and he learned his lesson

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-facepalm- sorry sorry, okay right. Okay for the wound scenario; Carla, Shuu, Ayato, and hmmm...Subaru or Laito idk. Surprise me cx 💖

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-There was no punishment he dealt without sufficient reason. If you were in pain, you had earned every moment of it. 

Every dark, throbbing bruise, every weeping cut was proof that you had disobeyed, motivation to do better in the future. Your complaints were nothing more than proof that you had not yet learned your lesson. 

He’d never demean his position by tending to your wounds, no that would be far beneath the position of king. 

But feeling some satisfaction at your miserable face was just natural. 


-Punishing you was enough trouble. Having to deal with your stupid whining afterwards was all the worse. 

Were you just so stupid that you couldn’t learn? Or were you asking to be hurt again? Since he’d punished you for being too loud, more of that annoying whimpering had to be an invitation for more.

Pinning your arms out of the way and roughly splashing fresh alcohol against your wounds elicited the loveliest shrieks. 

At lest this was something worth moving for. 


-For all your talking back, you sure couldn’t take much punishment; he’d barely hurt you and you were already sobbing. 

You should have thought about what messing with him would get you before getting so head-strong, huh? Bleeding and whimpering, you sure looked sorry for forgetting your place.

Yeah, he’d done enough for now. That fresh blood was looking a lot more appealing than smacking you around. 

Your misery made the blood taste all the better. 


-Oh how cute you are when in pain. That adorable little face, twisting up and going all red as you tried to hold in the most precious noises. 

The aftermath was just as sweet. Red, dripping gashes littering your flesh like jewelry, poisoning the air with the sweet, perfect scent of your blood. You make a sharp sound when he dabs at them with something stinging. 

He chides you to hold still, tightening his grip on your wrist until the bones creak, digging one pointed nail into the edge of a deep cut. 

Yes, cleaning you up was nearly as fun as causing the mess. 

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jealous! isak because isn't that what everyone's here for and it's actually canon like yo boi be cool that other boi will be/is yours

snake!isak strikes again and this time its to Protect His Boy

  • even is such a casual flirter and he doesn’t even realize it?? its not even that he’s flirty he’s just naturally very charming and also very attractive according to most people and so that means that he’s just flirtatious and people are all over him all the time and isak is….Not On Board
  • we’ve all seen Season 1, jealous isak is not …….. the most trustworthy guy around
  • yes yes isak’s changed a lot from season 1 he’s learned his lessons but old habits die hard and its really hard to squash that feeling of inadequacy when you already sorta dont think you’re good enough and you see a hot guy flirt with your boyfriend.
  • isak doesn’t bring it up. he Simmers in Silence and falls quiet and starts just. throwing looks here and there. maybe once or twice he’ll say something stingy that’s meant to throw the person off, but he’s spent so much time regretting what he did to eva and jonas he’s not keen on letting his jealousy hurt other people again, so he does his best not to.
  • even almost always notices something is Up when this happens but he doesn’t realize its jealousy until the fourth time its happened??? he just assumed that isak didn’t like whoever he was talking to or was irritated by them.
    • bc even doesn’t see the conversation he had with that one really gorgeous girl as flirting, why would he be interested?? if isak exists??? and wants to be with him??? like WHY would he ever go for some guy he barely knows in front of isak? it makes no sense in even’s head, so he wouldnt get why isak is jealous until he realizes that isak is glaring at him too. even gets a moment of why is he pissed at me?? and then he looks at the person he’s flirting with and then . Realizes. 
    • even forgets he’s attractive sometimes its a problem
  • and honestly?? seeing isak all grouchy and grumpy is always sort of cute + funny to even purely for the facial expressions and indignant replies, and the fact that he’s grouchy because isak’s a tinnyyy bit possessive of him is just a bonus (any reminder that isak cares about him and loves him is a Good Thing in even’s book)
  • so at first, even just sort of laughs it off and rubs isak’s arm and teases him a little bit but isak never finds it funny. and not in the cute it’s not funny! followed by a reluctant grin and maybe a laugh. a genuine annoyance and irritation and quiet no its not funny.
  • because isak’s insecure as fuck??? yes he’s gotten so much more confident over these past few seasons but the minute sonja told him that even only loved him bc of his mania, isak believed it immediately. consistently throughout the entire beginning of their relationship, isak believed he wasn’t good enough for even, questioned why would even like him anyways, etc. and while that might have been quelled in the season 3 finale, when they saw + accepted each other, flaws and all, those sort of feelings are hard to shake. its gonna take some time before isak is completely over those insecurities - and seeing even interact in that way with people who seem so much more attractive, and funny, and sociable than isak is definitely doesn’t help.
  • even doesn’t really get why its such a Big Deal and whenever he asks about it, seriously, because he wants to know why isak is so bothered by it, isak just changes the subject and makes it pretty clear he’s not ready to talk about it. 
  • but one day, after even pesters him enough, isak just finally blurts it out. and he’s a little embarassed and refuses to meet even’s eyes and sort of buries his own confession with i know its stupid im stupid i shouldnt worry about us and jealousy is bad and
  • even just hurts a little bit inside bc he KNOWS he was sort of a dick to isak at the beginning of the relationship but he assumed that isak’s feelings weren’t as strong as his own?? that it only became Something for isak later, while it was always Something for even?? so he never thought he was making isak feel inadequate, or like he wasn’t enough - he just thought he was doing what was best for them both. 
  • even apologizes. and he doesn’t specify if its for the flirting or for the past and isak accepts it as both. 
  • after that he becomes even more vocal about how much he loves isak than he already is - just to reassure him and also bc he likes talking about how much he loves isak - and there are a lot quiet moments where even strokes isak’s hair and whispers to him, only for the two of them to hear - you’re enough. i wouldn’t want anyone else. there’s only you.
  • even doesn’t entirely cease his flirting just bc its just?? the way he talks?? but he also makes sure to loudly + obviously introduce isak as his boyfriend any time he notices that isak’s getting in a Mood.
    • can u imagine, in the middle of a conversation about a paper he had due for english with this blonde girl, isak lets out a sigh and even suddenly goes oH YEAH i fORGOT TO MENTION THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND
    • this girl is a lesbian she doesnt rlly give a fuck, shes like oh………..ok, anyways, that paper
    • isak feels a little better now anyways. 
  • Jealous Isak. poor guy.
DC TV Watch: Can 'The Flash' Really Kill Iris?
THR rounds up all the major twists, new mysteries and more from this week in DC Comics TV shows.

