and he just waves at her and grins and tries to be suave


» A Collection of Near-Death Experiences by somethingaboutamoose

Keith was twelve years old when he was involved in a car accident with his family. After the near-death experience, Keith has found out something about himself: He can’t die.

» all we have to do by aknightley

Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

» between stars by NotRover

After years of fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lance and Keith meet once again on the battlefield.

» blue, blue eyes by albino_yeti

What would you do
if you ever knew
the man you desperately love
never thinks the same of you?

» Bottom Of The Ninth by xfulcrumx

Lance is the new pitcher for The Lions. Coran’s goal for the season is to make their rival team, The Galrans, beg for mercy. Somewhere along the way, Klance happens.

» Carpe Diems and Chrysanthemums by Gigapoodle

After years of rivalry, bitter acquaintanceship, and eventual friendship, the realization slaps Lance hard, hard enough to settle into his lungs and sap his life away. It’s when he coughs up a petal that Lance realizes just how far gone he is.

» close to you by solllys

they’re in love with each other; that’s how these things go

» Confinement Of Pain by NightcoreFairy

“During the day we were mere rivals.”

“And during the night?”

“During the night, he was the love of my life.”

» Control by ver_ironica

Keith is desperate to keep up appearances, but things are getting harder. He has to lead Voltron while keeping himself in check. His control is reaching the breaking point, and there may be no turning back.

» Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

It’s a male strip club, which means Keith’s never short of entertainment during working hours - especially when Blue Rider takes the stage. Because Blue’s hot - definitely talented - and definitely taking an interest in Keith.

» excelsior by warmth

“Onward and upward,” Lance says. “to greater glory.”

» Going Under by sun_stricken

Lance takes a dangerous spill in the ocean and is saved by none other than a mermaid with weird hair

» Hershey’s Kisses by EnglishCivilWar

In which Keith is sad, and Lance tries to cook.

» i think you’re fine you really blow my mind by keithxlance

Five times Lance uses pick-up lines and one time Keith decides to try it out as well.

» I Watched the Sky and the Stars Reminded Me of You by beckkai

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m just.” He looked back at the rising moon and expanse of sky before setting Keith with a soft glare,”Nothing.”

» Like Fire by PastelClark

By circumstance and happenstance, Red finds herself in situations requiring she change paladins twice in her life

» Moonset Deep by MilkTeaMiku

All his life he’d been told to make sure he was never seen – it was what all the children were taught from the moment they were born. Never let a human see you, never fall in love with a human, and most importantly, never kiss one.

» Never Let Me Go by doodlenauts

When the music stops, he meets him halfway - even when they’re thousands of millions of miles apart.

» Nothing Like the Rain When You’re In Outer Space by Wayward_child

Lance misses the rain.

» oblivious to what made you so obvious by altruisticallura

He looked up suddenly, as if he could feel Lance’s eyes on him, and gave a small grin. Lance was a goner.

» Panacea (A Cure for Love) by RowenaMacLeod

Keith contracts an alien disease that wipes your mind of the one you love.

» Reach out for you (break these walls) by Utsukushin

Keith is trying to make himself smaller, to bury his head deeper in his knees, and Lance’s heart freezes in his chest. 

» solace in the thrum of your heart by laidellennt

Lance cannot find solace in the stars.

» Somebody Left The Gate Open by lordbatty

Lance always knew he would have to be the one to pick Keith back up. And he’d do it again in a heartbeat.

» suave and charming as heck by Lance_WhyUAlwaysLion

Lance is neither suave nor charming. Or, Lance thinks he’s a pro at flirting until suddenly, he’s the one getting flirted with.

» Sung Me Moonstruck by sciencefictioness

Something hungry within him that was only sated by the sound of Lance’s voice, or the sight of those too deep eyes cutting sideways to look at him. Something wild that only calmed when he was near.

Something broken in Keith that was held together with that crooked grin.

» symbolization by bolbessa

Keith didn’t really do flowers. He just couldn’t take care of them, and to be completely honest, he didn’t see the point.

» teeth and all by viscrael

“Do you want to kiss someone?”

Keith almost drops his Bayard.

» the sea pronounces something by legendarydesvender

AU where Keith is a sailor and Lance is the siren trying to drown him.

» The Whirling Ways Of Stars That Pass by mandaloore

“There,” he spoke in an almost-whisper, tracing the outline of the imaginary constellation like a child following a dot-to-dot illustration. Keith watched his movements from his peripheral vision, hoping that Lance was too preoccupied to notice the rapid beating of his heart. “Can you see it now?”

