yuuri returns from America and is inspired by his experiences to go to college in America as well. She arrives in her freshman year dorm room and is greeted by a poster of Viktor Nikiforov hung up by her roommate.

“Why do you have a picture of Viktor?” she asks, bewildered. Viktor is wearing a pair of black slacks and a bright pink shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel.

“Oh, you know who Viktor Nikiforov is?” her roommate asks, excitedly.

“Do YOU?” the girl asks, incredulous. Viktor is known to her as “That foreign guy that followed Yuuri back from America when he came home” and also as Viktor-Who-Puts-Jam-In-His-Tea-Like-Who-Even-Does-That. Certainly not as Viktor Nikiforov, Five-Time World Figure Skating Champion and definitely not as Viktor-Who-Deserves-To-Be-On-Someone’s-Wall.

Come October, Viktor has started introducing HIMSELF to people as Viktor I’m Yuuri’s Boyfriend. While half of Russia reads articles about Figure Skating’s Living Legend, a sleepy town in Japan wakes up every morning to Yuuri’s Boyfriend Viktor wheeling through town on his bike with Yuuri and Their Cute Dog.

Viktor loves Hasetsu.

Stranger Things: The Byers and The Tramp

Jonathan Byers Imagine

Prompt: Imagine being popular and being Jonathan’s girlfriend

Warnings Adult Language Does not follow the plot of “Stranger Things”

Point of view: The Reader’s POV

I slammed my locker shut as I listened to Nancy rambled on about Steve.

“Nancy why don’t you just fuck him already” I smirked as I watched her blush madly, her tuck a piece of hair behind her before rolling her eyes.

“(Y/N) seriously” she groaned as she shoved my shoulder lightly “a relationship isn’t all about sex. It’s about the small things he does for you to tell you he loves you”

“Yeah like fucking you senselessly” I giggled as I pushed her slightly, she groaned softly before pushing me back

“So you and Jonathan must have sex a lot?” Nancy questioned as we moved down the hall, I shook my head softly

“No actually, he hasn’t laid a finger on me, a quick kiss is all I get” I commented as it was my turn to blush, of course I’ve had sex but it was quick lasted no more than 2 minutes. The douche always hypes himself up saying “he’s the biggest I’ve ever seen”, then it feels like nothing.

“Maybe he’s waiting for the perfect moment” Nancy giggled as she turned in front of me

“Maybe he’s a virgin” I stated rolling my eyes at her comment, she sighed softly before smiling brightly as her eyes were fixed behind me.

“Here comes the virgin Romeo now” Nancy giggled as I peered over shoulder noticing that Jonathan was moving down the hall. “Go Sluttie Juliet!”

“Nancy!” I gasped as I shoved her harshly, a laugh escaping her lips as she pushed me towards him.

He fiddled with his camera as he smiled at me

“Hey baby” I smiled as I tried kissing him but he moved his head down instead.

“Hey (N/N)” he shyly stated, I giggled softly before grabbing his face forcing him to look at me, I placed a soft kiss on his lips. His face redden as he watched me for a second “Um- I-I- we’ll see the thing is– my– mom wants to meet you”

“She does?” I questioned as he scratched the back of his neck, he nodded slowly

“But I understand if-”

“I’d love to meet her Johnny boy, and that adorable little brother of yours” I smiled

“Really? You wanna meet them?” He questioned as his face contorted in surprise

“Your my boyfriend, of course I wanna meet them” I smiled as I wrapped my hands around his neck, as I pressed my head against his, so he would look me in the eye.

“G-great. Um dinner is tonight at 7” he smiled, I bit my lips softly before nodding in agreement as I pulled back. He placed a quick kiss on my cheek for rushing off.


I had to admit I was nervous, I really did like Jonathan he was different than the other boyfriends I had. He was sweet, caring, and took my feelings into consideration.

I didn’t want to screw up meeting his mom and brother.

What if she hates me?

What if she thinks in a slut?

I groaned softly as I banged my head against the steering wheel. I pushed myself out of the car as I slowly walked up the steps to the house. A loud bark pierce the air causing me to squeal lightly. I rung the door bell a couple of times as the more barks filled the air.

A group of boys answered the door, the all watched me for a moment

“She is real” a dark skinned boy stated as he touched my stomach pulling back quickly.

“She’s very pretty” the other said but this one was missing his two front teeth, but that didn’t stop him from looking adorable.

“I’ve seen pictures of her before Johnny has them in his room” another stated, they watched me slowly, I offered a small smile in which they all returned.

“Who was at the door?” I heard Jonathan scream as he appeared at the front door. “Guys let her in”

The parted slowly as I stepped in, I giggled left my lips.

“Hey baby” I smiled as I started I kiss him but was cut off by gasping.

“She called him “baby” meaning that they are dating” the toothless boy commented as he walked in between us. I glanced at Johnny as a blush fell on his face

I bent down as I watched the boy, I kissed his cheek before offering my hand.

“I’m (Y/N)” I smiled, he grabbed his cheek before looking at the other boys. He backed away slowly as he gave me a toothless smile. “I think I broke him”

“She’s pretty and funny too” the dark skinned boy commented as he examined for further

“Who was at the door?” A female calls, I stood up quickly spinning around as I saw his mother. “Oh wow!”

She smiles brightly as she looked at me

“You are absolutely beautiful” she commented as she gave me a quick hug “I see you meet the boys”

“Yes, they are very observant” I smiled, she nodded quickly as she looked back at the boys.

“Well come on boys” she clapped as she ushered them into the room. “Clean up this game you have going on”

“I’m Dustin!” The toothless boy called out as he gave me a smile, I smiled back at him.

“She is right you look beautiful” I heard Johnny say, I turned around facing him.

“Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself” I giggle as I wrapped arms around him.

“We have an audience” he spoke as he flicked his head towards the opening, I peered over my shoulder seeing the boys watching us.

“She just can’t be real” Will commented “I mean, my brother dating her”

“Come on Johnny boy, I’m starving and I think your brother and his friends have a whole bunch of questions for me” I giggled


“How did you meet my brother?” Will questioned

“In Photography class” I smiled as I remembered the memory so fondly. “He was nerdy boy who always had a camera”

Johnny laughed softly before pushing my shoulder lightly as he blushed softly

“Let me get this straight” Lucas stated “You’re dating Byers”

I laughed loudly as I studied his expression, As I nodded slowly to his statement.


After endless questions about me and adorable baby pictures of Jonathan, dinner was finally over.

I peeled off my jacket as I threw on a chair in his room. I peered over my shoulder as I still heard him talking to his mom downstairs. I grabbed the photos that laid on top of his radio.

They were of me, dozens. Pictures that I didn’t know he took. Pictures of me smiling, pictures of me making faces, pictures of me sleeping in class, pictures of me in his room.

How did I not see him taking all these pictures of me.

“You weren’t suppose to see that” I heard his voice behind me, I blushed softly before placing them back down.

“But I did” I spoke softly wondering how many more he has taken “w-when did you take all those”

“I-I- whenever, moments with you were just to precious to just keep as memories, I needed prove a reminder to know that you are real. That someone like you is dating me" he spoke, I smiled softly. “Are you mad?”

I spun around quickly as I watched him for a moment.

“How can I be when you say stuff like that?” I spoke “That was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me”

He blushed softly as he looked down. I walked over to him, he looked up at me for a moment, without any thought or second of regret. I crash my lips to his, my hands running through his hair.

This moment I knew that I was in love with him. He was a shy, socially awkward boy but he was perfect for me.

“I love you” I whispered against his lips, the words so foreign to me as I spoke them

“I love you too” he smiled as he picked me up, tossing me on the bed. I giggled softly as I pulled him down with me. “I’ve always loved you”

She’s Your Daughter

Request: Could you do a Bellamy Blake x reader where she is in the bunker with octavia and the rest of the people. When Octavia is talking to him over the radio (at the start of the season finale), the reader talks to him and says goodbye and tells him she loves him. But the radio gets cut off before she can tell him that she’s pregnant (she just recently found out). when they come back to earth Bellamy sees she has a five year old girl that looks like him and calls the reader mom and then he realizes?

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

“Is that Bellamy?” Octavia looked up from the radio, quickly wiping away the tears that had previously threatened to fall from her face. You gave her a sympathetic look, smiling softly as she nodded, “yeah.”

“Do you mind if I speak with him?” You asked hesitantly. Walking forward, you sat beside her in a chair, turning to look at her. She had really grown a lot in the past few months and you were proud of her, smiling as she nodded, you gave her a soft thanks. “I’ll leave you to it.” You smiled gratefully at her, watching as she walked out of the room.

With a shaky voice, you pressed the button and whispered; “Bellamy?”

“Y/N?” His staticy voice come over the radio, smiling immediately at his voice you sniffled. Five years. Five years you’d be separated from him and there was absolutely nothing you could do but wait. “Is that you?” 

Laughing lightly, you nodded even though you knew he couldn’t see. “Yeah.”

A breath of relief echoed over the radio, “I was hoping i’d be able to talk to you.”

“Me too.”

“You stay safe okay?” Bellamy said after a second of silence, despite the relief of being able to talk to him one last time, it didn’t hide the everlasting thought that you’d be away from the love of your life for five years. You didn’t even know if the rocket would work, and you didn’t know what you’d do if something happened to Bellamy. Taking a deep breath, you cleared your head of all those negative thoughts and instead, smiled. “I will. And besides, with Octavia the new commander, i’ll be fine. Hey, Bell?”


“I’ll keep her safe okay?” You reassured, already knowing he was probably worried for her.

“Thank you.”

“You stay safe too.” You said, a tear falling down your face. With a shaky breath, you whispered; “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Bellamy replied, his own voice coming out in a shaky whisper. You heard him laugh, “may we meet again.”

“Wait, Bellamy.” You called, stopping him from saying goodbye. You heard him reply, signalling you to continue, taking a deep breath you steeled yourself. This would be difficult to tell him, knowing that he would even be there to witness it. But you needed to tell him, you needed to. “I’m pregnant.” Static sounded, and you turned to the computer monitor, confused as he glitched out. Panic rose within you, and pressing keys, you tried to fix it. “Bell? Bellamy?”

You heard nothing, sobbing you held your stomach. That was the last time you’d ever hear his voice and you hadn’t even prepared yourself. Placing a hand on the small bump on your stomach, you looked up. “May we meet again.”

“She’s in here.”

Bellamy followed the direction of Octavia’s finger, walking through the darkly lit hall. “And Bell?” Stopping, he turned around to the direction of his sister, the sister he hadn’t seen in six years and took in the sight of her. She smiled at her brother, already knowing what he didn’t and the surprise he would find when he walked through that door. “Say hi to her for me.”

Bellamy’s brow furrowed, confused by his sisters term but shaking it off as just an odd gesture Bellamy took slow steps towards your room. Six years off the ground and everything was different, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen something other than the ark walls. It was like coming down the first time all over again.

Faintly, Bellamy heard soft, childish giggles. He narrowed his eyes, baffled at the sound of a laughter that wasn’t yours. It was girl but it was too high-pitched to be yours. Or did he really loose of sense of connection to you?

He reached your door soon enough, and with a shaky hand Bellamy reached up to the knob. He didn’t turn it, instead pausing as he realized this would be the first time he’d seen you in six year. Would you be different? He definitely looked different, there was no denying that.

Steeling his nerves, Bellamy twisted the knob, opening the door. 

“Sweetie, come here.” He heard a soft, woman’s voice order. He opened the door completely, finding you but with your hair longer and your face slightly more aged. His eyes fell to a smaller child hiding behind your legs, a toy in her hand as she hid behind your leg. Bellamy’s wide eyes fell onto your own. 

Your mouth opened in shock, a hand falling to your mouth. “Bellamy?” You asked, relieved. “Bellamy, is that really you?”


“Mommy, who is that man?” The little girl behind your voice ask, turning to look up at you curiously. She bit on the toy she held in her hand, her small hands grasping the whole of the toy. Bellamy’s confused eyes fell on you, and with a hint of betrayal, he stared down at you.

“Mom?” He asked.

You smiled brightly, you’ve been waiting for this moment for six years. “Bellamy, meet your daughter, Lia. Lia, meet your father.” Bewilderment filled Bellamy’s gaze as he opened his mouth to say something, but fell short in absolute shock. 

