and he should have a more active fandom

JYPE never sent any members to shows or gave them jobs. Like I said many times it’s the PDs who notice idols and give them a chance to appear on their shows. 

In the early stages of GOT7′s career Mark said he didn’t have anything he wanted to try. Only recently he mentioned in one of the interviews that he started learning Mandarin. He also appeared on many magazines this year. Appearing on The Laws of the Jungle was a huge step forward for him too.

JB, Jinyoung and Youngjae mentioned that they prefer radio instead of appearing on variety. JB even said he didn’t feel comfortable on variety. Jinyoung is the most interested in acting but GOT7′s busy schedule prevents him from playing a bigger role in a drama (I’m reminding it for new fans, just in case).

JB is serious about composing, he has his Paradise team now. It’s a good first step for the future. He was allowed to compose GOT7′s title track too. 

As for Yugyeom - there aren’t many ways to promote your dancing if you’re a K-Pop idol. Since DAY6′s Jae opened a Youtube account, maybe Yugyeom can open one too? Because it looks like Hit The Stage isn’t happening.

In our fandom we have fans who want GOT7 to focus on the group, and fans who want GOT7 to focus more on solo activities. What is right? What should GOT7 members do? I think there would be some unhappy fans either way.

We also don’t know if it was members who said they wanted to try doing more solo activities or if it was JYPE’s suggestion. Members can’t reveal everything, just like JYPE won’t reveal what is their long term plan to promote GOT7.

Members moved out of the dorm quickly for idol standards, it’s true. It was their own decision and if they needed it we should try being happy for them. Despite people’s concerns them moving out doesn’t mean that they moved out because they don’t get along. We can see how close they are through interviews and shows.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw that you were one of the few that weren't hating on TW, but likes Sterek. I'm kinda new to the fandom, only been here a year or so, and I'm a bit confused. I know a lot of the people from the Sterek fandom don't like Jeff, but could you please tell me what exactly did he do, except not make Sterek canon? As far as I saw, Posey was the one to make the douchy comments, was Jeff actually an asshole or is just that his view of (his) show didn't match the one of the fandom? Thanks!

Nonny, I’m not gonna lie - this has been a pretty challenging ask to answer. I’ve reorganized and rewritten this a few times as it involves summing up a lot of interwoven things that have happened since the Teen Wolf fandom exploded in size between season 2 and season 3A. Because of that, I may be off on some of the details and definitely haven’t managed to include everything, but this should be the important bits, more or less.

Jeff has said plenty of kind things about Sterek and Sterek fans as well as encouraging shipping and other fannish activities but there is no denying that the man is a troll. He twists the truth and misleads people like Peter Hale in order to avoid giving away real spoilers. People do get a bit pissed about that but it isn’t the main reason why people hate on him so much.

First and foremost is fan expectations of what the show should be vs. what it actually is. These expectations came both from the PR for Teen Wolf and from fandom (fanfic, headcanons, gifsets and image sets in isolation, etc) and portrayed Teen Wolf to be a lighter, simpler show instead of accurately showing it to be horror with some pretty complex stuff going on under the surface for anyone willing to investigate. This covers complaints about things like favorite characters being tortured, not being happy, seeming out of character, plot holes, and things not making sense. Athena recently covered this in more detail in this post.

The PR for Teen Wolf deserves the lion’s share of the blame. It is a completely separate entity from the show and has nothing to do with what the show is actually about. However, the vast majority of the fandom treat them as one and the same with Jeff being ultimately responsible even though he has nothing to do with their fuck ups. As covered in Athena’s post above, they sold the show as something that it wasn’t (Buffy vs cosmic horror) but it went further than that.

Ships are popular and create a lot of fan excitement so the PR team has been baiting all sorts of different ships over the years to get more people to watch the show. There were Sterek related PR promotions leading up to and during season 3 that promised the show would give them more Sterek and might make the relationship canon if they won this poll or contest or raised their voices to spread Teen Wolf. It was a shitty move that had nothing to do with what the show was about or willing to do.

