and he looks so good here

rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie

It’s March 27th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Different Frequencies by Skyhill

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Night Trap: Super Secret Ending - Part 2

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today: Dan has flown Virgin Airlines so much he has the safety video song memorized.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

(thank you @falling-through-my-cold-hands for capping such a beautiful picture)


I feel really good about myself today, so here yall go, it’s my face, happy munday!!

[he/him or she/her only please]


The song of the ocean breeze fills the air around you and Shawn as you lazily swing back and forth in that old hammock on the front porch of the house you’re renting, the one with ropes that looked about ready to snap. Shawn spent the day yesterday repairing it while you watched him, iced tea in hand, sunglasses perched on your nose and encouragements falling from your lips. (“Babe, your back looks so good like that”; “Stop wiggling your ass at me dipshit”; “Can you take your pants off too?”)

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That’s What I Like - Bucky x Reader One Shot

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//NOTE: I haven’t really written in this point of view before, it was kinda difficult, LOL. But It was inspired by the song in bold below, click the link to listen to it while reading. Love you all!//


Bucky walked into the party and looked around. Tony Stark was very well known for his frequent gatherings, but this was the first one he had gone to. Gorgeous women and alcoholic beverages were in abundance, and he saw the other Avengers scattered around the room having a blast.

But this wasn’t his kind of scene. He still hated large crowds and lots of noise, which were the two things this party was made of. But Steve had thought it would be a good idea for him to socialize with some other people, so here he was. “Alright, Buck. Get a drink, say hi - just try, okay?” Steve said, smiling at Natasha, who was across the room, and placing a reassuring hand on Buck’s shoulder. However, when Buck winced at the unanticipated contact, he removed the hand.

“Alright, I will. Thanks Steve,” Bucky mumbled, just loud enough to be audible over the music - That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. So no one listens to swing anymore? He thought to himself. Everything had changed, it was still odd to him.

His eyes kept trailing aimlessly around the room until they stopped on someone. She was gorgeous in a tight fitting dress with an asymmetrical sleeve. She threw back her head and laughed, and Buck cracked the smallest smile. He wanted to make her laugh more. He turned around to ask Steve who she was, but he was gone. He looked around the room and saw him standing over there by Natasha, laughing at something she said. He began walking over to ask him, and then he remembered what Steve had said. Say hi, he thought to himself. He turned back to the girl.

What do I say to an angel like that? He kept eyeing her and then quickly looked away when her eyes met his and she smiled. He felt a warm feeling traveling through him, butterflies in his stomach, and a blush rising up to his cheeks.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her turn to her friend and then back to him, and then - oh God, she was walking over. Fuck. What to say, what to say? You’re gorgeous? Shit, no, that’s creepy as hell. Come up with something - too late. She was practically in front of him now. “Hello. James, isn’t it?” She said in the kindest voice.

Buck turned to her and immediately gulped. She was even more beautiful up close. He hoped the lighting would conceal the red blooming on his face. “Yeah - but, uh - everyone just calls me Bucky.” He told her, smiling sheepishly. She looked at him in confusion at the mention of his nickname. “My middle name is Buchanan, so everyone just says Bucky or Buck. It’s shorter.”

“Oh. Well my name is (name).” The girl chimed happily, ignoring the obvious awkwardness of the situation. “I saw you looking at me, you know.”

“Oh - shit, sorry, that probably seemed really creepy,” he laughed weakly and returned his gaze from her face to the floor. “I was just - uh… admiring your makeup.” What the fuck Bucky?! That’s not only a lie, it’s weird.

But she just laughed light-heartedly. “My makeup, huh?” She asked, obvious amusement in her voice. “Thanks I guess. Anyway, uh - I’m going to go back to talking with my friend. It was nice talking with you, Bucky.”

She turned away, and Buck watched her as she went back to her friend, walking head held high, never avoiding a gaze. That confidence - God, that was the confidence he wanted. Not only for himself, but also for the woman he ended up being with. And now I scared her off, Bucky thought. I’m such a mess.

