and he said awww or oh thank you

chubbydoherty asked:

He kissed your tattoo and thats something really really nice of him (plus I love your tattoo) omg and his grey hair!! He was sweaty or nah?

yeah he did, what an angel!!!! his lips on my arm literally, why.

i dont know its weird i was so scared of putting my hand through his hair you know but it was such a soft and pleasant thing to do i highly recommend, Not Sweaty #confirmed

Also he was so cute, he asked us if we were italian so we went No we’re french.. And he was said “oh i live in france :)” and we went “Well, we know…” And he started speaking french and i almost teared up, i told him Man you’re so much better than carl at this, and he was like “awww thank you :))”