and he said it had

Also how adorable was Zero sort of stepping up to Jude to kiss him. Jude is a lil bit taller than him and it looks like he lifted up on the balls of his feet at first.



The turning point of Yuzuru Hanyu , based on this talkshow

Sunao Noto (japanese figure skating photgrapher, long time acquaintance of Yuzuru) said that his eyes were filled with tears while taking this photo of Yuzuru in 2012 world championship in Nice, France.
Toronto councillor stops short of calling for Beyoncé ban in Canada
Beyoncé's recently announced concert appearance in Toronto this May might not happen if at least one Toronto councillor has his way.

Beyoncé’s recently announced concert appearance in Toronto this May might not happen if one Toronto councillor has his way.

Ward 39 councillor Jim Karygiannis has called on the federal government to investigate the pop diva following her recent Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, which critics dubbed pro-Black Panther and anti-cop.

While Karygiannis wouldn’t ban Beyoncé based on the performance alone, he said if an inquiry found she or her backup dancers had supported the Black Panthers financially they could be blocked from entering the country.

“Perhaps Immigration Minister John McCallum should have her investigated first?” the former federal MP tells the Toronto Sun. “If someone wore bullets and supported (a radical group) here, they would not be welcomed in the United States — that’s for sure.”

“We should not be promoting gun culture or anti-police sentiments.”

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anonymous asked:

Loved your response about essentially no one being 100% straight and totally agree... But please consider not using the word "transvestite". It's very outdated and considered derogatory. Transgender works

Thank you for your message!

Transvestite is not the same as transgender. A lesson I learned from my favourite, self-proclaimed transvestite Eddie Izzard.

When I met him I marched my arse straight up to him to tell him how much I love him. It was the best day of my life. He wasn’t wearing makeup or a dress when I saw him, nor had he done consistently for awhile so I said, ‘Do you mind if I ask you a question?’ And when he said, ‘Of course,’ I asked, ‘Why don’t you wear makeup anymore?’

‘Oh, I’m just lazy. You know how it is.’

I laughed and then said, ‘This is going to sound quite ignorant…but I didn’t realise that transvestites are straight.’

‘Don’t worry, most people don’t. I’m like a functioning lesbian.’

I laughed again because he’s literally hilarious but I was also quite nervous and I laugh when I’m nervous. So then I said, ‘It’s funny because a lot of people tell me that I’m like a dude in a woman’s body.’

‘You’re probably very metrosexual. Like Madonna, she’s metrosexual.’ As I silently freaked out that a celebrity had compared me to Madonna he continued on. ‘I’ve actually been reading a lot of studies about gender clusters and the expression of masculinity and femininity, you should look it up.’ 

And I did, and that’s how I ended up writing about it for a website called Someone Like You. 

It’s very difficult sometimes to keep up with all the different labels which is why I avoid labelling myself when at all possible, but transvestite, drag queen and transgender are actually three different things. A transvestite is technically a straight man who cross dresses. I’m not sure why there’s no female equivalent or why all men’s sexuality has to be defined by how much they are or are not like a woman, but it’s probably to do with the inherent slightly misogynistic undercurrents to everything in the world.

Oh and when I said I was deeply attracted to a transvestite I was high-key talking about Eddie Izzard. He kissed both my cheeks and I literally almost asked him out right then and there but I think he’s married.

Hope this clears up my use of the word!
THE X-FILES Went “Home Again” With Success, But Where is the Show Going? | Nerdist

“Mulder and Scully finding one another again, after all these years, and dealing with the fallout of what they’ve been through could have easily filled six episodes. A six-episode arc revolving around a new mythology, one where they could peel away the layers of intrigue with us, not thrown it in our face like a bad science fiction movie, could have worked too. Hell, six totally independent investigations would have just been fun and creepy and we would have all been glad to have Mulder and Scully back in our lives like last week.”