A few hours later, the party was still far from over. If anything, there were just more people there… although a lot more were drunk or passed out on the couches in the lounge. Bucky had now made himself comfortable at the bar, and he stared at the ten empty shot glasses in front of him. He raised his fresh glass and downed the 11th. The bartender blinked a few times in amazement. “It’s the serum,” Buck told him. “I can’t get drunk.”

“O - okay. Another?” He asked, and Buck was about to say ‘one more’, but was interrupted.

“Two more, please,”

He knew that voice. He turned and saw the angel from earlier, the one he had supposedly scared off. “Uh - hi. (Name), w - was it?” He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck and summoning up enough courage to offer her a weak smile. Although he wasn’t sure if it was liquid courage or him finally manning up.

“Yeah, (name). And I know your name was Ja - Bucky. Right?” She replied, the beautiful smile on her face never faltering. When Buck nodded quickly, she continued. “I was wondering, after we finish this drink, wanna dance?”

“Wha - me?” Bucky asked, shock taking him over. The bartender tried to conceal a smirk and failed. He backed a step or two away from the counter when Buck shot him a glare. “Uh - why would you want to dance with me?”

“Because I think you’re cute,”

Oh my God, no fucking way. Okay, Bucky calm down, she probably is doing this on a dare. Just… just keep smiling. Laugh a little bit. Turn her down. “Well - uh, I wouldn’t want to step on your toes,” he objected, slapping himself internally. Why was he turning down someone like her?

“Wanna know something? I’m not very good at dancing, either.” She giggled and raised one eyebrow, downing her shot. Buck quickly followed and downed his. “Maybe we could go on a walk instead? It’s really loud in here, my ears need a break.”

“Uh - sure.” Bucky, what are you thinking? You’re can’t walk in awkward silence the entire time. You’ll have to say things… just… oh God, but she’s so amazing. I can’t turn this down.

“Alright, let me just tell my friend I’m gonna be gone for a sec,” she said before hurrying off to where her friend was sitting.

“Okay, I will, too…“ He said to her retreating form.

In a few minutes, Bucky and (name) were out on the streets, the music of the party fading off behind them and the sound of cars honking and motorcycles revving getting louder.

When Bucky had told Steve, Natasha, and Sam why he was leaving, they had all shared a look that said 'oh, wow, he actually got a girl’, but hadn’t said anything except ‘good luck’. Buck now rolled his eyes at the thought. They were so annoying sometimes, but life would be weird without them.

"I’m surprised Mr. Stark doesn’t get in trouble for how loud he plays the music,” (Name) remarked, and then laughed. Buck smiled.

“Well what’re they gonna do, sue Tony Stark? That’s just asking for trouble,” he rolled his eyes thinking about the arrogant being named Tony Stark.

“Yeah, that man is a whole nother thing on it’s own.” She huffed. “But don’t tell him I said that, him being my boss and all. I’m one of his assistants, I’d get fired pronto.”

“My lips are sealed.” Bucky promised, letting out a little laugh. He felt (name) looking at him and stopped to meet her gaze. “What is it, did I say something?” He panicked, taking a step back from her.

“No, no! I was just thinking, your real laugh is really nice,” she calmed him down, reaching up and tucking one of his long brown chin-length locks back behind his ear. “My God, Bucky, why are you so panicky? I bet you a hundred dollars you could get any girl you wanted if you had a little more confidence.”

“I don’t want to get just any girl, though,” Buck smiled a little bit and looked at the ground. (Name) nodded in understanding and grabbed his hand, taking him in surprise. However, he didn’t flinch or move away, her hand intertwined with his was nice… it was his metal one, too… and she didn’t even react to how cold it was. She just kept smiling, her eyes sparkling in the street lights and headlights of cars.

“Come on, let’s go to my apartment. I brought my bag, so I’ve got keys,” she told him. They started moving, but Bucky stopped her. “Hmm?” She asked.

