and he put his life in jeopardy going against it

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hi, do u think ayato and shuu and other ghouls will ever have their redemption? i know u have mentioned how ccg's members who hv committed mass slaughters ought to redeem theirselves, but some of the ghouls are mass murderers too, doesnt it mean they need to redeem themselves too? because i havent seen them do that just yet

88% of the ghouls are dead. Tsukiyama’s entire family was killed and he lost all of his security in the world right before his eyes, and he knew it was his fault for chasing after Sasaki and over indulging that he put his family in jeopardy. 

Ayato was orphaned at a young age, and had to go to great personal risk to abandon Aogiri, and then fight a near hopeless fight against the staff of the CCG to rescue a relative innocent like Hinami from the Cochlea. Ayato got half of his bones broken before that point too. 

I’m not sure what else you want. If you’re taking about ghouls regretting killing humans, most ghouls refer to themselves as wretched creatures or born monster. It’s pretty well known that what they are doing is wrong as human life inherently has value. Even Eto who is pretty much the most pro ghoul character in the manga says as such. 


Damn it Atem, why do you have to go and foreshadow that right now? I don’t need to be reminded of it on top of everything else that’s happened. ;_;

Also it just occurred to me that Yugi basically just did the same thing as back in Duelist Kingdom against Kaiba. He accepted his own defeat and the consequences of it rather than put another’s life in jeopardy.

Dersha Fiction: Vows-Chapter 1

Thank you so much for the kind words and support on the Prelude I posted last week. As promised, I have the official first chapter of Vows here for you this week! If you missed the Prelude you can find it (click here) here. Vows is basically my version of the summer special. Hopefully we get the real thing very soon! Enjoy!

Chapter Inspiration Song: TeachMe-Musiq Soulchild

I don’t own the characters. All characters belong to James LaRosa, VH1 and Viacom.

Guard your man. Those words were like a broken record repeating in Ahsha’s head as she walked out of the arena. She knew how low Jelena would stoop to mess with her, but she never thought of her trying to hurt Derek. Jelena and Derek were friends, or at least that’s what Ahsha thought. A friendship didn’t mean anything to Jelena when she was on a mission. Stabbing Terrence in the back was proof of that. If Jelena had to betray a good friend in order to get what she wanted, she would do just that and more.

Ahsha’s heels clicked loudly against the pavement as she rushed to her car. Derek was waiting for her at her mother’s house and she was already late. Her phone flashed with six missed calls and ten text messages. The man was probably worried sick or thinking she had changed her mind. A lump formed in Ahsha’s throat as she started her car. What would Jelena do to hurt them? Why couldn’t they live happily without any drama? Worry was suddenly replaced by anger. All Ahsha wanted was to be happy and she couldn’t get that luxury with the Devil herself plotting on her. If she knew all of Derek’s secrets, she had to know about the cocaine. If the league found out about it he could get banned for life.

Ahsha tapped her fingers against the steering wheel. Maybe getting married was a bad idea. Jelena was going to make their lives a living hell until they were no more. Their love was strong, no doubt. But Derek would be devastated if his career was put in jeopardy. Basketball was his life and he worked so hard to get to where he was. Tears began to roll down Ahsha’s cheeks. She knew exactly what she had to do and it was going to hurt.

Before she pulled out of the parking lot, Jude and Zero caught her eye. Both of them were clearly upset about something and they appeared to be arguing. She rolled down the passenger side window to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“I can’t believe you would do that,” Zero yelled.

“You suggested it. Look, let’s just get out of here, okay,” Jude exclaimed, though his voice held a hint of calmness. “We have to have each other’s back. That’s the only way this works.”

Zero looked as if he had a rebuttal but decided against it. He simply nodded and followed Jude to the other side of the parking lot. Shortly after they disappeared, Terrence bolted out of the arena and to his car. What was he still doing in the arena if he had left before her? Ahsha hunched her shoulders and pulled out of the parking lot.

The drive to her mother’s house seemed to take an eternity.


