and he loves to spend times with them

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If you're still taking headcanon requests, OTAYURI COFFEESHOP AU? Please murder me with cuteness.


  • Stoic barrista Otabek who who can never bring himself to say a word to Yuri, but does the cutest latte art on Yuri’s drinks just to watch him smile at it.
  • The first time Otabek draws a cat for Yuri, Yuri makes the cutest noise, and immediately whips out his phone to snap a photo of his coffee, and Otabek basically falls a little in love right there and then.
  • No, but like seriously, Otabek spends so much time learning how to make cute latte art for Yuri, it’s low-key embarrassing. Leo totally laughs at him when he goes online to order marshmallow cats for Yuri. He pays a shit ton of money for them, but it’s all worth it when Yuri legitimately goes (๑♡⌓♡๑) at him. 
  • Leo tries to talk Otabek into writing his number on Yuri’s takeaway cup one day because it’s getting ridiculous watching Otabek pine, and ofc, Otabek is 300% against it. They bicker a little behind the counter, and Otabek doesn’t even really realise that they’re getting a little loud, until he hisses two octaves too loudly “there’s no rule that says that I have to talk to him just because I like him” at Leo, and all Leo does is to give him a shit-eating grin.
  • Yuri has heard him, because ofc Yuri is behind him. 
  • + God Tier Blushing™ from Otabek + Yuri low-key rambling about coming to get extra marshmallows + Leo still grinning and maybe wiggling his eyebrows a little
  • And then, when Otabek absolutely cannot take it (it being 30% Leo being a shit, and 70% being Yuri’s face) anymore, “So are you going to go on a date with me or not?” 
Samurai Jack headcanons

-this boy is jacked but also smol because he works out and fights non-stop but also goes days without eating canonically and sleeps never so he is a buff malnourished boy

-Is actually a really good cook, largely due to tasting cuisine from all over the world and always having to cook for himself

-learns how being bigender is a thing in the future and decides he rather likes the sound of that

-gets sick all the time cause HE NEVER WEARS A COAT

-Never wears a coat because he knows his gi look is famous and wants to be recognizable in case someone needs help

-loves animals, will spend hours in silence with cats and dogs, snakes, birds, what have you, just bonding with them

-also loves kids, will tell stories of his adventures to any child that asks

-one time he saved this woman’s life and she insisted he spend the night as thanks because there were no inns in town but she had to go to work so she leaves him alone to WATCH HER KIDS

-by the time she comes home her kids have braided his hair, one of them is wearing Jack’s sandals and stumbling around in them, the baby is asleep in his arms, they’re begging their mom to hire him as their nanny

-a teenager once tried to teach him how to use a cell phone but he suffers from that big thumb problem where you hit two letters at once or the wrong letter entirely and communicated mainly with emojis so they gave up

-saved a girl from sexual predators and taught her self defense, stayed with her until she felt comfortable enough in her abilities

-Once met this old granny who would not stop scolding him for his reckless lifestyle, he left her house loaded down with food, winter coats, and a bulletproof vest

My SE token app fucked up and untill supportcenter reply my mail and restores it again I will spending my time drawing, not just commissions, but also own art, I need to work on them since I am super filled of ideas but NO ENERGY; this sketch I made and inked yesterday and finished to color and playing with some effects today, not a big thing, sometimes I wanna push myself to the extreme as I did with the Garuda painting but GOSH! I was feeling lazy and demotivated artistically and need to kill that laziness somehow: drawing my lovely Zah is bringing me up the moods to draw, lucky cat he is.
Little fact about him, he’s a chill guy as mentioned, and always brings a kind smile on his face, more like reference from Ame and Yuki’s mother reference (from the movie The Wolf children Ame and Yuki), smile regardless no matter the situation, I like to see him that despite the bad he passed through or the bad moments, he tries to keep a smile on his face, it will be hard to find him breaking down, very hard. Zahki’a (Zahkis) is an oc of mine.

