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What's your favorite moment between harry and louis in 2015, except from The Hug? xx

i can’t pick one

when lairport happened

when harry made louis laugh and he didn’t know why he made louis laugh, but when he smiled like this just because he accomplished it (x)

then when harry finally understood why louis had laughed and they giggled together (x)

the revival of the dream team (x)

when louis was being a lil shit with harry’s legs during the wheellarrow and they still won by a landslide (x)

when harry was struggling with ready to run and louis was attentive and helped him out (x)

when louis gestured for harry to come over to the rest of them and then did that cute little head bob after (x)

and of course (x)

Let’s talk about action sequences

A lot of writers struggle with writing action sequences because there are a lot of thing that you need to take into consideration. I have thought long and hard about it and have come up with a couple of guidelines which can help some of you out. So here we go:

Keep the action real 

Unless your world permits action that doesn’t seem real to us you have to keep in mind that the reader expects to read things that are possible in real life. So don’t have cars crashing and just drive on or have guns with fifty bullets in them. Be realistic about your action.

Don’t be scared to let your characters get hurt

This helps with keeping your story real. For example if your character survives a car crash he is going to be hurt in one way or another. So don’t have him just stand up and run around like nothing happened, something did and it has consequences. That being said, don’t over do it! Especially when you have a lot of action scenes to come. This will also help to keep your readers on their toes because your character will seem more vulnerable.

Keep your novel consistent

Understand that every action has an outcome and you have to carry that outcome throughout the rest off your novel. So don’t let a character get hurt in one scene but have him do something that he wouldn’t be able to do because of that in a different scene. A character who gets shot in the shoulder will have trouble lifting his arm and that’s something that your character will suffer from through the rest of the story. It can hinder him doing something as stupid as taking something from the top shelf to blocking an incoming attack.

Speed up the tempo off your novel 

This way your character is forced to make quick decisions that are more off spur off the moment reactions rather than thought through actions. Plus it helps the scene seem more real. You can even write these scenes like this, by placing yourself in the characters mind and writing what your instincts tell you to write. This way you will make quick decisions your character would have made.

Limit the description factor

Think about it, when your character is walking on the street peacefully he has the time to study and describe the things around him. He would be able to see which car passes him, how the lady with the white skirt smiles at him,… But when writing an action scene he doesn’t have that luxury, he wouldn’t be able to describe anything in detail because everything is moving so fast. For example: don’t describe the car. That does a drive by as a black wrangler jeep edition II, he will only be able to see that it was a black truck that drove by before he had to run for cover.

Always work with a cause and effect setup

Because this happens my character is forced to do this and because off that he is forced to do this and so on. Using this template and by always writing the first thing that comes to mind you will be able to map out an action scene without to much trouble.

Writing action seems intimidating at first but once you get started and follow these guidelines you should be fine. Hope this helped some of you writers out there!




Ashton and Luke have been friends for as long as either of them can remember, so when Ashton’s apartment building had to be fumigated, Luke though nothing of letting him stay with you two. Luke, of course had no idea that you have always had a thing for Ashton and by letting him stay in your home opened up Pandora’s box. Your attraction to Ashton was purely physical. From what you’ve heard either through phone calls or stories Luke has relayed to you, you would never want a relationship with him. You just thought he was hot and every now and then he’d be the center of your fantasies, but lately it’s been getting a little out of control. You purposely wake up way earlier than you need to just to catch him shirtless and making coffee before his daily sunrise runs. Pretty quickly it transformed into eye fucking. Every single morning, you’d sip your coffee and stare each other down knowing the other was thinking something filthy without ever knowing what exactly it is. You’d always run to Luke after the last sip of coffee since he was always in the mood in the morning. Unfortunately the guest bedroom was right next to the master bedroom so Ashton heard every sound. He’d just lie in bed gripping himself imagining it was him making you cry out. Ashton knew this game, you’d been playing it for a while. He wasn’t oblivious to your “accidental” brushes against his crotch and you “forgetting” he was here and walking around half naked. He didn’t think much of it. He certainly wasn’t going to do anything about it. Although he was very taken back when you pressed your foot into his hard on during dinner last night. That low cut top you were wearing had his mind in the gutter the entire time and apparently you knew. The idea as a whole aroused you if you were being completely honest with yourself. From what Ashton heard, Luke could get the job done in the bedroom. If it was him, he’d have you crumbling under his touch and climaxing countless times. He was sure of that.

“Ash, will you come help me?” You called out from the kitchen. He looked over at Luke hoping he could do it instead but he was on the phone. With a sigh he got up off the couch and made his way to the kitchen. There you stood in an apron and heels trying to reach the wine glasses on the top shelf. “I can’t reach.” You told him pouting adorably. With a smirk he lifting his arm easily grabbing the glasses. “Don’t smirk at me, I can’t help my height.” You frowned.

“Well what’s the point of those shoes then?” He asked taking you in suddenly very jealous of his friend.

“So you hear how hard I’m working in here.” You explained with a giggle sinking your teeth down in your bottom lip. The sexual tension between you two was undeniable. Ashton opened his mouth to speak but his brain caught up with him. “What is it?” You asked taking notice in his unspoken words starting to pour wine into the glasses.