The Sterek Campaign was created pretty early on by some fans as a positive thing to support Teen Wolf and show that a LOT of fans would love it if Sterek were to happen. They sent in cookies for the cast, raised money for charities, encouraging people to create fanworks and promoting them, etc but didn’t cross the line of demanding the show change for them - although other Sterek fans who weren’t officially part of the Sterek Campaign certainly did (as often happens in any fandom).

With the Sterek phenomena becoming too big for them to handle, fewer Sterek moments due to plot reasons, and the show including other relationships for Derek and Stiles (see my meta on TW and the temporary nature of relationships), the PR team started to go silent on Sterek and tried to get more viewers by promoting the other ships instead. Obviously none of that went over very well with fans. Keep in mind this went on for a few years with multiple incidents, the worst probably being Posey’s weird and twisted comment.

Unrelated to any of that, conventions started banning fans from asking actors about slash ships or getting slash fanart signed by them because of an incident in the Supernatural fandom. The vast majority of Sterek fans were blindsided and thought MTV’s or Teen Wolf’s people had banned Sterek specifically as none of the officials were willing to admit to the reasons behind the ban or who had put the ban in place. It did eventually lift but the damage was already done.

As far as the meta was concerned, romantic Sterek still looked completely solid. Although it has become more and more subtle as time went on, which could either be what Jeff wanted or it could be corporate meddling. Eaddy Mays hinted that Jeff’s corporate bosses might have told him he wasn’t allowed to do romantic Sterek, possibly in reaction to all the drama above. It’s also possible that corporate talent representation for Dylan or Hoechlin put the brakes on it, but we don’t know for sure. It is still possible we might get a hint of romantic Sterek towards the end of the last episode, but Hoechlin’s and Dylan’s availability for this season certainly will have complicated getting there. But I’m straying into a tangent.

In summation, it’s been a cluster fuck of stuff that has festered over the years. Most of the problems happened around the show instead of on the show but people didn’t see a need to make that distinction as it all affected their perception and experience of the show as fans. With Jeff being the creator, he’s the figurehead and scapegoat for that negative experience.

Boop! Changed my icon after about 2 years of being Oikawa’s butt! You’ll be missed, Oikawa butt. Just letting you guys know since two years of using the same icon leaves an impression.

I just felt like the previous one was really outdated in terms of art skill and fandom since I’m not active in Haikyuu anymore. I wanted to draw a new BNHA butt to replace the previous one, but until I have an excuse to draw one I’m gonna be happy lovey dovey p!Katsuki!

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Oh man I am so so fucking tired of Fen//ders as a ship holy shit. It's almost impossible to find a fic on AO3 that isn't either Fen//ders or Fenris/Hawke/Anders. Why do people look at this asshole whose banter with Fenris literally consists of him constantly dehumanising him, calling him an animal and telling him he'd be better off dead, and think "oh yeah that's a good ship right there". Oh boy I'm bitter I'm sorry I had to get this off my chest.

No need to apologize at all, anon. I’m very bitter as well.

There’s a lot of things I really hate in this fandom, but there’s nothing I despise more than Fenders and Fenhanders. Anders does not think of Fenris as a person! No abuse survivor should ever be shipped with someone who actively abuses him, tells him he deserves to have been abused, tells him his abuse couldn’t have been that bad since he didn’t try to kill himself to escape it, reduces years of abuse, degradation, and humiliation to “one bad experience,” and calls him a wild animal. Nothing about that is remotely ok.

And yet people think they’re “oh so similar” and “so close to understanding each other.” No. Anders makes no attempt to understand anyone with a different perspective, and for Fenris, whose experiences are evidence of the consequences of “mage freedom” that Anders refuses to acknowledge, it isn’t about Anders misunderstanding his perspective; it’s about Anders actively trying to shut him down and invalidate him. If Fenris is nothing more than a rabid animal who’s too damaged to know any better, then what he has to say doesn’t matter, and that’s why Anders continually attacks him.

What the hell kind of willfully blind asshole looks at that and thinks these two are a good ship or, as I’ve seen recently claimed and am completely offended by, a healthier ship than Fenhawke? Nobody I want to come anywhere near me or any of my Fenris writing ever.

And anyone who thinks Fenris is anywhere near as mean and degrading to Anders as Anders is to him can go to hell.

