and he said he recognized her

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How was it for Creed to be at the breeders? Does he recognize her, the kennels, and/or the other dogs? How does that impact the two of you? You said that Creed originally wasn't 'interested' in you as the breeder was His Person, so how has that changed now that you're His Person?

He loves his Grandma Traci!

He loves his brother Grits significantly less. Grits returns the feeling. Doozie his mother was completely indifferent. Knox, his 10 week old half brother, just went NEW FRIEND!!!! :D!!!!! at him.

It’s been my experience that well raised puppies grow into adults that recognize and remember their breeders. Creed loves his breeder more than pretty much anyone else, except me. All of her puppies have grown into dogs that instantly recognize her and begin wiggling.

He also recognized her house and property, and had fun running around her woods and fields revisiting his puppyhood home. He settled well in her house and gave zero shits about her walking around outside my room or his brother kicking up a fuss whenever he remembered that Creed existed in his house.


She had changed so much that he almost didn’t recognize her. Her black hair was gone, and it was now blonde. She was older, of course, but she was beautiful as always. He hadn’t seen her in forever.

“Wow, you’ve really changed!” He said, with a smile on his face. he didn’t forget what she did to him, but it was the past and, for him, it didn’t matter anymore.

Annabelle laughed and nodded. “Yeah, lot of things have changed in my life lately… You, on the other hand, are the same as always!”

W: Two Worlds, ep 10

I really need Chul to regain his memories because I don’t know much more of Yeon Joo’s sorrow and heartbreak I can take. The rooftop scene shows that they still have a connection, and that Chul hasn’t changed really. But Yeon Joo reaching out to Chul was so sad. She desperately wants to comfort him but cannot. (side note: I’m kinda laughing at the fact that Korea has alcohol in juice boxes with a bendy straw).

In So Hee’s apartment we learn that Yeon Joo can still get hurt so she’s obviously still a main character. But Yeon Joo’s rambling rant was completely heartbreaking. Chul was obviously confused but I think there’s enough there to make him think and wonder. She said some pretty conflicting things (how her husband disappeared, they broke up, he doesn’t recognize her) so again she’s a puzzle he wants to figure out.  I don’t think he didn’t turn her in because she was suspicious.

A couple of things from the apartment scene: Chul cooked for her, which is another romantic thing done. He also tended to her wound - now I don’t know but I’m guessing that could be in the book as well. Also, I think it’s kinda important that she mentions he never told her he loved her. I’m sure Chul is going to make sure that he does once he regains his memory.

I did not expect Chul getting framed again. But I kinda like how he went on the run with Yeon Joo.  He protested, but not very hard. And handed over his wallet pretty quickly. Mind you, he didn’t have that much of a choice, but I don’t think he would have done it if he didn’t trust her or his instinct.

In the hotel room, Yeon Joo is again saying confusing things. I think all this will really help Chul get his memories back. I really think that Yeon Joo saying that he wants him to have a happy ending, plus the kiss triggers something in him. But it’s just out of his grasp.

The True Criminal is controlling Sung Moo?? But it looked like the melted face man was the true criminal?? Or is it like a split personality (since they are the same) where the True Criminal’s personality has taken over??  I’m so confused by this but it is obvious( as Yeon Joo said) that this version of the webtoon world is controlled by the True Criminal. Who can teleport through that world and into the real world.

I cannot wait for the next episode.

Personal question: do you think people can change?

Figured I’d post this out there to you guys for fun. Okay, here it goes…

5 years ago, I met this guy (we’ll call him Casey) in college. At the time, I had a boyfriend, but we talked a bit at a party and he seemed interested in me. How do I know? After talking for a while, he asked me “Can I kiss you right now?” I said no, and walked away. He was made fun of as the kid who asks a girl if he could kiss her instead of just “manning up” and doing it.

A lot happens in a year. The following semester, I dump my boyfriend because I didn’t even recognize him anymore. He had this grand plan of running away to Italy and dropping out of school. I dumped him right there and he dropped out of college (… A few months later, he’s engaged!)…

One thing led to another and I’m hanging out with Casey after a party. I had drunkenly challenged him to a basketball game in the dark in the pouring rain while I was wearing full “going out” attire. Needless to say, I lost miserably, but it was a great time. He led me over to the track, where he put his jacket out for me to lay on and we watched the stars. We kissed. It. Was. Magical.

We saw each other on and off for two years. I won’t bore you with the details, but think of that scene in “The Notebook” where there’s a lot of fighting and you’re not sure if they make it. Essentially, he was dumb. He made dumb mistakes and would admit it after a few days of fighting.

We had many amazing, magic moments but unfortunately (sometimes that same day) he would ruin it. For example, after a wonderful night out, he made a fake Twitter account of himself and made fun of me on it. Granted, it was funny from an outsider’s perspective and it really doesn’t identify me at all, but if you knew him well enough to know we were an item, you knew he was talking about me.

He just loves the attention of social media so much, that he would trade his relationships for it.

The thing is, we never made it official, and thus, neither of us told each other how we felt. I’m pretty sure for a while there, I loved him. He brought out the best in me. There were times where I’d pause and wonder who the heck I was or what I was doing because I just acted like the person I’d be if I didn’t have to worry about if someone would judge me. He ended up moving to Missouri when he graduated and I haven’t seen him much since.