“Daddy?” Lia screamed, running forward. Bellamy hesitantly kneeled down to the little girls height, her arms immediately falling around his neck as she squeezed tightly. Bellamy’s hand hovered over her back, scared to hurt her as he stared at the ground in bafflement. “Mommy tells me bout you all the time.”

You walked forward, a hand falling on your daughters head, you smiled down at Bellamy. “i’m guessing you didn’t get my message.”


“I tried to tell you, that day on the radio, but it cut off before i could.” Bellamy straightened out, bringing Lia up in his arms. She hugged him tightly, and with a bright smile, the brightest smile he’s had in six year, he hugged you tightly.

“I love you so much.”

Yugyeom Imagine - V App

A/N - I feel like it’s been absolutely ages since one of my lovely mutuals @datyugyummy requested this! Sorry it took so long to get done but I hope you enjoy it regardless~

I’d like to request a Yugyeom one shot (who would have guessed? 😂) where he and the reader go on the V App for the first time together as a couple and make either a cute lil live stream or make a more mature, slightly smut suggestive one. Doesn’t really matter, I leave that up to you ^^ That’d be awesome 😍

It had been about two weeks since you and Yugyeom had gone public. The main reason had been partly because of the dating ban but also because you were unsure of how the fans would react. So far, nothing too bad had happened apart from the odd sasaeng fan who claimed that Yugyeom had ‘changed’ since he started dating you even though you had known each other and been together for a while before you went public. But today, Yugyeom had planned to do a v app livestream where he properly introduced you to the fans as his girlfriend. To say you were nervous would be an understatement. You were scared the fans wouldn’t like you, even though Yugyeom had reassured you so many times that if he loved you, then all of his fans will too.

You were both in his room in the dorm setting up the phone to start the broadcast. Yugyeom had the phone while you sat there, feeling the nerves build up. 
“Yes, jagiya?”
“What if the fans don’t like me?”
“I’ve already told you, love. They will absolutely adore you just like I do,” he replied, gently tapping your nose and smiling at you cutely. He then clicked the button to start the broadcast, making sure you were out of sight so he could surprise the fans. 
“Hello everyone~ As you can see in the title, I’ve got a special guest with me today,” he said, smiling brightly into the phone camera. His eyes flickered across the comments people were leaving and he giggled. “No, it’s not one of the members~ This person is very special to me and none of you have met them yet.” You were playing the livestream on your own phone just so you could see the comments and noticed a lot of them were asking ‘is it your girlfriend?’ and ‘will you finally show us your girlfriend?’
“Ah, so many of you guessed it! Yes, my girlfriend is here today. Jagiya, want to come here?”

You shuffled closer to him so your face was now on screen and the fans could see you. The comments surged with a lot of positive messages saying how pretty you were or how cute you looked together. 
“Want to introduce yourself, jagiya?”
“Yes, hello everyone! I’m (Y/N), Yugyeom’s girlfriend. Please don’t get too jealous~” You said laughing as you watched the comments move up the screen. They all seemed to like you so far and there were very few negative people leaving messages.
“So if you guys want to ask us any questions then we’ll answer them for the next 10 minutes or so,” Yugyeom said, smiling at you before turning back to the camera. 
“Yep, ask us anything you want! We’re just in the dorm waiting for the other members to come back with food,” you explained to the camera.
“Someone asked which members are in the dorm. Apart from us two it’s just Youngjae hyung and Jaebum hyung. One is playing video games and the other is sleeping, can you guess which one’s which?” Yugyeom asked teasingly, making you laugh.

The two flew by quickly as you answered questions about how you both met, what your first date was like. A lot of fans were asking you what Yugyeom was like as a boyfriend and when you told them how lovely, sweet and caring he was, he just blushed and hid his face in his hand from embarrassment. 
“Jagiyaaa you’re ruining my manly reputation!”
“You can’t ruin what was never there, Yugy.”
“Wow my own girlfriend doesn’t care about me,” he said, going all cute and pouty for you. Giggling, you poked his cheek and softly kissed his nose like he often did to you which only made him blush even deeper. The sounds of the other members arriving home interrupted your cute and teasing antics. They all came in to say hi to the fans and tell them they were stealing you both away so you could eat. Once Yugyeom had ended the livestream, he said to you, “I told you the fans would love you. They couldn’t stop saying how cute you are!”
“I’m glad you were right and that they aren’t too mad I’ve stolen their favourite from them,” you replied, smiling as you leaned in to kiss him softly.
“Can you two save the cuteness until you’re alone? Some of us are trying to eat over here,” Jinyoung interrupted, giving you both death stares. A deep blush quickly covered your faces as you realised you weren’t actually alone. Yugyeom leaned in to whisper in your ear. 
“Don’t worry, when we’re on our own, I’ll be as cute as you want me to be.”

Too much tension

Originally posted by forever-young-got7

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader 

Word count: 1.4k 

Summary: Teasing your roommate doesn’t go the way you initially planned..  

Genre: Mentions of smut with a bit of fluff. 


Your voice calls from behind the bathroom door. 


“Are you almost done? It’s getting late and I’d like to take a shower.”

His eyes land on the clock as he sees that he’s been in here for 20 minutes even though he told you he’d be quick.

“Shit, sorry yeah I’ll finish up. You can come in though.”

He’s spend the past couple of months going to the gym quite often. Mainly for himself but also to impress you. He like to be in shape and it isn’t like you mind very much either. He hears the bathroom door open slowly, and turn off the water. He quickly dries himself off and wraps it around his lower waist before getting out of the shower. He instantly feels your eyes on him and smirks to himself. Exactly where he wants to have you. Completely wrapped around his finger. He can’t help but chuckle as he teasingly asks,  

“Like what you see?”

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“Man up.” Reader X Reggie Mantle

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Reggie Mantle imagine where the reader is Archie’s twin sister and she’s a feminist, she’s feisty and everything and like maybe he always tries to ask her out as he’s like in love with her but she always turns him down until they make a deal where if he leaves Jughead alone, she will go on a date with him? Thanks.

A/N: I am finally posting this after years of not posting💕-Lilia

“Its absolutely disgusting!” I say angered at The Blue and Gold paper in my hands.

“I knew nothing about it.” My brother assures me as we walk towards the lunch table that we sit at normally.

“Why wouldn’t they tell you?” I question while putting my lunch tray on the table to sit down in between Kevin and Veronica.

“Probably because of you and your yelling about this. Everyone knows how passionate you are about this stuff. And me being your brother, I would probably tell you and risk them getting caught.” He explains as he sits next to Betty and Jughead.

“So you read the paper?” Asks Betty happy at how passionate I am about it.

“Yes and Elizabeth Cooper you are extremely talented. Not only in writing but for getting justice for those girls! Absolutely beautiful.” I say smiling and she just smiles back.

“You really care about this stuff huh?” Asks Veronica.

“Feminism? Yes. I believe all men and all woman and everyone in between should be equal.” I smile brightly with proud while she just nods impressed.

“Well I think its amazing. Your head strong and ready to fight the fight of inequality, I hope in the future there is more woman as willing as you.” Betty says and I chuckle at the flattery.

“Andrews.” A voice yells from behind us from the jocks table. Naturally me and Archie look. But I am guessing they are calling for Archie since he is apart of the team.

“Keep it cool y/n.” Archie says patting my back trying to keep me from screaming at Reggie for taking part in the playbook.

“I’m always cool.” I say smiling at him tightly. Trying to bite my tongue.

“Now that Clayton is off the team only one of us can be captain. The question on everyones mind is, will you finally man up and try and take it.” He says chucking. He is joking but I still can’t help being mad at him. Hold it in Y/N, hold it in.

“Are you gonna man up Andrews? Gonna respond or will your little sister have to for you?”. The rooms silent. Everyone stares.

At me.

Waiting to see my response.

So I respond.

I stand up and Archie grabs my arm while he is still sitting. I yank him off the chair while trying to get him off my arm.

“Man up? I think the real person who has to "man up” is you! You stood by while stuff like this-“ I grab the Blue and Gold off the table and throw it at him. ”-is happening. Did that make you feel like a man Reggie? Because if thats what a man is to you, I am happy my brother isnt manning up! You’re not a man Mantle, you are trash" I grab my lunch tray and dump it on his head. “Trash for the trashcan.” I say before walking away.

I see the girls locker room and walk in. Not long before someone walks in too.

“What? Hoping to take a couple pictures to sell?” I scoff.


“Then what do you want Reggie!” I yell at him finally facing him.

“You stood up for yourself and that was so hot.” He chuckles.

I see the sport equipment.

I grab a bunch of baseballs and throw them at him. He puts his hands up yelling stop and calm down. I finally run out and he just smiles at me.

I grab the baseball bat.

And before I can use it he yells. “Woah woah woah easy tiger.”

“I don’t say stuff to be hot! I take this stuff so passionately and you just say I’m hot? Do you even understand how demeaning that is?! I want to be taken seriously Reggie.” I say gripping on the baseball bat tightly.

“I know and I am sorry.” He says smiling. And for once it look genuine.

“Why didnt you stop that book.”

“I was scared okay! I have pressure to be this jock! I couldnt say no or no one would respect me. I couldnt speak up. I was weak.” He says sighing. Tears form in my eyes.

“Woah why are you crying?” He asks looking concerned. “Something I said?”

“I was in that book. Thats why I hate it. Thats why I am who I am. I know what it was like to be an object to them. To be simply a point to their overall score.” I whipe my tears.

He makes his way towards me and I raise the bat slowly.

“I am so sorry. I am so sorry y/n.”

He puts his hand on the bat and slowly pushed it away. He hugs me and I just stay there stiff as a board until he lets go.

Originally posted by english-banshee

“You have to make it up to all those girls.”

“I will. I promise I will.” He says smiling.


I move back and grab a basket ball and throw it at his stomach. He bends over in pain but from the smile on his face I could see it didn’t hurt that much.

“That’s for telling my brother to "man up”.“ I smile at him and walk out the locker room.

Thats the day I befriended my brothers shallow friend. Not ever thinking he could be my soul mate. Until one day…

"So y/nnnnnnn.”

“Yes Reginald.” I say walking to class as he follows me.

“I was wondering if you, would like to-”

“What makes you think you even have a slimmer of a chance of going on a date with me.”

He stands there shocked. I smirk at him while I keep walking.

“Y/n, I changed! I made it up to those girls! And I have been such a good guy lately! Just one date y/n.” He says giving me the cutest puppy eyes ever. But I don’t give into temptation.

“Nope Reg.”

“One night?”

“Alone with you? No thanks.”

He sighs and begins to walk backwards infront of me to face me.

“Come on.”

“Even if I did say yes, what makes you think Archie would let me?” I say chuckling at the unlikely chances.

“Since when do you care about what he thinks? He’s your older brother SURE, but that has never affected you before!”

“Older by AN HOUR!” I say with a smirk.

“Even more of a reason he doesnt matter!”

I stop walking and sigh. My eyes search the room for my bestfriend. Jughead Jones. I make eye contact with him and he waves.

“You’re friends with the weirdo but wont date me?” Reggie whines.

An idea forms in my head. While a smirk forms on my face.


“Okay what?”

“I’ll go on a date with you.”

He smiles.


His smile fades away.

“You have to be nice to Jughead.”

“What? Why!”

“Deal or no deal?” I ask and he tries to negotiate.

“Deal or no deal?” I repeat.

“Deal. Be ready by 8:00.” He says smiling and I watch him as he walks away. He bumps into Jughead and has an insult ready, I know the look. He sighs and looks back at me and keeps walking.

My two most important boys are getting along. I smile.

“Who said you could date Reggie!” I hear my twins voice from behind me.

Well…two out of three of the most important boys are getting along.

kiss me through the phone

↳ Genre: Fluff | ↳ Word Count: 1.3k | ↳ Characters: Jeno x Reader: | 

↳ Summary: hello! could you write smth where you and jeno keep having the longest skype calls together until like one in the morning and it gets really sweet bc u start saying things that you admire about each other or smth (it can be friendly or like where you’re dating whatever you would like) and yeah haha thank you so much!!!

↳ Author’s Note: THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG IM SO SORRY ANON IM SO SO SORRY I HOPE YOU DONT HATE ME,, Also happy (belated) birthday to nct’s eye smile king 

Originally posted by tybeoji

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Requested by this lovely nonny

Malec + Puppies. Because I just got a puppy of my own and I love her <3

Malec: 113: “Where did all these puppies come from?”

