and he let her realise she was special and important too

Harry Potter Preference – Them Having a Crush on You Would Involve

- Trio Era-


- Draco would be super shy around you!

- You’d be really surprised when your friends tell you that they saw Draco standing up for you after he heard someone saying rude things about you

- He’s just extremely protective of you

- If you ever did something such as kiss Draco on the cheek, he’d act really cool about it but would continue talking about it to Crabbe and Goyle for days

- And they can’t exactly tell him that he’s being stupid about you because he’s rather defensive when it comes to you

- Catching him staring at you during meal times and when you smile at him, he gives you a small smile back and blushes furiously

- Draco’s really smart so if he ever sees you struggling with some work, he’d be at your side in 0.2 seconds offering to help you

- Whenever you’ve spoken to him in the morning, throughout the rest of the day he’d be really nice to everyone so you’d suddenly have people encouraging you to go out on a date with him because if he’s this nice when you just talk to him, imagine how great he’d be when you date him

- He’d probably be really cautious about bringing you up to his family. He knows his mum would fully approve of you but his dad, on the other hand, would be really iffy about it and Draco doesn’t want to push you away any further because of his family

- Draco would really want to buy you something to show that he likes you and so he finds out what your favourite sweets are. In the end, he can’t decide on just one treat to get you and ends up nearly buying out Honeydukes

- Would constantly deny having feelings for you even though it’s completely obvious and whenever someone asks him about it he’d go, “pfff, I do not fancy (Y/N)! Actually… why do you ask? Did she say something to you?”


- George has to hear about you ever 5 minutes and if you’re ever nearby he has to tell Fred how many times you looked their way

- Waving at you during a Quidditch match, whether you’re in the stands or if you’re playing in the same game as him, and completely missing the bludger he was meant to be hitting away from Harry (Harry does not appreciate this)

- But if Fred was ever worried that it was too cold and you didn’t have enough winter clothes, he would write to his mum asking her to send any of Ginny or his old winter sweaters that he would then send to you

- He’d think you wouldn’t know that the Owl that lands in your cereal one morning with sweaters that have the letters ‘F’ and ‘G’ on them were from him but you’d kind of have a hunch

- Plus Fred would’ve been watching your reaction the entire time and when you’d look at him, he would look away really quickly

- Being showered in compliments by him. He’d never let you go feeling as if you were ugly or not good enough. Even if you’re just studying for an exam, he’d be sitting next to you complimenting how good you look AND how smart you are! (He has to cover all grounds of compliments)

- The only time you’ve ever seen Fred angry was when you told him about some people that were being rude to you. He’d take it very personally and would promise you that he’d avenge you – this would probably be one of the dead giveaways to you that he fancies you

- He’d find any reason to spend time with you. You kind of wanna have some girly talk? Fine, braid his hair and bitch about the rude Slytherin girl. You’re struggling with potions? He’d become a potions master overnight to help you

- Trying to subtly see if you like him back.

               - “Hahahah (Y/N), Angelina keeps telling me that we should just hurry up and date. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

               - “I mean, we would be really cute together. The fittest couple at Hogwarts, I reckon.”

               - “Fred, do you fancy me?” “WHAAAT? FANCY YOU? HAHAHA…. Why, do you fancy me? My answer is going to depend on what you say.”

- He’d plan out the best dates for the two of you. He wouldn’t specifically say they were dates but you’d kind of assume they were when you’d go to Hogsmeade and it was just the two of you (which rarely happened). He’d plan picnics, save up money so the two of you can have a decent meal together, go exploring together, ect. It would be lovely.


- George is the type of guy who doesn’t just fancy a girl right away. You’d start off as friends, maybe having a class or two together and one day he’d realise that he fancies you and when you go to talk to him like usual he’d be all sweaty and would be like, “is it hot in here? I think it’s hot. I must go”.

- He’s a tall guy and one of his ways of flirting with you is to tease your height

               - “George, I’m not even that short. You’re just a giant.”

               - But he would always give you piggy back rides, get things for you off high shelves and rest his chin on your head

- Fred would try to wingman him, even though George wouldn’t approve. And by wingman, you’d be sitting at your table during lunch and Fred would come sprinting in towards you, yelling incoherent things that was him attempting to tell you that George fancies you and George would full on tackle him in the middle of the Hall to stop him

- After long and stressful days, he’d really like going for walks with you around the lake or just around the grounds – he’d be a lot more insightful and wise than he’d let other people see.

- George would be a lot like Leslie Knope out of Parks and Rec in the way he’d have really weird anniversaries? Aside from your birthday, which would be the most important event of all, he’d celebrate the first day that you two met, the day you officially became ‘besties’, the day you fell down the moving stairs, ect

               - He’d also have gifts for you on those special days

- He’d blush really easily whenever you’re around. You’d find it really cute but Fred and Lee would probably make a game out of it to see who can give the best guess at how many times George will blush while you’re around

- Would make up facts and statistics to try and impress you. For example: “yeah, that constellation there is the… Mollyation constellation…”

- Sometimes you’d point out that you knew he was making it up but other times it was just so cute that he was trying his hardest to impress you

- George has 100% attempted bad pickup lines on you that Ginny promised him would work


- You would have Harry wrapped around your finger without even knowing. He would drop everything to help you and cancel any plans if it meant spending time with you. You probably wouldn’t realise this until you noticed that whenever other people attempted to make ‘chosen one’ jokes like you do to Harry that he’d get annoyed with them.

- All you’d have to do is walk into the same room as Harry and he’d instantly be taken out of his bad mood and be happy just because you’re there

- Everyone in the school would secretly be shipping the two of you. Professor McGonagall would have even paired the two of you up in class and people would Harry how his crush on you was going

- He’d really trust you – Hermione would tell him that it would probably not be a good idea to let you in on some of his secrets and Harry would be like “you’re right, Hermione” and then you’d sit down with them and he’d turn around and tell you exactly what Hermione just told him not to tell you

- Harry would make a fool out of himself in front of you 24/7. Water would come dribbling out of his mouth whenever you were talking, he’d trip over his own two feet and would take you with him – he’d really come to hate his luck

- He’d be super protective of you

- Even if someone just looks at you and their expression just doesn’t seem kind enough, Harry goes into full protective mode and his hand will remain on his wand until you’re safely away from this person. That person will remain on his watch list for a very long time.

- Will offer to help you with your problems even if he doesn’t really understand them. You’d have to tell him the story twice so he can see why that dude is an absolute prick and why Harry now has to hate him as well.

- Has asked Hermione as to how he should ‘win you over’ and when she suggested just asking you out on a date, he rolls his eyes because that’s obviously a stupid idea

- Harry has definitely accidentally done something like give you a forehead kiss or held your hand when he was nervous. He wouldn’t even realise what he’d done until hours after it had happened and would actually curl up into a ball.

- He hates talking about the Dursleys’ but if he notices that you need some cheering up, he’ll tell you the most embarrassing things that they’ve ever done just to see you smile


- Neville would either be extremely nervous around you or really confident around you – it would all just depend on how he was feeling that day

- He probably has a habit of spacing out when you’re talking because he’d get distracted by how pretty you are

- Neville doesn’t really have a very large self-esteem so when he realises he likes you, he accepts it and tries not to do too much about it but there are often times that he still finds himself desperately trying to impress you just in case he stands a bit of a chance

- So any time you compliment him in the slightest, he’s the happiest person in school for several days. He’ll even fall asleep with the biggest grin on his face.

- He’s a very nervous guy but he’d do anything for you. Neville would just absolutely adore you and will always be one of your biggest protectors even if he doubts he’d do a very good job at protecting you.

- He’d get you plants that remind him of you:

- Even if, to you, the plants kind of look kind of ugly, you’d know that Neville doesn’t think you’re ugly and what would remind him of you would be the plant’s ‘personality’

- He’d write you a note of the plant’s personality so you can keep it and just remember how great you are

- Neville has probably sent you little secret admirer notes – whether they’re just telling you how pretty you look that day or how great of a person you are, sometimes he just thinks that the notes will make your day better (and they of course do)

- Notices small details about you and uses this to strike up conversations with you

- Neville lets you do just about anything. If the two of you were studying by the lake, he’d read out to you what you need to know for your upcoming exam while you make him a flower crown which he will wear during dinner because you said so


- Probably starting out as friends and you having a habit of tracing his freckles and making patterns out of them when you’re bored but now that he has a crush on you, he gets goosebumps really easily and his whole face goes bright pink

- Even though Ron is technically only the second youngest, his family would treat him like the youngest and Ginny, Fred and George would constantly be teasing Ron about his crush and trying to bring it up around you in not so subtle ways

- “So, (Y/N), how do you feel about our ickle Ronnickins? He might not be the best looking but mum swears that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.”

- Ron would probably have no idea how to act around you now that he has a crush on you

- Sometimes he’ll come off as cold or he can come off being really cheesy. He really just has no idea what he’s doing but he just wants you to like him back so bad.

- One of his brothers have definitely sent him a book on ‘how to get girls’ and you have caught him reading it

- His voice can be very loud at times and you have accidentally heard him talking about how pretty you look

- Naturally, when you’ve asked him about it he’ll completely deny ever even speaking about you

- Ron would be your biggest fan. He’d always be encouraging you in whatever you do and helping you reach your goals because he knows you’re capable of great things and he’d just be so proud of you!

- He’d be pretty shy around you and wouldn’t be the best at complimenting you but if you ever have even a hint of self-doubt, he’s there yelling at you just how great you are and cannot believe you would ever doubt yourself because you’re so amazing

- Him apologising over and over again if he ever did something like accidentally hold your hand when he was nervous or just absentmindedly wrap his arm around you and then getting even more embarrassed when you tell him that it was fine and you kind of liked it

What if this is actually true?

I was thinking yesterday and I realised I never questioned how well Moriarty was able to sell his fake actor persona. Sherlock thought it was because of the key that’s able to break into every computer, but we know that that key doesn’t exist, so how was moriarty able to do it?

I definitely hated the reporter chick, but are you telling me she didn’t at least check out these shows and see if he was actually in them? And it took the police over two years to prove Moriarty was actually real. If all of these were fake I’m sure it would only have took them a couple of days. Or what Moriarty was actually an actor on the side in case this situation ever came up? 