» Waves Amongst Stardust by Resamille

The flutter of Lance’s heart is almost lost to the homesickness pounding through his veins.

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Mock up the courage

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, just pure fluff. 

A/N: Bucky is tired and needy and just wants to cuddle. (who. fuckin’. wouldn’t?!)

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

If there was ever something more adorable than Bucky being tired or in any way not feeling well, you’d never seen it. Now, the serum made sure he was never not feeling well, but it didn’t help exhaustion after a week long mission with only 2 hours of sleep a day.

This is why he came stumbling into your floor, somehow overriding every security protocol with his left over spy-skills, calling out your name at two in the morning.

Actually, it was more like a drawn out whine.

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Makeup Marichat May, Day 11. Age-up Marinette!

Title: Change
Word Count: 1,934

It’d been a while since he really saw her last. After they’d gone off to university, he’d had a hectic schedule that didn’t allow him much time to socialize with his friends from middle school or high school. Plus, with Nino away in Spain, and Alya’s web journalism internship they hardly had a chance to all get together.

Seeing her now, sitting on her balcony quietly consumed in sketching, Chat Noir was hit with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia.

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Secret Identity

Stripper!Au Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Just the a good old Stripper fic.

Word Count: 3,671

Warnings: Crack fic, Language, Drinking, Suggestive Stuff… (come on)

A/N: I don’t know what happened. It’s incredibly long… but I had fun ;) Since I don’t have anything better, this is my gift for 2.5k Thank you all so much ♥

Originally posted by ddee99

“Are you serious?”

“No, I’m Wanda,” your friend replied with a proud smirk.

You rubbed the spot between your eyes where you could feel a headache coming. Wanda was in charge of Natasha’s bachelorette party. You were supposed to spend the evening in a fancy restaurant, but clearly Wanda had other plans.

“I love it!” Natasha took your hand and made you follow her.

You paid the entry fee and walked into the strip club. It was noisy and surprisingly bright. You cringed as the smell of alcohol hit your nose. Wanda gave you her best innocent smile and looped her arm through yours.

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This is not the end; part II

Lily meets the love of her life for a second time.

part Iread on ao3

dedicated to @gxldentrio​; @padfootdidit​; @hiddenpolkadots​ 

The second time Lily meets him, she swears it’s like she’s fallen into a dream.

She’s been imagining what it would be like to see him again; daydreaming about what he would look like (windswept hair and bright eyes and that glorious, wide smile directed just at her).

So, when she sees him there and his eyes light up, it’s like she’s been swept away in a current of feelings. She says a little prayer, thanking God that she actually decided to come to the party after all, because otherwise she would have never have seen him.

Lily realises with a pang in her heart, quickly followed by giddy and abrupt butterflies in her stomach, that their story is finally going to continue.

This is not the end.

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When you have a crush on them and shyly confess

I apologize in advance for how cringe-worthy this is at times.  X(  I hope you like it though!  You can find the Got7 version here.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

So he seems like the type to find this incredibly adorable.  I think Seokjin is the type to really appreciate the quiet shyness in you, so this act would mean a lot to him.  He would probably smile sweetly, watching you hurry away until you’re out of sight.  Only then will he unravel the heart to read what’s inside.  This is where his ego would come into play.  That shit eating grin of his when he’s particularly pleased with himself is going to stretch across his face and he might even giggle a little bit.  I mean, come on, a cute guy/girl just literally offered their heart out to him.  Of course he’s going to eat that up!  Seokjin is a planner, so he’s going to take his time getting things in order before he approaches you.  The rest of the guys are going to know something is up because while he enjoys cooking, he doesn’t just do it for no reason, especially when he himself isn’t going to be the one to gobble it up.  Baked goods, that’s what he’ll use.  All iced to perfection, cute as hell, and certainly not subtle.  He can be shy, but he’s also very confident in himself, so don’t expect him to beat around the bush with you.  “I really appreciated your confession, so I prepared one for you as well.  Why don’t we find a nice, quiet place to enjoy these cookies together, hmm?”