“I want to fuck you into next week.” He told you plainly. A wave of hot molten lust crashed over you as you set the bottle of wine down. The images you’d been creating and fantasizing about flashed through your brain. You were at a loss for words. There was no way you could’ve expected he would say that. If anyone was going to initiate this thing, you always thought it would be you. Instead of giving a verbal response, you simply grabbed the three wine glasses and walked out into the living area where Luke was.

“Here you go baby.” You smiled handing him a glass.

“Ugh thank you I need this.” He groaned. From what you faintly heard the insurance company was giving him a hard time. All you could really think about was Ashton’s words. They echoed in your head and made your body tingle with anticipation. It was unreal how wet that one sentence made you. Moments later he emerged from the kitchen and plopped down right next to you. Your reaction, or rather lack of, was unsettling to him. He expected you to pounce right then and there.

“Dinner is almost ready.” You told them leaning back on the couch and focusing on the football game on the tv.

“You’re the best.” Luke grinned throwing his arm over your shoulder bringing your head to his chest. “Thanks for making dinner honey.” He kissed the top of your head.

“You’re very welcome.” You answered placing your hand on Ashton’s thigh. He shifted around surprised that you were doing this right in front of Luke. You slid your hand up Ashton’s thigh and right over his crotch already feeling him grow under your touch. Ashton attempted to move your hand away because you were destined to get caught. “Oh Ashton, here’s your wine.” You broke from Luke’s hold reaching forward to grab the glass. Suddenly Luke stood up and started to leave the room. “Baby where are you going?” You asked.

“To the bathroom.” He answered slowly confused as to why you were asking.

“Oh.” You replied watching him disappear down the hallway. Wine glass in hand you turned toward Ashton offering it to him, but that was the last thing on his mind. His eyes fell to your mouth, it was stained a deep berry color. Filthy thoughts rapidly filled his mind too quickly for him to push them away. He took the wine glass from your hand and set it back down on the table. “You could’ve said you didn’t want it.” You chuckled as your eyes met, your faces were only inches apart.

“I do want it,” He told you. “I just want something else first.”

“And what is that?” You asked curious about what outrageous thing he was about to say next.

“I want you, bent over this couch, pussy dripping all for me, and my cock balls deep inside you.” He whispered slowly, brushing your lips together. Your teeth sunk down in your bottom lip as you felt the ache between your legs building up.

“Yeah?” You questioned glancing down at his mouth.

“Yeah.” He nodded crossing the small distance between your lips. A flash of heat rolled down Ashton’s body straight to his cock. You moaned softly against him tangling your fingers in his hair. His hands slid across your body feeling everything he could in the small window of time allotted to him. The kiss was frantic and just as fervent as you always imagined. His cock strained in his pants as his desire to feel you grew. Almost as if you were reading his mind you dropped one of your hands from his hair to the tent in his pants. “Ashton we can’t.” You choked out. Some sense seeped out of your mouth. Regardless of what you said, you couldn’t deny yourself this opportunity. Ashton growled in response squeezing your ass in his large hands pulling you back under with him. You tugged hard on his hair as he nibbled on your bottom lip.

“You drive me fucking insane.” He rasped before sucking your lip into his mouth.

“God Ashton.” You groaned desperate for his attention between your legs. Ashton’s lips traveled down your neck to your cleavage. With a growl he yanked the top of your dress down forcing your breast to spill out. You moaned as he gripped your breast roughly in his hands. Ashton was in absolute heaven as he flicked his tongue over your nipples. He ran his tongue up your décolletage to your neck loving the taste of your skin.

“Give me your panties.” Ashton whispered on your mouth. Without a single thought or question you bunched up the skirt of your dress quickly hooking the band of your panties with your fingers starting to pull them down. You dropped the lace into his hand. “They’re so wet baby girl.” He groaned.

“I think about you fucking me a lot.” You moaned.

“Fuck I have to-” Suddenly the kitchen timer went off interrupting him. You were both knocked back to reality. A sharp gasp left your lips in realization of what just happened. You quickly put yourself back together and rushed to the kitchen.

“Fix your hair.” You whispered shouted to Ashton. He might have looked equally as nervous as you did, but he didn’t regret a thing. You took the roast out of the oven checking your reflection in the microwave. You sent a quick prayer to the make-up gods for lip stain because that could’ve easily given everything away. Moments later your heard Luke’s heavy foot steps coming down the hallway just as you started making plates. “Dinner.” You called out from the kitchen. Ashton and Luke rushed to you, you handed each of them a plate. They both started to head back to the living room. “Since when do we eat in the living room?” You asked.

“But baby there’s a game on.” Luke pleaded.

“And that game will still be there when you finish eating.”

“Ok.” He said lowly as they trudged to the dinning room.


Dinner and a couple of beers later, Ashton was knocked out and Luke was giving you a hand in the kitchen. You tried not to give much thought to what happened with Ashton. It wasn’t anything emotional, the passion between you two was purely physical. It was a one time thing. Once he’s gone, it’ll be nothing but a little memory that crosses your mind here and there. Ashton was well aware of this and he had no intention of taking you away from Luke anyway. In dreamland you were already riding him into the sunset and he had no plans of letting that end anytime soon.

“I’m so incredibly lucky to have you.” Luke professed suddenly pressing kisses to the back of your neck.