No, I think Richard Brooke got the same deal as the cabbie. Maybe he was dying as well and in exchange for money he took up the persona of Moriarty.

So, who’s behind Moriarty? Mary, of course. She’s been orchestrating all of this from the beginning. Remember in the blind banker just before Shan was killed, she got a message from M and we assumed it meant Moriarty? Well, what if it was actually Mary?

It was Mary all along who wanted to burn Sherlock’s heart out. She made him into a fake and got him to take his own life. I do think that for a while there she actually believed that he was dead, but if Anderson could figure out he wasn’t dead then so could she. She called Mycroft and got him to tell the police and media that Moriarty was real and Sherlock is innocent, so he could come back.

So, I think she realised that killing him wasn’t the best idea anyway and decided to take something way more important from him, John. And boy did she try to break them up. Marrying him, then getting pregnant all that just to chain John to herself. 

Shooting Sherlock in HLV was a mistake, because she didn’t plan on him interrupting her. What Magnussen knew could have blown her whole operation apart and she had to stop him, but also couldn’t let Sherlock stop her.

And then in s4 we really saw her evil side. Saving Sherlock from a bullet and making John lash out at him trying to drive a wedge between them. Sending Sherlock to hell was just a little bonus.

This is it though. She ruined him and the possibility of John and Sherlock ever getting together. I mean look at her evil face. This was her plan all along.

But yet again she underestimated the love John and Sherlock have for each other and that they can always find their way back to one another. 

So, I think she was done waiting and just ended up shooting John. There’s no Eurus, it’s always been her and she put a bullet through John’s eye and Sherlock is the only one who can save him.

So yeah this is my theory, on the one hand i hate it cause it would mean moriarty is not real but i love him so much, but on the other hand it would reveal mary to be even more of despicable human being than we could have ever anticipated. 

Sorry if this has been talked about before, please do link me to other metas on this if you have any.

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Birthday boy

A one shot with a surprise birthday party and a sub Harry


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Just Go With It (Prof! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: (AU Professor Rogers) For years you’ve worked your way up to become a partner at your company, having the hots for your coworker, and many unpromising relationships. When your boss presents an ultimatum, you ask a complete stranger for help.

Word Count (2,420)

AN: This has been in my mind for WEEKS after watching this cute 90′s movie with my girl Jennifer Aniston and I had to just share this with y’all. Long chapter to get into it :) also had no idea what to call Vision so Vis it is

A pair of fumbling bodies pushed their way into an apartment, the lights from the street still dark and dimmed as they seeped in through the closed curtains. Heels were kicked across the floor and a suit jacket flung over a chair. Gasping for air, they pushed each other to the couch and plopped down awkwardly, a pair of lips returning to the bare skin of a neck. A soft moan escaped a soft pair of lips, and they reached towards a drawer.

“I.. I don’t really need to wear one,” the male grumbled against your soft neck, roughly sucking against a sensitive spot. You moved under his weight and moved your head.


“Yeah. I tested negative, and um,” he moved his lips down to your chest, his hands bringing your dress up, “I have this unbelievable control..”

You cleared your throat and placed your hands on his chest, “Uh, yeah. Excuse me.” you pushed him up, and he reluctantly moved to the other side of the couch. You switched the closest lamp on and ran a hand through your messy hair.

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Please Stay

First and foremost, can we just talk about ‘Sign Of The Times’?! I’m telling you guys, this song is going to get Harry his Grammy. It’s ICONIC and a CLASSIC. His gorgeous, majestic, enchanting and mesmerizing voice is a gift to us. I just love them so much! I’m so proud of everything our boys have achieved!   

 Now hope you guys enjoy this part 2 of ‘Only If’. Hope you like it as much as ya’ll liked part 1 :) xx 

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Who owns me? (part two)

Bucky x reader

Notes: mentions of past trauma, violence, past torture/brainwashing, fluff, smut, discovery of past self.  

Summary: when Bucky’s in hiding in Romania, he finds a girl he’s sure needs his protection. He doesn’t remember who gave him the mission; but he’s so sure some one gave it to him. After setting it all up, he notices that there’s more to this girl than meets the eye. She might need him watching over her more than he initially thought.

(This takes place after TWS and before CW)

A/N: Hi guys! second part! might do more, might not. I’ll have to think about it ;) Enjoy! x

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Bucky wakes in Vienna, Y/N gently rouses his shoulder to wake him and smiles when he instantly opens his eyes and sits up.

“We’re here” she says softly, and he feels a strange tingling sensation in his belly and chest at the sound of her voice.

Before she’s able to pull away, he grabs her hand the way she did his the day before, unwilling to break the connection he feels when she touches him. Y/N only smiles and squeezes his fingers before she pulls away to grab her backpack.

The loss he feels when they disconnect is imminent and he rushes to grab his own backpack from the floor, just to be able to be closer to her and get off this train and just hold her hand again.

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how ep 37 ruined chapter 51

This is something that has really been bothering me ever since the last episode of season 2 came out. Episode 37 (12) covered chapters 50 and 51 from the manga, but some changes were made and important details are missing. This is my opinion, and I’ll only focus on the first part of chapter 51 and how much certain details about Eren’s character were affected. 

The chapter starts on top of Wall Rose, all the soldiers have just returned from their mission and everyone is hurt and injured. This is important because it shows how destructive these expeditions can be. 
Eren brought Mikasa all the way to the wall, took care of her and made sure she was okay until the very end. Eren cares about his friends, he cares about other people, he would do anything for his friends and little scenes like this one show how much he really cares. He isn’t the best at showing these emotions so I’d like to see them giving more importance to this side of Eren more often in the anime.

Then, Eren looks around and he realises how much rescuing him affected everyone. He sees everyone around him in pain and that’s when he starts to blame himself. He sees the look on everyone’s eyes. That’s when Jean comes in. He confronts Eren and gives specific information about how many people were injured and died because that’s just how he is. This is important because this is how Eren and Jean have always communicated between each other. This is what Eren needs to hear. Jean is a honest person, always straight forward, always says the truth, and this has shown to have an impact on Eren before. 

Only after hearing all of this from Jean, does Armin come in and tries to comfort Eren. Jean is upfront and what he said was like a slap from reality. This is why Armin reassures Eren that they didn’t lose any soldiers on their way back and then proceeds to make a connection between Eren’s scream and the fact that none of the titans paid attention to them. Everyone is surprised by this, Jean and Connie are confused and Connie even praises Eren for having saved them. Jean does the detailed information thingy again but this time Eren just sighs and lets it all out. This part made the scene so heartwarming and it made Eren feel better and relax a bit. It also shows a bit of Jean’s development as a character (also, Jean taking care of Connie in the beginning was ignored too).

Finally, determined and motivated Eren comes back: “Thanks Jean. Thanks to you I don’t think I have to hesitate anymore. You’re absolutely right. I just have to do this.” That special line in bold is important in this scene and did not take part in the anime adaptation. As Isayama has said before, Eren bluffs, he forces himself to be stronger than he really is, but his core stays true and brave no matter what. I emphasised on that quote because it shows that Eren was hesitating before. Little lines that this one give hints so that it’s possible for the viewers to understand how Eren really thinks and should not be ignored. This is why I think episode 37 completely ruined the whole purpose of this conversation between Armin, Eren and Jean.

In the anime, they’re in the middle of a random hallway (the same one they used for season 1), the mode is wrong, the expedition feels distant and the whole thing itself just feels hollow to me. Eren is just there chilling and out of nowhere he remembers how many people died for him? This doesn’t make sense. He blamed himself because he was faced with all the injured soldiers around him. Jean is ignored and they jumped right into Armin comforting Eren and talking about Eren’s new ability. Armin talks about how he and Jean “sat down and tried to figure it out” while in the manga Jean was clearly surprised to hear about it. In my opinion, there’s such a huge lack of emotion when it comes to Jean too (it literally looks like Jean is about to fall asleep and was just there because someone dragged him out of bed just to scowl at Eren lol).

Last but not least, Historia comes rushing at Eren and begs for him to help her save Ymir. He tries to calm her down and comforts her, he makes her feel better and relax a bit. Again, anime adaptation failed to show how lovely and caring Eren really is. This part itself is super important because it shows how Historia wants to save Ymir, how willing she is and how much she wants to forget about “Krista”. So I hope they bring this part back in season 3. This scene is important too because it sets a+the beginning of the huge development that Eren and Historia go through together during the Uprising arc.

I want to focus this post on the first half of chapter 51, but I’ll also refer how they omitted parts of Erwin, Pixis and Levi’s conversation, how they changed Connie and Hange’s theory, etc.

The very last part of this chapter is kinda irrelevant to the plot itself, but it shows how unique every character is and how they can still enjoy simple yet loving and heartwarming moments. I’m hopeful they’ll bring that small part back in season 3, though.

Regardless of everything, I am genuinely grateful and happy I got to experience and enjoy this season. This show will always have my full support and it will never fail to make me happy. I am very thankful and there’s countess things to appreciate about it. All their work must be admired and respected, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did watching all these amazing episodes :) Chapter 51 has a special place in my heart, specially because it shows a side of Eren we don’t get to see very often and so I hope no one forgets about it!

Like us? - Jughead Jones

lRequest from @virginiaamy: Hey! Have you heard about Neal Gaiman’s Dark Sonnet? Maybe you could write something about Jug x reader reflecting the sonnet? I hope it makes sense 😅 Your works are awesome! Keep goin’ :)

Thank you so much friend! This one’s a bit small but I like it like that :) I kind of made it more in that they’re reflecting ON the sonnet but at the same time they’re realising that what they have is similar. Hope it was okay lovely <3

Words: 1,198

Warnings: Swearing - An almost make out/sort of make-out/who even knows

“I don’t think I’ve been in love as such,
Although I liked a few folk pretty well.
Love must be vaster than my smiles or touch,
For brave men died and empires rose and fell
For love: girls followed boys to foreign lands
And men have followed women into Hell.
In plays and poems someone understands
There’s something makes us more than blood and bone
And more than biological demands.
For me, love’s like the wind, unseen, unknown.
I see the trees are bending where it’s been,
I know that it leaves wreckage where it’s blown.
I really don’t know what “I love you” means,
I think it means “Don’t leave me here alone.” 

