and he skypes a lot




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



What happened to Braeden and Derek? Are they still together? Did they break up?

yurio headcanons (ft. otayuri)

• yurio actually really ships viktuuri but he hides it with salt coz he’s just being the tsundere that he is

• he’s probably the biggest viktuuri shipper you can find and is probably the real captain of the viktuuri ship and not phichit

• he can’t possibly keep all this in so he always ends up telling this to otabek

• yurio loves otabek

• he and otabek skype A LOT.

• when ever viktuuri sees yurio with otabek, they start wiggling their eyebrows and taking pictures

• yurio starts getting frustrated and otabek laughs at him and his angst (“i love your parents” “THEYRE NOT MY FuCKING PARENTS”)

• he’s bisexual

• yurio loves voltron and has a klance shrine.

• otabek bought yurio a fuck load of leopard print clothes for his 16th birthday (yurio cried :’))

• otayuri created a list of shitty usernames for each other (yuriplisaltsky, yuriplisetmeonfire; otabebebedropthebebebe(k)at, otabekroartin)

• yurio’s not very good at coming up with names

• he’s really emotional (especially when it comes to movies)

• his bedroom wallpaper has leopard prints

• yurio likes to play welcome to the madness in his head when he kicks open doors, it makes him feel badass

• when viktuuri and yurio go out together, yurio always gets lost

• viktuuri always ends up finding him looking at anime merch

• yurio visits his grandpa everyday after practice

• he teared when he got to touch a tiger at the zoo

• he cried watching grave of the fireflies. hard.

• he keeps making references to his different fandoms

• otabek is soooooooo done with him

• whenever he’s alone, he picks up a hairbrush and jams out to avril lavigne (his favourite song is ‘Girlfriend’)

• he has a younger sister (???)

• his sister is exactly like otabek’s sister (they hang out)

• he loves musical theatre

• he cried (again) when eponine died in marius’ arms)

• he’s a social introvert (that’s why he hates it when his fans stalk him and want to take photos with him and stuff)

lmao i got bored in the bus so this happened?? (pt1/?)

edit: i reread these and realised that i relate to more than half of these headcanons

Almost 2 || Dan Howell

A/N: I was kinda in a hurry when I wrote this. for a while I thought i wouldn’t manage to update today. but here I am.

Word Count: 1.1K

POV: Reader + Dan


Originally posted by irrevocablys

I guess the worst love stories are the ones that end with an almost. We almost dated, we almost made it, he almost loved me. I did love him. Now he is just the guy I once used to talk to.

It took a while until saying his name didn’t hurt anymore. It took a while until ‘Dan’ could leave my lips without feeling like I had been stabbed in my chest.

I spent months wishing that he would change his mind, I wanted more than an almost. I wasted all of those wishes.

Instead season changed. On an early autumn day, I packed my bags and put my most important belongings into countless boxes. I left my beloved hometown behind to start a new chapter: Uni.

Only two months after me and Dan stopped talking, right after that one unlucky night, I left. I moved out of my apartment that was so close to Dan’s. We didn’t take the same bus anymore and when Phil invited his friends over I wasn’t there.

It wasn’t because of Dan, I did it for me. I still stayed in contact with Phil though after all, he was my best friend. We talked a lot on skype and on the phone, but we barely got to see each other.

So as soon as I had a few weeks off university I decided to come back for a little visit.

I arrived by train and had to take about 5 different underground trains before I finally got onto a familiar bus. It was the one me and Dan always rode whenever we wanted to see Phil. Line 25. After nearly a year, I didn’t look for a tall guy with brown hair anymore anywhere I went.

But to my surprise, he did look for me.

Dan’s POV

Sometimes people leave and although you never see them again, they never truly leave your mind. Every time I got on the bus that me and Y/N used to take I couldn’t help but look for her.

She’d been gone for more than a year now and it was a totally irrational thing for me to do. But I searched for the colour of her eyes and that smile of hers. I imagined her getting on my bus and taking a seat next to me, just like she did before I told her that I didn’t feel the same.

I was on my way to Phil’s flat. Line 25. It was a warm spring evening and the sun hadn’t set yet. She was on my mind again, she was the one that got away. I was once again scanning unknown faces of strangers who quickly hopped onto the bus.

But then it happened. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest as I spotted her. She was carrying a large bag and her hair looked a little bit shorter than I remembered. I had forgotten how to breath. With my mouth hung open I stared at the girl, trying to figure out if it was actually Y/N. Could that be possible? Was she back in town again?

I was nervous, I was sad, I was excited, I was so many things at the same time.

Although I told her that I wasn’t into her she was still on my mind a year after. Go figure.

I felt like shouting her name on top of my voice but I didn’t. She was scanning the bus for an empty seat. She looked a little bit exhausted and quickly sat down a few rows in front of me with her huge bag on her lap.

