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I not only take back every nice thing I said about Darkiplier, but I also take back everything I said about him that wasn't directly hateful/disapproving.

A body for a body, a fair trade. But yeah, he’s pretty evil. Ever since ADWD, he’s been trying to get Mark to let him in again. Everything he’s done has lead to this one moment, and he’s pretty sure he’s won.

And then there’s Amy.

“Odd Jobs”

“I still can’t believe you worked in a host club.”

Mila was stretched out on the bleachers, peeling her shirt away from her sweat-soaked back. She snatched a bottle of water from between Yurio’s feet.

“It’s so weird to imagine… No offense! I just mean, I don’t think I’d have the energy for that on top of training. And school, too!”

Yuuri shifted shyly in his seat.

“It was pretty tiring.”

Yurio rolled his eyes.

“What’s so hard about batting your lashes at a bunch of rich, old losers?” he muttered, taking an aggressive bite out of a cucumber. “I could do that in my sleep.”

Mila gave the top of his head a hard shove.

“You’re not even old enough to get into one of those clubs, so shut your mouth.”

“Yuuri worked really hard every night when we lived together in Detroit,” Phichit said from his spot on the floor, where he was focused on relacing his skates for the third time. “He always came home at like four in the morning, exhausted. And drunk. And sometimes in a dress.”

“Phichit…” Yuuri complained.

“I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about,” Mila assured him. “Besides, you looked really good in those pictures.”

“It’s true,” Georgi chimed in. “If you were a woman, I’d fall for you.”

“Whatever, I still think it’s weird,” Yurio grunted.

Mila shoved him again.

“Actually,” Yuuri thought aloud, “Working as a host probably isn’t the strangest sounding job I’ve had.”

“Oh? Do tell~” Georgi prodded.

“Well… Let’s see… I worked as an oshiya for a while, back in Japan.”

“O-shi-ya…?” Mila repeated, scrunching her eyebrows up.

“It’s someone who helps as many people as possible onto the trains. During rush hour, if a car was over-crowded, I would push the people in so that the doors could close,” Yuuri explained.

“What, like actually just shove them onto the trains?” Yurio asked with a dry laugh.

Yuuri nodded.

“I want that job,” Yurio stated.

“It was more common when I was younger, and in places like Hasetsu there wasn’t really a need for that. When I was living at home I did a lot of odd jobs on top of helping with the hot springs- whatever was available. I worked as a worm picker for a while.”

Georgi’s face washed with horror.


“Yeah. I would dig around in the dirt and collect the fattest worms for fisherman to use as bait,” Yuuri said.

Georgi wriggled away down the bench as if Yuuri was dangling a worm in front of him right then.

“You touched them?” he gasped. “With your hands?”

“Yeah,” Yuuri said. “I dunno, I think they’re kind of cute. Sometimes I would name them to help pass the time. I’m pretty sure I named a few ‘Victor.’” He muffled a laugh.

“What are you saying about me, Yuuri, my dear?” Victor cooed as he skated gracefully by them.

“He used to name worms after you,” Mila called back loudly, grinning.

“What?” Victor almost lost his footing. He stumbled over to the boards and draped himself over top. “Yuuri, is it true?”

“With that bald forehead, I can see the resemblance,” Yurio teased smugly.

Victor looked to his fiancé with wide eyes.

“It’s only because I idolized you so much,” Yuuri promised. “I reserved your name for the juiciest, pinkest of worms.”

Victor flushed with pride.


He half-leapt over the side of the rink to squeeze Yuuri in a big hug.

“These idiots…” Yurio grumbled.

“So what other kinds of jobs did you have?” Mila asked, eager for an excuse to extend her break.

“Umm- haha,” Yuuri struggled to think clearly as Victor nuzzled against him persistently. “I was a professional sleeper for a while, before my parents found out about it and made me quit.”

“Professional sleeper?” Mila let out a satisfied sigh. “Sounds like my kind of job!”

“Wait.” Phichit jabbed Yuuri in the leg. “You never told me about that!”

“What does a professional sleeper do?” Georgi asked, hesitantly relaxing his tensed shoulders.

“I, um, would get paid to sleep next to customers. There wasn’t an expectation for anything sexual, which was nice, but sometimes customers would pay extra for a special request, like if they wanted to rest their head on my lap. That kind of thing.” Yuuri glanced over at Victor. “Did I ever tell you about this?”

Victor shook his head, listening intently.

“Oh. Well, it wasn’t anything too exciting. It did pay well, though. I would basically just lay there in my pajamas next to different strangers all day long. I could never fall asleep, though. I had to fake it.”

