and he needs more screentime

I think we can all agree that the only way the eventual Boba Fett movie won’t suck is if they have Rex, played by a bearded Temuera Morrison obviously, show up after Boba has effectively pulled himself free of the Toothed Hentai Tentacle Hole in the middle of the Tatooine desert, and they team up.

Rex could try and convince Boba to be a good guy and call him his brother and stuff, Boba can be all “I don’t have any kriffing brothers” but he eventually comes around because deep down he’s lonely and wants a family and we could get some actual freaking humanity and characterization from the movie version of this guy (aside from pew pew “You’re no good to me dead” and a jetpack), we could see them become besties, we could get to see what the galaxy was like immediately after the Empire went kablooey, we could get REX?

It’s the only way, man. It’s the only way it won’t suck.

Compilation of Stray Kids 1st episode

Bang Chan

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  • Leader (also belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA)
  • He’s been a trainee since 7 years
  • Is the Dad of the group
  • Shy shy boy
  • Dark past
  • Chan with Chaeyoung and Bambam
  • Lowkey strict leader but he just wants the best for his boys
  • Jype is proud of him because of the way he made with the boys a group
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line)
  • “of my yeah , soldier challenger, help me Jesus christ”  *insert felix dabbing in the background*
  • His smile never changed
  • Looking out of jisung and Changbin after they were nervous and made mistakes 
  • He’s a puppy


  • a.k.a Mr.StealYoHeart.
  • Dark concept but this guy has priorities called Gyu
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Rich kiddo
  • Changbin’s house could be used as the new dorm of the boys
  • His mom is super cute
  • “If I wear ugly underwear, that mean I won’t have any luck.”
  • He wears nice underwear *takes a deep breath*
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Seungmin
  • He was praised by jype as he stood out in the showcase 
  • Dark aura but actually he’s a cutie


  • Cute bunny
  • Cute personality, different from the MV
  • Meme-able
  • Professional impersonator 
  • Doraemon
  • Belongs to the multi-talent line aka 3RACHA
  • Lying on the bed with Jeongin
  • Accidentally dropped his mic because he was too nervous 
  • Soft and cuddly

Kim Woojin

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  • Angel’s voice
  • He trained with NCT
  • Playing a song by 2AM on his guitar while packing
  • Jawline
  • Was sm trainee before
  • Has a small bedroom
  • Cupboard
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • Sexy


  • Mr.StealYoAttention
  • He was playing Day6 while packing his things
  • Pur and precious
  • Boyfriend material
  • So popular among trainees
  • Bromance/ship unlocked with Changbin
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • we have so little seungmin content wtf jype we need more


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  • Honeybun
  • Beautiful maknae must be protect at all costs
  • Braces
  • Busan boi
  • Actually looks like a maknae
  • Voice like honey
  • Belongs to the vocal line (aka need more screentimes line)
  • He can sing trot
  • Jisung x Jeongin
  • Scared of Chan’s


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  • Grandpa
  • Visuals omG
  • Back-up dancer for BTS *screams*
  • He was with them on the Wings Tour
  • Packs his hoodies in a bag of cloth
  • Empty room
  • Sweety pie
  • Dancer
  • Helping Felix with his korean


  • Mr. Steals the camera atention
  • Everytime he’s on screen the editing is so extra
  • With music and shining light
  • Real definition of ‘looks like he could kill you, but is actually a cinamon roll’
  • Got the most cheer when his pic came out during the showcase
  • So popular among fans
  • Charming
  • Shy visual
  • Animal lover
  • Has a dog called Kkami

Lee Felix

  • Manly voice (and only 17 lord)
  • Belongs to the aussie line (aka the extra line) 
  • Dab dab dab dabing
  • English lines
  • His rap caught Jyp’s attention
  • Jype even asked the staff for his name.
  • He can’t speak Korean that well

I love minho so incredibly much he makes me so happy




Jamie Dornan as Tarzan; Felicity Jones as Jane Porter; John Cleese as Archimedes Q. Porter; Tom Hardy as John Clayton

Ruth Negga as Kala; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Kerchak; Danielle Brooks as Terk; Jason Segel as Tantor

Rose Leslie as Tarzan’s Mother; Clive Standen as Tarzan’s Father; Levi Miller as Young Tarzan

Ojiro Mashirao is one of the most underrated characters in class 1a. In the USJ arc, he was all by himself fighting against the villains while surrounded by fire! So he’s obviously really strong to be able to do that, and I think he needs more screentime and more love.

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Raidou please?

  • First impression: Tall Dark and Stoic
  • Impression now: How can a ruthless assassin be so fucking cute
  • Favorite moment: When they’re guarding the Daimyo and he takes time out of being on alert to throw shade at them for needing medals to know someone is honorable. 
  • Idea for a story: His first assignment outside of the Hokage Guard Platoon is riding herd on a T & I  special interrogator while they’re out tracking down a traitor who knows too much about the Barrier Squads. Raidou expects someone like Ibiki, or maybe Inoichi. He gets a teenage Aoba instead.
  • Unpopular opinion: He’s really cute and needs more screentime. 
  • Favorite relationship: With Genma
  • Favorite headcanon: His genin team was composed of Asuma and Kurenai, under Inoichi. 

Have i mentioned that i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be okay with how leon kuwata was treated as a character and is still treated by fans that hate him for reasons that are easily disputed. Hes a pure beautiful sweet heart that i love and he just need need neeeds to be appriciated. He deserves more merch and more damn screentime and NOT SUCH A BRUTAL DEATH THAT HE DIDMT DESERVE IN THE SLIGHTEST IM CRYING SHIT GOODNIGHT IM GONNA FIGHT KODAKA

I need Monoma Neito to get more love and screentime. He is one of my favorites and it upsets me so much that so many people hate him. Putting his jealously aside, he is extremely smart and has a neat quirk. I think he’d be great with Kendo- And have you seen his costume– He’s so extra! I really hope him and the rest pf class B(And Shinsou) become more important!

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Omg I love Levi he's so good just so good I love him he is beautiful he's sexy he's gorgeous he's everything I love him I died when I saw him today in the anime he's just so perfect and badass I can't handle I mean my mom doesn't understand that he's the world to me which is why she thought I was a crazy bitch when I was screeching at my computer I love him I will protect him with my heart he needs MORE FUCKING SCREENTIME BUT I READ THE MANGA AND I KNOW THAT WONT HAPPEN SOON FUC A

I feel like this represents the fandom very well