and he loves his mom

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Could you write about Neil's mom and her abuse towards him? Like Andrew finding out or Arron talks to him about it because he understands? My poor sons need to talk about their problems

( what’s that? just the lonely sound of my heart breaking. )

  • The problem is: they never talk about it
  • It takes years of small mentions and absent comments (moments Neil plans seriously, but tries to pass off casually. He never truly relaxes about revealing his past) for Andrew to piece together a full picture of Mary Hatford
  • Neil’s bias goes deep. His mother saved him. his mother compared to his father was, if not loving, at least protective and concerned. she taught Neil to survive! All her lessons were for his benefit!
  • The longer he outlives her, the more rose tinted his glasses about his mother become
  • Andrew knows this
  • Mostly he doesn’t think too much about it because, well, she’s not with Neil. Andrew is. While what she did to Neil obviously still lingers, bringing it up never seemed like the answer. 
  • He’s right: pointing out Mary’s faults would more than ruin Neil’s week. 

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He’s still in his packaging so he’s not put together yet, but setting him up is easy peasy! This definitely isn’t as…… exciting as my last giveaway was but I love you all a whole lot and this…… thing needs a loving home. Originally I was gonna wait until I hit 1K but I have another plan for that (it may involve Meryl and Mei Ling somehow…….)

Anyway here are the rules:

-you gotta be following me @gothboss
-you can reblog as many times as you want!! Both reblogs and likes count
-please give him the love he deserves

Giveaway ends August 18th at 12:00 AM EST and a winner will be chosen via a random number generator!

Good luck his mom and dad believe in you

Spark seems like the kind of guy that leads by example and eats healthy around kids


i always seem to end up posting these things at 4AM and i’m not quite sure how that keeps happening but hey heres the first real chapter of that sidekick adrien au ovob 

also i dunno what to title this thing so P.L.A.G.G. is a stand in title for now until someone can suggest a better one lmao

In all his 19 years of life, Adrien had never loved anyone in quite the same way he loved Ladybug. He’d loved his mom, before she disappeared, but it just wasn’t the same. That love didn’t consume him the way his love for Ladybug did. When she got hurt, he worried. When she was happy, he was happy. And when she was anywhere in his general area, his heart fluttered and his words threatened to get caught in his throat. (They never did, but it was only his years of model training to thank for that.) But he wasn’t sure if what he felt for Ladybug was actual love, or just the admiration of an obsessed fan. He decided it didn’t matter. He didn’t like seeing Ladybug hurt, so he was going to find a way to help.

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peter maximoff dating headcannon - he's super lovey and has to kiss his lady a billion times a second and is all kinds of adoring, even though he tries to be a sassy shit

Yess!! And whenever you’re together he has to be touching you in someway just to make sure you’re safe and near him. He also always has to be doing something, since he has so much energy and is constantly hyper active, so while you’re trying to just enjoy a book or watch tv he’s running his fingers through your hair or rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand. 

During missions together he uses his speed to check on you and make sure you are okay, not that he’d ever let you know that, but he has to be sure, because he’s terrified to lose you. His mom would love you too, saying you are the only one that can get him out of the house and having fun. He’s also the most impatient kisser ever, trying to be romantic with a long slow kiss but eventually just peppering them all over your body, causing you to laugh. You adore making him happy because who doesn’t want to see those dimples when he smiles.

More for dating Peter Maximoff Here (X) :)


KINDA SHORT CASPAR APPRECIATION POST (based on the “Caspar Lee Pranks With Joe Sugg” video)

1) “Just wanted to show you that Mom’s here and she’s looking beautiful.”

I just really love how much love Caspar has for his mom??? He is the kind of guy who would let his mom to kiss him in front of his friends and not brush her off and stuff. And he sounded too genuine when he called her beautiful, nearly breathless. And I think that’s beautiful. He’s beautiful.

2) “Hopefully they know who we are…”

Caspar is the kind of guy who may say things like “Haha, shut up. I’m famous.” and shit like that, but he doesn’t actually think he is, y'know? He does know that there are way too many people who doesn’t know of his existance, just like any other normal person out there, and doesn’t think so highly of himself at all. I, personally am glad that those people knew him because man, I hate seeing Jaspar awkward. I get uncomfortable too 😂.

3)“I would get that tattooed on me.”

I like how Caspar just enjoys complimenting people and strangers even. I mean like, if you’ve watched lots of his videos, you’ll realise that he just really likes making people happy. Sometimes it worries me though, that he wants to keep people happy too much that he doesn’t want to show his sadness. But I don’t know him personally, so yeah. Hope his friends are always there for him, really do. Like his mom said, he needs someone to take care of him. Perhaps a certain someone who calls him his “Fragile Little Bean Pole” ;)

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How do you headcanon Resistance!Hux? Depending on his backstory (w/n he grew up with his mom, or someone who loved him) I headcanon him as someone gentler and softer but who definitely still has that ruthless ambition. He rises high in the Resistance's ranks, but General Organa doesn't like him that much bc he's a bit (more like hell of a lot) more morally flexible than the other officers. He prolly has designs for Starkiller base in his room, but he knows how Leia would think of THAT so he -

///keeps it under wraps (quietly seething bc he has no illusions of what the First Order is like, any pretensions to a moral high ground would get even more people killed in the long run). Ofc, he’s also very deeply in love with Jedi Knight Ben Solo (someone as jaded and embittered with the New Republic as Hux prolly is), and tbh Leia and Luke have to watch them very very closely bc they definitely don’t want to think about what would happen if those two go darkside…///