“That sounds nice,” Georgi mused. “I wouldn’t mind going to a place like that.”

Mila restrained herself from commenting.

“Yuuri, you’re leaving out the best one!” Phichit scolded.

“Oh, what’s that?” Victor asked. “How come there’s still so much I don’t know about you?”

Because,” Yuuri said, glaring pointedly at Phichit, “We don’t talk about that one.”

“We don’t have to talk about it; I still have the evidence.”

Phichit pulled out his phone.

Yuuri lunged for it but realized it was too late when he heard everyone’s phones buzz at once.

“…Yuuri,” Victor calmly held up his phone to reveal a picture of Yuuri in the nude, covered in paintbrush swipes, holding a live carp over his head with both hands, being chased across a golf course by a large swan. “What exactly am I looking at?”

Yurio started laughing so hard he was crying. He fell backwards off of the bench.

“…Oww…. Fuck,” he gasped, still laughing.

Yuuri was uncomfortable with how closely Mila and Georgi were scrutinizing the picture.

“That was right before it bit him in the ass,” Phichit added. “You should have seen him run.”

“One day I’m going to get you back,” Yuuri told Phichit. “You know that, right?”

Phichit winked.

“Whatever you say.”

“Hmm. Yuuri, maybe we should bring a swan to morning practice so that you’ll put more effort into your warm-ups,” Victor taunted.

“That’s not funny,” Yuuri pouted. “Remember, I have your keys in my- Hey, don’t save that!”

“What?” Victor said innocently, adding the image to his camera roll. “It’s a good picture of your-”

“OOKAY, time to get back to the ice!”

“The family’s girl.” (Batfam x reader) Part7

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Here the new part of Tfg! Now the villain of the story rises!! And soon Dick will come back!

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“Hello, Damian.” Ra’s Al Ghul said, while holding a small frame with a photo of your parents and you. “She’s pretty, isn’t her? Reminds me of my sweet Sora…”

“Let her out of this grandfather!” Damian growled. “What do you want!?” he asked, ready to attack.

“My, you’ve grow weaker than I expected. I was just checking on my grandson training.”

“I’m not following your commands anymore grandfather.”

“It will be a real shame if something were going to happen to her” Ra’s smirk send chills down his spine.

“I won’t let you.” Damian growled.

Ra’s smirked. “Careful, my boy. It’s not wise to threaten me.”


“Now I must leave. Remember boy, don’t cross me.” Ra’s smirked before disappearing.

“…she can’t stay here. I need her to talk to father.”


“Timmy!! Hey!” You smiled at Tim, who was waiting outside for you.

“Hey, (n/n) want to go out today??” Tim smiled cheekily. “ Only us…like a date.”

“Sorry, Timbo. Gotta take care of dami. He’s been alone all morning.”

“Oh….” Tim’s smile faltered.

F*cking Demon.

“We were going to the zoo, I promised him we’ll go and then to the new vegetarian place.”

“I’ll go with you! I’ll help you control the demon- I mean, my baby bro!” He grinned.

“ Aw,, he is a good boy.” You smiled softly.

“Yeah….the best..” Tim frowned.

“ Then its settled! Come with me!” Hold his hand and walk home.




As people walked and look at you two, Tim smiled proudly and held your hand tighter.

You smiled at Tim as you two went up to your apartment.

“Dami! I’m home!” you sing-sang

“(y/n)!! We nee-Drake what are you doing here” Damian glared at Tim and then pushed him away from you, breaking your hand hold. Dami hugged you.

“Awww damiiii!!”You hugged him back. “Grab your things! We are going to the zoo!!”

“And what’s Drake doing here.” Damian glared at him

“I’m coming too.” Damian snarled at Tim’s shit-eating grin. “Problem?”

“no.” Damian’s teeth clenched.

“Let’s go!!” You smiled obvious and held both of their hands.


“(y/n) YOU CAN’T PET THE LIONS!!!” Screamed Tim as he ran behind you and Damian.

“CUUUUBSS!!!!!!” You smiled at the baby lions who yawned cutely. “AWWWW!”

“They should be in the wild. Or with me, I would take care of them.” Said Damian looking with sparkling eyes at the cubs.

“THANKS-GOD!” Tim took a deep breath. “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!”

“Sorry, Timmy…” You smiled awkwardly

“Tt.” Damian looked away from the cute cubs to Tim.

“Let’s go eat, it’s getting late.” Tim said as he held your hand.


“Can we take them home?”




“I’ll take the tofu burger.” Damian said.

“I’ll take the (f/v/f) m, thanks”

“I’ll have the same as her.” Tim said.

“okay! Be back in a flash!!” The waitress smiled amicably as she went to the kitchen.