“Aw honey, me too.” You told him feeling a little guilty. His hands crept up under your skirt.

“You look so fucking hot today.” He growled pressing his hard on into your ass which normally drove you wild but you couldn’t get Ashton off your mind.

“Baby I have to finish up the kitchen,” You squeaked out as he rubbed himself against you. “I’ll take care of you tonight.” You groaned.

“I want you, right here, right now.” He rasped starting to push your skirt up over your hips. “I’ve been wanting you all-” Suddenly the shrill sound of Lukes cell phone ringing halted everything. He pulled it out of his pocket groaning at the number. “It’s the insurance company.” He told you rolling his eyes.

“Aww.” You frowned pressing a kiss to his lips.

“I’ll be right back.” He smirked dropping a hard smack on your ass before pulling your skirt back down. You watched him disappear down the hallway probably to go into the computer room so he could talk in peace. You continued washing the dishes and let your mind wander back to the steamy moment you shared with your boyfriends best friend. You were so deep in thought that you forgot you were holding a plate and dropped it in the sink.

“Shit.” You swore. To your relief, nothing broke. The sudden crash woke up Ashton. He looked over to see that you were in the kitchen alone and Luke was nowhere to be found. He got up off the couch and made his way over unbeknownst to you because of how intent you were on finishing the dishes. You were scrubbing a pot when you felt Ashton’s hands on your hips and his hard on against your ass. “Luke I’m almost done just give me a minute.” You said making Ashton chuckle. “Oh it’s you.” You looked up at him. His hands crept up your body making you melt from the heat of his touch.

“Tell me to stop.” He whispered gripping your breast in his hands eliciting a moan from you. “Push me away.” He continued, slipping his hand inside your shirt brushing over your nipples with his fingers. “Tell me to never put my filthy hands on you ever again.” You both knew good and well they you weren’t going to object his ministrations. “Because I’ve had enough of your teasing.” He let his hands slip down your waist to your shirt shoving it back up your hips.

“Ash, he’ll be out soon.” You choked out as his hands wandered.

“You don’t want me to feel that pretty pussy?” He whispered grabbing a handful of your ass making you giggle.

“He’ll be out soon.” You told him feeling his hand slip between your legs.

“Let me taste you.” He said running his tongue up your neck. “I can make you feel so good.”

“There isn’t time.” You squeaked out as he began rubbing your clit in tight circles. Your squirming around only excited his cock even more. “This is so bad.”

“You’ve been teasing me for too long and I just can’t take it anymore.” He groaned feeling you start to melt beneath his fingers while he continued to rub your clit. His fingers rushed against you making your body go lax. The only things you could focus on was the his hand between your legs and how hard he felt against you. Your moans were getting a little too loud so Ashton pushed his fingers into your mouth. “If this so bad then why is your pussy so wet?” He cooed pushing his two fingers inside you. You let out muffled groans of pleasure. “Soaking just for me.” He added curling his fingers right against your g spot making you wild. You could practically taste your impending orgasm. “I fucking feel you squeezing that little pussy around me.” He groaned. “So hot and wet.” He began rapidly pumping and curling his fingers making you shake against him. You both heard the familiar sound of a door being opened just as you were ready to fall off your orgasmic peak. Ashton’s hands were off you in an instant and your skirt was back were it was supposed to be. Ashton quickly made his way back to the couch right when Luke entered the living room once again. He was still on the phone and angrily trudged to the desktop computer on the small desk in your dinning room. The ache between your legs returned with a much greater intensity. You craved friction of any sort. Your mind drifted back to the hardness Ashton had pressed to your ass only a short moment ago. He’d done that intentionally so you’d know for a fact that the last straw has been broken. You imagined that thick piece of him driving in and out of you, making you pay for the past two weeks of relentless teasing. Just the thought of melting around alone him nearly made you charge into the living room and get it started. You knew you wouldn’t be able to think about anything else until your craving was satisfied. Ashton shared the same feelings. He tried to tune into the movie on the tv, but his mind always wandered back to the mental image on your lips wrapped around his cock. Some sounds he’s heard in the middle of the night have led him to believe you keep Luke well taken care of in that department. Even from the way you felt around his fingers and from tasting that gods nectar between your legs, he knew you just had to feel like heaven. You put away the last pot and made your way out of the kitchen. You pressed a kiss to the back of his neck hoping to relax him a little. He looked extremely tense, but truthfully you were more concerned with the man sitting on your couch. He placed a reassuring hand over yours. You turned and continued your way to the living room. Ashton watched very very closely as you dropped to your knees and crawled the rest of the way towards him. You quickly did away with the belt not giving a single fuck about how close Luke was. You pulled his cock free moaning at the sight of it. It was just as perfect and thick as you imagined. With a low groan you made sure to run your tongue along every inch of his cock. His head rolled back in ecstasy the moment your mouth encased him. “Oh my fucking god.” He breathed you tangling his fingers in your hair and snapping his head back up. Nothing could’ve prepared him for the sight. “God that feels so fucking good.” He whispered pushing your hair out of your face. You took him all the way down keeping him as deep as possible while bobbing your head. Hearing his low growls of your name only further agitated the ache between your legs. Your thighs were slick with want. You flicked your tongue over the under of the head of his cock. He bucked his hips up signifying that he wanted your mouth back around him. You quickly complied. He watched your lips stretch all around his length as you took him deeper and deeper. Your tongue moved against the veins on the underside making him growl a little too deeply. You desperately craved the salty taste of him in your mouth. “You’re gonna make me come in that pretty mouth.” He breathed out.

