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hi ive been finding alot of accounts saying theyve met brendon and that hes an ass hole and i keep finding stories of him being rude to people but i dont know if theyre true and its really making me sad because i truly truly look up to panic alot and i dont really have any people who love me in my life so i kinda have panic and i was wondering if you have some examples of him bein a good person like ive always thought he is?

there’s a really long post of like nice/sweet encounters/etc with him but I tried looking and couldn’t find it so if anyone wants to add that onto this post, feel free, because that’s like the best masterpost esque thing of good brendon things!. (it’s got like 60k+ notes). But moving on, obviously not everyone is gonna have the best experience with meeting him, but that doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person all around, just human, yknow. Sometimes you fuck up.

But anyways! Here’s a few sweet stories I collected from my band stories tag on my blog, and I’ll even throw in a firsthand experience! When I met him for the first time I was a fucking mess, I was literally 2 seconds away from a panic attack. I’m like 90% sure he could tell how freaked I was and he was the nicest dude, just incredibly chill and so thankful [for the gifts I gave him] and happy to talk to me, he was genuinely interested in what I was saying, looked me straight in the eye and hung to every word I said whenever I talked. Joked around with me and Kenny. In my book it’s been the best experience I’ve had meeting someone Famous, he was just so goddamn nice and just such a fucking lovely guy.

and my personal all time favorite

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Okay, so I just read your request where Reinhardt's s/o is reported as a casualty but they end up coming back alive and he proposes! I’m shook! Can we get the same for Soldier 76 and Hanzo?! ❤️

Soldier: 76 (IDK why but I wanted to do Strike Commander, so that’s the timeline we’re working with here!) AO3 Link Here!

When Ana tells him the news he laughs. There’s literally no way you’re dead. No way.He trained you himself and he knows he’s a damn good teacher. You can’t be dead. You can’t be.

But then you don’t come back. One day. Two, and the laughter starts to ring hollow in his ears. He tells Ana it isn’t funny anymore and asks where you are. And she gives him this look that she means sympathetically but all he sees is pity. And he hates it.

You’re dead. Gone and there’s nothing he can do to bring you back. He should be used to casualties by now, it’s a part of every soldier’s life whether they like it or not. But it’s you. With your bright smiles and all too eager salutes. You hadn’t seen the worst the world had to offer yet, and he wanted to shelter you from that for as long as he could. He wanted to protect you. And he failed.

He breaks down in front of his two best friends. Gabriel and Ana try their best to console him but their voices sound like white noise, like a thousand wasps buzzing inside his head. Neither of them can help him get his breathing under control, and black spots start to encroach on his vision, and the last thing he remembers is saying your name.

After that he pretends to be alright in front of the other agents and even in front of Gabe and Ana, even if they can still see he’s not okay, neither of them bring it up, letting him grieve on his own. He doesn’t sleep, keeps working like a zombie at his desk, doing paperwork. Then he checks in on the new recruits, stops by the training hall, says hello to those he passes with a smile anyone can see is fake. He grabs lunch and lets it go cold and uneaten. Rinse and repeat for five more days.

His friends are about to corner him and get him to talk, to sleep or eat or something. But before they can put their plan into action a miracle happens. You come stumbling back into base, covered in dirt and bruises. When you pass by Ana and Gabe on your way to find your Commander they stare at you with wide eyes. You look dead on your feet. But not dead and that’s what’s important.You don’t even acknowledge their presences, just shuffle by them, eyes staring determinedly ahead as you near Jack’s office.

When the door creaks open he already has an excuse and a platitude on his tongue, but they both die the moment he sees you. Your hair is matted with blood, your clothes torn and the way you’re breathing makes him think you might’ve broken a rib. He makes these assessments even as he scrambles up and out of his chair, rounding the desk to meet you halfway as you stumble, knees quaking, into his arms.

Being back where you’re supposed to be seems to breathe more life into you. You blink away the sting in your eyes and give a tired smirk, “Reporting for duty, sir.” you mumble, leaning almost your entire body weight on him, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He laughs, and it sounds strangled and wet, “You’re late, soldier.” he teases, his lips pressing against the crown of your head.

You pull away from him and try for a beaming smile only to notice the bags under his eyes. “You look like hell, Jack.” you scold with a frown, thumbs sweeping away the tears under his lashes.

You’re met with a snort and a roll of his blue eyes, “You looked in the mirror lately?” he shoots back. 