Y/N hadn’t noticed me yet. I was torn between wanting to talk to her and being afraid to do so.

It just felt good to see her again, although I just got to see the back of her head for most of the ride.  

When my stop neared, she was the one that pressed the stop button. She got up and eventually we walked out of the same door. Our feet hit the pavement at the exact same time. Normally the fresh air would help me think more clearly but there was just a huge mess where my brain should’ve been.

Suddenly standing next to her all I could do, was stutter out a simple and basic ‘hello’.

Y/N finally raised her head and her eyes met mine. She looked surprised at first but then she smiled.

“Oh my god, hey Dan!” she then exclaimed and gave me a quick little hug.

I was a little bit overwhelmed. It was absurd to be so close to her again. I was still mad at myself, so why wasn’t she mad at me?

“Are you on your way to Phil’s?” I asked her as we just started walking to his flat automatically.

“Yes, surprise visit. Sorry, I didn’t know that you two had plans.” She explained and apologized.

“No problem at all.” I told her and the truth was that I wanted her to be there.

“So how’s life?” She asked me, still smiling and god she looked beautiful.

It takes about 5 minutes to get to Phil’s apartment from the bus station. During those 5 minutes we just talked about our lives and about the things that changed since she left. She talked about her life at university and about all of the people she met and how great everything is.

A year ago, I would have half-heartedly listened but now every word that left her mouth seemed to be important to me. I would have listened to her waffle for hours about anything really.

And as she continued talking I realised that she was completely over me. Seeing me didn’t hurt her. She was happy, we were like old friends now. I wasn’t the guy who broke her heart anymore, I was Dan the guy she once liked.

I guess she didn’t feel the same anymore, now that I did. I wished I could have already loved her a year ago, when she loved me.

Maybe if the timing were right we could have made it.

I stopped in the middle of my tracks while she continued walking to Phil’s flat that was right in front of us. She didn’t even notice that I wasn’t walking next to her anymore.

I felt empty just like she had felt a year ago. We had completely switched places.

And although I did fall for her the story still ends with an almost.

And almost is never enough.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! This is my first request but I've been reading your stuff for a while now and I love them :3 Can you do the RFA & Saeran reacting to an MC who has to go back to her country? Maybe like a long distance thingyyyy S. Korea is pretty far from where I live so ;A;

Thank you very much, I hope you likes these.


  • he can handle this!!!
  • He’s always on his computer so     he’ll be able to Skype you all the time!!
  • But…. he won’t be able to     cuddle you
  • Or see your face in person
  • Or touch you
  • Yeah he can’t handle this
  • He 100% cries when he has to     say goodbye     
  • The second you get home you     have 7 missed calls     
  • All of them are Yoosung crying     and telling you he loves you so much    
  • He makes sure to Skype you     daily and text you close to hourly    
  • So many pictures of him doing random     things
  • Including him crying and     clutching a pillow because he misses you so much
  • Does not let you out of his     sight when you come to visit    


  • But… she doesn’t want you to     go
  • She’s like a mopey puppy when     you tell her     
  • She tries to act adult 
  • But you’ve done so much for     her, and now you’re leaving 
  • She cries a little when you say     goodbye     
  • And when you get home you have     a voicemail from her, that says how much she loves you
  • She will do what she can Skype     you every day but some days she might be too tired to hold conversation
  • So by when you start skyping     she might be falling asleep already    
  • It’s okay though Jaehee is     super cute when she’s sleeping 
  • She will make sure to text you     every morning and every night    
  • Even if it’s short she wants     you to know she loves you    
  • She cries harder when you come     back to visit and does the thing where she jumps into your arms and then     doesn’t let go


  • He’ll miss you, there’s no     doubt about that
  • He won’t be able to hold you, kiss     you, hug you
  • But he’ll manage 
  • Gets teary when you say     goodbye, but only really cries when he comes back to an empty apartment
  • Skypes you twice a day, morning     and night     
  • Also calls you whenever     anything slightly out of the ordinary happens
  • But he’ll back down a little if     you tell him too
  • If his acting ever takes takes     him anywhere new, he prays is where you live
  • So he can go to your house and     surprise you!!
  • When you visit him or when he     visits you he’ll give you the most passionate kiss you’ve ever had


  • totally cool about this
  • Because?? He’s rich. If he     wants to see you he’ll just buy a ticket and go 
  • Much to Jaehees annoyance
  • He will be a little sad when     you go because he just wants you to be with him
  • But in reality he knows if he     really, really wants to see you he’ll get a ticket
  • He will, however, get impatient     if the flight takes a long time    
  • Even if you’ve only been apart     for a few days he’ll hug you like he hasn’t seen you in an eternity every     time


