and he knows they went through the same thing and WANTS to talk about it and be there for her

You know what gets to me? How personal Harry and Louis make it when they do charity. Harry saw this story about Jessica or someone told him about her and he didn’t send any people to take care of it, he called her mum himself and spoke to her personally. How warm and good

Same goes for Louis. Louis does so much? He’s an ambassador for so many things like hospices and the Eden Dora trust. He gives literally so much? He’s never cheap and the amount of money he spends on charity is always enormous. He organized a BALL, to make all of the girls and boys feel special and magical. And he does so many things out of the press as well, visiting children in the hospital, sending gifts to their houses and to their parents, creating memories, making people smile. He’s such a genuinely good person. 

A lot of the things they went through, and still are, could have made them bitter and selfish, but they still have so much love and kindness in their hearts and they use it. I admire that every day.