“So, (n/n) you ok living with the demon?” Tim said as he held your hand.

“He is a sweetheart!” You smiled at Damian as you brushed his hair. “And he like me , right dami?” You smiled as Damian blushed.

“Tt.” He said as looked away.

Tim looked suspiciously at Damian until his eyes widened in surprise and his mouth opened.

“you li-“ What Tim was about to say was interrupted by Damian’s kick. “auch!”

“Are you ok, Tim?” You asked.

“The demon just-“ Damian kicked him harder. “auch!!stop it!”

“I’m not doing anything!” Damian said.

“You kicked me!”

“I didn’t! AUCH!” Damian said. “Drake you’re a child!!”

“Said the child!!”

“Here is your food!!” The waitress smiled as she let your plates in the table.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“You’re welcome. Enjoy your food!” She smiled and left.

The three of you ate in silence, Damian and Tim keep glaring at each other when the door was broken by Ivy.

“Look at those killers!! All those plants dead!!” Ivy smirked as vines came out of the floor, one of them grabbed you and raised you high in the air. “Look, a pretty flower in a group of monsters.” More vines appeared holding you still. “Harley, take all they have.”

“Aye, Red!!” Harley came into the room an one by one took all their things.

“He have to escape, they have (y/n).” Tim whispered. “Grab that knife to cut the vines.”

“tt” Damian carefully grab the knife and cut the vines, freeing him and Tim. They crawled to the bathroom and changed to their uniform and banged in the room. Damian fought Harley, knocking her out as Tim took on Ivy, he cut the vines holding you and carried you off of danger.

“Ma’am please stay here, your friends will join you shortly.” He said

“Wait, how do you- Tim? Tim is that you?”

“What, no!”

“Then robin is Damian??”

“I must go.”


Red Robin came back to the battlefield and knocked Ivy out.

“How is she.” Robin asked.

“She knows.” Rr said.

“What? How?”

“She just does. Bring those two to Arkham.” Red said. “I’ll bring (y/n) to her home. We wait you there.”

“Tt.” Robin grab the two knocked out villainesses and jump out.

Tim sighed and ran out to where you were sitting.

“(Y/n), lets go back, ok?” Tim smiled as he carried you bridal style to your apartment.

Tim open your windows and let you inside, he entered behind you and took his mask of.

“Tim, since when?” You looked at him and he sighed softly.

“Since I was nine.”


“I didn’t want you to know. It’s dangerous for you to do…and I didn’t want you to worry…”

“Tim, its ok.” You hugged him. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t lose you for this. And I can kick ass!!”

Tim smiled softly and grabbed your face and pulled you up for a sweet kiss.

Your eyes opened wildly but seeing his closed eyes and smile you whined and kissed back.

“I’m..sorry, (Y/N)…I just…love you” He kissed your lips again, “So much…”

“Tim..” You whined. He pulled you closer and kissed you hard. One of his hands hugged your waist and the other was lost in your hair.

“Hey (y/n). Can I…. come, in..” Said a man as he fell inside your living room.

“JASON!” You screamed as you ran to help him to your couch.

“I’m going for the first aid kit!” Tim ran to the bathroom and brought the kit.

“Jay, what the hell? Who shot you?” You said as you teared his shirt open and stopped the bleeding.

“A…thug, he was selling drug * hiss* to kids. He had to be stopped.” Jason hissed as you applied the clothe in the injury.

“Here! The first aid kid!” Tim gave you the kit. “And this for him to bite when you pull the bullet out.” Tim put a towel in Jason’s mouth for him to bite.

“Now bite hard, this is gonna hurt.” You grabbed a pair of pincers and introduced them slowly in the wound.

“HIIIISS!” Jason bit the towel hard as you extracted the bullet of the wound, then disinfected it and wrap a bandage around it.

“Jay, you need to be more careful.” You kissed the wound and smiled. “You hungry?”

“Yes, thanks babe.” Jason smirked at you and you got up and let the first aid kit in the counter before cleaning your hands and preparing a small dinner for jay.

“Replacement you’re in suit she-“

“She found out on her own.”

“…Bats won’t like that.”

“I know.”

“Jay here!”  You let a trail with warm food. “Eat everything ok? I’m going to put my pajama.” You walked to your room to put your pajama on, when you got out Jay had fallen asleep on your couch and Tim in the ground.

“Hey Dami.” You smiled at Robin.

“ What’s Todd doing here?”

“He got hurt and came to me to cure him.” You kissed his forehead. “Go sleep, little robin.”

“Good night (y/n)”

“Night , dami.” You smiled as he disappeared in his room.

