and he sees how love is rare in her life

  • Lauren: Which do you like better, the moon or the stars?
  • Camila: The moon.. because she is always there during the darkest times.. kinda like are always there.
  • Lauren: So I am your moon? That's funny because you are my sun. You light up my world like nobody else does.
  • Camila: Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.
  • Lauren: there once was a moon, as beautiful as can be, only the stars could fathom, but the sun could not see. The sun so radiant, he burns so bright.They asked the moon why he fell in love with the sun and he said "I’ve chased her all my life she makes me see the light, I know she’s the one.”
  • Camila: Sometimes I think of the sun and moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.”
  • Lauren: I'll always catch up with you because you're the one.
  • Camila: Eclipses with you will always be my favorite.
feelings are fatal (10/24)

pairing: bucky barnes x reader, past steve rogers x reader

word count: 3,731

summary: After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain.

chapter warnings: swearing, violence


a/n: Here’s where it gets a little more interesting.  Let me know what y’all think!

The call came in the middle of the night.

The first mission since the Final Battle against Thanos.

Which is why you found yourself zipping up your uniform at four in the morning.  You’d been awoken by F.R.I.D.A.Y. with orders to be ready to go in an hour, and honestly, if it was possible to kill an A.I., you would’ve.  You’d forgotten what it felt like to be dragged out of bed with no sleep to save the world.

Or rather, a part of it.

As you pulled on your thigh holsters, your eyes fell on the picture frame on your vanity.  Taking a deep breath, you walked over and picked it up.  Your fingers gently ran over the face behind the glass.

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Series: Tiny secret?!

Based on: this one shot

Pairing: Black plus sized reader x Chris Evans

Summary: [Y/N] came home from work and discovered that Chris fathered a secret child with his ex girlfriend Jenny. She broke up with him and hoped that moving on with a fresh start would help her get over the painful heartbreak, but neither did she know that her life was about to take some unexpected turns…

Warning(s):crying, language, mention of blood

Other characters: none

Chapter: ¾

Word count: 3110

Collaboration with:  @mcusocialimagines. To my new followers, go check her out because she’s amazing and makes awesome fake social medias images about MCU characters and actors/actresses!

Credit(s): the fake tweet was made by @mcusocialimagines​, go follow her! (yes again, shameless promo)


CHAPTER THREE: Is…this the end…?


After [Y/N] and Chris got the surprising news that they were going to be parents, Chris quickly addressed Jenny’s attempt at making it seem like she and him had gotten back together. It had been the first time that Chris had addressed and confirmed what people had been speculating for the past few months.

Jenny was so angry as she had publicly been humiliated by her baby daddy. She called Chris and tried to pick a fight with him, but the actor quickly shut her down by announcing [Y/N]’s pregnancy. Jenny couldn’t even describe the bitterness and jealousy she felt as she thought that [Y/N] had done gotten pregnant on purpose to get back at her.

“Stop acting so crazy! She’s been pregnant for four months, meaning that she already was carrying the baby before we even broke up!” Chris had shouted through the phone as he couldn’t listen to the stupid revenge suggestion Jenny was blabbering about.

When everybody finally got the confirmation about Anaïse, the media went crazy. Chris’s manager and assistants got so many calls of TV and radio shows, begging them to have the actor at their show so that they could get the juicy detail of his hidden child.

Chris was annoyed but tried to keep his cool for the sake of [Y/N]. He was still heartbroken because she didn’t want to get back together with him. She had changed her attitude and became independent, not even asking if Chris wanted to join her whenever she had a doctor’s appointment. The actor hated how she became distant, the only times he was able to see her was when they went to the weekly check up at her doctor or the rare occasions where he was allowed to go to her place and touch her belly.

When [Y/N] was five months pregnant, she got the news that she was expecting a baby boy. Her heart swelled with love at the thought of raising a boy, teaching him everything about life and making sure that he wouldn’t end up like his father, becoming a cheater and having multiple baby mamas.

Chris was thrilled when [Y/N] told him that she was carrying his son. She had decided to keep the pregnancy private until she’d give birth to their child. Months passed, and Chris was still desperate to do anything to get back together with [Y/N].

