and he just seems like a decent guy

okay but can i just rant about how much the side guy in just between lovers SUCKS!! like in episode 9 he was talking to moon soo in her office and she told him she didn’t like him and that the whole situation was making her kinda uncomfortable and he literally just replied “i’m going to pretend i didn’t hear what you just told me” ???? i’m so mad he’s so disrespectful and selfish for ignoring her rejection just bc he doesn’t want to accept it as the truth he’s trash ://

But Hamlet is freaking Hamlet […] Over the play’s three-and-a-half hours, Isaac becomes more poet than player. His interpretation of Hamlet, as a decent guy who just can’t get past his grief, and is often thwarted by his own anger over that grief is sensitive and astute. He talks through each soliloquy as if these thoughts are genuinely, just then, blooming into being, not enshrined in literary tradition for centuries. Isaac’s organic nuance opens up the language, makes it almost contemporary. Isaac seems to just speak Shakespeare naturally, like it’s a native tongue. The graveyard scene — in which Hamlet regards poor Yorick and contemplates the fleetingness of all existence — is moving in a way I perhaps cynically didn’t think Shakespeare could be anymore. [x]

Babysitter (Part 3)

Summary: You lie to your parents so you can spend a few days at Taehyungs house.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to be a series, so thank you for everyone who is reading my stories :) more on the way, especially other members ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | MasterlistPart 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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anonymous asked:

I’m the anon who requested the rainy day kisses and you totally delivered the goods. :D Thank you!! I hope it’s okay that I send in another request because I really enjoy your scenarios. ^^ For the chocobros: post-game happy AU where everyone has a family and the bro has a heart-to-heart with their teenaged kid (for this request: a daughter for Gladio & Iggy, son for Prompto & Noct) who asked the bro about the moment they knew their s/o was ‘the one’. Thanks!


Noctis walked into the training arena, watching his son warping from one end of the room to the other. He stood by the doorway, watching as Ferox panted, dropping his dagger to the ground with his hands on his knees.

“Giving up already?” Noctis called, and Ferox rose to his full height. At thirteen, he was almost as tall as his dad, stretching his back and allowing it to crack loudly before loosening up his shoulders.

“Mom said I should take combat training more seriously.”

Noctis snorted. “Sounds like something she would say.”

Ferox tried warping a few more times under his father’s supervision, but eventually gave up, collapsing in a heap on the ground with his arms and legs splayed out like a drunken starfish.

“This is too hard,” Ferox groaned, pinching his eyes shut. “I don’t get why she’s being so strict with me about this warping thing.”

Noctis came to sit down beside his son, nudging him until he sat upright. “Your mother has been through a lot in her past. She’s lost a lot of people, had to make sacrifices to save others. Warping is something that only those tied to the King’s magic can do. She knows that mastering it will keep you safe in the long run, so trust her on that.”

Ferox leaned his elbow on his knee, propping his chin up with his fist. “Is that how you met?” he asked.

Noctis shoved him lightly with his shoulder. “Maybe.” He sighed, remembering the day. “We’d met on the road one day. Magitek troopers had invaded the outpost we were visiting, and me and the guys decided to try and fight them off. But we were tired, careless. It had been a really long day. But then your mother came swooped in and basically took them all down single-handedly.”

Ferox’s mouth gaped. “Woah.”

Noctis nodded. “Yep. I knew then and there, as the dust settled, that I was in love with her.” He patted his son’s knee. “Enough resting. Wanna try again?”

“I guess I should,” Ferox conceded, rising to his feet. “Do you think Mom’ll spar with me if I ask her?”

“Hey,” Noctis teased, grabbing a pair of wooden swords from a bin. “You too good to spar with your old man?”

“You just said Mom was a better fighter,” Ferox countered, and yelped as Noctis took a playful whack at his shin.


Solis was lounging on the couch, flipping through old photo albums. He had found one that was labelled with pictures from a little over twenty years ago. He blew his unruly blond hair, a feature he’d gotten from his father, out of his eyes as he opened the pages and scanned over the images.

The photos in the album were varied. Some were of scenery, some were taken during combat (Why, Dad. That’s definitely not a smart thing to do), and there were quite a few selfies that made Solis chuckle.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” His father’s voice made him jump as Prompto sauntered into the room and plopped down next to his son.

“Just looking at old photos,” Solis shrugged, flipping to another page. “Oh, hey, look…it’s Mom.”

Solis saw his dad’s face soften as he looked at the photo of the two of you. It was one that Prompto hadn’t taken himself—it was a candid shot Noctis had snapped of you at the Vesperpool by the water. It was right around the time you’d met, and you were standing too close together to be just friends. Prompto thought back to that moment, and chuckled to himself.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” Solis mimicked, causing Prompto to burst into a fit of giggles. Even at sixteen, Solis was the spitting image of his father. Same hair colour, same lanky build. But he had your eyes and your smile, which were Prompto’s favourite features.

“Just thinking about the moment I knew I wanted to marry your mom.”

Solis scrunched up his nose. “Dad, I don’t know if I want to hear that story.”

“Guess who’s gonna hear it anyway?” Prompto tousled Solis’ hair, much to his chagrin.

“Dad! I’m not five anymore!” he whined, but settled into the couch to listen to his father’s story. “Go on.”

“Your mom suggested one morning that we go take photos of the catoblepas,” Prompto pointed to a different photo, one that illustrated the creature. “She insisted on getting up close and personal with them. She figured it’d be better for the picture. So I’m set up with my tripod and my camera about five or six feet away, and she’s holding these mushrooms to get them to come closer.”

Prompto mimed the set up with his hands, and Solis nodded along the way.

“I was ready to take the shot, and she was posing, looking all cute. But then the catoblepas got so close. I yelled to warn her, but when she turned, she reached out her hand and pet the damn thing. And it actually nuzzled into her palm. Can you believe it?” Prompto sighed, a dreamy look in his eyes. “A legendary creature, yielding to your mother. What a lady.”

Solis turned the page of the album and found the photo of you cozying up to the catoblepas. “One thing’s for sure,” he decided. “You’re both nuts.” He paused. “But I’m glad you found each other.”


Gladio knocked on Acacia’s door. Having a teenage daughter was not easy, and having a teenage daughter in full mood swings was enough to want to make Gladio pull his hair out. It reminded him of Iris when she was younger.

A muffled voice rang out. “Come in.”

Gladio opened the door to his raven-haired daughter lying face down on her bed, not even attempting to greet her father as he took a seat by her desk.

“Wanna tell me what’s going on?”

Acacia peeked an eye at him. “Nothing.”

Gladio folded his arms over his chest. “Didn’t sound like nothing according to Mom.”

Acacia sat up, apparently triggered by whatever Gladio had said, irritation clear as day on her features. “She’s just so over protective!” she huffed, hands balling into fists. “I just wanted to go away for the weekend, and she won’t let me because she said she doesn’t know who else is going.”

Gladio raised an eyebrow. “Seems like a decent enough reason to say no to me.”

Acacia groaned. “Not you too.”