“Please.” You whimpered wrapping your hand around his shaft starting to stroke him. You swirled your tongue around the sensitive underside of the head of his cock. He nearly came at the sight of you looking up begging him to come in your mouth with your eyes. You pulled back from him so you could pull your top down. Ashton groaned already knowing what you were about to do. You leaned forward enveloping his cock in the warmth of your breast.

“Ah shit.” He grunted lowly as you began working his shaft with your breast. You watched him absolutely loosing his mind at the feel of your warmth. Precum pooled out, in preparation of his impending orgasm. He opened his mouth to beg you to ride him the rest of the way there, but only his low growls of your name came out. His orgasm started barreling down his spine. He turned to muffle his sounds in the decorative pillow next to him as jet after jet of his warm seed spilled out. You moaned continued to bring him through his release. You’ve dreamt of being painted in his seed, but you had no idea just how wild it would make you. You collected some on your finger to taste him. Before you could even take another breath Ashton pulled you up into his lap. “You look so fucking hot covered in my cum.” He growled down your neck. His tongue darted across one of the jet of his release. He was so high off of how well you worked him and how fucking hot you looked while doing it. He licked and sucked on your breast quickly deciding they were the best pair of tits he’s ever played with.

“Baby come look at this.” Luke called from the kitchen. A panicked expression crossed Ashton’s face. You climbed off his lap and put yourself back together knowing that you needed him inside you soon. “They’re taking $200 off of our deductible.” He grinned motioning to the email on the computer screen. He pulled you into his lap.

“So I can finally get my boobs done?” You joked.

“Fuck no, a knife is going nowhere near my girls.” He told you grabbing one of your breast through your shirt.

“I was joking honey.” You laughed.

“My statement still stands.”


Two hours later, most of which was spent fighting Luke off, you were ready. You looked over at him knocked out cold, waving your hand over his face just for safety. A huge grin pulled up on your face as you slowly crept out of your bedroom to the guest bedroom. Just as you were about to open the door, you heard a familiar low growl. Your body tingled all over at the sound. You opened the door and sure enough he was sprawled out on the bed firmly pulling at his cock. The sight alone made you moan. You rushed over to him wrapping your hands around his. His eyes shot open, very surprised to see you leaning down and running your tongue against his balls.

“What the fuck!?” He whisper shouted.

“I see you got the party started without me.” You chuckled moving his hand away from his cock so you could straddle him.

“He’s going to notice you’re not in bed.” Ashton breathed out as you climbed up him.

“So you want me to leave?” You questioned letting his cock run between your folds starting to rock yourself over him. The friction on your clit the was exactly what you’ve been craving all day.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned. Wet didn’t even begin to describe how you felt. You were dying to feel him inside you. Just when you thought you had control of the situation, you felt Ashton’s hands on your hips then suddenly you were under him. Before you could even register what was happening, you felt his thickness filling you up in one big thrust. Nothing couldn’t prepared you for how fucking good he felt diving into you. “God you’re so fucking tiny.” He grunted. You tried your best to hold your sounds back, just so you could hear him. “So deep.” He mindlessly mumbled sinking his teeth into your neck. Ashton felt like nothing in the world could’ve met the feeling of you wrapped around his cock. He slid his hands down to grip your thighs and lift them up so he could have you even deeper. Your flexibility allowed him to stay close. This new angle elicited please so intense there was no way you could hold back your sounds. You dug your nails into his shoulder making him growl.

“Oh my god.” You moaned. “I’m coming oh my god.” The climax shot through you without any warning or buildup.

“Fuucking hell keep squeezing around me.” He groaned already feeling his climax start to creep up. The slick sound of your arousal along with Ashton’s deep growls filled the room. He was growling your name right in your ear making you melt more and more with every thrust of his hips. You felt so full of him in the most delicious way. Ashton could physically feel you stretching all around him as he pushed deeper and deeper. At this point he knew if he continued for a minute longer he’d come, but he didn’t want this to be over yet. With all the self control in his being he pulled out and moved so he could burry his tongue in your pussy. You cried out a little too loudly at the feel of his tongue on you. He groaned against your skin relishing in your flavor. One of his hands slid up your stomach to your breast to squeeze one of them. He absolutely looses his mind pleasing you. No matter how realistic his dreams seemed, they could never compare to the real thing. You tasted better than he could’ve ever imagined. He sucked your clit between his lips eliciting a sharp cry of pleasure from you.

“I want you back inside.” You cried out on the verge of orgasm. “Please.” You begged yanking his head up by his hair. To your relief he pulled back and made his way back up your body.