Originally posted by kuromel

Talk about tsundere.  Yoongi might be a pisces, but he’s a workaholic, so he might be completely oblivious to your crush on him.  That doesn’t mean the crush doesn’t go both ways, more like he believes it’s one sided.  He probably tells himself that someone like you wouldn’t ever go for a grouch like him and that makes him super sad, but he covers it up with a cool, ‘I don’t care’ attitude.  Thus, when you drop the confession in his hands he’s going to be taken completely off guard.  All that denying he’s been doing is going to blow up in his face as he reads the confession and he’ll be at a loss for what to do with all the emotions that are now coursing through his veins.  More than likely, he’ll turn to Hoseok and/or Namjoon for advice, both of whom will tell him to be straightforward with his feelings.  If he feels the same for you, he should approach you and confess them.  Yoongi being Yoongi will sit on the advice just to mull it over, probably folding and unfolding, reading and re-reading your note until eventually he makes up his mind.  “I’ll be honest, I’m not the easiest person to date, but I like you as well if you want to give it a try.” (btw, that heart is all nicely folded once again and pinned safely to the board in his studio just so it’s close by)

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Kiss Cam Fail

Okay, this is super rushed but I wanted to get it out before WidowReaper week started! The inspiration hit me like a truck when I saw a fail video of a baseball game where a guy refused to kiss his girlfriend when the kiss cam came on. So the guy next to her offered and she accepted and their quick kiss made her boyfriend angry enough to leave and I just thought

Gency College AU

College AU. Fluff. 

The seats are packed to the point he’s touching arms with McCree and the girl sitting beside him. So many people roam up and down the steps eating peanuts and sipping sodas in the baseball arena, but it’s not too bad. The game’s halfway through, and the team McCree keeps rooting for is winning. His hollering is enough to make him deaf in his left ear though. Lucio keeps whooping too, enjoying the day out.

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By Chance

Summary: Inspired by this prompt by @otpprompts, in which Lin sees a strikingly beautiful girl in the distance at an airport and gets himself into some trouble. 

Author’s Note: IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME, Y’ALL! I wanted to toss out something for you guys so you wouldn’t forget about me. This is just a quick little thing and hasn’t even been proof-read (so please, ignore mistakes you find) but I liked the prompt and wanted to get my writing skills back into use. 

Words: 2,083 (much longer than I intended) 

Warnings: None! 

Don’t forget to like, comment, reblog, or drop me an ask! I love hearing what you guys think! 

Lin had never been one to see a woman for only her looks. His mother and father had raised him right and he’d been lucky enough to work with talented, intelligent women. He knew there was definitely more than meets the eye to every human being. But there was something about the crowded, blurred people that swam in and out of his vision that drew his focus to you. You with a pen tucked into your messy bun, seemingly holding it in place. You with your foot bouncing, a show of your impatience. You, standing in line at one of the airport shops, rifling through your carry-on bag. Your furrowed brow, your pursed lips as you searched for your wallet. It was alluring, even if you never meant for it to be. Lin’s stare weighed heavy on your body. In this raw moment, he could’ve written verses about you. Then his phone chimed with a text.

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He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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The Magicians, Quentin and Eliot - also, Quentin X Everybody

Word count: 3.1k

Summary: Quentin accidentally casts a love spell over the whole of Brakebills University. My submission for the Welters Challenge.

Sidenote : am very drunk so sorry for any typos or fuck ups


Quentin sits down on the couch and stares at him with wide eyes, until Eliot sighs and looks up at him. “What, Quentin? I’m busy.”

Quentin makes a face because that’s clearly not quite true but shakes his head because this is more important and Eliots the only one who hasn’t lost his god damned mind. “I think everyone’s gone insane,” he nods erratically as if it emphasize the statement.

Eliot sighs again, leaning back on the couch with a roll of his eyes and a wave of his arm in a go on motion, “And how have they gone insane?”

“Well,” Quentin kicks his lips, “Penny pushed me up against a tree this morning -,”

“Sounds pretty par for course, Q.”

“– and kissed me.”

Eliot blinks three times in quick succession before nodding slowly. “Okay. So maybe he’s trying to figure out if his hatred is really fueled by something deeper. Nothing too strange there.”

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Somebody to Love

Title : Somebody to Love

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 3,164

Prompt : submitted by  cherray-blawsm When you and the boys go to a karaoke bar, you didn’t expect to have fun. Not because you are lame or anti-social or anything, but just because Dean tends to be a bit of a jerk in public settings. But when he starts messing with you, you have no choice but to prove just how fun you can be.

“Alright, now this is what I’m talking about!”

You shot Sam a quick look as Dean rubbed his hands together excitedly before he waved down the nearest waitress at  the karaoke bar that you and the boys had stopped at on the drive home. At Dean’s excited expression, Sam rolled his eyes, pressing a hand to his forehead exasperatedly.

“Nothing like spending an entire evening with stupid people, good drinks and even better music.”

You stifled a laugh at how happy Dean looked. Honestly, he had a right to be, he gutted that vamp in record time and he barely even got a speck of gore on him all week. This may have been his best week in hunting record, and his pleasant nature was almost blinding. As the waitress came up, boredly blowing a bubble in her chewing gum, Dean waved his hand around the table widely, shooting you a cocky look. “Come on, guys. This place is awesome!”