He smirked at her, shaking his head. “Do you know the moment I realized your mom was the one?”

She blinked slowly. “I don’t see how this is relevant to what’s happening right now.”

Gladio continued. “When I was on the road with the guys, I met her. She was definitely too good for me. Way too smart, way too pretty. And for some reason, she gave me the time of day. After what happened in Lestallum and we lost Jared, she offered to stay and take care of Iris and Talcott until we got back.”

Acacia looked at her father expectantly.

“I knew then, when she decided to put her whole life on hold to make sure that my family stayed safe, the last remaining family I had, that she was it. She cared so much about these people that she barely knew, took them in like they were her own and kept them safe while the world fell apart around them. And now she’s trying to do that for you. She lost a lot of people in the ten years of darkness, sweetheart. Try and understand that she’s being protective of you because she doesn’t want to lose you, too.”

Acacia let out a sigh, slumping her shoulders. “I guess I owe Mom and apology.”

“Guess you do.”

She nodded and rose to her feet, slowly making her way to the door.

“If you want to go camping,” Gladio offered. “I’d be more than happy to take you.”

“Thanks Dad, but no,” Acacia replied, stepping into the hallway. “I’ve got better things to do.”

Gladio rolled his eyes. Yeah, he thought to himself. Just like Iris.


It wasn’t often that Ignis and his daughter got to spend a great deal of time together because of his duties at the palace and her school schedule, but he relished the moments they did get to share. They often cooked together, concocting new recipes side by side.

“How come Mom doesn’t cook?” Aurora asked, popping a cherry tomato into her mouth. “Is it because she can’t?”

“She’s not extraordinarily proficient, but she gets by,” Ignis stated, and Aurora marvelled at how skilled her father was with a knife even though he was blind. “Actually, it was our first evening in together when she decided to cook for me that I realized how much I loved her.”

“Aw! Dad!” Aurora gushed. “Tell me! I love these stories.”

Ignis chuckled and kept at the chopping.

“She’d planned this whole dinner for the two of us. She knew that I enjoyed the culinary arts, and wanted to give it a go herself. I told her that it wasn’t necessary to go through all the effort, but she informed me that I’d cooked for her on multiple occasions, so it was only fair.”

Ignis smiled to himself at the memory.

“She ended up burning everything.”

Aurora couldn’t help but laugh. “Dad! Why are you smiling? That’s terrible!”

Ignis could still smell the ruined dinner, the smoke coming from the oven and the shrill sound of the fire alarm beeping in the kitchen. He remembered the sound of your laugh, the sound of you swatting a broom at the alarm to get it to shut off, as it was just out of reach.

“She took such care to ensure that everything was perfect, but in the end, the meal being ruined hadn’t phased her spirit,” Ignis continued. “She ended up pulling out two servings of Cup Noodles, and we ate them together by candlelight.”

Aurora leaned her head against her father’s shoulder. “Dad, that’s so cute.”

“It was a special moment,” Ignis agreed. “I knew then that her resilience was something to be admired. I knew her before I was blind, as just a friend, and after I sustained my injury, she refused to leave my side. She’s always been more than I deserve, and she even gifted me with you.” Ignis reached out and wrapped an arm around Aurora’s shoulders, giving her a light squeeze.

“Love you, Dad,” she smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ignis went to go stir a pot on the stove. “There is one thing you have in common with that night, come to think of it,” a mischievous lilt to his tone.

Aurora glanced over at Ignis. “Hm? What’s that?”

“Technically speaking, you were an accident as well.”

For a blind man, he was quite skilled at dodging flying spatulas.

Memento Mori: Letterman Jacket

Jeff x Reader

Reader reminisce on the past as she deals with the present.

Warning: Angst, I guess? Nothing really.

Characters Mentioned: Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Hannah Baker, Sheri Holland, Clay Jensen, Montgomery de la Cruz and Bryce Walker 

Words: 3180

A/N: This ended up longer than it should be. Set in both the past and present. There are notes and lines, I hope it’s not confusing. Sorry for the mistakes and the lame summary.

You look down at the flask in your hand, a pinkish coloration appears with every drop but rapidly dissipates the moment you swirl it. Slowly, your mind wanders thinking of all the different scenarios that could transpire in your upcoming date with Jeff. It was going to be your first with him, he had asked you out when you went to meet him and Clay at the library for your usual study sessions. And as fate would have, it just so happens that Clay suddenly had an errand to do leaving you and Jeff alone. You were soon brought back to your task when your lab partner shook your arm.

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Long Distance (Chapter Four)

I cant wait to hear what you guys think of my au Bucky in this one! Hes sort of my favorite!

Thanks to everyone for rallying and getting all those notes on the last chapter, love to know you guys are reading and enjoying this! Love my readers!

I tried to add everyone who asked to the tag list, let me know if you want to be added!!!


Enjoy :)

“Tony.” Pepper ran a comforting hand over his shoulder. “Tony, are you alright?”

“Just leave me alone.” Tony was alternating between scribbling nonsense into a notebook and staring out the window at nothing. “Nothings wrong, just leave me alone.”

“Did something happen with Steve?” She asked softly. “I know you’re not answering his texts anymore.” Tony flinched away from her and she sighed. “Oh Tony. I’m sorry. What happened?”

“He has a boyfriend.” Tony said bitterly. “A boyfriend. We were all ‘oh I missed hearing from you all day!’ And ‘sure wish we lived closer!’ And I asked him to meet up and–” the pencil in his hand snapped in half. “And he’s got a boyfriend.”

“Tony…” Pepper floundered for a second, trying to find the right words. “Maybe you misunderstood him? Surely he wouldnt be talking to you all this time and then–”

“I asked him to meet up for Valentine’s Day, and he said that Bucky couldn’t wait to meet me and that they had both wanted to see me for weeks.” Tony shrugged. “I didn’t sign up to hang out with a couple. I didnt want to be a third wheel. I know it sounds stupid but I thought Steve and I– I thought we were–” then he shook his head. “It’s stupid. Just texting. It’s not like we even talked on the phone or anything. I have no reason to be upset. Stupid.”

“But you’re sad, so it isn’t stupid.” Pepper ran gentle fingers through his hair. “You’re more upset about this than you were about Shawna.”

“Yeah, I guess I hoped men didn’t play games like women do.” Tony snorted.

“Hey.” Pepper tugged at his hair. “Every gender has their stupid moments, Tony. You just seem to attract them more than others.”

“Thanks for that.” Tony frowned at her, but leaned his head against her stomach anyway. “Will you stay and have dinner with me?”

“Of course.” She hugged him a little tighter. “Tony, of course.”

“He still isn’t talking to you?” Bucky put his bag down and crossed the living room, wrapping his arms around Steve’s shoulders.

“Nope.” Steve was staring dejectedly at his phone, slouched in the recliner. “I mean he texted me a few days ago, you know, telling me to lose his number but–”

“I’m sorry babe.” Bucky pressed a kiss to his temple. “We should have told him earlier. About us, I mean. You can’t blame him for being upset. Learning someone you like is in a relationship is tough on anyone. And when you first started talking, he had just been dumped, that’s why he had been having such a bad day remember? Hearing about you and I was probably just….” Bucky’s voice trailed off. “I mean, he would have been upset anyway, but more so considering how his last relationship ended.”