While her belly began to swell every day, [Y/N] had begun to really consider the pros and cons about getting back together with Chris. She still loved him despite their situation, she had tried to move on but her heart was longing for Chris. And, she also hadn’t quiet forgiven him for cheating and getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Speaking about ex-girlfriends, Jenny was really acting up ever since she got the news about [Y/N]’s pregnancy.

It had become her job (next to taking care of her own daughter) to try and made [Y/N]’s life a living hell. First she threatened that she would announce the pregnancy if [Y/N] wouldn’t step back to let her and Chris “live a beautiful life as a happy family”, [Y/N] hated the fact that she constantly had to call and message Chris in order to get a few days peace before Jenny would come up with the next petty and childish plan to ruin her day.

Jenny was still filled with jealousy and bitterness and molested [Y/N] with mean text messages almost every single day, telling her that she’d always be Chris’s main woman in life because she gave birth to his first child. Jenny even had the nerve to say that the actor wouldn’t be as present in their son’s life because Anaïse would always be the main priority.

[Y/N] began to feel stressed and annoyed every day Jenny decided to continue the imaginary war. It was never her plan to get pregnant and the fact that Chris’s ex-girlfriend thought that she had done it on purpose to ruin “her happiness” just made her blood boil.

This was not how [Y/N] had imagined her life would become. The baby mama drama was too much for her. Chris hated to see and hear [Y/N] distraught because of Jenny and even was annoyed himself that he had to put her back in her place, tell her that she should act her age and focus and raising their shared child and not being all in [Y/N]’s business.

He was still being a good father to Anaïse, loved every second he spent with her but hated how Jenny tried to seduce him or convince him that “they were meant for each other” whenever they spent time together. Jenny always tried to guilt trip him, saying that if he hadn’t kissed her that night at the bar, she wouldn’t have sex with him, get pregnant by him and wouldn’t lose her boyfriend at that time.

“Don’t play that card on me Jen. Yes, I made the first step but I didn’t force you into anything. You could’ve pushed me away and let me drown in my misery at the bar but you didn’t.” was the sentence he always said, making his ex-girlfriend huff out in annoyance.

[Y/N] was eight and a half months pregnant when she took the decision to move away from all the drama in her life. The city she was moving to was an hour away from Chris, so he still was able to visit her because she still wanted him close for the sake of their son.

The only thing she had on her mind was that she wanted to provide a safe and stress-free environment for her and her son, and if she had to move away to get that, she was more than willing to pack her bags and leave…




“Easy there” Chris smiled while welcoming [Y/N] into his house, his ex-girlfriend nodded her head while waltzing over to the living room, plopping down on the couch while a heavy breath left her lips.

“He won’t even let me walk properly” [Y/N] chuckled while caressing her swollen belly. Chris chuckled and quickly joined her on the couch, fighting the urge to wrap his arms around her and kissing her soft, plump lips. [Y/N] was a beautiful black woman but the pregnancy made her beauty glow even more, making Chris weak in his knees as he longed to have her as his again.

“Chris” [Y/N] snapped her fingers in front of his face, making him realize that he had been daydreaming, again. “Sorry” the actor cleared his throat, “What were you saying?” he asked while slowly reaching his hand out and placing it onto her big belly, smiling when his son was tossing and turning around. In moments like these, the two ex-lovers were kind and sweet with each other, past mistakes weren’t brought up as they enjoyed each other’s company while imagining how their son would look like.

[Y/N] waited until the sparks she felt from her ex-boyfriends’ touch vanished before she took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eyes. “I’m moving away, not too far away from here but yeah…I’m leaving” she announced and waited for Chris’s reaction.

Chris frowned at her words as a big lump formed itself in his throat, “W-No…What? Why?” the actor asked confused as his heart clenched painfully in his chest, the thought of not seeing [Y/N] and their son made his stomach churn.

[Y/N] sighed, “This” she motioned her hands in between them, “Is getting out of hand, I mean the whole Jenny situation” she clarified to which her ex-boyfriend huffed and stood up, pacing up and down the living room while mumbling, “No, no no” to himself. Chris ran his hands roughly through his hair, feeling immense pain and stress crash over him like a tidal wave. “What can I do?” his voice cracked at the end as he stared deeply and sadly into [Y/N]’s eyes. She turned her head, feeling pain rush through her heart at Chris’s expression.

