and he knows this is the end

Solas is an interesting antagonist, I think. It bothers me when the complexities of his character are erased for the sake of an oversimplification of his attitudes and ultimately, his end game. 

You have a character who is god-like in ability, yet who frequently condemns the abuse of power. You have a character who frequently speaks on the fallibility of others, but who is incredibly fallible himself. 

Solas is deeply aware of what is wrong with the world, but he is also struggling to deal with the consequences of his own actions – the things he set in motion that have greatly impacted the state of the world. 

No one knows what the world was like before the veil was erected, but Solas. He saw a lack of freedom, oppression by god-like individuals who abused their power, and he intended to challenge them and eventually, bring them down. 

Yet, in the process he had essentially created more problems. Now, he has to deal with the consequences of his choices. A strong part of him wishes to revert the world to a former state, but another is very apprehensive. 

I’ve seen comparisons, but he is not the same type of antagonist as Corypheus. Solas believes he is making a moral decision. He does not seek power and prestige, he has power – a lot of it!

When we look at mythologies, Solas and the narrative of Fen’Harel fits the trickster archtype. Legends shift blame on Fen’Harel entirely for the world’s chaos when in actuality, he has helped the gods as much as hurt. 

I don’t take issue with people disliking his character at all, but lumping him in with single minded villains like Corypheus has always bothered me especially as Solas is grappling with a complex moral dilemma. 

How you interact w/ Solas also makes a huge difference in outcomes, whereas interactions with other major antagonists do not. It’s a dramatic difference: Solas going w/ his plan or giving you a chance to prove him wrong. 

I’m really eager to see Solas as the main antagonist as Dragon Age moves forward. I don’t agree w/ Solas’ plan, but I’ll be interested to see what happens: if he can be swayed or if Thedas is doomed. 

Inktober Day 22:
“Draw yourself as the monster of your choosing”

So my friend got to decide what I was going to be and look like. This is the result. L thought I should be a purple crystal monster in mid transformation. To quote him exactly
“like if you’re going to become 100% crystal at the end but right now it’s only come to 60%”
At least it looked a lot like he imagined! :-D

This is not ink though, I don’t know why I keep leaving the box but yeah. It’s dry water pencils actually. They made much better crystals then anything else I had.

It doesn’t look a lot like me, I do have the green eyes and the mouths kinda right but somethings off. It just reminds me off my face.

Anyway, Hope you liked it!

Kent has this habit of talking during movies and TV. He can’t help it. He likes talking about what’s going on. Good thing Bitty doesn’t mind and they get into all sorts of discussions about the characters and the plausibility of the plot.

Jack falls asleep on the other end of the couch most of time. At times, he’s woken up because Kent and Bitty argue over something and they need Jack to be the tie breaker, but most of the time, they throw a blanket on him and let him sleep. Kent and Bitty chirp him and call him an an old man.

When it’s Jack’s turn to pick something for movie night, he usually goes for the documentaries or the historical dramas. Bitty makes it 15 minutes before he’s playing on his phone. Kent falls asleep at some point.

Kit will wander over and lick the hand that Kent has hanging over the side of the couch. This will wake him up, and when realizes that Jack’s documentary still isn’t over, he groans. He says he’s too tired to watch and heads to bed.

After a little while, Bitty yawns and stretches and he heads off to bed too.

It doesn’t take Jack long before he turns off his movie and joins Kent and Bitty in the bedroom. (And then Kent is groaning again, but for entirely different reasons.)

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HC JiKook first kiss as BTS-members?

Jimin and Jungkook fall asleep together on the couch by accident. The next morning Kookie wakes up first and Jimin just looks so…ethereal. Like an angel. Kookie’s leaning closer and closer, counting Jimin’s lashes until he’s kissing Jimin without even realizing. Jimin, of course, wakes up and Kookie freaks out, tripping over himself trying to run away. 

So now Jimin knows. Only now Kookie is avoiding him and Jimin would really like to kiss Kookie again and damn he’s so frustrating. So one day they’re at practice and Kookie is avoiding Jimin as per usual. But, when Jimin’s warming up he glances in the mirror and sees Kookie watching him. Well, more like watching his ass, really. So Jimin gets an idea.