“Remind me why I’m here,” Jughead sighed, falling backwards onto your bed. You passed him a sheet of paper before sitting down on the edge of your bed, next to him.

“I’ve got English homework, and I have to identify the type of sonnet and write a paragraph on the structure and approach to love. I haven’t been paying attention in class whatsoever-” You began. Jughead chuckled at this, harmlessly rolling his eyes. You nudged him with a mock-scolding look.

“You need me to help you?” Jughead smiled, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you into his chest. You snuggled into him, burying your face in the emerald green sweater that he was wearing. It was your favourite of his many sweaters, as it was the most “cuddle-worthy”. He would always wear it if he knew he was coming round to yours after school.

The two of you had only been dating a few months, but you’d been long term friends before hand so the two of you were completely comfortable around each other and nearly spent every waking moment together. 

“Well you know, you’re great at English! Besides, you’re a novel writer and shit so you know what to do… right?” You looked at him pleadingly. Your mind had been a blank canvas over the past couple of days, and you couldn’t put the deep thoughts at the back of your brain onto paper. The deadline for the assignment was nearing and all you had managed to write was the date.

“Neil Gaiman. How mean of your teacher, he’s kind of a rule bender when it comes to types of sonnets,” Jughead’s eyebrows were furrowed, like they always were when he was deeply focused on something. His nose would scrunch up occasionally too, and you couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked. “I’d say a variation of Petrarchan sonnet,” He concluded, and you raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you were an expert in romantic poetry,” You teased and he rolled his eyes again.

“I’m not, I just pay attention in class,” He scoffed and you playfully punched him. He feigned hurt and you burst into a fit of dorky giggles. He grinned at your laughter, watching your radiant features scrunch up. He adored you.

After a moment of comfortable silence, you realised that the assignment wasn’t finished just yet.

“Love,” You sighed, picking out a neon pink highlighter and circling the word several times. Jughead was staring at your bedsheets, his mind elsewhere, clearly having one of those “deep thoughts” moments. You were about to ask him for more expertise opinions when he suddenly looked up, staring you dead in the eye.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved before, at least, not in the way most people define love.” 

You nodded slowly. You could understand this and although you might see things in a different light, you respected the way Jughead looked at everything. That understanding was why your relationship was so strong, in both friendship and budding romance.

“At least, not truly yet,” He continued and you blushed. “People interpret love as peaceful and pure. A symbol of innocence and light. That’s just the top layer though, the disguise covering the undercoats. Love can be chaotic and ruinous. It can bring us sadness more than it brings us joy. Just look at what happened to Betty when she got rejected by Archie. It destroyed her and frankly their friendship hasn’t been the same since,” He laid down, staring up at your ceiling as he continued with his rant. You pulled his head into your lap, taking off his beanie and affectionately stroking his hair, gesturing encouragingly for him to continue.

“Or look at what happened to my parents,” He whispered dejectedly and you bit your lip. You knew that Jughead’s family was a sensitive subject. You bent down, placing a gentle kiss on the boys head. He sighed with content, closing his eyes before speaking out again.

“I just can’t- I don’t… I don’t want that to happen to us,” He choked out. You shook your head, a stray tear from your eye falling down and creating a salty splatter on Jughead’s cheek.

“Well shit, that was deep,” You tried to laugh it off, blinking back any more tears. Jughead smiled up at you before sitting up and taking your hands, rubbing them with his thumbs, soothingly.

“What about you?” He asked and your eyes widened. “What’s your interpretation of love?” He seemed genuinely curious and you took a deep breath, pausing to think for a moment.

“To me, love is something more than a biological demand. When I’m with you it’s just… special. I’ve had boyfriends in the past before and their presence was nothing like yours. Love can’t be touched, but it can be felt. It leaves permanent marks on you. Some of those marks are blessings and others are ugly scars. Love is just weird… it’s abstract and strange. You can’t define it in a dictionary. It’s just a special connection, which sounds cliche and dumb but… oh heck what do I know,” You felt subconscious over Jughead’s intense gaze and stared to the ground. 

He gently tilted your chin up with his fingers so you were staring into his bright, doting eyes, before placing a supple kiss on your lips. This connection was what you meant. It wasn’t fireworks, it wasn’t butterflies, it was indescribable. The kiss quickly grew ardent and lustful as you desperately clasped his cheeks, aching just to be closer to him as he sensually rubbed your thighs. As you pulled apart for air, your foreheads touched and your heavy breaths mingled.

“One more thing… the most important thing about love,” You whispered. Jughead nodded, but neither of you moved from your close and intimate position.

“I think love is a cry for companionship, something to save us from loneliness. Someone who you desire just to sit there and be there for you, as a friend. Someone who is there for you when you feel isolated. A desire for love is a desire for that special, loyal someone at your side,” You finished. The two of you let out a breathy laugh, smiling brightly as you slowly leaned back, but not too far. Jughead reached to pick his beanie up, securing it on his head. He looked off into the distance again as if pondering something before turning back to you with a smirk gracing his features.

“Like us?” 

“Like us.”

I’m actually pretty darn proud of this one, this was cute!

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Dinner Party

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Words: 2625

Prompt: Dinner party between Reader, boyfriend Draco and the Weasley family who are like the Readers family. 

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes, by @mollys-sweater 

A/N: Second request. The ask was hoping for all the Weasley’s to be nice to Draco at the end, but I couldn’t see them being totally on board with the idea of Draco dating the Reader. I hope this is ok nonetheless. Enjoy and let me know what you guys think! Don’t forget to send in prompts or requests.

Being with Draco Malfoy was both hard and easy. He would say one thing, but mean another, often confusing Y/N with what he meant. However, he was a straight forward person when it came to people he didn’t like nor want to associate with.

That’s why, when Y/N was getting ready for dinner at her family-friends (practically her family), Draco was being particularly difficult. While Y/N was brushing her hair, putting final touches to her simple make-up, adding a few pieces of jewellery   that Draco had gotten for her, Draco was laying on his bed, scowling at the ceiling.

Y/N looked back from Draco’s vanity table that he had put in his room when she started coming over more so that she could get ready more easily. She rolled her eyes, fixing her earring as she stood and walked over to the bed. She sat on the edge still with her hands in her hair.

“Draco, come on,” He huffed at her. Y/N glanced at him from the corner of her eye. Still looking at the ceiling. “Please, we need to leave soon if we’re going to make it.”

Draco rolled onto his side and landed with his head in Y/N’s lap. He gingerly placed a hand around her back, rubbing circles into her shirt. His motion pulled the shirt up and exposed some of her side. He leaned in and kissed the flesh, nipped a little before soothing with his tongue.

“Draco,” Y/N warned.

He looked up, steel blue eyes watching her. He rolled away and groaned. “Why can’t we just skip this dinner, Y/N?”

Y/N watched him before standing and moving to the closet that was half filled with her own clothes. She pulled out a pair of her shoes and a pair of his shoes. “Because, this is important to me. I want them to know we’re dating. It’s been hard to keep it from them for so long.”

Draco moved to lay on his stomach and watched her. He leaned on his forearms as he spoke. “Well, lets leave it a little longer and do something that you’ll enjoy just as much, if not more.”

She looked over her shoulder and saw Draco rake his eyes up and down her body. Y/N rolled her eyes.

Y/N flung his shoes at him. Draco frowned at her and sat up slowly, putting the one while taking his own sweet time. “Draco, please, I’ve met your parents. The Weasley’s are practically my parents and family,” Draco looked up at Y/N, who was watching him as she sat on the seat in front of the vanity. “This is important to me. They’re all I have, in terms of family.”

It was true. Molly and Arthur Weasley had been close with Y/N’s parents, they had gone to school together and had all been in Gryffindor, just like their own children and Y/N was.

When Y/N was about four years old, a Death Eater had killed her parents, along with her older brother. It was a time that was hard to remember for Y/N, but when she did, all she could remember was asking her her parents and brother were, being so sad that it ached, and Molly Weasley’s warm hugs.

From then, the Weasley’s had taken Y/N in, as her grandparents had passed away and both her parent’s were only children with no siblings. Her parent’s had left a little money for her, but she relied on the Weasley’s for comfort. They had become her only family and as close as they were, when Y/N looked at them, all with their bright red hair and smattering of freckles, it hurt to not look like she belonged.

Molly, however, had none of that. She treated Y/N like her own, loved her like her one and raised her like her own. She was punished just as much as her adoptive siblings. Y/N was grateful for Molly and Arthur. They were her parents.

That was why this was so important. She wanted them to be proud of her, and her boyfriend. But she knew that it was going to be hard, considering the Malfoy’s history with the Weasley’s.

Y/N looked up when Draco placed a hand on her cheek. She blinked back tears. He frowned a little at her, before leaning down and kissing her.

She sighed into it. When he pulled back, Draco spoke in low tones. “Okay, I’ll try. But I make no promises.” With that, he left her to finish getting ready, only really straightening his hair. He grabbed her hand.

“By the way,” Y/N looked at Draco as he looked out his bedroom window. “They’re not all you have. I’m your family too.”

Y/N smiled as they apparated to the outskirts of the Weasley property.

Y/N breathed out, looked at Draco and marched towards her home.

“Just wait here for a moment.” Y/N kissed Draco’s cheek as she went inside. Draco heard the joyous cheers of the Weasley’s as Y/N entered.

“Y/N!” Bill called out. He and Charlie both rushed to hug their adoptive sister, having not seen her in a while.

“Oh, thank heavens,” Said Molly as she walked toward Y/N. She looked mad, but happy. “You left earlier without saying where you were going and I’ve been worried. I didn’t know what happened to you.”

She crushed Y/N in a hug. She pulled back and pointed at her. “Next time, let us know where you’re going.” Y/N nodded and smiled when Molly kissed her forehead.

“Mum, move!” Fred and George practically lifted their mother off her feet to get to Y/N. She and the twins had a special bond with Y/N. The three of them were getting into trouble constantly. They were teaching Y/N all the tricks of the trade with pranking teachers and students a like at school. When Y/N had moved with them, Ron was too young to understand why she was always sad, so Fred and George would cheer her up and play with her. They had been thick as thieves since.