Derek called Ahsha’s phone again only to be answered by her voicemail. This wasn’t like her. Now he was beginning to really get worried. Taking a deep breath, he rested his head against the cool leather seat. “Anthony, let’s go by the arena. I can’t get a hold of her.”

“You sure Mr. Roman,” Anthony asked, looking in his rearview mirror.

Taking one last look at his phone, Derek nodded, “Yeah.” As soon as the limo pulled away from the curb, Ahsha was pulling up in front of the house.  “Wait, here she is.” Derek stepped out of the car and met Ahsha at her door. The dancer slowly stepped out of the vehicle, closing the door and leaning against it. Trying her best to hide her tears, Ahsha kept her head down. Suddenly, her world seemed to spin off its axis. She had rehearsed how she would break the news to Derek on the drive over. Seeing his excitement fade broke her heart.

“Sorry, I got caught up at the arena,” she replied nonchalantly. “I was trying to find my parents before we left but they weren’t there.”

“Oh. I thought something happened. I’ve been calling you for the past 45 minutes,” Derek explained, glancing at his watch. “You alright?” Ahsha’s eyes were glossed over as though she had been crying. Her body language was also off. There was his answer. She was afraid and wanting to back out.

“Um, yeah,” Ahsha lied. What she wanted to say was an afterthought. She couldn’t even gather up the courage to tell Derek that getting married wasn’t the best idea. Not right now. Heartbreak was already written on his face and she could barely handle it.

They could wait a few years after everything calmed down. Ahsha couldn’t take the risk of Jelena sabotaging Derek’s career. If that meant holding off on getting married, then that’s just what they had to do.

Arching a brow, Derek took Ahsha’s hand, “What’s wrong? You’ve been crying.” Derek was very observant and could read Ahsha like a book. It was no secret that something was bothering her. Though he already knew the issue, he wanted her to say it. “Getting cold feet?”

The worry etched on Derek’s face broke her heart. Eloping was her idea and she was so ready to marry him. Instead of providing Derek with an answer, Ahsha wrapped her arms around his neck. She wanted him to know that she wanted this. But she wanted him all to herself. With none of Jelena’s scheming or any of the other drama. “Can we go back to the house, please,” she muttered against his shoulder, her tears soaking his suit jacket.

“Okay,” Derek whispered, his grip around her waist loosening. Pain laced his tone.

The ride back to the mansion was silent. Derek sat on one end of the seat while Ahsha stayed on the other. He wasn’t even able to hide how upset he was at this point. Derek was hurt more than anything else. He didn’t realize how badly he wanted this until it was snatched away. Occasionally, Ahsha would glance over at him. With a clenched jaw, Derek kept his eyes on the window. He could feel her staring at him but he didn’t utter a single word. The painful silence almost made their ears ring. Unspoken thoughts tortured them both as the driver turned toward the interstate.

Ahsha attempted to call her parents again but ended up getting their voicemails. Maybe they decided to go on a date since they hadn’t been able to spend much time together recently. Placing her phone back in her bag, Ahsha rested her head against the seat and dozed off until they reached the mansion.


The player remained silent as they entered the house. Ahsha headed to the bedroom, while Derek went towards the kitchen. The silence was deafening and she knew that sooner or later they would have to talk. Communication ruined them before and Ahsha refused to let it happen again. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Ahsha waited for Derek. She twirled the engagement ring around her finger as her heart raced. Would he be understanding and listen to her feelings? They had gone through enough and things were beginning to look up for them. Derek proposing had to be one of the happiest moments of her life. Possibly sabotaging that happiness made her sick to her stomach.

After a few short minutes, Derek was making his way to the bedroom. Time seemed to stop as his feet hit each oak step. The heavy thud his shoes indicated how upset he was about that night.

Derek paused in the doorway when he finally reached the room. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he eyed his fiancée, his face blank.

“So you’re just going to give me the silent treatment all night,” Ahsha asked, her eyes still settled on her ring.

