and he makes my heart bleed

Love hurts like a bullet shot right through the heart, burning all the hopes, bleeding my whole soul. They say it won’t kill me, they say it will make me stronger, but I wonder if they are wrong…

somebody please stop mE

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#baby is so scared of being alone and forgotten #someone please hug him now and tell him that no one will ever forget about him EVER #look at this puppy #my heart is bleeding for him

I really hate the amount of power the alt right has gained. I find it absolutely deplorable and I pray that one never makes it into the Oval Office.

They do not and should not represent the United States, nor should they represent the Republican Party. I feel the latter especially needs to be said considering how many people associate the Alt-Right with Republicans and how Republicans have allowed the Alt-Right to cozy up next to them.

I was talking about it with my professor the other day. He’s a bleeding-heart liberal and I violently disagree with him when it comes to politics. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel motivated when he told me it was my job to distance the Alt-right from the Republican Party.

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So did other skaters ever think Yuuri was arrogant or something like that? Because from an outsider perspective, his behavior can definitely make it seem that way. And if it's not a spoiler, I'm curious as to whether or not Yakov thought Yuuri was arrogant.

I’m not gonna talk about Yakov because companion fic and all that but for the average joe skater while Yuuri was nice and polite he was also aloof, never accepted invitations to social events and basically never talked to anyone unless he had to. And as a celebrity and top skater that made him look a little arrogant and full of himself and ‘better than you’. But with the context of his anxiety suddenly those actions are viewed in a completely different light by everyone. 

Imagine Sherlock explaining marriage to you...

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“So today is the big day.” You sleepily said as you walked out of your shared bedroom, to see Sherlock staring at the computer screen. 

“Yes, the day a man and a woman go to a nice church, to have a far too expensive ceremony, which is followed by a far more expensive party afterwards, which is extremely awkward for about 75% of the guest, whom are either too drunk or sexual to care that they are at a public event. And then they will pay for a million dollar vacation which is far too short probably and then they will return to London to live here in their miserable bliss until they die. He probably a heart attack and she will die from brain bleed or something." 

"My darling, you make it seem like it is a miserable event, which it would be if I were a single, unhappy woman, however I have the most wonderful secret husband in the world." 

"Is that so? I hope to meet him one day.” He said matter-a-factly. 

 "Well you might one day, however for now, I think I might sleep some more, maybe you should as well.“ You pecked his cheek quickly before starting back towards the bedroom. 

"I would live, however I must waltz.” He replied as you smiled into your hand before turning around and looking at him quickly, “Also thank Mrs. Hudson for the tea and biscuits." 

"Why would I do that?” He snapped 

 "You’ll see Love.“ You smiled as you went back to bed.

 It was during this morning that Mrs. Hudson brought and poured his tea, and they both sat in the chairs and talked and then… 

"You know marriage changes people." 

"No it doesn’t." 

"Well I think you are just too blind to see it, why you and [Y/N] have changed since you announced your return. The way you both behave around each other, and she is always around it seems. It’s nice not seeing you alone, it is almost like you are happy." 

 "Mrs.Hudson are you implying that…" 

"Oh I nearly forgot that I have to go to the store and pick up your biscuits. I promise I’ll be back quick as a lick.” And with that the smiling elderly woman was gone, leaving Sherlock to wonder… 

Had he really changed since secretly marrying you?

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Yuuri in love is a blessing and the second purest thing I know (1st is Viktor happy). I bet once the storm is over, they go public etc, Viktor spends 75% of his social media activity spamming and shitposting about his precious bf (average human's smile can relieve mild pain is a statistical error. Yuuri Katsuki, whose smile can cure cancer is perfection personified and should not be counted). Phichit sometimes joins, too. It makes Yuuri soo embarrassed, but he loves this goofball of a man, so <3

The entirety of Viktor’s social media would be converted into the ‘Yuuri Katsuki appreciation page!

Imagine: On your nameday, Ramsay sets up a nice, big celebration for you. Then, he writes you a letter explaining what he'll do to you tonight

‘I bet my father will hear you scream. I can’t wait until I watch you read this tonight while we’re at dinner. I bet you’re wet right now, and I can’t wait to feel between your legs. I’m going to make your thighs bleed from my teeth. Your neck will be purple with bruises. I hope I can expect us to both be covered in wounds after tonight. Happy nameday, (Y/N).’

You looked up from the paper in your hands and saw everyone at the table looking at you. Your cheeks were red and when you looked at Ramsay, you felt your heart leap. He licked his lips.