And the ship is practically inescapable! The amount of Fenhawke fics that actually include Fenders, Handers, or Fenhanders and aren’t even tagged so that I don’t know in advance to avoid that shit make me nauseous just thinking about it. It’s fucking everywhere, and not catering to the Fenders fans gets one called a lot of nasty shit, which is disgusting and upsetting to no end, but that’s true of the Anders stans in general.

I fucking hate Fenders so fucking much.

Shipping Fenders is condoning abuse. That is not a point of contention. It is completely offensive and disgusting.

A Note From Air

Wowowowow! I didnt think everything would go so well, so soon! I haven’t been in the fandom long, less than a month truthfully. (Unless you count gameplay time?) And I’ve felt nothing but welcomed and wanted here. Its been truly amazing and I can’t thank you all enough. You all seem like a sweet bunch of good people, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

It’s been nice to see the reaction to my Shadow Yosuke be so welcoming and understanding, that people want to get into the dark and gritty stuff right off the bat, which is hugely refreshing for me, along with being able to jump into it right away without having to explain a lot. I really love it!

I’m not really one to focus on follower counts, so, don’t really expect many posts like this from me, but 100 in a new fandom feels like a milestone that should be counted and celebrated.

On to the Thank Yous!

First off, I wanna thank @kingofcuteshit​ / Jules for jumping into the rabbit hole with me! I know he hasn’t been active much yet, but you should all go follow him. He’s an awesome dude, and a good friend and I cant wait to do more together!

@listlesshermit​ – Thanks for such the wonderful welcome on my first day, and the support since. You’re super awesome and I appreciate it! Can’t wait to see where these two bitter muses of ours take it into the future!

@ilcomplice​ – Thank you for all your sweet words and the IM’s about my portrayal, it was a real boost! Especially when learning someone new, having someone say such nice things is really encouraging! I hope your computer issues sort out soon!

@gooselullaby​ – Thank you so much for being so welcoming! Your kind words and recommendations for others to follow me have been nothing short of encouraging!  ShadYook will go full Nanatame soon enough!

@steelbanchou​ – I’ve loved our interactions to death! Especially the ones with Shadow Yu and 40th! The sass is so strong and I love it! I cant wait to do more and more! Especially with Shadow Yu to be completely honest!

@kigajesuta​ & @innocentsociopath​ – Police Cops for life.

The Thank You List!

I’m not always good at coming up with things to say, so, as much as I would love to write a little message for everyone, it’d mostly just be the same thing, so, here is a list of some others I wanna thank!

@snowblackamagi​ | @whitelaced​ | @magicianrankup​ | @pillcger0ftwilight​ | @thekingteddie​ | @mikami03​ | @asw-024​ | @swxnnlxke​ | @calystegiaidol​ | @anomachia​ (And all your muses) | @skullworn​ | @eaonian​ (Even though we interacted on your old Gray) | WHOEVER ELSE HAS FOLLOWED ME AND I LIKELY FORGOT!

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I was thinking about bg and it baffles me how it's been two years and they have done nothing to stop the "he's not the dad" speculations.I mean I know he talks about the kid and we have the birth certificate but there are so many people who still have doubts and every time he posts a pic or say something a storm happens.I know some people can argue it's his life and he owns us nothing but he's a celebrity and he could stop all of this in a heartbeat but it doesn't and they should end it

Well, one could argue they don’t do it because it’s mainly fandom talk and beyond what TMZ and Buzzfeed speculated about last year, no one in the GP is actively talking about it. More importantly though, they can’t shut down the one thing that is going to get Louis out of this mess.

It will end. At some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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you should stop posting luhan's photos since he isn't a member of exo anymore, if you stoped posting kris photos the same should apply for luhan don't be part of the bunch of hypocrites

Parallels between Luhan’s and Kris’s situation, and the fandom’s response to them, can only be drawn by someone suffering from a severe lack of intelligence and no sense of shame. The fact that they are being drawn, can only be suggestive of a general stupidity and insensitivity on part of those drawing them, and in no way of Luhan’s actions being anything akin to the actions of the person who left his group without a word, in the middle of promotions - indicating a clear lack of any regard on his part for his commitments and his fellow members - and then proceeded to sit quietly while the delusional and idiotic amongst his fans and the unprofessional segments of the Chinese media, proceeded to smear EXO a group, their company, and the members with whom he lived and trained for years. In a carefully orchestrated spin campaign, he was painted as an ailing martyr, abandoned by his members and victimised by his company, whom he abandoned, and simply unable to continue with his activities - but perfectly capable of undertaking solo activities some days later, it would seem.