You looked at Tim and thought for a moment.

Why not?

You dragged him to your room and let him in the bed. He made himself comfortable and sighed happily. As you were about to leave he pulled you in the bed and cuddled you.


“Good night, (y/n)” You felt a sweet kiss on your forehead and you thanked that the light was off, or he would have seen your red tomato face.

“Night Timmy.” You smiled before hiding your face on his neck, the smell of his cologne calmed you and help you fall asleep.

Tim nose buried in your soft hair and smiled, soon falling asleep.

“I love you, (y/n).” Tim sighed to himself before closing his eyes.


“Father” A woman walked inside a dark cave illuminated by the green of the pool.

“Talia, my daughter…The moment has arrived. She’s almost ready my dear child.”

Talia smirked at the woman in the green water.

“Welcome back, mother.”

To be continued…

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Hey, so a few days ago I asked you for advice about coming out when i'm trans and how i was scared of what would happen. I don't see why u would care, u don't know me, but I just wanted to say I came out today and it actually went pretty well my brother and his girlfriend were very nice and said if my dad doesn't accept me I can live with them, my mom has known for awhile and she's supportive, and I think I got the best reaction out of my dad He doesnt agree 100% but he said he'll always love me

ahh i’m so so happy it went alright!! as for your dad i’m sure he’ll get more used to the idea eventually as well 💕

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Hii don't you think it's really frustrating when someone says some weird shit about yoongi being a top?! Like he's daddy or he's broad or big in anyway?! I'm like ew wtf kinda daddy is thay smol is y'all blind????? I seen this post an someone said yoongi is bigger than kookie like WHAT?! First off he's way shorter is more skinny an bony while jungkook is muscly an taller lmao I jus please answer this an talk to me about it I need someone who loves bottom yoongles to have this convo with aha

The words “top” and “daddy” don’t belong in front of yoongi’s name, and I don’t really see how someone can think yoongi is bigger than jungkook. I mean their size difference is pretty obvious, even from a distance. They might need to get their eyes checked.

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ADA and Port Mafia chat
  • <p> <b>bandages:</b> im bored,,, let's play a game~~<p/><b>Jinko_is_not_my_name:</b> What game, Dazai-san?<p/><b>bandages:</b> prove how much you know someone~~ complete the sentence for them~! ill start lol<p/><b>bandages:</b> i love c–<p/><b>Ranpo:</b> Chuuya Nakahara.<p/><b>Chainsaw:</b> That mafia executive lol.<p/><b>Ideal:</b> ^Port Mafia executive, Nakahara Chuuya.<p/><b>Cows:</b> Chuuya!!<p/><b>Light_snow:</b> Chuuya?<p/><b>0niisama-daisuki:</b> chhuuyaa!!!!<p/><b>Jinko_is_not_my_name:</b> Chuuya-san.<p/><b>Gothbaby:</b> I said that first, Jinko. Chuuya-san.<p/><b>senpai-is-sugoiii:</b> ^^^^^WHAT HE SAID<p/><b>Jinko_is_not_my_name:</b> Oh my god???<p/><b>BlackLizard01:</b> Chuuya-san????? LMAO it obv<p/><b>BlackLizard02:</b> ^<p/><b>Grandpa Cigarettes :</b> Chuuya-kun.<p/><b>Kimono Mom:</b> Chuuya.<p/><b>Elise:</b> Chuuya, it's pretty obvious.<p/><b>Rintarou:</b> It's Chuuya-kun.<p/><b>bandages:</b> shut up mori-san<p/><b>bandages:</b> but rlly guys???<p/><b>bandages:</b> i meant i love the "clutch of death"<p/><b>Yata Misaki:</b> What the actual fuck is going on here<p/></p>

Warnings: NSFW

Requester: Anon

Gif Credit: Gif #1 / Gif #2

“Jesus H Christ, Girlie. If I’d have known you were packin’ pins like that I woulda spilled water all over yer pants sooner.”

You snorted, giving Merle the middle finger salute before hanging your jeans out to dry. By now you were used to his obnoxious personality, and when you turned back around to face him he was licking his lips and grunting like a stuck pig.

“You disgust me,” you said, strolling back towards your tent and not missing a beat. Not even when he laughed and called out.

“That kinda pretty talkin’ is gonna make ol’ Merle think ya like him.”

Written by: superprincesspea

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Thank you for the seduction headcanons, they were great! May I also request kissing headcanons for the S and M brothers?