No more secrets: Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has learned his lesson when it comes to keeping secrets from his friends and team, so his glimpse of the future in which Savitar kills Iris (Candice Patton) won’t be kept from the STAR Labs team when the winter premiere begins. “We’re going to pick up right away,” executive producer Aaron Helbing tells THR. “Seeing Savitar kill Iris is going to have a profound effect on the team, on Barry, on Joe [Jesse L. Martin], on Wally [Keiynan Lonsdale] for the rest of our season. They’ll find out right away. What Barry’s learned throughout the season is that lies and secrets destroy his relationships or have the potential to destroy his relationships, so having learned his lesson he opens up pretty quickly. Barry and the rest of the team are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that future doesn’t come true.”

Changing the future: Barry has also learned that he shouldn’t change the past after the repercussions of Flashpoint. But what about changing the future? Does that lesson also apply to not messing with time when it’s an event that hasn’t even happened yet?  "It’s the woman he loves, he just moved in with, has been in love with for a very long time so at this point, he’s just throwing caution to the wind and focusing on saving her, realizing that there could be ramifications but he’ll deal with those ramifications after he’s taken care of this problem,“ Helbing says.

No more WestAllen? When The Flash showrunners first began developing this storyline concerning Iris’ fate, they "definitely know where” they were going to take it. “I don’t want to spoil anything but we love Candice Patton so much. We love Iris and Barry together,” Helbing says. “We just found it to be so interesting. Barry couldn’t save his mom. He couldn’t save his dad. And now he wants to be with Iris forever, so it gives us a lot of opportunities to revisit that future event based on Vibe’s [Carlos Valdes] abilities, and to us that felt exciting to try and see what happens when one of the team is killed and it’s the most important person to Barry and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she survives.”

But does that mean the showrunners can envision a future for the show without Patton in it? “We don’t take killing characters lightly but we wanted to explore how that would affect Barry in a different way,” Helbing says. “You have a specific relationship with your mother and your father, and a very different relationship with the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Because it’s Iris, we get to explore deep down what Barry is willing to go through and what everyone else is willing to go through to make sure that she isn’t killed by Savitar. Wally is going to continue to push himself because of that. It’s an incident that drives everybody to come together to keep her alive. When Ronnie [Robbie Amell] died, he sacrificed himself for the team. When Eddie [Rick Cosnett] died, he sacrificed himself for the team. This is just straight up murder and so it’s a different kind of story.”