“Are you pleased, my lady?” He asked you with a smile and you had to force a smile.

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I spend a lot of time missing you
but even more thinking about
what I could have done to make you stay.

Most days, I feel like more poison than girl,
more fury than fire, more sex than touch,
making out on your best friend’s couch
the second he went upstairs,
making out because it was the only thing
we could bear to do with our mouths.

Everyone tells me it isn’t my fault,
that leaving me on the cold hard pavement
was cowardly, and I can’t say I disagree,
but in the end, you didn’t destroy me.
We destroyed each other.

We’d flash our supernova hearts
disguised as teeth,
finding comfort in the explosion
because it didn’t make us bleed.
We did a lot of things I’m not proud of.

But we loved much harder
than I could have ever imagined
loving anybody ever, and I think
“fuck you” is just another way of saying
I wish we could have survived this.

—  This is just a fancy way of saying I miss you and I wish you were here and I wish you had stayed and I shouldn’t be thinking these things anymore but I am anyway

Don’t you see, he says,
don’t you see my heart is bleeding, raw;
it’s oozing guilt, remorse, regret-
restart, I wish I could
start over, make it right, this time –
but time cannot be turned, so here I am
a broken thing, a shell of who I ought to be
a monster, don’t you see? 

He says: you’re not a monster, trust me, kid
He says: takes one to know one – you’re not it
He says: come on, I thought that you were smart
you’re human, with a human heart 

Don’t you see, he says,
don’t you see my skin is wearing paper-thin;
it’s almost see-through, all those dark and twisted
things inside, I wish I could
tear open, claw and cleanse my veins, my blood
is tarnished, bringing death to everything
I touch but sparing me – I am no good for you,
I’m poison, don’t you see? 

He says: I died for you before – remember, kid?
He says: yet here I am and I don’t give a shit
He says: you know I’ll take whatever you can give
it’s you and me and it’s our chance to live 

Don’t you see, he says,
don’t you see there’s nothing I want more than
beg for you to stay, to find a home, a life, a second
chance with me; I wish I could
accept that everything you say is true
but I know better, I don’t ask
for things I don’t deserve; you’re better off
without me, don’t you see? 

He says
(with tears shining in his eyes)
He says: just think about it, wouldn’t
it be nice for once to take that step
we’re both so scared to take
and trust this fragile thing between us would not break?
He says: I am that monster you’ve condemned yourself to be
I don’t deserve you, don’t you see? 

Don’t you dare, he says,
(and takes a step)
don’t you fucking dare! 

(the space between them is no longer there)

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I think the reveal of the real Yuuri aka cinnamonroll/chill/shy and cute Yuuri will break everyone's mind on Victor's side. Like, who is this man? Did the other Yuuri get replaced? God, I hated him for years and now I want to protect him from the rest of the world. Victor, how could you make that sweet angel cry when you were kids?

Everyone would just want to wrap him up in a warm blanket and protect him if they knew how shy and adorable he actually was!


Being married to Darry (headcanons) 

-Being a second mother to Sodapop and Ponyboy… and even the gang. 
-Darry being very, overly protective of you. But you secretly like it anyway.
-One day coming across a broken, bleeding and sobbing Johnny on your front porch and taking him inside to take care of all his wounds. You then make him promise to never go back home to his parent’s but to stay with you, Darry and the boys instead. 
-He agreed.
-Going all out at Christmas time and making the boys and the gang help you put up the tree and decorations. 
-Darry always whispering the words “I’ll love you until my heart stops beating…”
-Holding onto his large, protective body as he makes love to you.
-Making all the boys put a dollar into the swear jar every time they swear. 
-Never giving up on Dally, even though he pushes you away.
-Dally looking up to you because you never gave up on him. 
-Sodapop comes to you wanting to go back to school so he can make something of himself, you and Darry talk about it and you go out and get a job as a primary school teacher.
-Crying happy tears when Ponyboy and Sodapop graduate school together. 
-Holding a sobbing Steve when he finds out he has been conscripted to war.
-Ponyboy getting a scholarship to Harvard, you and Darry couldn’t have been more proud. 
-Johnny gets a job as a mechanic and manages to open up his own shop years later…
-Finding a letter in the mail saying that Steve is going to be returning home to you all and being so grateful when you see his smiling face. 
-Finding out you and Darry are going to be having twin boys… you name them Darryl Sodapop Curtis and Harper Ponyboy Curtis.
-Ponyboy going off to Hollywood to write scripts for movies that make it onto the big screen, and winning the Academy Award for best Screenplay. 
-Watching every single one of your boys find all their hopes and dreams.
-Crying when Two-Bit dies after a drunk driver drives though a red light, totalling his car.