From a line Alex dropped during “Between the Pines”


Henry was beginning to see why Dipper had looked him that morning and said “Don’t ask.” At the time, making pancakes for hungry sixth graders, it hadn’t made a bit of sense. Now however-

What do you call this again?” Henry asked, as he loaded the gnomes’ tiny cart with the last can of strawberry jam that he had made. 

“Bereavement jam!” Jeff said, far too cheerily for someone who apparently was suffering from a bereavement. 

“ Um, I’m er… I’m sorry for your loss,” he managed to get out. Then, before he could stop himself, Henry asked “What do you do with this?”

Jeff rubbed his hands together in glee. “Oh wow, boy siree am I glad you asked! We gnomes have seventy five things we do with bereavement jam and hey, hey Schmebulock, get this moose a chair! So the first thing we do is smear it all over our bodies and let the butterflies lick it off which takes some time but it’s so worth it! Next we rub it into our beards until it dries and then we light our beards on fire and whoever lasts the longest without putting it out wins! Then we rub bereavement jam into our feet and run on sharp rocks. After that we stick it up-”

Two hours later Jeff and his cohort left with their small wagon overloaded with the jam that Henry had made for them, and Henry was left knowing way, way more about gnomes than he ever wanted to.

First and foremost, that they called all jam bereavement jam. Secondly, and far more important, the forest was a far, far freakier place than he ever thought. 

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Um, D with Sefikura? Please and thank you!

D. Subtle kindness

Cloud got the picture, thanks.

Sephiroth could be blunt and harsh. Sephiroth didn’t really get personal relationships. Sephiroth wasn’t romantic. Sephiroth probably just wanted to use Cloud as an adorable little fucktoy then throw him away when he got bored.

(Cloud had decked an asshole for that last one, this was why he hated working with other units.)

They didn’t get it. Even Zack, who was only trying to be kind and make sure Cloud didn’t get hurt when he warned him that Sephiroth wasn’t so great with words. He didn’t get it either.

Sure, Sephiroth had never actually said the words ‘I love you’. But what did that matter?

Sephiroth stayed with him on the nights Cloud got angry and insecure over his failures to get into SOLDIER. He didn’t try to comfort Cloud with hollow words; “next time”, “keep trying”, “you’ll make it eventually”. He just listened, and when Cloud was done, Sephiroth sat down beside him and held him.

Sephiroth woke Cloud up in the mornings so that he wouldn’t be late for patrol, even on the rare days Sephiroth didn’t even need to be up himself. He fetched a blanket to wrap around Cloud’s shoulders as Cloud groaned and burrowed out from beneath the warm covers.

Sephiroth shared the little things with Cloud, things he thought were too insignificant or foolish to share with anyone else. Like the fact he adored goldfish and would spend hours watching them in the pet store, or that he hated the flavour of bubblegum, or that he had a miniature waterfall statue in his room because he found the sound of running water soothing. He wanted to hear the same sorts of things about Cloud. The little things. How his day went.

Sometimes Sephiroth would stare at him in a way that made Cloud’s heart ache, before gently touching Cloud’s cheek or hand.

“Have a good day,” he would say. Or, “I’ll see you this evening.” “Stay safe.”

“You too,” Cloud smiled.

Sephiroth had never said the words back when Cloud told him that he loved him. But that was okay. He didn’t need to.

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I don't get why the idea of not seeing Justin again occurred to Brian. It was as if he believed that they might be over for good in the finale and he didn't share Justins enthusiasm? What do you think? Why did he say that if they were still together? Why did the idea of never seeing each other occurr to him?

Brian never said they’d never see each other again. He said even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter, because their love is so strong, and has fundamentally transformed both of them so irrevocably, that even a force as powerful as time would never be able to diminish it. That’s huge. That’s the most sweeping declaration of love Brian Kinney could ever possibly make. No matter how long they’re long-distance, they will always, always love each other, and will always carry a piece of each other in their hearts. They are who they are today because they love each other, end of story.

