and he knows it'll be a struggle

A scenario that occurred to me at 3am
  • Gaster: *nervously approaches Asgore, glances to the side*
  • Sans: *hiding in the bushes* go on, doc, say it. it'll work. trust me.
  • Gaster: *can't believe he's about to do this*
  • Gaster: ...Asgore. I'd...I'd like to call you...d-daddy.
  • Asgore: ...
  • Asgore: ...
  • Asgore: Really? Gosh, I'm so touched that you see me as a father figure!
  • Sans: *struggles to hold back laughter*
  • Gaster: Wait no, that's not-!
  • Asgore: You know, you do remind me of Asriel at times. I'd be thrilled if you called me dad!
  • Gaster: *tears up*
  • Asgore: poor dear. You must miss your real father so much. He was a wonderful monster.
  • Sans: *is no longer trying to hold back his laughter*
  • Gaster: *starts crying*
  • Asgore: There, there, son. Is it alright if I call you son?

it’s unfathomably shitty days like today where i really need to stop and just focus on the fact that someday soon i will be out and living with people i love and it’s never going to be easy and i’m always going to have to struggle but god fucking damn it it’s going to be worth it 


Cas seated himself heavily next to Sam and let the silence stretch for a long time. He could tell that Sam was barely holding something in. He looked as if he was having some kind of internal struggle.

“Sam,” Cas started.

“Don’t. Just don’t,” Sam said. He sighed as he rubbed his hands over his face, his elbows resting on his knees. “I know. Alright? I know…”

yehet88exo  asked:

Hi~Can you do an EXO's reaction when he wants to take relationship to the next level but their gf is a virgin and afraid a bit cuz thinks that it'll be painful.I want something cute)

I must admit I struggled doing this request, but i tried my best! thanks for challenging me, heres your reaction beautiful xx

Xiumin: “trust me, and eveything will be fine.”

Luhan: “Relax and just let me love you.”

Kris: “It’s alright girl, I know what I’m doing.”

Suho: “I’m so hourned to be your first, so don’t stress I love you.”

Lay: “i won’t hurt you Y/N i promise”

Baekhyun: “no no, it’s okay we can take out time.” *a little disappointed*

Chen: “It doesn’t hurt, its a magical feeling”

Chanyeol: “i completely understand If you don’t want to, we can just cuddle.”

D.O: “Don’t worry babe, I’ll be careful”

Tao: All he really wants is for you to be comfortable.

Kai: “If your not ready im okay with that, I love you.”

Sehun: “It’s alright, we don’t have to do this” *understandble*

love-appledeer  asked:

I can't understand anits saying that if Orihime die Ichigo will stay up with Rukia. It's rubbosh. If Orihime will die in front of Ichigo... I mean, his mother died in front of him. And now Orihime! Damn, Ichigo'll never forgive himself her death. And his pain will make him finding her in Rukongai. It'll be his fixed idea. I don't know why antis want it so much couse it'll be IchiHime solemn hour. What do you think?

All this Orihime death talk just sounds like wishful thinking from the anti-IH/Orihime camp. It makes me think back to when Ichigo couldn’t protect Orihime from Yammi:

He was beating himself up over it. It was such an internal struggle for him; he felt so down and defeated—just over Orihime simply getting hurt. Now try to imagine how much worse it would be if she were to die. I can’t even picture it. He would never forgive himself.

…And this is how people expect Kubo to end the series? To have Ichigo fail miserably? Fail to protect the person he vowed to protect? Watch her be killed by the same man who killed his mother? Right in front of him, just like his mother? How does that make for any kind of resolution or happy ending? Short answer: It doesn’t, and that is not how Kubo is going to end the series.

Honestly now, if you have to hope for a character in an opposing ship to die just so your ship can have a chance…..shit must not be going too well for you and your ship lmao yikes!