“I guess I assumed he would realize that you and I were together. Two guys eating dinner together, working out together… Sure I never came right out and said, but I didn’t think I had to. And it definitely didn’t occur to me that he would be upset that he’d stop talking to me.”

“You miss him.” Bucky said softly, and took the phone from Steve’s hand, moving so he could kneel between Steve’s legs. “Don’t you?”

“It’s so stupid.” Steve tugged his fingers through his hair in frustration. “It’s just texting, right? He has every right to be upset at me and I don’t really have a reason to miss him. Stupid.”

“It’s not.” Bucky ran his hands up and down Steve’s thighs comfortingly. “It’s not. I mean, I’m practically in love with the guy and I’ve only been reading over your shoulder. And if I miss hearing from him, I know it’s worse for you.”

Steve didn’t say anything, just leaned down until their foreheads touched and breathed a heavy sigh.

“Do you want me to try and call him?” Bucky offered then. “It’s been over a week, maybe he’s cooled down and would be willing to listen.”

“I don’t think—”

“Stevie.” Bucky brushed their lips together. “Honey, I want to talk to him too. I want to meet him too, remember? Just let me try.”

Without waiting for a reply, Bucky copied Tony’s number from Steve’s phone and hit ‘call’.

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Pretty Name (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: Y/N and Harry party together (drink & smoke) and have sex.

Requested: yes

Warnings: alcohol, drug use, sex, Y/N dom, 69ing

A/N: Thank you to whoever requested this! Sorry it took me so long! I wrote this imagine a while ago, and I meant to post it, but then when I went to find it in my files, it was gone! :( But anyways, I hope you enjoy it!!


Originally posted by minmiin1d

Pretty Name (Harry Styles Smut)

You don’t know how you ended up getting here.  You were the “good girl” in school. You didn’t smoke, or drink, or party back then. And now you are here in a room at a party full of marijuana smoke making out with a musician who doesn’t even know your name.

It all started back at the party you attended earlier tonight. You weren’t invited, but that was your thing. You showed up, and people would just let you in. It’s easy to look like you belong in the “Hollywood” scene. You were pretty, but you were confident. So when you walked into any of those parties, eyes were on you, but again, no one knew who you were, which made you more intriguing.
That’s how Harry noticed you. You didn’t show up with group, you didn’t look around for anyone, you just were there. And you looked content, you weren’t trying to be anyone else, you weren’t trying to have everyone’s eyes on you, but they were.

Harry looked at his friend and asked, “Who is she?”

His friend turned to look at you and shrugs his shoulders and says, “No idea, never her seen her before. But I’m glad I have now.” He says lifting his eye brows, licking his lips, checking you out.

“Hey, don’t be gross man.” Harry says.

“Dude, you don’t even know her.” The friend says defensively.

“Still.” Harry says, “I’m going to get another drink, any of you want one?” Harry says seeing that you walking over to get a drink.

Everyone says no, and Harry walks over quickly. When he walks over, and he sees you pouring your drink and is surprised saying, “That’s a lot rum and a little bit of coke.”

You look up at him and joke, “Yeah, I’m not a pussy.”

Harry laughs, and says, “Well, I guess I’m a pussy, because that stuff burns with that little amount of coke.” Which causes you to laugh.

“I’m Harry by the way.” Harry says, grabbing a drink.

“I know who you are.” You state, “I’ve listened to your music, not bad stuff.”

“Thanks, you’re a fan?” He asks.

“Let’s say I’m a fan of music.” You say smiling, “and your music, just happens to be some of the music I like.”

After that you don’t really remember much else. You know you and Harry went into a room so it would be quieter to talk. And you two laughed, drank, smoked, and now you are here. Straddling him, both of your shirts off, and he’s undoing your bra. Are you mad about it? No. He’s seems like a decent guy, and he’s hot.

“I still don’t know your name.” Harry states while he kisses down your neck.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ll know it when I’ll have you yelling my name.” You say pushing him down the bed.

You stand up off the bed, and pull down your jeans and you underwear. You were never dominant in the bedroom, but you’re high and you’re feeling confident.

“I hear musicians are good with their mouths.” You say taking off your clothes, which causes Harry to smirk.

“I don’t know about other musicians, but, I haven’t gotten any complaints.” He says putting his arms behind his head, with a smirk on his face.

You hate it when guys are cocky, but in bed, it’s the hottest thing. At this words, you felt the wetness between your legs.

“Well, I’d like to see what you can do Styles.” You say climbing on the bed, swinging on leg over on the other side of this head so you are straddling his mouth.

Harry immediately begins to make you moan. He first focused on your clit. He licked circles on, then sucked on it as it got more swollen and sensitive. Then he poked his tongue into your hole teasingly.

With the amount of pleasure Harry was giving you, you wanted to do that same or him. You were in the 69 position. You spit on your hand, and pumped his cock a few times. Then you bent over, and took on his head in your mouth. You swirled you tongue around it, which caused Harry to moan, causing vibrations against you core, which felt so good.  Then you began to take him fully. As you bobbed your head, you put both of your hands on his thighs to keep you steady as you began to grind against mouth.

Harry could feel you getting close as your core tightened around his tongue. He then focused on your clit sucking on it, wanting you to cum so he could taste you so badly.

You stopped sucking Harry off and just began to focus on grinding on him because you were so close.

“Harry, I’m close. I’m so close. Make me cum.” You moan out. “Make me cum, oh my-“

And before you could finish, you felt the stream of euphoria take of your whole body. You moans out Harry’s name and left marks on his thighs from pleasure.

As you finished, you tried to put you head down to finish Harry off, but Harry stopped you, and said “I need to fuck you. I’m way too hard, and you’re so wet an warm, I need to fuck you.”

As you swing your leg over, so that you are no longer straddling him, Harry grabs and condom and rolls it on. When he’s done you straddle him again, and place your hands flat on his chest. When he first enters you, you close your eyes at the full feeling. You loves, he reached all the pleasurable spot.

You began bouncing on top of him, every time he thrusted into you, he hit your g-spot. Harry could see this as you would moan louder each time you bounced. Even though Harry was close, he wanted to see your face when you cum. He loved the sight he was already seeing, your breasts bouncing every time you came down on his cock, but he wanted to see you cum undone. So he grabbed your hips and thrusting up into you.

“Lick you finger and play with your clit.” He ordered as he pounded into you.

You did as he said, and you felt your second orgasm coming on.

“Harry, I’m gonna cum. Harry, Harry, Harry!” You scream, scratching your nails down his chest. Harry doesn’t stop thrusting. He thrusted you through your orgasm, as he was getting close.

Harry couldn’t take it anymore, and flipped you two over, and pounded into you hard.

“You feel so fucking good-.” He groans.

“Y/N” You answer finally giving him you name.