I’m going to do words that describe it because tbh I’m not sure how to do kissing headcanons :’( plz don’t be mad

  • Ayato: His kisses tended to be awkward at first but then demanding, bruising, hungry, possessive, open-mouthed, sloppy, and thrilling. He’s just a very rough kisser, so beware!
  • Reiji: When Reiji begins to kiss, the kisses are brief, like butterfly kisses. They then get full and deeper, hurried and intense. He is pretty normal, but loses his composure pretty fast.
  • Laito: Laito starts by giving affectionate kisses then it gets noisy and slow and sloppy. Nobody said Laito was the best kisser, he tends to jump right into french kissing and becomes fierce.
  • Kanato: The boy is straight up demanding and desperate when it comes to kisses, eager and the kisses always seem hurried.
  • Subaru: He starts out awkward as well, intimate, sensuous, long but silent kisses. He tries to be gentle, they’re usually warm and soft, not too rough.
  • Shu: Lazy kissing, very sloppy. But when he puts effort into it, he kisses hard, rough, swift and smacking. (Gross in a way)
  • Ruki: delicate kisses that grow to deep kisses, he gets a little eager and loud as he goes on.
  • Kou: Delicious, sweet, gentle, not rough in the slightest. He’s a sucker for gentle lip biting too.
  • Azusa: MASTER OF FRENCH KISSING. He’s rough, it comes in sudden waves and almost feels scorching.  
  • 2p America: I wanna have sex with you.
  • 2p Russia: Wow. Pretty straight forward, don't you think?
  • 2p America: I tried to give you hints, but you never notice!
  • 2p Russia: Give me an example.
  • 2p Belarus: He appeared in your door completely naked and with a pizza box in a very strange spot. This don't give you a hint?
  • 2p Russia: Now that you said... Oh God, that pizza was probably dirty from touching his body. I'm glad that I did not accepted.

You were working late at the bar. It was a long night and the place was still pretty busy. You were cleaning glasses when you heard a husking voice behind you.

“Uh, can I get a scotch please?”

Turning round you were met with piercing blue eyes.

“Yeah sure.” he smiled at you and you couldn’t help blushing.

“I’m Bucky.” he said, as you passed the drink over.

“[Y/N].” you smiled back.

“Thank you [Y/N].” he winked, making you giggle.

From then on your eyes couldn’t help darting to the table he was sat at with his friend and your heart beat excitedly when he caught your eye.


A while later when you were serving another customer, you heard a sudden crash and yelling. A brawl had broken out and as you were the only one working you had to sort it out which you were, by now, used to. Running over this time, however, you stopped when you saw it was Bucky who was on top of another man, whose face was covered in blood. His friend had him at the waist trying to pull him off.

“Get off him.” you screamed. Pull yourself together. You moved closer, clearing your throat. “Break it up” you demanded trying to assert dominance. You grabbed Bucky’s shoulder trying to help pull him off, but regretted it as he swung his arm back causing you to fall backwards hitting your head. Hands gathered round to help your shaking body up. His friend gave in and instead smashed a chair over his head, knocking him almost unconscious.

“I’m so sorry.” he said to you frist then to the man who was lying unconscious. Ignoring him, you moved slowly with help from someone to a chair.

“Has someone called 911″ you asked and someone else shouted that they had. You felt your head. It was wet, with blood you realised as you pulled your hand away.

“Are you ok?” Bucky’s friend said to you.

“Just get him out of here”


The next day, you returned to work. Everything had been cleared up last night before you left, today was just a normal day as it was after most fights. Except you hadn’t expected it this time. Except you had got hurt.

When you first opened, the regulars came strolling in, some of them concerned about your welfare. It was a quiet day which you were grateful for. You were wiping down a table when you heard a voice behind you.

“[Y/N]” It was Bucky’s friend. You turned round.

“What do you want?”

“I’m Steve.”

“Good for you.” you snapped, pushing past him.

“Look,” Steve said “I want to apologise for last night. Bucky wants to apologise but he…ah…didn’t think it was a good idea to come back here”

“It’s nice to see he has some sense”

“If you just let me explain a little”

“There’s nothing to explain. There is a man still lying in a hospital and no one can really tell how long he will be there. I had to spend most of the night getting stitches”

Steve closed his eyes and breathed out deeply.

“Bucky he…he has issues”

“I don’t know why that concerns me, I barely know the guy, he obviously needs to get help. I don’t know why you are here”

“I saw you two last night. And I’m here to promise you he isn’t like that. He just.” he sighed in frustration “Just hear me out.”

“Will you stop harassing me if I do.”

Steve tried to hide a smirk. “Yes.”

“Fine…I finish work at 5 come back then.”


As soon as you left work, Steve was stood outside waiting for you.

“You really don’t give up do you”

“Walk with me.” you followed him down the street.

