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5. Crying

So it’s not like he does it a lot, but he definitely does it more freely than the undeveloped S1 version of himself would have you think. He cries every year on his mom’s birthday because he loves her so much and every year he’s more and more grateful for the sacrifices she had to make after Roger left to keep them both afloat. He cries (privately, and then later, with Amy) every time he’s working a child-related case and ends up being too late. He cries for three days after being moved to Florida for witness protection, and again that last night when he’s in the hospital and the realization that he gets to go home with Amy tomorrow fully hits. He’s going to cry four times on his wedding day - once when Charles walks into the dressing room and promptly bursts into tears, again when Holt claps him on the back before leading the charge into the wedding venue, again when those doors open up and he sees Amy wearing a white dress and a nervous, radiant grin, and one more time when he dances with his mom at the reception. And he cries when both of his kids are born, right after he cuts the umbilical chord up until the nurse carefully places a tiny screaming bundle in his arms.

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Actually interesting connor background speculation I've encountered in fandom: he was an English or Classics major, he and Gemma are half-siblings, he was popular/had a lot of casual friends and teammates but few if any close friends in high school because he was a snarky asshole nerd who studied all the time, he likes sex because it's fun and he's really good at it, his mom is nice and loves him a lot.

Wow, thanks for this! 

I really like the little bit of family dynamic we got for Walsh in that one holiday-special episode! And if he and Gemma were half-siblings that would totally explain him not knowing his father and even the little bit of age gap (I mean Gemma has children that look like they’re older than toddlers). 

For me he comes across as someone extroverted but also totally independent in that he is easily known/recognized by many people but he was not the friendliest bloke back at boarding school. I think if he didn’t have too many friends while getting his undergraduate degree he probably didn’t mind at all. We’ve seen Walsh initiate a study group though so I feel like that’s how he made up his social life aside from his sexual relationships. 

Also now I’m really dwelling on ‘Keating Five Undergrad Degrees Headcanon Bonanza’. It had been buried in my drafts but I found a reason to get back into it. THIS IS ON YOU. But, you know, I am much obliged as well lol.

I shall give you a shout out once it’s all found a way out of my noggin’ and on to a post (spoiler alert: I FEEL LIKE Walsh would have not majored in either English or Classics but his secondary focus [or minor] definitely could have been either one of those or some other BA degree).


soonyoung sending a message to his mom, who got hospitalized recently. she didn’t tell him, because she wouldn’t want to worry him so he only got to know about it yesterday. he told her that she should tell him if she feels sick and contact him! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Your mother really loved you.

Sans: “what? photos of my lil bro? of course i have some! they’re amazing!”

* Sans went to his desk, and came back with some photos of a very small Papyrus.

Sans:  “ look at these three photos! i think this is from when he was seven… he cried so much when his ice scream fell to the floor, the ice scream lady freaked out and had to give him another one! and it was for free! look at that proud smile… that day, he learnt that he could get things he wanted if he yelled loud enough. valuable life lesson, yup.”

Sans: “and here? i think this one is from when he was eight or s’m’thing. he didnt even want to get separated from that bunny… where did he get it anyway? he was such a cute kid, amirite? ‘kept saying it was his “battle companion”. don’t ask me where that bunny is now, i have no idea…”

Sans: “this hot shot was from when he was ten. he was in that hyperactive period where he wanted to do everything at once. colorful… too colorful for my liking, but whatevs. as long as he didn’t break the house it was fine with me. thank god, he calmed down the year after…”

Sans: “this one is priceless. paps was trying to do magic all morning, and when he finally managed to do one spell, that dog stole it. papyrus was really mad for the rest of the day cause he was never able to caught it.”


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[161017] Sinchon fansign ~Hoseok

Q2:J-Hope’s personal goal for 2017?


Q3:Your mom’s reaction when she first listened to ‘MAMA’?

HOSEOK:*Message* I love you

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I’ve always felt like I’ve had the best of both worlds from my parents. In terms of heritage, music, tastes, everything. I’m very close to my dad, he’s like my best friend… but I am pretty much a mummy’s boy. She does everything for me!

so like

if onion doesn’t eat

do you think he stole the potato chips to bring steven to his house

specifically to his garage

with all the paintings of amethyst

that his mom just started painting again recently

because things have been tense at home

do you think onion realized his mom was upset and stole the chips to get steven to bring amethyst to his house to cheer his mom up?


*hearing what a dark and terrible person his mom use to be*
Henry: *heart eyes harder*