Harry bites his lips and goes, “Y/N, fuck yes, so good, mmh so good!” He groans out as he thrusts through his orgasm.

After Harry finishes he lays down next to with his arms behind his head and you watch his chest move up and down and you watch his eyes close. You decide to get up and get dressed and leave. When you were about to close the door you heard Harry say,

“Y/N, that’s a pretty name.”

A/N: I didn’t focus too much on the drugs this time, I hope that’s okay with whoever requested it! Thank you to whoever requested it! I hope you all have a good day!!

Would you mind? - Harrison Osterfield

Word count: 1615


For the prompt list thing, 55 and 61?? Lolol

55.   “How can someone who looks so innocent, be so dirty?”

61.   “If you weren’t so hot, I would’ve punched you in the face”

Masterlist | Promptlist

A/N: I kind of struggled with this one, but i got it done! I also rewrote it 3 times, so i really hope you guys like it! I was kind of inspired by a song called “Would you mind” by prettymuch. 

Also: Thor was freaking amazing! There was some mythology stuff, that really annoyed me, like Hela being their sister, but they made it work, so it’s okay i guess. 

Also number 2! I got a christmas special planned! So, keep your eyes open as we get closer to christmas!

Today had been an awful day. You had to take an extra shift at work, because someone called in sick, because they were hungover. So, you had been working 8 hours, on you’re a Saturday you were supposed to have off. So, you actually had to put on pants, which just made everything worse. You had really been looking forward to walking around in your Stitch onesie all day, but no.

So, when some idiot bumped into you, on your way home, you had had enough. Not only did they bump into you, but they also managed to spill hot tea on you,

“Watch where you’re going, dipshit!” You cursed, before looking up into some stunning blue eyes.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you. I’m really sorry!” He apologized. As the hot liquid went through your clothes, you started to feel the burning on your skin, making you make a face. “Did you get burned by the tea? I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to”

“Are you kidding me? This is just great. This is the perfect day to the shit day I’ve had! Honestly, if you weren’t so hot, I would’ve punched you in the face” You said sarcastically, as you tried to ignore the burning feeling on your stomach. As soon as you had said the words, you regretted it. It wasn’t his fault you had a bad day, and you didn’t have a reason to take it out on him. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to punch you. Well, not you specifically I just want to punch something”

“I’m sorry. Again” He said, sending a look of pity. “This is going to sound so wrong, but I live in that building. The least I can do is let you borrow a shirt. I’m really sorry”

“Sure. Why not? The worst thing that could happen, is that you’re a serial killer, and this is your way of getting people into your home, so you can kill them” You said, as you followed him up to his apartment.

“I promise, I’m not a serial killer. But come to think of it, my apartment might be a bit of a mess, since I’m unpacking. Which is not going well, but I’m definitely not a serial killer” He said, smiling at your comment.

“That sounds like something a serial killer would say”

“I guess you’ll just have to find out then, don’t you?” He continued, making you laugh a little. “Remember, I have warned you about the mess” He said, as he unlocked the door.

When he opened the door, you could see the apartment was not a mess. There were some clothes on the floor, and maybe a plate or two on the table, but you would describe your apartment as clean, if it looked like this.

“Right. So, um. I’ll find you a shirt. A clean one, and I’ll take the ones on the floor with me, so it’s less of a mess” He said, as he removed the clothes from the floor, and went into what you assumed was his bedroom. Meanwhile, you looked around the room a bit. “Right, so this is one of my old shirts, so you I don’t really need it back.”

“Sure” You said, as you took off your jacket, and started lifting your shirt over your head.

“Oh, okay, uh” He stuttered, and as the shirt went over your head, you could see that he had put his hands over his eyes.

“Right, shit. I’m sorry. I um. I went to boarding school, so I’m really close with most of my friends, and we also did this fashion show, so I got really used to changing in front of people, so I kind of forget that. You’re. Supposed. To do. That. And people freak out when you take your shirt of in front of them. Sorry?” You said, as he threw the t-shirt at you.

“Not, because I want you to stay shirtless or anything. Or well, I don’t mind that you are, but I” He said flustered. “What I am trying to say. Maybe you should just take a look at the burn. Just to see how bad it is”

“It’s fine. I’m too tired to even go look for mirror, so can’t you just. Check it for me? I really don’t mind. You’re not the first guy to see me in a bra” You sighed, and he removed his hands from his eyes, and slowly walked closer to you.

“It doesn’t look that bad” He said, as he got close to you. He carefully put his hand on the burn, making it sting a little, but it wasn’t too bad. “I can hardly see, so I think you’re good”

“That’s great” You said calmly, as he kept his hand on you.

“I like your tattoo” He said, looking into your eyes, as his hand moved to your waist.

“You can. You can take your hands off of me, if you want to. You don’t have to, but. You can” You felt yourself getting a little lost in his eyes, and you had forgotten everything about your day.

“Right. I’m sorry” He said, as he stepped away, making you snap back into reality. “I. I never got your name. I’m Harrison”

“I’m Y/n. And I should maybe. Put a shirt on. It is getting a little chilly” As the words left your mouth, you felt yourself getting lost in his eyes again. It almost felt like you were disappearing into another world.

“Or. We could. I could help you get warmer”

“Really? I did not expect that. That is not the what I expected to come out of your mouth. How can someone who looks so innocent, be so dirty?” You looked surprised at him.

“I’m sorry. I got caught up in the moment. I’m usually never that forward” He said, looking down at the floor in embarrassment.

“It’s okay, I kind of like guys who a forward. I’m not really the type to catch feelings” You admitted. He quickly looked up, and you sent him a smile.

“So It wasn’t too forward? I didn’t just scare you away?” He asked, catching your eyes again. Those beautiful blue eyes.

“No. It would take a lot more than that to scare me away. I’ve done a lot worse. It’s not exactly because you’re ugly, and you seem like a decent person” You had forgotten everything about the fact that you were standing shirtless, but Harrison definitely hadn’t.

“And it’s not because you’re unattractive, and it is a bit hard to stay focused on your eyes, but since I’m a gentleman, that’s what I’m going to do. Unless you want me to do something else” His eyes stayed focused on your face, but you could see him starting to tense up.

“I want you to do a lot more. I’ve had a shit day. You spilled tea on me, and brought me up to your apartment. So why don’t you save my day, by giving me a great evening?” You challenged.

“That can be arranged. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, we don’t know each other” He seemed so confident for a moment, but quickly started to hesitate.

“That’s kind of the point of a one night stand”

“I know. But I’m just warning you. You might end up falling in love with me” He said, with a smirk. The confidence was back, and his entire body-language changed.

“That’s not gonna happen, but I’d like to see you try” You wanted him to make a move so badly. You weren’t sure when why you wanted him, you just did. There was just something about him, that made you forget everything else.

“I guess I’ll just have to work all night then” He said, as he slowly came closer to you again.

“I think you talk too much” You said, as you grabbed the collar of his shirt, and closed the distance between the two of you.