“You wanted this?” He grunted in your ear slamming himself back inside you. You whimpered in absolute pure bliss once he began driving himself in and out of you. “He has no fucking idea you have my cock buried deep inside you.” He growled. Your body quakes beneath him as you get closer and closer “He has no idea I’m in this tiny little pussy right now.” He continues. You were both moaning entirely too loudly considering your circumstance, but there was too much going on for you to be concerned with that. His filthy words filling up your mind was just what you needed to come undone. You were a wild mess of thrashing limbs and bucking hips. Ashton couldn’t hold onto his orgasm even if he tried, especially with how tightly you were clenching your walls around him. His climax ripped through him leaving no part of his body untouched by pleasure. “Holy shit.” He breathed out collapsing next to you. “Oh my god he’s going to fucking kill me.” He mumbled to himself. You turned to face him laughter falling from your lips.

“He’s not going to find out.” You cooed pressing kisses to his jaw before sitting up and getting up off the bed. “Good night.” You told him before stepping out of room and making your way back to yours. You slid into bed taking in the scent of the sheets which smelled exactly like Luke. “Baby wake up.” You whispered curling around him. “I did it.” You told him sliding your hand down his chest.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asked voice thick with sleep.

“Mmhm.” You hummed dipping your hand in his boxers. Luke didn’t fly with the whole my girlfriend is my property idea and neither did you, so from time to time you allowed him to enjoy other women and he allowed you to enjoy other men. The second Luke informed you of Ashton’s situation, you conspired the plan right then and there.

“And he still thinks I don’t know, right?” He asked just as you wrapped your hand around his shaft lazily stroking him.

“He’s probably panicking about it as we speak.” You chuckled.

“The whole behind my back thing was genius.” He told you, his laughter quickly turned to a groan of pleasure.

“Are we ever going to tell him?” You asked looking up at your boyfriend.

“Yeah when we invite him to our bed tomorrow.” He breathed out. “I wanna watch him fuck you.” He grunted as you stroked him a little faster. Luke’s
voyeuristic side was very prominent in your sexual conquest. He loved watching you get worn out, there was something really sexy about it to him.


“Yes tomorrow.”

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remember that even tho sans knows about the resets (because of his reports) in the game there is no clue that he actually REMEBERS anything! At least nothing more than everyone else [for example undyne talking about the urge to be friends with you when you reset halfway through a pacifist run]. Sans being that special is just fanon

Idk, man, as someone who has played the game far too many times, I can attest to a significant amount of writing allowing for both things to be possible, given that Sans is very ambiguous and vague about how much he knows. He’s also got a habit of structuring his sentences in a way to where he’s not particularly lying but he’s also not being openly honest. And nobody ever gets the opportunity to ask the right questions either, so he never has to answer.

Both have their merits, him remembering or him just having loads of notes on what to do should [x] thing happen. I like both and will play with both in stuff I make.

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Best of Wives and Best of Women staging?

Hamilton finished “Your Obedient Servant” and goes to SL where he sits down in a chair and starts writing on his little portable lap desk thing. Eliza comes in upstage of him wearing a house coat/robe/over dress thing and asks him to come back to sleep and he turns to look at her. She comes down to him on “it’s still dark outside” and then on “why do you write like you’re running out of time” she stands behind him and rests her arms around his neck and shoulders in kind of a hug thing from behind. He grabs her hands, which are clasped over his chest. They sing for a bit just like that and he leans his head against her arms and you can tell he’s afraid he might not see her again. She starts back upstage on “well I’m going back to sleep” but he stops her by grabbing her hand as it leaves his shoulder on “hey” and kisses her hand after “best of wives and best of women”. Then she smiles sweetly and faintly and walks into darkness upstage as we segue into Burr and Hamiltons duel.
It’s a really simple scene but it’s so sweet and intimate and you can just feel the love between them which makes it even worse cause we know what’s about to go down. :(

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got any more patrochilles head canons? they give me life

here we go my friend

  • achilles grows out his hair (patroclus = dead boy walking. ha) and wears it in a bun for Practical Athletic Purposes but also mainly so patroclus will take it out and run his hands through it and play with it and lbr he totally learns all these elaborate braids too
  • achilles’ instagram is 99% pictures of patroclus
  • the other 1% is shirtless gym selfies bye
  • they just!!! love each other so much like they have movie night every week and patroclus always wants to watch mysteries and thrillers and achilles is like                “what if we watched the notebook again?”
  • patroclus is all about neck kisses and wakes up pretty much every morning to achilles kissing his neck
  • speaking of which, achilles is naturally an early riser & gets up with the sun, whereas it takes patroclus about three cups of coffee and a shower w/ achilles to function properly
  • whenever patroclus is standing somewhere with his back to achilles, achilles loves to sneak up silently behind him and wrap his arms around his waist and just. bury his face in patroclus’ neck
  • they don’t let each other leave for school or work or groceries or whatever without saying “i love you”
  • they were high school sweethearts who had known each other since like freshman year when patroclus was the new kid, and they started dating junior year, and then after graduation they move in together
  • when achilles is sick his only request is figs so patroclus has to go to the store and buy like 50 figs for him and the cashier always gives him weird looks
  • even tho they love each other So Much and are literally each others best friends they still get all blushy and shy and cute 
  • and patroclus’ ears still get pink and he ducks his head when achilles compliments him (so like every 3 minutes)
  • on cozy evenings, they sit on the rug in front of the couch, achilles’ head on patroclus’ stomach while patroclus reads 
  • achilles’ favorite thing to fall asleep to is patroclus reading poetry out loud to him
  • and the best way for both of them to wake up is completely entangled with each other, the sheet completely kicked away from them bc they’re warm enough from the other’s body heat