You feel your lips quirk at the corners, “Actually, no, I haven’t looked in a mirror lately. I’ve been a little busy trying to get back home to you.” 

His eyes soften at that as he squeezes you lightly, pressing his forehead to yours. The peace only lasts a moment before he pulls away, inhaling deeply and you already know that this is no longer Jack, it’s Commander Morrison. “Get to the infirmary. Have Ziegler look you over.” You nod, tiredly, repressing  sigh. “And don’t bother reporting in for the next few days.” he says harshly, though you both know he means it in the opposite sense.

“Yes, Commander.” you say, with a hint of exasperation, but he lets it go, passing it off as exhaustion. 

Once you’re gone Jack flops down into his chair, dragging his hands down his face and begins to laugh hysterically. Gabriel and Ana pop their heads into his office and watch him with half-amused and half-worried expressions. When Jack’s laughter has calmed Gabe looks directly at Ana and says “Told you he’d lose it when he saw. You owe me twenty bucks.” Gabe smirks and Ana rolls her eyes, but Jack pays neither of them any mind. You’re back. You’re safe, the rest of the world could just melt away for all he cared right now.

Jack comes to visit you in the infirmary where Dr. Ziegler is keeping you overnight for observation. You have two broken ribs and a probable concussion so someone has to monitor you. The Strike Commander volunteers. “Isn’t this considered favoritism?” you ask with a quirk of an eyebrow.

He rolls his eyes and leans over you, pressing you back into the uncomfortable hospital bed. “I can show you favoritism if you want.” he smirks, enjoying the flush painting your cheeks. He laughs and steals a kiss from you while you are still stunned, then sits in the chair beside your bed.

You glare at him. More in embarrassment than actual anger. Suddenly you remember something and you bite your lip as you look away from him. “Jack…I almost died.” you murmur, so quietly he could’ve easily missed it.

He’s quiet for so long that you start to think he really didn’t hear you. “Yeah.” is all he says, staring down at his hands with a furrowed brow. 

“I’m so sorry.” his head snaps up. “I didn’t mean to make you worry, I swear I was fighting the whole time to get back to you, I just–” he hops up and steals the rest of the words from your lips. You’re glad for it, as you might have started crying if you had kept rambling. 

You melt into him, gripping the front of his shirt to keep him close. When he pulls away he only breathes two words. “Marry me.” It’s a question phrased like a command. A command from the Commander. One you’re all too happy to follow.

A smile tugs at your lips and you say what any good soldier would say to a command from their commanding officer, “Yes, sir.”

Hanzo (AO3 Link Here!)

He sees it happen. One moment you’re standing there in front of the warehouse where you’ve just taken down the night’s enemies, grinning at him, waving him over. You’re covered in sweat and bruises but you’re alive. And the next moment, in the blink of an eye, the building behind you erupts into a mass of fire and death. It happened so fast that he doesn’t even see where you land. Where your body lands. No one could have survived standing so close to an explosion like that.

Perhaps rage should have taken over. Perhaps he should have seen red and starting firing blindly at whoever was the cause of the explosion. But instead he focused his anger into cold calculation. Hunting down the man who blew up the warehouse was easy, he was sprinting away in the opposite direction, not even bothering to try and be stealthy about it. Shooting him down and maiming him was even easier, Hanzo is a master archer, his arrow always finds its mark. Which means he could have gone for a kill shot right off the bat. But he didn’t.

Killing the man who killed you will not bring you back, but it will give him some sort of sick satisfaction. As his prey begins to crawl away, whimpering and pleading for its life he eyes it critically. What manner of death will cause the most pain and suffering? He fingers the dagger at his belt and freezes. You gave him that, as a gift. He refused to use a sword again, but he needed some sort of blade for close combat so you compromised and got him a dagger. A plain thing, but his name was etched on the side in your messy and somewhat inaccurate kanji.

He has no illusions that you would be disappointed in him for torturing someone to death. Only that he tortured himself while doing it. You’ve been trying to teach him to accept things as they are and move on. He can’t do that if he’s deliberately keeping someone alive just to take pleasure in their pain. Not this man, at the least. The man’s broken whimpers drag him from his thoughts rudely and he glares at him for half a heartbeat. With a heavy sigh Hanzo steps forward, grabs the man by his hair and cleanly and quickly slits his throat. Easy? Yes. Satisfying? Only slightly, but he tells himself he’ll have to accept it and move on.