He was quick to kiss you back, and even quicker to put his hands on your waist, and gently start to lift you up. You took the hint, and jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist. Just like you had disappeared into his eyes, you found yourself getting lost in his lips. He carefully placed you on the bed, before taking off his shirt.

“Took you long enough” You let out, as your eyes went up and down his body. Before you had enjoyed the view enough, his body was hovering over yours. His mouth found his way to your collarbone, where he left a trail of sloppy kisses, leading to your neck, where he carefully nibbled at your skin, causing you to let out a moan. You could feel the smirk on his lips, and you tried you best to keep quiet.

When you couldn’t keep quiet, you pushed his shoulder, and turned the two of you around. You sat with a leg on each side of him, while he looked at you surprised. Now it was your turn to smirk. You placed light kisses from the hem of his jeans to his jawline. You felt him tense up under you, and it didn’t take long till a moan was on his lips.

“Hey Harris.. OH GOD!” A male voice said, before the door slammed shut. You sent Harrison a questioning look.

“That was Tom. I forgot he was coming over” Harrison sighed.

“Should I leave? I feel like I should leave” You said, but you didn’t move. You just kept staring at him, until he finally opened his mouth.

“Tom can wait”


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Omg so I just had the best experience in Dark Souls III

So I’m still pretty new to the game, right? I’m not very good but I’ve got some buddies who are willing to take me around town and help me out a bit. I’m playing with one such friend when inevitably I get invaded.

Now I really hate getting invaded. It’s such a waste of time and most people really enjoy being an annoying asshole to you while they try to kill you. I had already been invaded several times that day by some dude named Twinkie and I was just Over It.

The notif pops up that I’m being invaded again and immediately I’m like ugh, here we go. But this time it’s not good ol’ Twinkie, it’s Santa Claus. I’m being invaded by Santa.

The avatar appears up ahead on some stairs and I’m immediately cautious, as is my friend. We’ve got our shields up just waiting for this guy to make a move on us, but no such thing happens. He emotes at us, not the usual antagonizing emotes assholes use but something that seems decently friendly.

Then Santa very slowly moves towards my friend, drops an item on the ground midway in between them, and then walks back. Another friendly emote.

Immediately we’re both like wait what? Is he giving you something? Is this a trap? So my friend slowly goes towards the item, still very cautious and keeping an eye on our invader, and picks it up. It’s an ember.

Santa does the same thing again, this time directed at me. Emote, moving up slowly to drop an item, and then moving back and waiting. I move toward the item and pick it up. It’s also an ember.

He’s giving us both a waving emoji and now that it’s pretty clear he has no intention of tricking us or fighting us, we both return some friendly emotes his way.

Finally after a moment and another wave, Santa returns home. Both my friend and I are laughing and smiling in disbelief over the fact in Dark Souls of all games, there is a person named Santa Claus going around risking the chance that people will try to attack and kill them just to give them a gift before returning home. 

It was probably the best and most pure moment I will ever have playing that game and I will cherish it forever.


Favorite Clint Eastwood movie characters- Pvt. Kelly/ Kelly’s Heroes

Who is that guy, Crapgame?
- His name’s Kelly. Used to be a lieutenant. Pretty good one, too, until was ordered to attack the wrong hill. Wiped out half a company of G.I.’s. Somebody had to get the blame, and he got picked.
Oh, man, I don’t like officers.
- Neither does he, so relax.

so like, I’m in college now (UK rather than U.S. system) which is great
but back in school it was genuine hell.

we had this one teacher, let’s call him Mr X, he was supposed to teach history, but was underqualified and didn’t know the subjects he was ‘teaching’ at all. he would let students mess around and made sexual remarks about a couple of them, several of us sent in complaints about him and they were never answered. he decided he hated me the most, so he took out that hatred by giving me an exam with no source sheet, so I had only the questions about the sources and not the sources themselves, when I hadn’t done it the next day he asked why, so I told him and he blamed me for my ‘attitude’. I stopped going to that class and just stood outside instead. I failed the exam.

then there was Mr L, he was an okay teacher, save for the fact he’d never stop talking and would often look down girls shirts. again, we complained and nothing happened. halfway through our second year in his class, he brought in a new teacher to work with him for a while. he seemed nice enough, was a decent teacher and put up with our bullshit. then, one day he just didn’t show. and the next day, and again for a whole week before we asked why.
he failed the background check.
you know, the one you’re supposed to go through before being allowed alone with students?
turns out he was on the sex offenders registry. and they let him take me out of class to calm me down after a panic attack.

and while I realise this is long already, I’ll finish up with a student. this guy, he was an ass. like grade a piece of shit who beat people up, spat in people’s hair, all that shit. this kid also sexually harassed me and one of my closest friends. for three whole years. we sent in at least 5 complaints a month each, personally went to every teacher we knew, until finally in the last year the school decided to…..
make him say sorry. to me. alone. in the library.
it was obviously scripted and he continued for the rest of the year. oh and Mr L decided to sit him in between me and my friend.

don’t you just love school???

The Notebook Ch.2

Title: The Notebook Ch.2
Character: Lin X Reader
Prompt: When the reader runs into Lin in the airport, (literally “runs” into him), an accidental notebook swap occurs in the confusion, and they go home with each other’s work.
Word Count: 2,625
W/T: None???
A/N: You guys asked for it, so here it is! I just can’t fathom how much you guys actually like this????? Like what??? ALSO if y'all wanna know about the musical the reader is writing, ask me! It’s an actual play that I’m writing, except it’s a play not a musical…
Also I shit-wrote this in a matter of two hours so please have mercy on me
Tags: @secretschuylersister @linmanuclmiranda @strawberrytyphoon @god-damn-it-miranda


“Ma'am, are you okay?” A distant voice asks you worriedly, a gentle tap on the shoulder shocking you out of your disassociated state. You jump slightly at the touch, but try to collect yourself enough to plaster a fake smile onto your lips and nod feebly to the flight attendant. It’s clear that she can see right through your crummy facade, but she just nods and continues down the isle, knowing well enough not to prod.

Your attention immediately snaps back to the worn black notebook in your hand, except it’s not yours. It looks exactly like yours- it’s even got the same scratch on the cover from the price sticker- but it’s not yours. The handwriting is too clean to be yours, there isn’t nearly as many ink smudges or eraser marks spread across the pages as there should be, and nothing scrawled across the yellowing paper aligns with what you’ve been working on for the past few years.

You were becoming hysterical, to say the least.

In any other given situation where this had somehow miraculously happened, you would’ve been on the phone with Kylie faster than lightening. But you were on a plane, at least an hour from landing and giving you access to others again, so that option was on hold. Obviously you couldn’t talk to anybody else about it on the plane, they’d just label you as crazy, which to your defense you can be, but they’d just zone out after about a minute. So here you were, forced to panic and get worked up over this notebook of yours all on your own. Great. Just great.