“Finally! Our favourite sibling is back!” George squeezed Y/N’s cheeks together as she grinned up at him. Fred pushed him aside and both boys held out their hands. The three of them started to do their ‘secret’ handshake that involved many movements and twisting and turning around.

After a minuet of slaps and spins, they finished and smirked, until Ginny punched both George and Fred in the arms.

“Favourite, huh?” Ginny glared.

Fred simply nodded. “How can she not be. She blows up toilet seats for us.”

“What!?” Molly yelled out. But seeing Fred, George and Y/N laughing made her realise they were joking. She glared at her children, wondering what she did to deserve this.

After Ginny hugged Y/N, she fist bumped Ron and said her hellos to Harry and Hermione. They were all celebrating Arthur’s birthday, so everyone was over to be their with the Weasley’s.

“Where’s Arthur?” Y/N asked, not seeing the older man anywhere.

“Arthur! Y/N’s back! Come done now!” Molly yelled up the stairs. Clambering down, Arthur Weasley smiled at the bunch in his home.

“Finally. We were getting worried, Y/N,” Arthur hugged Y/N close. “You know better then to worry Molly.”

“Sorry,” She said sheepishly. Arthur waved his hand and motioned for everyone to sit down to start dinner. “Actually,” Y/N stopped everyone. “I’ve brought someone. I wanted you to meet him and-“

“Him? Y/N’s got a boyfriend, Freddie.” George whistled.

“I think she does, Georgie, look a how red she’s going.” Fred pointed to Y/N flaming cheeks.

“Shut up,” She muttered. “Now, this is important to me, so I want you all to be…nice. Please, for me? Can you promise?”

Molly Weasley smiled and wrapped an arm around Y/N, watching everyone else. “We all promise. If this guest of yours is important to you, they’ll be important to us, too. We’re all going to be good, yes?” A resounding ‘yes’ was heard.

Y/N breathed out a heavy sigh. “Okay, hold on.” She turned and went to the door. She reached out and grabbed a hand. “Family who love me and respect my decisions, this is my boyfriend,” She pulled Draco into the light of the house. “Draco.”

Everyone stopped smiling, their faces slack with shock. Draco looked around the room, eyes landing on Arthur Weasley, who looked as red as his flaming locks. He moved to say something, but Molly raised her hand slightly. Arthur stiffened and stopped.

He turned towards the table and sat down heavily.

“Are you serious, Y/N?” Ron gaped. He moved in front of Hermione a little, trying to shield her from any danger. He glowered at Y/N. “You thought it was a good idea to-“

Ron was sharply shut off when Molly smacked his head and pushed him towards the table. She turned to Y/N, who was still clutching Draco’s hand. He looked at Molly with a slight sneer. Molly bristled.

“Come on, dear,” She motioned to the table. Molly grabbed Hermione’s hand and placed her next to her own seat.

Y/N took a deep breath, exhaling when Draco squeezed her hand. She stumbled over to the table, slowly. The seat that was normally vacant for her near Ron, was taken by Harry, who mouthed sorry before Ron nudged him.

Luckily, Fred and George had two spare seats…near the end of the table. Both Draco and Y/N took their seats quickly. Everyone was talking amongst themselves, leaving the young couple alone.

Dinner was quiet, only Harry and Hermione thanking Molly for the food, saying how lovely it was. It was tense, but at lest there was no fighting.

That was, until Percy spoke up. He was trying to be friendly with his adoptive sister, but it set off a chain reaction that he, for all his knowledge should have seen coming.

“So, Y/N,” This caught the attention of the entire table. He strained a smile at them. “How long have you two been, ah, together?”

Ron stiffened and glanced at Y/N from the corner of his vision. “Well, about six months now.”

Molly looked at Arthur. Six months? Lucius had started being…less hostile toward the Weasley’s for four months now. Which meant that the Malfoy’s knew about their childrens relationship for longer.

“Really?” Arthur squeezed out. He saw Molly subtly shake her head, but he ignored her. “So, have you met Malfoy’s parent’s yet?” Y/N looked sheepish. She nodded. “When?”

“Arthur,” Molly snapped. “Not here, not now.”

“No, Mum,” Ron but in, glaring at Draco, who was returning the gesture. “I wanna know too.”

“Ronald Weasley, don’t-“

“Well?” Bill spoke. He was normally the sweetest towards Y/N. Now he seemed slightly on edge as he looked at the young girl.

Y/N dropped her gaze and whispered. “Four months ago.” Arthur slammed his hands on the table. Y/N’s head shot up, worried. “But I knew how you’d react, so I didn’t want to-“

“To what?” Arthur snapped. “Tell us you were together with the son of the family that has been tormenting us for years?”

“No, I just-“

Arthur stood and everyone was silent. they watched as he paced. He rounded on Y/N and pointed. “I understand that teenagers like to rebel, I mean look at Fred and George for Merlins sake, but this, this is-“

Molly spoke up. “Arthur-“

“No Molly!” He looked back to Y/N, who was as stunned as everyone. “This is just…you know what the Malfoy’s have done to us. We raised you, not just for you, but for your parents.”

Molly took this opportunity to get her word in. “It’s just, what we’re saying is that, you don’t really know the Malfoy’s. Lucius could have put Draco up to this. We’re just worried about you, dear. We don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Y/N shook her head. “No, Draco’s not like that. And the Malfoy’s are actually very civil, once you get to know them. It’s just putting in the-“

Arthur whispered. "I know this isn’t your really family, but showing some allegiance towards us would be nice after everything that-“

But Arthur didn’t get to finish, as Y/N had stood, tears in her eyes and run out the back door. Draco looked around for a second before standing and tucking his chair in. He looked around and glared before walking out briskly.

He found Y/N crouched down, muffling her cries by holding her hand over her mouth. Draco shoved his hands into his pockets for a moment. He stood beside his crying girlfriend. He was bad with crying people, especially Y/N.

He sighed and reached down, pulling her to her feet. Y/N breathed out shakily. Draco placed both hands on her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

Y/N sobbed out. “You were right - about everything. You were right, this was a bad - a bad idea. This is - I just, this was so dumb.”

Draco exhaled. “No, don’t. You tried.” He frowned.

“Let’s go,” Y/N pulled his hand away from the Burrow. “Let’s go back to the Manor. Let’s leave and I’ll just - I’ll fix it later. Let’s just leave now, okay.”

“Leave without a goodbye?” Draco turned to see Fred and George walking towed them. He scowled and pushed Y/N behind him a little. Fred rolled his eyes. “Relax, mate.”

George reached out to grab Y/N, who was reluctant to leave Draco’s side. “Mum’s tearing into Dad as we speak. Not to mention Percy and Bill.”

This just made Y/N cry harder. “Great. Now everyone’s fighting.”

“Hey,” Fred brushed her tears away. “It’s not your fault. You can’t help it if you love a,” he looked at Draco and raised his eyebrows. “A blonde ferret.”

Draco groaned and Y/N laughed a little. Fred looked down at her. “You do love him, right?”

Y/N nodded and George looked to Draco. “You love our sister?” Draco shuffled his feet, dug his hands into his pockets and raised a shoulder.

Y/N smiled. “That’s Draco speak for, ‘yes.’”

Fred nodded to George. “We wanna hear him say it.”

Draco looked pleading at Y/N. “Yes, I-I love her, very much.”

“Good,” George marched in front of Draco with Fred, both clasping one of the shorter boy’s shoulders each. “If you hurt our sister, so much as make her shed one tear, we’ll hunt you down and make you regret the day we were born.”

“Tell anyone anything about her that shouldn’t be public knowledge, and we’ll hunt you down and make you regret the day you were born.” Fred continued.

Both twins spoke at the same time. “Keep her smiling and we won’t have a problem, got it?”

Draco placed around to Y/N, who nodded encouragingly. Draco swallowed. He looked her older brothers in the eyes as he spoke lowly. “The same goes for you two and the rest of the Weasley’s. Make my Y/N this upset again, and it’ll be the end of you all.”

Fred and George leaned back, looked at each other worriedly, then smirked at Draco, hugging him. “You’re perfect for our sister.” They pulled back. George whispered to the blond. “But really, be good to her. She doesn’t deserve to be hurt.”

Draco looked at Y/N, stiff but a slight smile on his face. “I know. She’s wonderful.”

The one where it was time to move on.

The second addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

When the divorce was finalized, it was everywhere. It was the cover story on every newspaper and magazine. Questions were thrown left and right, but the two of you made sure that the kids were kept out of this. You had majority custody of you’re the kids, not because Harry was a bad father, but since he was the busy one out of the two of you, the kids were at a tender age, and they needed to be taken care of. You were the right choice for now.

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Glad You Came (Jake Portman x reader)

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Summary: you and Jake find the loop together, but you separate after he goes to talk with Emma. He gets jealous when he realises that you were with Enoch. When you get home, he decides to show his true feelings for you.


When Jake asked you to come to Wales with him, you never expected to find the children’s home in such a disastrous state. Nevertheless, after you prodded around, you found more than you bargained for. A loop. Your grandmother had told you about these things called loops for years. You never took them seriously until now, as you stood in Cairnholm, Wales on September 3, 1943.


You watched the garden from your spot on the couch. You hadn’t had the need to go outside, though the weather was quite nice. You had met all the children, but you were rather shy around new people and preferred to be alone as you took in everything. Jake was spending his time with Emma, so you had no one to talk to. You silently sulked as you watched them in the garden. You’d been his primary friend for the last few years, and even more so after his falling out with Ricky not too long ago. You hated to admit it, but you were in love with him, but with the weight of everything happening, it would be less than good to bring up now.


Miss Peregrine was delighted to see both you and Jacob, although it was strange that she knew your name. Your grandmother never mentioned Miss Peregrine or her loop in Wales, even when you mentioned the trip to her not long ago.


“You prefer to be inside?” asked a dark-haired boy, who had his hands full of jars with small and large contents suspended in translucent liquid. You hadn’t seen him before, but he seemed to know of your presence.


You nodded, playing with your hands.


“Okay,” he said, beginning to walk away.


“What are you doing with those?” you asked, as he exited the room.