So shippers are having fun, Sam is biding on Cait’s “first-win” outfit when a very convenient photo in NC appears on a private FB group. How very surprising and not contrived at all.

To me, he doesn’t even look like he did last week. He even looks like the Sam who went to Baltimore for MPC. I might be wrong and if so well then he looks healthier which is a good thing cos the sight of Zombie!Sam was making my little black heart bleed.

Believe what you want. I’m too busy and I don’t have time for this bullshit, call me when something interesting happens. Sam loves Cait, Cait loves Sam, Print Shop is coming and so is Leanne with a new Balfe-Heughlywed game. I trust what my heart sees. Besides, it’s Christmas and nothing will stop me from being a very happy elf.

*If you send me Sam hate I will shove glittery unicorns up your arses. 🦄🍑🙃*

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I can see Viktor and Yuuri having arguments about Yuuri's poster after they get together. Like Yuuri being too attached to it because it holds a lot of memories and it's very important to him, while Viktor hates it because it makes him think of how he broke Yuuri's heart. Yuuri refuses to get rid of it, though.

Viktor would actually probably be really curious about it because it’s a tangible memory of something that he doesn’t remember and Yuuri would probably desperately try and burn of it before Viktor ever saw it because it has like, dart holes in it (he was young and having a bad day ok!) 。゚(TヮT)゚。

I’ve never struggled
to write about anybody before,
except you.

And I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing
because all the poetry I write is
icy, blue eyes
and tear-soaked pillows
and talking to the moon
out of the window at 2am
when I used to talk to him.

But he left.

All my poetry is
is watching people walk away
and bleeding fingertips
because the shards of broken hearts
bear an awful resemblance to broken glass.

Maybe I don’t write about you
because you haven’t broken my heart,

Maybe I don’t write about you
because you don’t make my head pound
or my world spin
or the ground shake
like people say true loves should.

But maybe I don’t write about you
because you make me inexplicably happy
and I don’t know
how to write about things
that do anything other than
break me.

—  I don’t know how to write about things that make me happy // otherwise, all my words would be for you, 22/01/2016
Just some Twenty One Pilots fanart that I drew while bored in school a few weeks ago:

If you can’t read it because of the glare or my bad handwriting, it’s the first line of “Tear in My Heart” which says “Sometimes ya gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul”

The story behind this piece is I was bored, and I was trying to draw a hand that looked like it was grasping something invisible, but then my friend thought the fingers were weird and he told me to redraw them. Well I couldn’t since they were in pen, so he told me the best solution would be to cut the finger tips off, and then draw blood. So I did.

Feel free to reblog or like! Just make sure I get credit for it okay? Thanks so much <3

He was a ruthless sun
beaming rays of fire on the passing by

His eyes azure like the river
mouth as pink as a flower with throns
they’ll make you bleed
they’ll cause you to ache

He’s a poisonous land
don’t plant your souls there.

—  He’s a sweet killer with a dark heart. // Poem to Bo Weber.
  • Marvey date with sexy music and sensual cinematography/lighting
  • Donna x Rachel date with heart eyes and flirting
  • Mike just being all around wonderful and kicking ass at law
  • Harvey STILL being ready to do all he can and to use any opportunity to help Mike, this dude presses him to do shady shit in return for helping Rachel and he’s like ‘nah man you’re going to help Rachel because it’s the right thing to do BUT I TELL YOU WHAT I WILL DO THIS IF YOU HELP MIKE’
  • The conflict between Mike’s black and white hero complex and Harvey’s gray save-your-own-ass practicality, the thing that makes this show this show!!
  • Mike’s care-about-your-client tunnel vision running up against the reality that you can have a bleeding heart but you need to detach and compartmentalize you can’t be righteously indignant about everything 
  • All my Rachel x Harvey x Mike feelings
  • “I’m in”
  • glimpses of s1 OG donna in how she amused herself messing with benjamin even if overall that side plot was fail-y and forced lampshade-y
  • Oliver in general

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Hi I just wanted to say that I am founding the Yakov Protection League in the wake of this chapter. If the extent of his action was to report Yuuri to the ISU, then he is above reproach. If he leaked to the press, which there is absolutely no sign he did, then he's in the wrong. But as it stands I will 100% defend Yakov Feltsman.