“You keep using that word.” You mumbled, and Dean shot you a look, his eyebrow quirked in playful wit. You saw him look at you and you felt a faint blush work onto your cheeks and you looked away as you sheepishly finished the movie quote. “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

“Cute, Y/N. Nothing quite as sexy as a girl who isn’t afraid to quote some Princess Bride in public.” Dean chuckled at his own joke as you threw a packet of sugar at him as hard as you could, which he easily blocked.

“I literally can’t take you two anywhere.” Sam mumbled, his face buried in his hands. You could see him struggling to stifle a laugh and you quickly rammed your shoulder into his.

“That does put a damper on our relationship.”

At your words, Dean broke out into a fit of laughter as you smiled at Sam smugly. From across the table next to Dean, Cas narrowed his eyes with a frown, puzzlement written all over his innocent face. “I don’t understand that reference.”

You laughed and turned away from the boys so Cas wouldn’t see.

God, you loved those boys…

“What do you want?” The waitress droned on, not looking up from her notepad. You shook your head with a smirk, hiding down behind the menu that had been thrown at you when you all entered the establishment. If that chick knew that the three best-looking men in the universe were sitting in her booth she probably would stand up just a little straighter.  

“Tell you what, sweetheart,” Dean smiled up at the waitress with a suave quirk of his perfect lips. “I’ll make it easy for you; four Millers to start and four cheeseburgers, with the works.”

“Dean—” Sam started to object, but Dean held up a hand.

“Shut your cake hole, Sammy. This is a fun place, and you aren’t going to go vegetarian on me tonight, so suck it up.”

Sam let out a sigh and rolled his eyes with a hopeless smile as the waitress turned and walked away with your orders.

“Hey, Y/N.”

You looked up at Castiel’s voice. “Hmm?”

Cas frowned and pointed to his nose. “You’ve got a little blood on your nose.”

You blinked and rubbed your sleeve across the bridge of your nose frustratedly. You hadn’t exactly had the cleanest kill of your life at the hunt that day, but that wasn’t unusual. You were used to the boys ridiculing your skills. But the way you saw it, a kill was a kill, and you were already pushing at Dean’s personal record yourself.

Dean laughed as you smiled at Cas. “Better?”

Dean shook his head and shot you a look. “You’re such a dork.”

You frowned. “I am not!”

“Please, Y/N.” Dean leaned back in his seat with a cocky grin on his face. “Out of everyone in this bar, you are clearly the most socially awkward.”

“Says the guy who made us stop at a karaoke bar,” you retorted with a snort as the waitress came back to toss four beers on the table. You thanked her and took the closest one with a grin before taking a swift chug.

“Um, excuse you.” Dean snapped, feigning faux injury at your words as he pressed a palm to his chest. “Karaoke bars are the best.”

“No.” Sam and you both spoke up at the same time, and you let out a laugh to match the younger Winchesters at the humor of the moment.

“I do not see the appeal.” Cas murmured, looking over a table as a woman laughed loudly and spit out her drink across her friend’s shirt.

“Cas.” Dean rolled his eyes and took a beer and handed the angel another. “Do not make me retract my previous statement. For once, Y/N’s the lame one, not you.”

Castiel narrowed his eyes but took the drink as you glared at Dean as Sam chuckled under his breath at your annoyed expression. “Oh, come on, guys!” You tried to pout but your smile was growing. The loud bar was full of laughter and it was purely contagious. “I’m cool!”

“You came downstairs yesterday in a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt.” Sam interjected softly.

You shot Sam a sharp look and he shrugged innocently at you. You let out a scoff as the music grew a tiny bit louder. “I am the best hunter on the East Coast. Are you seriously going to pick a fight with me, Winchester?”

Dean cocked his eyebrows nonchalantly. “I never said you weren’t a good hunter. I said you were lame.” You folded your arms and glared at him from across the table until Dean leaned back smugly. “Face it, if you hadn’t come here with us, you probably wouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

“I know how to have fun!”

“Not to pick sides here,” Sam added suddenly, “but he has a point.”


“You did have a panic attack when that guy we saved last month asked you out. Practically ran out the door and drove away without us.”

“Exactly!” Dean raised a hand to his brother acknowledging his help. “All I am saying is you wouldn’t know how to have a good time if it wasn’t for us.”

You let out a scoff of contempt but Dean only shot you a charming smile. “So you’re welcome.”  

You glared at Dean for a long time before you took another drink. “I had a life before you, just so you know.”

“Prove it.”