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random facts about tear?

tear is 25, birthday is july 2nd. he’s a hopeless romantic and loves the idea of love. he’s upbeat. emotions can get intense, but usually reacts to things lightly. loves roses and chocolate, baby animals, damien, matty, and rollerskating. tear also enjoys going out a lot, whether it’d be shopping, or hanging around a bonfire or some shit, he likes spending time out of the house, even though SOMETIMES he can be a home-y person. he loves teaching people about relationships and giving people advice about them too. tear likes gardening, always has plants growing in the house or outside during the warm seasons.

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davey loves the stars and will talk for hours about different stars and constellations and the history and meaning of them

jack always sneaks out past curfew to meet davey on the roof to star gaze with him but he spends more time looking at his cute bf than he does the stars bc to him nothing is more beautiful than the pure passion and awe on dave’s face so u rly cant blame him

Preference #16 - He Gets Jealous (Liam)

Request: He gets jealous when another guy hits on you

The club was a mess of loud music and sweaty bodies grinding up against one another on the dance floor, Liam’s eyes glued to his girlfriend dancing under the strobe lights, her hands above her head while she laughed along with Harry’s date.

It had been a while since any of them had gone out and let loose a little without having commitments and responsibilities hanging over their heads. The newest album was three quarters recorded and Liam was more than happy to just spend some time with y/n. He loved being able to watch her have fun with her friends, loved it even after she’d had one too many drinks and became argumentative and stubborn; the way she poked her tongue out at him bringing a smile to his lips.  

He glanced away from her when he heard the other boys take their seats again, Louis’ shoulder bumping into his as he plonked himself down in the chair, a small amount of beer slipping over the lip of his glass. They were all laughing at something and he couldn’t help but shake his head at his friends, knowing how miserable they were all going to be come tomorrow morning.

Ten minutes later they all had empty glasses and Harry was in the middle of another extremely poor joke, his words jumbled and slurred together. Liam was trying to decide if they’d go quietly if he got a taxi when Niall spoke up, gaining his attention.
“Who’s that danc - dancing wiv y/n?”
Liam’s head snapped back towards the dance floor where y/n was, some guy’s hands roaming over her hips as he swayed behind her. A rush of jealousy washed over him, his cheeks turning hot as he balled his hands into fists.

Liam was neither a jealous or violent man, but there was something about the way that guy was leaning into her that had Liam seeing nothing but red. He was the only one that got to have his hands on her like that, he was the only one that got to lean in towards her ear to whisper something dirty and he was definitely the only one that was going to be taking her home tonight, regardless of what that guy thought his plans were.  

He stood up from the table the same time y/n tried pushing his hands away from her, the carefree smile that had been on her face moments ago long gone. It only took a matter of steps before Liam had his hand wrapped around the guys forearm, his fingers squeezing until the skin had turned red.
“Hey man what the hell!” The guy protested, letting go of y/n as soon as Liam’s hold got too tight.
“I should be saying that to you,” Liam growled back. “That’s my girlfriend you’ve got your hands all over.”
“Li…I’m - I’m okay,” Y/n muttered quietly, placing her hand onto Liam’s shoulder. “Just drop it, he isn’t worth it.”
Liam nodded at her words, letting the man’s arm drop back to his side; he sneered at them both before walking off further onto the dance floor, no doubt looking for someone else to grind up against.

Liam spun y/n back around so she was facing him, his arms winding around her waist; She giggled, laying her head against while placing a kiss to the base of his neck.
“You know,” She mumbled softly, her words slurring together a little. “You’re so hot when you’re jealous.”
“Turn you on does it?” Liam chuckled.
“Let’s get home and do something about it then.” 

Written By Bree xx

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do you have any specific bike headcanons for like valentine's day? even if it's a week late lol

nngnh let me think..

