and he respects them

BTS Reaction: Girlfriend brings other members on dates

Seokjin: He was shocked that you felt the need to invite others to have a good time instead of spending the date with him.

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Yoongi: He might be a little snarky throughout the night but wouldn’t cause a scene or pick a fight he would just tell you to not do it anymore.

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Namjoon: He would sit you down later that night and explain how he really would appreciate if you gave him a notice when others were invited and to not invite them to dates.

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Hoseok: He didn’t understand what went through your mind to invite the others to a date.

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Jimin: He didn’t like it but would wait to say something when you were alone later.

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Taehyung: It wasn’t how he imagined the night to go but he loved them and you so more the merrier.

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Jungkook: When he finds out that you invited the members he isn’t happy but knows he needs to show respect to them anyways.

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Did you see Bono joking around with Mike Pence?? 😬

Yes I did, and as much as I’m against Mike Pence and the likes of him, I do strongly admire Bono for doing this. Because here’s the thing: Bono’s got a goal, he wants money to go to a variety of problems in Africa, and he’s been pretty much successful so far.

And know why? Because he talks to people on both ends of the political party, and because he respects them and tries to see positivity in every person. He doesn’t demonize people, though he does critize them (e.g. his Trump rant during Bullet The Blue Sky and Desire at the iHeart Festival, which is the most relevant out of his plenty of rants).

You know who also used this tactic? MLK. One of Bono’s idols when it comes to humanitarian work. (See this tweet by Tim Neufeld).

It’s very easy to want to dislike him for associating with people you don’t like, but that’s weak and well.. Lame. He’s a stronger man than any of us, because he puts aside the differences to try and actually make this world a better place. I just wish people would see it that way, but of course it’s so bloody easy to make fun of Bono, huh?

Wow I am so shook rn, just went on a date with this super cute guy who I have a ton in common with and we talked about so much stuff including sex work which he said like he’s known strippers and stuff and totally respects them blah blah and he was talking about how he’s super ambitious and loves to be a gentleman etc and then the fucking bill comes and WE SPLIT IT I was so fucking shocked

@kuklaaaa full disclosure, I am not.

however, just like Mark’s message wasn’t exclusively about the jewish/nazi topic regarding pewdiepie, neither is my reply.

he made the statement that no matter what the person is, we still need to treat them with “respect” (however he defines that) which includes rape victims (like myself) treating those who’ve raped us with “respect”, it includes gay people (like myself) treating the homophobes who want to “fix” or eradicate us with “respect”, it includes abuse victims (like myself) treating our abusers (physically violent or mentally manipulative) with “respect”, and so on. he targeted his message at all minorities and tone policed us when it comes to speaking out against our abuse and oppression.

so I’m sorry, but I’m not about to stop defending myself just because your community is included and you don’t like me talking about you.


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.


“You were directly involved in bringing down the Empire. You and Artoo. So I don’t know why you’re calling me Master. Why you call anyone Master. Seems like people should call you that.”

“Why…I…I don’t know, sir. Programming, I suppose. All droids must do as they are programmed.”

OF COURSE Poe Dameron cares about the civil rights of droids and respects them as individuals. He’s not going to perpetuate a weird slavery hangover where even heroes of the Galactic Civil War are programmed to scrape and bow to humans and call them ‘master’. 


Dangal : In Indian society, especially in backward areas, most families want a son to carry forward their legacy and if they end up with daughters, very few give them equal opportunities. But Phogat encouraged all his four daughters to become wrestlers. Out of his four daughters, two – Geeta and Babita – won gold and silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, respectively. The film will also focus on how he coached them personally against all odds ignoring people who made fun of him for preparing his daughters to become wrestlers. What is most astonishing is that he never gave up and proved that if given equal opportunity, daughters are no less than sons.

if someone tells you not to touch them, don’t touch them. 

if someone tells you not to yell at them, don’t yell at them. 

if someone tells you not to tickle them, don’t tickle them. 

if someone tells you not to do something, don’t do it. 

it’s really not that complicated. respect their boundaries. they don’t have to explain why they have them. they don’t even have to be polite when they tell you not to do something. respect. people’s. boundaries. 