I wouldn’t say the idea of not seeing Justin again never occurred to Brian. In fact, I’m absolutely certain it did. But remember, Brian and Justin are completely different people who have always had different relationships with the concept of love. Justin is an optimist, wears his heart on his sleeve, loves fully and deeply and with abandon. Brian is a realist who spent decades not believing in love, and while now he does, he’s still much more cautious than Justin in that area. It would be completely out of character for Brian to say “you’re right, Justin! We absolutely will see each other all the time.” That’s just not his personality. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to ever see Justin again, or that he doesn’t hope he’ll see him as often as Justin predicts they will. (//Ambition’s “there’s not a love that’s perfect, but I, I live in hope” plays.) It’s that he knows this is going to be a massive change for them, and it’s going to be difficult, and so it’s fruitless to make promises right now that they may not be able to keep. 

But remember early S5? Remember how Brian was convinced Justin would never come back, and yet he still kept a drawer empty and waiting for him? Now Brian has completely embraced the fact that he’s in love with Justin and Justin loves him. He’s still going to be Brian Kinney, he’s still going to be cautious and will likely always harbor some insecurities about love, and having Justin embarking on an exciting new chapter of his life away from Pittsburgh is going to be incredibly difficult for him. He’s never going to possess Justin’s easy enthusiasm in love, and it will likely be at least a decade before he comes close to sharing Justin’s unshakable belief in their relationship. But he’s always going to live in hope.

And even if, if he never sees Justin again, while it would be devastating, it wouldn’t matter. Because it’s only time.


Continuation of Meme

She turned to see him, her hands in front of her. “And you look quite dashing yourself.” she said, giving a small, forced, smile.

The woman he was marrying had ended up needing one more bridesmaids that she thought, upon finding a sale on dresses and not wanting the extra to go to waste, she had convinced Blake to join in. The awkwardness of being surrounded by women she didn’t know had the cat faunus leaving them to get some fresh air… and bumping into the groom… her ex.

“I guess I’m not surprised.” she suddenly stated. “But to see just how serious you were about wanting to settle down and have that sort of stability… well… I’m glad you found her. I know she’ll treat you well.”

She glanced away, as the feeling deep within her was something disgusting and vile for her to feel. She wanted to admit that she had never gotten over him but it was his wedding day! How utterly low of her to have such thoughts!

The Garden of Blood

by LoverGurrl411

What would have happened if Bellamy had believed Murphy when he said he didn’t kill Wells? How much would change or stay the same with that one moment? **Slow-burn Bellarke**

“We, we who were, we are the same no longer” – Pablo Neruda, The Saddest Poem.
(the one where Bellamy and Clarke realize that they’re in this together, for better or worse, and they’re kind of okay with that).

Words: 3326, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Something terrible happened today

For those who follow us you may have seen posts about Finn, my grandmas 10yo staffy. Finn got out today whilst only my grandma was home, and she hasn’t driving in decades as she was in an awful accident when she was young.

About an hour after he got out, someone called after reading Finn’s collar, which has his name and phone number embroidered. She said to them ‘I can’t drive, but my daughter finishes work soon and will come and get him’

My Aunty went and got him when she got home from work, and was told by reception (the people who found him lived in a hotel) that the finders said he was unwanted. They had other people on the way over with their own dog to see if they were compatible, they were going to adopt him!

Not long after we found a post on Facebook in our local lost and found pets site, and the person who found Him had posted pictures saying 'we found this boy today and we rang his owner who basically dumped him, can anyone give him a home?’

I was furious! Anyone who knows Finn knows he’s spoilt rotten and is very loved. If my Aunty hadn’t been able to get there so quick we might not have seen Finn again!

I’m not sure if I should be the “holy shit you lunatic this marriage is a complete mistake don’t be stupid” friend or the “omg yay you’re getting married!! Let party! Oh wait you’re divorced in two years wow bummer men are pigs here’s some wine” friend

Let her live or give her a reality check.

RealSelfLove Day 8

Week 2, day 1: Think of an experience/a specific situation that made you struggle with self-love. Write down what the situation made you feel like and why. When you’re done, write about an experience that made your level of self-love grow.


Okay, this got extremely long. Sorry…

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