“Why - uh, why would we need to go to your apartment?” He asked nervously. Was she going to try and have sex with him? He wanted it, but he didn’t have a condom, would he have to ask her for one? Oh God, oh God…

“Oh, no, no. I just thought we could watch a movie or something, I’d like to get to know you better, and it’s hard with all of this ambiance,” she told him once she had read the look on his face, raising her hands up. Buck smiled. She looked around, as if nervous someone was watching them, and then whispered, “I also said ambiance because it sounds smarter than noise.”

Bucky lost it at that, letting out his real laugh. He immediately felt a blush raising to his cheeks when he was done laughing. “There’s that laugh,” she said, smiling and putting her hand back in Buck’s metal one. The light pink dusting his face quickly darkened to red, and he hoped she didn’t notice.

“Alright, Mr. Bucky. We have The Lion King, Tangled, The Jungle Book, and Brave. Which one do you want to watch?” (Name) proclaimed when she walked into the living room, holding four DVD cases. Buck smiled.

She had changed into some pajamas, the top having a certain person’s shield on it and the bottoms having some red and white stars on them.

“Aren’t those all Disney movies?” He asked.

“Yeah. So what? I love Disney, I don’t care that I’m an adult.” She laughed, placing them out on the coffee table in front of Bucky and heading to the kitchen. “Now for food!” She pulled out bowls and bags of candy, chips, and some soda cans.

It took her and Bucky a few trips, but soon Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, (God, they all end with ‘tos’ don’t they?) Skittles, M&Ms, and Hot Tamales were all laid out in bowls on the coffee table. “Presenting you with a feast!” (Name) told Bucky as she set down the last bowl.

Buck laughed. “You’re so cute.” He said, without thinking. He immediately regretted it when he felt the blush rising up to his face. He sighed to himself. Bucky, you’re such an idiot.

“Thanks, you’re cute, too.”

Okay, he should have expected that. After all, she had called him cute before, right? But it was a relief. “Alright, have you decided which movie you want?” She asked, sitting down close to Buck on the couch.

Really close.

Buck’s heart was beating hard. “Uh - uh, Tangled,” he said hurriedly.

Halfway through the movie, (name) had passed out with her head on Bucky’s chest. He had carefully moved her so her head was resting on a pillow and then covered her with a blanket folded over the back of the couch. He turned off the TV and the lamp in the corner of the living room as well as putting the bowls of leftover candy and chips in the kitchen. He was going to leave, but he decided to do something else first.

He found a notepad in the kitchen along with a pen, and he scribbled down something before slipping out of the apartment.

(Name) woke up and looked around. Shit, she had fallen asleep. Where was Bucky? After a drowsy sweep of the apartment, it was obvious that he had left. She sighed. It was a shame, she would have loved to make breakfast for him. She smiled when she saw a sticky note stuck on the fridge.

His number.

At the bottom it said: This is just in case you want to finish watching Tangled with me sometime. Don’t be shy to drop by the tower and ask for me. Sorry for being so awkward, I just get flustered around beautiful girls. - Bucky.

What a sweetheart, she thought as she proceeded to make her breakfast. Once she had laid out some cereal and orange juice for herself, she took her cellphone and entered Buck’s number in carefully. A rather groggy Bucky answered. “Hello, who is this?” He asked.

“(Name). I just wanted to tell you, you’re awkwardness - that’s part of what I like about you. It’s cute,” she said, a smile on her face. Buck couldn’t see it, but he could hear it in her voice.

“Well, maybe I can be a little more awkward with you at dinner tonight?” He asked, nervousness in his voice.

“Of course. I was wondering when you’d ask.”

“Alright. tonight at 6:30, meet me in the lobby of the tower?”


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Hi! Idk if this has been done yet, but how would the suitors react the first time they see the Princess wearing glasses? (BTW I hope you're having a great weekend!)

Thanks! My weekend was pretty good :) So confession - I think glasses are smexy, and even tho I don’t need them, sometimes I wear them with clear lenses, lol.