  • okay but he’s basically a     computer so he could always contact you
  • With that being said of course     he’ll miss you
  • But he understands you want to     go home so he’ll try to respect that    
  • All respect goes out the door     when you have to say goodbye, this boy is a mess
  • Saeran had to physically drag     him away otherwise you’ll miss your flight
  • He cried for an entire day
  • Part of him was being dramaitc 
  • Part of really really meant it
  • Probably convinces you to     always have Skype on in the background when you’re home, even if you’re     doing something simple like making food or getting ready for the day
  • Also 100% hacks into your     webcam to see you sleeping if you hang up on him on Skype
  • A lot of his calls are random     rambling that end in “I love you" 
  • Super clingy when you visit  


  • will seriously consider going     with you
  • He doesn’t want to be away from     you
  • But secretly he doesn’t want to     be away from Saeyoung either so he stays
  • Extraordinarily clingy the few     days before you leave     
  • When you say goodbye he doesn’t     cry but he does hug you like he’ll never see you again
  • When he gets home he tears up
  • Like his brother, he’ll be     skyping you a lot
  • also texting you 
  • Loooootssss of texting 
  • If he’s having a bad day he’d     prefer to call you and just listen to your voice rather than have you see     his face     
  • Kisses you passionately when     you next see each other because oh god did he miss you

anonymous asked:

Did you ever write that canon!single teen dad Louis???

I never finished it but it’s still sitting in my WIP folder as something I might pick up in the future. However, here’s what I have, which is basically 4000 words of canon teen dad Louis :))

The first time Liam hears that Louis Tomlinson is a dad, they’re at Boot Camp, and Louis is doing three things all at once: a) pinching Niall Horan’s nipples, b) hanging backwards off the back of a sofa and managing to keep himself from falling by what looks like sheer force of will, and c) singing How To Save A Life at the top of his lungs.

“How on earth can you be a dad,” Niall snorts, batting Louis away. “Stop that. Leave my nipples alone.”

“I am a spectacular dad,” Louis says, in satisfaction. He goes for Niall’s balls this time, and topples backwards off the sofa. “I am the best dad in the world.”

Liam thinks there must be a joke he’s not getting, because Louis isn’t old enough–or mature enough–to be a dad. Louis refuses to get enough sleep and is always messing about and pushing people around, and Liam can’t quite separate Louis’ laughter from that of the boys at school, who’d spent much of the last six years pushing Liam around quite gleefully.

“You’re a nightmare,” Niall says, poking Louis in the side, and Louis beams up at him from where he’s sprawled across the floor.

“Thank you, Niall. You are now second choice to be my personal husband for the rest of forever. After Harry Styles, obviously.”

Niall just laughs at that, and tugs Louis to his feet.

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(2)Dating Viktor Nikiforov would include;

 ♡ First version: 

Originally posted by softviktor

  • A lot of skinship either private and public, the same thing goes for PDA.
  • Romantic lover; buying lots of gifts for you, going to romantic places, telling I love you very often.
  • All though being in a relationship he is always very flirty with you especially in public.
  • The dates would be very fun and outgoing like going to an amusement park and bicycling together. 
  • When the weather is rainy is most likely to play games and loser have to obey the winner. 
  • Selfies anywhere, both of you can be walking and out of nowhere, he will take a selfie, especially when you’re sleeping.
  • Loves when you pet his head.
  • He can stylish your hair.
  • Shopping dates; he can recommend which clothing suits you the best, pays it all and taking selfies.
  • He does all types of kisses but the one he does the most is the lingering kiss. (Is a type of kiss that last around 20 seconds and the tongue is not involved which indicates a deep love.)
  • When he’s in public and hears someone talking positively about you, he joins the conversation and feeling OF proud being your partner. Doesn’t waste time to show cute selfies of both of you to them with a kind-hearted smile. In the other way, when he hears someone talking badly about you, he will be very protective and be saying sassy things with a calm and yet angry expression.
  • When he’s away expecting a lot of text messages (especially good morning and goodnight), pictures, calls, and Skype calls from him because he misses you a lot. Goes to shopping to clear his mind but see lots of things that you will like and ends up buying all of them.
  • “Why there are fifteen bags of different shops in your suitcase?”
  • Lots of cuddles when he’s back and telling you all the stories that happen when he’s away, and hearing your stories as well.
  • During fights, he is most likely to leave the household to prevent to say hurtful things to you and taking it a time to clear his head. In the following day, things would be settled.