Dating a warlock had some peculiar perks. For one, Alec never knew what he was coming home to when Magnus went to Warlock Conventions. Having all the time in the world made for very peculiar inventions, and Magnus had a soft spot for crazy innovations.

Therefore, Alec had found way too many potions in their fridge, a cursed dagger or two, and, most recently, a bracelet that made every inanimate object it touched invisible.

That last one had caused way more trouble than it was worth, especially when Magnus lost it in the middle of their sheets and they had to look for the bracelet on their invisible bed.

It was appropriate to say Alec was mildly apprehensive about what was Magnus’ latest souvenir.

Which explained his relief when he stepped inside the apartment to find Magnus sitting in the middle of the living room and surrounded by puppies. Six of them. Small balls of black fur that wouldn’t stay still.

Alec’s jaw dropped to the ground. “By the Angel,” he whispered, barely remembering to close the door behind him.

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[Part III] Crimson Frost

Originally posted by parkrpeters

Word count: 1,800+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
Part I - Part II
A/N: Can we talk about how cute Peter looks in this gif? This cinnamon role is too pure for this world (and with that I mean Tom Holland, haha)! Here is part three! Enjoy! 💕

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The Lonely Tree (Part 8)

Word Count: 1062 (wow okay)

Summary: Your forget your coat but are blessed by the presence of a human space heater.

Warning: Language, little bit of name calling (is that a warning? I don’t even know)

A/N: I’ll just be over here crying and taking finals… But I go home Friday and then I can catch up with the requests and release things more often YAY!!

Catch up here!

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You spun around lazily in your desk chair, staring at the time on the lock screen of your phone until it finally read 5:00. It wasn’t that you disliked your job, it just got really, really boring when you inevitably finished all your office assistant related tasks thirty minutes into your two hour shift.

As you moved around the office turning off lamps and tidying up, you felt the cold radiating from the windows and let out a harsh curse. You had forgotten your coat again. The sweater you had been wearing may have been fine under the afternoon sunshine, but, thanks to daylight savings, the sun now set while you were at the office, meaning the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees.

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The Adventures in Babysitting // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer & Reader are dating. Reader is a single mother and asks Reid to watch her son when she has to work a late shift. Reid ends up taking him to work for a while before Reader eventually comes home to cuteness.

Requested by: Anonymous

“I’m so sorry about this,” you apologized as Spencer opened up his apartment door and allowed you inside. You strode in with your son in your arms, his happy smile causing Spencer to grin.

“It’s no problem,” he reassured as you placed your two and a half year old down. The boy immediately ran to Spencer who bent down to greet him with a hug. “Hey little buddy. It’s so good to see you again! Ready to have some fun while Mommy’s at work?”

Your son nodded eagerly with a wide smile as he looked up at Spencer with admiration. Your eyes softened as you looked at the two boys who held your own heart.

“My shift should be over by ten. He’s usually knocked out by then but I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll want to stay up with you,” you laughed as you saw the way your son clung to Spencer’s pants. “I trust you.”

Spencer grinned and walked you back to the door, giving you a soft kiss.

“Your son is in good hands,” Spencer assured.

“I know,” you replied with a sigh. You leaned down and placed a kiss on your son’s head. “Be a good boy for Spencer, okay?”

Your son nodded, reaching out to place his small hand on your cheek in a loving manner before finally letting you go.

“Have fun! I love you!” You called out as you raced out of Spencer’s apartment, rushing because you literally only had ten minutes before your shift began.

“We love you too!” Spencer yelled back with a smile before he closed the door. He turned back around and stared down at the small child. “What should we do first?”

“Uh JJ? Whose kid is that?” Morgan asked as he stared at the toddler who sat at Spencer’s desk. The boy was playing with a book, opening it and holding it sideways as he watched the pages fall with amazement. JJ’s maternal instincts kicked in as she instantly looked around for anyone who might know. She frowned as she realized they were alone in the office before making her way over to the child.

“Hello there,” she greeted with a bright smile, “where’s your mom?” she asked. The boy looked up at her with a happy grin as his hands reached out to grab her cheeks. She laughed as he examined her carefully before deciding he liked her.

“Oh, JJ. I see you’ve found Y/N’s son,” Spencer interrupted as he reappeared with some files that he had to hunt down. They were fairly important and he had forgotten to pick them up from Garcia earlier. He didn’t see any harm in passing by to pick them up. “He doesn’t speak much but he’s a good kid.”

“Spence, you just left him here alone,” JJ stated incredulously as Spencer picked him up into his arms.

“No. Morgan was here. I told him to watch him,” Spencer replied defensively. JJ scoffed.

“Well I don’t think he heard you,” she replied as she gave Morgan a look from afar. The man gave her a confused look in return that caused her to roll her eyes. She smiled when she returned her gaze back to the boys in front of her and noticed the young child happily playing with Spencer’s hair and trying to remove his glasses.

“You know, you with a kid. Not a bad look,” she commented with a sly grin. “Y/N must really love you to leave her son with you.”

“She does,” he replied confidently as he looked at the boy. Your son had successfully stolen his glasses and placed them on his head only to immediately hand them back to Spencer after seeing how horrible his eyesight was.

Spencer grinned as he placed the glasses back on and observed him. He had your eyes that shined with the same curiosity your own gaze held and that same bright smile. “And I love her enough to also love him.”

“I should go. Don’t want to ruin a childhood by throwing him into this job too early,” Spencer added, giving JJ one last smile before heading out the door. JJ grinned as she heard Spencer enthusiastically explain to him how an elevator worked as they patiently waited for it in the hall, the boy hanging on to his every word despite the fact he probably didn’t understand.

“That’s Reid’s kid?” Morgan asked with a quirk of his eyebrow as he joined her side.

“He’s Y/N’s,” JJ replied. “So yeah, basically.”

Your feet ached as you knocked on Spencer’s apartment door, having worked what had seemed to be one of the longest shifts of your life. You wanted nothing more than to slump into your bed with your son by your side. You had worried the entire time, wondering whether Spencer was dealing okay with the temporary parental responsibility you had given him.

“Y/N,” Spencer greeted happily as he opened the door. He immediately pulled you into a hug, kissing the top of your head as he held you. You grinned as you pulled away and noticed that he was in pajamas.

“Hey, how did it go?” You asked as Spencer ushered you inside. You chuckled when you saw your son on the floor with puzzle pieces scattered all around him. Beside him sat a small bowl that contained a scoop of ice cream.

“Ice cream this late?” You chided with a shake of your head. Your son smiled and waved happily at you from where he sat before returning to the puzzle pieces in front of him.

“He didn’t want to sleep,” Spencer replied sheepishly. “We’ve been working on a puzzle of the solar system for an hour.”

You raised an eyebrow at the fact. You knew Spencer was more than capable of solving the puzzle in a matter of minutes, if not less. The fact that he had sat patiently with your son and allowed him to do the work while encouraging him only reassured you that you had made a good decision in falling in love with the man.

“Thank you,” you said as you wrapped an arm around his torso. His arm snaked around your shoulder as the two of you looked down at the young toddler.

“It was nothing. I enjoyed my day with him,” Spencer said with a genuine smile.

You yawned, causing both your son and Spencer to yawn afterwards. You picked your son up much to his dismay and laughed as he shook his head, repeating the word ‘no’ as he pointed towards his unfinished puzzle.

“Don’t worry, you can come back tomorrow and finish it,” Spencer assured the boy with a smile. He stared at Spencer as if evaluating whether he was being honest before giving a slight nod in agreement. You grinned as Spencer walked you out, this time all the way to the street where you had parked.

“Say bye to Spencer,” you instructed as you buckled your son into his car seat.

“Bye Spen!” The boy called out as he waved enthusiastically, unable to fully pronounce his name. Spencer smiled brightly at the adorable goodbye.

“Bye!” He replied with a laugh as he waved back just as joyfully.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” You asked once you had shut the door to the car.

“Yes, absolutely,” he replied, pulling you into his arms and kissing you goodnight. Your son giggled from his seat as he watched the two of you hug afterwards. You placed another quick kiss on his lips before hopping into your car, the two of you waving at Spencer before driving away.

Spencer’s face held a lopsided smile as he returned to his apartment. You always made him happy, and your son was just as wonderful. He grinned as he shut off the lights, carefully stepping around the half finished puzzle on the floor before heading to bed. 

Kitty- Harry Styles Imagine

I have never posted an imagine here. I’ve done plenty of HS fanfics on wattpad but I’m putting up something short here. If you like it then let me know if you want to see more or message me for a request. Here it goesss, I hope you enjoy!

A loud persistent knocking pierces your ears. You groan, flopping over on your bed and glance over to the clock on your nightstand which read 12:00 am. You sleepily furrow your eyebrows, wondering who could possibly be at your door at this time. Lazily getting out of bed and slipping on some slippers. You move yourself over to the front door, opening it roughly to face an unnaturally happy Harry.

You tilt your head slightly, “What are you doing here Harry?”

“I want to take you somewhere,” he smiles brightly, he seemed way to energetic for this time of night-well morning.

“At midnight?” you didn’t mean for it to come out as harsh as it sounded.

 Yes, midnight, perfect time!” he says enthusiastically.

“What…fine, let me just go change or something-, “ you start but you are cut off.

“Nope, no time. We’re going now,” he insists, pulling you out the door and closing it behind you.

 “But I-“

 “No buts, c’mon, I’ll even give you a piggy back ride on the way back,” he offers.

You narrow your eyes at him almost accusingly, but agree anyway because you absolutely loved piggy back rides. He was fully aware of that. He grins triumphantly, grabbing your hand and pulling you beside him as he walked to an unknown destination. Thankfully, it was summer so the nights were warm rather than cold.

“So where are we even going?” you ask.

“It’s a surprise love,” he responds, dimples on display as he smiles.

 You scowl to yourself, desperately wanting to know where he was taking you. You usually loved surprises but this was a little too spontaneous for your liking. But you ignore that gnawing feeling, liking the taste of a new adventure.

After about a good 10 minutes of walking in comfortable silence, (COMFORTABLE SILENCE IS SO OVERATED….i’M SORRY I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF)  he halts in front of a slope of land. He looks at it for a moment before turning to you. The shadows casted by the trees making it hard to see his figure fully.

“Okay, I need you to close your eyes for me,” he politely demands.

“Ha, ha, that’s funny. Yeah no, we both are well aware at how clumsy I am, do you want me to trip and die!” you reply dramatically.

“I won’t let you fall, I promise. Don’t you trust me?” he asks innocently, bottom lip sticking out as a pout.

You wanted to say no but you would be lying if you did.

So instead, you just nod, holding out your hand for Harry to grab and closing your eyes. Harry let out a quiet breath of relief as you did so, he valued the fact that you trusted him and did not plan on messing that up. With minimal problems, he was able to guide you up the hill, or what you assumed was a hill. Him mumbling out a “don’t peak” as he was bringing you along.

After a couple of minutes, he stops, positioning himself behind you and wounding his arms around your waist. He leans down to your ear and whispers. “Open them now.”

And you did so, nearly gasping at the beautiful sight above you. The night sky lit up with bright colours, purples pinks, light blues. You starred in awe, the stars that were scattered across the picturesque sky reflecting in your eyes. While you stood breathless, so did Harry, although it was not for the same reason.

“It’s beautiful Harry,” you state, star struck.

“Yeah it is,” he replies, eyes trained on you.

He loosens his grip on you and you stray away from him, you ignore the lack of warmth. Lying on your back on the grass, he wasted no time in joining you. You both lie in silence, enjoying the world around you, after a little while, you shuffle closer to Harry.

“How’d you find this place?” you ask, lying on your stomach with your head on your arms folded. 

“I just stumbled upon it one night, it’s a good place to come and think,” he responds.

You nod, sighing contently. You could feel his eyes still on you, you slowly meet his emerald irises.

“C’mere love,” he beckons you closer to him.

You happily oblige, letting him pull you into his chest. Arms draped around his body, cuddling into him and enjoying his warmth.

“You’re like a human sized teddy bear,” you smile softly into his chest.

He chuckles, “Thanks I guess?”

You giggle, “Mhm, but you’re probably a close second for hugs though.”

He gasps dramatically, “And who would be your first?”