“Nothing Chris” she mumbled, “I just can’t wake up another day, knowing that your other baby mama wants to beef with me and start new drama on social media. She’s really trying to make my life a living hell and I’m so not up for it” [Y/N] continued explaining. “I just need to lay low and enjoy the final moments of the pregnancy. You’re free to visit me and our son. You’re a good father so I won’t keep you away from him” she sighed and stood up while caressing her belly.

“Wait!” Chris yelled, his emotions getting the best of him. “Why don’t I get to say anything [Y/N]?! I’ve been trying my hardest to win you back and all you do is push me away and now you’re moving away!” thick tears streamed down the actor’s face as he felt like he had reached his breaking point.

He had tried to stay optimistic, show and prove [Y/N] that he was willing to do anything to win her trust and love back but she had always dismissed and ignored his attempts. “I am not having this conversation with you again Chris” [Y/N] hissed as her hormones got the best of her.

She turned around, walked over to the front door and was about to open it when Chris spoke up again. “What in the fucking hell do I have to do to make you love me again?!” the actor yelled and threw his hands in the air, hating the pain and desperation he was feeling at that moment.

[Y/N] turned around, “Nothing because we will never get back together! I told you too many fucking times that you lost me the second you cheated on me and had the audacity to hide your secret love child! I still fucking love you and I probably always will but I will never get back together with a liar and a cheater!” she yelled as thick tears streamed down her face.

Both were breathing heavily while staring intensely into each other’s eyes, love and so much pain flashing through them. “You had me Chris” [Y/N]’s weak voice cracked at the end, “I had planned to spend the rest of my life with you” she sniffled and blinked the thick tears away, “Even though I’m carrying our child, things will never be the same again. So, please stop trying to get me back” [Y/N] finished and shot one last look into Chris’s eyes before turning around and opening the front door, leaving his house. This was not how she had planned, she wanted a relaxing late afternoon but instead, she was balling her eyes out and wanted to get as far as possible away from the love of her life.

[Y/N] quickly waltzed over to her car and got into it, trying to stop the tears from running down her face. [Y/N] quickly put her seat belt on before turning the engine off and pulling out of Chris’s drive way, her heart aching as she somehow regretted but not regretted saying what she said. “Fuck” she cussed while sniffled as she made her way to her soon to be old house.


“What the…?” [Y/N] wondered when she suddenly saw a bright light coming her way. The following seconds happened so fast that she couldn’t comprehend what was happening. One second [Y/N] was driving, the next was lying on the street, staring up at the darkening sky as she was in immense pain, not being able to move her body.

[Y/N] felt her baby boy frantically moving around, not knowing what had happened. The sound of a siren was heard in the distance but she couldn’t move her head to see what was happening around her.

“Miss are you okay?!” the face of a stranger woman appeared in front of [Y/N]’s. The woman gasped once she saw the blood oozing out of her wounds, she quickly removed her jacket and softly placed it on [Y/N]’s body, making her whimper in pain.

“[Y/N]!” Chris’s familiar voice rang in [Y/N]’s ear. She still couldn’t move a single part of her body. Chris’s heart skipped a few harsh beats as he ran towards his ex-girlfriend’s body. He kneeled down and tried to touch her but stopped once another painful whimper left her lips.

“What happened?” the actor asked the stranger woman who was now crying and mumbling things to herself. She looked at him and sobbed, “I was checking my phone for just one second and accidentally crashing into her”.

Chris bit his tongue so harshly, it began to bleed as he knew that now was not the time to lash out on the woman. All he could think about was getting [Y/N] and their son to the hospital and pray that both were doing okay, not having to suffer from consequences of the car crash.

“Baby” the actor mumbled while softly caressing [Y/N]’s cheek. “Everything is going to be alright” he promised as he stared into [Y/N]’s shock filled eyes. Everything is going to be okay…were the last words she heard before her vision began to blur.

“[Y/N] please stay with me okay?” Chris’s panicked voice begged once he saw the love of his life struggling to stay awake. [Y/N] wasn’t able to make a sound as her eyes slowly fell shut, the pain disappearing and finally feeling nothing but…peace…




Beep… Beep… Beep



The familiar sound slowly pulled [Y/N] back to consciousness, her mind was telling her to open her eyes, move her body but her body wasn’t cooperating. A whimper left her lips when she finally succeeded into moving her heavy eyelids.