However, we began talking again … 2 years later. At first, he reached out to me when he was dumped by his girlfriend. Then, I began reaching out to him after a couple of glasses of wine.

Last night, he texted me. He lost his job and he’s moving back to NY. I guess he wanted someone to confide in. We texted back and forth for a while.

On my way to kickboxing, I cried because I could not stop picturing us getting married and living happily ever after. I know that it was just a mixture of hormones, being at a wedding, catching the bouquet at that wedding, being single, and meeting no one but really awful guys lately… But, then I started to think… What if this is the moment when I knew he was the one?

So, I’m asking you, tumblr universe, do you think people change? Or am I just falling back into a terrible cycle?


this video of harry is very cute ok it’s a girl who went to the same school as him and when she met him at the signing he said he recognized her & for her to wait for him after the signing

they talk about an art teacher and harry is like “didn’t she lock someone in a cupboard once?” lol. you can’t see his face ‘cause her phone was in her pocket or something but you can see his body and him holding his notebook and IDK I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE and ppl should see it <333

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Safe, number 10

(I have two ideas for this and if you can’t handle sadness of any level STOP READING. Cause I am the Devil)

Foxes mate for life.
Nick knew this, and he recognized all the symptoms. So he knew Judith Laverne Hopps, his partner, his best friend, his /rabbit/, was his One and Only.
When he came to that realization he had spent the entire day cursing the universe, demanding to know what he ever did to have life always royally fuck him over. How could his soulmate be a bunny? /Why/ was it a bunny? Shouldn’t he have an actual shot with his dream girl?
Nick never said anything to her, he didn’t want it to blow up in his face. He didn’t want to lose the best friend he ever had. But it was so like that jack ass of a universe to have that plan backfire.
Nick didn’t say anything when Judy, once in a while, cancelled their movie nights.
He didn’t say anything when one day she ran up to him with a smile that could outshine the stars.
He didn’t say anything as he stood next to Fru Fru and Mrs. Hopps, smiling at Judy as she twirled around in a dress as white as snow.
But Nick didn’t fully comprehend that he had lost his One and Only until he stood at the back of the church with the rest of the ZPD. His partner, his Judy, his /Carrots/, stood at the altar.
He felt what was left of his heart shrivel away as she opened her mouth and said two words that ended his life:
“I do.”

Judy’s eyes were stained with tears and her paws were stained with blood. She gritted her teeth and pressed harder on the wound.
“That was some serious firepower,” Nick rasped as he laid on the dirty concrete, his fur damp with falling rain and sticky with his own blood.
“You shouldn’t have jumped in front of me,” her voice was wobbly and unrecognizable to her own ears.
The blood wouldn’t stop.
“Gotta gain brownie points and look out for the dumb bunny, ya know,” he joked. His words ended in a cough and Judy saw drops of red fly out of his mouth.
“I need to get help,” Judy pulled away, ready to dash out of the alley. She’d steal an ambulance if that’s what it took. But Nick grabbed her wrist.
“Don’t go,” he pleaded softly. “I don’t want to be alone.”
Judy’s throat caved in and she struggled to speak, “You need help.”
“I need /you/.”
Judy put her paws back over the wound, trying to breathe through her terror. Nick’s eyelids drooped.
“Don’t you dare close your eyes!” Judy snapped, firm yet desperate.
“I’m tired,” he whined.
“Tough,” she growled, “You have to stay awake until Bogo finds us!”
“You’re so bossy,” he mumbled teasingly. “Buffalo Butt would be proud.”
Judy ignored the words, “When we get to the hospital I hope you hurry and get better. I already bought Gazelle’s tickets for next month’s concert.”
Nick let out an annoyed groan, “I don’t even like her music.”
“Hush up, yes you do.”
“No, I don’t,” he insisted, his voice sounded so tired.
Judy looked down at her paws, at the blood that stained his uniform and the concrete. Judy felt something break inside her and she felt her tears pool down her cheeks.
“I’m so sorry, Nick,” she sobbed, “I’m so, so, sorry!”
“You didn’t shoot me, Carrots.”
“I made you become a cop, I should’ve left you alone! We should’ve never been friends!”
Nick forced a shaking paw up and covered her face with his palm.
“Don’t say that,” his voice was firm and his eyes sharp, “Don’t EVER say that! I’d die over and over for you, and not regret it once.”
“NICK!” Judy fell against his chest, sobbing and clutching at his now red uniform. “You can’t leave me-don’t-PLEASE!”
“You bunnies,” he breathed with affection, “You’re so emotional.”
Judy burrowed further into his chest, her sobs broken as Nick placed his paw atop her head, stroking her ears.
When the ZPD finally found them Nick’s paw had stilled ten minutes ago.

ML Fandom Day 7: Free For All

Well, seeing as I’m a huge fan of reveals, I thought I’d do a sickeningly sweet planned reveal.

“Are you sure?”

She sighed, “Yes, Cat. I’m sure.”

Cat Noir eyed her cautiously. He knew Ladybug well enough by now that he could read her expressions and recognize when she was lying. “We don’t have to do this, you know,” he assured her quietly.

“I know that,” she answered, a little harsher than she meant it to be.

He gently brushed a thumb over her cheek, “I’ve waited a year. I don’t mind a little longer.”