The. entire. damn. practice. He is so extra. I don’t even have to say, I know you can picture it. Jimin is such a tease and by the end of practice Kookie is practically panting. So they take a break and Jimin excuses himself to go get some water. He leaves, knowing Kookie is following behind him. He counts down, 3…2…1, before he’s slammed back into the wall. Kookie’s standing over him, frustrated look on his face and Jimin. just. smirks. You gonna stop avoiding me know? Kookie growls and pounces. A second after their lips touch Jimin jumps and Kookie catches him, slamming him into the wall again. Kookie’s so damn thirsty he can’t even berate Jimin for teasing him. They’re like that, hands fisted in each other’s shirts, panting, when

jESUS FUCKING CHRIST! To this day Taehyung still claims to be scarred.

Sleepover Saturday!

Asterin’s birthing: Part Four



“Sam,” said Asterin calmly, “You need to leave.”


Now.” she barked at him, iron teeth slamming down. Hurt reflected in his eyes. But he left. Manon took his place.

“Go wait outside, we’ll let you know when you can come back,” said Fenrys, “Here, take..” looking down at his daughter, “take Connellie with you.”

Taking the witchling from Fenrys, Sam went to wait in the hallway.

Yrene quickly cut off most of Asterin’s night clothing. With a sharp blade, she then cut the abdomen. Asterin didn’t scream or call out. She dug her claws into the Queens’ arms, red and blue blood alike running.

It was driving Fenrys insane not being able to get up and help. In some way. But he had promised his mate that he’d sit in this damned chair and stay out of the way. He ground his teeth.


Rowan held the soft towel, waiting for the witchling. He hoped the child would be alright. He hoped. He couldn’t imagine life without his children. Or his mate. But the witch had already lost her first witchling.

She is perhaps one of the strongest people he has ever met. She endured the loss of her witchling, the shame of being branded like cattle, and she persevered. And was a wild creature, a bright flame. It was no surprise when Fenrys said she was his mate.


Pushing apart the stomach muscles, Yrene reached in and pulled out the second witchling. It was also a female. She and the other witchling looked exactly alike, smiling, Yrene said, “It appears your witchlings are identical twins, Lady Blackbeak.”

Asterin heard a small cry. The second witchling was alive. Asterin released a small sob that broke like a dam. Both of her witchlings were alive. She was sobbing so hard, tears were coating her vision as Rowan handed her her child, her sacred witchling and healed her stomach, a scar running across the word unclean, making it unreadable.

She wasn’t unclean. She was a mother, finally. She has a family of her own now.

Looking at her child, she said, “May you and your sister be fierce and wild and untamed. I pray you ride the winds and hear it’s song,” She looked at Fenrys, who nodded, and looked back at the babe, “I name you Samaentha. You are named after a fierce young male who didn’t shy away from my scars. Who embraced me and Fenrys and now you and Connellie into his family without a second thought.”

For some celebs, Mr. Worldwide seems to know in general who they are, yet relegates them to one broad aspect. I’m pretty damn sure Alfred Hitchcock did not direct snuff films. Then you make a basketball reference, and the one guy you think of is Dennis Rodman? At the time this song came out, Rodman was way more famous for visiting North Korea, but I guess nothing sexy rhymes with “totalitarian.” Finally, are you talking about the most recent version of Tiger Woods and this Jesse James, as in the 1800s bank robber? I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to wake up the president and the first lady just to let them know that you fuck like a 19th-Century sexaholic. Or maybe he’s talking about Sandra Bullock’s fuckboi ex husband? Either way, ew … and also, what?

Weirdly, P-Billy’s insane references do not end there. He has routinely plagiarized popular nursery rhymes for content, which … well, I was gonna say that would be something a child would do, but that seems redundant. If you’re sexy and you know, it clap your hands? That’s like the ramblings of a toddler who was left alone listening to a Kid’s Bop Spotify playlist.

5 Weirdly Specific Things Famous Artists Do In Every Song

Always Keith

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by spacegaysgettingspacelaid

Keith’s Galra side pops out in the middle of a battle, and his team mates all suddenly seem to want him dead. No one can see him as anything more than Galra scum.