  • Mike is sort of indifferent when it comes to Valentine’s day.. he doesn’t really see much of a point to it, but since Billie likes it, he’ll do something nice for him
  • Neither of them really want to do anything wicked romantic, but Mike decides that he’s gonna spend the entire 24 hours with Billie (and hopefully he won’t end up murdering him)
  • they watch really sickening movies on the Hallmark channel and make fun of them
    -Billie’s favorite is the one where the two people are suing each other, but their dogs fall in love, thus leading for the two owners to fall in love as well
  • Billie somehow manages to get one of those pizzas in a heart shape
  • at the end of the day, they end up fucking
  • Overall, it was nice and sweet and kinda casual, but they had a good time cuddling and talking

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Uh, relationship headcannons for characters from Undertale of your choosing?

Thanks for the request, anon!! Just for the record, this and the last few posts have been written by a half asleep Quinn, so I’m sorry if anything I’ve written today doesn’t make sense. -Mod Quinn


-He loves to show off his S/O. He wants the world to see how amazing they are.

-He likes to spend most of his spare time at home cuddling with them.

-Long arms are useful for high-quality hugs!!

-A lot of random gifts and a lot of surprise affection.

-He is 100% for PDA. Hugs, holding hands, quick kisses, ect. He likes everyone to know how much he loves them.

-He loves romantic clichés. They’re definitely going to end up slow dancing in their living room at some point.


-A lot of pet names. Everything from “dear” and “sweetie” to puns on her S/O’s name.

-If the S/O likes to bake, she’ll try to bake with them as often as possible.

-She holds their hand with two of hers.

-Constant talking. Even if her S/O isn’t much of a speaker, she’ll always be telling them about something or other.

-She’ll take her S/O everywhere. She loves having them around.

-She’s the type to leave weird notes everywhere. Not necessarily romantic, more like random facts she thought her S/O would enjoy. 

I’m back from the Miguel Bosé concert, and let me tell you it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

His voice live is even better than I expected, his presence is so overwhelming I just started crying as soon as he got upstage. And he also sang some songs with other singers that he invited, i didn’t cared for many of them, but two of them were singers that I really admire so that was cool too.
Also talked about how difficult this times are right now. And loved how he said that he knows that some of us sometimes we want to look more like white people and all that, and says we shouldn’t change a thing about us, because we look great as latinos and also because if if we paint our hair blond and become white suddenly we may have the urge to build walls. Ive never heard a crowd scream so loud in my life. And he spend the entire concert saying how beautiful we were and how much he loves México.
The best thing is that for the first time in all the concerts I’ve been to, no one pushed me, everyone was so nice to each other, just jumping singing and dancing.

He means so much to me, my parents used to listen to him so his music has been part of my life forever, and finally I got to see him live.
He was one of the first persons that I saw that didn’t followed the social rules about gender and clothes and I was so fascinated by that, I remember being this little kid that didn’t fit in (I didn’t knew I was trans back then but I knew something was something different with me) and I suddenly saw someone who showed me that was ok not want to follow all this gender rules. And he is very private about his life but he has talked once about being bisexual and he is a huge LGBT supporter.
I’ve always loved his music, many of them are really catchy and fun and you just want to dance, others not so much but they have deep and meaningful lyrics that I learned to appreciate while growing up.
He has many love songs with beautiful lyrics, he also talks a lot about sex in a really beautiful and poetic way that I love. And has many songs against war, always advocating for peace, and has beautiful songs about immigrants, and how we should help each other all the time.

He has been a huge inspiration for me and a role model and it was so amazing to see him live.
Also he has one of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard and he is so sexy as well, I mean, I know he is 60 years old but he is still as handsome as he was many years ago.

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do you think it's ok to have stuffed animals at 22? also do you think that guys will be weirded out by me having stuffed animals if they come to my place and see them?

