and he shit on her like this

fake fake fake
  • the clip starts with eva talking about causeries: humorous written piece that, in english, can be referred to as “talk of the town”. eva says she’s not good at it while noora says she doesn’t even know what it is. 👀👀👀
  • even before sana starts focusing on the carrot munching, from the very first second of the clip, the audio has a slight echo to it. which could just be the staircase in which they’re in but i’d think that the team would fix it in post-prod. i feel like they left it because it gives a daydreaming quality to the scene and sana’s pov. from the start, she’s not really listening.
  • carrot munching from the trailer
  • i’ve seen people comment that noora is eating too loudly, that’s not what it is.
    firstly: have you ever managed to eat a carrot silently? and secondly: the shot is to show how much sana is annoyed by noora now. when you hate someone, you tend to find every single thing they do annoying. suddenly, they breathe too loud, eat too loud, are just generally gross.
  • in my attempt to find out if there was a word for this phenomenon other than misophonia (as i understand it, misophonia is when you’re hypersensitive to certain sounds regardless of the context or person…i was looking for a word for when it happens only when you hate someone), i discovered a video of 5mn of carrot munching noises. here it is if you want to die.
  • the mcdonald’s discourse
  • sana looks outside at sara, vilde, and laila and…
  • …i’ll come back to this image later.
  • as sana focuses on noora and eva joining the group, she tunes out the noise around her just as when in prayer or when she was looking at yousef’s facebook profile. it seems that the music from sigur rós is used here as it was used in the other focusing scenes.
  • isak literally gets his nose into other people’s business (and i feel that almost everyone noticed immediately, despite how little of the frame it takes, because of the reading sense)
  • again, we have isak trying to reach sana and he says exactly what’s on sana’s mind: “has sara stolen all your friends?”

[cont. after the “read more”]

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highlights of 4x13
  • bellamy got to hear octavia say she loves him 
  • THE HUG 
  • Bellarke hugs give me life 
  • Raven Reyes is a mothafuckin genius 
  • Bellamy FLIRTING 
  • omfg
  • Monty is so self-sacrificing he deserves better
  • “Wouldn’t it just be easier to walk outside?” Bellamy with the sass yo
  • “We may need to throw someone overboard to lighten the load” JEEZ BELLAMY UR DAD JOKES
  • Ok Bellamy waiting like a lost puppy for Clarke was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen
  • “May we meet again” ok bye I’m crying
  • Raven gets her spacewalk!!!
  • Clarke saved them all!!
  • Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead goodbye

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OK SO if laura comes back and she's derek's alpha, does that mean she takes in erica and boyd? who all is in her pack? does she fight scott over stiles and yell at him for taking the spark for granted??????

“Wait, my what now?” Stiles asks, blinking.

“Your spark. Shit. Derek, you didn’t tell him?” Laura smacks Derek across the back of the head.

Tell me what.” 

That’s you’re basically Beacon Hills’ own Harry Potter?” Laura raises an eyebrow, a scary imitation of her brother. Or, as Stiles is beginning to realise, not an imitation at all. She’s the fucking original. He’s kind of in awe. Next to her, Derek raises an eyebrow too and looks….kind of adorable, really. Like he’s copying his favourite super hero or something. 

Wait. Back up. 

I have magic? Like, real life magic?” He turns to look at Scott who…of course, isn’t listening to the conversation, too busy making heart eyes at - Isaac? - from across the room. Stiles frowns, surprised, until he realises Kira is making the same heart eyes at Allison and Allison is making them back.

Jesus, and he thought bringing everyone back from the dead was going to be the complicated part.   

Erica barks a laugh from her place on the sofa and adjusts the flower crown she just finished making on Boyd’s head. “Yer a wizard, Stiles,” she says, waggling her eyebrows. Stiles refuses to find it endearing, especially when Boyd smiles softly at her and, out of the corner of his eye, he catches Derek smiling too. He definitely does not find Derek being happy that his (well, technically now Laura’s) pack is happy the least bit heart warming. 

His heart is definitely not warm. 

“So, what, does this mean I can ride a broom?” he asks, grinning, trying desperately to distract himself from the fact his heart is, indeed, warm. 


