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[10LINE] Shinhwa

Shinhwa: Instead of “Korea’s longest running idol” how about we describe them as “an idol that makes history”. Shinhwa released their 12th full album “WE” on the 26th last month, and once again made history with title track “Sniper”. Already, every step Shinhwa takes is the first, and through “Sniper” they won 10 times on music shows, rewriting their own highest record. Simultaneously making history while breaking their best record, Shinhwa is indeed a legendary existence.

Lee Sooman: Shinhwa’s creator. As the CEO of SM Entertainment, which made Shinhwa, he is considered to have the midas touch, having created top level idol groups like Shinhwa, H.O.T, Dongbang Shinki, S.E.S, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Shinee, EXO. You could feel the source of Shinhwa’s hard work through “Lee Sooman’s biography”, which contains stories about Lee Sooman. In “Lee Sooman’s biography”, Shinhwa is described as an existence one does not want to give up on, despite it having been a situation where Shinhwa’s 1st album “Resolver” failed and the album market took a direct hit due to IMF. Preparing for their 2nd album “T.O.P”, Shinhwa was described as “6 young men who paid no heed to the one failure, saying they cannot waver and immersed themselves in dance and singing practice, with their teeth gritted.” Shinhwa won their first number 1 on a music show with 2nd album “T.O.P” and started to write a legend in earnest.

Brand New”: The title track of Shinhwa’s 7th full album. Shinhwa received the Daesang with “Brand New” at “The 15th Seoul Music Awards” and SBS “Gayo Daejun”, winning their first Daesang 7 years after debut. This is an extraordinary feat as it was the first album Shinhwa released through their new agency after leaving SM Entertainment. Shinhwa left SM Entertainment in 2003 and went into Good Entertainment, which had them facing an important turning point in the group’s career. While receiving the glory of a Daesang through “Brand New”, it also built up on the foundation for them becoming longest running idols. “Brand New” left a strong impression with the members’ individual performance and its grand melody and is also a song that Shinhwa feels exceptionally affectionate about. Shinhwa even called their new album’s title track “Sniper” the 2015 version of “Brand New”. In an interview with 10Asia, composer Park Geuntae said, “I pondered over how masculinity and sexiness could exist together for ‘Brand New’. It didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to write the melody once the song’s theme was out.” ‘Brand New’ is a song that is full of Shinhwa’s masculinity and sexiness.

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