Where is THIS fic I need it

Hux would always be brilliant and ambitious. He’d take care of his own and do anything for his friends. Anything.
Hux who fled with his mum would laugh and smile a bit more, but would still have memories of his life before the resistance. Of his father. Of fear.
And Ben Organa Solo. What an intriguing person. He and Hux couldn’t be more opposite, and yet similar.
They have an unlikely friendship. They would do anything for each other and don’t take care to people bringing up their family’s dark pasts. It’s gotten them in many fights (always for the other).
Ben and Armi are secretly having an affair. Ben’s not supposed to be in love but he doesn’t care. It’ll eventually be revealed after Armi gets captured by the FO (in comes Brendol). They torture him and brainwash him and Ben loses it. Steals his dad’s ship and goes after him. Cries through kisses as he finds Armi bloody and beaten in a cell, but still his Armi.
Because Armitage is strong. His mind cannot be changed so easily. And as much as they tried to get him to hate Ben, he could not.



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  • are you ready because I’m not
  • so okay he’s literally such a fluff I mean yeah he’s def sassy but if he loves someone he loves someone
  • like you know how much he cares about his mom
  • he’s such a momma boy btw I see him going for someone older but on the other hand also yeah he’s so caring
  • so he will have you do karaoke even if you’re the worst singer EVER
  • dating this guy would be so fun but like I know a lot people can’t think of him in a romantic way for some reason? but he’d be so squishy with you
  • just like backhugging and not letting you go even if you want to escape his grip of death
  • because this guy is all for bearhugs
  • I can see this guy being up for PDA because I mean his lover is just so amazing, others need to see
  • he’s all for those nicknames but totally ironic
  • like “Honey snuggles can you get me the popcorn, ah thank you my sugarmuffindrop!” and he’d think of even more obnoxious ones in his free time
  • would expect you to watch all the shows he’s on so expect a pop quiz now and then
  • ”didn’t you think the outfit I wore on that show complimented my hair? You do know which one I mean do you”
  • this guy is also not capable of staying mad at you
  • you can not do anything wrong honestly
  • dates with him mostly consist of going out and getting some food, eating it while walking around
  • or no actually just walks, long walks hand in hand of course
  • he loves talking about Jeju and his home but he’d also love to know more about your hometown
  • engrish to make you laugh
  • just all the time
  • having Vernon as a third wheel sometimes but you don’t mind you’ll just lessen the lovey stuff to make him feel less awkward
  • who am I kidding he’ll always feel awkward and sometimes Seungkwan loves rubbing it in Vernons face that he doesn’t have someone like he does
  • is it time for sinning yet?
  • yup, so making out with Seungkwan is all about soft and sweet kisses
  • like even if tongue gets mixed in it it will still be more sweet than passion
  • don’t get surprised though if his hands end up on your ass he swears it just always happens he doesn’t mean to do it
  • he totally does
  • he has a lil naughty side we know it
  • so hear me out he is such an ass and like on valentines day you give him let’s say a box of chocolates and when he accepts it he’s like “Hm that box is pretty small I saw another guy get one twice as big today.”
  • like not even 0.1sec later he laughs and says sorry like 5 times before showing how much he loves it
  • if you ever dare to sing Bubblebutt he will be Triggered™
  • you still love that butt to pieces ‘cus dayum
  • same for Anaconda and I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • imitating the members is an international sport for you guys no joke
  • also when he misses his mom like really really badly or he’s upset he will come to you for advice and hugs
  • even if you suck at comforting, all he really needs is someone who listens to his problems
  • he’s very much a ranter (queue jeju dialect, even if you don’t understand it he’ll want someone to tell everything to)
  • if you don’t text back fast enough to his liking he will spam you no shame
  • like you took a bath and when you come back you suddenly have 50 messages some include threaths
  • but at the same time he doesn’t answer for hours sometimes with only explaination ‘I got distracted’
  • and that’s just how it works for you guys
  • when you spend time together half of it will be you two laughing your ass off because honestly this dude is so extra
  • also when you praise him in any way possible he’ll be on cloud 9 because as confident as he looks he loves reassurance
  • he’s also a lover of giving compliments
  • because he has no filter tbh
  • which brings me to the next point
  • you two run a fucking gossip club
  • like when he hears some juicy shit about someone, he doesn’t care if neither of you know them but he will get you updated immediately 
  • he’s a firm believer in facetiming/skyping on his phone when he’s in a waiting room before a performance
  • it makes his less nervous and more confident
  • of course the other members will join in the convo and they all love you so who cares
  • there would just be so much love

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Hinata knows how to play the piano and Kageyama knows how to play the drums and the teams are pretty surprised since they expected them to play each other's instruments

hinata learned to play the piano because once when he was little he ran up to a piano and started banging on all the keys as his mom watched and though “….he loves it” so she got him actual lessons

kageyama learned to play the drums cause when hes not playing volleyball hes actually pretty fidgety and likes the movement that comes with playing drums

in an experiment the team gets them to switch instruments. kageyama ends up pressing his entire right side against all the keys and hinata keeps hitting himself in the face with drum sticks

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"There's one hc where 19 yr old Dans mom makes him get a prostate exam and Phil is th Doctor and he ends up fingering Dan. Can u find it ;-;" there's a fic called "Dr. Lester" by versacephan that's very similiar, but it's not a hc ^^ :)

Dr. LesterDan’s just barely 18 with a high sex drive. He loves sex, especially cocks. Those are his favourite. But when his mom finds out he’s been having too much sex with guys in his room, she insists on him getting a prostate exam. When Dan goes to visit the creepy doctor he’s had since he was 6, he’s surprised when he sees a new one in his place. A really attractive doctor named Dr. Lester.]

- Tori