“No,” Laura says, tone flat, “but my brother might have something you can ride.” She winks and Derek’s ears turn bright red.

Stiles chokes and Erica holds out her hand for a high five, which Laura accepts. 

I hate you all,” Derek mutters, just as Stiles yells the same thing, accidentally knocking over a lamp in the process. He hopes it wasn’t a Hale heirloom. 

“It wasn’t,” Derek says and they stare at each other, taking turns swallowing nervously. That is until someone coos, causing Derek’s cheeks to take on a similar colour to his ears. 

It’s the most adorable thing Stiles has ever seen and he can’t help it - he crosses the room, tired of waiting. Tired of denying. Dignity be damned.  

tako-pancakes  asked:

(edi-bubbs wanted to send you this thru me cause she was busy) Your epic Mickey bendy was fantastic! I'm not sure if you are taking suggestions, but it'd be fun to see Squigglydigg's (tako- not sure if he is originally hers or not) blot Bendy in that style. But, I literally squealed when I saw your bendy. Thank you for your wonderful art:)

aww you mean this sweetheart?
I believe he originally came from shinyzango, that is if we’re talking about the same bendy (blot bendy seems awfully specific and I don’t think I’ve come across that name for him before)
but if this is the guy you want, then I’m on my way to make more epic mickey bendy content ahah
in the meantime hold this version just cause I wanted to draw him  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Perfect imperfection

So, Mon-el:

  • Is open and brutally honest about his feelings
  • Tries to move on when she rejects him
  • Doesn’t force Kara to anything or guilt trip her
  • Leaves when she asks
  • Doesn’t react when she offends him in the bar
  • Has no problems with apologizing and admitting that he was wrong or scared
  • Admits he was useless before he met her
  • Stops drinking and sleeping around for good
  • Is the damsel in distress more than once
  • Cooks, does the laundry, acts like a house wife
  • Supports and praises her
  • Cries in front of her
  • Makes her happy
  • Slowly, but he learns and changes for good

Basically, not only in most of the cases he acts like every fucking male character should (and NO, it’s not a common thing in tv shows), but also has a lot of scenes that usually are destined for female characters –and he is totally cool about it.

And we talk about a spoiled guy that probably hasn’t done one productive thing in most of his life, a guy that lost his home and everything he knew, was heavily misjudged, beaten, accused of thing he didn’t do and put in a cell. A guy that didn’t have time to mourn or being miserable. Instead he put a mask of a “happy go lucky” guy and tried to adapt. A guy that after his first selfless act of heroism was abducted, abused and shot. A guy that tried to cheer up girl he liked, even when he was dying or hurt. Three times. A guy that selflessly sacrificed himself for the greater good. Twice.

But all I see from the haters is the same, old shit and opinions based on his few mistakes and things from his past. What makes me think that Mon-el was able to change his whole behavior but real people can’t even change their damned minds. What is very sad if you think about it, but well – that’s not my problem :)

Mon-el of Daxam is a complexed and flawed character and that makes him very human.  He goes back and forth, what makes him, a spoiler alert, someone like all of us. We tend to make the same mistakes, we don’t change after one night. Progress of a character is not a linear thing, it’s not realistic even if they serve us shit like that in every tv show.

Mon-el of Daxam is a perfect imperfection and it’s one of the most amazing things we got in s2.

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I kinda laughed when Bex made that comment about how Aaron should realise what a pathological liar he is (or something along those lines, can't remember it word for word). Like, Aaron already knows this? He knows Robert completely. Knows all of his good parts and bad parts and she acts like Aaron doesn't know the real him but she does. Umm, hello Bex, nobody knows Robert better than Aaron.

of all the things she can’t possibly understand, robert and aaron’s relationship is right at the top.

i mean, it’s not like anyone has told her about the shit robert and aaron have been through. she doesn’t realise that aaron has seen darker sides of robert than she ever has and they’ve somehow pulled themselves past that - that robert’s change has been because he’s hurt aaron, that it came from rob knowing that his choice was to either change or lose aaron forever and aaron was the only person who ever made that feel possible.