One of the challenges in my life as a busy working single mom is meeting people. I met someone yesterday who is a beautiful example with listening to his intuition and not letting fear control most of his life.

He is touring the United States and we happen to meet for a night. Sharing some of my favorite spots in Arizona is always a joy. However, I appreciate most the lessons learned. He told a story of his travel in Korea where (unwisely) he was hiking a tall mountain during the winter without proper attire and equipment.

Instead of wisely going back to his hotel when his hands began freezing, he continued on alone. While hiking in a more precarious area he was came upon a woman climbing over an icy rock. She slipped and almost fell to her death but for my friend catching her by the shoulder. A man who was also hiking in the same direction that had been scowering at him as they passed each other finally confronted him about his lack of protection for his hands. Although the language difference made communication challenging, the Korean learned he didn’t have gloves. This man had packed up the hill an older pair of gloves and extra food. He proceeded to hike with my friend sharing gloves, food, and even one of his clamps from his own feet.

If my friend had not been there what would have happened to the woman? If the Korean had not been there… My friend would have had serious health challenges at the least. I am amazed and awed at how we help one another when following these prompts.


Whenever you’re cooking, Chris appears in the kitchen and starts trying all the food without your permission. You tell him it bothers you but he doesn’t listen. One day, he ends up ruining the birthday cake you’re supposed to bring to a party, and you yell at him so much that he finally learns his lesson and becomes a bit scared of you.

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Going off that anon with the 'Irene is happily married elsewhere but keeps in touch' idea, after Sherlock embarks on his new relationship with Molly, John asks him to clarify his association with The Woman, because he learned his lesson and doesn't want Sherlock to even RISK cheating on Molly like he did with Mary. So Sherlock rolls his eyes and shows John a picture he received of Irene and her spouse on their wedding day. "She's married?!" -John "Yup, I sent them a toaster." -Sherlock

LOL A toaster, perfect!

In defense of Filbrick Pines

Oh yeah. That’s right. You heard me correctly. 

I have seen a rise lately in the WORST fandom theory ever: that Filbrick physically abused Stanley.

I want everyone to stop and think about this for a second: Why the hell would Fil give his son boxing lessons so he could learn how to fight bullies if he a) didn’t give a shit about his son and b) was physically abusive himself? Where is the logic in this?? 

I know everyone hates him because he threw Stan out, but everyone’s missing some key elements that don’t make him out to be the vile, loathsome villian everyone thinks he is.

The way Stan talks about his father is a big clue. We definitely get the impression that he was pretty harsh and stern, and we know Stan says he’s not easily impressed, but Stan doesn’t come across as bitter about it. We see the book about dad issues in NWHS, and it seems very apparent that Stan has worked through a lot of the problems he had with his dad, or he at least tried to. He doesn’t talk about Filbrick with anger or resentment, and he even says Filbrick did him a favor by making him taking boxing lessons. He’s grateful for it. 

I’m not saying Filbrick was a great dad; I’m not even saying he was a GOOD dad, I’m just tired of the fandom taking their dislike of him so far as to completely vilify him and turn him into an abusive monster. We know next to nothing about his character, and what we DO know has absolutely zero evidence of this. Plus, it just don’t make any logical sense.


Request: Imagine being a very tense person. You are the opposite of Peter, where he has no care in the world while you do. Peter helps you by teaching you how to not be so tense about everything. Something bad happens and you’re like “I told you so”, but then everything turns out fine, and he’s like “I told you so”. Please and thank you. 😊

Warnings: none

“Hey! Alec, don’t do that, you can get hurt!” You warned a younger Lost Boy who was dangling carelessly from a tree.

“Let the boy play,” Peter shrugged off the dangers of the boy’s actions.

“He could get hurt, Pan.”

Peter only shrugged. “If he does, then he learns his lesson, but he won’t get hurt.”

You rolled your eyes at him, not replying. You were the overly-caring mother on Neverland. Always watching out, always tense about everything. You never wanted anyone to get hurt or injured. You always tended to those who did. But nonetheless, you were extremely tense unlike Peter.

“Oh! Kip, don’t play with swords! It’s real and can hurt you or someone else,” you panicked, running to the boy with a huge iron sword. You took it out of his hands, setting it down against a tree.