She took a deep breath, relaxing at the contact, “I already told you I want to.”

“I just want you to know I don’t mind if you change your mind,” he said softly, meeting her eyes with a smile.

She chuckled, “I’m fine, kitty. Maybe just a little nervous I’ll have to hear your terrible puns all the time now.”

He smirked, “You mean claw-some puns.”

She rolled her eyes, “Maybe I should change my mind.”

He laughed, and she relaxed into an easy smile of her own.

“On three?” she asked, preparing to release her transformation.

“One,” he began the countdown.

“Two,” she continued, taking another breath.

“Three,” they spoke simultaneously, a pink and green flash heralding their detransformations.

They blinked as the light cleared, Tikki and Plagg hovering beside them with twin expressions of curiosity. The kwamis had been imagining the end result of this particular reveal from the moment Ladybug had proposed it.

Marinette stared, completely silent for a long moment, and Adrien gasped softly.

Fingers trembling, Marinette reached forward to touch his face. Part of her was too far gone to comprehend that this was real. Surely, this was a dream. Surely, she would wake up and realize she was still waiting to meet Cat Noir. Surely, she…

Everything came into sharp focus when she met his eyes and saw the awestruck way he looked at her. She exhaled slowly, allowing her hand to fall, tracing the lines of his jaw as it dropped to his shoulder. She moved closer, the familiar scent of his cologne bringing a smile to her face.

Marinette closed her eyes and inhaled. Now that she smelled it, she realized that perhaps she should have known it was Adrien sooner. He smelled like Cat Noir without the added light scent of leather and faint aroma of aged cheese. Everything about him made sense as Cat Noir once she thought about it. Her eyes fluttered open as he gently picked up her free hand and reverently brought it to his lips.

“Milady,” he murmured into the skin of her knuckles, brushing light kisses over the skin as he spoke.

She swallowed, heat and color rising in her cheeks as she watched him, “Cat Noir…”

He looked up, green eyes bright and hopeful, “Marinette, it’s really you.”

She grinned, her heart breaking all at once as she hugged him, their hands trapped between them, “Adrien, I can’t believe it’s really you.”

He laughed and held her with his free arm, “I don’t know how I didn’t see it sooner.”

She just held him, afraid to let go and lose this perfect moment, “My Cat…” Her voice was so soft, she wasn’t even sure he’d hear, but she could hear his breath hitch and feel his pulse speed up, and she knew he did.

“My lady,” he whispered, smiling and relaxing against her.

I'll be there soon

“Hey Tom” Taylor said into the phone and took a deep breath “are you okay?” He asked worried “yes, of course” she lied and sunk deeper into her pillow “no you’re not” he said when he recognized the shakiness of her words “I’m okay Tom” she mumbled and closed her eyes “aren’t you feeling well?” He continued.
She sighed “no” she said quietly “I’m sorry, but I’ll be there soon, my plane leaves in one hour and then I’ll be with you and can look after you” he assured her “it’s so long from England until you’re here” she said sadly

“I know… You can take a long bath and then listen to some music and go to sleep and I’ll be there quicker than you think” he suggested “hmm” she mumbled, he sighed sadly “do you remember the bath bombs I gave you?” He asked and she smiled “yes” she answered “use one of them and try to relax a bit okay?” He said and she nodded “okay” she told him and sat up carefully “I have to go now, try to call me if you need something. Take your bath and go to sleep okay? I’ll be there quicker than you think.” He told her “okay, bye” she said sadly “bye, I love you” he said, she smiled “I love you too” she answered and ended the call.

She lowly got up and walked over to the bathroom. She let the warm water run in and slowly undressed herself, she sat down and waited for the water to run in, when the bathtub was full she got the bath bomb out and let it fall into the water. She smiled when she saw how the water turned pink.

Tom gave her the bath bombs when she was upset that he had to leave, the evening after he left she walked into the bathroom and saw the small present sit at the edge of the bathtub with a small note saying ‘use one whenever you miss me to much, I’ll be with you and I’ll be back home quicker than you think’.

She slowly slipped into the hot water and felt how all her muscles started to relax, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, imagining Tom sitting at the other side of the tub, smiling at her.

When the water got cold she got out and got dressed. She walked back into their bedroom and laid down in the bed, she snuggled into the covers and turned her tv on to continue watching friends episodes.

After six episodes she turned the tv off and yawned, she turned around and fell asleep.
She woke up an hour later and sighed when she realized that she just slept for about an hour, she thought about calling Tom but she didn’t want him to worry about her to much so she grabbed the book from her nightstand and started reading.
She fell asleep with the book on her chest after she read for a while.

Tom walked inside quietly because he hoped that Taylor was sleeping. He set his bags down and walked into the kitchen to make a tea for Taylor and he warmed a heat cushion for her.

He walked upstairs and found her asleep with a book on her chest. He set the tray with the tea down and carefully took the book off her chest.

He sat down next to her when she stirred and turned around to him, she smiled at him briefly and closed her eyes again “hey” he whispered and started caressing her hair “are you feeling better?” He asked worried “a little bit” she answered and pulled herself closer to him “I’m glad you’re here now” she whispered, he smiled “I’m glad that I’m here too” he said and kissed her head, he felt her forehead to see if she has a fever “can you tell me what you have?” He asked, she nodded “I’m so tired and I have stomach cramps and my back hurts and I felt like I have to puke this morning” she mumbled into the pillow, he nodded “I made a heat cushion warm for you” he told her “thank you” she said and smiled brightly at him
“but I need to go to the toilet first” she said and sat up, he got up and helped her out of her bed and over to the bathroom.