We will continue supporting Luhan, because he is still a member of this group, and he appears in our eyes to have made every effort to continue his activities for as long as he could. His fans, who are part of our fandom, unlike the fans of the other person you mention, haven’t directed a single negative comment towards the rest of EXO’s members. These things, in our view, make this situation infinitely different from the previous one. We don’t approve of anyone leaving their group - bear in mind, these matters remain unresolved -, and we believe things should have been done differently, but there were genuine health concerns at play, and the situation was significantly more complex.

For everyone’s sake, it would be best to avoid saying things which can cause conflict, in hopes of a favourable outcome. Rarely is one side entirely at fault, or perfectly innocent. There is always something that could have been done better or avoided, taken further or not taken so far. Not event company, which is the usual target, deserves to be vilified, because their treatment of their idols is superior to that of most of their competitors, even if not ideal.

khaleesibetch  asked:

I feel like the fact that there is now an "anti Joseph Morgan" tag and it's actually being actively used now is really telling about the future of TO. If people are starting to dislike your main lead, the guy most of us decided to follow to the spin-off, things have gone from bad to worse.

I totally agree! I never in a million years would have thought I would dislike Joseph Morgan, but he’s managed to make it happen. I realize he has no control over the storyline of TO or TVD, but his dismissive attitude towards his fans is totally uncalled for. He wouldn’t be where he is without Klaroline, or the Klaroline fandom and he should recognize that. 

And it is very telling that TOs lead now has a large group of people that actively dislike him. It does not bode well for the future of the show. Not only that, but their female lead is in the same position. Phoebe Tonkin is more disliked than Joseph. 

Honestly I think the only actor on the show that does not have some ill will towards them at this point is Charles Michael Davis. (And I really like him. He’s good looking, charismatic, and can actually act! They should kill everyone else off and just give him his own show!)

anonymous asked:

What do you say to all the immature people mocking Ichiruki fans? They keep claiming that our pairing won't be missed and that the ending was perfect, etc. That Ichiruki fans are disgusting to believe they married people they don't love. I of course see being a writer see the wrong that Ichiruki received. I honestly think they married people they cared about but weren't in love with because I think Rukia pushed Ichigo away so he could live in peace. What should we do now that our pairing lost?

Anyone who believes that ending was perfect is deluding themselves. And whoever is mocking us needs to understand something… Us in the IchiRuki fandom are recovering from more than just a sunken ship. We have been wronged by an author we revered and trusted, because Kubo did one of two things.

One, he truly had this ending planned from the very beginning, but still actively decided to give more attention and mutual development to IchiRuki instead of the end-game IchiHime and RenRuki, slighting us all in the process.

Or two, as some predict, he threw this ending together out of spite, which is just a slap to the face of the entire Bleach fandom.

Either way, Kubo hurt us. And the only way he was able to even get away with this ending is because of the time skip. It’s totally possible that IchiHime and RenRuki fell in love during those 10 years. Just about anything is possible with a time skip.

So what do we do?

We move on.

We forgive.

But we never, ever forget.

IchiRuki IS Bleach.

To the GMW fandom:

As I sit here scrolling through my Tumblr dash, I see dozens of posts admonishing each other about posting spoilers, posting episodes early and what not… all in an effort to help increase the ratings. Some posts are genuine, some are misguided at best, others are downright rude and nasty. I keep scrolling….

From there, I swing by and check my Twitter feed, IG feed and FB feed (how I long for the days before social media) and I see one type of behavior that absolutely baffles me. 

Hate…. I see so much hate directed at the actors and actresses that play the characters of the very show that we are all so desperately trying to improve the ratings for. I see hate directed at the writers and creators of the show.The accounts of these kids (let’s face it- most of them are kids) are full of vile, disgusting, hate-filled comments.  I tried to watch a Periscope that Corey Fogelmanis was doing and I had to turn it off because of the comments that were posted. Even after he asked for people to be nice, even after pointing out that his mother was standing right there! I see comments demanding that Peyton Meyer change his “theme” to something the fans want to see…. ummm no. It’s his page, if he doesn’t care about not having a theme, why should we? People say rude things to Rowan and demand that she smile in her pictures. Are you kidding me? Leave the young woman alone! She is among the most active with the fandom even though she receives so much hate.