“Pan!” Kip complained. “She took my sword!”

Peter rolled his eyes, getting up from his spot. “Come with me, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand, dragging you away from the playful Lost Boys.

“Where are we going?” You asked, tensing up your body.

“I’m going to teach you how to relax and be careless for once,” Peter scoffed.

You looked at him, skeptic. He didn’t understand. If you weren’t careful, you could get hurt. That’s how it worked. Play dangerously, and someone will get injured. You couldn’t stand seeing others hurt, even if it was an accident. It always pained you to see someone in any kind of pain. So the best way to prevent was to be overly cautious. 

“But Pan…” You whined.

“Relax, Y/N. It’ll be fine.”

Peter took you to this ledge on Neverland. Below was water slamming onto the side on the cliff. You gulped at the sight. What did Peter have planned?

“We’re going to play tag,” he simply said. You gave him a confused look. “We’re going to run around this cliff, and play tag.”

“No, Pan, one of us could fall and get hurt or die.” You explained to him. 

Peter shook his head at you. He didn’t reply. Instead he tagged you and ran towards the ledge. You ran after him, calling his name and telling him to get away from the edge. 

“Tag me, Y/N. C’mon, you can do it!” Peter urged. You chased him, huffing out air. 

You eventually tagged him and he started chasing you. You let loose, having fun. You started laughing and becoming careless. You forgot about the cliff, and chased Peter around until you tagged him. You two continued doing this for a while until you tripped and fell off the cliff.

You screamed as you grabbed onto a big rock sticking out. It was a few feet down from where you just were. There you dangled, screaming and crying already. You could die. Your life could end right now if you let go, and didn’t want that. You feared death so much.

“Peter!” You cried out. “I told you so! I told you someone could get hurt!” Your voice shook along with your body. 

“Relax, I got you.”


To answer your question, Peter swooped down and lifted you up. He flew back to the top of the cliff, setting you down. You were perfectly safe and didn’t get hurt.

“I told you so,” Peter looked at you. “You didn’t get hurt, and you had fun.”

“Yeah, but–”

“You had fun, Y/N. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you, okay? Get that through your head. Nothing will harm you as long as I’m around, and I’m always around. Even if you can’t see me. I’m the trees, the wind, the dirt. I am everywhere and everything. You won’t get hurt on my watch.”

You took to heart what Peter said. He was being sincere for once. You felt safe. 

“O-Okay…” You mumbled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Let’s get back to the Lost Boys, yeah? And have fun. Don’t be too tense. Let loose like you did with me right now.”

You nodded your head. You lifted your arms up for Peter to take. He rolled his eyes, already knowing what you meant. He picked you up, carrying you back to the Lost Boys. 

I love how matured Murdoc turned out to be in the interview today. In fact on some of the questions, he’d seemed to show more of his sensitive side. Maybe Murdoc has changed a bit since Plastic Beach. Maybe he learned his lesson and is now completely aware about the trouble he caused for himself and the band over the past years. He still might a jerk to others, but I think in phase 4 he might be a little more nicer this time and he probably might find a way to fix the problems he caused.


Violeta Lópiz

“The little narrator of this story likes to spend time, days without school with his grandfather Luis, in his tiny house in the middle of a luxuriant garden. There, he revises his lessons, especially, learns incredible things, like the name of wild plants or that of birds of the woods…`”

framed spaces research 

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Hcs for old caesar joining the sdc gang to egypt?



-Caesar most likely joined the journey just because Joseph started to tease him if he said he wouldn’t. “I’m too old for this, Joseph.” “Ooooh look at poor old grandpa! Do you need a seat? Here, let me help you walk! Boo hoo.” “You look even older than me! I’ll teach you a lesson!”

-But when he learned that the life of his precious niece Holly was at risk, he stopped fooling around and the thing got serious immediately. No one is gonna hurt his little niece!

-He puts his headband on and dresses in a very fashionable way. He has to look good for the ladies out there! Yes, he’s still a womanizer even in his old years. Another foxy grandpa

-Avdol and him would get along very well! Caesar feels a lot of respect towards Avdol, who even being so young is so wise! and Avdol would admire Caesar’s abilities, which did nothing but grow more powerful with training!

-And Polnareff would get along even better with him. “Hey, Mister Zeppeli, check out that woman over there!” “Wow…. you have fine taste, Polnareff.” He would become Polnareff’s master and will teach him the fine arts of flirting.