“I know who you are.” Steve’s eyes widened a bit “I thought I recognised you. The internet is so helpful.”

“Why did you let me talk to you then”

“Because I like you. I think you’re a good guy. And…there’s two sides to every story.” So Steve told you his story of Bucky. Everything you needed to know. You had to take a few minutes to take in the information but it explained a lot.

“I was nervous telling you actually” Steve said after a pause.

“What?” you laughed.

“I wanted you to know so that you realised why he did what he did but I didn’t want to make you pity him. No one wants a pity date” he laughed.

You slapped his shoulder jokingly. “I don’t do pity dates. Anyway, I wouldn’t say I pity him, not enough to change how I feel.”

“And how do you feel?”

“Despite what happens and despite what you’ve told me, I want to get to know him and make a judgement for myself.”

“I like you [Y/N].” Steve smiled. You smiled back.

“Soo, do you want my number to give to Bucky or something, I don’t really know what we do now.” You let out a nervous laughter.

“You could do.” Steve stopped outside an apartment building, “ or you could just come in and give it to him yourself.”

Steve walked you to his apartment door.

“He’s my best friend you know. And although I may be a little biased, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think either of you were worth it.”

“Well I am honoured Steve.” you mocked, hugging him.

You waited a few minutes after Steve left to knock on the door. You were suddenly aware of your appearance after being at work all day, but it was a bit late to worry now.

The door opened,

“[Y/N].” Bucky slightly shocked.

“Hi.” you said weakly.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I didn’t want to hurt anyone especially you.”

“It’s ok. Steve and I had a chat.”

“Oh right.” Bucky seemed to go slightly pale.

You smiled trying to hide your nerves. “Why don’t we start again?”

“I’d love that.” Bucky exhaled deeply, smiling. You stood there awkwardly for a few moments before he added “Oh…would you like to come in?”

“I would like that very much.”

You and Bucky sat sitting and talking for a while, getting to know each other. Bucky told you about being The Winter Soldier even though assured him he didn’t have to. Listening to Bucky, you couldn’t help your feelings for him growing. As you both finished speaking you sat in a comfortable silence with each other, smiles on both faces.

“It’s getting late.” Bucky finally said, with regret in his voice. You looked at the clock. it was almost 10. You had been talking for 5 hours.

“Yeah. I suppose I better go.” you replied, smile slipping slightly. You felt Bucky’s finger trace your hand.

“Do I get a second date?”

“I think we could manage that.”

He walked you over to the door. You stood staring at each other for a few seconds before Bucky moved closer and your heart was beating painfully but joyfully as he pressed his lips to yours. The both of you became lost in the moment that you didn’t hear the turn of the key in the door. Steve suddenly spoke bringing you out of your moment.

“Looks like my work here is done.” he smiled. You and Bucky looked at each other and laughed and he kissed your forehead. It was a weird, dramatic two days but you were happy with the way it ended.

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Hey, i saw that you said that Garroth is a bad friend to Laurance. Could you explain please?

This is coming from the perspective of a Laurance fan lol but pretty good reasons why i think they’re not really as good as friends people love to push:

(In MCD)
> legit they’re love rivals first; even though Laurance does attempt to be friendly towards Garroth, Garroth has mostly been “I don’t trust him”
> Garroth betrayed Aph and the rest simply because he was jealous of Laurance… he fucking sucker punched Laurance when he was in a state of missing/mourning his friend at the grave and stole something Aph entrusted to Laurance
> also season 2, Garroth general attitude of Laurance disappearance and honestly… even Aphmau showed a bit of empathy… like the two of them arent as good as friends with their canon scenes and A LOT OF THEIR HOSTILITY COMES FROM GARROTH’S INSECURE SELF. (And this isnt new; he done the same to Dante and to Liochant.)

(In mystreet)

> friends dont use friends as goddamn lackeys– look how Garroth treats other people vs how he treats his “”“"best friend”“”“
> there’s times where Laurance will speak up all "i dont know Garroth this is kinda ridiculous” and Garroth insists to the point that Laurance sighs, going along because you know. He trusts his friend and believes him but Garroth never hears him out.
> the fact he’d throw his friend under the bus over a girl in PDH
> THE FACT HE KNEW LAURANCE LIKED APH, STILL PURSUED HER EVEN LAURANCE WOULDN’T DONE THE SAME TO GARROTH. The whole goddamn Gene plot line was Aph being blackmailed and worrying about their friendships bc yk this type of betrayal would’ve hurt them??? (Tho honestly, i didnt finish pdh s1, but aph honey… fuck them. Let Garroth destroy a friendship barely respects).
> season 2 of pdh where pretty strong armed Laurance into a double date to actively,,, stalk Aphmau. Laurance doesnt even get a chance to defend himself tho honestly I hate that he even stuck around and Aphmau had the right to be pissed.