(Except Lance. Lance just wants to know why he can’t be a Gryffindor.)

In the end, it is up to Lance to prove to everyone that Keith always has been and always will be Keith.

Words: 3499, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Just before the team arrived, Studio Ghibli called me and said, “We’ve been thinking about the list of words that are supposed to be spoken in the film and we think you should drop the dialogue entirely.” I said, “Wait, he has to talk to his wife there, otherwise we wouldn’t know what’s happening.” They said, “We think it can work, if you alter the story a bit to make it clearer.” At the end of that discussion, I thought, “They’re right.” Dialogue can be a little silly in animation. Instead, we could express everything with body language and cinematic language.

The Red Turtle director Michaël Dudok de Wit discusses working with Studio Ghibli, storytelling sans dialogue, and more.

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For Sleepover Weekend -- headcanons about Bahorel and Courfeyrac as friends? ^_^

:D :D :D 

Courfeyrac didn’t meet Bahorel for his first six months of Law School; he didn’t try, even though he HEARD about him , because he honestly thought “Bahorel”  was a Law School injoke; like, friends would turn up with new outfits and new black eyes and smelling like ?? some kind of incense maybe??  and refusing to talk about it and just going “BAHOREL” if anyone asked and EVERYONE WOULD ACT LIKE THAT MADE SENSE

or someone would need an Official Adult For Official Purposes and go “Yeah I’m just gonna get Bahorel to sign that and not tell my folks” or someone would be hard up for theater tickets to the latest show and be like “only Bahorel has spares but you know how that ends up” and Courfeyrac just ASSUMED it was like some Law School code for ridiculous situations

HE took to doing it when he missed hanging out with friends for Political Reasons or because he was in a Delicate Situation with a Friend  or w/e, just “Don’t ask, it was Bahorel” and everyone would just nod and go on, it was excellent, what a lovely way to signal you don’t want to talk about a thing, good code, guys 

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Do you know when all of the Mystic Messenger Bad Relationship EDs occur? I'm trying to get Seven's and was wondering if I messed up or if he just doesn't have a BRE at this branch.

What I have learned about the Bad Relationship Ends Thus Far:

  • I have never gotten three BREs for a single character
  • I have never gotten a BRE from the second plot branch
  • BREs have fully voiced VNs but don’t come with CGs
  • They are generally shorter than the other endings, usually consisting of a single chatroom and one to two VN portions
  • Unknown also appears a lot in them
  • It appears that if you get a lot of hearts before the Day 5 plot branch, it may be impossible to get the BRE on the first plot branch even if you miss every single chat. To get it, you need to get less hearts on the common route before it branches, and then proceed to miss all of the chatrooms

Other things of note:

  • I have gotten a BRE on Jaehee’s first and third plot branch
  • I have gotten a BRE on Yoosung’s first plot branch but not his second or third
  • I have gotten a BRE on Zen’s first and third plot branch. I have not tested if he has one on his second plot branch.
  • I have only gotten a BRE on Jumin’s third plot branch, though as mentioned above apparently this is indicative that I had ‘too many’ hearts with him before I got to Day 5
  • I have not yet tried to get any of Seven’s BREs, but I would expect he, too, has one on his first and third plot branch. The first may be ‘locked out’ if you get too many hearts with him before Day 5 as Jumin’s was

That’s pretty much all I know about them. The only way I have ever gotten BREs is by intentionally missing every single chat between plot branches. I have not tested out how many chatrooms I can participate in and still get the BRE, so I always do none just to be safe.

Hope that helps!

Every time we go out to a party together, random people will come up and tell me how great my boyfriend is. He is the biggest extrovert in the world and we’ll leave a party with everyone thinking he’s their best friend
Idk how my introverted ass ended up with such an extrovert. In that way I guess opposites attract
But when they tell me he’s great I’m like “I know, that’s why I picked him 😊”


The fuck you mean??😂 

 Okay so let’s forget the piles of Ichiruki colors spread and moments that kubo HIMSELF did.