He shakes his head, flipping the both of you over so his body hovered over yours. His head dips down to your neck, peppering small kisses on your jaw before your eyes lock again.

“Take that back,” he growls playfully.

“And what if I don’t,” you challenge.

“Then I won’t give you a piggy back ride home,” he grins.

“Hey! That’s no fair, you wouldn’t do that…”

“Try me,” he smirks, hands situated by both sides of your waist.

You sigh, shaking your head and giving up. “Fine, you give the best hugs,” you grumble.

He smiles contently, “Good kitty.”

You blush furiously as the words slip out of his mouth and he does the same.

“D-did you just call me kitty?” you ask.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. It kind of just slipped out. I promise I won’t do that agai-“ he rambles but is cut off.

“No, no it’s okay. Kind of cute actually….but this stays between us…”

He nods frantically, rolling himself off of you and covering his face in embarrassment. You laugh, leaning on your side, pecking his cheek sweetly. Cupping his face in your small hands.

“You’re so adorable,” you smile, pinching his cheek softly.

He groans a little, feeling as if you were making fun of him. Pouting, he mumbles some incoherent words under his breath before pulling you fully to his side. Your giggles die down, and you find yourself staring up at the beautiful man holding you closely. The warm breeze picked up, rolling over you both with ease, a calm aura littering the area you lay on. Slowly, your eyes seem to flutter closed, after a couple of moments, you feel Harry’s chest vibrate as he laughs a little. Running a hand through your hair before sitting you both up.

He gets up from the ground, brushing himself off before reaching his hand out to you.

“C’mon love, let’s get you to bed,” he helps you up, turning around and beckoning you to jump on his back.

Carefully you situate your arms around his neck, jumping lightly up onto his back and wrapping your legs around his torso, sliding down to his hips. He smiles as you lay your head on his shoulder, gripping the underneath of your thighs as he walked on the path back to your home. He found comfort in the small puffs of air you breathed through your parted lips as you dozed off, the feeling of your heartbeat against his back and the warmth that radiated off of you. The moonlight shone a gleaming ray of light that highlighted your features perfectly, he always found himself getting lost in your beauty. He felt so lucky to have you all to himself.

He brought you both to your home with ease, opening your door and closing it lightly. He walked through your house, boots clicking on the floorboards. He made it to your bedroom, walking over to your bed and easing you off of him. Carefully, he pulls back your covers, and lays you in your bed. He slides the covers back up your body before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on your lips.

“Stay with me please,” you mumble into his lips, opening your eyes sleepily.

He smiles softly, “Of course.”

He wastes no time in sliding under the covers with you after taking off his boots and other unnecessary garments. You latch yourself onto him, wrapping your arms around his torso and stuffing your cheek against his back.

“Thank you for taking me out to see that,” you whisper.

“It was my pleasure Kitty.”

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I’m Not So Grump.

Originally posted by songvicloria

Quick A/N: I haven’t written anything in many months so I apologize if this sucks. I love you all <3

You had known Suzy for a few years now and she had finally convinced you to move to L.A. After a long 3 hours, the movers finally had all your things in your new apartment. You plopped down on your couch, surrounded by towers of boxes. You had pulled out your phone to scroll through your Twitter feed right as Suzy called.

“Hey, girl! All moved in?” Suzy chirped cheerfully. 

“Not completely,” you chuckled. “I will be once I unpack all these boxes.” 

“Save that for later. I want to show you the studio! I’ll be over in ten all right?”

“Do I have a choice?” You joked playfully. 

-Game Grumps Studio-

“(Y/N), this is Barry and Kevin, our editors and fellow Grumps. This is Jack, our intern. Then Brian, Ross, his wife Holly, my husband Arin, and Danny,” Suzy pulled you around quickly, introducing you to everyone.

“Nice to meet you all! I’m (Y/N),” Perhaps Suzy forgot that you watch the channel and everyone’s side stuff so you kind of already know everyone. 

“Suzy has told us so much about you. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Ross spoke to you cheerfully.

Danny looked you over and couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful you are. You glanced over, unaware he’d been checking you out the last few moments, and smiled at him. He shot a smile back, trying hard to keep a poker face on. He sighed quietly in relief once he realized you hadn’t noticed or didn’t care. 

“Hey, since you just got here let’s start you with making some friends. Come out to dinner with us? Please?” Suzy asked excitedly, making a pouty face at you. 

 “Again, do I have a choice?” You joked, thinking, ‘Hey, maybe I’ll get sat next to Danny’. 

 “Awh, sweet! Lets go people!” Arin demanded joyfully. 

 -At Restaurant- 

 “Okay, Brian, can you try to not kill our waiter?” Danny spoke almost seriously. 

“I can’t make any promises, but for everyones sake, I’ll try.” Brian announced. 

“Thanks, Brian,” Holly spoke, patting him on the shoulder as she and Ross passed by him to the seats they wanted.   

Everyone took a seat and oh no, what a travesty, the only empty seat left was next to Danny. Oh how will you survive the dinner? Before he sat down he pulled out your seat for you. 

“Why, thank you.” 

 “You’re welcome, m'lady.” Danny took his seat next to you. 

On your other side sat Suzy so, thankfully, things wouldn’t feel too awkward for yourself. After a few minutes you all ordered your drinks and the chats among everyone picked up. There were about 4 conversations going on at once and you, not being able to really pick up on anything they were saying, sat on your phone scrolling through Tumblr. 

Danny glanced over at you and happened to see some (otp) fanart. “Well, that’s a bit provocative.” Danny laughed softly. 

“Oh, shit, forget you saw that, oh jeez,” You lock your phone and set it in your lap face down. Your cheeks started to warm as you blushed. “This is so embarrassing.” You put your face in your hands. 

“Hey, it’s all good. Nothing wrong with it. It was kind of cute I have to admit,” Danny smiled at you, “Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

You looked up at him. He was still smiling at you. You smiled back, “So… I have absolutely no idea what to talk about.” 

Just in time, the waiter saved you from further embarrassment by coming by to ask for your orders. About 30 minutes later and many laughs had, everyone’s food was ready. 

“So, (Y/N),” Suzy spoke between bites, “How would you feel about hanging out with us more at the studio? I think you’d be a great addition to the family.” Everyone was looking at you, excitedly awaiting your answer. 

“I mean, why not? I’m not sure what else to do here for the time being.” You laughed happily. 

Everyone laughed and wooted, “Welcome to the family!” Danny spoke cheerfully, giving you the best side hug he could manage. “Since your part of the family now you’ll be needing this.” Danny took your phone and saved his number for you.

-Two Days Later, Grump Studio- 

“So, (Y/N), how are you liking L.A. so far?” Holly asked. 

“What I’ve seen so far, I love,” You answered bubbly. Holly, Suzy and you had been straightening up a mess left over from a late night recording session. You put the last piece of garbage into a bag and tied it shut. “And, done.“ 

 Suzy was whispering something to Holly, who looked over at you and smiled. “I’ll take that out.” Holly grabbed the bag from you and made her way outside. 

Suzy and you sat down on the couch, a Grumpcade session barely audible in the background. “So, have you met anyone you’d be interested in?” Suzy asked out of nowhere as you took a drink of soda. 

You coughed a bit as you tried to swallow, accidentally getting some on your pants. “Uhm, I mean, I’ve only been here for two days.” You calmed yourself after the coughing fit. 

“But you have met plenty of people already.” Suzy laughed a little. She handed you a napkin. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you choke.“ 

“It’s okay. I mean, I kind of like someone but I doubt it’d work out.“ 

“Would that man perhaps be Danny? Don’t choke again.” Suzy asked in all seriousness. 

“Actually, it is him. I mean, you know I’ve watched the show for a long time now but now that I’ve actually begun to learn more about this man I’m feeling more than just a high school crush.” You leaned back and smiled just thinking about what lies ahead of you. 

“I’ve got a plan. Do you like surprises?” Suzy questioned cheerfully, turning in her spot to face you. 

“Depends on the type of surprise.” You sat up, looking at her quizzically. 

“It’s the good kind. I just need your cooperation. Deal?” She grinned brightly at you. 

“Deal,” you laughed softly, “What do I need to do?“ 

“Right now? Nothing. I will be texting you the details later and I will say you should probably wear that super cute dress you got yesterday,” she wiggled her eyebrows at you.

“Okay, dude.” you laughed a little, thinking of all the different possibilities of what may lie ahead of you.

-Suzy’s POV-

Great Scott! You’ve done it! You were extremely happy that (Y/N) agreed to participate in your beautiful plan. She probably would of agreed even if she knew the plan was going on a date with Mr. Avidan himself.

“Hey, it’s getting kind of late. I think I’m going to head home. I’m pooped,” (Y/N) put on her jacket and grabbed her purse. “See you guys tomorrow!”

“See ya!” Holly, Ross, Jack, and yourself shouted. 

Holly ran over to you, smiling brightly, “So, is she going to do it?”

You matched Holly’s excitement, “Yes! She doesn’t know I’m setting her up with him though. Hell Dan doesn’t even know.” 

Holly squeed excitedly. “Gah! This is so exciting!”

Ross was looking at the giggling mess quizzically, “What are you guys up to?”

Jack, now just as curious as Ross, turned to pay attention. “Yes, please, do tell.”

“Well, I’d like to keep it a little secret between girls for now. Plus, Ross, you’d probably accidentally blab about it before my plan is in action.”

Ross laughed, “You’re right, forget I asked, continue with your giggle sesh.”

Danny, Arin, and Brian emerged from the Grumpcade session, still arguing about who played the game better. 

“I have a P.h.D., therefore, I am automatically the better one at Dr. Mario. Get a hold of me when your on my level.” Brian stated very sassily.

“Danny! I need to talk to you!” You shouted eagerly. You ran towards the small group, grabbed Danny by the arm, and booked it out of there. 

“Woah, whats up Suz?” Danny laughed, calming himself a little after being caught of guard. 

“How would you feel about a blind date?” You spoke quickly and happily. 

“A blind date? With who?” he asked confused.

“Well if I tell you it’s not really a blind date now is it?” You poked his nose, “Silly, Dan.”

“True. Is she cute?” 

“The absolute cutest. Just dress like you do. I’ve already got a place booked for you two tomorrow night.” 

“Awh, thanks Suzy.” Danny spoke cheerfully. Thoughts swirled around his mind of who it might just be. He could only hope it was (Y/N). He’d only known her a short while but, my goodness it felt like he’d known her for ages.

-Next Night-

“Are you sure this looks alright, Suz?” you asked self-consciously. 

“(Y/N), it looks perfect. He’ll love it.” Suzy was bursting with absolute joy over her plan. 

“If you say so,” you laughed softly. You still had no idea who she was setting you up with so of course, your anxiety was trying to get the best of you. You took in a few deep breaths and calmed yourself.

“Okay. I think I’m ready.” You smiled brightly at Suzy and she squeed with glee.


You were the first to arrive at the date and the waiter led you to your seat, right next to a gigantic window overlooking the ocean. 

You had only been sat there for a few minutes, scrolling through Tumblr. 

“Not looking at (otp) fanart again are we?” your date chuckled.

You looked up at the man standing before you. Danny Avidan. “Remind me to thank Suzy later.” You laughed and stood up to give him a hug.

Dan kissed you on the cheek, “You look absolutely stunning tonight,(Y/N).” Dan pulled out your chair before taking his seat.

“Such a gentleman.’ You smiled at him. 

“I try,” Dan let out a soft chuckle. You could tell he was just as nervous as you. 

“So did Suzy set you up for this or was this your idea?” You unfolded your napkin and set it on your lap. 

“She set this up for me. I’m actually happy she did.” Danny was blushing just a little, as he laughed nervously.

The waiter came by and you ordered your drinks. You sat your hands in your lap, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I’m curious, Danny.”

“Curious about?” Danny smiled brightly at you. 

“Would you have still agreed to go on this date if you knew it was me?” You watched his face closely for any signs of disgust. Nothing changed about the way he was looking at you.

“Absolutely. You’re a beautiful young thang and I’d be a fool if I had passed this up.” Danny spoke calmly.

"R-really?” You were so relieved to hear this.

“Yes really. I mean, yes we’ve only know each other a few days but talking to you is so easy and I feel as if I’ve known you years not mere days.” Danny speaking like this took such a load off your chest.

“Would you want to see where things take us? I feel like I’ve known you longer also.” you asked shyly.