No !!! It is never weird to have stuffed animals and things u like. I still have some and I love them

Just remember most boys spend a large fraction of their time role playing as fictional characters in fictional universes via video games

If a boy is allowed to enjoy pretending he’s a ripped space pirate who can dual wield a machine gun and a samurai sword u can have a goddamn teddy bear

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Ooooh, I didn't know you were on hiatus. How long have you been gone? Is everything okay? If you need to talk, I'll always listen. <3

This is an old message, but I’m not sure how old so I’ll answer it anyway…

I was gone for… *looks at date*

5 YEARS?!?!


Five years.

Everything is “okay”… I had a lot of issues to work on, but I’ve pretty much worked them out. I moved to the Middle East and got a job as a journalist, I fell in love with a musician and we spend most of our time going on adventures. Actually the other day he was playing this song for me…

…and I realized that I’d never really listened to the lyrics, but when I did, it reminded me of Freudian and the next thing I knew I was here…

so if there’s one single trope i’m always down to fight it’s the animal bride (folklore motif 402??) which a lot of you are probably familiar with as the selkie - the fisherman either falls in love, steals her skin to trap her on land/gain power over her, or they fall in love and THEN he steals her skin to keep her from leaving, and either way she spends a lot of time gazing sadly out to sea and then she or her child finds the skin and never returns again.
and that’s awful on a whole lot of levels - it’s not love, it’s control.

BUT. but the thing is. you how selkies/seal women was a pretty common variation of this? another really popular one was swans.

i just want you to think about that for a moment. swans. like…I get it, they’re pretty, graceful birds, certainly it’s easy to imagine them magically becoming pretty graceful ladies? but have you ever fought a swan. swans are awful. swans are the devil’s geese. imagine seeing a pretty magic lady and being absolutely enchanted by her, and stealing her magic feather cloak, and then you go up and say ‘hey i’m in love with you, let me make you my queen, it will be great, we’ll be so happy’ and she just looks at you for a moment and…

you know i was going to say maybe she just shouts for her sisters and suddenly you’re realizing you’ve made a terrible terrible mistake bc you’re surrounded by big fucking birds who are all hissing. but honestly if this swan lady is as aggressively down to brawl as any other generally unhappy swan, then she’d straight up fuck you up on her own. she’d just deck you roundhouse, honestly. you don’t fuck with swans. why does this trope exist

Paladins interacting with kids headcanons

I wrote this very impulsively


  • despite being “Space Dad”, he’s surprisingly not very great with kids??
  • he tries but kids just don’t seem to like him???
  • because of this, they stress him out
  • once they’re teenagers it’s ok
  • he’s also fine with babies. he’s very nervous around them, but they don’t do too much so he can handle it
  • (assuming he lives long enough to have them????) he’s really good with his own kids, because he spends so much time raising them an knowing exactly how to interact with them


  • he has lots of experience from his family members alone
  • great with kids of all ages
  • he exudes big-brotherly vibes so kids can’t help but gravitate to him
  • they adore him
  • will spoil kids rotten
  • also very comfortable teasing kids, as any big brother should


  • very similar to Lance in that kids love him
  • does not mind becoming a human jungle gym
  • big strong arms for holding many children
  • IMMEDIATELY protective of any kid they encounter
  • they’re his now
  • lay even one finger on them and he will fuck all your shit right up


  • surprisingly very easygoing around kids
  • he finds them easy to interact with, especially toddlers-older kids
  • kids like him a lot because he isn’t patronizing and doesn’t talk down to them
  • also because he’s just as likely to do dumb impulsive shit as they are
  • he’s an enabler
  • has a soft spot for kiddos but won’t admit it
  • not really either “big-brother” type or “parental” type, more like “cool babysitter” type


  • is a kid???? ??
  • confused as to why you’d consider her “adult supervision”???
  • she’s used to being the baby so she sometimes feels threatened by any younger presence
  • doesn’t like sharing her stuff
  • doesn’t particularly enjoy being around younger kids but won’t ever be mean/rude to them
  • probably also participating in whatever dumb impulsive shit Keith is doing

Has no one commented on this yet??? Chris basically says that nothing and no one has ever made Victor care enough to choose it/them over Ice skating. This man loves the ice more than life and YET he’s here with Yuri, training Yuri, choreographing for Yuri, spending all his free time with Yuri, and worrying about Yuri INSTEAD of being out there himself feeling the ice beneath his blades and the eyes of the crowd on himself. Being there for and protecting Yuri means that much to him.