Following her gaze, Derek replied, “I’m cool.” His eyes stayed on her finger for a few more seconds before he retreated to the bathroom. A stoic expression still graced his face as he began removing his suit jacket.

Ahsha watched him for a few seconds before standing to her feet. “Derek…”

“Ahsha…I’m fine. Really,” he repeated in an irritated tone. By this time, he had disappeared into the bathroom.

They were not going down this road. Derek deserved an explanation. “No, it’s not fine. We can’t just go to bed without talking.” The player reappeared. Ahsha was now standing in front of the bed, waiting on him to return. “It’s not that I don’t want to marry you, Derek. That’s not it.”

Trying to keep his cool, Derek rubbed a hand down his face. “Then what is it? Because earlier you were so sure this is what you wanted.”

“This is what I want. Trust me,” Ahsha argued, walking towards him. Once she heard him scoff, she froze. He was hurt.  “I just…I don’t want it like this.”

Derek leaned against the door frame and continued listening. He didn’t argue or interrupt. He simply listened instead of getting defensive. But, his body language was very defensive and the tension in the room thickened.

“I talked to Terrence earlier tonight,” she began, causing Derek to perk up. Now she had his attention. Taking a few more steps towards Derek, she continued, “…and he told me that Jelena is in control now. Somehow she got the team from Oscar and kicked Terrence out of the deal.” The player remained silent, though he saw where this was going.

“She will try to break us up now that we’re engaged. She’s in full control now and you know that means trouble. Terrence even said she would go as far as exposing your secrets to ruin you. I can’t let that happen. You’ve worked too hard for what you have. Maybe…maybe if we waited awhile, she’ll lay off. I don’t know,” she explained, tears streaking her cheeks. These tears didn’t come from a sad place. Ahsha was angry. Angry about Jelena constantly sinking her teeth into her happiness and sucking it away.

Hoping her explanation would soften the tension, Ahsha slowly walked over to her fiancé and laid her head on his chest. “I’m afraid of what she might do to us. That woman is miserable. What she did to Terrence is proof that she’s evil.”

Apprehension set in as Derek stood with his hands in his pockets. Did Ahsha not have enough faith in their love to think he would let Jelena ruin what they had?

“I want you,” Ahsha whispered, her doe eyes peering up at him. Slowly, he linked his arms around her waist. Lightly kissing the tears away, Derek walked them over to the bed and pulled Ahsha on his lap.

Watching Ahsha hurt over a plan that Jelena possibly had made his blood boil. He had witnessed the damage Jelena could cause and he didn’t voice his thoughts most of the time. Like others, Derek often wondered how Terrence could love such an evil person. When it came to Ahsha and his relationship with her, he refused to let anyone ruin that.

“Baby, Jelena isn’t ruining a thing,” he began, his tone much softer. “We’ve worked too hard to get to this point. I don’t care what she’s threatened to do, that won’t stop what we have. Understand?”

“What if she exposes you trying to get back at me? You know she’ll try it,” Ahsha added. The thought of Derek possibly being blackmailed made her stomach turn. “What if…”

Derek silenced her with a soft kiss. “All those what ifs don’t scare me. Jelena isn’t going to take our happiness. Whatever she attempts to throw our way, we’ll face it together. We’re a team.” Eyes wide, Ahsha looked up at her man. “Look, you’re about to be my wife. I’m not about to let her get in the middle of that. I have your back and you have mine. That’s all that matters.” With words so genuine, Derek had Ahsha wondering why she doubted their strength in the first place.

A small smile formed on Ahsha’s lips as Derek wiped her tears. “I love you,” she hummed sweetly.

“I love you too. Which brings me to this,” he began. “Nothing’s wrong with eloping but I don’t want you to feel like that’s what we have to do.”

She frowned, “What do you mean?”

Grabbing her hand, Derek went on to explain, “This is your special day and I want it to be a good memory for you. I’m sure you want to share this moment with your family and friends, right? I mean…if you don’t then that’s fine but I don’t want you to feel like we have to take that route.”