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ppl are saying that not liking bellamy for his actions this episode would be the same reason to not like lexa after she betrayed clarke and clexa shippers are being hypocrites. but like?? lexa had a logically reason. bell is running on pure emotions and his guilt

i’d say there are some similarities but the really big difference is lexa made a calculated move to save as many of her people as she could, leaving clarke and her people without assistance (not killing them, just leaving). bellamy and his manpain had days to think about how to deal with his angst and he’s decided to be vp to pike’s trump ass plan to murder the people sent there to protect them. i’d say that’s a big enough reason to be a little upset with him. 

also can i just say that lexa fans have been watching anti lexa ppl go off for months about how terrible and selfish a person lexa is? we’ve spent months seeing people attack her because of what she did and because they want a reason to hate her after she and clarke fell for each other. so yeah if lexa fans want to hate bellamy for this i say go for it. just cause i dont hate him doesnt mean im gonna blame anyone who does cause why the hell is it only suddenly Not Cool to hate a character for their actions when the one fucking up is their fave and not ours? if they, as they say “have every right to hate lexa” then we have the same right to hate bellamy if we choose. but suddenly despite months of them hating on lexa, that has to change cause their fave is screwing up? nah. fuck that. i may love bellamy despite all the dumb shit he’s about to do but i wont blame a single person who decides he’s not worth liking


The clock chimes at a steady pace as Harry watches it in the dim glow of the moonlight. He’s not used to it. A few weeks ago the passing of time had seemed like such an insubstantial thing, unreal. 

Back then, he only knew one thing about time- that it was running out.

But now- now he’s practically mesmerised by the never faltering rhythm of the small alarm clock beside Ginny’s bed. It’s a funny feeling, really. He has time. All the time in the world, in fact.

Harry’s not used to having time. He supposes that’s what being raised to defeat an evil dark wizard does to a person, because in all honesty he’d never really expected to make it past seventeen.

The problem with being so aware of your own mortality, of course, is that you don’t really know what to do with all the time you seem to have acquired.

Harry has an idea though. An idea that has a large amount to do with the girl sleeping next to him, curled into his side like a cat.


Her voice is the roaring fire of the Gryffindor common-room, and the mug of hot chocolate that heats his hands up on a cold day. Her smile is the comforting scent of The Burrow, and the feel of the wind rushing through his hair when he’s flying across the sky on a broom. Her eyes are a warm embrace- soft and loud, passionate and reassuring, all at once.

Even just her name is a peculiar sort of comfort, one he can’t quite place. He says it over in his head, as if testing it out for the first time. He’s in love with her. He knows that fact like he knows his own name. He’s in love with the way her head is resting on his chest, her soft breaths in and out, her hair, tickling his cheek. He smiles, ignoring how the expression seems almost foreign on his tired face. With Ginny, he feels like everything has a chance of being okay. With Ginny, he feels home.

He’s in love with her.

And maybe it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know where to go from here. Maybe it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know how to fully recover from the trauma of the war. Maybe it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know what to do with his time. They’ll figure it out. 


Pre-match press conference | February 12, 2016
Zidane spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s La Liga match against Athletic.

“Kovačić will play from the start tomorrow. He’ll play in place of Isco and I’m going to ask him to work hard without the ball because with the ball he knows what he has to do". 

“He’s ruled out of the Athletic match, but we’ll have to see how he comes along. He did some extended running today which was good, although it is a painful injury and we have to see how he feels day by day. We need to take things slowly, but just like in Bale’s case, we aren’t going to take even the smallest of risks”.

“He will play when he’s 100% fit. I won’t say when that’s going to happen. We only want players who are fully fit. I want Gareth 100%, not 80% or 85%. It’s normal for a player to possibly relapse when he has a problem and we aren’t going to take any risks with him”.

Bale’s relapse
“Bale felt some discomfort whilst he was recovering. We can’t say why things happen and there’s no point dwelling on Bale’s injury. There’s nothing we can do. I’m not taking any risks if he’s in any discomfort”.

Mourinho interested in Varane
“Mourinho knew him perfectly because he brought him. He’s a Real Madrid player and I want him to stay with us all his life because he’s the future of Real Madrid".

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so i hope im not bothering you, but one thing i thought was really interesting on LoT was Len's reaction when he saw Jax was injured?Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but what struck me is the way camera focused on Len's reaction when he noticed Mick bringing Jax in and when Len walked out afterwards. And Len's expression in that scene was quite interesting to me as well? I was just curious what you thought. (Also, thank you for running this blog. You're so nice and put so much effort into it)

Not bothering at all, this was a neat question and I found myself enjoying thinking about it :)

I rewatched the scene, and took a second to gif it so I could analyze it. First, Len’s expression went from mocking (Ray) to far more focused and intense as soon as Martin, Mick, and Jax come in, Jax being injured and the focus of Len’s attention.

Although the camera is focused on Ray, who’s talking, we see Len’s eyes take in Jax’s injury, whereas Ray is directing his attention to Martin and Rip predominately.

As soon as he gets a bit of an explanation for what happened, Len more or less excuses hims from the situation.