When she got out of the bathroom and laid back down he laid the heat cushion on her stomach and laid down next to her “it’s not to hot right?” He asked worried, she shook her head and yawned “it’s perfect” she mumbled and hugged him tightly “are you still tired?” He asked and whipped a strand out of her face, she nodded slowly and fell back asleep quickly.

When she woke up the next morning the space next to her was empty, when she wanted to get up to look for Tom she quickly changed her direction and ran to the bathroom.
Tom followed her into the bathroom and held her hair back while she threw up into the toilet.
She sat back and looked at him “I’m sorry, I thought I would feel better” she said “it’s okay, don’t be sorry” he assured her and whipped her mouth clean.

“Where were you?” She asked when they walked back to the bed and she laid down “I was buying some things for breakfast” he said and nodded over to the tray and the brown paper bag.
She nodded and they started eating, after they finished she pointed at the paper bag and asked him what’s in there, he reached for it and gave it to her.

She looked into it and looked at Tom confused “Tom why is there a pregnancy test in there?” She asked him clueless, he took her hand and kissed it softly “Taylor, I think you’re pregnant” he said and held her hand tightly. “What?” She asked and tried to think of the symptoms “I just… I will just take the test” she stuttered and get up to walk to the bathroom with the test in her hand.
Tom laid back and sighed, it was exactly the reaction he expected, he just hoped that she would be okay with having a baby now, after all he was nearly ten years older and probably ready for a baby earlier than she was. Not that the age difference would bother him.

Taylor came out later with the pregnancy test, laid it on the nightstand and snuggled into Tom’s side “you’ll be okay when it’s positive right?” He asked worried and caressed her hair, she looked at him and smiled before she laid her head back on his chest, he sighed and pulled her close. “I can do everything and you can just continue your career” he whispered but she didn’t answer.

After 15 minutes he decided to ask her carefully “your not planing on looking at it right? Three minutes are long over” he said softly “you can look at it but don’t tell me” she mumbled into his chest.
Tom sighed and leaned over to turn the test around to see the resold, he smiled when he saw the positive test and hugged Taylor tightly, he carefully laid his hand on her stomach and kissed her head “I told you not to tell me” she said and buried her head in his chest, he chuckled and pulled her close to him.

“I’m sorry” he whispered into her hair, she sighed and looked up to him “why?” She asked him “because… I don’t know, you’re pregnant and you don’t want to have a baby yet, I understand and respect that but I’m happy about it and I fell bad because of that” he said and rubbed her back, she kissed him while tears streamed down her cheeks “you don’t have to be sorry about it” she whispered “you’re right, I don’t feel ready for a baby. But you are so happy about it” she said and kissed him again.
“I don’t want you to feel forced to have a baby you don’t want” Tom said sadly, Taylor looked at him shocked “you don’t think I would kill a baby you’re so happy about Tom” she said softly and caressed her cheek, he shook his head “I don’t want you to be unhappy and feel like you can’t continue your career or something… I can look after the baby when it’s born I promise you, you can continue everything as you planed” he promised her, she smiled and caressed his cheek again “we will figure everything out, and we can both continue our career” she said thoughtful but he shook his head “I don’t care about my career, I just want you to be happy and… I’m scared that we will probably not work out because…” He started but stopped himself “you think we could not work out because of the baby? Tom nothing will change my feelings for you, nothing!” She assured him and kissed him “I love you” she whispered and kissed him again, he hugged her tightly and kissed her temple “be happy about it” she whispered, he laughed softly and tightened the grip around her while he tried to stop crying “be happy about it and it will rub off on me” she said and hugged him as tightly as she could when tears started to flood down her cheek again.
“Please don’t cry” he whispered “I don’t want you to be unhappy” he said and rubbed her back “I can’t always be happy, that’s not your fault” she whispered “I wish I could just make you happy, always” he answered, she laughed “I’m pregnant Tom, it could be hard” she said and smiled at him “I’ll be there all the time and make sure you feel as good as possible” he promised her, she nodded and kissed him again before she laid her head on his chest “as long as you are here and I can listen to your heartbeat while I fall asleep I’ll be perfectly fine” she whispered tiredly, he chuckled and laid his arm around her “I love you” he whispered but she already fell asleep.
“And I love you little miracle” he whispered while he softly rubbed his stomach.


Anthony was walking down the upstairs hall, just exploring around and still trying to get a feel for the house and all its inhabitants. He had already met his fair share of people, though they had all(thankfully) been strangers. There were only one or two people back in L.A who knew where he was and he had done that on purpose– the idea of running into anyone he knew wasn’t exactly thrilling, which is why he stopped short when he saw a familiar blonde head in the living room below.  He recognized her almost instantly and groaned, knowing what was probably in store for him when she realized he was there, too. Still, he knew he’d rather have the upper hand by catching her off guard instead of the other way around, so he started down the stairs and then leaned against the railing. “If I had known you were coming I would’ve dressed up a little,” he said to get her attention. “Whoops.”

the happenings/ clamille

She wasn’t sure what happened, one minute she was dead in Klaus’s arms and the next thing she knew she was on the floor. Everything was bright, and loud, as if all her senses were being overwhelmed, but the one figure she recognized automatically was right in front of her. She doesn’t know how she got there, or how she could possibly appear in that exact spot, but she got up and without a second thought she wrapped her arms around him. “Klaus.” She said hugging him, feeling him, knowing he was really there. “Oh my God.” She said frantically as if this wouldn’t last or as if it wasn’t real. Mere moments ago she was dead, she felt it, she felt the nothing, but here he was, there was no way he dead, he was too strong for that. As a few tears broke through she opened her mouth to speak a few times but no words would come out at first. “You’re here.” She finally said. A burning feeling running through her throat.