“Come and find out.”


Following the boy, you made your way up the stairs to a bedroom, which looked like something straight out of Amityville. Dolls were torn apart on the desk, and small fragments random utensils and parts littered the floor. You tried your best to maneuver yourself around them as you walked to a seat. He seemed to be making dolls, although they looked immensely grotesque and unappealing to anyone, except maybe him.


“Enoch, do you want some company?” Olive asked, walking into the room. She stopped as she saw you.


“You already have company, never mind then,” she said, quickly turning away. You could hear the hurt and jealousy in her voice. You rubbed the back of your neck, awkwardly.


“It’s alright Olive,” you said, standing up. “I just wanted to know what he was doing with these. I get the idea.”


“You haven’t even seen anything yet,” Enoch said.


You gave him a look. You knew that Olive had a thing for him, and if he was going to do anything about it, you knew that you were best kept out of it.


“We have forever, don’t we?” you said, quick smile plastered on your face as you made your way out of the room, leaving them alone.


As you walked down the stairs, you couldn’t help but realise that they were stuck in here forever. If any of them stepped out, they would age significantly. You were lucky enough to be able to leave and go elsewhere without Miss Peregrine. Even then, you felt a little intimidated by the other peculiars. They had all these amazing peculiarities and you were just normal, nothing special.


“Where have you been?” you heard Jake called to you as you stepped off the stairs.


“I went up to see Enoch. I wasn’t up for long,” you said, nonchalantly walking up to him, glancing at your watch. “7 minutes at most.”


He let out a sigh. “This is so cool, right?” he asked, looking around the old home.


You nodded. “Absolutely amazing.”


“I’m glad you like it,” you quickly looked over to see Miss Peregrine by study door. “Y/n, can I have a word with you?”


You looked over at Jake, who shrugged.


“Okay,” you said, unsure. You walked into the study and Miss Peregrine closed the door behind you.


“Take a seat,” she said, referring to a chair that you were precariously close to.


You sat down, the cushions making you stumble a bit as they shrunk under your weight. You sat quietly as Miss Peregrine observed you. You were slightly uncomfortable, not knowing what this was even about. Were you in trouble? Did you accidentally break something? You glanced at your watch out of habit. You’d been here for 5 minutes now.


Miss Peregrine’s expression went excited as you looked up from your watch.


“Miss Peregrine, I don’t mean to be rude,” you said, carefully. “But why did you call me in? Am I in trouble?”


She shook her head. “Oh no! Absolutely not!”


“Oh,” you said, nodding.


“I just wanted to hear about your grandmother,” she said.


You raised an eyebrow. “There’s nothing much about her. She lives in Florida with my family, she’s maybe 89, right now? Her name’s Lucille.”


“Do you know what her maiden name was?” Miss Peregrine asked, leaning a little closer.


You thought about it. You’d never heard her talk about her life before she met your grandfather; maybe snippets of things, but nothing of interest. You racked your brain for the answer, you’d seen it before on a medical record, or something.


“Forktail,” you said, the memory coming to mind. “Her last name was Forktail.” You furrowed your brows. You’d never realised how strange it was.


Miss Peregrine smiled. “I know her.”


Your face dropped. “You know my grandmother?”


Miss Peregrine chuckled to herself, nodding. “We went to school a while back. We were the best of friends, we kept in touch for so long. She sent me a letter, telling me that you were coming.”


“She did?”


She handed you a letter, and the familiar handwriting caught your eye immediately. There was no doubt that this from your grandmother. As you flipped the envelope around in your hands, you immediately recognised it. You had put it in the mailbox for you grandmother on your way to school one morning. You never paid attention to it as you were in a rush to get to school that morning.


“I posted this,” you said, smiling to yourself.


Miss Peregrine smiled.


“Have you found out what your peculiarity is?” she asked, sipping at a cup of tea.


You shook your head. “I don’t think I’m peculiar Miss Peregrine,” you told her, saddened. “I’m just ordinary.”


“Ordinary people can’t come into loops,” Miss Peregrine said.


“I’m peculiar?” you asked, surprised. “I can’t do anything.”


“On the contrary, darling,” she said, “You are part of the most important group in the peculiar world.”


You raised an eyebrow.


“I think that you’ve inherited your grandmother’s peculiarity,” Miss Peregrine said, standing up and walking over to the tall bookshelf behind her.


“What is my grandmother’s peculiarity?” you asked, watching Miss Peregrine as she pulled out a book.


“She is what we would call an ymbryne.”


“An ymbryne?” you asked, confused. That was the strangest name you’d ever heard.


“An ymbyrne is a female Syndrigast who is able to manipulate time, as well as turn into a bird.”


“So you’re saying that I can turn into a bird?” you asked, slowly.


“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying,” she said.


You shook your head in disbelief. “I’m sorry Miss Peregrine, but that’s where I have to draw the line. This is officially too much,” you said, standing up. “I’m going to have to head out, it’s getting late.”


“Please come back around, our kind is needed in such a dangerous world,” she said, following you as you grabbed onto the door handle.


You looked back her, unsure of what to say. “Sure.”


Walking back to the hotel with Jake, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at everything that had happened. This whole new peculiar world that you never knew even existed was suddenly a reality.


You reached into your pocket, pulling out your cell phone. You quickly dialled your home phone number. Your grandmother answered, like always.


“Hey Ma,” you said, a smile growing on your face as you made it back to the Priest’s Hole.


“Y/n! How’s Cairnholm? Still wet?” she asked.


“Very,” you chuckled. “I see where the letter went.”


“What letter?” she asked. You could hear her shuffling through a few papers.


“The one you had me post last week to Miss Peregrine,” you reminded. Your grandmother laughed.


“I’m glad it got to her. I suppose that you’ve found the loop then,” she said.


You nodded, although you knew she couldn’t see you. “I did.”


“And did she tell you about who we are?”


“Yeah,” you replied, quietly. “She said you can turn into a bird and manipulate time.”


“That I can,” your grandmother said, proudly.


“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” you asked, sitting on yours and Jake’s shared bed.


“I started to, but your mother thought that I was feeding you nonsense, so she asked me to stop. For your sake.”


You bit your lip, now irritated at your mother.


“When you get home, I’ll teach you how to be a proper ymbryne.”


“Thanks Ma,” you said, smiling.


“Anything for you y/n. Now get some sleep,” she said.


“Good night.”


As you tossed the phone onto a nearby chair, you laid back into the bed. Everything has changed. This morning, you regretted even coming to Cairnholm as you had SAT prep to do, but now, you knew more about yourself than you ever had before. You were peculiar, as was Jake. As were all the children in the children’s home.


Jake walked into the room, smiling at you as he flopped on the bed next to you.


“Today was fun,” he said, looking out the window.


“Yeah,” you said. “It was.”


“What were you doing with Enoch?” he asked, suddenly.


You looked over at him. “What were you doing with Emma?”


“I asked you first!” he exclaimed.


“We’re not 6 Jake,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Tell me!”


“He brought me up to his room to show me his peculiarity, that’s all,” you told him, playing with the ends of your hair.




“What’d you expect? Just met them all today,” you said, running a hand through your hair.


He shrugged, pulling you to him.


“Jake, what are you doing?” you asked, your voice slightly muffled by the fact that your face was in his shirt.


“I’m cold,” he said, bluntly. You rolled your eyes, but wrapped your arms around him.


“You and Emma got along well,” you said, after a few minutes of silence.


“Yeah. She’s great,” he said.


You nudged his chest, looking at him with your eyebrow raised. “Do you have a thing for her?”


He shook his head. “She dated my grandfather!”


Your face scrunched up at the thought of Jake dating his grandfather’s ex-girlfriend. “Ew.”


“Anyway, I already like someone else.”


“Is it Jamie from Horvich’s class?” you asked, “Because she’s had a thing for you for a while.”

He chuckled. “It’s not Jamie.”




“It’s not Maya.”






“You could be in the closet for all I know!” you exclaimed, laughing a little bit at his reaction. He raised an eyebrow when he realised that you were serious.


“I’m not in the closet, y/n,” he said.


“Prove it,” you said, smugly.




He pressed his lips to yours and you froze in shock. You slowly kissed back, and you could feel Jake smile against your lips as he pulled you closer. You pulled away after a few short moments, your foreheads pressed together.


“That was… nice,” you said, quietly.


“Yeah,” Jake said, awkwardly.


“Does this make us…” you trailed off. “A thing?”


“Do you want to?” he asked. 

You shrugged. “I never really thought we’d get to this point.”

“What’s the worst that can happen?” he asked, laying back on the bed.


“Oh, you’d be surprised what can happen Portman.”


That was how you fell asleep, entangled in each other’s arms. And it was in this moment that you were glad that you came to Cairnholm; there was so much more to your life to discover and it was all because of Jake.

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An easy question - Zach Dempsey

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Word count: 969

Request:  can you write an imagine with the line “Have you ever walked up to people and realised they were just talking about you?”

Hope you like it! 

The school bell rang, meaning it was finally time for lunch. You were absolutely starving. When you woke up in the morning and looked at the time you saw you overslept. You had an important test first period so you had to hurry pretty bad. You picked the first item you found in your closet, threw your hair in a messy bun, picked up your backpack and of you were. You didn’t even have time to eat. On your way to school you soon realised you picked one of the most body hugging dresses you have, making you feel a little uncomfortable but you didn’t have time to change anymore. You were more the type to always wear a good fitting jeans and a nice top. Those dresses were mainly for exclusive situations. Walking- more like running- to school you watched yourself in almost every reflection you found seeing if you didn’t look too bad in the dress you chose. But now it was finally lunch time, finally a chance to fill your stomach with food. You walked in full speed to the cafeteria, when you entered you immediately found your friends table, but today there was something different than other times. When you entered all their faces immediately turned towards you and they all went silent. Were your friends really talking about you behind your back? And on top of all that even the boy you’ve had this little fling with since a couple weeks, Zach, was staring awkwardly at the ground trying to avoid eye contact. Slowly they started to talk again about random subjects but you weren’t buying the act. You walked straight towards their table.

“Have you ever walked up to people and realised they were talking about you?” you said with anger in your voice. You saw the nervousness appear in everyone’s eyes proving they were talking about you.  