this is the problem, really - rebecca spent so long thinking she was the only one who knew robert’s dirty secrets; chrissie and lawrence never knew half of it back then. it’s just - neither did rebecca. rebecca didn’t know he was sleeping with other people, with men, while he was fooling around with her. rebecca doesn’t know about katie, about the things he’s done to andy, anything about his history - she thinks she knows him but she doesn’t at all.

she was never and could never be a catalyst for robert to want to make his life better - she represents the exact opposite for robert in a lot of ways. a solid representation of all the ways he’s fucked up before and now and all the things he needs to leave behind.

rebecca doesn’t understand that robert has put aaron through hell, that aaron knows robert far more intimately than she ever could, that aaron is the only person robert could tell his every fucking secret to, that aaron has spent years watching robert hit rock bottom, crawl back up and then plummet back all over again. aaron loves every stupid part of him - despite everything - because aaron knows and has seen first hand, far moreso than anyone else on this planet, that robert’s change, his growth, comes from a very real place, that he is a better man now, despite everything.

he fucked up and hit another rock bottom and that still doesn’t negate just how far he’s come and that was the whole flipping point of this episode. robert isn’t the man rebecca thought she knew anymore. robert is…. very much not there yet (😂), but oh my god, he’s not who he was two years ago, not by a long shot.

and aaron is the one who knows that.

I was gonna say ‘That was an amazing finale, even if you don’t consider Bellarke’ but then I realized that literally CAN’T be said.

Because they were the heart of this episode, like they are for the entire show.

The last scene, Clarke saying Bellamy’s name and not anyone else’s, not even Raven’s, into the radio proves it. That girl is in love and Bellamy, he might think she’s dead, but he’s living for her and her sacrifice and what she did to help them survive. He’s not letting her go in vain.

Shit, I’m sobbing. This is going to end up being the best love story ever told.

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Okay I just remembered another one. So on Tuesday this woman comes in with her son, they buy a few things, it’s whatever. Her total is two dollars and change, she adds a pack of cigarettes, eight dollars and change. Her son (about five or six) sees the fidget spinners on the counter. He asks for one and she says no. She asks again and she says “Tomorrow. I get paid tomorrow.” She pulls out a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL to pay for her shit. I groan inwardly but break it since I know I haven’t safe dropped in a while and do indeed have four twenties. The kid keeps whining about the spinner and she gets angrier at him. I’m kinda silent cause I’ve always been afraid of other people’s parents. As she’s leaving, kid refuses to leave the store and she just. WALKS OUT WITHOUT HIM. He’s still like right in front of my till, kinda hiding behind a post, and I’m now freaking out like, did she just abandon her kid right in front of me? Is she going to make him walk home by himself? No, she comes back a few minutes later, tells him “tomorrow” again, and they leave. First of all, lady, you do not do that shit. Second, if you’re paying for eight dollars of stuff with a hundred dollar bill, you definitely have the money to buy your kid a seven dollar spinner. I wish I’d told her they likely wouldn’t be there the next day, as there were only two left in the first place.

😊What are Friends For?

Summary:  Can you write one imagine where reader and E have a crush on each other and you guys are constantly close but deny it in not a bad way, but a blushy one, and all of their friends say nothing about it but clearly know that they are whipped for the other one cause they see like idk Ethan wanting to brush her hair just to be close to reader or reader cuddling silently into his side all cute and fluffy and shit like that 😂😍 //Hey Can you do a imagine where one of the twins helps you learn how to swim?//Tickle fight

Warnings: None, but fluff

A/N: So I decided to combine a few requests to make this beauty!

“Grayson stop!” I screeched as he was tickling me on the couch. We were watching some show whenever he decided it was time to tickle me. Ethan was editing this week’s video so it was just Gray and I.

“Why don’t you scream for your boyfriend Ethan?” He asked as he kept tickling me. He had tackled me basically at this point as I was laughing. I heard someone clear their throat in the doorway behind us.

“Hey Ethan!” I squeaked as Grayson was on top of me in between my legs. He had my arms pinned down against the couch as I let out a playful scream.

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“Gray.” Ethan said lowly. Grayson looked up to him as his smile faded quickly.