“I’ve never really liked horses.”

“He’s not a horse, he’s a centaur!” said Lavender, sounding shocked.

“A gorgeous centaur…” sighed Parvati.

“Either way, he’s still got four legs,” said Hermione coolly.

Like okay…she has literally no right to call anyone tactless jESUS

I love Hermione but can people recognize she’s not perfect?? And has said fucked up things??? And Ron isn’t the only one of the group to say things like that??? 

Like seriously I obviously love her, but the fact that people will say Ron is rude and awful and then ignore her putting down a whole species – a species that clearly hate being called horses – and other rude stuff she’s said, is pretty awful.

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Why do you think dylan addressed his mother only in the basement tapes ? Why didn't he addressed his father too? was it because he was closer to his mother?

I believe that was intentional. He directed it at his mom when he had plenty of seconds to add his goodbye in there to dad too..but he chose not to. He recognized mom and slighted his dad likely out of ongoing personal resentments that had built up. And his dad seemed not to have even seen a problem between them at all. I do recall that Sue said in hearing Dylan say goodbye to her, it was a kind of odd, tiny consolation to her. Likely tormented Tom though.

Hunted - a fanfiction by sowingwildehopps

Chapter 27 (A.K.A the last one) - Lunch

Nick picked a café in the rainforest district for them to have lunch at. To Judy’s surprise, there were already people at the table. Her parents, and a vixen she didn’t recognize. She put her arm out in front of Nick.

               “What are you up to, Slick?”

               He put his arms out innocently, “What? You said you wanted to do this right”

               She glared at him, “Now? Right now?”

               He smiled charmingly at her, “It is supposed to be a big surprise, and you are supposed to act all ‘oh my gosh’ and they are supposed to get excited. Right?”

               She sighed, “Right, I just didn’t think that you would want to do this so soon”

               He leaned on the counter next to him, “Well, your mom and dad were in town and my mom lives around here so I figured why not? You wanted to do this right, so I am doing it right. Besides, you aren’t supposed to know, so act surprised. C’mon carrots.” He walked toward the table.

               “Nick, nick!” She knew he walked away on purpose, so she didn’t have time to argue. She followed him, trying to pretend she wasn’t completely annoyed and having been duped into an engagement lunch.

               The closer they got to the table, the more Judy could appreciate the resemblance Nick had to his mother. Their fur markings were the same. They even carried themselves similarly. Her parents seemed very comfortable sitting with her, they were even talking. She started to feel like this could work. Things were actually okay.

               Her father popped up first and gave her a big hug. He apologized for not being at the hospital and she brushed it off. Nick put his paw in the small of Judy’s back and said, “Judy, this is my mom.” The vixen stood and gave Judy a big hug. Her voice was deeper than Judy expected, but full of life, “So this is the sweety making my boy all twitterpated. I have to say thank you for getting him off the streets, sugar. I can’t believe after all these years you finally got him to stop hustling and actually do something with those wits of his.”

               Nick put his hands in his pockets and inhaled sharply, “Oookay, let’s eat huh, I am starving!”

               Nick’s mom patted Nick on the shoulder hard enough to jostle him, and said, “You never did well with the mushy stuff, yeah let’s eat, Nicky.”

               Once they sat down, Nicks mom asked Judy, “So you really took down a lion to save Nicky’s tail? All by yourself?”

               Judy looked at her parents, who paled at the thought, but answered anyway, “Yeah. He would do the same for me”.

               She shook her head and said, “My goodness sugar, you are something else. Nicky has told me all about you for years. How you take down all these criminals practically by your lonesome. He worries about you doll. He calls me all the time. Momma, you won’t believe what Carrots is doing now!”

               Nick covered his face, Judy leaned in and said, “Oh really? Does he say anything else about me?”

               “Oh yeah. Plenty. He was afraid to bring you around though, something about embarrassing him in front of everybody. He acts all tough, but he’s my Nicky.” Nick looked like he might melt into the table. Judy laughed.

               That is, until her father chimed in, “We say that about Judy all the time. No matter how many bad guys she fights she is always gonna be our little Judy. Jude the dude.” Now it was her turn to cover her face. Nick and Judy looked at each other from behind their paws and giggled, they were equally embarrassed by their parents. It made the whole thing a little more palatable.

               Besides being a little loud and very opinionated, Nick’s mom was a very nice vixen. Nick and Judy took turns rolling their eyes while their parents reminisced over old music and talked about ‘kids these days’. Judy felt so much like she was back at home in Bunnyborough, but it was better. She had Nick with her and her family had him in it now.