“y/n we weren’t?” Justin said trying to save the situation. The rest nodding with him.

“Don’t even bother Justin, I’ve got the message it’s fine.” You said before walking away with your shoulders hanging low to the ground. You walked out the cafeteria, still feeling hungry as hell but you didn’t care about that anymore. All your friends were talking about you behind your back and when you confronted them they couldn’t even admit. You couldn’t help but feel hurt. It probably was because of the stupid dress, you knew your body wasn’t good enough. You were done for the day and went straight home. You were focused on your homework for a couple hours now when you heard your mom shout from down the stairs.

“Y/N sweetheart! There’s someone here for you!”

You sighed and got of your bed, who could possibly be downstairs for you but when you walked out your room you  heard a very familiar voice talking, it was Zach. You walked halfway down the stairs, staring at the two of them. You had to admit Zach was looking better than normally. He was wearing a nice button down emphasizing his brought shoulders, nice black pants and his hair nicely done and was he holding flowers? You couldn’t help but feel a little flattered. Suddenly Zach and your mom noticed you.

“Sweety this is Zach, he’s here for you.” You rolled your eyes at her attempt to be extra kind.

“I know who he is mom. Is it okay if he comes upstairs?” you asked you mom, hoping for some privacy.

“No problem.” She said with a smile. Zach looked a last time at your mom.

“It was nice meeting you miss y/l/n.” he smiled before following you upstairs. You both entered your room. Zach closed the door behind him.

“These are for you.” He said with a smile handing the flowers over to you.

“Where are those for? Apologizing because you talked behind my back? Cause flowers won’t make up for that.” You said with a straight face.

“I came here to explain what happened. It really wasn’t their fault, it was mine.”

“I’m listening.”

“I’ve told them all something but I also asked them to keep it a secret from you. Right when we were talking about it you entered the cafeteria and we all didn’t know how to behave. I know Justin’s attempt to save it was pretty bad but I really don’t want you to be mad at them. They all love you with their whole heart, they would never talk behind your back.”  You were getting more and more confused but also felt calmer. Your friends didn’t go behind your back but why did Zach wanted them to keep secrets from you? Why would even do that, there was no reason for that you were pretty accepting.

“Aand are you going to tell me what that big secret was?” Zach suddenly looked a million times more nervous than before.

“I- I wanted to ask you if you want to be my girlfriend. I know this isn’t as special as I was planning but I felt like I had to do it as soon as possible otherwise you would stay mad at them and that’s the last thing I want.” You walked up towards Zach with a big smile.

“Was all this drama for an easy question?”

“Easy? Do you have any idea how fast my heart is going and how hard I’m sweating under this shirt I wore especially for you.”  You couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction.

“S-So what do you say?”

“Of course I want to be your girlfriend Zach, you make me the happiest person in the world, but no secrets anymore!”

“And you just made me the happiest person in the world.” Zach said before pulling you in for a deep kiss feeling each others hearts bumping against each others chests.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all liked it and let me know what you think! xxx

losing a life (to gain another)

Summary: Dan’s a ghost and a bit of a cock block but Phil likes him anyways.

Wordcount: 11,200

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Warnings (spoilers): homophobia, brief mentions of child abuse and neglect, cheating

please don’t repost!! :) 

likes and reblogs are appreciated (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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Little Gilbert

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 461
summary : Reader is Elena’s little sister and the Salvatore’s are over protective of her. Kai ends up staying at the Salvatore’s over night and sneaks into her room.
*gif by jake-riley
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Y/N’s life had gotten complicated the past few years. When her older sister Elena had met Stefan , Y/N had still been in her third year of high school. Both Stefan and Damon had taken a liking to her and over time had become like family to her - like she had two older brothers. After Elena had burned down their house , Y/N had moved in with the Salvatores. Problem was they were super over protective of her. If anyone even dared to get too close to her , things would get ugly for that person. Once a classmate , her friend Jake , had come over so they can work on a project and he had played a prank on her - sneaking up from behind to scare her - and she had screamed. Damon , who had been at the kitchen in that moment making her her favourite snack , rushed to the living room and nearly choked her friend before even bothering to listen to what had happened. Stefan was the same - almost , he listened first before trying to hurt anyone. Y/N loved them and appreciated having two guarding angels at all times but sometimes things were getting a little out of control. Their over protectiveness was starting to suffocate her. Whenever a boy showed up to take her on a date , one of them would tag along and even though the Salvatore wouldn’t sit with them , it didn’t matter much because they could still hear and see everything. Elena was the only one who could get them to back off a little but that never lasted too long.

* * *
Y/N walked downstairs heading into the kitchen, her ponytail and white polca dot ribbon flapping behind her. She was wearing a black tshirt with print (the logo of her favourite band) and gray skinny jeans along with her favourite ankle high black converses.
“Hey sis.” she smiled at Elena. “And big brother.” she winked at Damon.
Her eyes drifted towards the cupcakes on the kitchen counter and just as she was about to grab one , her eyes fell on a stranger sitting on the kitchen table. He had blue eyes ,brown hair , perfect angel like features and was holding a cupcake , his fingers covered with frosting. The boy glanced at her , then at Elena and Damon.
“You have a little sister?” asked the boy. “Wait. Who’s sister is she? And …where have you kept her hidden until now?”
Y/N took one of the cupcakes , taking a bite which resulted in cupcake frosting getting on her nose. Elena wiped it away with her thumb , giving her little sister a warning look. Damon glanced between Kai and Y/N , who obviously were curious about each other by the way they were starring at one another. Kai had gotten up , shortening the distance between him and Y/N. He was smiling widely , outstretching his hand for her to shake as a hello.
“Hi. I’m Kai …and you are ?”
“Littlest Gilbert.” she laughed. “I’m Y/N , Elena’s little sister, well cousin.”
“A human.” muttered Kai to himself. “Didn’t think those existed in Mystic Falls with all the supernatural population. I see you like cupcakes as much as me. Hey maybe we can go out sometime - there is this bakery near the town square -”
“OKAY , slow down big brother.” said Damon pulling Kai away from Y/N. “You are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it? She is off limits.”
“Why not ?” wondered Y/N.
“Because he is the one who shot an arrow through Bonnie’s stomach and he is the reason she is all alone in the Prison World right now.” said Elena pushing her sister out of the kitchen door. Y/N got free and ran back towards Kai and the cupcakes.
Elena’s little sister looked at Kai , head to toe , curiousity burning in her eyes.
“He doesn’t seem dangerous.” she said. “He seems .. cute and cuddly.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “I think she likes me.”
“No , no , no.” said Damon. “No one here likes any body. Y/N , go to your room before things get ugly for mr. charming right here.”
Elena grabbed Y/N and started pushing her towards the door again.
“Fine, fine. I’m going. See you around Kai.”
“Yeah. See you around.” he replied with a wistful look in his eyes.
Damon was starring at him , his arms folded in his chest.
“What ?”
“If you touch her , you lose your head or heart. Or both.” threatened Damon.
“Damon !” exclaimed Elena. “Don’t threaten him. He said he’d help us get Bonnie back. That gives him a pass. At least this time…”
Elena kissed Damon on the cheek while Kai was glancing between them and the door , hoping that maybe Y/N would pop her head through there.
“You two together is still totally revolting to me.” sighed Kai. “Alright , where is that stupid Ascendant ?”

* * *


Y/N walked into the Salvatore’s , her phone in her hands as she kept texting her friends. Elena had convinced Stefan and Damon not to hover over her that day , so she can spend it with her friends before their graduation in a few days. The Salvatores’ overprotective attitude really was getting out of control lately.
Y/N took a few steps into the living room and left her bag on the sofa hearing voices coming from the library. Whoever had come for a visit didn’t appear to be wanted. For a moment she hessitated , but in the end curiousity won over and she headed straight towards the loud voices ignoring the fact Stefan and Damon would be angry as hell if she put herself in any kind of danger.

“I just need a place to crash.”
“One night.” insisted Kai. “Don’t think your house was my first choice. Look I know we don’t get along , specially after that wedding fiasco , for which I am very sorry by the way. What Bonnie did hurt me and I snapped. It’s not like you two haven’t screwed up majorly at some point in your life.”
Stefan folded his hands , nodding and rolling his eyes listening to Kai. Last thing he and his brother wanted was Kai spending the night over , specially with Y/N being in the house. Kai had been dangerous before he turned into a heretic and now who knew what he’d do if he got upset. None of them were willing to risk it.
“I am trying to be better.” added Kai. “Please ? See how nice I am ? I even said ‘please’.”
“You are not not staying.” argued Damon.

Y/N made her way down the hall as quietly as possible. Not that it would do her any good considering the Salvatore’s were vampires and could hear her coming from a mile away. Quite literally. Whoever it was in there with them , might not make it out alive unless she intervined.
“It’s just for one night.” said a very familiar voice that made Y/N stop right at the door. “Please ? I promise to behave. Also need I remind you that you owe me for not going through with that crazy idea your psychopath of a mother had about linking Elena to Bonnie for all eternity ?”
“Because you did that out of the goodness of your heart ?” asked Stefan.
“Not important why I did it.” said Kai. “The important thing is that I did and now you owe me.”
“Fine.” groaned Damon. “But you are not allowed anywhere near her. Got it ?”
“Anywhere near who?” said Y/N walking in. Damon and Stefan groaned. Kai looked happier than ever she had walked in in that moment. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a small step towards her , stopping a second later realising if he took another someone might snap his neck. Kai smiled widely at her and she smiled back at him , taking a step towards the Salvatores. “Are you two going to keep it up with the over protective stuff? I love you but seriously - I am graduating high school , the ceremony is in two days. Are you planing on going to Whitmore with me too ?”
“No.” said Stefan. “We are just -”
“Being the most loving , carrying yet extremely annoying not-blood-related older brothers ?” interrupted Kai making both Salvatoress turn towards him. He could see Y/N was trying hard not to start laughing. “Sorry. I couldn’t help it. Can I at least say HI to her or is this forbidden too ?”
Damon poured himself a drink and drank most of it while Stefan motioned for Kai that it’s OK if he wants to say HI. In a flash Kai hugged Y/N under the absolutely shocked facess of the Salvatore brothers.