“Hell yea I want to see where things go between us!” Danny’s smile lit up the room to you. Moving to L.A. was a very good choice to have made.


“I had a really great time tonight Danny,” he had taken you home and you two were left standing in front of your apartment door.

“I had a really good time, too. Can we do this again soon? Without having Suzy set it up?” Dan chuckled softly.

“Yes we can. I’d really like that.” You smiled shyly at his newly found confidence around you.

"Well I will see you tomorrow then,” Danny leaned down to plant a soft kiss upon your lips making your heart flutter, he pulled away smiling at you, “Good night, beautiful.”

“G-good night,” You were blushing and smiling like a fool. When you got inside you leaned back against the door, sliding down until you sat on the floor. You pulled out your phone to text Suzy.

‘Date was a total success. Thank you so much Suzy!’

You then received a text from Danny, ‘Same time next week? My place? (;’

Is this actually life? You went to bed happier than you had been in ages.

-Two Months Later-

”(Y/N), would you want to be in an episode or two of Grumpcade? Everyone’s curious about who ‘Not So Grump’ is dating.“ Barry asked cheerfully.

"Yea! That’d be awesome. When would that be started.” You asked happily.

“Today! I want to see how good my girl is at some gaming!” Danny exclaimed.


“Hey there! It’s "Not So Grump’ and maybe at some point in our weird lives ‘Mrs. Not So Grump’. (Y/N) will be playing a bit of Dead Rising 2!”

“Let’s get started! I’m ready to kill some zambies.”

In the pause between episodes you two decided to get some snacks. You were tossing some skittles back and forth, trying to catch them in your mouths and it was starting to get agressive. “Ouch! You got me in the eye!”

“Oh no! I’m sorry, baby,” Danny pulled you into a kiss. “Better?”

“Much better.” You put your hands on his cheeks and squished them together making his lips pucker. You giggled at the goofy face you made him have. “I love you, dork.”

Danny blew a raspberry before laughing along with you. “I love you, too. Dork.”

Costumes and Proposals

Requested by: teacup-kay
I’m so sorry this took way longer than expected. I went camping and there was no service. Anyway here it is and I hope you don’t mind I added something at the end the make it extra fluffy. Requests are open so feel free to send one in. :)

“Remind me why we’re here again.” Sherlock said as I slipped a purple boa around his shoulders. 
“I’ve told you three times already, we’re here because we were invited to Molly’s costume part and we need costumes.” Sherlock began looking through a shelf of ridiculous looking hats. 
“Okay but why am I trying things on.” He held up a purple hat with bright pink feathers on it. “It isn’t even Halloween and Molly is throwing a party where stupid people put on stupid costumes and act like even more idiots than they already are.” I went over and took the hat from his hands.
“Well I suppose you are going to be one of those stupid people because you are going with me.”I placed the hat on his dark curls and stepped back. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t and I ended up bursting with laughter. “You look ridicoulos!”
“This shop is ridicoulous. It’s dark and it smells like vanilla and musk. The owner is obviously cheating on his wife with the cashier and the-” Before he could say anymore I cut him off with a kiss. As he reached to put his hands around my waist I pulled away.
“Please just try to enjoy yourself, and if not just pretend.” He sighed heavily. I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, love. Now, which do you like better, the white one or the gold one?” I asked holding up two masquerade masks. He turned up his nose. “Neither. This one suits you.” He held up a black mask with gold flakes around the edges.
“I like that one.” I held it up admiring it. “Okay well let’s go try on some costumes for you.” I grabbed random clothing articles and dragged him to the fitting rooms. “Here try that on.” He groaned.
“I could be solving cases right now.”
“Remember what you promised.” He sounded like he was struggling to try out it on. “I’d rather be with Mycroft.”
“Well that’s saying something isnt it.” I said giggling. He finally stepped out looking extremely annoyed as always.
“I look absolutely ridiculous.” He said. He was wearing a pirate costume. A white puffy shirt with a leather vest over it and matching trousers. “You do look ridiculous. But it looks nice. So you’re wearing it.” I laughed.
“Y/N I am not wearing this. It completely disrespects my reputation. I won’t be taken seriously.” I groaned and walked over to him with the hat and eye patch.
“Did you want to be a pirate when you were younger? Mycroft told me you wanted to be a pirate.” I placed the hat his head and stepped back.
“Of course he told you.”
“What? It came up once.” I took out my phone and snapped a picture.
“Did you just take a picture of me?” I immediately sent it to John and Mycroft.
“I did actually because you look adorable.”
“I do not.”
“You do. And I don’t see why-” but it was my turn to be cut off by a kiss. I didn’t even hear him come up to me. My arms draped around his neck and he held my waist pulling me closer. He pulled away but held me still.
“Y/N. You do things to me that, I can’t describe. You make me feel things that I thought I could never feel. I will wear this for you on only a few conditions. I don’t wear the eyepatch and no hook.” I smiled brightly at him.
“Deal.” As I went to kiss him again he stopped me.
“There’s one more thing.”
“Okay now you’re pushing it Holmes.” I laughed.
“Y/N like I said. You make me feel things I never thought I could feel. You helped me to become a better person. Y/N you made me realize that love is not just a chemical inbalance in the brain. It’s so much more. I’ve realized that…I love you. And I will wear this ridiculous costume, on the condition that you marry me.” He pulled out a ring from his pocket. Tears brimmed my eyes and I smiled so brightly. “I know this isn’t the most romantic place but I couldn’t wait any longer.” I kissed him long and hard and then again and again.
“Yes, yes a thousand times yes!” He scooped me up and twirled me around. When he set me back down he slipped the rig into my finger. It was absolutely beautiful. After he was changed we bought his costume and mine-a pirate as well- we caught a cab to head home. Just as I was falling asleep on his shoulder I received a text. Checking my phone I saw it was Mycroft. It was a photo of Sherlock and I in the shop as he proposed.
“Congratulations, sister in law.”
I smiled again and replied “thank you Mycroft.” And fell asleep beside my soon to be husband.

Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: You get reassurance from Fili.

Pairing: Thorin x Sister!Reader; OC x Reader

Previous Chapter: Chapter 27

Next Chapter: Chapter 29

The party continues on and after the meal, a few dwarves, elves, and men go on the center floor to dance.

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(this is my personal experience. please contact me if you wish to translate it.)

So originally, I wasn’t supposed to go to hitouch and only had an audience pass for SF9, but a friend told me they had two hitouch passes and wanted to give me one of them so they knew it was going to someone who loved the boys as much as they did.
SF9 fan engagement was right after KNK, so as soon as I left the room I had to get in line to go back in. I was a little toward the back of the line, but that didn’t matter because I was going to meet them, and that’s what made everything worth it.
We got in, the fan engagement happened the same way it did every time (introductions, q&a, charades, then hitouch).
Throughout the fan engagement, Youngbin kept nodding toward me and throwing hearts (because I had a sign he recognized from earlier in the day) and Jaeyoon smiled very sweetly at me.
I was with my friends Maeve and Tayah, we waited a bit to get in line after it started forming so we could take pictures, so we did. After about three to five minutes, we got in line and were on our way to meet them.
The line moved fairly quickly, and I forgot to get my hitouch pass out, so I was put a few people behind Maeve and Tayah. It was okay though, as I still got to meet the boys.
Rowoon was up first. Compared to my height, his was a whole head and a half taller than me. His hands were big too, but it was a good kind of big. He smiled very sweetly and happily made eye contact while saying thank you.
Jaeyoon was second, and he was introducing himself to literally everyone, but I held onto his hand even if we were only supposed to high five them and I told him how much I loved him so quickly that he just said thank you to me in return and had on his beautiful geeky smile. (I felt so blessed to be someone who made him smile like that @ any god in existence thank you) ((also might i add from here on out i got to hold all of their hands))
Inseong was immediately after, I said hello and thank you and he responded with the same. He was smiling very brightly toward me, and I was smiling back.
I had my sign in hand, so when I got to Youngbin, he looked very happy to see me and I honestly couldn’t breathe for a second. He had a knowing and bright smile and I honestly felt so appreciated?? Youngbin is a total sweetheart and was so adorable toward me that I died internally.
After Youngbin was Juho, and I honestly was so shocked at how absolutely beautiful he was in person because yes, I knew he was beautiful, but he is seriously indescribably so. I couldn’t believe it. He was very sweet and had a gorgeous smile on his face, I just, wow.
Next was Dawon! He was being goofy as always but also very sweet; he tried to use his English as much as possible. He told me to have a nice day, and I told him to have one also. His smile was the most excited.
Taeyang was right after, and he said “nice to meet you,” and I told him it was very nice to meet him too. He was only a few inches taller than me, which shocked me because I’m fairly short as it is. His hands were somewhat big and comfortable to hold, even if it was only for that second.
Hwiyoung was next, and he was so not in his “cold city guy” persona because he was smiling and looked genuinely happy, and I felt glad. I told him thank you and he nodded at me.
Chani was last, and it was sort of weird for me considering I’m his age? But he was very smiley and happy and we both said thank you at the same time. He smiled after and laughed and I waved goodbye.

Overall, meeting SF9 was? Amazing? I still don’t know how to feel.

Valentine’s Day | Teen Wolf Preference 

a/n : this one doesn’t have any gifs because i’m a lazy ass hoe :)

S C O T T -

 Scott McCall was, of course, the sweetest boyfriend on the face on the Earth. Every single day with him was wonderfully romantic… when you weren’t both fighting for your lives, that is. Valentine’s Day was definitely no exception to that rule, and he was even more sweet toward you than usual. 

 “Morning baby,” he smiled, just as your eyes were fluttering open from a long night’s rest. You had been settled comfortably in his arms that whole night, and the moment he had woken up he had pried himself away from you in order to get everything set up. You stretched, sitting up with a yawn and rubbing your eyes. “How’d you sleep?” 

 “Good, good,” you grinned, leaning against his headboard as he held up one finger in a signal for you to wait. Before you could ask, he was already presenting you with an overly large bouquet of red roses, and a large box of your favorite candy. He flopped back down on his bed, beaming at you, clearly proud of what a fantastic job he did. “Aw, Scotty, thank you so much, babe!” You squealed with excitement, pulling Scott in for a hug. 

 “Anything for you, Y/N,” he replied easily, leaning away from the hug for just a split second in order to place a gentle, soft kiss on your lips. “We also have dinner reservations at seven, so we can just lie on our asses all morning, right?” You laughed, nodding enthusiastically. Scott pecked you on the forehead before crawling back underneath the covers, wrapping you back up in his ever so warm embrace.

S T I L E S - 

 Stiles was still a bit awkward when it came to lovey-dovey type situations. For example, Valentine’s Day. He wanted to make the day as special as possible for you, since he had overheard you explaining to Lydia and the rest of the girls that this was your first time spending the so called “holiday” with a boyfriend. He was quite flattered that you had picked him, of all people, to spend it with, but had absolutely no idea how to make the day special. 

 He actually spent majority of the night before researching what the hell to do today. He could barely scrape enough money together to pay for a large thing of fries from McDonalds for him and Scott, let alone enough to pay for a nice, romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant for the two of you. Obviously he was buying you chocolate, since you ate it all the time anyway and you loved the ones from those pretty, velvet heart boxes. But, he had been at a loss for anything else until he stumbled across a picture on Instagram. It was like the lightbulb went off in his head and, after texting you a profusely long paragraph about his adoration and love for you, he began setting up. 

 When you arrived at the Stilinski household that night, dressed comfortably in a cute pair of sweatpants like your boyfriend had instructed, he answered dressed in almost an identical way and looking rather nervous. He greeted you with a tight hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek before shyly leading you into his bedroom, which he had set up perfectly. 

 He had clearly changed the sheets and cleaned up, so the room was almost spotless. He had his laptop set up at the foot of the bed with the disk port propped open and a stack of DVD’s on his nightstand. There was a pile of blankets on the bed as well, along with your favorite chocolate and all other candies that you and Stiles would regret scarfing down when you woke up in the late afternoon tomorrow. His face was flushed red, and he was staring at you with a nervous look. 

 “I- I wasn’t sure what you wanted to do, but I remembered that you kind of just love staying in, so I figured this would be perfect.” You dropped your bag onto the floor, wrapping your arms tightly around Stiles’ slender torso. He breathed a sigh of relief into your hair, smiling while you kissed him firmly on the lips. “I take that as a yes?” 