               Dessert arrived and Judy took a spoonful of her blueberry ice cream. She was enjoying it when she bit into something that clinked on her teeth. She took it out of her mouth and looked at it. The ring. She had completely forgotten about the proposal. Nick had managed to surprise her anyway, and it showed all over her face. She looked over at him, but he was already down on one knee. Her sly fox had done it again.

               She heard a thump that could only be her father fainting to the floor. Nick’s mom slapped the table and hollered in joy. Nick said, as dramatically loud as he could manage, “Judy Hopps, would you be my wife?”

               Judy’s mom whispered, “sweet cheese and crackers, Judy answer him!”

               Judy put the ring on, admired it, and said, “Absolutely!” Nick stood up, they kissed. Everyone in the restaurant clapped. Judy was so happy she could cry. She whispered to Nick, “Good job, slick,” He looked sideways at her, smiling smugly. They spent the rest of the lunch reviving her dad and laughing together.

               Judy couldn’t imagine anything better. Except maybe getting back to work with Nick again. Except, soon it would be afficers Nick and Judy Wilde.

               She looked at the ring and thought to herself, Judy Wilde…she liked the sound of that. Never going to tell Nick that, but she definitely liked the sound of that.

               Officer Judy Wilde.          

Metamorphosis: Part Two

The next two days passed as a blur for Zuko. Dr. Yang had diagnosed a simple fever that needed to run its course. The young Fire Lord didn’t much care for that answer, and in his state of frustration and exhaustion, he said some choice words to the doctor. She rose to meet his temper in a way that left him wide-eyed, shaky, and only able to conjure a squeaky “yes ma’am” in response. He had only wanted an explanation or even better, a cure. He accepted the tea remedy she gave him and set to work on preparing the ingredients. It felt good to do something at least.

Katara would wake intermittently throughout the day and night at which point Zuko would give her water or tea. They would speak briefly, but most of what Katara said was pretty incoherent. Zuko was grateful that Katara was lucid enough to recognize him and had finally stopped calling him Sokka. He found comfort in her small smiles, slight hand squeezes, and whispered thank yous. She continued to call out in her dreams, mostly about Sokka, sometimes her mother. Other times she would say something about Zuko and Ursa. Family, Zuko realized. Hers. Mine. Ours?

On the evening of the third day, Iroh offered to sit with Katara while he insisted Zuko take a much-needed break.

“But, Uncle—”

“No, Zuko, you need to get out of this room for a bit. Get some fresh air. Your mother found it did her wonders to finally be able to leave the palace walls.”

“Mother,” Zuko sighed. He felt ashamed that he’d been so caught up in taking care of Katara that he hadn’t thought to visit his mother.

“She often sits by the turtleduck pond. You may be able to find her there now. The sun hasn’t set quite yet.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

It was during Iroh’s watch that Katara’s fever finally broke. It didn’t surprise the General, though. He had seen this type of sickness before, or so he expected it was the same, and he knew she would be coming out of it soon. When he saw the signs, he ordered the guard to send for soup.

“Uncle Iroh!” Katara gasped.

“Good evening, Master Katara.” The man’s eyes smiled, accentuated by worn creases at the corners.

“What happened?” Bewildered blue eyes stared back at him.

“Well, you’ve been sick, dear. But I imagine you’ll be alright now.”

“I feel… different,” she spoke slowly. “And sweaty.”

“Ha, yes, I suppose that’s normal. I’ve ordered some food, and after you’ve eaten, you can take a bath if you wish.”

“I’m in… Zuko’s room?”

“Yes, do you remember how you got here? Or anything from the past few days?”

“There was a fight. Well, sort of. There was a man, Zukon?”


“But there’s more—wait, no… it doesn’t fit. Sokka was there… I had to decide between…”

“Hmmm. I think you had some dreams during your illness. They may have been different than normal dreams. They may have been significant even.”

Katara chewed on her bottom lip while considering Iroh’s words. “Well, it’s still kinda fuzzy, but in one dream, I had to choose between my brother and Zuko. And Lady Ursa told me to choose family. But I didn’t know what that meant. In another dream, Zuko… he… was hit by lightening again, but when I ran to him, it was Sokka’s body on the ground. And then my mother came to my bedside—this bed,” Katara gestured to where she was sitting, “And she said, ‘never forget who you are,’ which is so weird because I know that’s what Ursa said to Zuko when… why are you nodding like that?”

“Katara, when you held Zukon captive the other night in Ursa’s room, what were you thinking? How were you feeling?”

“Um, angry, I guess. Confused? I don’t know.”

“Vengeful, perhaps?”

“Oh. Well, I suppose he might’ve ended up dead if you hadn’t shown up when you did. So, yes, that sounds pretty vengeful. Or just plain… vile.” Katara clasped a hand over her mouth and then slowly lowered it to her chest. “What have I become? Some sort of… monster?”

Even when her fear-filled eyes met the warmth in his golden ones, her statement hung between them as if suspended in air. Katara jumped when the knock came at the door announcing the arrival of her dinner. She watched wordlessly as Iroh arranged tea and soup on a bedside tray.