[Y/N]’s vision was blurry as her eyes stung from the bright white light as she was looking up at the ceiling. Oh no…she thought to herself as she blinked a few times and finally was able to have a clear view, realizing that she was in the hospital, again.

Panic began to rise inside her once she was able to move one arm, but winced once she felt a sharp pain. [Y/N] looked down and saw that her arm was wrapped in bandages, “No…” her weak voice cracked once flashbacks of the car accident flashed through her mind.

The heart monitor began to beep frantically the second she moved her hand down to her stomach and realized that she wasn’t carrying her son anymore. Although [Y/N]’s belly was still swollen, she felt that her baby boy wasn’t inside her anymore.

“My baby” she whimpered as thick tears began to gather in her eyes, she remembered the immense pain in her lower stomach when the other car had crashed into hers, she remembered how her baby boy was tossing and turning as he knew that something was wrong with his mother.

[Y/N’s heart was beating frantically as she thought that she had lost her precious baby boy. “Miss are you okay?!” A nurse burst through the door and quickly ran towards her. [Y/N]’s lip was trembling as she tried to sit up straight but ended up crying out in pain as she had wounds and bruises all over her body.

“Please lay still Miss, you were in a car accident and your body needs to heal okay?” the reassuring voice of the nurse was able to somehow calm [Y/N] down while she was checking the monitor. “M-My son” [Y/N] whimpered and stared desperately at the nurse, who immediately smiled.

“Don’t you worry, he’s doing fine. He’s with your boyfriend, they should arrive any second” the nurse smiled to which [Y/N] gasped as she couldn’t believe the wonderful news. Huffs of joy left her lips as she couldn’t stop smiling. “I’ll go get you some water” the nurse smiled and nodded her head before turning around and leaving the room, leaving [Y/N] by herself as the anticipation of meeting her baby boy was almost killing her.

“Thank god” she praised over and over again as she closed her eyes and grinned from ear to ear. “Knock knock” Chris’s soft but cheery voice came from the door. [Y/N] opened her eyes immediately as her head turned to him, a soft gasp escaping her lips when the actor slowly entered the room with their son in his arms.

“My baby” [Y/N] cried, tears of joy streaming down her face when Chris placed her baby into her arms. [Y/N] couldn’t believe her eyes, her baby boy was beautiful as he whimpered and squirmed before slowly opening his eyes and staring straight into his mother’s eyes.

[Y/N]’s heart burst with love and joy as she couldn’t help but smile and cry, “Hey baby” she cooed and caressed his soft cheek, feeling overwhelmed with so many lovely emotions. Chris bit his lip as tears brimmed his own eyes, he had become a proud father for the second time and thanked heaven that his son and [Y/N] were doing okay.

“You’re so perfect” [Y/N] gushed and let her son wrap his tiny hand around her index finger before clinging onto it. The amount of joy and happiness she was feeling was unreal to her, it was like she had discovered a whole new meaning of love.

“They had to do an emergency C-section on you because he was suffocating, but luckily they got him out right on time. He’s healthy with ten fingers and ten toes” Chris gently informed as he sat at the edge of the bed, trying his hardest to not lean in and press a passionate kiss on [Y/N]’s lips.

“My little worrier” [Y/N] continued gushing while admiring her son. “Do you have a name?” the actor asked and smiled once the love of his life finally looked him in the eyes and smiled. “Yeah” she nodded her head, “Aiden”.

Chris smiled as he looked down at his son, the name fitting perfectly. “Happy birthday Aiden” he smiled and wrapped one arm around [Y/N]’s shoulder, silently being relieved that she didn’t shrug it off or said anything about it.

“Hello Aiden” [Y/N] whispered as her son smiled at the voice of his loving mother. “I’m so happy that you’re okay” Chris whispered as he stared deeply into [Y/N]’s eyes. She nodded her head as it was difficult for her to look away from his piercing but loving stare.