You looked up at Dean’s rough voice, unsure if you heard him right. “What?”

Dean pursed his lips cockily. “I said, prove it.” You blinked at him and he gestured to the stage. “Next song.”

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Underfell!Grillby x Reader Fanfic

A short piece based on @ask-grillby‘s wonderful Underfell!Grillby concept and design. Please go check out the mun’s work!! This piece is safe for work, no warnings apply, but prepare to be flustered.

Admittedly, your first impression of of the violet flame monster had been pretty favourable.

The first glimpse you’d gotten of the mysterious owner of the Undergrounds most exclusive bar had been of a tall, extremely well dressed monster, who was leaning back casually against an expensive black granite counter top. He was glancing around the busy club with a cocky smirk on his face, radiating an aura of power and confidence, the undisputed king of all he surveyed. His free hand was wrapped around an elegant crystal tumbler, filled with some sort of amber liquid which he swirled around in a disinterested manner. You must have been staring, because when his gaze swept the room and he noticed you, a new face in his bar, (because of course he knew all his patrons, knew where all the money came from) he grinned and lifted the glass towards you in a cheeky salute. Once he was sure he’d gotten your attention he made a show of exhaling softly over his drink, a tongue of blue flame snaking out of his mouth and igniting the alcohol in the glass, which he raised to you once again.

You had to admit, you were impressed, and more then a little flustered by this suave monster.

Of course, that perfect first impression was ruined when he sauntered over, opened his mouth…and revealed himself to be a self-centred, narcissistic, power hungry ass.

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Honest Mistake - Mercy76

Sooooo I read a comic by a Mercy76 shipper. I assumed the comic would end with Mercy76. Boy, was I wrong! Heartbroken, I turned to WordPad and cranked this baby out. I desperately needed Mercy76. Sorry if it’s rushed or kind of boring. I just… I needed some slice-of-life style Mercy76.

Honest Mistake

Sighing, she laid her head to rest on Fareeha’s shoulder. “You’re not helping,” she whimpered.

“I realized it the moment I uttered it. But,” Fay nuzzled her friend between her cheek and shoulder, “you know I mean it in the most endearing way possible. You are not getting any older. Everyone has someone and here you are, stealing me away from Jesse. Again.”

Angela’s lips curled up like a cat’s smile, “You’re one to complain.” Flicking her finger down Fareeha’s nose. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to date me.” A coy look flickered in her blue orbs. “Could have sworn you wanted to marry me,” she teased.

“Psh,” she playfully pushed Angela from her shoulder. “I would never.” An unmistakable blush crossed her tan cheeks.

“You’re blushing.”

“Am not,” she swatted at the blonde before attempting to tickle her.

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In which Adrien doesn’t realize just how possessive he is of Marinette until she starts getting unwanted attention. Hair makes a big difference.

Read on | AO3

Ladybug was used to the attention from the opposite sex. After all, her skin-tight suit didn’t leave much to the imagination. So there was always that one guy, or two, or many—whistling and hooting her as she swung around the city. Chat Noir was less than pleased whenever it happened, claiming that catcalling (of course, pun-intended) Ladybug was his sole right. She honestly couldn’t bother with it since it was so simple to just zip away when things got annoying or uncomfortable.

Marinette, however, was not.

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astridthevalkyrie  asked:

Can I ask for a oneshot in which Hiccup tries (and fails) to serenade Astrid? Pretty please?

Okay, I know this ask was sent more than a month ago, and you probably don’t remember it. That’s totally my fault for asking for prompts in the middle of deadlines. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, finally.

For once the Edge was quiet.

In what took days of organization and late-night planning, Hiccup had managed to get Snotlout, Fishlegs and the twins all off the island in a feat that would only backfire horribly later. That was a problem for later, though, for now, Hiccup stood below Astrid’s hut, straightening his tunic, and taking a deep breath.

Astrid had been up in her hut all morning, working on future plans and strategies in case of attack from Viggo or other megalomaniac leaders that might have the Edge’s demise on their list of future goals. Hiccup himself had been knee-deep in his own plans, but today wasn’t about that: today, Hiccup had something very special in mind, something that hinged upon him and Astrid being alone on the island together.

The sun had crested atop the mountainside, blue sky reflecting down on the sea. Any minute now Astrid would surface heading down for a ride on Stormfly. He had limited time.

Hiccup took in another deep breath and, just as Astrid was packing away the last few pages of work, he began to sing.

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I’ll be Your Merman

Summary: AU He’s a merman who is being pushed by his parents to find a suitable mate. You were enjoying a day at the pier skateboarding when you met. “I’ll play Ariel if you’ll be my Princess.”