And I can’t help but think he looks frustrated (with Rip? with Martin?) as he leaves, a crease in his brow, holding his arm. 

So his whole good mood is gone entirely. Someone he knows is hurt and he’s clearly not happy, and while he’s not at all the focus of attention in the scene, we can see his concern show through as he becomes quieter, tenser, and exits the situation.

And I think it’s telling. Len cares about these people, and he doesn’t like to see them in pain. He doesn’t like to see how easily they can get hurt and how vulnerable they all are to Vandal Savage and his men. And this fits with a meta I just wrote about Len’s development as a character and how he feels responsible for this team, but more or less, I think the way they showed his reaction here speaks to his development over time of that deepening sense of responsibility and dawning frustration with how Rip puts the team members in harm’s way so thoughtlessly at times.

Remember when Niall used to wear tank tops on stage? And his arms looked so good you wanted to bite them? Remember when he would run around and act like a weirdo? Or when Louis could get him to make a total fool of himself? Or when there were some incredible Narry moments? Remember the first cockslide which was only a dick grab back then? Remember when he looked like a fucking rockstar every night? Remember when he would get so excited about the start of tour? Remember tour? Remember?

I miss Niall.
I miss one direction.

MY LITTLE BROTHER LOVES KPOP! Every time he comes home from daycare he runs up to me and in the cutest voice goes “GeeGee K-Pop!” It’s honestly the cutest thing! He even started saying at daycare that he wants to watch Kpop so now he has the teachers looking up videos😂!His favorite song right now is GOT7’s Just Right. And the clip above is him dancing along to the music video😂😂😂😂

KM & BW: THIS IS SOOO CUTE, I CAN’T, I WANNA HUG HIM!! He’s so precious, and he’s already a K-Pop fan!! xD

MLK: “The United States is the biggest purveyor of violence in the world today.”

Kissinger is a war criminal many times over. He is at least partially responsible for two genocides and countless other crimes against humanity.

He was successful only in promoting the interests of the military industrial complex. He was disastrous for the interests of the American people, not to mention the people of the world. It wasn’t just foreign lives he helped to destroy. His council also led to the squandering of vast sums of the American tax payers money. I really disagree that his theories and actions did much to promote the interests of the American people. The number of people that benefited from Kissinger’s actions is small indeed.

Foreign policy that is completely devoid of human decency may appear to be successful for those few left standing, but in the long run genocide and terror diminishes us all both spiritually and materially.

Who saw this coming?!?! Bernie can educate the shit outta Hillary. I wish there would be just a bit more written in the Media about the USA’s overthrowing of other governments.

Sorry I’m Late (Part 5-final) (Rogers/Stark/Banner/Barnes x reader)

Part 4

When you reached the jet with Tony and Bruce, you threw your bag casually under your seat and began to fasten your safety harness, but the conversation at the pilot seat caught your attention immediately; or rather, the voices that were carrying it.

“She’s not going in there alone.  I won’t allow it, Stark.”

“But if we go in there too, she’ll run.  We can only do this once,” Bruce whispered, trying to block your view of the group when he saw that they had caught your attention.  “I don’t like it either, but I don’t see another way.”

“Sorry, Barnes, she has to take the lead,” Tony agreed.

Just as you reached a spot behind the doctor, Bucky spun his chair forward to look out the jet window, dropping his voice low so that you struggled to hear it.  “Then I’ll go in as her boyfriend.  ‘Meet the mom’ sort of thing.”

“Then you’re the one who has to tell Cap that you’re making the moves on her,” Tony huffed, but his expression turned immediately serious at the sight of you.  “Hey, sweetheart, we were just talking over the plan. Barnes here thinks that one of us needs to go in with you, but we think that makes it even more dangerous than it already is.  What do you think?”

“I think I’d like to know why Bucky is here in the first place.  I thought we talked about this.  You need to stop trying to protect me.”

Bucky stood up at the insinuation you were making, that he didn’t trust you to take care of yourself. He hadn’t had a chance to protect you in years, and he felt the need to make up for lost time now that he could. “(Y/N), you need someone with you. What kind of reaction will you have when you see her?  One wrong move or say the wrong thing, and she could kill you before you get your shot at her.  You know that she’s gonna be prepared for anything.”

“That’s why I’ll be there.”

You spun on your heel at the added sound of Steve’s voice, dropping his shield on the seat next to yours before casually taking his place and strapping in as if nothing were out of the ordinary.  “So are we gonna go, or what?”

Your vision hazed slightly, feeling your blood pressure rising and the heat spreading across your face as your anger grew.  This had been planned out, agreed on, and was about to finally take shape to end your HYDRA brainwashed mother once and for all, but these four suddenly took it upon themselves to throw that all out and start over.  Without so much as asking you.

“Well this is just great. This is fan-fucking-tastic,” you growled, stomping over to your pack and opening it roughly.  “It’s nice to know that there’s such a trusting environment here, you know?  Reminiscent of my old caged animal days.  They didn’t even trust me to eat by myself.”  You continued to look through your belongings, refusing to make eye contact with any of them.  “So which one of you wants to chew my food for me like I’m some helpless infant?” Giving your bag a quick shake, you weren’t finding what you pretended to be looking for.  “I’ll be right back,” you said with an angry stare to each of them, “unless you boys want to follow me to be sure I don’t get lost or fall down or need a quick diaper change?”