Sid - Saunters into her office one day and sees her look up over the top of her glasses as they sit on the bridge of her nose. *whistles* “Wow. Did it just get really hot in here?”


Giles - He’s taking her out to pick out frames, so she’s looking at them one by one and she picks up a pair and puts them on. “Giles, what do you think?”

“Heavens, Princess, I think my fever just spiked.”

Byron - He arrives in Wysteria for a meeting, and he sees the Princess enter the parlor.

“What did you want to meet about King Byron?”

“Sexy glasses… I mean, social classes.”

Louis - She shows up in the ballroom with her new glasses and she’s kinda shy and feeling self conscious about them, and Louis just thinks she’s super adorable in them, he can’t help but grin.


Leo -*She arrives for their lesson and she’s not wearing them, and he knows she needs them* “Come on, put on your glasses.” *She pulls them out of her pocket and puts them on* *he’s sitting there trying to hold his sh*t together with blood trickling from his nose*


Nico - *squeeeee* “They’re so cute on you!” *takes them and puts them on his face* “I want glasses too!”


Rayvis - He strolls into the Palace, confident and ready for this meeting with the Princess. He hasn’t seen her in a while, but he’s all business - he turns a corner and sees her talking to Leo from a distance. He’s … what? Tf did he call a meeting for? What is the date today? He doesn’t even know his name anymore …


Alyn - *teasing * “I bet you look silly with them on.” *she puts them on and looks at him* *he chokes on his on spit and falls off the bench* “Oh god, so hot….”


Robert - *she arrives for a portrait painting in his studio and he’s all chatty getting ready, but he hasn’t looked at her yet when- * “Oh, you look so mature and regal with your glasses Princess. How fitting.”


Albert - *he is secretly thrilled he has something in common with her that they can talk about* “Hey, so if you want to know good ways to clean your glasses, I mean, I can show you sometime … ”

back home again

I had a great week last week but its fantastic being home again. Ahhh the life of an introvert. So I wanted to hit on a few things: 

  • Sorry I didn’t do a bullet point list of my thoughts for 5x17. I’d do it now but it feels too late. I was doing good to have enough time to watch the episode, write up my H&H recap and post the link here. 
  • But I LOVED the episode. That’s the sort of angst I really dig because it’s so deeply rooted in characterization and development. It moves the plot forward. I look at it like Adrian saw a blockage inside Oliver’s soul, blocked by a cork, and he removed the cork. He thinks doing so will ruin Oliver for good, but it’s going to prove to be the opposite. This is how he heals. I’m beyond delighted about it. 
  • Looks like there was some great stuff that came out of HVFF in Chicago this weekend. I tried my best to keep up with the highlights. So grateful to everyone who went and reported back to fandom on all the little goodies. 
  • (if the flashback sex in 5x20 happens because Felicity attempted the salmon ladder and fell off and Oliver caught her or something of that sort, I will probably expire from sheer delight.)
  • I think we have some really great episodes coming up… if we can get through these three weeks off in April. 😩 Honestly, who thought that scheduling was a good idea?? 
  • I feel like it’s all gonna start paying off. The patience and the faith… it’s all coming together. I have my fingers double and triple crossed. 

Ugh. Monday. A Monday after a vacation, no less. I need about fifty cups of coffee. Have a great week, everyone!


He stares, trying to divert his attention from how tall and lean and good-looking the man is to the dark blue uniform he’s wearing, the gold stud that’s shining in his ear, the faint glow that surrounds him, unless that last is Juno’s imagination getting away from him.

“Who are you?” he asks at last, straightening up and walking over to the stranger, who regards him with a warm nonchalance. “How did you get in here? And how the hell did you know my name?”

“Why, Juno Steel, ” he says, still grinning, “If I didn’t know your name I wouldn’t be a very good guardian angel, now would I?”