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Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x reader (platonic)

Summary/Request:  Can you do a Damon Salvatore one where he’s trying to kill you and says that he could kill you and you’re like yeah but so can another human or a dog like you’re not special.. she can be really unbothered and sarcastic and then he lets her live because she’s really awkward and funny and so he keeps coming next to her every once in awhile for advice and stuff and they become friends xxx - Anonymous

Word Count: 3570

A kind of part two to this: x

Are you sure you can’t come to this last bar, Y/N?” One of your friends slurred out.

You and your friends had been bar hopping and so far you were mildly drunk. You handled your alcohol well, unlike your friends and only agreed to join them to see your friends get ugly drunk,  instead, they flirted with anything that had a dick and legs. Your standards meant that none of the guys offered you drinks so you were tipsy at best.

“I’m going to head home. I don’t like the bar that you’re headed to anyway”  You replied, disentangling yourself from another drunk off her face friend.

“Okay. We’ll miss you”  They all shouted dissolving into a fit of giggles before stumbling down the street.

You rolled your eyes and began your walk home. It was only 1 am but it was that odd time of night where everyone was out but everyone was in. The roads were empty due to most of the people being in clubs or in their homes. It was quite peaceful for you. The smell of rain lingered in the air and the cool breeze did everything to relieve you from the stuffy air in the club. 

You cut through the usual alleyway. It wasn’t like most cliche shortcuts, it was between two houses and continued like that for a few streets. The neighbourhood was a good one, mostly rich white families so you knew you were okay. You were back on the main road, right in the middle of mystic falls which was pretty much deserted. From your peripheral vision, you could see shadows moving but you knew that there wasn’t anything behind you. 

You looked down at your phone to reply to a text when you saw a man in front of you. You quickly stopped to avoid crashing into him.

“Well lookie here” The guy sung.

“Excuse me?” You replied, pissed and confused at the attractive stranger.

“I’m going to kill you, sweetheart”

You burst out laughing.

“I think someone spiked your drink, dude.”

“You should be cowering in fear. Why are you not cowering in fear?” He asked, his evil demeanour changing.

“Because when a random guy comes up and says ‘i’m going to kill you’ at 1 am on a Saturday night he’s drunk. So if you don’t mind, sir. I’ll be on my way”

“But I am going to kill you”

“Yeah of course you are. Now move please”

All of a sudden a metal railing appeared in the stranger’s hands. He bent it easily even managing to knot it in the middle.

“I could really kill you if I wanted to.”

“Yes, but so could another random stranger or even a dog. You’re probably jacked up on some ‘roids so please let me pass”

“I’ll let you live, you’re funny”

You narrowed your eyes and continued walking. 

“I’ll see ya around” The stranger called out.

You thought that would have been the last you saw of the stranger, only you were clearly mistaken. 

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Heiji’s failed confessions compilation

Greetings shippers! Anyone else super pumped for Conan Movie 21: Crimson Love Letter and super jealous of anyone living in Japan right now (cause honestly when is the international release date, huh)? One vote from me.

Anyhow, since I have many things to procrastinate on and a lot of time to feel sorry for myself for waiting for fictional couples to get on with it, here is the count of every FAILED Confession by our favourite Detective of the West! … And some of my comments, but who cares about them!!! 

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Keep on living (chapter 1) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway, and it’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,  keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore. Expect some angst. 

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.  I wrote this originally as a fluff piece for myself but I realise it doesn’t come across as fluff!

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings: I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count:  2715


You were late again to rehearsals, that’s when he first noticed that something was wrong.

You were known for your punctuality, often getting to the theatre hours ahead of everyone. You used your tiny office in the basement to write, to go over notes, and to listen to recordings from the sound desk from the previous night’s show. After years of working shitty jobs this was your first job as musical director’s assistant and you weren’t planning on wasting the opportunity. You’d been with Hamilton since they made its transition to Broadway, you lived and breathed this production, and the Richard Rogers was practically your home.

So when you showed up 2 hours late that afternoon hiding behind a pair of oversize dark glasses, you were greeted by Lin’s fake gasp of surprise.

“Aaaaand what time do you call this Y/N?” he called as she skipped over to you, a wide grin on his face while he playfully put his arm around your shoulder. “You bailed on Oak’s birthday drinks last night. I can’t believe you left me in a bar singing karaoke by myself after you promised me a Disney duet medley!.”

He pouted and gave you puppy eyes. Ordinarily you’d laugh along with him and tease him about his failed disney duets (last time the gang had gone out for karaoke he drunkenly sang A Whole New World with Chris but Lin had naturally taken over singing both Aladdin and Jasmine’s parts leaving Chris and everyone else in fits of laughter at the over-excited disney nerd now serenading himself  in front of them) but today you were caught off guard.

You pushed the glasses tight against your face.

“Um sorry, I had an emergency, h-had to leave a-and get back home. I uh should get downstairs, there’s um some charts I was supposed to amend for Alex this evening.”

You put your head down and pulled away from Lin’s arm, fumbling for the door to make a quick getaway. Lin, sensing something amiss instantly transitioned from Goofy Lin to Serious Lin in a heartbeat, and ran around placing himself in front of you.

“Hey, sorry Y/N, is everything ok? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Has something happened?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving you a squeeze as he lowered his head trying to meet your gaze while you stared at the floor.

You pushed his hand away, too scared to look him in the eye, knowing that if you did you might unravel at any moment.

“I’m fine, sorry, just in a rush.”

You quickly scuffled away, aware of Lin’s eyes following you. You felt like a dick.

You knew how weird you sounded and how rude you were being. You’d looked forward to Oak’s birthday drinks along with everyone else, and ordinarily you’d love to spend the afternoon joking around with Lin. There was even a time when Lin skipping over to give you puppy eyes would have made your heart flutter. You’d developed the most embarrassing crush on him during your first few weeks on the job which left you shy and unable to speak, but you’d pushed those feeling aside, choosing to be as professional as possible. Nobody would have taken you seriously with a silly crush on Lin.

Pippa had once called it the ‘Lin Effect’:

“ Everyone falls in love with Lin” she’d said during those first few weeks of rehearsals.

“He makes everyone in the room feel important and who can’t help but fall in love with that, it’s the Lin Effect!”

Lin had overheard Pippa saying this and for days afterwards he joked with anyone on stage who forget their lines or missed their mark that their lack of concentration was down to the Lin Effect. When you’d accidentally hit play on the sampler during a heart-wrenching rehearsal of Quiet Uptown, accidentally filling the studio with deafening hip hop beats, the cast had erupted into giggles and Lin punched the air and yelled ‘Lin Effect!’ and winked at you. Once you’d seen this goofy side you became less nervous around him and more like good friends. The crippling shyness was gone and in it’s place was an incredibly nerdy friendship born out of long days and nights, rehearsing, and thinking/talking/breathing music with him. And sure, he could still make you feel special just with a look, or by getting excited when you let him hear your own compositions for a half finished music project you’d been kicking around. They way his eyes lit up and got excited, the way he’d smile at you with a mixture of pride and and warmth could make your day. Even as just good friends, the Lin Effect was real.

But you couldn’t think about anyone just now. You just needed to stop and breathe and get to your office before anyone else saw you.

You practically fell into the office you shared with Alex, surprised to find Chris sitting there on the beaten up couch with Pippa, both in fits of giggles as each of them shared an earbud plugged into Chris’s phone. You’d hoped to find an empty room to be alone.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you guys were in here” you said with your hand quickly reaching behind you for the door handle ready to leave.

“Hey Y/N!’ Pippa called, ‘we were waiting for you, come and listen to this!’

You slowly edged your way over to the sofa on Pippa’s command. She scooted up and patted beside her gesturing for you to sit. ‘Here you gotta listen to this, it’s an old Freestyle Love Supreme recording, it’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, check it out!” She pulled the ear bud out of her ear and thrust it towards you. You took it from her practically in slow motion, looking at the ear bud like you’d never seen an ear bud before.

“Ooh check out the glasses, does someone have a hangover?” laughs Chris. “Man you must be feeling ROUGH today huh!”. You nod along meekly without saying a word, leaving an awkward silence in the air. Pippa looks at you with concern then gently nudges Chris who puts his hands up “Ok ok, I’ll leave you two alone, sounds like someone is in desperate need of some coffee!”

As Chris slipped away you felt Pippa’s eyes narrowing on you

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sorry I’m just tired. Hungover.” You stammed.

Pippa’s eye’s lowered to meet yours, you were looking down in your lap, something was wrong. “Hungover? But you weren’t out with us last night though, we looked all over for you. Where were you?”

Hearing the concern in her voice was almost overwhelming and you could feel tears in your eyes. You slowed your breathing trying to steady yourself so you didn’t fall apart there and then.

“Y/N talk to me, what’s happened.”

You breathed, swallowed, and raised your head to meet hers. Slowly, you reached up and took off the oversize sunglasses that had shielded your face. As you took them off you still couldn’t bring yourself to make eye contact with her and you stared down at the sofa as you heard Pippa breathe in sharply.

Your face was bruised. Your left eye was swollen and bloodshot, your eyelid was purple, and there was a small cut on the top of your cheek, the skin was tinged yellow as the bruise faded out across your face.

“Oh my god Y/N are you ok? What happened? Oh my god who did this?”

You felt exposed.

You couldn’t tell anyone. He’d apologised, he hadn’t meant to. He wasn’t a monster. You didn’t want people to see that side of him. You weren’t making excuses for him, but he didn’t mean to hurt you, he just got upset and lost control, and it never meant to happen.

You’d been dating Mark for 3 months now. He was amazing, a talented musician, he was so smart, he was creative and enthusiastic and loved you. He really loved you. But he struggled too. His mental health wasn’t great and lately his dark moments had become dark days and dark weeks. He felt so scared of losing you and felt jealous that you were working in your dream job when he was still struggling. He hadn’t wanted you to go out last night, he was convinced you would cheat on him, that you’d drink too much and go home with someone else, scared that your ‘new dumbass theatre friends’ (as he called them) would convince you to leave him. You’d got annoyed, you’d snapped back at him, you hated someone so controlling, you just wanted one night out with your friends. And he’d hit you. He’d actually hit you. You couldn’t tell anyone.

