and he knew

David boreanaz is ridic
  • for 11 years:i live in the moment ill get over bones
  • at sdcc for the last time:*cries*

Today’s News: Julie Tries to Go to a Social Event and It Ends in Tears! (Also: Water is Wet).

So basically my brother was like “come to the concert in the park with me!” and I was like “AHHHH!” but I wanted to go because my bro is awesome but also I didn’t because people+crowds+loud+germs+PEOPLE but I decided to go anyway because I was going to be BRAVE dammit, but then we got there and we sat in the middle of this huge sea of obnoxious people and there was just so much stimulation and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be at home, so I left after 15 minutes. And then I cried all the way home. Yay.

BUT I had a really stellar outfit on and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so ta-da! (Don’t mind my cry face. But I thought it would be good to document the cry face so one day I will look back on this post in 2020 when I can eat food without washing my hands first and I can sit next to strangers without internally cringing, yay)! Sigh. Anxiety sucks. But I’m on some great medication and I’ve got a super supportive family who thinks it’s great that I’m writing a book. 

To all my anxious peeps out there, giant hugs for making it through the day. There are good things out there.

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ok kandreil and a wild party that ends with kevin and andrew doing body shots on neil im going to hell

you say “wild party” and not “columbia” or “eden’s twilight” so therefore 

tw: sex, nsfw, alcohol, drugs

  • its an honest to god college party
  • aaron got invited by katelyn and kandreil does Not turn down alcohol
  • its a bit ooc for them tbh since they mostly keep to themselves but its just the hockey team and they’re on the second floor of fox tower so its not too far out of their comfort zone
  • at this point only andreil is established
  • and once they get in there are people everywhere
  • the booze is flowing like no ones business, so it doesnt take long for the gang to get roped into doing shots. and more shots. and more shots.
  • and when did these turn into double shots?
  • oh fuck
  • neil is looking at andrew like “what did we do”
  • but kevin’s warm body is pressed up against him, an arm wrapped around his neck and he is giggling about something someone said
  • so andrew just shrugs, and lets it happen

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Engineer Discovers Something Amazing in Da Vinci's 'Irrelevant Scribbles'
A page of Leonardo’s scribbled notes from 1493—previously dismissed as “irrelevant” by art historians—is actually the first written demonstration of the laws of friction.
By Maddie Stone

“The sketches and text show Leonardo understood the fundamentals of friction in 1493,” Hutchings said in a statement. “He knew that the force of friction acting between two sliding surfaces is proportional to the load pressing the surfaces together and that friction is independent of the apparent area of contact between the two surfaces. These are the ‘laws of friction’ that we nowadays usually credit to a French scientist, Guillaume Amontons, working two hundred years later.”

okay so i think i know why steven was super fuckin pissed in this episode.

normally when facing a foe, steven never jumps to anger. he always tries to take the most peaceful route. he’s always tried to be a forgiving pacifist. but with all his past enemies, he’s only known how they had hurt him. of course he knew that they had hurt others, but he didn’t know how the other victims were affected by that pain, or to what degree. but with kevin, steven knew his own pain, as well as connie’s. as stevonnie, they share the exact same feelings, and the exact same experiences. when kevin harassed them at the dance, steven experienced an anxiety attack for what might have been the first time. it stressed them out so badly that they unfused. so he knew how badly it had hurt connie, because he experienced that hurt with her. 

steven wasn’t mad at kevin because kevin hurt him, but because he hurt him and connie. and steven felt how it hurt her. it was something new and foreign to him. that’s part of what makes fusion so intimate. you experience the exact same things as your partner, whether they be good or bad. and you understand each other better because of it. and steven understood the effect kevin’s harassment had on connie.


Oh poor Norman, just like Tony! He thinks he’s not enough so he takes extreme measures so that he can be worth something. He needs a hug!