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

RFA boys + Minor Trio reacting to MC being in a famous band but then realizing they have a world wide tour coming up soon (minor trio is optional I don't want you to overwork yourself)

Hope you enjoy! :3



♬ Zen has to admit he is a tiny bit jealous

♬ like he is extremely happy for your success, but a tiny bit jealous too

♬ he never let’s it show though, always cheering you on

♬ Zen also tries to attend as many concerts as humanly possible

♬ whenever he can’t come, you Skype or call

♬ he still misses you a lot

♬ Zen also watches the performances he misses on YouTube

♬ if he thought you were beautiful as it was, he was s h o o k when he saw you perform

♬ it still steals his breath every time he sees you

♬ once you come back from the tour he hugs you for half an hour straight


★ he’s like super torn about it

★ on the one hand; his wife is a freaking idol going on world tour!!

★ on the other hand; his wife is a freaking idol going on world tour

★ what if you fall in love with someone else?!

★ you assure him that you only love him for a month leading up to your tour

★ he tries not to text you…since you’re busy and all

★ and maybe because he doesn’t want to seem clingy

★ he craves after about like 5 hours?

★ you text him ‘I love you’ every day before bed

★ he blushes and texts it right back 


♨ fangirl™

♨ like who’s Zen? You’re the shit now

♨ she doesn’t even accept the free passes you offer, instead she buys tickets, so your band earns more money

♨ how freaking cute is that?

♨ anyway, she can’t come to a lot of concerts, sadly

♨ however whenever she does it’s with a poster in tow, dressed in merch

♨ you can always spot her in the crowd, grinning like an idiot

♨ she was so excited when she first met your band members backstage

♨ but even more so when you took her to your hotel room for some alone time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

♨ ~ a groupies dream ~


♛ no problem at all!

♛ well…almost no problem

♛ after finding out about idol culture Jumin gets a little worried for your safety

♛ which obviously means trouble for you

♛ he insists you only hire dancers that know first aid and some sort of martial art

♛ Jumin also sends his private bodyguards with you e v e r y w h e r e

♛ not to mention that he comes to every single one of your shows himself

♛ which would generally be great, if he’d come to listen

♛ well, he still hugs and kisses you after every show

♛ it’s also nice to cuddle up in a comfy hotel with your hubby instead of the tour bus ƪƪ(’▿’)


☼ you’ve never felt that watched before

☼ which is funny, seeing how you perform in front of thousands of people

☼ every camera seems to be rigged by him

☼ you swear those damn things turn and follow you for miles

☼ you know Saeyoung is only worried, but this won’t do it

☼ you’re literally getting paranoid!!

☼ eventually you turn to one of the cameras and shout at it

☼ you tell Saeyoung to get his ass on tour with you

☼ which is basically what he wanted from the start…

☼ you contemplate your life choices when you see him in the first row, cheering like a lunatic


☀ acts like he doesn’t care

☀ huffing and puffing whenever you mention it

☀ keeps up the act until the day you leave

☀ he then graces you with a quick kiss before disappearing to his room

☀ he does not cry!

☀ okay so he might cry a little, sue him

☀ not that you ever find out

☀ until Saeyoung – that fucking asshole – opens his mouth

☀ tells you that the only reason Saeran doesn’t follow you on tour is because he can’t miss therapy

☀ when Saeran almost cries upon you dedicating a song to him on tour, Saeyoung teases him mercilessly


📷 being a busy artist himself, V couldn’t be more understanding

📷 in fact, he tries to set his traveling dates during your world tour

📷 that way when you come back, you’re free at the same time!

📷 you can catch up and share all the fun experiences while cuddling

📷 he never misses your first and final performance though

📷 in fact, he records every last second to show to your future kids and the RFA

📷 you also never miss his exhibit openings

📷 you’re both just really supportive, you know?

📷 have I mentioned the dramatic airport kisses?

📷 the paparazzi have a field trip with the two of you every time tour ends let me tell you…


🖕🏻 he feels a little…betrayed?

🖕🏻 like you know how long he had to deny himself intimacy? Relationships?

🖕🏻 Spoiler alert: a shit ton of time

🖕🏻 still, it makes you happy and who would he be to stop you from it

🖕🏻 because he has to keep a low profile though he can’t come to your concerts…

🖕🏻 lucky for both of you, Vanderwood basically owns Saeyoungs ass

🖕🏻 so he sends the older Choi on a looooong mission

🖕🏻 aka to every last stop you make on your tour so he can record every last second on a high quality camera

🖕🏻 it’s the least he can do, since his idiocy got Vanderwood into such a mess to begin with

🖕🏻 afterwards he calls you and tells you every last thing he loved about your performance

cary-onmywaywardson  asked:

What up, it's cary again. Kas, I love JJ with snakes, but consider - Otabek with lizards. I already gave you some cute ones he might have. Give me some JJ and Otabek bonding over their cute reptile babies? Love you!! <3

Pets Take After Their Owners (Sequel to Reptiles)

“Why did you invite him?”

Yuri said while glaring at the two males on his laptop screen.