I read comments all the time from people asking these kids to be more active with the fans….. Why should they be?

Why would anyone want to interact with the fandom if this is how they are going to be treated?

The writers received DEATH THREATS after the Ski Lodge spoilers came out (WHILE THEY WERE STILL TAPING!!) The Twitter account of the writers is full of nasty threats and rude comments.

I would love to see this show continue as long as BMW did. I would love to watch these actors grow along with their characters, but I can’t help but wonder why anyone would willingly sign on to be treated with such disrespect.

It’s great that we all want to improve the ratings so the show stays around…wouldn’t it be a shame if the cast decided they want out?

anonymous asked:

What do you think of cjes selling green light sticks for jaejoong concert?

ive gotten messages about this

and at first i wasnt going to say anything since most international fans have a different opinion on the matter and im too tired to pick fights

before i start this this is entirely my own opinion that i am in no way convincing anyone to agree with

i am not saying that i know more than anyone or that i am right in any way

basically in my opinion its a never ending argument really

its not just a individual/solo member activity color vs. group color issue

it is also not a jaejoong stans vs. ot5 issue either

the thing is red or green or pink or blue arent ‘just colors’ of some dumb light sticks

if they were just colors that were fun and made just a pretty ocean then yeah thats fine

but green doesnt just represent jaejoong’s solo work

it represents jaejoong stans that refuse to acknowledge jaejoong as a part of jyj

let me clarify that when i say stan i dont mean individual member fans

im talking about “Acgae Fans” 

Acgae: noun; a network of fans and fan communities for the individual members of JYJ and TVXQ who are known for spreading malicious rumors about the other two and/or wishing for the group to disband so that their member of choice can pursue a solo career.[x]

stanning in english isnt referred to as a bad term so its hard to accurately find a word to refer to these type of stans

when u say ur stanning someone what u basically mean is that that person is ur bias but in this case thats not what im talking about

when i go to jyj concerts there are stans in front of the halls giving out lightsticks for individual members colors and refuse to use the official goods

they refuse to acknowledge the other two members 

are u ok with ppl saying ‘fuck jyj’ ‘jaejoongs too good to be a part of this band’ ‘fuck the other two members’

they compare the work cjes gives to jaejoong and the work the company gives to yoochun

they put the other two members down to put jaejoong up and as much as i love jaejoong to death that isnt right

ive seen stans that are to the point where they want jaejoong to leave jyj and for jyj to break up

so yes it is just a dumb light stick

yes its just a dumb color

but maybe 50% of those green light sticks represent hatred towards junsu and yoochun and if you think thats ok then thats ur opinion

tbh the main problem is some fans dont understand what the individual colors really represent and how disrespectful it is

since its a solo concert/activity i do understand how it may seem to be appropriate but i just dont like the idea of giving these acgae fans the mentality that its alright to hate on the other members

anyways the color isnt even confirmed yet since a fan called cjes and they said that this isnt even the confirmed color theyre going to make the goods

and one main argument that ive seen ppl said about the individual colors is that jaejoong probably chose it himself

well u dont know that

i also dont know that

none of us know that

but i doubt jaejoong has the time of day to give a shit about these trivial things

this whole issue is like if someone doesnt understand what a sasaeng is and saying that jaejoong should just be happy that he has fans

he should be happy because he has fans that bother to stalk him

the situation is so much more complicated than that 

since ive hardly ever come across an acgae in the international fandom its harder to believe these ppl exist

theres a lot of shit that went down because of acgaes so im sure u can read more about them if you googled them

so now i will end with a quote by park yoochun about how he wants individual fans to get along with everyone else

“Thank you very much as you have given us a lot of love when we do our activities for the albums, the events like this, and the performance together as JYJ as well as when we do our individual activities.

As you always tell us that the three of us won’t be taken apart and will be together forever, we are trying hard not to be apart and be together forever.