He stands over the man’s lifeless form for several long moments. Trying to ignore the burning blaze at his back. If he turns around he’ll only be consumed by hatred and rage again, thinking about you would only hurt him. So he tried not to feel. It was easier that way, it was-

“Mooooottherrrr fucker that hurt.” His head snaps up and he turns without a second thought. And there you are: now not only covered in sweat and bruises but ash, with a gash across your forehead that probably looks worse than it is. He wants to say something, wants to run to you and hold you in his arms but the shock of seeing you standing there, very much alive, has rendered him immobile. “Ahh, man, and you already killed the fucker who did it.” you sigh, gesturing vaguely to the body just behind him. Then you look up at Hanzo’s face and tilt your head in confusion. “You okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” You frown at him as you close the distance between you and check him over for injury. Finding none your frown deepens, unaware that you’re the ghost he’s seen.

“What- How- I saw-” No matter how many times he starts the sentence he can’t finish it. Too many words wanting to rush out all at once and he’s annoyed that none of them make sense in that order. You raise your eyebrows at him with each stuttered sentence, waiting for him to collect his thoughts and try again. He inhales deeply, trying to calm his racing heart. When he opens them again he can think and speak clearly, but he’s still overcome with emotion. “I saw the explosion, I thought you were close enough to-” he stops himself before he finishes that thought.

But you seem to get it anyway, “You thought I died?” you gasp, eyes widening in realization. He nods solemnly, fists clenching at his sides and looking away from you. He’s angry. Angry that he almost lost himself when he thought he lost you. Angry that even realizing he would break if you died seeing you in front of him now he couldn’t just act on his feelings. Angry that– You rip him from his thoughts by throwing your arms around his neck, burying the clean side of your face into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize you might’ve thought…I hit the deck, right before.” You say by way of explanation, pulling back and pouting as you continue. “Obviously not fast enough to avoid getting hit by debris but…” you trail off, sullenly indicating the gash on your forehead.

With you alive and in his arms he seems to come back to himself somewhat, tilting your head to inspect your wound. “It’s not bad, but it’ll need a stitch or two.” he states plainly. You click your tongue in annoyance. He knows you hate stitches because “they itch and I always forget they’re there.” The memory brings a smile to his face. And the thought that he still gets to make more memories with you, still gets to stitch your wounds, is enough for him. Easy, with you? Never. Satisfying? More than anything.

An hour later he’s cleaning and stitching your wound while you pout and try to sit still while the needle passes through your flesh. You’ve been staring at him very pensively for the past five minutes, a far cry from your squirmy fidgeting the previous times he’s stitched you up. When he’s done he starts to put away the med kit the two of you keep, “Hanzo.” you say, to get his attention. He grunts in acknowledgement, but otherwise continues cleaning up. “We should get married.” 

He stops moving immediately and turns his head to look at you, sure he misheard you. But no, you’re sitting there, staring him down, looking as serious as he’s ever seen you. And oddly, he’s not actually surprised at the question itself. Just that you were the one to ask him. He’d be lying if he said he had never considered asking you. He thinks for a moment, hands absentmindedly stowing away the med kit. When he sits back down opposite you, you are still staring at him. He tilts his head, shrugs and says “Okay.”

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how beautful is shiro am i right??? hes like an adonis! his smile fills my eyes with tears. everytime i see him my heart feels so full i just cant stand it. i cant look at him directly or ill melt and turn into plant fertilizer. hes too good for this world and doesnt deserve to suffer this way. hes so great and i love him so much. please shiro come back safely. pleases smile once more you beautiful beautiful man. i dont know what we all did to deserve you but here you are being so great and good

You are absolutely right about all of this but also the most beautiful part about Shiro is his gentle heart and his kind soul and the absolute warmth and comfort his embrace exudes, imbued with the light of a thousand stars. I want him to be happy and safe and surrounded by loving support always 

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Honey, you're so hard working with those imagines, I'm admiring your patience and perseverance! I have an angsty skelebro ask this time: The lazy brother had a serious accident. He recovers quite fine and there aren't any consequences except for amnesia - he doesn't remember anything about his life. How does his brother go about that? How does he cope? UT and HT, pretty please!