Moodboard for Raziel, Angel of Mysteries, Ruling Prince of the Second Heaven Peter Nureyev, from @wastrelwoods​’ fic Standing In The Light of Your Halo

Luke introduces you to the rest of the guys

Requested by @luke5aos

“Are you ready yet?” Luke yelled impatiently from the hallway. You sighed to yourself and mumbled a curse word or two when your hair-tie broke. It was the third to break, and the last one! Your hair had been an unbelievable mess all day, and you’ve tried everything to make it look decent.
You really wanted to make a good first impression on your boyfriend’s best pals. But here you were in the bathroom in Luke’s apartment, after approximately 2-3 hours of finding decent clothes, showering, and doing makeup.
“I’ll be right there babe!” you yelled back, annoyed because of your not so cooperative locks. “Are you all right Y/N?” Luke responded in a caring tone. You sighed again, even more frustrated.
You gave up and walked down to the hallway. Luke stood in the doorframe between the hallway and living room, his tall frame coming towards you. He looked worryingly at you. “What’s the matter sweetie?” You grunted a little when he asked.
“It’s just… I really want to make a good impression y’know?” Luke nodded for you to continue. “But I just feel like such a mess. I mean, my outfit is okay. But my hair is just the absolute worst!” you whined and threw your hands dramatically in the air.
You plumped down on the sofa with a pout on your face.
 Luke squatted down in front of you. His ocean blue eyes drilled into yours.
He grabbed your hands. “Look, we’re already late. But the thing is that you look incredibly stunning, as always.” You blushed at his words.
After almost 5 months of being in a non-public relationship with the one and only Luke Hemmings, it was finally time for you to meet the rest of the band. Yes, 5 months is a long time, but Luke has been incredibly protective of you. It’s not like he’s in control of your life, he had just been scared of how the fans would react.
“Thank you” you mumbled shyly. “You’re so cute” He said and kissed your cheek.
He pulled you up and he snaked his arms around your waist.
“I ruv you.” He said and rubbed his nose gently against yours. You giggled at his action, you have always been ticklish on your nose, and he knew that.
He adored your small giggles and mostly your smile. It makes him so happy to know that he is the reason for your smile.
“I ruv you too. Let’s go then.” You said and pecked his lips. He opened the door for you, though not without slapping your ass. What a gentleman you thought to yourself.

“Hi guys!” Luke yelled when he opened the door to Michael’s apartment. You could feel your nerves shaking your body slightly.
 Luke looked down at you and squeezed your hand in an assuring manner.
“It’ll be fine darling, don’t worry.” He whispered in your ear before bro-hugging Michael.
You could recognise Michael by his colourful hair. After that, came whom you assumed to be Calum, and then probably Ashton, for hugs.
“Long time no see bro.” Calum exclaimed excitedly.

“Well, well, well, who do we have here?” Said Ashton.
 All six eyes suddenly landed on you. You stood awkwardly, almost half way out the door, giving a little wave. You didn’t really know what to say, so you just looked up at Luke for help.
Michael moved towards you, and said “The name is Y/N, right?” You looked down at your feet for a brief moment. “Uh, y-yeah I s-suppose…” you managed to stutter. You wanted to smack yourself for seeming so shy.
You kept looking at your feet and crossed your arms.
Luke walked back to you and wrapped his arm around your waist. You could sense that he looked down at you, smiling. “Yes, her name is Y/N. She’s a little shy.” He said, giving you a little squeeze on your hip. You sighed, looked up and mouthed a thank you to Luke for saving your ass.
You didn’t say much in the first couple of hours. Luke never left your side, because he knew how you felt in situations like this. But you started to feel comfortable around 6 pm. You held your arms over your stomach when it started to grumble.
The guys had been playing some soccer game on the playstation for some time now.
You tugged in Luke’s shirt. “I’m hungry.” You complained with pled in your eyes. He looked down at you and placed a gentle, little kiss on your forehead. “A’igtht…” He trailed off and paused the game. “Guys, the little one here is hungry. Anyone up for some pizza or something?” He said while rubbing your hair and made it even more messy. You huffed a little by his action. But they all cheered by his suggestion, and you went onto the nearest pizza place’s website to order.
“What do you want then?” You said and tugged your hair behind your ear. “How about a couple of the large Meatlover’s dream?” Said Michael with a twinkle in his eye. “Sure, anything else?” They all mumbled no.
You ordered three family-sized pizzas with all the meat you could get, and some fried chicken as well, because why not. 40 minutes passed, and the doorbell rang.
Luke stood up to answer, but Michael came before him. Michael swung the door open, grabbed the food, and placed a handful of notes in the pizza-guy’s hands. “Thank you, have a nice evening!” You managed to yell before Michael slammed the door shut, and plopped his bum harshly on the couch.
“My gosh, I’m starving!” Said Calum and rushed over to Michael for a slice, after followed Ashton and Luke. You hurried to grab your fried chicken before anyone else noticed it.
You went to the kitchen to search for some soda and glasses. You came back, and poured everyone a glass. 