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What are your opinions on thrushpelt x bluefur's relationship?

i love thrushpelt so much u don’t even kno

like i feel everyone assumed they were mates bc of how close of friends they were and even after bluefur’s kits were gone everyone still assumed they were mates. i think it was stated somewhere that thrush died of hunger/starvation and i just imagine bluefur sitting with him in the med den while he gets weaker and weaker

also lets be honest thrushpelt 1000% recognized bluefur’s kits at the gathering and after he questioned her about it she told him the truth and how she gave them up and he respected her decision!! like he was still devastated that she would rather give up her kits than raise them w him in thunderclan but he understands and gives his support. like imagine thrush meeting them at their first gathering and being friendly so they’re not super nervous 

like imagine bluestar and thrustpelt going on patrol together and everyone thinks they just want some alone time but they go and sit at sunningrocks trying to get a glimpse of the kits like can u imagine ok I’m done but i love thrushpelt


i feel so bad for my modern au rey

Things we forget about Hades

> He loved Maria di Angelo with his heart

> He had not one, but 2 children with her (unlike Zeus who returned to Thalia’s mom as Jupiter)

> He raised Nico and bianca till they were 3 and 5 years old respectively

> He defied Persephone and offered to build the 3 of them a castle in the goddamn underworld to keep them safe from Zeus.

> He was the only god of the big 3 that kept it in his pants and did not break the no-children pact, since Nico and bianca were technically born in the 1940s which was before the pact

I actually feel that hades would make a great dad to Nico and that the only reason of his absence so far was because Zeus had forbidden it.

I mean, Nico actually has memories of him from his childhood!

He’s about the only Olympian that isn’t a selfish, ignorant, annoying brat.

Riverdale Spoilers

Ok so listen. My son, Jughead Jones, ranted to his friends about how much the drive in means to him. 2/3 of them listen, but don’t really support him about it. He drops his complaints as soon as the boi, Archie is getting confronted about grundy. Then this boy, my son, stops complaining about /the destruction of his home/ because his friends are dealing with their own problems and he wants to respect/support them so he decides to deal with it himself. He goes to the only adult authority figure that he knows can fix this and practically tells her it’s his home only to be shot down because she’s being /bribed/ by his friend’s rich mom. Then sweet child, Veronica, has to deal with the knowledge that her dad is doing shady deals from prison, and also knows that the place means a lot to her friend, my son. Jughead Jones has one last night to earn money and pack his things before he has to leave and watch his best friend’s father come destroy his home. His own dad doesn’t offer to help (or maybe he can’t)((edit: i sort of forgot his dad was IN THE GANG THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN)) and he just has to walk away from a place that I assume is like his sanctuary.
Ironically this is all just happening in the background to the main plot™ just like it’s happening without any of the other main cast really knowing about it which is just so heartbreaking to me? Like can someone please save my son.

Sodapop + Steve HCS

Sodapop Patrick Curtis  

  • will make you rainbow pancakes for breakfast 
  • is a total SWEETIE in bed except for when he bites (he does that often)
  • incorporates his name into every pickup lines he uses
  • he never goes a day without brushing his teeth
  • knows the effect he has on girls and uses it to his advantage
  • he knows it’s a dick move but i mean…
  • sings to himself in the shower and when he’s alone
  • a giant klutz especially when he’s alone
  •  can literally smile his way out of a situation
  • is a total bean who can be a cocky asshole sometimes
  • forget it he’s a very cocky, self-confident bean who needs all the love in the world
  • when he got back from vietnam, he stopped playing girls and started respecting them more (one of his buddies raped a vietnamese woman right in front of him, then told him he was teaching the bitch not to mess with the u.s.)
  • sodapop wasn’t friends with that person anymore, and one night while he was saying a bunch of dirty stuff about women, sodapop beat the shit out of him
  • sodapop was always very protective of girls, he never liked to see them cry or get upset or anything but those few nights really changed him a lot

Steve Lucas Randle

  • the type of kid to leave your house after clogging the toilet
  • played hockey when he was younger
  • got kicked off the team for violent tendencies
  • then moved on to basketball, and somehow made that violent too
  • secretly views pony as a little brother, and would do anything to protect him
  • cried while getting his tattoo
  • suCH A WHINEy baby i s2g get this man a pacifier
  • is bisexual (shhhhhhh)
  • soda is too but they haven’t told each other yet
  • when soda left for vietnam, he taught pony how to drive because he honestly thought soda wasn’t gonna come back
  • later that day, steve had soda teach him to shoot
  • that’s where they came out to each other, kissed, laughed it off, and went back to the way things were (just a little happier)
  • his favorite meal is cereal. he will eat it at all points of the day. 3 am? cereal. grandmother’s funeral? cereal. 
  • dO NOT GEt into a roast session with him this man is SPICY