“Sorry. Hey do you guys want to go to the beach? I need to get some sun before Hawaii.” Grayson smiled awkwardly.

“Are you going?” I asked Ethan with a smile. Grayson let out a cackle. Ethan shot him a look.

“Of course. I forgot how whipped you two were with each other. Why don’t you guys just date already?” Ethan and I both started blushing hard.

“Nah it’s a friendship.”

“It would be weird.”

“It could ruin what we have.”

“It’s fine.” Ethan and I bickered back and forth as we both looked away blushing. Okay so Ethan and I like each other. No doubt, but neither one of us wanted to admit it, because all three of us were bestfriends and we didn’t want to ruin what we have.

“Ethan you brush her hair for crying out loud. We have ‘friendly sleepovers’, but it’s you two cuddling in the foam pit or something while I wind up going to my room to sleep to avoid being a third wheel. Hell even if we’re all watching a movie I see you two holding hands and you two cuddling into each other. So don’t give me that ‘we’re just friend’ bullshit!” Grayson protested as we both laughed.

“Go change lil bro.” Ethan said trying to change the subject, which Grayson just let out a groan as he ran away from us so he could change. Ethan and I awkwardly stood there and giggled some.

“I’m going to go change.” I finally stated.

“Yeah I should too. Meet you back out here?” He asked and I nodded.


“Hey I’m going to go play some volleyball. Wanna join?” Grayson asked E and I, but we both just shook our heads. “Oh right. Now it’s time for Y/N and Ethan time. I’ll let you two be.” He ran off to the court leaving Ethan and I.

“Wanna go for a swim?” I laughed at Ethan’s question.

“No I think I’ll stay on the shore and get some sun!” I smiled. Ethan let out a chuckle.

“What? Afraid the sharks will getcha?” He asked as I threw my towel down. “Come on Y/N stop being a party pooper. We have things to do and adventures to be ready for like our trip to Hawaii.” Ethan said as he looked around the beach. “And no one is here. Come on.” He begged, but I shook my head.

“No Ethan I’m fine here thank you.” I started rubbing tanning lotion on, when Ethan got an idea. He then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “Ethan Grant!” I screamed and kicked, but it was no use. The truth was I didn’t exactly know how to swim. “Dolan I swear–” Before I could finish my threat, Ethan had dropped me in waist deep water. My body sank as I tried to resurface. My arms hooked around Ethan’s neck as I sputtered out water.

“Woah Y/N can you not swim?” Ethan asked as his arms looped around my waist to hold me tightly against him. His hands were barely above my butt. I ignored the awkward position we were in.

“No not really.” I admitted as I pressed my face into the crook of his neck.

“Y/N don’t be embarrassed. I’ll teach you.” He chirps. I just shook my head. “Okay well you don’t get much of a choice. Come on. I taught Gray to swim so it shouldn’t be that much harder.” Ethan chuckles as he gently sets me down. “Hey don’t worry I’ve got you okay?” Ethan could obviously tell I was nervous a little bit. I just nodded my head in agreement. Ethan sat me down to where I was standing on my own. He showed me the butterfly, breaststroke, and everything in between.

“Yeah I don’t think I can do that.” I giggled and so did he.

“You’ll get the hang of it. Okay now paddle Y/N.” Ethan says as he held my body above the water. I paddled a little as I lifted my feet from the sea floor, but quickly put them back.

“Ethan what if I drown?” I asked and he just chuckled.

“You won’t drown. I’ll give you CPR before that happens.” Ethan said chuckling. I groaned as I paddled hard, but went nowhere. I heard Ethan laughing. “Kick your feet Y/N!” He shouted at me as I kept on paddling. “Stretch your arms! Oh my gosh you swim like a rock!” Ethan couldn’t stop laughing. I stood up on my feet really irritated at him.

“I give up!” I snapped as I threw my arms up in surrendering.

“Woah woah Y/N hey I’m sorry. It’s okay.” Ethan said as he tried to get my attention, but it didn’t work.

“No Ethan! I can’t swim. I just won’t go to Hawaii with you and Gray in July. It’s fine.” I protested, but he ran, well I guess swam after me.