You found yourself with your head resting on Luke’s shoulder, and your hands on top of your precious food baby.
You started to feel sleepy, and Luke noticed. “Time to go home princess?”
You nodded and hummed a yes in response. “Well guys, it’s time to say goodnight. Princess Y/N needs to get her beauty-sleep.” He exclaimed, and stood up so fast that you fell sideways onto the couch. You groaned when your head landed on the soft material- you were so tired out of a sudden.
You stood up as well and went to grab your coat and scarf. You were suddenly attacked in a hug and you squealed in shock. Michael hugged you and said goodnight, then Ashton and Calum.
“It was really nice to finally meet you Y/N! Look out for Luke for me, okay?” Said Calum and looked down at you. “Of course I will Calum.” You said and giggled. You all said your final goodbyes, and drove home.

It wasn’t a long car ride, yet long enough to fall asleep.
You were woken up by a deep sigh. You looked up to see Luke’s stubble.
Then down to see the ground moving. You then realised you were being carried. You rested your head back onto his chest, and fell back asleep. 

You woke up the next morning at 9 am. The familiar feeling of Luke’s arm slung on your waist made you crack a little smile.
You reached for your phone and went onto twitter and saw a fuck ton of new followers. What is going on? You thought to yourself.

You went through all the new notifications, and saw that Luke had mentioned you in a tweet. You pressed the link, and what you saw next almost made you cry tears of joy. The tweet read: 

My beautiful girlfriend, @Y/T/N, I love you.

 Along with a picture of laying on your side in his bed.

 You turned around with a broad smile spread across your lips. To your surprise, Luke was looking at you with those amazing eyes. “I love you too Luke” you said and cuddled further into his chest.

Jinki/Taemin; Moving Day (Part 4/4); PG

Still Tw for anxiety, abuse, emetophobia and some sex talks

“You okay?” Jinki asks softly. Taemin blinks quickly, looks up at him, looks back down.

“I… think so,” he mumbles. “I don’t know.” He picks up his water with both hands to take a little sip. “They’re coming home today,” he says quietly.

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I’m a bit of a resource for Doctor Who trivia among my friends and the variety of answers I’ve given are wild. A sampler:

  • Answer, citing TV canon
  • Answer, citing Big Finish
  • Answer, citing a novel no one else has read
  • “There’s no good answer but here are some popular Internet headcanons I like”
  • “It’s been retconned so many times I don’t know anymore”
  • “I know it doesn’t make sense. Blame it on Faction Paradox if that helps”
  • “There are at least eight valid answers”
  • “I know the answer, but don’t know if it’s TV canon, popular headcanon, or just a dream I had”
  • “Look, I know he retired nearly a decade before he even got the job. But the attempts to fix it just made it worse”

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...did seb get his nose done?

Originally posted by teamcaptainstucky

I’m not an expert, but I don’t think so? in my opinion it’s probably just a combo of camera angles and shadows and The Aging Process taking him from fresh-faced twink with a bit of roundness and puppy fat to the haggard old man grown adult he is these days

who knows, though, because these profiles look a lil different, but again: the mystery of photography and post-processing

whatever. a mystery for the ages. I like his snoot either way, it’s a good nose. YOU GOT A GOOD FACE, PAL.

just as an aside, look at this photo I found while deep-diving into google images for “sebastian stan 2006″

that’s… a Look, seb. this whole situation is a Look. every woman in their late 20s-early 30s remembers dating one or more of these archetypes, and all of them were wildly disappointing.