“About you moving-“ the actor began but was cut off b [Y/N], “I’m not moving anymore. We’re a family now and Aiden is my main priority Chris. You’re free to see him whenever you want to” her words made Chris bite his lip again as he felt so grateful.  “Thank you [Y/N]” the actor whispered before pressing a sweet kiss on top of [Y/N]’s head.

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Kings and Queens {ch 12}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: WARNING: this chapter includes sensitive content, including references to drugs, abuse, and depression. The reason I started this fanfic, and the reason I love the Breakfast Club, is because it deals with real life shit. I have dealt with all that is listed above, so if you are hurting and you need someone to talk to, I am here for you.

You are loved, and you are important.

Enjoy. <3


11:45 a.m.

I knew that Rowan and Maeve did not get along. It was not difficult to see, although the two rarely interacted. He had told me that story, before Sophomore year, about how Maeve and his mother didn’t get along, about how his mother despised her elder sister.

I hadn’t realized, however, how much built up anger he had towards the bitch. But, as he turned toward the four of us, and a deadly, incredibly attractive, smile spread across his soft, pink lips….I knew a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

He had let out anger toward Maeve, yes, but also anger over everything else he had endured.

A soft round of laughter erupted from our unconventional circle. Well, from everyone except Dorian.

“Are you okay?” I asked, causing his eyes to instantly connect with my own. He hadn’t realized he had been lost in thought. “Still feeling uneasy?”

I don’t know what Dorian had done in his time away from us, but he looked like a disheveled mess.

“I…” he trailed off, then squared back his shoulders as he faced Rowan. “Is it true?”

Rowan’s smile faltered at his question. “Is what true?”

“That you’re a bully. That you’re as bad as they say you are,” Dorian shook his head. “That you pick on your peers to feel better about yourself.”

A criminal.

I blinked at Dorian, who I did not think would ever have the guts to ask what he just did to someone with a social status like Rowan’s. I respected him a little more than before at the small show of bravery.

Rowan Whitethorn crossed his arms, and when he did, Dorian instantly looked as if he regretted opening his mouth in the first place. He carefully considered his words before he replied, “Would you like to know what I did to get in here?”

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General Thoughts on REIGEN Chapter 5


On a personal level, I suspect if I were her peer, I’d have hung out with Tome (because she’s funny and quirky and interesting), but I also don’t think I’d have been her best friend. And this chapter highlights why–she’s prone to being rude and obnoxious and insensitive to others, especially in relation to her own goals. She has very little actual empathy for people who mean well.

None of this is a surprise, we saw it from her very first intro where we see her slacking off in the club room and then trying to manipulate Mob with fake tears.

She’s…a teenager. She lacks experience and empathy, and the foresight to understand how her actions may affect others.

And that’s okay, because from  writing aspect, that’s what makes her such a fantastic character.

I’ve discussed in other posts my beef with the way that bnha handles the female characters (beyond just the sexualization of teenagers), and while ONE definitely struggles to have a decent male:female ratio in all his works, I don’t have that same beef with him. 

Tome isn’t another ‘pretty face’….in fact, her appearance has no bearing on her personality and character arcs so far. Tome isn’t ugly, but she’s not designed to be pretty or alluring or cute or mysterious. Even more, Tome herself is thoroughly unconcerned about being pretty. I mean, the one character that has a crush on her does so for her courage and initiative. 

Instead we get a kid who’s allowed to be selfish, mean, insensitive, curious, fun, goofy…basically, traits that are generally only allocated to the male members of a shonen. She’s not tsundere, or any other kind of dere. She’s nobody’s kink or fantasy girl. 

She’s just Tome.

And…in a world where girls are only ever as valuable as their bodies, there’s something incredibly rare and special about a character like her.

I’m excited to see where she goes, after stealing the spotlight from the titular character. 

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anonymous asked:

harry talking to anne and robin about taking the missus on their first date and they look at him with so much love because he really wants everything to be perfect because he really likes her

Oh, my god, this hurts me. He’d be so, so happy. :’)

It was the morning after and he was still running on the first-date nerves and adrenaline that still lingered in his belly.

He’d only taken her to the local cinema to see the latest horror film that he’d been eager to see, having treated her to a diner dinner just an hour before (because she spoke about how she loved milkshakes and burgers and onion rings all in one serving), and he swore it was one of the best nights he’d had in a long while… and those were rare, considering his life was no longer being just his business anymore. It was secluded and quiet, they were left alone and no one felt the need to interrupt their time to take a picture with him, located beside a desolate bowling alley that he made a mental note to take to when he was next in London.