“Katara, while you eat, I want to tell you a story.” Iroh patted her shoulder and gestured toward the food. “When we were in Ba Sing Se, Zuko and I reached a point where a new life began to unfold. We worked in a tea shop, we weren’t hunting anyone, and no one was hunting us. But old habits die hard, and Zuko tracked Appa to Lake Laogai with a renewed hope of finding Aang. Instead of using the bison as bait, however, he decided to free Appa and let the Avatar go. I knew he was fighting an inner battle, but it was the first time I saw him make a choice that would reshape his destiny. Shortly afterward, he came down with a very similar illness, a relentless fever, where his body reacted to this choice he had made that was so out of character for him.”

“So, you’re saying that me wanting to kill Zukon was out of character, so I got sick because of it?”

“Katara, you’re quick to catch on, but I wouldn’t be so quick to make that connection per se. You see, Zuko didn’t recover from the fever and go join the Avatar that day. In fact, as you recall, the events of Ba Sing Se unfolded in quite the opposite way. But I told Zuko that the fever caused a metamorphosis, and he would emerge a beautiful prince. I still believe that.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Fever is an outward sign that the body is fighting something on the inside. Zuko’s fight wasn’t over, you see. It was just beginning.”

“So… you’re saying that now that I’ve had one murderous thought, I’m going to go on a killing spree?”

“No, I don’t think that at all. Think about why you would want to kill Zukon, Katara. Think about your dreams. What do you think they mean? What does this mark the beginning of for you?”

Katara sipped her soup silently while collecting her thoughts. It was starting to make sense, but she wondered if she could put it into words. “I wanted to kill Zukon because he had threatened Ursa. And he kept saying such horrible things that were causing her more pain. And she’s been through so much already…” Katara sighed as events from the other night—from the past few months—flashed through her mind. “As for the dreams, it seems like one big jumble of my family and yours. I have this looming sense that I’ll have to choose between Water Tribe and Fire Nation some day. That I’ll have to leave my brother and my father, and what would my mother think? But it’s not a bad thing, right? I mean, it’s for the man I love, and I’d be giving up one family to gain another…”

“Katara, you will always be a part of your family and your nation. You don’t have to give that up. But perhaps what you are discovering is that your idea of family is changing. Once upon a time, you may have considered killing a Fire Nation man for vengeful purposes, just as you did the other night, but this time, it was to protect someone you care about who also happens to be Fire Nation.”

“I think I understand now what you mean about it being out of character, then.”

“Regardless of what happens between you and Zuko, I think it’s good for you to see that people from all nations share the same human emotions. I wish everyone could see it, really. You, Katara, have shown tremendous capacity to love a few of us here in the Fire Nation, and we’re not altogether that lovable,” Iroh chuckled. “It’s just the beginning though. I expect this to be a hard road for you. Or for anyone who is brave enough to choose love over their prejudices.”

A small cough from a dark corner interrupted them. “Um, sorry. I walked mother back to her room and came through the passageway. I don’t mean to interrupt, but I brought tea. It’s Dr. Yang’s recipe.” Zuko smiled hopefully at Katara.

“It probably tastes horrible then!” Katara scoffed.

“Heh. Sounds like someone is feeling better,” Zuko replied.

“Yes, nephew. I think it is safe to say that Katara is on the mend. I’ll leave you two, then. But, take it easy, dear. No serious conversations about the meaning of life or anything. That kind of stuff will wear you out.” Iroh winked at Katara and slipped out the door.

“Ugh, this really is awful,” Katara sputtered after her first sip of the tea.

“You’ve been taking it three times a day like a good patient.” Zuko cocked an eyebrow in response.

“Dr. Yang is probably just trying to teach me a lesson,” she surmised.

“No, no. I think she had your best interest at heart. She seemed dead set on teaching me a lesson, though.” Zuko shuddered remembering the woman’s harsh tone and scolding finger.

“She doesn’t think very highly of Fire Lords, I’m afraid,” Katara said.

“Heh. Not many people do. So, did you really mean what you said? Do you worry about having to give up your family for me? Because you know I’d never ask that of you…”

“How long were you listening?”

“You’re not accusing me of… eavesdropping are you?” Zuko gave her a sly grin.

“Well, there are so many secrets around here, I suppose nobody would know anything if they didn’t!”

“It IS my room, you know.”

“Hmm, so it is.” Katara sighed. She made a motion to stand, but felt weak and light-headed and ended up slumping back into the bed. “Hrumph,” she grumbled.

“You should stay in bed. You may be better, but you’re not well.” Zuko furrowed his brow in concern.

“Yes, Dr. Fire Lord,” Katara mocked. Against his instructions, she tried to stand again. “I really just want to… take a bath.”

“Let me help! Lay back down. I’ll run the water for you.”

“OK, fine. But I feel really… terrible, just so you know. So, no funny business.”

Zuko looked a bit taken aback but figured out the implication soon enough. “Don’t worry. I’ve never been known for my sense of humor anyway.”

What is happening here? Who is Zukon? If you really want to know, you’ll have to check out my fic Darkness Before Dawn and hang with me for a bit before that character is introduced. It’s a shameless plug, I know.

If you don’t want to commit to a multi-chapter first attempt at fanfiction, then here’s a little context for you. The night before Katara wakes up with a fever, she’s had an encounter similar to the Yon Ra thing from The Southern Raiders. Except this time it’s with this character, Zukon, and it’s in defense of Ursa, and again, when the man’s life is in Katara’s hands, she feels very conflicted about what to do.