“Y/N who did this?”

“Nobody. I mean.. someone tried to mug me, it’s fine, they didn’t take anything and I got away, it’s totally fine, I’m just tired.” You were bad at lying, your voice sounded strange and you were sure that she knew. You regretted saying it was a mugging instantly.

“Oh Fuck! Y/N that’s horrible, you poor poor thing. Did you call the police? I can come with you to the police station, what do you need?”

You made eye contact with Pippa for the first time since sitting down, her kindness felt so unbearable.

“It’s fine, honestly. I’ve already spoken to the police. I’m ok, I’m just tired.” You even cracked a smile to try and show just how ok you were pretending to be. You were the worst liar. She reached out and pulled you into a hug while she continued to say nice reassuring things. You couldn’t concentrate and you just closed your eyes hoping for some quiet calm soon.

Your eyes snapped wide as the door to your office swung open and Chris stood there.

“Hey I forgot my phone…” He trailed off as he saw your face and you quickly pulled your hair over your face feeling exposed.

“Y/N what happened?” He begun, but luckily, Pippa sensing your desire for the ground to swallow you up, instantly  jumped up pressing his phone into his hands and shooing him out of the office urging him to leave you alone for some quiet time and saying ‘yes she’s FINE’ over the top of his protests while shutting the door in his face.

“Oh god thank you.”

“That’s ok, although people are gonna be concerned. In fact I don’t want you going home alone tonight, I’ll take a cab with you. No ifs no buts.”

You wished you hadn’t blurted out a lie about being mugged. If anything that was just gonna bring more attention on yourself. And it wasn’t the same: people who got mugged were victims of something awful, you weren’t a victim, he said this was something you had done, that you’d made him this angry. Was this your fault? You slipped the glasses back up to your face, wishing for invisibility. You didn’t want any more attention, and you didn’t want anyone walking you home, you couldn’t run the risk of Mark finding out that you’d shown anyone your black eye. He’d wanted you to keep it hidden today, he was so sorry for what he’d done.

“It’s fine honestly Pippa. Mark’s coming to pick me up later so I won’t be on my own. And anyway I’m not sticking around for the show tonight, it’s my night off, i just came in to work on some charts for Alex for a couple of hours, so I’ll be home before dark anyway.”

“Well…ok. Sorry, I know you don’t need babysitting, I’m just so glad Mark will be with you, he’s a good guy, he must have been so worried about you.”

You zoned out as Pippa started praising Mark but hopefully that was enough to keep her from accompanying you home tonight. You made her promise not to tell anyone else what happened but you realised that was going to be impossible, but Pippa had at least promised to tell people not to ask you about it. You regretted lying so much, and what a shitty lie it was.

After much reassuring her that you were fine, she eventually left you to it. And in the quiet of the office you could finally breathe and concentrate on the charts Alex had asked you to work on. For the next couple of hours you worked on transposing music for new chorus members, tinkering with arrangements and for those two hours things were easy. You could get lost in your work, and notes and squiggles on a page were easier to deal with than real life. The two hours flew past in a whirlwind and you piled your folders together and grabbed your bag ready to head out before the evening crowds assembled for showtime.

As you made your way quietly down the corridor hoping to avoid speaking to anyone as you slipped out, at least until tomorrow, there was Lin. He was completely unaware of you as he sat on the floor near one of the prop rooms. His oversize hoodie was pulled over his head and he was staring intently at his laptop, bobbing his head in time to a beat through his headphones. Looking at him now with strands of hair hanging in his face as he absent-minded tucked them behind his ears he looked so lost in his music, so happy. On any other day you would have joined him and wasted time sharing songs and ideas, bouncing off each other until showtime.  On any other day you could have silently stolen a glance and noted how cute he looked while in full concentration mode. But today wasn’t any other day and you needed  a hot bath and some sleep and to figure out what to do.

You breathed in pushing the sunglasses tight against your face and left through the back door silently. The noise of the street hit you immediately and you realised you felt scared. You felt scared to go home, you felt scared to see Mark. You breathed in slowly, it felt like everything was in slow motion today.


You turned round and there was Lin. He’d followed you out, with his hood pulled down and his headphones hanging round his neck,. “I was waiting for you but you snuck out before saying goodbye”

“I’m sorry, it’s been a weird day, I just need to get home”

You eyes darted around, too scared to look him in the face. Did he know? Had Pippa told everyone?

“You’re not sticking around tonight?”

He looked disappointed.

“It’s my night off, I’m not feeling great. I’m just gonna go home.” You forced a smile but it came out a grimace.

“Has something happened?”

Did he know? You didn’t think he knew. But his eyes narrowed and his mouth tensed with concern.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine, it was nothing you don’t have to worry.”

You turned away, just wanting to escape but you felt his hand reach out to grab your arm. You winced as his hand slipped and he ended up grabbing your wrist. Your wrist was sore and tender from last night, where Mark had grabbed you, digging his fingers and thumb into your wrist to stop you from leaving. You gasped out in shock of being touched.

“Sorry I…” You looked back to see him glancing down at your wrist where faint red finger marks on your skin seemed to give you away. His eyebrows tensed and he looked up at you in shock. You quickly pulled your arm away, embarrassed.

“I need to go…” you began.

“Wait, Y/N..”

“Seriously, can we do this another day?”

Your turned to leave once again, only this time to find Mark walking towards you both, his mouth pursed and his eyes sullen. You hadn’t lied to Pippa, he really was coming to pick you up after work. It was something you’d been dreading.


“Hey.” He said, not looking you but staring intently at Lin. Lin broke his gaze away from you, and he turned to face Mark. You couldn’t tell what he was piecing together in his mind from your mood, the sunglasses, and now your wrist. His face was solemn and gave nothing away, gone was the cute smile and soft eyes from just a moment ago. He swallowed and smiled and put his hand out to Mark.

“Hey man, you must be Mark, I’ve heard a lot about you.”


Part 2 coming here

anonymous asked:

Could you do an analysis of shikamaru and temari's relationship? I mean each moment of the pairing.

Shikamaru and Temari firstly meet during the Chuunin Exams where they are paired to fight against each other. However, Shikamaru is not too pleased that he has to fight the aggressive Temari. On the other hand, his ego doesn’t allow a girl to win against him, so he decides to fight her, serving as his motivation to go through with their match. Shikamaru eventually gives up, although on the verge of winning the match. In true Shikamaru fashion, he justifies this by saying the fight has taken its toll on him, leading him to almost run out of chakra. Nonetheless, he manages to leave an impression on Temari and vice verse, given both are keen strategists, leading them to acknowledge each others’ skills. 

Their second meeting is when Temari is sent by Sunagakure to save Shikamaru during his battle with Tayuya. After Tayuya is defeated, Shikamaru comments on Temari’s “scary yet beautiful” smile; her radiant and warm expressions touches Shikamaru undoubtedly. 

Temari then accompanies Shikamaru to a hospital in Konoha. Whilst they are conversing, Temari notices how emotional Shikamaru is around her. We could view this as foreshadowing—a literary device hinting at what is to come. 

At the very beginning of Shippuuden, Shikamaru and Temari are seen side by side arriving at the Hokage’s office. As they later walk through the village, Naruto crosses their path, asking them if they are on a date, which both deny. Now, it’s important to note that Shikamaru wakes up early to escort Temari to the Hokage. Considering his laziness, this is unusual for him. Furthermore, Temari compliments Shikamaru, telling him he is talented and should achieve the rank of a jounin, causing Shikamaru to get flustered.

Moving forward, Shikamaru and Temari are assigned to the same division. During this time, Temari supports Shikamaru by reminding him to take his job seriously and to not let down his father whom she has tremendous respect for. Over the course of the war, Shikamaru warns everyone to not let their guard down. Upon hearing his message, Temari thinks to herself that Shikamaru would be a good Hokage. 

And within Shikamaru’s Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Temari happens to be right next to him—all while the topic is about marriage. Interestingly enough, they agree that the whole process of marriage seems too troublesome. 

During Shikamaru Hiden, Temari realises just how special Shikamaru is to her when she feels deeply hurt by the fact he’d exclude her from his problems. Consequently, Shikamaru acknowledges that it was a mistake that he left her out of his affairs. To demonstrate her his gratefulness, he asks her out on a date. Temari finds this to be troublesome, which shouldn’t be taken as an insult but more as playful banter between them. Naturally, Temari happily obligates with the date. Their close relationship culminates in their own marriage and the birth of their son, Shikadai. Thereafter, Temari emigrates to Konoha and becomes a member of the Nara clan. 

All in all, I can say they were meant to be from the very beginning. “Clearing all the darkness from my heart” is how Shikamaru describes Temari’s smile in Shikamaru Hiden. That she saved him on numerous occasions while displaying a great deal of respect towards him brought them definitely closer, ultimately sparking Shikamaru’s interest.

With that said, I hope this answers your question sufficiently, Anon!

The fourth time Ronan hugs Adam, neither of them know it will probably be a while till it happens again.

Ronan lies on Adam’s small bed in his new dorm room. He’d promptly thrown himself onto it, with a heavy sigh, after putting on Adam’s new bed sheets for him. Adam’s roommate would not be arriving until the next day so Adam would have the room to himself for the night. Now, Adam can feel Ronan’s eyes on his back as he places the last of his clothes in his new tiny wardrobe. He smiles to himself picturing the other boy’s expression - brows furrowed, eyes slightly narrowed, gaze intense as he studies Adam’s movements. Classic, Lynch. 

He turns to look at Ronan over his shoulder and his smile widens at the thought of him being so attuned to Ronan’s expressions. He picks his way through the empty storage boxes they’d used to carry his things up scattered over the floor, and sits himself on the edge of the bed next to Ronan. Ronan’s expression softens, and Adam is once again struck by how Ronan is always able to ease the sharp and savagely handsome lines in his face into more smoother edges when he looks at him. He wonder’s what his face looks like when he looks at Ronan. He doubts his gaze is able to convey the way his heart races with some unknown force whenever he looks at Ronan (really looks at him). Or the way his mind clears and settles when he’s touching him - like the way his hip is pressed against Ronan’s right now.

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