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Reader x Merman! Baekhyun, Merman! Chanyeol (cameo)

Notes: Slightly inspired by a friend’s fictional mermaid drabble and an idea I came up with. Happy Birthday Baekhyun! (5/6 in the US now)

Shoutout to @listenthemoose and @byun–baekbunny – thank you for the likes and for reading the recent drabbles for my Seven First Kisses prompt.

“Not this again!” he groaned as he covered his ears with his hands, turning his back on them.

“It’s time you thought about marrying a nice mermaid,” his mother sighed as she wrung her hands. “I was thinking about Emera? You know the –”

“She spends too much time in the mirror,” he said, scrunching his nose up. “I think she hates me too Umma. Ugh, why do we have to talk about this now?”

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More self-indulgent KaiShin fic for all y'all.  Hope you enjoy!

“Everything alright, Shinichi?” Ran asked.  Shinichi didn’t bother to lift his gaze from his coffee.  He tried not to sigh, but evidently his expression gave him away.  Ran sighed for him.  “I guess not.  Want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”  What was there to talk about?  He hadn’t felt this horrible in years, which could mean only one thing.

“So, Kuroba, huh?”

So much for not talking about it.  “Apparently.”

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[x] @ablubluh

Wordcount: 1,584

Fives and Echo returned to Coruscant boasting the double pauldrons and kamas of ARC troopers, their Phase II armor standing out next to everyone else’s standard gear. But nothing was really official until it was celebrated—and the 501st never refused a chance to celebrate anything

That night, blue-painted clones packed themselves into the bar 79s. Colored lights glancing off a sea of plastoid armor flashed in time to the thudding bass. Most soldiers loitered, talking to brothers; few danced. Those who did had found civilian partners, and were the envy of their brothers.

“So there I was,” Fives said, sitting at a table of three women, “on a barren rock of a moon. The clankers flanking us outnumbered us ten to one. Behind us, a giant Rishi eel picked us off one by one. I grabbed my rifle, took aim, and shot it straight in the eye!” All the women gasped. Fives took this opportunity to pass his helmet around, displaying the eel art.

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In a Different Face (Chapter 1)


Summary- Ever since their encounter with the Evillustrator, Chat Noir has starting vising Marinette more and more often…and she doesn’t necessarily mind either. It’s given her a chance to get to know him better and she starts to wonder if her feelings for this boy are more than she first thought. (A Marichat Fic)(Fluffy)(I’m naming the chapters after colors because why not?)

Read it below or here on AO3

            Chat Noir is pretty cute…to Marinette.

            To Ladybug he’s a good friend and a dedicated partner.

            Things are a bit different for Marinette though. Chat doesn’t know she’s Ladybug and for some reason unbeknown to her, she’s hesitant to tell him. So for the time being she’s going to keep her identity a secret between her and Tikki.

            The only problem is that Chat Noir has started visiting Marinette…a lot.

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anonymous asked:

More touken fics please @-@

Sorry for the long wait, anon. I have been mulling nonstop whether I should make a multichaptered fic or not. In the end, I decided to try. Please don’t expect much I’m an amateur and English is not really my primary language.

And because I was so inspired by chapter 86, I made a verse where Kaneki will succeed the title of a king. And of course the title of this fic is…



Since the passing of the seventh King, countless lives have been lost to the war for the control of the throne. The brutal battle was fought by the two most powerful branches of the Eastern Kingdom, the House of Washuu and the House of Aogiri. Both sides, claiming to be the more powerful clan, had started the most grievous and darkest bloodshed in history.

Their rivalry continued for a long, long time. Hundred years of suffering and fear experienced by the people, the nobility and the monarchy themselves. For a hundred years, the throne has seated no one. That is, until Duchess Ukina of the Washuu House, conceived a child with Lord Yoshimura, the Head of the Aogiri House. And with that, the two opposing sides had no choice but to call a temporary truce.

In that short period of false peace, though, high ranking officials from both Houses intermarried, which resulted into a whole new generation of rulers…

A gentle knock on the door of the palace library pulled Kaneki back to reality. Gently, he closed the book, The History of the Eastern Kingdom, and calmly fixed himself. He took a sip of his already warm coffee and sighed. No one in the kingdom liked coffee. They all prefer tea.


A squire with dirty blond hair and lean physique heeded his command. He bowed in respect and quickly stated his business.

“I deeply apologize for the intrusion, Prince Ken. His Royal Highness and Her Majesty request you presence at the throne room. They are to discuss an important matter with you, my Lord.”

“And what would that important matter be?”

“They did not inform me, my Lord.”

