and he lookedd so cute too

So I was lucky enough to go to a taping on Tuesday (and to LA, lol) It was so fun. I am going to write up some of my experience, but it will be completely spoiler free. :)

So I got to meet some really awesome people that I met because of the show and it was very weird to meet them, but It rwas really great too and we talked about the show together and it was so funny. 

So then you go into the taping and there is an audience guy named Mark Sweets and he’s really fun too and keeps the audience active all night especially if they do re-writes and it takes awhile (they did one when I was there).  He’s really enthusiastic and gets everyone involved, to be honest most of the time he was talking I was too busy looking at the sets and the actors to see what was happening with them, LOL..  

It was so surreal to see all the actors and writers and everything that’s on TV from the show you watch all the time., they are all so beautiful in person and surprisingly I thought they lookedd exactly like on TV, but maybe a bit better in person. There was some messing up with the actors lines which was really cute and funny to see that in person, and the actors interacting Behind the scenes was awesome to see too, they were dancing a lot and Kunal (Raj) and Johnny (Leonard) were play fighting.  Jim Parsons (Sheldon) is really focused most of the time on his lines and is walking around reading scripts and little cards, that was interesting to watch. :)  

Also,  Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) came up to the audience and gave a speech about how they’re very grateful for the audience and wouldn’t be here without us. It was really sweet, and they were very genuine, it was great of them to come up to us all. I was freaking out to see them so close to me. LOL. Also Johnny gave flowers to a couple celebrating too, so sweet of him. 

The episode I saw was really funny, has a “special guest star” and it actually airs next Thursday, be sure to check it out and listen out for my laughing. Hehehe. They actually showed us the episode that airs AFTER the one I saw getting taped which is REALLY awesome too!

Going to a taping was really amazing and exciting and I want to go again, lol. I probably won’t be able to. It’s just so great to see the experience and I would definitely recommend it for every hardcore fan to go to once at least, if they could. It’s so fun. :)