(Ahh, thank you so much ;^; And oh boy, that’s some good stuff right there <3 )

UT Sans: Sans woke up in a strange bed, in a bright room, sunshine pouring onto his face. He looks around the empty room, desperately trying to remember how he got here. Or…who he was. Everything before the moment he opened his eyes, here, is just a fog. Just nothing. Like there never was anything, even though he knows there has to be something.

A loud, tall skeleton suddenly bursts through the ajar door, startling Sans out of his wits as he threw himself onto Sans bed, hugging the living hell out of him.

“uhm…hey there….not to ruin this moment or anything, but who are you?”

From the look on the taller ones face, Sans should know him. Very well too. Sans wondered how he could read a persons face that well, considering he couldn’t remember anything at all. 

The taller one muttered something about being told he could have amnesia, but not expecting it, before putting on a wobbly smile, and introducing himself. “I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS! YOUR GREAT AND AMAZING BROTHER!”

Sans flinched a bit at the volume of his voice: “uh…ok….you mind being a bit, you ‘now, quieter?” The way the others face fell was not a good sign. And it strangely…hurt. Even though Sans had no idea who that was.

He was released out of the hospital the same day, after a short checkup, the doctor telling him they can’t do much for him here, that being at home would probably help more in regaining his memory. But that he should come back for another checkup in a few weeks, or if anything changes. So Sans goes home with Papyrus.

It’s…awkward. He makes food for Sans, but it tastes terrible, very terrible. Sans can’t help but grimace and slowly slides the plate away from him, saying he isn’t really hungry, maybe he’s just gonna grab a ketchup bottle. He doesn’t know why ketchup, but something in him tells him he should drink it. He sees the disappointment on Papyrus face, immediately regretting what he did but unsure how to fix things. He barely knows the other after all.

After that, he mostly stays in his room or wanders through town by himself. Papyrus accompanied him once, but he was so loud and energetic and Sans still didn’t know him, he was just a loud stranger to him. Sans told him he would rather go outside by himself, and Papyrus face crumpled slightly, but he still smiled. Papyrus stopped accompanying him anywhere, stopped asking Sans to come with him to get groceries or to get ice cream together.

Sometimes Sans stayed in his room. He felt…off. Bad. Not good. And he didn’t know why. Like somebody sucked all the energy out of him, and just left a shell behind. One time, Papyrus burst into his room, something he stopped doing after Sans told him not to, but sometimes he couldn’t help but still do it. Sans lashed out at him as he tried to drag him out of bed, telling him that he was feeling like crap. “but that doesn’t seem to bother you, you just smile and shout. you always did that? you ever cared? just leave me be.”

Papyrus stopped entering Sans room after that, only knocking sometimes to tell him that dinners ready.

Bits and pieces flashed back to Sans from time to time. A man with a flame head, a red scarf, somebody with cracks running up and down from their eye sockets.

One day he woke up from a dream. He and Papyrus played in the living room, both still baby bones. Papyrus jumped from the couch, Sans catching him before he could hurt himself. he didn’t want his brother to get hurt. He wants to make him happy. He makes Sans happy every day after all, just by existing.

He woke up with the feeling that he messed up bad. That he destroyed something he has been trying to protect for so many years.

UT Papyrus: He was so glad, so glad that his brother was awake, and alright. Yes, he didn’t remember anything, but he was still his brother, he still loved him. Everything would be alright in the end, Papyrus just knew.

Sans told him to be quieter. He has never told him something like that. Maybe…maybe he has a headache? He got a bad blow to the head after all. He should really be more considerate! He wants Sans to get better now, doesn’t he? He knows, if he just does his best, everything will be alright.

Sans doesn’t like his food. Or maybe he is just not hungry right now? Yes, that has to be it. He probably just grimaced because of the amazing flavour of his dish. Yes, of course, that’s it. He has to cook something extra special tomorrow! Then everything will be alright again.

Sans didn’t read him a bedtime story. Alright, Papyrus didn’t ask him too, but he never asked, t was just a thing Sans did every evening. He was surprised that Sans didn’t appear in his room, grin on his face, wearing pyjamas and looking half asleep already. But he just went to his room and didn’t come out again. Papyrus almost forgot Sans didn’t remember anything. Silly, old bag of bones. But it would be alright again, wouldn’t it?

Sans didn’t want him to accompany him anywhere anymore. Telling him it was a bit weird to him, Papyrus being just a stranger in his eyes. Well, that hurt more the Papyrus expected words to hurt. But he wouldn’t give up. At least not now. Sans just had to remember him, and everything could be alright in the end.