“Gosh you’re faster on land than in the water.” Ethan said as he grabbed my arm pulling me back. “Listen to me Y/N.” He snapped which caught my attention.

“What Ethan?” I snapped back.

“I’m sorry. I just get nervous around you so I act like a jerk. I just wanted to hold you okay? I want to help you and be there for you. I’m sorry. Can we please just forget all the dick things I said and try again?” He asked sucking his lip in between his teeth. I rolled my eyes at his confession, but agreed.

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“Fine.” I followed Ethan back out into the water as he gently held my hand. Actually he picked me up and spun me around which made me shriek and him laugh. He then pulled me against his body as he slowly pulled me down. I tried to protest, but Ethan shushed me.

“Just trust me.” I let out a frustrated sigh as I felt Ethan laying me on my back in the water as his hands rested just under my back. I trusted him so I didn’t panic. “There you’re floating.” Ethan was so much taller than me that he could be on his knees on the seafloor and he would still be above the water as he held me up. “Flap your arms a little bit.” I did as I felt Ethan’s hands leave my backside I was still above the water.

“Ethan!” I screamed in sheer panic.

“I’m right here Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone okay? I’m here.” He smiles as do I. His hands go back to my backside as I smiled. “It’s not exactly swimming, but it’s kind of close.” He chuckled. Ethan’s eyes were going up and down my body making sure to keep me afloat. I changed my position as Ethan grabbed my hand to keep me above the water. Ethan and I looked each other in the eyes as we both smiled together. My hand gripped his shoulder as he wrapped my legs around his midsection. We just stared into each other’s eyes as we heard Grayson yell at us.

“Guys! These snow cones are amazing!” Ethan and I turned to look at Grayson. “Oh my God did I interrupt the big kiss? OMG I’m so sorry! Forget what I said! These snow cones are terrible!” He shouted as he ran away from us.

“You were saying?” I asked as we both chuckled.

“I wasn’t. I was doing.” He said as his lips closed in on mine. This was the kiss I waited for since Ethan and I first began our flirtationship. It was the kiss I’ve wanted for so long. He was such a great kisser too. My heart felt like it was going to thump out of my chest. His hand squeezed my waist tightly as I smiled into the kiss. My legs wrapped tighter around him too. We slowly pulled apart as he gave me a long lasting peck. We were both out of breath and it was safe to say we were both shook. He started smiling as he let out a sigh of relief. “That was better than I could have ever imagined.” He smiled. I smiled back.

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“Finally!” Grayson cheered as I buried my face in Ethan’s chest as it was definitely turning red. “I’m going to have to call mom and tell her everything! Oh my gosh that was perfect!” Grayson cheered louder as I detached myself from Ethan’s body as he takes my hand in his as we walked up to the shore. As Grayson just asked us 20 questions, we just held hands and ate snow cones until the sun started going down. We all decided to stay at the beach and watch the sunset. We built a fire and just relaxed. Now I was way too excited for Hawaii. 

Originally posted by foreheadtw

I was lying on Ethan’s lap as he played with my hair. “Best beach day ever.” He said as he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.

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alright kids listen up because i’m going to explain why anyone who feels sara “hotlips” “the biguar” lance or dinah “tina” “her?” drake is more true to comics black canary is wrong and their arguments are wrong

and also, no disrespect to sara or dinah, this is really about realizing them as separate characters of their OWN merit and how frustrating it is that people try to shove them into what they believe is comics canon because they’re uncomfortable with laurel. i don’t want to see dinah or sara hate on this.

and let me preface by saying that comics? comics are bad. i want us to all go in with an understand that some comics are good, but comics are bad. and i also want us to remember that arrow, arrow is bad. arrow is so bad.

one more preface this is super anti arrow’s oliver queen so just skip on ahead if you don’t enjoy the taste of me always being right. long post under the cut

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Jitter Bug

This is a thing based off a lil blurby blurb I did a while back and honestly, I just fell in love with it and yeah so. Here is a fic about that. This is?? The first fic I’ve ever written about Sami (aside from occasional blurbs) and I’m really excited and I hope y’all like it. Short and sweet, the way I like it. 