I hope fans of individual members can co-operate one another and become the ones who can support each other at least when we are together.

We have been through 9 years up to now. From now on, since there are so many things to do and so many things I want to do, I would like to do many things well together with you all in one.”

anonymous asked:

I used to be sad when I thought Sam and Cait weren't together but now I'm actually relieved. Sam so does not deserve her and his interaction and kissing Shatners ass is something I'm sure Cait doesn't agree with! After everything he's back to the same thing, leave it and move on it's just a TV so once again he's saying that we are blurring the lines and they are just actors on TV and only want us to vote for them, they don't want us shipping them so he got what he wanted at least from me

I almost didn’t answer this. I just disagree with almost everything you said. But everyone is entitled to an opinion and their opinion will be based on their own perception, life experiences, and expectations. I love Sam and Cait together. Whether I believe they are a couple or if I were an anti who vociferously denied their relationship, it wouldn’t change their private reality. I’m sorry recent events, or maybe a lot more than just recent events, have caused you sadness but I’m glad you’re relieved now.
I don’t see Sam’s tweets as kissing IW’s ass. I will admit to disappointment when I had expectations that Sam could fix the shit and then he didn’t. He isn’t the abuser and I don’t know if he’s a victim, but the balance of power here does lie with those blue check people. Not making any public attempt to stop the abuse of power from his “buddy” and continuing to interact with him does make it appear that Sam is either complicit or approves. At the same time, I see an edge to Sam’s tweets with IW. I think he includes him as a fan and he said he loves all fans and doesn’t accept bullying. When fans have brought IW’s abuse to his attention he has responded and given them a chance to expose it. That time he spent an hour or two tweeting with shippers and when he asked “where” when told IW was calling his fans cockroaches. His tweet the other day to “gettit roon about you” was basically calling IW dumb for not getting it. And today he tweeted that he wouldn’t wear a crown IW wore without washing it first. I took that to mean he was implying the guy is a shit head.
You know what though? I do think he meant to say it’s TV and didn’t make a hashtag typo. Afterall, our relationship with him as fans is only through the TV show. That’s not mean, it’s true. We deserve to be respected and honored enough by him not to be abused by blue checks he brings into our midst for whatever reason, but he also deserves our respect of his personal boundaries. It’s always ok to set boundaries. I don’t think that means we can’t engage in the fandom activity of shipping. There is nothing wrong with shipping. Shipping can and should be done within boundaries and there’s nothing wrong with that either. I’ve been shipping them for almost 2 ½ years and I don’t have any expectations from them. I just watch and smile and if they want to share more I’m happy. If they don’t want to share more, I respect their boundaries.
I hope I addressed your topics and I’m glad you’re relieved now. Due to the recent tension and abuse of my friends I’m no longer as 😍about them but more 😎. Like whatever. It’s not fun when your friends are hurting and it’s even less fun when no good resolution is in sight and even if we could envision a way to fix it, we are powerless to change the dynamic and narrative of the public/professional twitter account called Sam Heughan and all that is associated with it. You know what though? It IS PUBLIC. People can say whatever they want to him on twitter and he might see it. There are some absolutely bonkers and weird and rude fans out there and I’m sure some of them make their way to his eyeballs amongst the thousands of notifs he gets daily. I’m a bit full of myself and tend to think the rude and misogynist-friendly fans, as well as many other fandom police and other types are just plain dumb. I know it sounds horrible but I just don’t value their opinion enough for them to affect me. For example, I think ppl who spend time arguing that Sam and Cait aren’t together are just completely clueless and lack basic skills of logic and observation. I know there are many who take the denial video as gospel and just carry on and fan about other stuff, I’m not talking about them. I mean the ones who try to prove they aren’t a couple with anger and hate and some major fabrications and lies. Remember yesterday Sam RTed the pic of Abbie and Finn with Sam and Cait’s grass? That was a photoshopped pic that was supposed to be proof Abbie and Sam were a couple. Of course it was fixed to put Cait’s head on Abbie as a mockery of those idiots. Gah those people are obviously missing a few brain cells or heart cells or something. Whatever it is they are lacking, they are missing out on experiencing life through 😍make a choice to appreciate the good things, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, choose love 😘😗😘