-”What the hell did you just call me?! God, your grandson is a brat… just like you when you were younger…” He doesn’t like Jotaro a lot. It reminds him of a meaner, more rude version of young Joseph. But with time, their relationship might get better!

-He is pretty neutral towards Kakyoin though! He thinks he is a weird kid that plays those “vidio geims” things that he doesn’t understand at all. He does, though, try to take him out of his shell with conversations some times!

-And with Iggy, he pretty much has the same relationship as Polnareff. Just that, for some reason, Iggy has the tendency of biting his moustache when Caesar is asleep.

-Just imagine the Bastet fight but with Caesar instead of Avdol.

-He is ready to sacrifice himself for any of the kids (or the other old man) of the group. Nobody is going to harm his kids. And friend. Except himself, of course.



Can we talk about how the Norbury shooting was a mirror of Mary shooting?

If you think this is it, s4 is face value and the show’s over, it really does seem like it was a way to ensure that Mary and Sherlock are even now.

Except… Mary died, didn’t she, so are they really even? And didn’t Sherlock bait both of them into shooting, so has he learned anything? By getting her killed through a failure to learn his lesson, doesn’t he owe her?

Hey… he owes her. Why does that ring a bell, again?

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Yuuri didn’t listen to his coach, and it’s because of that he messed up on the quadruple flip.

He spent the whole performance worrying about and obsessing over the quadruple flip, and as a result he wasn’t feeling his Eros. 

Every other performance he focused on the emotional aspect of the performance and did well (or at least was satisfied with his performance.) But this time, he was focusing on the technical stuff and as a result he messed up the jump.

Rather than focusing on making Viktor happy, he was focused on that one jump and when he flubbed it he became rather distraught.

I’m just hoping that he learns his lesson before the free skate, and puts his emotion back into the performance. When he thinks about Viktor, he skates better so I’m hoping that’s what he’ll do.

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Do you believe in karmic energies & people and/or animals passing onto their next life once their lesson is learned? I have a cat who DEF is an old soul. He was probably the most well-behaved & sweetest cat. He acted more human than anything. He only lasted a year before succumbing to this disease that is 100% untreatable. I'm wondering if his karmic lesson was learned so he's ready to pass to the next life. What do you think/know about karmic energies?

I do believe in karma and reincarnation - to be honest it’s more than a “belief” because I feel like there’s too much proof to deny it. so to answer your question I’ll just tell you what I ~know~ (have learnt) about animals so far (so you can take what you want from it)

most animals don’t have souls and when they do it’s either a really young soul or a really old soul - the young soul usually being the first incarnation in this Realm as a somewhat introduction, an old soul usually the act as a guide of sorts. as with all incarnations there’s lessons to learn/karma but old souls in pets are highly unlikely to have any sort of extreme karma but more so some sort of destiny to fulfil before they can move on.

not having a soul doesn’t mean anything weird, /usually/ it means that the animal is a vessel and in domesticated pets it can be where those who have passed on/spirit guides/house spirits can visit from time to time for whatever reason (similar to a familiar). humans sometimes don’t have souls too but it’s extremely rare and again, it doesn’t mean their some evil entity completely devoid of morals, but again it’s not exactly something that’s ~supposed happen so at the same time it often doesn’t go well either, so to speak

domesticated animals are one of your households first line of defence, if your pet is seriously injured or dies (or if an animal dies on your property) it means that you were being protected from extreme negative energy or negative event happening (usually stopping someone highly toxic from entering your life). with the exception of if it’s simply the pets time/old age death (or if it’s somehow the owners fault). because animals absorb the negativity in simple terms (I can’t think of better terminology rn)…but basically there’s also a hierarchy of how animals can help. for example if your cat dies suddenly it’ll probably stop the event completely (you might work out what it was or you might never know) but if your fish dies and you meet someone new basically right after that’s your first red flag to avoid that person. (this sounds negative but trust that it is highly RARE and will often only happen if you are being protected from something extreme)

Why do people keep saying that Barry has not learned his lesson about changing the timeline? He is being vibed to when Iris dies, that’s all. That means he will able to see what’s happening and not actually physically be there; so he’s not changing anything. I think he’s trying to see what will lead up to Iris’ death so that he can alter those things from happening. Since they have not happened yet he is not changing the timeline or hurting anybody.

But honestly I don’t care if he did screw up the timeline; as long as Iris is ok and WestAllen lives on he can wreck havoc on the timeline.