Sunsets and Starry Nights
  • Clay:
  • A week had passed since Comic Con and Clay was up at his beach house. He had offered Hayley and Nate, his bestfriends to come up for the weekend. Nate was like him, loved to surf and he knew that Hayley and their two kids loved the beach. Plus, he wanted to see them. He missed them.
  • They were due to arrive about 3pm that day so he figured he would take his board out and go for a surf. It was just that, he lost track of time and ended up spending a lot longer out in the surf than he anticipated and had no idea when they had arrived.

( @jacobasterbunny )

Luna had been texting Elodie while playing Animal Crossing on her DS (Noelle had been kind enough to bring it for her). The bunnies Betty had made for her were still lounging around her room, but other than that, the place was a normal hospital room. She was about to pet one of the bunnies when she looked up and saw a familiar figure – a familiar figure who was okay (well, okay with all things considered) – and waved.

Jealous - Sam Drake x Reader

Hey peeps,
A few days ago some people said they would like a story where the reader is jealous of Sam and here it is.
I had written another but I wasn’t too happy with it.
This one is short but I hope you like it, the next one is jealous Sam!! :D
PS: English isn’t my first language and also, I really like Chloe :D
Aaaaan someone complained about how I write fics sometimes but delete them but it’s because I’m insecure about myself and my writing so I’m always nervous when I have to post my stories.

Title: Jealous
Words: 1,023

You were sitting on the passenger seat as Sam drove back home from Nathan’s house where you had just celebrated your birthday.

There was a box on your lap and you opened it again, checking the new camera you had got from him. He knew you’d love it because you were a photographer and what could be better than getting a new camera?

But even after such an amazing gift and the nice party, you were angry and worried.
You looked outside the window, watching the rain hit the car and you remembered the reasons why you were so mad.

It had been the first time you met Chloe, you had known all about her but you had no idea her and Sam acted so friendly when they were together.
 The woman would constantly touch his arm and hug him, she would talk about their amazing adventures together and the weird places they had to spend the night while running away from other treasure hunters and how many times she had saved him and Sully.

She didn’t leave out any detail, Chloe made sure you knew how close they were and she seemed to want to make you angry and the woman succeeded but you didn’t give her the pleasure of seeing you angry at Sam, he hadn’t done anything apart from being his usual self.

You were not the jealous type, but you were utterly worried about everything you had heard, they were so much alike and you couldn’t see a reason why they wouldn’t have been perfect for each other and the idea of losing Sam was unbearable.

He knew you were angry, you were always talking to him unless you were angry and he didn’t dare start a conversation at first.

The radio was playing some awful pop song and Sam changed it to his playlist, he loved 80’s and 90’s songs and even though you had tried to show him new bands he stuck to the ones he loved before spending time in jail, he used to say the new bands were too generic.
 You loved those songs too because they reminded you of him and every time he was away you would play his playlist.

“What did I do? Just tell me, babe” He finally said, bringing you back from thoughts and you kept playing with your camera “I did everything I could to make you happy today”

“And you did make me happy” You answered honestly

“Why are you angry then?”

“I’m not…I’m just tired”

“Did you like the party then? And the gift”

“Of course I did Sam…thank you” You said and pointed the camera at him, taking a picture. You were less angry now until he talked again.

“Chloe really liked you”

“Yeah?…whatever” You answered, putting your camera away

“I knew it” you saw him smiling “Are you jealous, babe?”

“I’m not jealous”

“Yes, you are. That’s adorable” he laughed

“Shut up” You said “I just didn’t like her very much”


He was still with that stupid smile on his face when he parked the car, you got out of it and ran to the house, it was raining a lot and when you reached the porch everything was wet except the box with the camera which you had protected.

Sam ran as well and once he reached the porch, he opened the door and you two entered the house, soaking wet.

You took off your shoes and put the box on the entry table and looked back at Sam. His V neck was completely wet and it clung to his body and you couldn’t remember him being hotter than he was now.

He must have thought the same about you because he looked at your body and he had that expression on his face you knew well; he wanted you.