Sans never ate his food. Papyrus brought him Grillbys or other fast food when he went home from work. Sans really didn’t like his food, did he? Papyrus tried his spaghetti for the first time since he started cooking. It was..horrible. Terrible. Disgusting. Was he really that bad? But he was the great Papyrus! How could he fail so badly? Would everything be alright in the end?

Sans was in one of his low moods again. Papyrus knew about them of course. But Sans always hid everything behind a smile, so Papyrus pretended to be fooled. But he always treated his brother extra nice on this days, calling him more often, writing him positive messages, getting him his favourite food without being asked. Pulling him out of bed, even though Sans would rather stay in bed. 

But today, Sans..shouted at him. Not loud, but harsh, angry. It hurt. The words hurt more. He didn’t care? But he did! He really did! But maybe he didn’t do enough, maybe he barely did anything? Could anything still be alright at the end?

Papyrus spend a lot of time in his room now. He wasn’t really…down. He was the great Papy-….who was he kidding. He wasn’t great, and he had his proof. He was always afraid people were just coddling him, boosting his self-esteem so he wouldn’t notice that he was actually a failure. He could handle so many things and still be positive because he knew he had his brother. He knew he had that one person who would always be there, who has always been there.

He knew things wouldn’t be alright again.

HT Sans: He woke up with no memory, and something about it felt familiar. Like he had often lost his memory. But if he lost it again, it meant he regained it before, didn’t it? So why did it feel like there was nothing, just nothing, not just lost but gone forever, completely, maybe never even there?

A tall skeleton entered the room, smiling as he looked at him, but staying where he was. He asked if he knew where he was. Sans shook his head. The other just nodded, still smiling. “IT’S ALRIGHT BROTHER! WE CAN DO THIS! DON’T WORRY, THIS HAPPENS VERY OFTEN, BUT THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS ALWAYS PREPARED.”

He often loses his memory? that would explain the familiarity with this situation. But…brother? “you’re my brother..?” The others face fell. That’s what seemed so off about this whole thing. He seemed to have forgotten everything. And that was not an occurring situation, as it seemed.

He was allowed to leave only an hour later, Papyrus telling him the entire way out that everything would be alright. But the moment they stepped outside, Sans knew it wouldn’t. The hospital was full of monsters, only monsters. Different physiology resulted in different medical care for monsters and humans.

Sans saw humans. Many humans. Something inside him screamed. Or was it outside. Was he screaming? He fell to the floor, shaking before he even realized it. So many, too many. All talking, moving, walking, staring. He finally managed to come back to reality, noticing that he was in a living room, on the couch, Papyrus next to him gently stroking his back.

Sans barely left the flat after that, mostly hanging onto Papyrus whenever he could, something in him screaming at him to never let him out of his sight, to protect him, but from what?

He started hoarding food n his room and in different places over the flat. He didn’t know why, but he had the urge to save it before somebody took it away from him. But he wasn’t saving it for himself. For who was he saving it then?

He never ate until he was full, always leaving leftovers. Something was missing after that, like he usually did something else after that, maybe give the food to somebody else, but he forgot.

Bits and pieces flooded back, just small things at first, but then one morning, very early, Sans woke up in cold sweat. He killed. He killed and he ate humans. He actually enjoyed it. He toyed with them. He let them suffer.

He was disgusting.

He walked away, not remembering how he could flee faster and farther. But there were so many people, so many noises, too much of everything. He grabbed his head, feeling a hole in it. He hasn’t touched his head the entire time since he woke up, he hasn’t looked in any mirror. But there was a hole, a hole in him, and his mind went blank. 

He hid in a small alleyway, not knowing what to do next, digging his fingers into his eye socket.

HT Papyrus: He could handle this, he knew how to handle this. His brother lost parts of his memory all the time. He knew how to handle things until he remembered again. Sans took care of him when he had one of his…worser times in return.

But this time was different. Sans didn’t remember a thing. It wasn’t just the usual kind of forgetting either. He had hit his head pretty hard. No wonder he forgot everything. The time he got the hole in his head made him lose half of his memories, so seems like another injury would make the other half disappear too.

It still..hurt that Sans didn’t remember him. He always remembered him, no matter what. But not this time. He would still fix this, he would help him through it. That’s what good brothers do, isn’t it?