Victor Nikiforov is completely, totally, and helplessly in love with this boy and I don’t think he even realizes it himself how badly he’s got it for his little Sinnamon bun.


Jack can sing.  It’s one of Bitty’s most favourite things about his boyfriend.  Jack doesn’t really like people being able to hear him unless he’s really comfortable with them, and even then he reserves it for when he’s cleaning or cooking, or taking photos.

But he loves humming.  He and Bitty will often times spend the end of the evening curled up together, Bitty sat between the V of Jack’s legs.  Bitty would be on his phone, Jack would just sit there with his arms curled round Bitty’s waist, holding Bitty to his chest, and humming softly into his hair.

Bitty lived for these moments.  They were everything.

It wasn’t until later that year, during the holidays, that Bitty had any idea where Jack’s habit had come from.  They had decided to visit Bob and Alicia in Montreal since they’d done summer with Suzanne and Coach.  It was cold, and Bitty spent most of the time star-struck with the hockey legends who’d come over for the holiday party.

But everything wound down, and Bitty and Jack ended up in Jack’s room on the bed, Bitty stretched out beside his boyfriend scrolling on his phone whilst Jack watched tape.

Around ten, Bitty stretched and sat up.  “I need water.  You want anything?”

“Juice would be nice,” Jack said.  He didn’t take his eyes from the screen, but with perfect aim, curled his fingers into Bitty’s shirt and dragged him in for a kiss.

Bitty flushed kissing back, cupping Jack’s cheeks and savouring the moment.  Then he slipped out the door in his dressing gown and his socks, and made his way toward the kitchen.

As he rounded the corner near the lounge, he froze when he heard the noise.  A soft, deep, rumbling sort of humming.  It sounded…so familiar.  Poking his head into the room, he caught a glimpse of Bob on the sofa that faced the window, Alicia stretched out against his side.  His fingers were brushing softly through her hair as her head rested against his shoulder, and he was humming softly to her as they watched the fire.

Bitty’s heart sped up, affecting washing through him as he realised then Jack had grown up with this.  And it wasn’t perfect.  Jack’s fear he could never measure up to who his father was crushed him at times, but there were influences that even Jack was probably unaware of.

Unconditional love between partners, being one of them.  Bitty had spent most of the day watching Bob and Alicia.  Watching them watch each other, sharing secret smiles and holding hands, and whispering to each other.

The same thing Jack did with him.

Jack had the same look in his eye when he gazed at Bitty.

Bitty then realised Jack loved him.  Really loved him.

He was in a daze as he made his way back to the room.  He’d forgotten the water, and the juice, and barely took note of Jack’s frown.  Reaching out, he took the laptop off Jack’s knees.

“Bits, hey what are you…”

Bitty replaced the laptop with himself, straddling Jack’s thighs.  He cupped his confused boyfriend’s cheek with one hand.  “You love me.”

“Yes,” Jack said slowly, still frowning.  “I’ve told you this before.”

Bitty shook his head.  “I know but…I.  But you love me.  You’re in love with me.”

Jack’s face went from confused to somewhat amused and he curled his fingers round Bitty’s wrist.  “Are you just now figuring that out?”

Bitty couldn’t help but laugh a bit at himself.  “No I just…your parents are downstairs cuddling on the sofa.”

“Gross,” Jack groaned.

Bitty poked Jack on the tip of his nose.  “It isn’t.  It’s sweet.  I just…you do that with me.  You hold me, you hum songs to me.  You look at me like you really do love me.”

“Oh,” Jack breathed.  His hands went to Bitty’s waist, then curled round to hold his small butt with a grin as he tugged Bitty close to him.  His lips danced across the cut of Bitty’s jaw before trailing up, capturing him in a slow, sweet kiss.  “Because I do love you, Eric.  So much.”