 “Yes, of course. Thank you, Stiles. I love it,” you beamed, taking his hand in yours. When you weren’t looking, he pumped a victoriously fist in the air. Thank the freaking lord. 

I S A A C - 

 You expected to be absolutely miserable this Valentine’s Day. 

 Your boyfriend was in Paris, the city of love, and you were in Beacon Hills, the city of dangerous monsters that wanted to murder you. Isaac was in a completely different time zone as you, so there was basically no way of telling when one of you would be awake or sleeping considering your sleep schedules were eternally screwed and had been for quite some time now. He hadn’t been able to text you all day because his phone had broken just the night before and he was getting it fixed, and you had sat alone on the couch all day like a loser because your boyfriend decided it was a good idea to just up and leave

 You sniffled as a knock on your door sounded through the house. It wasn’t your brother, Scott, because he was with Kira all day. And it wasn’t your mom because she always picked up extra shifts at the hospital during Valentine’s Day so she wouldn’t have to sit at home and mope all day, like her daughter. You groaned, not wanting to get up from the spot that you had already gotten so damn comfortable in. 

 “Who is it?” You called, the tone your voice carrying a slight whine. When there was no answer, you groaned louder, sliding off the couch with great annoyance. “Ugh, alright alright, I’m coming…” You grumbled. Couldn’t people understand that not everyone was out with their partners right out, and some people just wanted a night of alone time to wallow in their self pity? You yanked open the front door, about to tell off whoever was at the door until you noticed you were not only face to face with an actual chest, but the person, the very familiar person, at your door was shaking with laughter. When you titled your head up, you were met with Isaac’s crystal blue eyes that were bright and happy gazing at you with intense love. 

 “My pretty lazy girl, I missed you so much,” he sighed, taking your face in his hands and bringing you in for a kiss. You had to stand your toes, and even then he had to release his hands from your cheeks to hold your waist and lift you back up so your lips could meet his like they were meant to. The way they hadn’t done in so, so freaking long. “So God damn much,” he mumbled against your mouth, practically dragging you inside so he could make up for all of that tragically lost time; time that would be forgotten in the matter of an hour. 

L I A M - 

 The award for shyest boyfriend ever had to go to Mr. Liam Dunbar, who actually despised the fact that he was so timid and nervous around you. Even though you had said yes to being his girlfriend nearly a month ago, he was still an anxious little kid around you, always stumbling over his words and blushing brightly at every smile you flashed him. His pledge for the night was to go on an actual date with you, without acting like a total idiot. But the moment you showed up at his door, looking absolutely stunning, every plan he had ever made washed away completely. 

 “I- um, wow, holy crap. Y- you look, so, so…” he struggled for words, a blush creeping up his neck. “Beautiful, you look beautiful.” He clarified in a mumble, glancing down at his sneakers and scratching the back of his neck. You giggled, your own blush coating your cheeks in a way that Liam thought made you look even more gorgeous, whereas he looked like a lovestruck idiot. 

 “Thank you, Liam. You look very handsome yourself,” you smiled, taking his outstretched but slightly sweaty hand in yours. He was just so adorable, so flustered, and it made him all the more cuter. 

 After a half hour of awkward small talk that made Liam feel both embarrassed and uncomfortable, he took you aside, knowing his face was going to be permanently flushed by the end of the night. “Look, I’m- I’m really sorry I’m so lame. It’s just… you’re so pretty and so out of my league and you already make me really happy… and I’m just an idiot who can’t hold a conversation without blushing and stuttering. I’m sorry.” 

 “Liam, you’re not an idiot at all.” You told him, shaking your head and intertwining your fingers again. “I think you’re very, very sweet, and you make me really happy. You’re just a little shy, and to be honest, I am too. I just, hide it a bit better, I suppose. But really, don’t apologize. This Valentine’s Day was the best I’ve ever had, even with the cute stuttering and adorable blushing.” 

 “You think it’s cute?” 

 “Very, very cute.”

T H E O - 

 Theo wasn’t very good at expressing his deepest emotions. He was… an angry guy, always at his breaking point, easily annoyed, quick to yell or scream. He was mad for power, that was no secret. But, despite all that, he was even crazier for you. With every beat of his heart, he adored you, loved you, wanted you for so many things other than a simply physical relationship. He loved you with his entire soul, and he was shit at expressing that, even on a day such as Valentine’s Day; a day meant for expressing your love for your family or friends or your significant other. 

 Or, in his case, hopefully soon to be significant other. 

 The one possible way he could ever express how much he loved you without screwing it up was to write you a letter. An old fashioned, hand written letter with his heart poured out all over the pages. He wasn’t afraid to get cute, either. He was going to write down every single thought he had of you, all the reasons why he loved you so much, why he was right for you, how he knew you loved him back but you were terrified of saying anything because that was just who you were, and how much he respected that. 

 He wrote down every thought, every feeling, every ounce of love with just his pen and paper. His pen ran out of ink, he needed three new pieces of paper because there was so much to write, but in the end it was all worth it. He watched you read that letter with rapt, watched your beautiful eyes light up and tear up and sparkle all at the same time because of him, and he knew the four hours he spent laboring over it to make that damned thing flawless was worth it. As soon as you threw yourself into his arms, your eyes watering, he knew it was all worth it. You were exactly where you wanted to be, and you had to admit, finally being in his arms felt completely and utterly right.


[[ Request: A tig imagine where you are his wife and it’s your last month of pregnancy and then labor. Also how he is with the baby ]]

“Wow,” Gemma commented as you walked into the clubhouse. Her eyebrows raised as she took in the sight of you. “You look like you’re about to pop, momma.” 

You laughed and placed a hand on top of your ever-growing stomach. “Yeah.” You nodded your head, a small smile spreading across your face. “I’m due to pop any day now, actually.” 

Gemma shook her head, a knowing smile working its way onto her lips. “I remember those days,” she said, patting the seat on the couch beside her, signaling you to take a seat. “I was twice your size when I was pregnant with Jax.”

You sat down, slowly and deliberately. It took you a while to get comfortable thanks to the baby currently taking up half of the space in your abdomen. You were in your last month of pregnancy, and you couldn’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy. This was your first kid. You had opted to let the sex of the baby be a surprise. You didn’t want to know until the day of. For you, the element of surprise was just another thing to look forward to. He or she would be your old man’s third kid, but he hadn’t really been prepared to be a father the first time around. This time, he was going all in, and he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to actually be a dad.

Gemma sighed and smiled as she watched you look lovingly down at your stomach. “They grow up fast, baby,” she told you. “Make sure you enjoy ‘em while they’re little.” 

“Hey, baby,” Tig’s voice greeted as he walked into the clubhouse. His face had broken out into a smile the moment he laid eyes on you. He leaned down and pressed a loving kiss to the top of your head. “How’s my favorite girl?” 

Your old man had been nothing but the best ever since you had found out you were pregnant. He waited on you hand and foot, despite your protests and insistence that you weren’t helpless. He was so excited about the baby, and all he wanted was to be there for you and your growing family.  

You beamed up at your husband. “Huge,” you responded, a playful smirk on your face. “And it’s all your fault.” 

Tig grinned proudly. “Damn right it is.” 

Gemma rolled her eyes, but you didn’t even notice. You were too filled with joy to care what anyone else thought.


“Gemma!” you yelled, your voice shaky and unsure. You had been filing paperwork for Gemma in the TM office when suddenly you began to feel strange. You couldn’t say with one hundred percent certainty, but you were pretty confident that your water had just broken. 

Gemma rounded the corner into the office as quickly as she could. She could hear the panic in your voice from a mile away. “What?” she asked, her eyes wide as she walked in and took in the sight of you. 

You stared at her, eyes wide and full of excitement and fear. “I think my water just broke.”

Gemma cocked her head to the side and grinned. “Then let’s get you to the hospital, mom.” 

You nodded your head quickly, trying your best to catch your breath. You were terrified, though you would never admit to it. You had been waiting months for this moment, and now that it was finally here, you were scared. 

Gemma walked over to you and took you by the hand. She flashed you a warm, soft smile as she lead you towards her SUV parked in front of the TM office. “It’s gonna be okay, sweetheart,” she told you, nodding her head reassuringly. “Promise.”

You sucked in a deep breath and nodded your head again. You knew Gemma was right. You were ready for this baby, and everything was going to be just fine. Gemma helped you step up into the SUV. You sat heavily down in your seat, one hand resting on your stomach. You let out a deep, shaking breath as you felt one of the first of many contractions shoot through you like a wave. Then, you realized something.

“Shit.” You turned to Gemma as you sat in the front seat, your seatbelt stretched tight to fit around your pregnant belly. Gemma was in the middle of buckling her own seatbelt when she looked up at you, a confused look on her face. 

“What, sweetheart?” 


Gemma’s face fell. “Shit.”

The guys were all gone on a run. They had left early that morning, and they weren’t supposed to be back until later that night. 

“I’ll call him, baby,” Gemma told you. “It’s okay. He’ll be here.” 

You shook your head. You felt tears begin to sting behind your eyes. Tig had told you that morning they would be in an area where cell reception was spotty as best. You had no idea where they were, and now you were worried. What if Tig didn’t make it in time for the birth?

Gemma took out her phone as she pulled out of the TM lot. You watched as she dialed Tig’s number, hoping to yourself that some way, somehow he would answer. 

Your face began to fall as you listened to the line ring again and again. Tig wasn’t going to answer, and you were going to have to do this alone.


“It’s okay, baby,” Gemma said, her voice encouraging. She gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “He’s gonna be here.” 

Gemma said the words convincingly, but you both knew she didn’t really mean them. You were lying in your hospital room, still waiting on any word from Tig. Gemma had left him a voicemail, but you had no way of knowing if he had actually gotten it yet. You were already dilated 8 centimeters, and your doctor had told you it wouldn’t be long until you were at 10. You let out a loud, frustrated sigh. You had a bad feeling that Tig wasn’t going to be there.

“How are we doing in here?” You looked up as your doctor walked into the room, a friendly smile on her face.

You faked a smile, trying not to think about the situation at hand. “I’m okay.”

The doctor smiled. “Good.” She crossed the room. “Let’s see how far you’re dilated, okay?” 

You nodded your head, turning your attention to Gemma as the doctor examined you. You could see the look of sympathy on Gemma’s face, and you knew exactly what she was thinking. She knew Tig wasn’t going to make it. You both did. You had gone into labor, and he was miles away and hadn’t even gotten the call. You were scared and disappointed, but you also felt bad for Tig. You knew how much he was going to hate missing this moment. 

“Well,” the doctor walked to the side of the bed to look at you, “You’re at 10 centimeters, Mrs. Trager.” She flashed you a smile. “Looks like it’s time to push.” 


“Push!” Gemma shouted. You were squeezing her hand so tight, you were sure you would break it. “You’re doing great, baby!”

“The baby’s crowning,” the doctor stated. “Keep pushing, Mrs. Trager!”

You let out a loud, deep groan. You had never felt a pain like this before, and you just wanted it to be over. But more than anything, you wanted Tig.

“Push!” one of the nurses encouraged. “You’re almost there, darlin’.”

You bared down and pushed as hard as you could. Suddenly, the door to your room flew open. 

You looked up to see Tig standing in the doorway, blue eyes wide and curly hair wild. One look at him told you he had just gotten Gemma’s message and had rushed to get there in time. He glanced around the room, realizing he had made it just in time.

“Shit!” you exclaimed, a wave of relief washing over you at the sight of your husband. “Finally.” You groaned and threw your head back against the pillow, squeezing your eyes shut tight for a moment to try to stomach the pain. You held your free hand out. “I need you, Tiggy.” 

Tig quickly crossed the room and took your hand in his. “I’m here, baby girl.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead. “I’m here.”

“Keep pushing,” the doctor said, “You’re almost there!”

You gave one last push, and suddenly the room was filled with the cries of your newborn. 

You let your head fall back on the pillow, letting out a deep, shaky breath. Tig leaned down and kissed the top of your head. “You did so good, baby.”

The nurse swaddled the baby and walked over to you. “Would you like to hold your son?” 

Your eyes grew wide and you quickly looked to Tig. His blue eyes were as wide as yours, and they were sparkling with tears just begging to fall. “My son?” he asked, his voice shaking. “It’s a boy?” 