Katara’s metamorphosis is that she has finally come to accept the Fire Nation as family. She loves Zuko, of course, but finds it hard to imagine a future living in the Fire Nation and is concerned about what this means for her own family and heritage. There are still big questions to be answered, but when she defends Ursa like she would her own mother (or perhaps like she didn’t get a chance to with her own mother), she realizes that she’s moved beyond acceptance of other people/nations and toward loving and understanding them.

In the chapters that follow, Katara is still recovering and bedridden, and she is a horrible patient! The healer, mothering figure does not do well when she’s the one who needs the care. Zuko does his best, but he can be moody, too. It ends up being a trying time for their relationship, but important lessons are learned— where Katara realizes that she doesn’t have to do everything herself, and even though Zuko would do anything for her, he allows himself to feel valued for it.

So I go to my calculus class today and my professor said hi and asked if I was ready and I told her that I was really nervous and she smiled at me and said “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!”

And I just !!!!!!

She is so great. I swear, she makes me want to be a math teacher and help people, especially young black/brown girls get a foothold in math and show them that it’s not always so scary.

Also in Physics, the professor is the advisor for Black Student Union and he recognized me and said hi to me specifically and I also felt very happy. He’s typically pretty quiet during BSU meetings, so I had no idea what he was going to be like, but he was really cool in class. 

Anyway, school was great and I am not as worried.

“We should go get Garrid’s cat tomorrow,” she said.

“What? His birthday isn’t until the end of the week,” I said.

“Yes, but I’m too excited,” she said and clapped.

“Well, do you know for sure it’s next week?” I asked, because when Garrid said his birthday didn’t matter, it almost seemed like he was trying to avoid it, and he could easily avoid it by not telling me the correct date.

“Last year he told us the wrong day and then didn’t accept the gifts. Only Eric knows the real date. He would never tell me, but he might tell you,” Tawny said with a smile. 


*squints harder*

part of me recognizes that the author probably just didn’t like her established timeline and wanted to move things up a week

but part of me believes this is a perfect characterization of Garrid “I keep stupid secrets out of pure ungodly contrariness” Birch

there really is a double standard for men and women when calling them on out bad behavior

like david duchovny literally said it was ok 2 sexual harass women and that all women who complain about are just overreacting, but there are still blogs on here dedicated to him  and people still swoon over him and completely ignore what he said

what he and gillian said was both wrong and gross, he should not get a free pass just because hes a man

yall im Screaming

this morning i had tutorial classes and i was. jus chillin with my book (the rest of us just live here by patrick ness!!! bUY THAT SHIT) and then out of the corner of my eye i sAW MY PROM DATE/EX-CRUSH/EX-FRIEND WALK IN but i didnt say anything . but my mom. oh God My Mom. she just went, “HEY HOW ARE YOU DOING” and i was like shiIiIiIiIit but i just kept reading but then he just made small talk with her then the class had to start so my mom had to leave so she said goodbye to me thEN SHE SAID BYE TO HIM IMS CREMIANG MY MOM WONT LET ME LVIEVIEIV


so we’d already started and everything buT THEN the door to the room opens aND IN WALKED MY CLASSMATE FROM MY SUMMER TUTORIAL CLASSES AND HE SAW ME AND WE KINDA JUS ?? STARED,,, BC WE RECOGNIZED EACH OTHER,,, and then he took a seat in front of me scREAMS and then we had to introduce ourselves and i Died. and then. throughout the class i was kinda staring at my summer tutorial classmate and sometimes i’d catch him staring at me and i wa slikev. Boy. Booooooy. (meanwhile my ex-crush didn’t look at me at all im laughigndin). and during the class we had to explain our solutions sometiems and i was so Stressed bc i had to Talk To People and my voice got all high-pitched and they had to listen to me Be An Anxious Wreck i was slfjldkjlskfjgldkfjgld bYEY EY 

god. boys. are so. stressful.


S1 Ep12 “What Fresh Hell? *Hotch, Morgan, and Detective Russet pull up to the driveway to talk to the little girl who spoke to the UnSub*

*after pulling Connie aside*

Hotch: *shakes Connie’s hand* Connie, I’m Agent Hotchner. Did you talk to a man yesterday about finding his dog?

Connie: Yeah. He said her name was Candy and that she was old. But I told him I couldn’t help him ‘cause I had to go home and have lunch. And if I’m late, I get grounded.

Hotch: *teasingly* Yeah. Well, moms are like that.

Connie: And then when he came back, I was already late for soccer practice.

Morgan: Connie, he came back?

Connie: Yeah. After lunch. He said his dog was still lost.

Hotch: Do you think you’d recognize him if you saw him again?

Connie: I don’t know.

Detective Russet: Would you like to go down to the police department and have a look at a book with some men’s faces in it? It might help you recognize him.

Hotch: *talking to Connie’s mom* Would that be all right?

Connie and her mom: Ok.

Morgan: Thanks, Connie.

Hotch is great with kids.

*on the jet, headed back to Quantico*

Gideon: Hey, Hotch.

Hotch: *turns to look at Gideon* Yeah?

Gideon: Did you send flowers to that tech room girl…Garcia…and say they were from me?

Hotch: Yeah.

Gideon: Why?

Hotch: Jason, people need to know that they’re important, and sometimes you forget that. (He appreciates people.)