Oh god, what if that, that Lin guy was reading through your notebook right now?! What if he had already stolen all of your ideas and morphed them into his own?! No, no. Calm down, Y/N. You’re obviously overreacting, Lin wouldn’t do that. Sure, you only met him for a solid thirty seconds, but that’s enough time to get a decent judgement on somebody cute, right? He helped you up, he tried to make conversation, he seemed like a pretty good guy, a gentleman even.

Calm down, Y/N, you’re just getting yourself riled up for no good reason. You’ll be able to figure this whole situation out once you get both feet back onto solid ground again, and you’ll be able to start writing again in no time. You’ll get your notebook back, and Lin will get his. Simple fix, minus the whole “he’s in New York and you’re in rural Missouri” thing, but something can get worked out.

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself, even slightly. Everything will turn out fine in an hour, so just wait it out. Just an hour, that’s all. Yup, juuuuusssttttt an hour.

Oh who are you kidding? This is going to be the longest hour of your life.

Your eyes snap back open and you feel a sense of jitteriness pulse through you, only making everything seem worse. What were you going to do within this agonizingly long hour? Usually you would’ve brought a book or something to read for the flight, just in case writer’s block hit you, but what were yo-oh. That’s right, you do have something to read.

Your gaze slowly shifts downward to your slightly calloused hands, mainly from your late writing nights, and settle back upon your imposter notebook. Turning it over and over in your hands, the sleek black leather only makes you more and more curious as to what else it holds inside, besides characterization and such.

A little peek wouldn’t hurt, right?

Shifting in your already stiff seat, you pull your legs up into a criss-cross position and re-open the journal, ready to try and figure out what everything was in here. You focus on a random page near the center, and quickly become absorbed in deciphering everything out of it. Are these… song lyrics? Alexander Hamilton? Hold on, that name rings a bell… Hamilton, Hamil-wait, that’s the guy on the 10$ bill! He wasn’t a president, right?

Sifting through more pages, you attempt to gather more and more information, but all you come up with is more “Hamilton this” and “Hamilton that”, and some more lyrics for different situations. Although, with the way these songs are aligned, you can totally see a character arc for a musical here and-oh God.

This notebook is a developing musical for a founding father.

That’s a new one.

You stifle a laugh from the realization, trying not to draw anyone’s attention. A musical about a founding father? Who most likely wasn’t even a president? What kind of drug did this guy have to be on to come up with this off-the-wall idea? No wonder he came off as nice when he ran into you at the airport, all crack-jobs are nice when you first run into them.

Might as well humor yourself and read on, you’ve got a miserable hour to go.

But as you pick back up where you left off, you begin to see where this Lin guy was going with this Hamilton stuff. This founding father’s life story is the perfect. Love, angst, tragedy, hardships, lost of death, all wrapped up into song? Critics would eat this up with a spoon. Sure, there’s a lot of hitches and messy parts to some of these songs, but the idea is there.

A certain pair of characters stood out to you a bit more than Hamilton himself did; The sisters, Angelica and Eliza, Angelica specifically. You unintentionally began to flip through the pages, looking for any indication of the name Angelica, wanting to know more about her. Descriptions were scattered here and there as you continued to flip; strong, independent, intellectual equal, sacrificed love, all of these quick details scrawled about.

But then you fell upon a certain song. Well, you couldn’t really call it a song with the way it looked, more like a bunch of lyrics broken up and not really connecting to each other. A bunch of small scenes that didn’t quite have an order yet, if you will. At the top of the page a bunch of titles had been written and scratched right back out, with only one remaining, a think black circle around it with a bunch of question marks, reading “Can I say Something?”.

You begin to read through the setting of the song that was hastily written along the border of the page, getting a basic understanding of how Lin was imagining this scene to be. A whole rewind situation to see a love triangle from the third angle. Alright Mister Lin-Dude, this scene has you intrigued. You feel pretty connected to this Angelica girl, the same independence of hers coursing through your blood as well. Reading on, you try to grasp the concept of the fragmented lyrics, the plot line of it partially coming together. Okay okay, so she fell in love with Hamilton first, but because she loved her sister, Eliza, so much, she let her have him instead? Wow, that’s some serious sisterly love.

Although the idea and concept of the song was well presented, the actual lyrics itself felt like it was missing something; a single word or phrase. Something that left room for interpretation, yet had many levels of meaning to it. Also something that would get more and more tragic sounding as it was said more (because there’s totally a term for that). Convinced, Unannounced, Satisfied, Unspoken, Certain… something along those lines.

You reached for your pencil in the mesh pocket of your bag and brought it down to the paper, halting only centimeters above it. Hold on, Y/N. This isn’t your notebook. This isn’t yours. You can’t go writing at will in it, who knows what kind of trouble that could stir up.

But at the same time, you couldn’t let this criticism go to waste. Maybe this Lin guy needs some “creative help” with his works?

You continue to blankly stare at the page before you, your favorite mechanical pencil teetering against your fingers in anticipation of your decision.

It’s pencil. If he doesn’t want these ideas, he can erase them with ease.

But your little notes don’t seem to just stop there. You subconsciously scribble down little anecdotes and ideas on almost every page. A little note on a line about Hamilton’s son, and how he can be both his “son” and “sun”. A small adjustment to a roasting between Jefferson and Hamilton, making Jefferson claim to have written “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, when Jock Locke had actually written them, giving him the effect of “underhanded”. Just simple notes and suggestions here and there, nothing major.

Well, if it hadn’t been an hour’s worth of suggestion writing, it may have been considered “small”. Yet, here you are, an hour later, being told by the overhead speaker to fasten your seatbelt for the landing in St. Louis.

You need to learn to control your writing needs, Y/N.

Setting your feet back on the floor you re-buckle, ready to get off of this airplane and back onto solid ground. Sure, you weren’t scared of heights or anything, but you really were just itching to figure out where your notebook was, and how you could get it back. Had Lin done the same thing to your notebook that you had done to his? Nah, there’s nothing good enough to deal with in it anyway. Three years of work on your musical and there’s not much to show for it, in all honesty.

The buckling of the wheels hitting the runway underneath of airplane jars you back into the present. The endless amount of more runways and nothingness outside of your window already gives you a nostalgic feeling of being back home, a smile growing on your face from the mere feeling of it. The captain’s voice rings out on the overhead speaker, announcing that all of you were now in St. Louis, and how you were able to exit to the airport now.

You waste no time in high-tailing it to the exit to gather yourself a bit before returning to your hometown. Your best friends from high school were supposed to be there to pick you up, but you had no idea where they were. In Heinz sight, you probably should’ve told them your exit instead of just “meet me at the airport”, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Fishing your phone from your pocket, you flip off airplane mode and allow for it to set in your hand for a minute, waiting for the few text messages and Snapchat’s to roll in. And they do.

But they don’t stop.

Confused, you watch the notifications bombard your lockscreen, each of them burying the other so quickly you can’t even read them. A solid minute rolls by before it finally ends, the most recent being a text from your hometown friends, Karsen and Colin.

TEXT FROM: 🚗🌞 Karsen
-“Y didn’t u tell me dat u were Twitter famous child!!!!!!”