“Hi Princess, how you going?” JJ called out, his emerald green boa curled around his shoulders.

“Don’t call me that,” Yuri growled while flipping the Canadian off.

“JJ wanted to see the crew, and we normally skype at this time, so I thought two birds, one stone,” Otabek mumbled with a shrug.

Yuri continued to stare at his boyfriend for a moment before huffing and crossing his arms across his chest.

“So, Beka tells me you don’t like his lizards,” JJ states while gently stroking the head of Miss JJ.

“What?” he growled, “When have I ever said that?” he demanded while glancing between his two friends.

He paused, since when did he count JJ as a friend? Since when has he had more than one friend? These were probably questions he would need to reflect on later.

He was knocked out of his thoughts by a tapping sound, he glanced between the two other males before smirking at his boyfriend who wasn’t looking at his laptop.

“What is Pietro doing?” he called out, catching his boyfriends attention immediately.

“Making a lot of noise,” Otabek replied while leaning out of view of his camera, only to return a moment later with a bearded dragon in hand. Otabek cooed at the lizard for a moment before putting it on his shoulder.

“God, looking at that big boy. He has grown,” JJ said brightly, an excited looking on his face.

Yuri raised an eyebrow, he still didn’t quite understand Otabek and JJ’s friendship, if it could even be called that. All he knew is that they were once rink mates and shared a common interest in keeping reptiles for pets.

“And the ice fairy remembered its name,” JJ said while throwing a wink into the camera. He raised an eyebrow in response, not sure who the wink was aimed at.

Otabek owned four lizards and they were all rather pretty in their own way.

There was Pietro, one of his boyfriends three bearded dragons. Pietro was the palest of the three, being a nice yellowy-white colour. Pietro also seemed to enjoy making a lot of noise, especially when he was skyping his boyfriend.

Then there was Dean, the darkest of the three in a nice black colour with brown markings. The first time he had been introduced to the black bearded dragons, Otabek had shoved the lizard as close as he could to the camera, to try and show him all of Dean’s markings. Dean was cool, rather chill with the world.

Otabek’s final bearded dragon was called Yu –he was pretty sure it’s real name was Yuri but he wasn’t going to call his boyfriend out on the name just yet. It was a fierce red colour with an attitude to match. The little lizard was always showing off his beard and Yuri had to admit that it was a little adorable, not as adorable as Potya but pretty close.

Otabek’s last lizard was probably the coolest of them all, a rather large Savanah monitor. The first time he had been introduced to the lizard, his boyfriend had let the lizard cuddle into his chest while telling him all about the large breed of lizard. The monitor, funnily named Minotaur, was a sweetheart or so Otabek claimed.

“Where is the others? Where is Minotaru?” JJ enquired while shifting in his seat, almost like he was trying to see behind Otabek. He rolled his eyes at the Canadian’s antics as Otabek reached behind the camera and pulled his personal favourite little lizard into view.

“Yu!” He cooed, grinning as the lizard puffed his beard up as soon as Otabek put the red lizard down on the keyboard.

“Yu? I thought its name was-“

“Yes, Yu,” Otabek cut JJ off while throwing a small glare towards the camera which caused him to chuckle softly.

“And where is our last buddy?” JJ questioned.

“He’s cuddling beside me,” Otabek said while gesturing to his side.

“I swear Dean cuddles more than VV,” JJ chuckled while planting a kiss on Miss JJ’s head as she nuzzled into JJ’s face. Yuri couldn’t help but stare at the two males on his laptop screen.

There was JJ with his gorgeous green snake wrapped around his neck and then his boyfriend, who had one lizard chilling on his shoulder, one curled up beside him and the other chilling on the keyboard trying to look all tough and mighty.

“And where is fluffy butt?” JJ questioned and it took a moment to realise that the question was aimed at him. He blinked before letting out a whistle, after a moment he heard a soft meow in response.

“She’s napping,” he explained with a shrug when Potya didn’t come into view from wherever she was hiding in his room.

“Pity, I wanted to see this so called ‘goddess among cats’,” JJ said, using his hands to emphasise the last part.

He raised an eyebrow before glancing towards his boyfriend who was blushing gently.

“Beka, you think Potya is a goddess among cats?” he questioned his boyfriend. Otabek coughed in embarrassment, or so he assumed.

Almost like on cue, Potya jumped onto the bed and made a beeline for the laptop, nuzzling into the camera.

“Yo, Ice Fairy, I think your camera has been attacked by snow,” JJ’s voice came through speakers as he scooped Potya up and cuddle her to his chest.

“No, Potya was just greeting you, who knows why,” he huffed, earning a meow of agreement from his baby.

“Okay, wow, Beka wasn’t lying, your cat is rather pretty. But I suppose that saying is true, pets do take after their owners,” JJ laughed while planting a kiss on Miss JJ’s head.