Warnings: fluff, nerves, and awkward bread sticks. Hold onto your seats folks, this is gonna get mushy.

Anyways, this may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever written and I WAS BLUSHING THE ENTIRE TIME WRITING AND GIGGLING LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL okay it was bad.

Aight, tag list: @llowkeys @hardcorewwetrash @newjapan @imaginingwwesuperstars @helluvawriter @alexahood21 @alyneve @balorclubbabe @superrezzy00 @poisonarrow24 @imagineall-the-fandoms @laigy2213 @tryingtofindaplaceinthisworld @styles-clash1 @gypsophil-a @anna-ik-e @foreverwwefan @thebutterflygirl16 @pandoorii @lilaviolet and yeah I?? Think that’s it lmao 

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Imagine before elucien becomes a thing Lucien coming back from training or something and is having dinner with everyone but sees that elain is missing. He gets concerned like "did she get lost in one of her visions? Does she need help?" And looks for her. He finds her in a bath tub filled with mountains of bubbles and the only thing he can see of her is the top of her head. She peeks up: "I may have gotten a little carried away" cue Lucien laughing his ass off

omg this has been in my inbox forever SORRY but SO CUTE OMG?? I LOVE IT. U kno elain would be in awe of those giant ass fae bathtubs (… probably also the concept of running water but i’ll refrain from getting into worldbuilding things again) 

further proposal: Lucien is all flustered like SHIT SORRY bc its rude to walk in on someone bathing, ofc, but elain is like no no its fine come sit down and hang out :) no closer :))) closer :)))))) actually could you come here and heat the water up for me? It’s getting a little cold :))))))))) until Lucien’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub like [blushy face emoji] and Elain kneels up and is lookin all Sexy half-covered in bubbles w wet hair stuck to her face and she leans in like she might kiss him–

And then she pulls him into the bathtub and fuckin dunks him and laughs her ass off while Lucien splutters and flails around in the bathtub fully clothed. bubble fight ensues.

look I’m just saying that magnus liking clary at all is currently the least realistic part of the entire show

anonymous asked:

why do I feel like Nishiki will defy expectations and instead of teasing the two will be surprisingly nice about it and like ruffle Touka's hair with a smile saying 'good girl' or smth lol

As much as I joke about him giving her shit, I kind of have a headcanon that Touka and Nishiki were kindred spirits during those years at :re. Nishiki was separated from Kimi and Touka from Kaneki; they could understand each other. Touka also knew what it was like having to leave behind Yoriko for her own good and could read Nishiki like a book whenever he was down about Kimi. And Nishiki would support Touka when it came to Sasaki

I feel like even if he does tease her, he’ll be genuinely happy for her but also a little sad being reminded that he’s still alone.

anonymous asked:

Kishi has a screwed sense of the female mind.Going by kishis manga it seems like he thinks females prioritize romance.Sakuras whole character was "I must get stronger to save Sasuke-kun" the man she loves.Hinata-"I wish I could stand by naruto-kun."the man she loves.All obsessed fans are female,as if girls spend all their time obsessed with the cool,hot,popular boy.I know they were little but most girls aren't like that to guys in real life, he based p1 sakura on how he saw girls(annoying,mean)

That’s not true at all.

  • There’s far more to Sakura’s character than saving Sasuke, and saving him wasn’t her only incentive to get stronger.
  • Hinata’s desire to stand by Naruto’s side doesn’t mean that she “prioritised” romance.
  • Not only were those two not “obsessed”, but just as a little reminder, the entire reason that Obito caused all the shit that he did in the series was because of his own love life. He’s by far the biggest example of an “obsessed” character who “prioritised romance” above all else, and yeah, he’s male.
  • You’re allowing a ridiculously small minority of fangirls towards Sasuke at the very beginning of the show to influence how you think apparently all girls were perceived.
  • And no, that’s not what Kishi based Pt.1 Sakura on, because Pt.1 Sakura can’t be described as such in the slightest at any point after chapter 33.

Yes, Kishi has said he sometimes struggled with writing the female characters, but the manner in which people can blow this out of proportion sometimes is more than annoying. Kishi doesn’t have “a screwed sense of the female mind”.