Like many girls, Ahsha had imagined what her wedding day would look like. As a child, Ahsha believed she would marry Michael Jackson one day. Often using her stuffed animals as the audience and pretending to walk down the aisle with her father. She had no idea who her father was at the time but she dreamed of the day they could meet. Having him walk her down the aisle was a figment of her imagination for so long. The fact that it could actually happen now, made her emotional. After 22 years of waiting for him to appear on their doorstep, Ahsha had given up hope of ever meeting her father.

Ahsha wanted a dream wedding. She wanted the fancy dress, the pictures, the first dance and the many memories. Those moments needed to be spent with the people she loved. Sloane wasn’t the type to control Ahsha’s decisions, but she would be hurt if they got married without her being there. Ahsha was supposed to go dress shopping with her mother. They had discussed this long ago when they attended the wedding of one of Sloane’s friends from college. “I’ll be sipping on red wine while my baby tries on the most beautiful dresses.” Her mother would be heartbroken if they didn’t share this moment. Not having a wedding meant missing out on a lot of memories and Ahsha wasn’t sure if she wanted that for herself.

“Ahsha,” Derek shook her out of her inner monologue. “I know you’re not materialistic but I want this to be special for you,” he said, lacing his fingers between hers. “You deserve it.”

The dancer turned to face her fiancé. “I want a wedding,” she whispered.

A wedding. The ‘w’ word didn’t even fall from Derek’s lips years ago. He assumed he would never settle down because the women he dealt with weren’t the type you married. They simply scratched an itch while he did the same for them. Many of them didn’t even spend the night and when they did there was no intimacy. No cuddling. No kissing. No talking about the future. Just a simple fuck and off to sleep they went on opposite sides of the bed. Sitting in front of him was a woman who was a great contrast to those he encountered just a short time ago. Ahsha was everything you could possibly want in a woman. A dream girl as Derek described her.

“Then a wedding it is. I guess we should let your parents know that a wedding is coming sooner rather than later,” he grinned.

“We should,” Ahsha added.  

The smile on Derek’s face wouldn’t be disappearing anytime soon.


Later that night

That night Derek laid awake as Ahsha was sound asleep on his chest. Glancing down at her, Derek sighed in content. Finally, he felt like his life was headed in the right direction. Never had he dreamed of having a wife.  A steady girlfriend was almost laughable.

Derek scrolled through his Twitter timeline. Sleep obviously wasn’t finding him tonight. LA Devil to tie the knot with Devil Girl. Will it last? The news was buzzing about them. Most of the media was waiting on the relationship to fail. The comment sections connected to most articles only brought on more hate. Men making disrespectful comments about Ahsha’s body while women called her gold-digger and typical NBA dancer. Though Ahsha was loved by many, she had haters who wanted to see her fall hard. Derek sighed and placed his phone on the bedside table. Reading those comments only made his blood boil. People were ignorant.

As soon as he closed his eyes, his phone began vibrating. Who on earth would be calling at this hour? At first he ignored it but when it began ringing again, he reached over and saw it was Terrence.

“What’s up, bro,” he answered only to be greeted by a panicking Terrence.

“Jelena got shot,” he exclaimed, breathing heavy. “I went back into the arena and found her in Oscar’s office! I don’t know if she’s going to make it. I knew I shouldn’t have…” Terrence’s words were running together. Derek could barely catch everything he was saying.

“Whoa, calm down T. I can barely hear you,” Derek said, gently moving Ahsha to the side and stepping out of the bed. “What happened?”

“Somebody shot Jelena at the arena. We’re heading to the hospital now,” Terrence stressed. By this time, he was sobbing. “We’ll be at LA Regional.”

“Alright, we’re on the way. Headed out the door now,” Derek replied, hopping to his feet and grabbing his tennis shoes. Immediately after hanging up, he shook Ahsha awake. “Baby, come on. We have to get to the hospital.”