TEXT FROM: 📞📥 Colin
-“You better check your Twitter before Kar has a heart attack.”

Utterly puzzled, you open your Twitter (after turning off the notifications, dear lord) and stare at the little blue bubble over your notifications button. You didn’t even know that number could be so high. Clicking the little bell icon, you furrow your eyebrows at everything cluttering your box. You knew none of these people, not a single one. Why were they-oh.


Every single tweet had your handle, and one other person’s.


A flood of both relief and worry wash over you as you click on the familiar name, taking in his entire profile page. Seems like it’s Lin. The profile picture looks like him, at least. Scrolling past his most recent tweets, you search for the earliest mention with your Twitter handle.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Okay, I found her account everybody, it’s @(Y/H/N), please bombard her with love for her work, even though you don’t know what it is yet”

Wait, why is he talking about your works?

You scroll further into his history, seeing the progression of his tweets backwards.

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“God I need to know who Y/N is. This is totally a romcom movie plot line, with the mystery and beauty of it”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“That was a true roller coaster of emotions. I need to see this I theaters now, Y/N.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh thank god Leila and Adam got back together I was hoping this would be a happy ending”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Oh no. Now the best friends have got to do all the work to get the lovers that don’t think they like each other back together. Classic”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Planning a fake fight always leads to bad things, Adam”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“WHAT?! WHY DID YOU KILL THEM OFF?! You wound me Y/N, you really do”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Ooo, Adam has such a sad backstory. Of course he gets the Sappy But Still Loved Character Award from me”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I relate to Leila on an emotional level. An aspiring writer with a bit of a sad past and social issues? Sign me up”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“I’ve only read the basic plot she has written in the front and in already in love”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Every single one of you are going to be subjected to me live-tweeting about this story she has-best part?-ITS A MUSICAL”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Wow does she have some seriously good shit in this notebook. Way better than mine. Maybe I’ll just keep it for myself…”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“-and long story short I now have a mysteriously beautiful and talented woman’s notebook.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Apparently we have the same notebook though. Or, better yet, our notebooks are identical, and we somehow managed to swap them”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“And we both dropped out notebooks that we write in during the collision, so being nice people, picked them up and gave them back to each other”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“Not only was she pretty and super nice, I looked like a total jerk running into her. Literally ran over her.”

@Lin_Manuel tweeted:
“FUNNY STORY: So you guys know how I’m super clumsy and I run into almost anything ever? Well I ran into a girl at the airport just now”

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL ME OF YOUR BOYFRIEND?!” A familiar voice shouts from across the way, her voice just as loud as you remember it. Karsen’s blond hair bounces towards you and you’re wrapped up in a death-grip hug from her. “Why didn’t you tell me you have a boyfriend?! We made a promise to tell each other about that stuff!” She yells in your ear, squealing in both delight and frustration.

“Yeah, you’ve got some s'plainin’ to do, Y/N.” Colin laughs from behind Karsen, his usual smirk plastered on his lips like it always use to be. “Gee, thanks for the warm welcoming you two. No really, I appreciate it.” You remark, sarcasm dripping from your voice as you stuff your phone back into your pocket, not wanting to focus on anything back in New York right now.

“No but really, who’s the guy that’s making you soon-to-be-verified on Twitter?” Colin breathes, running a hand through his styled and swoopy hair. “Yeah! I wanna know all about your boyfriend!” Karsen quietly screams, her movements giddy with excitement. “Not my boyfriend, I can tell you that much.” You laugh, following them out of the airport.

How were you going to explain this situation, actually?


If you wanna ask me about the musical the reader is writing, feel free to!

I headcanon the P5 protag Akira as usually being reserved and amicable, but when you make him really mad, the gloves come off. He has a certain venom about him in these situations.

Like when some classmates see him with Ryuji and say ‘You’re going to hang out with that loser?’ Akira sees how dejected Ryuji looks and turns back to their classmates, his eyes just kind of narrow like a cat’s and he has this sweet little smile. He proceeds to verbally tear said classmates a new one, all while wearing that smile. He has a way of vaguely threatening them where his choice of words seems mostly innocent by itself, but the way he says them just kind of makes you want to get the hell away from him and/or cry, whichever comes first.

Eventually it gets around that the new transfer student is mostly a decent guy, but do not fuck with him or get on his bad side, and ESPECIALLY don’t fuck with his friends. No one’s ever heard of him getting into fights or following through on his threats, but they’re too scared to take the risk. And Akira is well aware of this, he’s gotten so good at the psychological aspect of confrontation that he pretty much never has to actually go beyond talking, which in most cases is just fine by him.

Cosa Nostra (Pt. 4)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 3.6k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]  

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

A few days had passed since you moved into Yoongi’s mansion practically against your will. Even though you put up a bit of a fight against the idea, Yoongi just steamrolled your thoughts and opinions and had Hoseok help you pack up anything of importance and move it to his place. As much as you hated the idea of living with a mafia leader, you were somewhat relieved to not struggle to pay rent for your cramped apartment anymore.

That is, until you found out just how boring it was at the Min estate. For one thing, you certainly didn’t feel at home there, after all, it was the home of a guy you barely knew. Secondly, Yoongi had banned you from entering most of the rooms claiming that “there’s nothing interesting to see in those rooms”, which limited you to basically your new room, the library, the kitchen, and the main hall. You tried to be good, you really did, but there’s only so much of wandering the same four rooms that a person can take before they start to go crazy. Worst of all, you couldn’t even leave the mansion to do as you pleased. These luxurious walls were essentially just an over glorified prison for you, and you were not happy.

‘At least he didn’t force me to quit my job,’ You thought to yourself as you got dressed for another boring day, ‘I really would have gone crazy then, not having a reason to leave this place.’ You gave yourself a glace over in the rather large mirror that was set against the wall. Satisfied with how you looked, you opened the door to your room and stepped out into the hallway. ‘Still, I’m going to go insane if he doesn’t let me go out and do shit that doesn’t involve work.’

You began to make your way towards Yoongi’s office to complain when you bumped into Hoseok in the hallway, “Oh, hey (Y/n)! How are you?” Hoseok smiled brightly. His pure radiance never failed to stun you, it was truly incredible that someone could be the literal embodiment of sunshine.

“Oh, uh hey Hoseok,” You stuttered awkwardly. You still weren’t use to Yoongi’s men speaking to you. It was hard to figure out how someone was supposed to act around the mafia, “Do you know if Yoongi is in his office? I need to speak with him.”

He cocked his head questioningly, “Why, what do you need to speak to him about?” His tone of voice was a little tense, as if he were ready for you to say something that he would have to do something about.

You huffed, irritated that he wouldn’t just tell you what you wanted to know, “That’s between me and Yoongi, I just want to know where he is so I don’t go searching every room in this place. Care to help out?”

Hoseok’s smile faltered a little at your curt voice, “Well, I’m sorry (Y/n), but you can’t just barge into any room you please, even if you do live here now. Plus, his office is the worst place to walk in like you’re in charge, especially while he’s working.”