“What, so you are a cold-blooded serpent are you?” Otabek questioned, causing him to snort out a laugh.

“Beka, really?” JJ whined with a pout.

“What?” Otabek asked, a smirk on his lips.

“Fine, gang up on me, I see how it is,” JJ huffed while pulling Miss JJ away from his neck.

“Are you hearing this, baby? The love couple are being mean to me,” he cooed at the green snake who simply stuck her tongue out in response.

“Yeah, you are right, we should leave them alone so they can be all lovely-dovey,” JJ said with a smirk while returning the snake to his shoulders. “I’ll go, good to see the trio again, or most of it, send me some pictures of Minotaru when you get a chance, want to see how big that boy has gotten,” JJ said, before giving them a wave and ending his call before either of them could stop him.

Yurio blinked a few times before shrugging his shoulders.

“That was strange,” he mumbled.

“That was JJ,” Otabek responded with a raised eyebrow.

“Point,” he chuckled softly with a nod of his head.

“Now, can you pat the little red puff ball for me, he looks like he needs some love,” he cooed while setting Potya down in his lap and watching as his boyfriend followed his instructions and began to pamper the little red lizard with scratches.

Just Another Visit [fic]

Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei (feat. yamayachi and kagehina) 

Summary: Despite his desire to deny it as much as possible, all Kei wants is to spend the weekend with his boyfriend. However, the universe seems determined to make him suffer, and an interruption comes in the form of his happily dating teammates, all of whom have no clue about Kei’s relationship. Great. 

Rating: T

Warnings: none

Note: So glad to finally post this! This was a request for @lena-lady !! I hope you enjoy it <3 Big thanks to @emeraldwaves for reading this over ^^

Read on AO3! 

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Make Me Proud - pt.2

Long Distance Relationship with Mark
Genre - Fluff (Slight angst but still not yet)


Mark had been gone for around two months, you missed him a lot but you still talked every day and it was fine.

It was a Friday, the day you always Skyped and as always you heard the Skype call ring. It was hard to Skype because of time zones. It may have been 4pm on a Friday for you but for Mark this was 8am on a Saturday.

“Hey y/n,” Mark called out cheerfully, waving to you across the screen. “How has your week been?” He asked. Nothing you spoke about ever had much consequence but you had fun together.

“It was good, I got full marks on my test and I should graduate in about eight months from now, as soon as I do I will come visit.” You replied smiling. Two months was a really long time in reality. But both of you liked to pretend it wasn’t.

“How about you?” You asked him. Mark looked happier than usual, something good must have happened.

“We have the last Rookies show ever in Bangkok next month, after that I’m debuting in the first sub unit y/n!” You clapped your hands together in excitement. He was achieving his goals.

“That has made my week infinitely better just by hearing that. Mark you must be the greatest rapper SM has ever seen.” He was young to debut so he really must be good.

“Are you eating okay though because I want to make sure they treat you right, don’t let them forget your still technically a kid Mark make sure you don’t get to tired.” It was just to reassure yourself he was okay. You knew Mark was okay.

“I tell you this all the time. I will never be unhappy working hard at what I love. Never worry. Make sure you are okay to, are you still being happy? Have you eaten some ice cream from our favourite shop on my behalf, because if you haven’t that would be unforgivable,” Mark said jokingly.

These chats made everything okay, Mark and you were so happy even when you had to deal with being far apart.

Mark turned round and shouted at someone behind him.

“Donghyuck! Yah Donghyuck! Stop it, annoy me some other time I’m talking to my friend from Canada!” He said. He had told you about Donghyuck. He always complained that he was really annoying and made his life unnecessarily difficult but you knew Mark loved him really.

“Ahhhh Marky are you talking to your girlfriend ahaha, let me say hi.” Donghyuck shouted in the background. At this point Mark got up from where he was sitting and held up one finger at the camera indicating he would be back in a minute.

After about thirty seconds, some whispers and some shuffling, Mark sat down again frowning with a Donghyuck sitting next to him that looked as if he was the happiest puppy alive.

“Hello y/n, nice to meet you. I am the rookies number one visual Haechan!” He spoke in Korean but you been studying so you could visit Mark more easily.

“Hey Donghyuck I have heard all about you,” you said grinning at Mark who looked most annoyed.

“Mark never stops talking about how much he misses you and how great you are, it’s annoying please come here so he will stop.” Donghyuck announced. You laughed out loud and nodded to him.

Mark pushed Donghyuck.

“I said you could say hi and you did. Now go find Jeno and annoy him instead.”

He got up and waved bye before leaving you alone again.

“I’m sorry for that, I know we don’t have a lot of time to Skype and he kind of ruined it.”