Sam walked towards you and you didn’t move, he kissed you with need and you kissed him back with the same intensity. It was a mixture of anger and want at the same time. You put your hands under his shirt and touched his chest, you felt his hands on your ass bringing you closer to his body.

Things were getting too heated and you pushed him away slowly, you didn’t want to stop but you needed to talk and it had to be now.

“Have you slept with her?” You asked him

“What? No, babe…I didn’t. Come here” He tried to kiss you again but you moved away
“Seriously, Sam…if you have, just tell me”

“(Y/N), you have to trust me”

“I do…I really do, but the way she acts around you…”

“She’s like this with everybody…”

“But you two are so….alike” You said

“And aren’t we, babe? You even laugh at my jokes and I must admit, they are baaad…” You laughed because it was true and he got closer again, hugging you.
 All the anger you had felt minutes ago was gone now, Sam knew how to calm you down and you hated that you couldn’t be angry at him longer. Sometimes he deserved it.
 “Besides…” He continued “I wouldn’t exchange this, what we have, for anything”

“Not even another lost pirate treasure?” You joked

“Well…maybe that”

You gave him a slap on his arm and he laughed, you loved being so close to him but you started shaking with cold because of all the water in your clothes.

“I have to get out of these clothes” You said

“I can help you with that”

You kissed him slowly this time, trying to show him how you felt. You loved him and even though you had never said it to each other, you knew it was mutual.

“I’m sorry for being jealous like that” You spoke with your lips close to his

“I’m quite a catch, it’s understandable” He smiled and you did the same “But really, you don’t have to worry. You know how I feel, babe”

“Yes, I know” You smiled at him, giving him a quick kiss

“So…you mentioned something about taking your clothes off”


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Does your friend have a lore reason that her drow is on the surface and not in the underdark? Because people on the surface are very...discriminatory toward drow. And drow don't live on the surface.

damn ok like they know what the lore is my man he left drow society entirely because he had a terrible experience and hated it and everyone he knew there (i explained this in the post) and made friends with a half elf from the surface & he gets along well with a dhampir because they relate to each others life experiences like we dont need people to come school us on the pathfinder rulebook every time we post about our characters bc sometimes we change around things that we dont like because its a make believe game (such as like the idea that entire races are inherently evil & whatnot, we just kind of trash that because we dont like the implications of that)

sorry if this is b****y but like…i get an ask like this every time i post anything pathfinder i know at least some of it has been from gatekeepy gamer bros who dont want women and trans’es and gay’s playing their tabletop game. idc…no rules just right…

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I wonder who will win custody of Anthony it seems everyone is in love with him im screaminn

I’m DEAD AND GONE!! Right now seb just called Chris. The two of them are drinking and crying cross country over the phone. Seb has sent Anthony approximately 27 text messages that range from “why?” To “I love you”. Chris has called him twice and then sent one single text that read “I thought we had something special.” Because he already knew he was losing this just puts the nail in the coffin
This Artist Is Using Comic Strips And Illustrations To Document His Transition
"It's always been therapeutic."
By Sarah Karlan

A year and a half ago, Erin Nations, a 33-year-old artist from Portland, Oregon, began transitioning and taking regular testosterone. As a trans artist, he’s been using the power of illustration to document the physical changes he encounters along the way.

“I realized the only way I’d be happy and feel like my true self was if I transitioned,” Nations, who came out to his family when he was thirty, told BuzzFeed News.

Nation’s first memory of dealing with gender dysphoria was when he was nine years old, before he even knew what it meant to be transgender.

“I vividly remember spinning on a tire swing, desperately wishing I had the same anatomy as all the boys. I came out as gay when I was 21 and by then I had repressed my trans identity, but by my mid-twenties I became more aware of my dysphoria and I began questioning my gender,” he said.

Nations receives messages from trans kids and teens who tell him they can relate personally to his work — or they’re just so happy to find a trans comic.

Beautiful comics, @erin-nations, and what a way to document your journey :)