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Please don't give up hope just yet. There are nice gay guys out there just like you who are looking for the same things as you are. Have you looked into joining a gay organization or club? There are some guys here in Chicago that meet up and go to movies and another one that meets for breakfast on the weekends. Maybe there is something like these in your community. Another way of meeting nice people might be with volunteer groups like Habitat for Humanity. Please don't give up hope. John

Those sound like really good options! And I’ve been to a couple a long time ago! But my problem right now is more so that multiple times I’ll meet a guy and he’ll say stuff like “I had a great time on our date we should definitely do something again” and everything will be going well and he’ll be showing interest and then out of nowhere he seem very uninterested and I’m left wondering what changed or what I did and so I’m just in a place where it seems like no guy will actually like me and want to be with me

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I actually did feel bad for Kevin in that conversation which I know is like scandalous to say on here...but they were so rude. He told Emily yesterday that he hoped cass wasn't mad and that he genuinely likes her as a person and hoped they were cool after this. I just hated class's attitude during all of that and how she was trying to antagonize him. Wasn't a good look in my eyes.

I agree 100%
Kevin is actually a nice person despite what the tag says.

He’s never ever said a bad word about Cass in that house. He’s only praised her as a player, all he’s ever said was that he wanted her out and that’s because she says his name constantly.

Not sorry if you’re sleeping on Kevin but he’s not a bad dude, at all. Wrong side of the house but so is Neda and Sindy.

It was all…. unnecessary.
Stay the Night-Spencer Reid

Warnings-Sad Spencer :(
Song-Stay the Night by Zedd ft Hayley Williams
~I know that we are upside-down~

You got home from your 9-5 job but your boyfriend Spencer was not home as usual,his job kept him away for days,even weeks at a time.You however were used to this,as you were cooking dinner he came through the door, “(Y/N) I’m here” he said with no emotion, you both were not really in this relationship anymore.You felt numb almost .”Hi” you finally said,blandly.”How was work?” “Good” “Yours” “good”, god you hated small talk.”Dinner is done.” you said as you put the Hamburger Helper on the table.He sat down and so did you, but instead of silence you spoke your mind.”Look Spence,we know that this isn’t going to work.”

~So hold your tongue and hear me out.~

“(y/n) I-I” “wait”.you interrupted the smart man, he put his hair behind his ears to show that he was listening,”Spence hear me out.”

~I know that we were made to break so what I don’t mind…~

“You’ve studied relationships, you know this isn’t going to work.But its getting dark..”

~so are you gonna stay the night?are you gonna stay the night?

“could-coul-could you stay the night? We can watch tv or something” he nodded, he knew exactly how you felt.

~You cue the lights,I’ll draw the blinds.~

“Could you get the lights?It’s better when it’s dark.I’ll get the drapes” you said walking toward the curtain.”Did you know that Thomas Edison had very bad hearing because of a train accident?” you giggled, oh how you would miss his random facts.

~Don’t dull the sparkle in your eyes~

He loved your giggle, in fact that was how you met.You spilled coffee on yourself and instead of yelling you just giggled as he helped you clean up.

~I am a fire your gasoline~

“Why is Martha so underrated? She’s so smart!” said Spencer “all smart girls are underrated” you mumbled. “wait what? (y/n) your not underrated! The whole team knows how smart you are!They have wanted you on the team for a long time!” he said in a surprised expression

~Come pour yourself all over me,we’ll let this place go down in flames only one more time…~

You laid you head down in his lap, “well, you have enough members” he stroked your hair. “we could use someone like you” he said fondly.You got up and kissed him and it turned into something else…

~So are you gonna stay the night?~

You woke up,his belongings were gone, not a trace of him left behind. “At least he stayed the night” you said