The nurse smiled brightly and nodded her head. “Yes, Mr. Trager.” She glanced to you. “And he’s absolutely perfect.” 

You looked up at Tig, whose face was now streaked with a few stray tears. “Can- I can hold him?” he asked. 

The nurse nodded her head. “Absolutely.” 

Tig watched breathlessly as the nurse placed your son in his arms. His tears began to fall faster now, streaking down his cheeks as he watched the baby. He couldn’t believe that after waiting nine long months, your son was finally here. And he was more perfect than you or Tig could have ever imagined. 

“He’s so perfect,” Tig cooed. He looked up at you, every emotion running through him at once. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the beautiful little life he held in his arms. He shook his head unbelievingly, knitting his eyebrows and biting his lips to hold back tears. “He’s so perfect, Y/N.” 

You let out a happy sigh, wondering how you had gotten so lucky.


“He really is perfect,” you mused, gazing lovingly at your newborn son sleeping peacefully in your arms. 

“Yeah.” Tig nodded his head. “He is.” He ran a finger over your baby’s tiny hand. “I’m so glad I didn’t miss that,” Tig said, smiling down at the two of you. “You did so good, babe.” 

You took in a deep, calming breath as you looked down at the infant in your arms. “I was scared you wouldn’t make it,” you admitted. “Gemma’s great and all,” you paused and looked up at Tig, “But she’s not you.” 

A smile spread across Tig’s lips. He leaned over and pressed his lips to yours in a passionate, loving kiss. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” 

anonymous asked:

How do you think a movie night with the companions would go? Like maybe one of them found a working pre-war projector/tv and they all got together to see one of sole's favorite films they managed to salvage

Yes! Another reaction finally out! And just in time to avoid a butt-kicking too! Hope you guys enjoy :)

MacCready: At first MacCready shows only a casual anticipation for Sole’s very first movie night; he smiles his trademark half-smile and congratulates his friend on finally getting the Starlight movie projector to work. But soon enough, after only five minutes, MacCready is fully engrossed in the movie, and for the remainder of the film he sits perched on the absolute edge of the ratty, scavenged, front-row theater chair, elbows on his knees and chin in his hands. The images on the screen reflect off of his glassy blue eyes, and one could’ve easily believe him zombified if not for the small smiles, frowns, grunts, and twitches of his brow he makes at certain pivotal turns in the story: that, and his habit of harshly shushing everyone whenever he can’t hear the actors over his friends’ general ruckus. At this everyone collectively rolls their eyes, quiets down for five minutes, and then inevitably works themselves back up to full volume. After finally giving up on watching the movie in peace, MacCready settles for fuming in his seat with a pouting face. Sole apologetically pats his back while desperately masking their chuckles. They’re really bad at it though, and earn a few jokingly scathing glances from the mercenary.


So drawn into the movie, MacCready doesn’t notice Sole carefully pluck his hat from his head and put it on their own. They then partner up with Deacon, who supplies Sole with an unbelievably bottomless supply of popcorn kernels and fancy cake crumbs to strategically place into the crevices of Mac’s jacket and hair. After successfully sugarcoating the mercenary, Sole finally uses too much pressure trying to slip an entire strawberry Fancy Lad snack cake down the back of his shirt. Upon the realization of his tasty state, MacCready hooks an arm around Sole’s neck and pulls them to lie down on his lap and shakes all of the snack bits from his person onto their face. They squeal and paw at the shower of confectionary rejects until MacCready grabs their wrists and ruffles his hair right on top of them. Ha! No more practical jokes for Sole! But that’s fine; they enjoy it when MacCready starts playing with their hair much more than covertly hiding snacks on him.

Danse: As much as Danse protests pre-war frivolity and excess, he’s admittedly very curious as to the moving picture Sole plans to play for them tonight. He’s never seen one before, and can imagine the excited jealously of his squad mates back on the Prydwen. He picks a seat in the middle, remembering that at some point in his life he heard the advice that, contrary to popular belief, the middle rows had the best view. Settling in with only a can of purified water and some snacks that Sole had insisted on (which he eats only to sate them), he quickly begins dissecting the movie. Some of the characters baffle him, especially when they base their decisions on how they feel instead of on solid ideals backed up by concrete logic, and he openly complains when actors make the tactically unintelligent choice of hiding in a closet or under a bed. No easy exits, and little to no cover: it’s no wonder they get caught. Nick chuckles lowly at Danse’s comments, and Deacon grins somewhat snidely to himself whenever a concept passes over the soldier’s head. To Sole however, Danse’s astute observations are admirably adorable, and they agree with him every time if only to encourage more of his innocuously unaware commentary.


Sole, having already seen the movie, soon falls asleep sitting up, and slowly, slowly they slump over onto Danse’s arm. The soldier goes rigid for a moment, then relaxes and lets his head lean on theirs. He grabs one of their hands and soothingly rubs circles on the back of it with his thumb. He thinks he could get used to watching movies if this is what they entailed. Maybe there is something to that pre-war excess and frivolity, and that something is Sole.

Nick: Ah, Nick hadn’t experienced the simple joy of movie-watching in years, and neither has he wanted so badly to taste freshly popped kernels of corn and the bubbling tingle of Nuka Cola. Appreciatively he reclines in the back row of seats, right ankle resting across his left knee, and he’s sharing a pair of cigarettes with Hancock. The flashing screen brings old memories rushing to the surface: those of when the Old Nick took Jenny to the movies, only to watch the silver light shine across her smiling cheeks. It was well worth every penny, and he never once went to a movie he didn’t enjoy. Talk about satisfaction guaranteed! A small grin decorates the synth’s old face, and he’s glad to know the old dog experienced at least a few enjoyable moments in his life before biting the big one. When Sole leans over and asks, “Why are you smiling Nick? This is a sad movie.” He simply replies, “Sad? I’ve never been happier in my life!” And it was the truth.


When they first sit down, Nick drapes his thick trench coat across Sole’s shoulders in his ever gentlemanly fashion. Sole is quick to wedge themselves in the crook of Nick’s arm and presses a cold nose to the inside of his shoulder. Humming contentedly, Nick spends more time admiring Sole’s face than the screen while absent-mindedly playing with strands of their hair. The soft, silver light from the screen frames Sole’s cheeks mesmerizingly, and he can’t look away. Nick would pay a lot of caps to see that face again and again. Good thing Sole didn’t charge, or he’d be as broke as the Diamond City elections. At the end of the movie, he carries a sleeping Sole back to their bed and tucks them in. Sleepily Sole grumbles and asks, “Did you enjoy the movie Nick?” He smiles. “I sure did sweetheart. Had the best seat in the house.”

Hancock: Hancock pops some mentats before the show so he can focus in on the movie. Feeling the most relaxed he has in a while, Hancock lets his muscles unwind as he slouches into his seat, one arm draped lazily over the back of a vacant chair beside his. In his other hand, he cradles a softly smoldering cigarette between two fingers: a little token of charity from good ol’ Nick. During the flick, he chuckles here and there in his graveled voice, and Sole hears the occasional and soft “What?” from the ghoul as the plot takes an unexpected turn. As the movie comes to a close, Hancock wonders if he could innovate something like Starlight’s silver screen into Goodneighbor; “movie nights” would be great for community building and give his patrons a chance to experience a bit of the good life.


Wow, throwing popcorn at someone had never been this fun. Sole can’t stop giggling as they send small buttery projectiles bouncing off the ghoul’s cheek. Since he’s completely zonked out on mentats, he can only bat at the popcorn about a second too late and give belatedly amused smiles. He doesn’t turn to confront them. Instead, he hooks his arm around their neck and pulls them over to lie in his lap. He chuckles slowly and victoriously, running his fingers through their soft hair, and the focus boost from the chems enhance the silky feeling between his roughened fingers. Soon the sensation lulls Sole to sleep, and Hancock  enjoys the rest of the movie in popcorn-free peace.

Deacon: Sole almost regretted sitting next to Deacon; what an obnoxious person to watch a movie with, constantly digging his elbow into their ribs to whisper fake spoilers for a movie he’s never even seen. Not to mention that he laughs, unrealistically loudly and with a mouthful of snacks, at even the tiniest of jokes. Piper almost had a conniption fit whenever he accidentally sent bits of snack cake flying into her hair after a particularly funny bit of comedic relief, which he vehemently claims to be MacCready’s fault, even though the mercenary’s sitting on the front row. But, at a few key moments in the show, Sole can look over at Deacon’s eyes, ones that aren’t hidden by his sunglasses at this angle, and see the true joy radiating from him. These old world stories with their old world endings made him smile wider and laugh harder than Sole had ever seen before, and they can’t help but think that for once, the emotions he’s expressing are genuine, unadulterated, and very Deacon.


Never put it past Deacon to use the classics. That dork totally pulls the fake yawn trick, and does so very conspicuously at that. Sole rolls their eyes but snuggles into his side anyway. To his other side, Deacon raises a victorious fist while bowing his head and hisses out a small “Yes!” Sole laughs and slaps him on the  chest saying “We were already together stupid! You don’t have to sneak your arm around me.” He chuckles and pats their head. “Just keeping things fresh. Wouldn’t want you getting bored of me, now would I?”

Preston: Preston smiled the entire time, even during the moments where the big and brightly flashing movie startled him. Quirkily he kept glancing back at the projector building with shining eyes, lips slightly parted in awe, absolutely amazed that something so tiny could create an image so large. He leans over and asks Sole things like “Could people really go and see these every day?” or “How did they capture the images on that machine?” Sole chuckles and answers his questions to the best of their ability, whispering out of respect for the rest of the movie-watchers. Preston always responds with a humble “Wow,” and then sits back with his newfound knowledge and another layer of respect for old world ingenuity.


Watching Preston watch a movie is almost as entertaining as the movie itself. Sole sits with their chin perched on the heels of their palm, smiling idly at the wide-eyed wonder-boy. It takes him a while, but the minuteman catches them staring, and his grin widens. His cheeks darken. “What are you staring at Sole?” He chuckles. They sigh. “You.” Preston lets out a very manly giggle and leans into his opposite shoulder, tipping his hat over his face. “Aw, but you’re gonna miss the movie Sole.” He insists. Sole shakes their head. “But if I watch the movie, I’ll be missing you.” Gee, was it hot out there, or was it just him?

X6-88: Watching a show with X6 convinced Sole that the courser could’ve made it in the old world as a hard-boiled movie critic. X6 stared intensely at the screen, arms crossed, lips up at one side before switching to the other in a clear expression of judgment. At particularly disappointing moments, the courser lets out a condescending hum before commenting along the lines of “That was stupid,” or “He got what he deserved,” or “She had it coming.” Sole, half annoyed and half amused, would challenge his criticisms with the simple question “Why?” and then listen to him lecture them on the finer points of common sense. He stops when he realizes they’re giggling. “What’s so funny?”


Irritated with Sole’s incessant questions, X6 finally puts a gloved hand over their mouth. Indignantly Sole licks his hand. “Are you seriously licking me?” He asks with a slightly disgusted tone. “You don’t know where that’s been.” Sole shrugs before taking off his glove, and then proceeds to lick his bare palm. He recoils. “Quite frankly sir/ma’am, that’s disgusting.” “You’re disgusting.” Sole quips. X6 smirks. “You have no idea.”

Piper: Piper is all in. She lets the movie take her on a wild, emotionally distressing rollercoaster ride, and at intermittent intervals she stands up,  yelling “No!” with fists clenched in the air, or sits hunched up while audibly biting her nails, or leaning forward in anticipation chanting “Yes, yes, yes!” Sole echoes Piper for the fun of it. It’s almost as entertaining as the show itself, and is supremely distracting. Thankfully she chose a seat closer to the outside of one of the rows, but that didn’t stop MacCready and Cait from yelling at her to sit down a shut up. Piper just blew air through her lips, but compromised by sitting down while mumbling complaints under her breath about certain peoples’ lack of passion.


As the movie moves into its final scenes, Piper begins losing steam. Gently her head lolls to the side, and eventually she ends up leaned against Sole’s shoulder. Codsworth brings by a blanket for the couple to use, and Sole takes it, thanking Codsworth and wrapping the blanket cozily around themselves and Piper. Sleepily Piper leans her head in to softly press a kiss to Sole’s neck. “Thanks Blue. Was getting a little chilly over here.” “No problem Pipes.” They end up falling asleep in the seats, and no one has the heart to break up the love fest. Instead they wake up to the sun rising over Starlight’s majestic silver screen.