But he noticed more and more that it those forgotten memories were only half the problem. The biggest problem was that Sans was back to his old self. Not the happy, punny one. But the one he was when they first came to the surface when surviving wasn’t the priority anymore, and all the stress to just exist fell off of everyone. 

Sans didn’t take it well, he was afraid of everyone, his memory became wonkier then before, he hoarded food like a madman, with such a  desperation. He still didn#t eat first, he still barely ate. He still tried to keep Papyrus alive, because it was the only thing Underground that mattered, the only thing he could do. And after that wasn’t necessary anymore, he didn’t know what else to do.

And he was back to that, back to being just a shell of his previous self, which was already missing so much of what he used to be before everything went wrong.

So Papyrus let him do things, like when they first came to the surface. He helped him through his panic attacks, let him hoard food, letting him eat less then he should, cooking more meals a day so his brother would still eat enough at the end of the day.

But this time, there was nobody to help him through his bad days. He woke up from nightmares, but nobody came. He had flashbacks of what he did Underground, flashbacks that were harder and harder to suppress. But nobody came. He cooked food, afraid his brother would fall down from starvation, forgetting that there was enough now, that they had enough.

But nobody came.

Where Are You? - Avengers x reader (Thor’s Ending)

Fandom: Avengers, Marvel
Warning: None
Pairing: Thor x reader
Summary: Thor finds reader and happy ending for Thor.

Part one here, Part two here, Part three here, Tony’s ending

A/N: Hello! I’m back! (kinda). Well I got inspiration and wanted to finish this series for you guys. So I hop you’ll enjoy Thor’s ending. :3

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Jikook oneshot ❤️ (1)

Hey~ I suddenly had the urge to read some Jikook fluff and I though why not write some myself? So here it is~ I don’t think it’s that good because I wrote it in like 15 min?

This is inspired by the G.C.F in tokyo❤️

Word count: 337

Genre: Fluff

Ship: Jikook

“Kookie please turn your camera off” Jimin said with a pout. “Fine” Jungkook put the camera away.

“Good now let’s enjoy the rides!” After a couple of roller coasters they decided to ride in the tee cup carousel. Jimin looked so cute smiling while the cups turned, Jungkook wanted to capture that. He packed out his camera and filmed his cute little Hyung. Even after the ride Jimin still couldn’t stop laughing like an idiot. He is just too cute, Jungkook thought and smiled to himself. He wanted to kiss his Hyung so badly, but he had to restrain himself. He just continued to film his cute little Hyung. “Kookie the fireworks are about to start we should hurry!” Jimin took Jungkook’s arm and pulled him to the castle, from there the two could see the fireworks more clearly. Even though the fireworks already begun Jungkook still continued to film Jimin instead of the fireworks. Jimin didn’t notice he was so busy watching the beautiful colors in the sky. “Kookie did you see that? It was so beautiful. Wait why are you still holding your camera in my direction shouldn’t you film the fireworks?” Jimin asked. “No.” “Why? They were so beautiful, why are you only filming me? Doesn’t it get boring after a while?” “Hyung you don’t understand.” “Then explain” “Hyung my eyes and mind can betray me but pictures and videos won’t.” “What do you mean?” “Tomorrow even after I woke up I can be sure that I was here with the most adorable and beautiful person living on earth.” Jungkook smiled. Jimin blushed and slapped Jungkook’s chest. “How can you be so cheesy? But put your camera way for a second please.” Jungkook put his camera away. Jimin leaned in to kiss him. Jimin could feel Jungkook smiling through the kiss. Even without camera Jimin wouldn’t forget this moment and would always know that this night was real, because who would forget one of the best nights he ever had?

Thanks for reading even though It’s probably shitty😂❤️

A few thoughts on Justice League


  • good
  • It was rly fun to watch and it made me happy so it was good.
  • Each character had a unique look and personality
    • Barry was super fun and #relatable
    • Cyborg and Aquaman were introduced nicely and it made me rly excited about their movies coming soon
    • Diana had a big part and was rly badass and i lov her
  • Man there’s literally no reason for Bruce to suddenly like Clark unless he just developed a huge embarrassing crush on him
  • Barry and Victor were the cuuuuutest!
  • Oh ya the acting was pretty snazzy i guess
  • Alfred was super in character and good
  • The Amazons were uh super cool! And were not sexualized at all? like tbh i don’t think i wudda noticed the outfit change if i wasn’t looking for it
  • The after after credits scene was cool #nospoilers tho
  • Idk y yall r mad that diana and bruce were getting flirty bcuz they literally werent? like trending to someones wounds is not inherently flirty, its just nice, and she didn’t even tend to his wounds! she popped his arm back into place and left! 
  • Good balance between action and chill times
  • From a writers standpoint, good character drives plot (characters choices –> consequences and further the plot) 
  • The first scene with diana was the coolest scene in the movie i cant wait to watch it over and over again when the movie comes out on DVD
  • Mera was awesome for the 30 seconds she was in it!