“So you’re saying Yoongi is in his office now? Thanks, Hoseok,” You smirked mischievously as you walked past him, proud that you had tricked him into giving away information.

He stood there gaping at you for a moment before he jogged to catch up with you, “Wait, wait, wait! I can’t let you do that (Y/n), Yoongi will have my head if I let you barge in there.” He frowned at you, pleading with his eyes for you to listen to him, but you weren’t in the mood to be sympathetic and listen.

“Sorry, Hoseok, but I really need to give him a piece of my mind right now,” You stopped at Yoongi’s office doors and put your hand on the doorknob before turning to Hoseok and winking, “Don’t worry, I’ll say I gave you the slip so you won’t get in trouble.” Before he could say anything or stop you, you pushed the door open and walked in, seeing Yoongi sitting at his desk reading some papers.

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Love and Hate (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: you’re stranded at a party, but your friendly neighborhood peter parker is there to give you a ride home.

warnings: none

prompt: “I don’t hate you.” (taken from this prompt list)

words: 1.8k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: just a lil something cute that fell into my head! hope you enjoy:) 

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Concise thoughts on season 3!

Spoilers ahead, obviously lol…


  • I actually really liked that it was only 7 episodes?? Like for me it was the perfect length and they didn’t rush or waste time. The timeline and scenarios and etc seemed balanced almost?? Anyways,,
  • Allura being so passionate about piloting a lion was perfect
  • Also her pink paladin armor like yes
  • Lance and Blue,,, like I didn’t think I could get more emo tbh I almost cried
  • I actually liked the way they handled the black paladin Keith situation bc they kept him as this impulsive pilot who had to make a few mistakes before realizing the responsibility of his place (if that makes sense?? Like I was annoyed with his decisions until Lance was like “bro wtf chill out and lets fix this” you know??)
  • Like they had no fat jokes that I can recall and they still kept his food love there but less blatantly than season two,, and I’m just,,, my son is so smart and he actually got to show that off bless
  • All the soft Klance moments,, and they actually had decent – but minimal – development that was really well done!! A tiny bit of their rivalry was still there but they both seemed more mature with each other
  • Every time Pidge’s glasses are shown reflecting the light of a screen 10 years are added to my life
  • There wasn’t enough Coran tbh
  • Shiro? More like aN IMPOSTER WHO TF DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS?? I don’t trust him.
  • EZOR IS JUST TOO MUCH I LOVE HER (futch gay btw)
  • I want them all to kick my ass
  • ,,,,,,,,I actually don’t hate Lotor??? Like okay,, what I mean is… he’s actually a really good villain
  • Sven was too much lol I can’t take him seriously
  • The last episode was amazing!! Learning about the history of Voltron and the lions?? And the og paladins?? And Zarkon and Haggar??
  • First off the og green paladin Trigel is my mother I love her she’s my fave
  • And I’m lowkey in love with young Alfor lol BYE
  • And lastly,,,

ok i thought i was finished ranting but im not

the more I read from the side of the writers, the more it becomes clear that they really don’t care about quality

If you look at the Overwatch canon - and I really mean just the canon - it’s bad. It’s just really, really bad.

Overwatch is two dozen clichés slapped onto a decent first-person-shooter. The characters are shallow and trite, any originality seems accidental.

We all make fun of the fact that McCree dresses up and acts like a cowboy in 2076, but from a purely objective point of view, he doesn’t fit into that universe.
Neither do Hanzo and Genji with their names and traditions that date about 500 years into Japan’s past.
Soldier 76 is the epitome of an overdone character trope, Reaper is the most stereotypical bad guy villain you could possibly make up. 76 is dressed in red white and blue, Reaper gets the “black = evil” look down to an inch.
Tracer and Widowmaker were designed to be jerk-off material and the former being lesbian is only thanks to massive fan involvement.

All the major characters are painfully overdone and boring and the few that are interesting from the start have so little in the way of content that it feels like the writers just don’t know what to do with potentially exciting characters.

So here’s the thing, and I’m speaking purely for myself here,

Here’s what made Overwatch into one of the greatest, most diverse and creative fandoms I’ve ever been in: The fans.

I didn’t get into Overwatch because I thought “man, I really miss Supernatural, where else can I get bad writing and boring characters”
I didn’t want to get into Overwatch because nothing about the official material appealed to me in any way, shape or form, but I was dragged in by what the fans made of that material.

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“Sorry I’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now.”

HI! Another solangelo fic based on this tumblr post. Hope you guys like it! *Am I the only one who thinks the word stood is weird to look at?* *They are all mortals here* Ari xxx

Nico could have been doing better things than waiting for a date that was never going to show up. For example, he could have stuck Leo’s head up his ass for setting this blind date up. 

To the others in the resturant, he must have look absolutely pathetic. The people at the surrounding pables kept giving him looks of sympathy. The waitrist has already come by four times, and each time she wore the same pitiful expression when Nico told her to give Shane, his date, a bit more time.

“Traffic’s a bitch, ya know?”, he said lightly, trying not to look at the waitress’ eyes. The waitress just gave him a woeful smile and left without another word. 

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Riverdale: Ethics & Archetypes

Cultural Signals and Actual Behaviors

@onceuponamirror has a fantastic meta that points out how Betty is held to such high standards as a character because she’s “literally several angelic tropes come to life, particularly in her appearance and demeanor.” And my brain went, Holy shit. That.

I’m fascinated by the intensity of some of the reactions to Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02 and how, for some, this has fundamentally changed their view of Betty as a character.

I’ve said it before, but Betty’s behavior in 2.02 is in keeping with a long track record of similar actions, most memorably breaking into Ms. Grundy’s car to steal her gun and drugging then assaulting Chuck. She’s never been an Ideal Hero who always does the right thing for the right reason. From the start of the series, she’s been a pragmatist who, while generally well intentioned, is willing to do illegal or unethical things and prone to letting personal attachments drive her behavior.

I want to focus on two of Betty’s most problematic actions as examples: Betty drugging and assaulting Chuck in 1.03 and Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02. In both cases Betty is acting to protect others and to right what she perceives to be a systemic injustice. And in both cases Betty’s actions have the primary intended effect of harming someone and forcing them act against their own interests. Both, too, are illegal.

So why such different reactions from the audience?

One simple answer for this difference is that many people like Cheryl and nobody likes Chuck.

(Sorry not sorry, Chuck.)

Or that the girls Chuck hurt were blameless while FP certainty isn’t that, whatever you think of the harsh 20-year sentence.

However, I think the way Betty is presented in these scenes is the key difference to understanding this gap in audience reaction. My take is that viewers react differently to Betty doing unethical actions that cause direct harm when her appearance and demeanor invoke that angelic, good girl archetype that @onceuponamirror identified as an important factor at play. How Betty looks and the cultural signals she’s projecting at the time she takes an action influence the standards that her behavior is held to.

The problem doesn’t seem to be Betty taking harmful, ethically problematic actions. The problem is that she looked like the angelic girl-next-door while she did it.

So let’s talk about Betty when she isn’t appearing so angelic.

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