“No, no Mark. It makes me happy to see your friends and to see you have nice people to live with. I like Donghyuck he is funny.” Mark gave you a look.

“Not more funny than you though of course.” You said making a heart with your hand.

“Please stop, nobody wants to see your aeygo y/n.” He stopped laughing and looked over at the wall next to him.

“I know we joke and we can still be happy, but I do miss you y/n, I want you to know that. I have a lot of fun here with all my members and I am about to achieve my dream but without you it will always be less fun. I don’t tell you about my bad moments because I don’t have many and I don’t want you to worry. But I miss having you here.” He seemed sad.

“Mark…” you didn’t know what to say.

“I wish I was there to hug you and say it will be okay Mark,” you started, “and it will be okay, as you said the bad moments are very few. But I can’t sit and hug you it kiss your cheek to reassure you. But never feel like you can’t tell me something.” You assured him.

“As long as you are still my boyfriend and we still talk and we still Skype like we do now, everything will be okay. Also if you need someone to hug I suggest Donghyuck, he seems like a nice guy who could be a good substitute me.” You said.

Mark deadpanned.

“And we ended on a low with your jokes about my professional evil child/ band member.” Mark looked right at you.

“I will text you after practise and I will call you tomorrow. And I will see your face again next week as always. I love you y/n.”

“Love you too Mark.”

The Summer Epilogue Part One (32/33)

The Summer (32/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 27,072 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

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Warnings: angst, misunderstandings, paranoia, fingering, barebacking, bdsm, sensory deprivation, light airplay, praise!kink, handcuffs, blindfolds

Chapter Thirty-Two: Epilogue Part One

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As an alternative to all the BNHA Izuku's Dad AU's, do you mind if I suggest: a Big Brother Tensei AU? (maybe feat. adopted Izuku?? Having him be born into the family would be cute but I'm a sucker for found family so whatever works really!)

Now my friend, normally, I would be completely inclined to agree with you about an alternative to all the AUs already written. But. There is one VERY important reason it has to be dad!Tensei. I hope you’ll forgive me for taking this in a different direction but listen friend: Izuku teases Tenya by calling him “uncle Tenya” and Tenya gets really flustered about it because Izuku’s actually a month older than him.

Tensei’s only thirty in canon (same age as Aizawa and Present Mic), and if he were a year or two older I would do the whole “rebel kid knocked up a girl and became a teenage father” thing but 15 is just a liiiittle too creepy for that imo.

So Tensei rescues an eight-year-old Izuku from a car accident in which he lost both his parents. The other heroes that arrive on the scene soon afterwards take care of the wreckage of the car while Tensei takes unconscious Izuku away from the scene. Luckily, Izuku only got a few bumps and bruises, and he wakes up shortly afterwards.

“I’m sorry, buddy,” explains Tensei to him when he asks, “But your parents had to go away somewhere really important, and they couldn’t take you.”

Izuku gets really quiet then, and he starts blinking really fast, like he’s trying not to cry, and he understands what this strange man is saying to him, he understands what really happened to his parents, but he doesn’t say anything.

“But they loved you very much,” says Tensei, snuggling Izuku closer to him, and God, he’s already getting attached to this child, because he looks about the same age as his baby brother. And Tensei makes the mistake of thinking about what if Tenya was in this situation, and he suddenly finds he can’t let this child go.

“Do you want to come home with me?” Tensei asks him, and Izuku agrees because he’s lost and confused and he doesn’t want to be alone and he likes this nice man a lot.

They make a quick trip to the police station then, and it’s not hard at all for Tensei get temporary guardianship of Izuku (especially once Izuku hears his name and goes into fanboy mode because ohmigosh he’s going to be living with Turbo Hero Ingenium).

Tensei’s parents are more than a little bemused when their son comes home from crime-fighting with a foster child in tow, and once Tenya leads Izuku away to play with him in his room, they try to make Tensei reconsider because “You’re only 23 for goodness’ sake!” But Tensei is adamant that Izuku should stay with them for at least a little while, until they find permanent guardians for him.

His parents agree, and just as Tensei had planned, they both completely fall in love with him, and Izuku and Tenya become completely inseparable.

Izuku lives with them for three years, and completely becomes a part of the family and they love him to death and he’s Tenya’s best friend in the whole world.

And then one day, eleven-year-old Izuku is having a day out with the family, and he’s talking excitedly to Tenya about something, when suddenly he spots something out of the corner of his eye. And he freezes.

“Izuku? What’s wrong, buddy?” asks Tensei, worried about his foster son.

Izuku doesn’t answer, still staring at whatever it is that has caught his eye. Tensei follows his line of sight, and sees a skinny, sickly-looking blond man sitting at a bench a little ways away, reading a book.