Or lets forget The Sand And The Rotator, Black sun& White moon, King and Queen??

you know what? Lets just forget the whole movie dedicated to them!

I guess they were right that Kubo hated our fanbase to the point that he spoiled us with good quality ass IR content.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nice try hun…stay #triggered.

You know what I would like to see as a scene on the first episode for S4??

(I’m no writer and my english is not the best so bare with me because this could be shitty but it’s cute okay)

So Bellamy and Clarke have been discussing whether to tell everyone about the end of the world or not. In my mind she is sitting in a sort of couch, exhausted, and he kneels before her touching her knee and telling her that they will figure it out.

Then he sits next to her, also exhausted and there’s this silence where none of them say a word. He closes his eyes slowly why she rests her head on his shoulder.

That scene cuts to Abby and Kane opening the big door and entering the “room” with the couch (wherever that is but like in my mind is cute…) and finding Bellamy and Clarke like that. In a profound sleep, resting, no worries ahead. Kane and Abby look at eachother and even though they love the moment they have to wake them up because..yk..bussiness

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Sharing a bunk with Buck during a mission and both of you trying to "relieve some tension" without the rest of the team noticing...

Bucky has to put his hand over your mouth because he knows how loud you can be ; especially when he hits that spot. He whispers filthy things in your ear so low you almost feel the words more than you hear them. Slow , deep thrusts. In the end it’s Bucky moaning your name that gives you both away. Now Steve tries to get you your own room on every mission.

 Sinful Sunday™
BTS reaction when you won’t tell them why you’re crying constantly

Thank you for requesting! (*◕ᴗ◕*)

But if you ever feel really down and need somebody to talk to or you feel alone, I’m always up to chat ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)

Jin: He wouldn’t really understand why you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong. Usually you would tell him everything, so why not this? He’d try and ask you what was wrong, and try to convince you to tell him so he could help you, or just give you some advice if you needed it. If that got him nowhere, he’d end up calling Namjoon to see if he knew anything that might help.

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Yoongi: He’s experienced anxiety and depression himself, so if he even began to suspect anything like that was going on he wouldn’t hesitate to ask you straight up. He knows exactly how it feels and he wouldn’t want you to ever have to experience that and feel so low. But if you continued to refuse to tell him why, he’d end up going and getting you some help in another way, anything that could potentially help you feel better.

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Hobi: If you weren’t going to tell him what’s wrong, he’d just try to cheer you up instead. He’d spend the next week or so doing anything he could think of that might make you happy. Taking you places you liked, movie nights in, dates out, whatever might help. But if you were still crying all the time and wouldn’t tell him why he’d end up sitting down with you and asking you directly what was wrong or if you wanted any help.

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Namjoon: Namjoon would know that there was something wrong, and it wouldn’t do you any help to keep it all to yourself. He’d start out trying to get you to tell him what was wrong himself, but if you continued to refuse, he’d ask you if you wanted to see somebody about it so you wouldn’t have to tell anybody you knew personally. And if that didn’t work for once he would have no idea what to do.

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Jimin: What was he meant to do? Jimin would constantly be fighting himself over whether he should ask you directly what was wrong, or if you would want some space to cry it out until you felt better. If it went on for too long though, he would forget about the second option he would try and get you to tell him by telling you how he would support you and do anything he could to help no matter what was wrong.

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Taehyung: Tae really wouldn’t like seeing you so down. The first time he’d just try and cheer you up, thinking you’d had a bad day, but after that he would be concerned that there was something much bigger was wrong. At first he’d think he might’ve done something wrong, but when you reassured him he hadn’t done anything, he’d have no clue what else could be the problem. He’d wait for a while to see if you’d eventually tell him but if you didn’t he’d ask you straight up.

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You’re Jimin

Jungkook: At first he’d just think something had happened that had upset you and that it would pass, but after a while Kookie would just be worried about you. He would be confused why you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong because you never usually kept any secrets. He’d ask you if there was anything he could do to help, but if you just kept blocking him out he’d end up getting upset himself. He’d probably go to Namjoon or Yoongi for advice if it kept going on for a long time because he be really worried about you.

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