and he saw it was hotdamn

EXO Reaction when you are going to the beach but can't decide what bikini to wear so you try modeling it to them

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*Awkward* “I… I don’t know jagi… I like the red one… or blue? Can we stay here and take that off please?”


*Tries not to stare too much* “Why using that when we won’t get into the water? You’ll use my shirt and cover those… damn” *Struggling*


*Not liking the idea of you wearing a bikini* “No jagi… Sehun doesn’t approve… no. You’ll wear a full one.. not that”


“This is all cool and everything but can we take a shower together?” *who said pandas weren’t naughty?*


“That white one… is a killer jagi. Wear it, be confident, your boyfriend likes it” *Supporting nini*


*Says yes to everything because… he is having so much fun* “Turn around jagi… oh good good.. I love the view… of the beach… yes”


*Really struggling* “Oh yes modeling… half naked… no no definitely not my first time seeing a girl in a bikini… no… hotdamn!”


*Teasing you* “Let me get closer… I need to see better jagi… you now the bikii texture.. is important yes…”


*Admiring as you change god knows how many times* “And that’s my girlfriend mine alone! No touching!” *Practicing his speech for later* “Gotta keep them away”


*Tries really hard to be respectful and not look but he can’t help it* “Jagi… you look… I’m speechless”


*Word says unicorn thought of having more unicorns that night as he saw his girl passing by with … few clothes*


*Really serious here* “So girl.. you really think we should go swimming? Because I thought of other things we could do at the beach” *Daddy is back*

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this /may/ be long but its kind why i ship cockles 

OKay so first thing if the ring misha was wearing was the one that jensen gave him then you can actually not interpret it for anything that isn’t cockles. 

Speaking of the rings they have matching rings and wear them in public kinda a lot
they also had matching bracelets for a while and that rhino is cute omg,

and the bracelets aren’t /exactly/ matching but jensens has this charm on his and the counterpart for it is an angel like hellooo

I think it might’ve been a con in france, someone asked misha if he had kissed jensen and he didn’t deny it he just shook his head and stuff, this video kinda shows it

they fake kissed each other like that was hotdamn

have u seen that blooper where jensen is miming giving misha a blowjob? HAVE YOU?

the butt slapping

they’ve said ily to one another

apparently jensen saw misha naked and you can never trust what misha says but if its true

when misha was faking an orgasm jensen looked superr uncomfortable and was moving like he was tryna hide a boner or something

jensen calls misha by the nickname ‘mish’

just look at this freaking picture

jensen is so checking out mishas ass


mishas tweets about jensen srsly

this gif is like exactly what those two lions do in the lion king and ITS CUTE OKAY

he went outta his way to touch jense and its cute also

Okay yeah half of it /might/ be tinhatting but if you put it all together

NONE OF THE PICTURES OR GIFS ARE MINE OKAY and this is only a mini bit of their cocklesing like srsly

Accidental Sabriel christmas ficlet

Uh, I wanted to write a cute headcanon for @tricksterangelgabriel
but it accidentally became a sort of christmas AU ficlet?
Anyways, here you go dear, hope you’ll feel better soon and maybe this inspires you or … something.

It’s Gabriel’s first christmas alone - Castiel’s off to celebrate with his new boyfriend’s family, the boyfriend Gabriel’s yet to officially meet (“You will just play a prank on him and scare him off, Gabe, don’t think I don’t know how you operate!”) and he is kinda pissed about it - and he’s not on speaking terms with the rest of the family. So he maaaaaybe overcompensated a little tiny bit by buying the biggest, most gorgeous christmas tree he could find. Which brings him to his current dilemma - how the hell is he supposed to get that behemoth home? It won’t fit into the car - Cas took the van because like hell is Gabriel letting his little brother drive the Prius under these weather conditions - and the owner of the tree shop just shrugged and told him that all of the delivery trucks are occupied until tomorrow.

So Gabriel has no choice but to try and drag that thing home himself, which looks a bit as if the tree was walking on it’s own because Gabriel completely vanishes under it. So he can’t really be held responsible when he suddenly walks into something solid that goes “Oof!” at the impact. Gabriel drops the tree in shock and it’s in danger of tipping over and crushing him, but then a large solid hand catches the tree and stops its descent. When Gabriel manages to crawl from under the tree he finds himself on his knees before the most gorgeous tall guy he’s ever seen who pretty much effortlessly hold his tree with one hand.

Gabriel’s brain needs a moment to get into gear again because damn would he not mind being in this exact same position with a lot less clothing before this guy. It takes him a moment to shake the daze off and take the large warm hand tall guy is offering him with a beatific smile.

“Hey there, that was a close one.” says tall, tree and dreamy.
“What was that tree doing, kidnapping you?”

Gabriel can’t help but chuckle as he stands with the guy’s assistance, brushing some snow off his pants.

“Nah, it was teaching me how to dance the fir-trot, obviously. But it appears you have stolen my sweet Douglas from me and now I must dance alone. The tragedy!”

The guy laughs and it’s a sound Gabriel would love to hear some more.
“Name’s Sam. Do you need some help getting that tree home? I’m free for the evening.”
“I’m Gabriel.” Gabriel purrs, letting his eyes scan up and down Sam’s magnificent form without any remorse. “And if you wanted to follow me home you won’t need a tree as an excuse, sweetheart.” He adds a flirtatious wink to this speech and to his delight Sam blushes adorably. And oh, he’s licking his lips. Oh yeah, that’s interest right there.

“Well… the thought may have crossed my mind ever since I saw you leaving at that tree shop all by yourself.“ Sam confesses shyly. “How about this: I help you get that tree home and set up and then we could go out for a hot chocolate or something? I mean, uh, like, in a date. If you want to.”
It’s so adorable that Gabriel wonders where this wonder boy has been hiding all of his life.

“You got yourself a deal, Sammy.” he says and then snaps his jaw shut as Sam hefts the whole tree onto his back as if it weighs nothing. Hotdamn. If Sam’s that strong that means he would probably have no problem whatsoever holding Gabriel up against a wall while fucking him. Oh yeah. This one’s a keeper.

They don’t go on that chocolate date. They end up fucking underneath the tree and Sam stays the night and the next morning he blushes just as adorably as he invites Gabriel to accompany him to his family’s christmas, just his mom and his big brother Dean and Dean’s new boyfriend. They take the tree with them as a gift since Sam was supposed to buy one yesterday but forgot to when he saw Gabriel.

It’s the first of many perfect christmases.