“Do you know him?” asks Tensei’s mother, and all of them are watching Izuku carefully now.

Tensei notices that Izuku’s eyes are watery now, and his lips are trembling, but before he can ask what’s wrong, Izuku dashes off, towards the blonde man.

“UNCLE TOSHI!” he screams, and the blond man jumps as if he’d been shocked, and when he looks up, his eyes are wide, his expression disbelieving.

Izuku bowls him over in the next second, crying and sobbing and clutching tightly at his shirt.

And the man is hugging Izuku tightly to him, running his hands through his hair and whispering things to Izuku that none of them can quite hear.

He looks like a man who’s just found everything he loved most in the world after thinking it lost forever.

Tensei finds out soon that this man is Toshinori Yagi, and he’d been a close friend of Izuku’s parents. He lived in America, and hadn’t found out about the Midoriyas’ accident until a year after it had happened. It wasn’t exactly a highly publicized case, and whatever articles he’d found on it had mentioned that everyone in the car had died (Tensei had taken Izuku away from the scene before the news crews had arrived, and while the police knew about Izuku, they had chosen not to make it public knowledge so that Izuku wouldn’t be hounded by reporters).

It’s obvious to everyone just how much Izuku adores and looks up to his surrogate uncle, and when Tensei’s father places a gentle hand on his shoulder, and his mother looks at him with a sad, understanding gaze, Tensei knows what he has to do.

And it breaks his heart to let go of his baby, but he just knows he’ll hate himself forever if he doesn’t do it. So he draws Toshinori aside later, while they’re all having dinner together, and explains to him that Izuku is his foster child, and that he’s still technically up for adoption.

Toshinori, who can see just how much Tensei loves Izuku, is touched at how much Tensei trusts him, so Toshinori returns that trust by telling Tensei who he really is, and the truth about his sickly form.

After that, the two families work together to prepare Izuku (and Tenya) to be separated from the Iida family. He stays over at Toshinori’s apartment for a few days at a time, they go out alone together often, and of course they take gratuitous advantage of Izuku’s admiration of All Might when they finally ask Izuku if he wants to move to America with Toshinori.

He’s torn up at first, not wanting to leave behind his new family, but desperate to stay with his uncle Toshinori.

But in the end, after lots of promises that he can talk to Tenya and Tensei and the others on the phone and on skype, and that he can visit them a lot during spring and summer and winter breaks, Izuku agrees.

Many years later, when Izuku finds out that Toshinori has been hired as a teacher at UA, he decides to keep it a secret from Tenya that he’ll be applying to the UA heroics department as well.

And when Izuku surprises him at the entrance exam, Tenya probably has to work really hard not to cry.

They make plans so that Izuku can have dinner with the Iida family the next day, and when Tenya goes home, he tells his brother all about what happened.

When Tenya tells Tensei that Izuku now calls Toshinori “dad” (in English, because otou-san is reserved for his biological dad), Tensei almost starts crying, because on the one hand he’s so happy for Izuku, but on the other, that was supposed to be him.

But when Tenya tells Tensei that Izuku had teasingly called him “Tenya-oji-chan,” because “you’re my oyaji’s younger brother”, Tensei really does start crying, and he doesn’t stop for a good ten minutes.

And now that Izuku is attending UA and is living in Japan, he gets to see the Iida family a lot more, and he sleeps at their house very often, and a lot of things are just like they were three years ago.

But some things are very different too; Izuku calls Tensei oyaji now, and he calls Tenya “oji-san” and he calls their parents nana and gramps and they pretend to be upset at him, but it makes them so so happy every time. And Toshinori becomes a part of the Iidas’ extended family and they all live together happily ever after.

real talk– if exo ever came on here for a q&a i’d deadass delete my tumblr, destroy my laptop, and cancel my internet service in one go

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Mum you gonna make me sad

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He is VERY understanding “It is by fate that these events occur. So it is for the best He has no plans to leave you hanging though He has Genji and tracer Teach him how to use skype He struggles a lot but it works well You two have two hour long meditation sessions all through a laptop When possible he will get his omnic butt over to visit you “I see in the iris. We will not be apart forever my dear”

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The Spamano comic slayed me! So pure, so sweet, so fluffy!

Oh my gosh thank you!! I took so long updating because I really really wanted to come up with something SUPER adorable for these cuties!! 

Note: They don’t officially get together until after Antonio goes to live in Spain for a year, a period in which he misses a) Lovino’s 9th grade emo phase b) all the drama. All. the. drama. Everything goes to shit for exactly 1 year because it’s Ludwig’s first year of highschool and he decides to make everything go off with a bang… 

In the meantime, he skypes Lovino a lot and is the only one who thinks he looks cute in his dark mascara and only black attire. But when he gets back, Lovino FINALLY musters up the courage to kiss him