A groggy Ahsha sat at the edge of the bed. “Go where,” she asked, wiping at her eyes.

“Hospital. Jelena’s been shot,” Derek exclaimed, grabbing Ahsha’s shoes and placing them on the floor in front of her. “Here’s my jacket.”

“Shot? By who,” Ahsha questioned, wrapping Derek’s jacket around her shoulders. Jelena had many enemies and had gained a few more that night. “Is she okay?” As evil as Jelena could be, Ahsha didn’t wish harm or death on her. The Devils organization had already lost Raquel.

“I don’t know,” Derek muttered, running a hand over his head. “Terrence said it doesn’t look good though.”

Both of their stomachs dropped. “Wow,” was all Ahsha could say as they rushed out of the room.


Media was already crowding around the entrance of the hospital when they arrived. News trucks lined up along the curb, waiting to get an interview or sound bites from Devils’ employees. Derek placed a protective arm around Ahsha as they walked up the sidewalk and to the hospital doors.

Members of the media were already shoving microphones and recorders in her face.

“Ms. Hayes, what can you tell us about your teammate? Was someone after her,” a news lady asked, following them down the walkway.

“Move back,” Derek snapped as more cameras swirled around them.

“Have any idea who could have shot Jelena Howard,” another person shouted.

“When’s the wedding,” another person added, stuffing their camera directly in Ahsha’s face. The dancer was getting flustered with all the attention. She knew this was the price she had to pay being connected to Derek Roman.

That set Derek off. “Aye, get the camera out of her face. We’re just trying to get in here to see about our friend. Back up,” he exclaimed, pushing one of the cameras back. Finally, reaching the entrance, Derek helped his fiancée inside. “Damn press,” he muttered.

“They didn’t ask you a single question,” Ahsha joked, trying to bring some type of happiness to the somber moment. “Everyone wants to be the first to print the story.”

The waiting room was silent compared to the chaotic scene outside. Terrence sat in a corner with his head buried in his hands. Derek and Ahsha glanced at each other before making their way over to the other side of the room.

“Hey, T,” Derek said, taking the seat next to his teammate.

“Her mother is already blaming this on me,” Terrence sniffed, still hiding his face.  “If we didn’t have that fight, she would have been leaving with me. All because I couldn’t trust her.”

“None of this is your fault. Give her mom some time to process it all,” Derek explained. “Where is she anyway?”

“Heading this way from San Francisco,” Terrence answered. “I swear if she doesn’t make it…”

“She’s going to make it, Terrence,” Ahsha attempted to reassure him, only earning a hesitate head nod. “I’m going to go get some hot cocoa from the cafeteria.”

When she returned 10 minutes later, Derek was standing in front of one of the large windows. Ahsha joined him. “Where’s Terrence,” she questioned, rubbing her hands up and down Derek’s arms.

“I think he went outside or to the vending machine,” he answered, still staring down at the parking lot. “This is just crazy.” Derek shook his head. The past few weeks had definitely been a whirlwind. Life was throwing them daggers and he wasn’t sure how many more they could survive.

“You okay,” Ahsha cooed, wrapping her arms around Derek’s waist. Staring at their reflection in the window, she caught the worried expression etched on Derek’s face. She had never seen him look like that.

First Raquel, now possibly Jelena. Any minute could be a person’s last and that scared him. He couldn’t even imagine what Terrence was feeling. “Not really. It’s crazy how one minute a person can be here and in the next…they’re gone.” Their eyes connected in that moment. “I can’t even imagine what Terrence is feeling. I swear if anything ever happened to you…” Derek couldn’t even finish the sentence. Gathering Ahsha in his arms, he pulled her close to his chest as if he was protecting her from the cruel world.

“Excuse me,” a voice behind them interrupted. “Are the parents of Jelena Howard here?”

“No, not yet. Everything okay,” Derek asked with a frown.

From the expression on the doctor’s face, everything was not okay.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoyed! Next chapter will be posted soon!