Kaneki stared blankly at the tattered covers of his book.

“Can I skip it?”

“I’m afraid not,” the squire replied, still bowing deeply. Kaneki tore his gaze away from the book and turned to look at his messenger.

“Stand up,” said he. “You don’t have to be so formal with me, Hide. We practically grew up together.”

The prince leaned on his chair and propped his legs on table. He closed his eyes and made himself comfortable. For someone who was expected to have the etiquette of a royalty, he sure is carefree. At least, only when he’s alone or with the company of people whom he trust. One of them was currently lowering his head before him.

“You are a prince. It is only necessary to treat you with high regards.”

Kaneki breathed a melancholic sigh. “Respect is earned, Hide. Not inherited. In all my life I have done nothing respectable.” He paused for a while to reach for his cup of coffee. He brought it to his mouth and inhaled it’s unique aroma before drinking from it. It was already lukewarm.

“If you still insist, then I have no choice but to actually command you to treat me informally. Or rather, like a friend. Can you do that for me?” Hide tensed as his mind worked furiously to formulate a proper response. When he looked up, he saw prince’s expectant face. Alas, he could never resist a favor from him.

“Tsk. You’re putting me in difficult situation here, Kaneki.” he grumbled, and Kaneki let out a hearty laugh.

“It’s too late say that now, don’t you think?” Both of them shared a smile. Hide squatted on the floor and told stories of the past.

“I still remember the time when you asked me to teach you how to climb the walls so you could sneak out without your aides knowing.”

“Yeah. I’m a great climber thanks to you.”

“You fell. Almost broke your arm. I was afraid the King might behead me if he learned the truth.”

Kaneki laughed at Hide’s sour expression. Indeed, it was one of the most embarrassing happenings in his life. Thankfully, he only received minor injuries and fortunately for Hide, they managed to silence his physician. He swore to never tell anyone about the prince’s… escapade.

“You always tolerate my foolish deeds. Which is why, I’m very thankful to have you as a friend.” Kaneki said sincerely, which made Hide smile widely. But soon enough, his expression turned serious.

“So what now? They are expecting you to come. I have a feeling that you already know what the King and Queen will say. And judging from your expression, it is not a good news.”

Kaneki groaned. “I hate it when you’re being observant.” Hide shrugged. “Well it is the only way I can get revenge from all the troubles you’ve caused.” He grinned.

“Why you-”


At that, the two boys stopped bickering. They turned to look at the intruder, who was suavely standing at the doorway. Hide immediately bowed. Kaneki retracted his legs from the table and corrected his posture.

“Earl of the 21st ward. Tsukiyama Shuu. What brought you here?” Kaneki addressed him.

“Oh, nothing. I was just passing by.” He gave the squire a distasteful look before continuing. “I believe you have an appointment with the King, my Prince?”

“That is correct. Though I wonder how you were informed.” Kaneki replied with a hint of annoyance. He gestured for Hide to leave and the squire gladly complied. Tsukiyama eyed him as he left.

“The walls have ears, prince. It is best that you learn it at your early age. Especially now…”

“Now that what?” Kaneki challenged.

“My, my. No need to be so defensive. I’m always at your side, remember? God knows I only want the best for the only prince of the kingdom.” Tsukiyama said, trying to appease him. He made way for the exit, but he turned again before closing the door. “Oh. And if I were you, I wouldn’t dare keep the King and Queen waiting. Have a nice day, Prince Ken.”

When he heard the soft click of the door, Kaneki slumped in his chair. He groaned. There was still so many things that needed to be done. And he thought he could have at least one day for himself, reading books while sipping coffee in a lazy afternoon. It seemed that day would have to wait. Exhausting is the life of the royalty.

Reluctantly, he stood up readied himself. He still had to meet his beloved parents.

As he mindlessly walked through the familiar palace halls, he began thinking. He reckoned that something of grave importance would present itself sooner or later, a situation that involved the entirety of the kingdom. What he didn’t surmise, though, was what Hide had informed him a while back. Why would the King and Queen need his presence while discussing such a serious affair? What could they possibly want from him?

Kaneki was so deep in thought he did not realize that he had reached the gigantic, bronze doors of the throne room. As a result, he bumped his head quite hard. He cursed himself and caressed his hurting forehead. He clicked his tongue and reached for the polished knob. He had trouble opening the massive entrance, partly because of the weight, mostly because of nervousness and anticipation. He tried to regain his composure, which he, thankfully, successfully did.

He took a deep breath and slowly, the giant doors parted to make a way for the prince. Beneath his feet, a long, luxurious carpet created a path that led straight to the most powerful people in the Kingdom. None other than the King and Queen themselves.