Waking up the next morning, he had to pinch himself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. It was surreal how well they had gotten along, how funny she’d found him, how funny he’d found her, and he had a nagging thought that made him worry that, somewhere along the line, this was just a practical joke to spite him. Less than 72 hours and he was sure he’d found a best friend… a soulmate, if you will.

“You have somewhere to stay for the weekend, right? I would offer you set up camp with me, but, uh, you know my living situation right now,” he sheepishly smiles as his mother reaches over, grabbing his hand and squeezing it tightly, resting their hands upon the cloth that covered the tabletop, “Ben’s loft is nice n’all that but it won’t be enough to fit the three of us. Barely big enough for me, to be honest.”

“We’re staying at that brand-new, swanky hotel just down the road from Waterloo. Easy for us get to then. We feel like royalty,” Anne returns a smile, Robin’s chuckle filling the quiet space around, and she runs her thumb over his knuckles, “enough of this. A little birdie told me that you had a sneaky date last night.”

He sighs heavily and slumps in his chair; “Gemma?”

“It wasn’t Gem,” she gives his hand one final squeeze before she pulled away, wrapping her fingers around the delicate flute that held a lunchtime cocktail inside. Bright yellow, topped with a pineapple wedge, and it must have tasted good because she’d been through three glasses already. “Lou told me. Bumped into her last night when we went out for dinner, didn’t we?”

She looks across to Robin as he smiles and nods.

“I didn’t- the boys,” he grumbles underneath his breath. Of course they’d spread his news like wildfire. “It wasn’t a date. Well, it was, but it’s wasn’t. It was just two friends spending time with one another. Getting to know one another. I took her out to see a film, we went for dinner, brought her ice-cream, I drove her home, we said goodbye, shared a hug, and we went back to our respected places for the night.”

“You didn’t tell me you met a girl, Harry,” Anne grins widely, her teeth bearing, white and shining behind her glossy lips, “oh, my goodness. What’s her name? Is she nice? Where did you meet? Do we get to meet her soon?”

Harry’s eyes darted towards Robin as he discretely held his hands up, insinuating he was out of the conversation because, once Anne got stuck on talking about her children starting new relationships, there was nothing that could stop her. His cheeks flushing pink with embarrassment.

“She’s great, yeah. Her name is YN. Met her a couple of days ago, had a coffee with her on the same day, shared a muffin and we just spoke about each other, introduced ourselves and stuff. We’re just slowly getting to know one another right now. Last night, it wasn’t really a date,” he mumbles, reaching for his glass of water and bringing the chilled rim of the glass to his lips, taking a soothingly cold gulp before he swipes his tongue over his upper lip and sets it back down on the coaster, “I don’t have the time to start dating anyone, Mum. I know you want me to be happy n’all but now isn’t the greatest time. I’m in America next week, touring, both there and Australia, up until June. Well, till the end of June-”

“If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen. If she’s the right person, if you like her and she likes you, if she thinks you’re worth it, she’ll be here when you get back and she’ll be waiting for you to say something,” she coos, sending him a playful wink, “right now, you might not think much of it, but, come July, come Christmas time, maybe even come New Year, you’ll be telling me some exciting news that I’ve been wanting to hear for a while.”

Mum,” he hisses under his breath, rolling his eyes, “stop it.”

“Oh, shush now,” she scolds him lightly, “I see that smile when you talk about her, when I asked you about her. That twinkle in your eye when you walked in earlier. You like her and, it may not seem like it right now but, I know you want something to happen between the two of you. You deserve some happiness, sweetheart. Don’t let her slip away, okay?” xx


I purposely pick the ‘2019’ gifs cuz I didn’t last year😂if u interested, u can check out #my top 10 or #review of my blog ~



I just love how SJ rub JR’s shoulder lol



This is a cute smile of SJ, that’s why this in top10.