“Please, all I want is to explain myself to her…”

“I think not. Believe it or not, she’s an alien like me! You know, the species that you talked a load of shit about when you found out the truth about me? Have you decided that after all these years, only now you want to build a relationship with my daughter? Well, too late, she has a father of her own now! Luke cares for her just as much as he does our other children and he makes her feel like she belongs. Hmm, do you only want to see her now because her eyes are ‘normal’ and you want to parade around your ‘normal’ daughter? Fuck you, Jeremy.”

“I-it’s not like that… please… just give me five minutes to talk to her. It’s all I ask of you. Five minutes, nothing more, and I’ll leave.”

wow u ever think about how bellamy always knows how to talk raven down, how to get her to focus that isnt just shouting “Focus!” bc he truly believes in her and her brain always knowing how to get them out of these life or death situations, even putting complete trust in raven to get this spaceship engineered for 2 to carry 8 people up to the ark, he really has such faith in her that no one else on the show seems to have

thisisthegingerspeaking  asked:

Hello, I would really like to read number 5, "Are you hitting on her for me?", with Cullen x Dorian x Inquisitor. :3

(Thank you for your prompt! <3)

“So I realised perhaps I should improve my close combat when the bandit almost had a dagger in my side…”

Dorian sighed, leaning against the railing as the Inquisitor relayed her latest adventure, half listening. It was not that he was not interested in what the woman had to say, Maker knows he loved to critique her tales. But his other attention was focused on observing the blonde suit of armour to his side. Cullen stood eagerly, his entire focus on her as she spoke, almost stood at attention in his yearning.

Maker, for having such admittedly good-looking features and a reasonable amount of common sense, the man could appear such a simple idiot.

It was hardly unnoticeable, the way he looked at her. Dorian had subtly approached the subject more than once over a drink at the tavern, but Cullen was stubbornly both bashful and silent on the admitting front, and waved off any attempt at his help.

He could simply not allow this forlorn simpering to continue any longer.

“Forgive me Inquisitor, but I am rather unskilled with hand to hand combat, as much as it pains me to admit it. I much prefer the fine art of staying out of situations that could end in bloody robes. But…” He slid an arm around the broad armour of the man next to him, grabbing at his shoulder and pulling him into a half embrace. “I am sure the Commander could easily teach you a few moves.” He silenced the protest that almost left the other man with a sharp knee that found the back of his thigh. “No need to be coy! You are, after all, our finest warrior. Just look at this toned physique. All that early morning drilling must have a use, after all.”

Cullen’s face had turned the same colour as the brilliant scarlet drapery and he looked sheepishly at the woman before them. “I, um…of course. Whenever you are free, Inquisitor. I would be happy to.”

“It’s a date! I’ll come and find you later. Need to go to the tavern, Sera’s been causing a ruckus again…” The Inquisitor grinned, bouncing off down the stairs with a wave of farewell and Dorian turned to him with a smug sneer that seemed to curl across his entire face as he stared after her.

“Did you just…”

“Hit on her for you? Yes. Because watching you stare wistfully at her from the courtyard every day is beginning to wear on me almost as much as Bull’s terrible double entendres are.”

“I don’t-“

“Cullen, if you were to covet her any more than you already do, you would be barking at her feet and licking her face.”

“Oh, because I’m Ferelden. Hilarious.”

“No, because you are a love-sick puppy, and you ought to be put down for being so very pathetic.”

“Maker’s breath, I can’t-“

Vishante keffas, just kiss her already.” The blonde hesitated, glaring at the mage, and Dorian snorted, smartly ruffling the curls on his head, a promising glean in his eyes as Cullen wailed in protest at the assault. “Do it, or I shall.”

“I beg your pardon?!”

“Kiss her, or I shall get there first. Then you’ll have to covet us both. Although I do share…” He seemed to consider the dark haired man for a moment, unsure entirely if there was humour or promise in the threat, before bolting down the stairs after the shadow of the Inquisitor, Dorian snickering as he settled back into his chair. “Though I can’t imagine you do.”