Bitty flushed from head to toe, and pushed his forehead against Jack’s.  “I love you too.”

This is ugly. Jackson loves the Tuans just as much as the rest of the boys, but he is not obligated to spend every waking moment with them. Ben Baller is a friend of Jackson and he’s already said he wants to hang with him, so even if he did (which he didn’t) it’s not a shot at Mark’s family. Now, we all know how hectic Jackson’s schedule is. If he isn’t filming in China he’s promoting with the boys. HE BARELY HAS TIME TO SLEEP. How is he rude for wanting to get some rest for once? He has a fanmeeting to attend that’s three hours long tonight, he’s freaking exhausted. No one says anything when they go to China and Jackson stays with his parents by himself without the other members. You all claim to want Jackson to rest 24/7 but I guess it’s clear that that only applies at certain times or when the mood hits you. Please leave him alone. Please stop making him out to be the bad guy in every possible situation. Thank you

A Spotter’s Guide to Sports Elves

Íþróttaálfurinn: Exists in the universe the plays do. Wants everyone to be healthy and active, but can be kind of aggressive in his methods. Restricts Ziggy to one candy day a week and stuffed Halla into a trash can once. Means well and loves the people of LazyTown, and is always encouraging them to be better than they are, just doesn’t quite realize that he can get pushy.

Sportacus: Softer and gentler version that exists in the tv shows. He’s not pushy at all, and prefers to lead by example, is very gentle and softspoken with the kids. Literally incapable of sitting still. Somehow survives on single bites of fruit. His face is pictured next to the word Extra™ in the dictionary. Loves the kids and wants them to be happy. Spends a lot of time touching Robbie.

Magnús Scheving: Obscenely rich Icelandic Olympian who decided to dedicate his life to motivating kids to move. Somehow less plausible than either of his alteregoes.

So, I imagine a season where Viktor both skates and coaches,

- We get to see Viktor’s skating again!
- Yuuri supporting Viktor and shouting ‘Davai’ before his programs.
- Viktor spending as little time as possible at Kiss and Cry because he has to be next to Yuuri at his turn.
- Viktor kissing his ring before starting his programs.
- Yakov complaining why Yuuri is here with them, cheering for Viktor while he still has to skate, concentrate boy, and not on your fiancee!
- Viktor, that was also for you too! Remember you also compete!
- Viktor’s season theme being love this time.
- Yuri shouting at both of them like ‘you can’t beat me’ while Viktor is like, ‘we will see.’ 
- Yuri and Viktor making plans behind Yuuri’s back to make sure he skates the next season too.
- Viktor wanting Yuuri to win the gold while still wanting to win it himself so he throws those thoughts to fire and finally has a season where he skates for fun. 
- And all the skaters support him. They also support Yuuri.
- Chris getting fired up because Viktor is competing again. 
- Viktor preparing twin choreographies like Agape and Eros but this time they are for him and Yuuri.
- They always put quad flip in their programs. 
- Another pair skating at the gala. They both win medals after all.
- Yuuri also working at St. Petersburg with Yuri, Viktor and all the other Russians.  
- Yuuri learning Russian like Viktor learned Japanese. 
- Yuuri’s phone language would be Russian while Viktor’s Japanese and they get confused looks each time someone sees phones. 
- Yakov watching Viktor coaching Yuuri.
- And sometimes giving suggestions of his own.
- Yuuri working at Lilia’ s studio, missing Minako and respecting the prima ballerina.
- Minako visiting and meeting Lilia.
- Viktor getting the keys of the rink from Yakov because Yuuri likes to skate at weird hours because of his anxiety. 
- Yuuri learning Viktor’s programs as well because he is watching Viktor’s practice all the time.
- Viktor breaking the world records again, taking them back.
- Yuuri and Yuri breaking them again.
- All of them making history.

Yes, yes, I quite like this idea.