All in all, Garroth is a terrible friend to Laurance. Really, fuck Garroth imho because when is he ever going to apologize.

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So, im having some big problems with my friends trying to down me for shipping jikook because jikook apparently has "no evidence, no receipts" so i wanted your help for lots of evidence and receipts of how jikook are probably a lot more than just friends? These are some vmin shippers btw 😂😂

Well first things first, not everyone is going to ship everything, and that’s totally fine. So I wouldn’t try to force it if they really have no interest. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say this is definitive evidence that jikook are more than friends, I can definitely share with you some of my favorite jikook moments ^.^

Of course there are so so many more! I have my monthly jikook posts and I also reccomend Smirk Cookie’s or bfS2angel’s jikook moments videos on YT (I miss them)

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Seven - The Slug Club

To his slight annoyance, however, neither Ron nor Hermione seemed quite as curious about Malfoy’s activities as he was; or at least, they seemed to get bored of discussing it after a few days.

um maybe bc u talk abOUT HIM ALL THE TIME?? no one wants to hear about ur boyfriend anymore, OK???

“He’s a Death Eater,” said Harry slowly. “He’s replaced his father as a Death Eater!” 
There was a silence; then Ron erupted in laughter.

when i first read this my reaction was pretty much the same as rons. now im just like U SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO HIM U IDIOTS!!!!

- peeps r still bullying my girl fleur and im not here for it ONE BIT

- ugh like i know how crazy harry sounds when hes talking about draco but like its so frustrating reading about him trying to warn mr. weasley and no one taking it seriously JUST TAKE HIS GODDAMN VANISHING CABINET OK

He tapped Ginny on the shoulder.
“Fancy trying to find a compartment?”
“I can’t, Harry, I said I’d meet Dean,” said Ginny brightly. “See you later.”
“Right,” said Harry. He felt a strange twinge of annoyance as she walked away, her long red hair dancing behind her; he had become so used to her presence over the summer that he had almost forgotten that Ginny did no hang around with him, Ron, and Hermione while at school.

tbh i could care less about ginny and harry but this is lowkey rly cute

- NEVILLE AND LUNA ARE HERE YALL!!!! we dont have to sit awkwardly by ourselves anymore!!!!

- am i the only one who thinks its cute that nevilles grandma is super roud of him for breaking laws and busting baddies?

“I liked the D.A.! I learned loads with you!”
“I enjoyed the meetings too,” said Luna serenely. “It was like having friends.”

luna let me love you.

“Hi, Harry, I’m Romilda, Romilda Vane,” she said loudly and confidently. “Why don’t you join us in our compartment? You don’t have to sit with them,” she added in a stage whisper, indicating Neville’s bottom, which was sticking out from under the seat again as he groped around for Trevor, and Luna, who was now wearing her free Spectrespecs which gave her the look of a demented multicolor owl.
“They’re friends of mine,” said Harry coldly.

remember that time when harry was all super super embarassed when cho saw him sitting with neville and luna? look how far our bb has come, grown into a nice lil man now, hasnt he?

“People expect you to have cooler friends than us,” said Luna, once again displaying her knack for embarrassing honesty.
“You are cool,” said Harry shortly. “None of them was at the Ministry. They didn’t fight with me.”
“That’s a very nice thing to say,” beamed Luna.

WHY IS THIS SO CUTE THO forrealz i would have preferred harry ending up with luna rather than ginny (is this a really upop opinion? am i gonna be roasted for this??)

- im still shook about how the prophecy could have been talking about harry OR neville. shit keeps me up at night.

- LOL marietta still has ‘sneak’ pimples on her face and me and harry thinks its hilarious 

- brb gonna go vom, cormac mclaggen is here

- lol this slug club lunch is so fucking awkward. slughorn is just name dropping while everyone else quietly nods, looking for a way to leave

- harry is risky AS HELL boi just jumped on top of the luggage shelf in dracos compartment liiiiike he knew damn well this was gonna go wrong. im reading this part cringing waiting for his sneaky ass to get caught

- omg draco is laying in pansys lap while she plays with his hair and like i always joke that they were lowkey hooking up but like its canon right???? THIS IS SEXUAL

- aaaand harrys face got busted. like ya he shouldnt have been snooping on draco but thats so fUCKED that he broke harrys nose while he was paralyzed like goddamn thats icy

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Bidding on the Avengers pt. Vision

f!reader x Vision

A/n: sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this series! 😧 I started a couple of new things recently! Plus I’m trying to be original for each part! Anyways here’s Vision!