  • Mera was only in the movie for 30 seconds
  • Hal wasn’t it in at all and I know no one expected him to be in it but I was still mad
  • The villain was like not interesting and kinda felt Marvel-y (no offense)
  • They spent a LITTLE too much time on ppl being sad about superman dying like we GET IT. its sad. I dont wanna sound insensitive but get over it
  • You do kinda have to already like the justice league to get that “this movie makes me so happy” feel
  • Steve was mentioned (not just by Diana) I feel like a little too many times. Like once or twice is ok but they talked about him A LOT 
  • They only played wonder womans theme once and i wanted them to play it more
  • I feel like i’ve spent a lot of time with bruce but i dont know that much about him. not that im asking for another bruce wayne origin story i just. yknow? want to know a little about his personality. i feel like the only genuine bruce emotion we got was his “i dont,,. not,., like you”

IN CONCLUSION with thanksgiving break coming up or already here yall shud totally go see it in ur downtime. perfect especially when u dont want to be with ur family lol

Here’s the thing: Danny Miller drives me crazy!!! He’s smiling all cute and the next minute he’s looking like the hottest man I’ve ever seen! It just confusing coz I don’t know if I wanna hug him really tight or tie him up and have my wicked ways with him…

Alright who am I kidding it’s deffo the latter 😂

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Can I have a scenario where kirishima finds out his s/o is an inspiring writer by accidentally looking at the papers on her desk. As he's reading it his s/o walks in and starts going red and stuttering. His s/o is embarrassed about their writing but turns out they're really good. Bonus points if his s/o is a strong willed and sharp tongued type of person most of the time. You don't have to if you don't want to. Thanks

Hey there sweetie! Sorry for the wait but here you go! I hope you like it and sorry that it’s so short! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

 “Hey, what’re you doing?”

 You tilt your head slightly as Eijiro goes still, his shoulders stiffening instantly; it looked as if your beloved boyfriend was doing something he shouldn’t be doing, you weren’t sure what but it did worry you, normally Eijiro wouldn’t be doing something wrong.

 “I was just seeing how much of an awesome writing you are” Eijiro chuckled nervously, turning his head to look at you with a big grin on his face, one of his hands holding up your precious notebook, one filled with writing and ideas; you had forgotten to put it away.

 “I…w-why…I-I can…I can…explain” You stuttered softly, your voice coming out in the form of a small squeak, making him blink and laugh, turning to face you properly, his head tilted to the side in curiosity.

 “What’s wrong? You’ve never stuttered before” Eijiro snickered, walking up to you, making you back up a few steps slightly, blushing heavily.

 “S-Shut up! I just…I really wanna…be a writer…” You whispered softly, making him pause and blink in surprise before hugging you close, pressing his lips to your cheek.

 “You’re a great writer babe! I’m sure you’ll get a ton of your stuff published or something!”


Shouldn’t Dream of It, Dearest

“Wanna come back to my place?” He asks, because he’s got to set this shit straight before someone ends up getting hurt. He expects a no, because this guy looks like he’s pretty and fragile and composed solely of whipped cream lattes, but instead he’s met with a dark, steady gaze.


Moodboard for my ‘We’re a Special Kind of Disaster Zone’ Modern AU Cazriel Veterans Fic

“Why bother getting them fixed when they don’t do anything anymore..”

I fancied drawing an older Xeph again, but somehow I ended up drawing him kinda sad. He’s not in a good way here, poor boy. :0 He’s probably a fair bit older here, somehow his glasses have broken but he doesn’t see the point in getting them fixed, they don’t really make a difference anymore :0 There’s a little more info to go with this below the cut, headcanon stuff really, so yeah, there’s that if you’re interested. ^^

Also look at them toe beans! x3

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Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)