and he knows whose army it is

Brain Dump: Mr Robot ‘pyth0n_pt1.p7z’



3. So much tension just in the previously on. Thanks for reminding me how high the stakes are right now.

4. Elliot is going to try to spy on Mr. Robot? Thisssssssssssss might be very interesting.

5. Baby!

6. Baby of crazed, sociopathic parents. But still, baby!

7. “Of all the gifts he sent, this is the greatest we’ve ever received.” BUT WHAT IS IT?

8. Whoever took Angela (Dark Army?) don’t seem to be itnerested in making sure she’s comfy.

9. “This isn’t my blood in case you were wondering.” Soooooo whose blood is it? Because we kind of want to know.

10. Dom is getting pretty disillusioned. Time to join fSociety?

11. Seriously, though, having her whole case taken apart because of a financial transaction has gotta deflate any feelings you might have had for “the man”.

12. So is this Dark Army? Or is this some leftover members of fSociety that’s taken Angela? Mr. Robot’s men?

13. Not real talkative, this bunch.

14. Post-its on the faces in family photos. That’s not creepy at all.

15. That’s a hefty CRT screen on that desk. Almost looks like a Commodore 64.

16. Silence can be even more unnerving than threats.

17. Called it! C64! And a copy of Lolita, for some reason.

18. Okay, who is this little girl? What is going on?

19. “Have you ever cried during sex?” – “What is going on?” I’m wondering exactly the same thing. Also…maybe.

20. This is getting very dreamlike. Are we inside of Elliot’s lucid dream? Or is this Angela’s dream? Dreams within dreams?

21. “Defeats can still be profitable.” There is so much wrong with that sentence.

22. I’m purple too.

23. Text adventures via red telephone.

24. This is so fucking weird. Did Mr. Robot just cross over into Twin Peaks?

25. “Is the key in the room?” I would say it must be, because you just used it to unlock the door. But what do I know.

26. “The key was in my fist. My fist was in my pocket.” WHAT KEY!?

27. Seeing Dom wash blood off her face reminds me that we’re still not entirely sure who lived or died at the diner. I’m hoping that the interview she wants to be allowed to conduct is with a still-alive Darlene.

28. Masturbation time, Dom?

29. Dom’s conversation with Alexa here is something that is going to happen to me sooner rather than later, I’m sure.

30. Seriously, I’m surprised I haven’t had these conversations with Cortana in Windows 10 yet.

31. I think I know what I’m doing tomorrow now, though.

32. Well that was all kinds of uplifting.

33. Alright, all the water is out of the fish tank now. And there’s the dead fish to go with it.

34. Hope that’s not a signal of what’s coming for Angela.

35. Okay, so it is Dark Army, I guess. Dark Army keeps things weird.

36. If Angela let’s go of her mission, what will she have left to live for? She’s already pretty rock bottom in every other way.

37. So we’re going to find out what the Washington Township thing is all about?

38. And now, at last, we’re back to Elliot. And hopefully some answers.

39. Well, whoever came up with this cypher is fucking magic.


41. TYRELL!?

42. Isn’t that the fSociety voice?

43. How do you lose yourself when you’re tailing yourself inside your own mind? You know what, never mind.

44. Uh oh, Angela coming to visit the attorney chick is gonna be bad news.

45. Dramatic brown-out.

46. Way to not be creepy in the slightest, Angela. At least the lawyer didn’t get murdered, which I was kind of expecting.

47. “I’m not following him. I am him.” Exactly!

48. You might want to try to sit back and let Mr. Robot get back in the driver’s seat.

49. And now Tyrell.

50. Elliot, it’s not going to help to yell at the guy who doesn’t speak English.

51. “Can you even begin to imagine what it’s been like for me?” Actually, no.

52. Alright, and we’re moving in on Stage Two. OR ARE WE?

53. OHMYGOD. I thought this was a two part finale, and now I just discover that i have to wait another week for the actual finale NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.