Curie: Curie watches with simple amazement up at the moving pictures. The light glitters spectacularly off of her nearly unblinking eyes. Throughout the movie, Curie postulates theories about the future of the plot, and Sole frequently has to raise their eyebrows at the surprising amount of plot twists she called out before they happened on screen. Luckily for everyone else, the petite scientist speaks quietly enough for them not to hear. As the final credits roll, Curie stands up with vigor and claps her hands, applauding “Bravo! Bravo!”


Curie enjoys cuddling in Sole’s lap with her head against the crook of their neck, and their chin resting on the top of her head. She brings out a blanket to cover both of them with, and Sole’s breathing lulls her to sleep half-way through the second movie. Sole smiles, enjoying Curie’s warmth gentle snores, and they themselves eventually fall asleep too.

Cait: Cait never realized she had a nail-biting habit until Sole sat her down to watch this movie. She perpetually switches from nibbling her nails, to clenching her fists in her lap, to biting her knuckles. Sole tried to calm her down by slowly putting a hand on her fist, lowering it from her mouth, but the redhead gave them a threatening look. And thus ended Sole’s pursuit in saving Cait’s nail beds. Whenever Piper screams in exclamation or Deacon laughs right beside her ear, she verbally lashes out at them to pipe down. Perhaps Sole should pick something a little less intense next time.


Sole likes to cuddle during movies; Cait… maybe not so keen on the idea at first. She grumbles and nudges Sole away when they encircles themselves around her arm. After some practiced and well-executed pouting, Cait cracks. With a loud and groaning sigh, Cait throws back her head and says “Fiiine. Get over here, ya big lug.” Giddily Sole throws themselves at Cait and commences with the cuddling, ahoving themselves underneath Cait’s arma and snuggling into her neck. Cait grumbles, but can’t help the smile that sneaks onto her face.

Codsworth: Finally! Codsworth cannot help but be absolutely delighted at the prospect of serving the good people of Starlight drive-in. As he watched the movie he hovered back and forth from the concession stand, bringing drinks, snacks, and merriment to everyone present. Although, Deacon keeps getting a little too proliferate with his orders, and Sole has to give him a good smack to the head to get him to leave Codsworth alone. Still, the robot gleefully serves the rest of the patrons, and gives insightful commentary on the happening of the show from time to time. For an old bot, he’s charmingly insightful.

Dogmeat: Like the good pup that he is, Dogmeat lays across Sole’s wiggling toes, keeping their feet nice and warm. To keep him occupied, Sole tosses Dogmeat a tattered teddy bear to chew on during the flick so that he doesn’t bother anyone. Eventually Dogmeat gets bored and decides to nap until the humans are finished.

Strong: Strong complains about two-minutes in. His nature withholds from him the patience to sit down and enjoy a movie, but Sole and their ever flowing charm manage to placate the mutant with the promise of perfectly fermented meat as long as he watches the entire show. Of course, this means Strong sits at the back of the drive-in. The way way back. Afterwards, Strong surprises Sole by asking them about major points in the movie. Why did this character to that? Did they have milk of human kindness. Hmm… Maybe that old crackpot in Trinity Towers was onto something.

It all started with a locked bay window and a thunderstorm.

Author’s note: So heyyy. This is my first Larkle story or story in general so please be gentle. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think, but instructive criticism please. :) -Alexis

It’s 7 PM in New York City. Farkle was walking along the sidewalk to his beloved Riley Matthew’s house. He loved her from the bottom of his heart, along with her daring and dark best friend, Maya Hart. He loved the both equally. As he walked along, he continued thinking about his girls. Reaching the girl’s fire escape he climbed up to her window… and found the bay window locked..

‘That’s weird. They never lock it, even when they aren’t home.’ Farkle thought to himself, 'Maybe if I wait out here, they’ll come and open it eventually.’

He sat down with his back against the wall of the building and his head leaning back on it as well. His thoughts shifted from the two beautiful girls to the one person he loved more than both of them and his parents. Who is that, you might ask?

Lucas. Lucas Friar.

The guy he has been best friends with since seventh grade. It is now their freshman year, and he realized some things about himself this past summer.

First of all, he loved his girls… but not in the way he previously thought.

Second, he was 100 percent gay.

Lastly, he was so in love with his best friend that it physically hurt.

As that last thought drifted through his mind, he felt a raindrop hit his forehead. Then another. Until it was pouring down rain.

'I guess I should go if they aren’t here now that I’m soaking wet.’ he thought.

He stood up and pulled his hood up. To be honest, he loved the rain. It made his problems seem so far away. He slowly made his way down the ladder. As he reached the bottom, he slipped and fell onto the ground.

He groaned in pain and at the fact that he was now drenched more than before. He made his way back down the sidewalk, looking down at his feet the whole way. As he reached the halfway mark to his house, he swore he heard someone call his name. He looked around, but he didn’t see anyone. Shrugging it off, he kept walking. He heard it again, this time coming from behind him. He turned fully around and saw the one person that clouded his thoughts lately. Lucas stood there holding an umbrella

“Hey buddy. Why are you out in the rain? It’s freezing.” Lucas said, smiling his beautiful smile.

No, Farkle, none of those thoughts while he is standing right there.

“Oh, I was at Riley’s, but the bay window was locked, so I sat outside, but they never came.” he said shrugging.

Lucas just smiled and held the umbrella over Farkle, getting soaked in the process.

“I’m already wet. What’s the point of this? You’re gonna catch a cold.” Farkle said laughing.

Lucas chuckled quietly and said, “Well, now that we’re both cold, why don’t we go to Topanga’s and get something warm to drink?”

“Sure,” Farkle said, nodding. Lucas would never know, but Farkle heart was racing.

They reached Topanga’s, the umbrella abandoned halfway there since there was no point in using it once they were both soaked form head to toe. They sat in their usual seats after getting their drinks.

Lucas looked at Farkle and said questioningly, “ Wait, so the bay window was closed? That’s so weird. It’s never locked.”

Farkle shrugged. “I know. That’s what I said. I wonder if something’s wrong. I mean, the lights to her room were off, but other than that everything looked normal.”

Lucas looked quizzical for a second and then asked, “Do you think they’re hiding something from us?”

“I mean maybe. I can’t think of any other reason.”

Lucas stared at Farkle for a little while. After about 3 minutes, Farkle felt uneasy.

“What are you staring at Lucas?”
“Why aren’t you more worried or upset? I thought you loved them. What if they have secret relationships going on?”

“Lucas, if you really believe that I love them in the romantic way, then you are so oblivious.”

“What do you mean?” Lucas looked so honestly confused by Farkle’s statement. God, even his confused face makes me want to kiss him.

Farkle just laughed. “I’m going to tell you something serious. Okay? I don’t want this to change anything between us, okay?” Unless it’s for the better.

“Yeah, buddy. Of course. Nothing you say could ever change the way I feel about you…” Lucas froze for a second then recovered,” you’re my best friend.”

“I’m…. well I- I’m-uhhh- I’m gay.” Farkle stuttered out.

Lucas just sat there in shock looking at Farkle.

Farkle started getting nervous and picking at his fingernails subconsciously. “Lucas? Hello?”

Lucas continued to just gape at him. He looked like he was looking for the words but couldn’t seem t find any. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Farkle took that as his chance and ran out the door of Topanga’s, in the pouring rain, all the way to his house.

Back at Topanga’s

Lucas felt like complete crap. He sat with his head in his hands, trying not to cry. I feel so bad. I didn’t mean to make him freak out. I just didn’t think he was gay. He doesn’t seem like it. He always talked about how much he loved our two other best friends… I wish I could have his courage. I need to find him. Like right now.

Before he could get up from his seat, Maya and Riley walked in hand-in-hand.

“Hey Huckleberry. What are you doing here all alone?” She said, voice filled with laughter.

“Actually, Farkle was here. He just left,” Lucas said, while looking down at his hands.

Riley immediately sat next to Lucas. “What do you mean he left? Why?What happened?” she said, getting more worried with every question.

“Actually I was just about to go find him. He told me something, and I didn’t react the way I should have. I have to go. Bye guys.” Lucas said, basically sprinting out the door.

“Well, I’m so glad he left. I don’t think I’m ready to tell them about us, Peaches,” Riley says quietly to Maya.

“Honey, I get it. For now, we’ll keep it between us. I love you, Riles.” Maya said, hugging her in close.

“I love you too, Maya,” Riley said, muffled by her face in Maya’s shoulder.


Crap. I don’t know where he lives, Lucas thought as he walked aimlessly around town. He walked by the bookstore, and just happened to glance in and see Farkle. Not only was he just sitting there, but he was also crying. Shit.

Farkle heard the bell from the door ding. He slowly turned and saw a figure standing above him.

“Farkle.” Okay so it wasn’t just some figure. It was Lucas. “Hey. I’m sorry for not saying anything back there. I was just surprised. I mean, can you blame me? You just always tried to seem straight, to everyone. Not that I’m not totally okay with it, because I am. You’re my best friend, and I accept you any way that you are,” Lucas said in one big breath.

Farkle just looked up at him. Not blinking, or breathing.

Lucas realized he might have spoken too much, so he slowed down, “Are you okay Farkle? Listen, can we go somewhere private to talk.”

Farkle’s mouth seemed to start working, but not much. “Uhh-yyy—uhm—yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah… Yes.”

Lucas just smiled brightly at him. He outstretched a hand to Farkle. “Well come on then. Let’s go.”

Farkle looked at his hand and hesitates. Ehhh. Why not? He grabbed his hand and stood up. Lucas pulled out his phone and sent a text to Riley.

Lucas: Can Farkle and I sue use your bay window?

Not even ten seconds later, he got a reply.

Riley: Absolutely XD

Lucas chuckled at how much like Riley that response was, and continued dragging Farkle behind him. They finally reached the bay window. Lucas motioned for Farkle to go first. He just quickly nodded and started climbing up, Lucas following him.

They reached the window, and it was unlocked. That’s weird. The lights are on, but they still aren’t home, thought Farkle. Oh well.

They both sat down and looked at each other.

“Farkle. I need to tell you something as well. I’m bisexual. I know this because even after liking Maya and Riley, I still managed to fall in love with you. And I never had the courage to say anything because I thought you were straight so that’s why when you said you were gay, I was so shocked because I finally had a chance with you and I just-”

The next thing Lucas knew, there was a pair of lips covering his. His muscles relaxed immediately. They kissed for what seemed like forever before they pulled away. Farkle rested his forehead on Lucas’s and breathed out a laugh.

“Well that’s one way to make you stop talking,” He laughed again, “I love you too, freak.”

Lucas smiled. Not just any smile, but the one he always seemed to reserve for Farkle. Farkle just never noticed it. Until now. 

“Will you be my boyfriend, Farkle?”

“Is that even a question? Of course ya freak!”

They sat there just smiling at each other for what seemed like hours. And it might’ve been. Considering that Maya and Riley walked in sometime during their staring contest.

Farkle turned his head towards them and smiled. “Ladies.”

“Farkle” they said in unison.

“Ladies.” Lucas said.

“Hey! That’s my catch-phrase. Find your own!”

All four friends laughed at that. Farkle was the first to stop and looked at the girls.

“Hey, why was your bay window locked earlier?”

Riley smiled her nervous smile and blushed from her neck to her forehead.

“Whhhaaaaaatttt? Nothingggg. It’s not like we were in there doing anything or anything because we’re just friends and that would be totally weird.”

“Riles, I think they should know. Come on. Tell them. You know you want to.”

“MAYA AND I ARE DATING! Phew. Man that felt good to get out.”

Farkle and Lucas looked at each other and smiled. Lucas raised his eyebrow in a silent question. Farkle nodded and grabbed his hand.

“Farkle and I are dating too.”

Riley smiled and opened her mouth really wide. They all knew what was coming. “YYYYAAAAAAAAYYYY.”

Farkle looked at his friends, and three things crossed his mind.

First of all, he loved his girls so much.

Second, he was so painfully gay that he didn’t know how he never noticed it before.

Lastly, he was in love with Lucas Friar, and Lucas Friar was in love with him.

So as long as those three things remained the same, nothing could stop him from taking over the world.