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I’ve always felt like I’ve had the best of both worlds from my parents. In terms of heritage, music, tastes, everything. I’m very close to my dad, he’s like my best friend… but I am pretty much a mummy’s boy. She does everything for me!

Fic: Summer Lovin’

Blaine moves to Lima with his mom after his parents get a divorce. The bright side of this uprooting? Kurt Hummel.

~1700 words, PG (with like one curse word), fluffy as hell.

Blaine was already not a huge fan of this move to Lima. The neighbor who’d come over and introduced herself earlier had told his mom that the local kids all hung out by the river on Fridays, so he’d been kicked out the second the clock struck seven that evening to “go make some friends, pumpkin!”

“Love you too, Mom,” he muttered when the door slammed in his face. “What happened to unpacking together to create a family space?”

He realized he sounded like the world’s most boring teenager at the moment, but he really didn’t care. Large crowds of strangers weren’t Blaine’s thing unless he was performing for them.

Defeated, Blaine started heading down the street, happy that he at least lived close enough to walk there. It would be easier to slip away inconspicuously that way.

The distant sound of music and laughter informed him that the party had already begun. Once he rounded the corner, he could see girls dancing in truck beds and boys tossing around a frisbee and trying to make impressive catches. They were all singing along, though, which seemed like a good omen - maybe they could tell him what music groups he could join at school in the fall.

Blaine stopped a few feet away from the action, unsure of how to join in without looking like an intruder. A voice from his left helped solve that dilemma for him.

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Hayden is a Wonderful Anakin

I’ve said this in varying ways countless times before, but I will say it again. Because it needs to be said. All the negative OT purists and general Star Wars snobs can say Hayden ruined the prequels and Darth Vader as a character until they turn blue. But that doesn’t make it a scientific fact. And for many people, Hayden plays a huge part in their love of the prequels. The dialogue isn’t always the best. But MY GOD, do I love Hayden as Anakin. MY GOD, do I love the pain and confusion I often see in his eyes. MY GOD, do I love his fragility as he says softly to Shmi, “Stay with me mom.” And the way his voice cracks and falters. GOD, do I love the sweet innocence of his laughter during the meadow picnic scene. Wooden acting? Really now? 

The anger and pain and exhaustion you can see on his face when they’ve buried Shmi. The way he drops to the ground and takes some dirt and gravel in his hands like somehow Shmi’s spirit and her essence is in it and that holding it in his palm will keep her with him even though he knows she’s gone. God, so I love it. I love it so much. His weary look when he tells Obi-Wan he doesn’t sleep well anymore. 

The childlike worry on his face when he tells Padme he has to go and help Shmi during the balcony scene on Naboo. And the seconds before that, where he’s trying to be serene, but his voice betrays his calm face. How in the world is that bad acting???? Like are these haters watching the same movie I’m watching???? 

And the fireplace scene??? Some of the dialogue there is a bit overdone. But HAYDEN’S FUCKING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. 

When Padme falls out of the Gunship. The amount of desperation Hayden gives Anakin. 

His shocked face during the “Love Pledge” scene on Geonosis

When they’re reunited in ROTS. YOOO. The longing and desire in his voice when he says “I’ve missed you, Padme.” 

When I see the 2004 edit of ROTJ with Hayden edited in, I always fucking explode into a trembling sobbing wreck. That’s because Hayden makes me care about Anakin. Even after all the horrific shit this character does, I still weep for him. AND THAT IS THANKS TO HAYDEN and his vulnerability and fragility as Anakin. 

If Hayden had played Anakin as the macho man all the fanboys wanted, I would have HATED Anakin as a character and I would not be so passionate about Star Wars. Because finally, I saw a male I could relate to. A man who was HUMAN. Who cried and wore his heart on his sleeve. Not who tried to be STRONG and INTIMIDATING and BAD-ASS. But felt every emotion strongly and without shame. 

Hayden is fucking great. He deserves praise, not derision. 


I’ve never really experienced tragedy- not by the world’s standard anyway. I’ve lost two grandparents I loved dearly, my dad had cancer, but those are hardships, not tragic. They’re difficult and trying times, but those things give you time to prepare and process as you watch them age or as you watch him ultimately be healed.

I never had a brother by blood, but God gave me three brothers anyway. Today, my brother met Jesus and I am experiencing tragedy. The words, “I don’t know how to tell you this,” have never carried so much weight. As his mom looked at me today and said, “he loved you, you loved him, he was your brother,” my heart broke as I realized they carried the past tense.

I don’t know how to process tragedy. It’s a shock to the system, it’s a numbing of your body, it’s a punch to the stomach. There is no preparing, there is no build up, they are just gone. I didn’t realize that as I posted for prayer warriors to pray earlier today, it was already too late. Here I find myself after a long day of crying, writing words I can’t fully feel; it doesn’t seem real. You’re not supposed to die at 25. You’re not supposed to have freak accidents and never wake up. I’m so frustrated with God because I will never understand.

If there is anything he taught me, it was to love life and make an impact with your every day. He loved people and he loved Jesus. I watched him walk out his faith, I watched him selflessly serve people around him, I watched him protect and care for those he loved. I was privileged to know him for 20 years of my life, to have so many memories as we grew from kindergarten kids to adults. He was a man I am so proud to have known and I fully believe his life will continue to have an impact, even in his death. He left earth living out the great commission- he left serving Jesus, being the hands and feet on a mission trip and I can’t imagine him wanting it any other way.  

If there’s anything I learned today, it’s that life is short and whenever God is ready for you to come home- you’re going home. I miss you so much already. Life on earth will never be the same for me and so many others, but the joy you’re experiencing in the same moments of our mourning is incomparable. I will love Jesus better because of your death, I will tell my family and friends I love them more, I will hug longer. I can’t wait to hug you again, brother. I love you.

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You know... If the warden dies giving birth to zevrans child, that's just another women that he loves that died because of him. Say hi to mom and rinna?

Zevran feels he can’t be a good father without his love being alive
Zevran feels he will ruin the childs future if he stays with it
Zevran feels he will betray his love if he lets someone else take care of the baby

But somehow, the baby fills the empty spot in his heart

We’ll Pick You Up

Ridiculous sterek fic for this Enterprise commercial.

Read it on AO3, if you prefer.


Derek loved his mom, he really, truly did, but sometimes she was a little too involved in her children’s lives. Specifically their love lives, and specifically Derek’s.

“You know we’d love to have you bring any young ladies or gentlemen you’ve been seeing to the pack day, Derek.”

“Mom,” Derek scrubbed a hand over his face, “we have talked about this.”

“I know, sweetheart, but I’m worried about you. It’s not natural for you to be so isolated. Plus, you’re going to be the only single person of your generation now that Cora’s not coming!”

“What.” Derek’s voice went flat with horror. “Since when is Cora not coming?”

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Flo is tone deaf… his mom’s greatest disappointment in life RIP. However with the proper practice & time he can manage to sing something in tune.. and when he manages it is very nice. 
That being said even if he sings out of tune he is constantly singing and humming things because he has 0 care in the world, his happiness must be expressed! And his voice kind of makes it tolerable. cry