Summary: Tony is hosting a charity auction in which all the Avengers participate to be auctioned off as dates. This is Vision’s date! (I think it turned out pretty darn cute and fluffy 😊)

Part 1

Part Thor

Originally posted by syntheticallysentient

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63, 18. chris evans/ steve rogers

63- you said my name in your sleep 18- I’m here

You finally got Steve to lay in bed with you after a long day. He was pretty banged up and you needed him to rest.

“Y/n babe I’m fine. I don’t need rest I just need to finish th-”

You dragged the spiny chair out from the desk and into the bedroom. “You need to get a good nights sleep Steve! Even if you think you don’t nee-”

“I don’t need it,” he interrupted.

“Right. Then do it for me please, so I don’t spend all night worrying about you,” you looked at him with your pleading eyes. Eyes he couldn’t bare to say no to.

“Ugh, fine. I’ll do it for you.”

You slept peacefully throughout most of the night, until Steve woke you up.

“Y… y/n…” he whispered.

“Yeah, Steve?” No answer. You ignore it and try to go back to sleep. Then the whispers became screams.

“Y/N! NO PLEASE! Y/N!” He hollered. You shook him until he woke up.

“Steve?! Steve it’s ok! Wake up!!”

He woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily, shaking his head until he locked eyes with you. He cupped your face. “Y/N…” he breathed.

“Yeah, yeah Stevie it’s me. I’m here,” you told him. “Bad dream?”

He nodded. “The worst. Sorry for waking you, let’s go back to bed.”

“Uh, Steve? You said my name in your sleep.”

His eyes widened. “I- I did?”

You told him yes. “Did I… do something to you? In your dream?” You whispered.

“You didn’t do anything, they were hurting you like they did Buck, and I couldn’t save you… like I couldn’t save Bucky,” he shed a tear.

You took his hand. “Bucky wasn’t your fault. I never met him but he shaped who you are today and I’d like to thank him if I ever do.”

Something whooshed passed your window. You two shot your heads looking in that direction. Steve’s grip on your hand tightened.

“Stay here,” he told you. He got out of bed and looked out all the windows, locked the extra lock on the door, and triple checked in every nook and corner. “Nothing, it was just the wind.”

You nod your head. “See? We got nothing to worry about? But it still looks like something’s bothering you.”

“It’s just, Nat told me about this man, The Winter Soldier. He’s assassinated over two dozen people in the last fifty years. Some say he’s a ghost story but Nat’s seen him. He shot her. Even she couldn’t find him. But now I feel like I keep seeing him. He’s the one who hurt you in my dream.”

You look at him. “I’m not going to let some ghost assassin take me away from you. I love you too much.”

He smiled. “I love you too, just be careful ok?”

Really? - T’Challa x Black!Reader

Hey guys, try this on for size! Let me know if you like it!

“Natasha, I don’t know about this,” you said anxiously.  “Relax,” the redhead viper said brushing her fiery locks out of her vision, “He saw your picture on my phone and wanted to meet you.  Remember?  I told you this.”  “Yeah, but he’s a king,” you hissed as Natasha Romanoff grabbed a wine glass from a nearby server, “What if he doesn’t like me?”  “He’ll love you,” she soothed, “He said you were pretty and that was just from your picture on my phone.”  “Are you kidding me? I look ridiculous in this dress.”  The dress you had chosen was pretty and sparkly.  Tony and Natasha had dragged you all the way through best boutiques in New York to find it.  

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I’m supposed to be on a tumblr hiatus, but I saw how someone said shipping Nyx and Luna is gross because he’s 8 years older than her.

First and most important people can ship whoever the fuck they want. Unless we’re talking minor and adult relations which is never okay in fiction or not. That is pretty much it but for the sake of saying it I add this.

They’re both adults. We’re not talking Luna is 17 and Nyx is 32. Then yeah not acceptable. Did he know her as a minor? Perhaps, but there was no involvement with her as minor. Does this happen in real life? Oh boy does it.

My fiancee is 6 years older than me (I’ll be 24 she’ll be 30) and she knew me as a minor. We didn’t have a romantic relationship when I was a minor. We became romantic partners much later on when I was legal because it just naturally happened.

Also maturity difference? Luna is the fucking Oracle. If anyone is more mature its her, not Nyx. And maturity has nothing to do with age. It has to do with upbringing and life experience. So ????

But tl;dr people can ship whoever the fuck they want and if you dont ship it then don’t hate post it in the tag so people can have fun and not see more shitty tumblr discourse in what could be something they use to relax with and indulge in 👌