Yakov definitely did not leak to the press because it would be unbelievably unprofessional to make unproven accusations to the public. That’s basically slander. So no, all he did was report to the ISU that he had strong suspicions that Yuuri was doping that needed to be investigated further because he had what he saw as pretty solid ground to make those allegations on. Which, while he probably should have gone about things very differently and not been so horrible to Yuuri (but as I said before I’ll explain more about that in the companion fic) what he actually did was technically not wrong at all


Alright so I’m not exactly part of the Destiel/Supernatural fandom, but I do enjoy scrolling through the tags just to make sure the boys are well. (I’m still stuck on season 2. It’s been over a year at this point.)

And I’ve seen gifs of the ‘I love you’ scene and though I’m not an outsider, I’m definitely not an expert on this fandom. But something struck me, like really, pierced my heart and has me bleeding out on the floor at this point.

When Cas says “I love you” to Dean, he doesn’t exactly look at Dean to say. It seems more like (I haven’t actually seen this scene so excuse me if I’m wrong) a dejected, ultimate confession. His biggest secret, which is his love for the Winchester(s), has been revealed and that was what he was holding back.

Why? Because that meant getting attached and accepting it. That meant he would have to admit to himself, even if he didn’t want to, that these were his raw, true emotions and they are immovable. It meant possibly unreciprocated feelings and Cas couldn’t risk that. I remember seeing a while ago that Cas didn’t even think he was part of the family and he didn’t feel as though he belonged, though they were the only people he had. So, harbouring this misconception can help us understand why he’s been holding back until now.

Which is why, Cas admits he’s fallen in love with them, especially Dean, when he’s about to die. He literally has nothing left to lose, seeing as though his demise is imminent. He wasn’t expecting to make it out alive.

That is why, unloading this secret, telling Dean, platonic or not, that he loves him, wouldn’t have any repercussions on him, seeing as though he’d be dead. However, as mentioned before, he doesn’t say this looking directly at Dean. He turns away and says it, and now this might be wrong, but to me, it looks a lot like, shame and fear and acceptance, all combined to mask Cas’ face because this is utter vulnerability and truth.

He can’t see Dean in the eyes because he doesn’t believe at this point he’s family, or even a possible love interest, it would pain him even more to see some sort of rejection or pity on Dean’s face, seeing as though he was dying. But the second confession, the one aimed for the entire family, Cas looks up. Suggesting this is platonic, there is no romance behind it and that he is genuine.

And Dean’s reaction, now that is something I like. He knows that Cas’ initial “I love you” is to him. Come on, it’s clearer than a cloudless sky. But you can see anger, you can a surge of determination and most importantly, denial.

The anger is primarily because this sounds an awful lot like goodbye. And we all know, Dean hates those. He has issue with people leaving, and though Cas isn’t choosing to die, it was a consequence of the actions he took (Idk what these actions are oml). Actions he took to protect the Winchesters- Dean. So if Cas were to die, you know very well Dean would blame himself.

So the anger, can be directed at himself. But I feel as though, Cas too, because this stupid angel has risked his life for Dean damnit, and he’s dying because of it. And lastly, anger, because of the wasted chances. If Cas were to die, there would be no “I love you too” and no way to reverse the wasted opportunities. He’d feel immense guilt.

Now, the determination is hopeless, you can see that from the way he almost sags as he looks away. At this moment, Dean felt the most intense need to help Cas- do something- be of some use. But he can’t. He can’t do anything and it kills him. So he tries to think, conjure up something to save this dying man, but nothing is working out at this point. Cas is bleeding out and Dean can do nothing but watch.

Dean knows he can’t save everyone. But he just wishes so desperately in this moment, that he could.

Lastly, the denial. At this point, I’m sure everyone believed Cas dying was about to become canon (has he died before? Idk. Probably, it’s supernatural. Everyone dies a couple of times) and look at it like this. If you don’t want to hear something, don’t want to make it official, you look away. You can’t close your ears, but you can close your eyes, which is what Dean was essentially doing, because hearing Cas say “I love you” made it official his best friend is going to die.

Look away, pretend you can’t hear it, all of this can help you hold onto the delusion that maybe the whole event can be avoided. There is hope. Even if it is crumbling and deteriorating. So, yeah, Dean wanted to deny the fact that Cas was dying, so he shied away from the “I love you” to protect himself. Seeing as though in that moment, that was the only thing he could do.

So, this is my interpretation of that scene. When I eventually reach this season and this episode, who knows how many years from now, I’ll see how contextually incorrect I am. But for now, let’s just appreciate the “I love you” and wish Cas a fast recovery, everyone knows he’s going to need it. And the Winchesters too, this ordeal hit too close to home, they can’t dissociate themselves from it.