JR’s arm automatically around SJ when her hand on his back~



I need to explain this one a little…First, when SJ turned around, she kept looking at JR until Mark noticed her. AND look at her hands, relax to the 'fist’ mode like she’s trying not to touch🤭 but this’s just my tthinking, not the truth…



The tight hug on SDCC 2019 stage~



Gag reel~ “He makes her smile before they do the hard stuff. ”~



This JR! So aggressive! I don’t know this is on camera or not… but I love the whole interaction.😍



I love this (Nat holding Clint’s face) beyond the two hand holding scene in EndGame. Its just showed how much she care about him, worried about him~

And of course, holding face seems more intimate than holding hands😌 especially she holded his face both hand 1 sec earlier 🤣



Yeah, HUG again, and I like they face touched face? U know what I mean?😅 the movement touched me!



The top 1!! I’ve explained once why this is my favorite hug of them~and I will do it again😂

  • It’s so rare that SJ this proactive. Shocked JR(and me)
  • JR was going to get SJ leave the stage. But his hands immediately go around her waist when he sensed SJ wanted to hug him (his hands movement)
  • And u can see how hard SJ crashed into JR’s arm by his upper body slightly movement

The unexpected and rareness make this top 1~


2020, let’s hope that clintasha or rennerson will have lovely interactions in the movie or in real life.😊

Tmr: 2019 mytop10 CLINTASHA/RENNERSON PIC (the last part of review)

kizachi  asked:

Oh estoy tan sumergida en tu arte ( en el buen sentido ) es fantastica por que en poco tiempo captó mi atención y ahora gracias a usted conozco a Villanos . Tengo una pregunta que me a quitado el sueño. ¿Por que flug es tan insistente en continuar con su embarazo si sabe que esta muriendo , o que le hace daño ? Ya se que en una parte el dice que es parte de black hat y que es razón suficiente pero ..piensa en estar todo el tiempo sólo en criarla ?? Oh Dios ya son dos preguntas :3 te amo

Aw gracias! Qué bueno que ahora puedas disfrutar la serie jeje perdona que haya sido por algo tan raro como mi comic X’D

A ver, Flug es un hombre, pero a pesar de eso, ahora lleva un hijo dentro, no solo eso, sino que es de Black Hat, que podrá ser un monstruo y el mejor villano de todos los tiempos, pero más que temerle y admirarle, Flug lo ama.

Es algo que jamás en la vida se habría imaginado que pasaría, menos a él, y todo esto fue un accidente que ninguno de los 2 sabe cómo pasó. Flug había pensado en abortar por obvias razones, averiguaría cómo hacerlo sin que Black Hat supiera, pero por lo avanzado que estaba, y por lo extraordinario de la situación, decidió contarle. Lo continuó porque es una oportunidad única en la vida de estudiar una forma de vida diferente a todo lo que había conocido antes, excepto claro, que es mitad humana, por lo que se convenció a sí mismo que todo estaba bajo control y sería fácil llevar el embarazo como un experimento.

Ahora que tiene casi 7 meses, es obvio que su salud y vida peligran, pero ya llegó muy lejos como para rendirse ahora, en especial faltando tan poco. Flug pensaba criarla él solo por el rechazo de Black Hat al principio, ya que ni siquiera le ha dicho que lo ama (si es que lo hace). Pero ambos están comprometidos con terminar bien esto y Black Hat ya no quiere que Flug lleve tanto peso por su cuenta, quiere que sepa que no está solo.


Ask: “Why is Flug insisting so much in carrying on with the pregnancy if he is dying or feels hurt because of it? I know he does it because it’s Black Hat’s child, but is he thinking in rasing her alone?”

Me: Let’s see, Flug is cis male, but now is carrying a child inside him, not only that, this is BH’s child, he might be a monster and the best villain of all time, but besides fear him and admire him, Flug loves him.

This is something that was never meant to happen, specially to him, he thought of taking it out, but considering how developed it already was, he decided to tell Black Hat and keep it. Flug went along with it because this was an extremely rare opportunity to study a life being totally different from what he had seen until now, but since she is half human, he convinced himself he could handle it.

Now that he is close to 7 months, his health is at risk but he got way too far to quit now. Also, he thought of rasing her alone because of Black Hat’s initial rejection, also Flug loves him but he thinks is unrequited. But now they are both working hard on this and Black Hat doesn’t want him to feel that he is all alone.