“Ah. There he is,” said the Queen with a sickeningly sweet smile plastered on her face. The room was so silent that even his muffled footsteps, thanks to the carpet, could be heard. He paused when he thought he reached the proper distance between him and them, then bowed deeply.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty, I am honored be summoned by you. To what reason was I called for?”

“Look at him. Isn’t he lovely?” The Queen giggled at his little act.

“Eto,” said the King. “Don’t be too hard on him.”

“But I wasn’t. Can’t you see that I am fond of him?” Her attention returned to Kaneki. “Arima is such an uptight, isn’t he?” And she giggled once more. Kaneki’s lips curled upwards a little.

“Indeed he is, my Queen,” he agreed. She waved him off instantly.

“Silly dear,” she smiled with that sweet, almost cunning smile of hers. “Call me mother.”

Kaneki had no choice but to acquiesce. “Yes, Mother.” He said, lowering his head even more. The Queen would have said another comment had the King not intervened.

“Arise, Kaneki.”

“Ken, my love. He is to be called Ken for as long as he lives in this castle. We had our talk about this, did we not?” Her dangerous tone might have gotten to the King for he nodded and corrected his statement. Even the mightiest men have to bow down before their wives sometimes.

“You may stand up now, Ken.”

“Thank you, Father.” He stood up awkwardly.

“As you know, we didn’t summon you here for a family reunion. We’re here to talk about important affairs regarding our… positions.”

“What do you mean?”

His face turned serious all of a sudden. “I am going to abdicate the throne.”

Silence enveloped the room. The atmosphere stilled.

“When?” Kaneki murmured, but his voice was amplified by the silence, so the King heard.

“On your coming of age. Which is two weeks from now.” He answered, his face portraying no emotions. Kaneki didn’t know what to say, so he remained quiet.

“Ken,” suddenly, it felt as if the room temperature dropped by several degrees. “You are the only prince. Our only son.”

Kaneki tensed. “I am aware of that,” he said grimly.

“Then good. I assume that you already know what that means.” Arima said.

Kaneki clenched his fists. He faced the Queen bravely. “Are you fine with this?” he asked. She smiled but said nothing. Her sharp glance made him feel like he was being scrutinized, and their silence only irritated him.

“Why?” he voiced out. “People killed for that throne. People died for that throne. For years, blood wouldn’t stop spilling. For years, countless lives suffered. The two Houses have sinned and discarded their morality to attain the power that only a King could have.” Kaneki knew he should stop, but his mouth seemed to have another idea.

“And now that someone with the blood of both the Washuu and Aogiri House could finally lead, now that both Houses could finally coexist, you’ll say that you want to retire. You are the most powerful man in the kingdom, and you want to throw it all away just like that. Why?”

If the king got mad at his impertinence, he made a good job of not showing it.

“Kaneki.” He said, making the Queen’s lip twitch. He took a deep breath and stared at his son, his gaze piercing.

“Men cannot suffer from the cross unless they carry it themselves. Likewise, a king will not know the weight of the crown until he wears it himself.”

He continued. “I am tired. As a king, I am expected to act properly, judge fairly and decide wisely. It is hard, being a descendant of both Houses. Always having to choose between your family. The Queen knows it too, and is struggling with me.” He looked at her beloved and placed his hand above hers. Kaneki noticed how his thumb circled the back of her hand gently.

“So that’s it. You want to pass all your responsibilities to me while you two go off in your honeymoon,” Kaneki said bitterly.

“Rest, my dear. We need to rest. Your father would not leave his position as the King if he knew that you are not capable of being one,” said the Queen.

“I will ask you again.” Kaneki addressed her. “Are you fine with this? Me, an illegitimate, succeeding the throne? You don’t have any say in it?”

“I admit, I was upset at my husband’s infidelity,” Eto said coldly. “But he gave you to me, to appease my anger. He even let me banish your mother,” she grinned cruely, making Kaneki grind his teeth. “Which means that I own you now. Your life belongs to me. I named you. So even if you are to be the next king, you would still be my puppet.”

“Stop it, Eto.” Warned the king. The wicked smile never leaving her face.

“Now that that is out of the way,” Arima continued. “It’s time to talk about more pressing matters.”

At that, Kaneki perked up. “You mean to tell me that’s not the only reason you called for me? That there’s something even bigger than you stepping down?”

“Correct.” Eto replied.

“And what could that be?” He asked.

Eto paused for a while to see his reaction. “Well,” she said slowly, as if to agitate Kaneki. “If the kingdom will have a new King, then it is only right to expect for a new Queen.”

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