When no one replied, you exited the jet, hurrying across the hangar and into the hallway, well out of their earshot.  “FRIDAY, is there another jet here?”

“No, Miss, but Mr. Stark has a private jet at Stark HQ.”

“Great,” you said quietly, looking back over your shoulder, “get it ready and keep your mouth shut.”

“Yes, miss.”

You ran down the stairs to the garage, throwing the door open to see an array of expensive cars, but none of them were what you were looking for.  They were too big, too flashy, too obvious.  “FRIDAY, one more thing.  Could you open the cage please?”

The lock on Steve’s private parking area opened and the door slowly swung open, revealing his motorcycle without anything to stop you from taking it.  Your hand slowly grazed over the cool metal and leather seat, bringing you to pause for just a moment to reconsider, but you continued.  With a few quick motions, you had hotwired it and were speeding away from the tower, towards the mission that you felt you had to do on your own.


Your nerves hadn’t been a problem on the flight and until now, when you were walking up to her door, surveying the dark brick and black trim that made the house look cold and emotionless.  It was the perfect representation of the woman you remembered, but you were pleased with yourself that you didn’t feel anything when you thought of her.  This should be easy.

Slowly and purposefully you took the steps to her door one at a time, looking at your feet as if you were concentrating on how to move them.  With every foot closer, your mission weighed on you more, until it felt like you were carrying the world on your back.  But in theory, you were.  She had the power to make the world a terrifying place, and you had the power to stop her.  Reluctantly resting your closed fist on the smooth wooden door, you took one more deep breath and then began to knock.

No going back now.

There was a small creak in the hinges when the door began to open, the sound grating on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.  You swore that you felt a chill spill out from the house as she came into view, but you quickly convinced yourself that you were being dramatic with your vivid imagination.  

Her face was emotionless towards you, despite having not seen you in years.  It wasn’t a surprise to see this, though you expected at least a hint of shock in her that you knew where she was.  Now that you knew more of your lineage, you could see the resemblance to Bruce in her.

“Hello, mother.”

“Hello, (Y/N).  What do you want?”

With a cool smile that didn’t reach your eyes, you pulled out a bag from behind your back and held it towards her, “lunch?  I thought maybe it was time that we did some catching up.”  Her eyes wandered over you cautiously and skeptically, but you stood steady.  “I’m not armed, mother, I promise.  And I’m alone.”


“What the hell do you mean, I let her go?  We were all right here!”

“Yeah, but you’re her father.  You have the first responsibility,” Steve barked, slamming his fingers against the computer as he tried to find you.  “I would have at least expected you to step in, Bruce.”  

“Okay, hold on just a damn minute,” Tony snapped, “you’re her boyfriend…or whatever…so why didn’t you step up?”

“Guys…” Bucky said, trying to break into the brewing argument.

“Yes, I am her boyfriend,” Steve snapped back in the same tone, turning away from his work to glare at Tony, “I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally accepted that.”

“Oh, I’m nowhere near accepting it, old man.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe you should check with me before shoving your tongue down my daughter’s throat?”

“See, this is exactly what I mean,” the Captain hissed, slamming his fist on the table, “when it’s about you, then you pay attention.  Then you care about what’s going on.  Maybe if you would focus on someone other than yourself for a change, she would still be here, or we would be there with her.”

Tony’s hands began to raise up but Bucky was fast to step in between him and Steve, with Bruce cautiously on the sidelines.  “That’s enough,” he commanded.  “You know I’m all for punching you in the face, Stark, but this is gonna have to wait.” Bucky heard Steve snicker behind him and turned to face him next, “laugh it up, punk.  I’ll sock you in the jaw just as fast.  Don’t you think that you two have done enough fighting for a lifetime? Do you really want to go down that path again?”

Steve looked over Bucky’s shoulder at Tony, still glaring, but finally beginning to soften his expression when he realized that his friend was right.  Tony’s expression began to mirror his, and when Bucky finally felt safe to do so, he stepped to their side.  “Now, we already knew where she was going, and now I know how she got there.”

“You mean she’s already there?  This could already be over and we haven’t even left yet,” Bruce groaned to himself, pulling off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.  “One of them is dead.”

“Hey,” Tony said quietly, moving to Bruce to set a supportive hand on his shoulder, “it’s not (Y/N), okay?”

“But then it’s my sister. Oh, I don’t know how to do this…”

“None of us do, Bruce.” Tony gave him a small squeeze before releasing him to turn back to Bucky, “alright, so how did she get there so fast?”

Bucky turned the tablet around in his hand to display his findings to the group, “she commandeered daddy’s private jet.”

Tony’s face immediately reddened and his jaw set tightly.  Squeezing his eyes shut in a building rage, he clenched his fists and did his best to hold back, but quickly failed.  He thrust his left hand into the wall, leaving a sizeable dent when he pulled back.

“Dammit, FRIDAY!! That’s not what I meant when I told you to help her with whatever she needed!”


You slowly filled the two plates in front of you, feeling her eyes on you as you worked and wondering what was going through her mind, though you had some ideas.  “It’s not poisoned, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“I wasn’t,” she replied flatly.

“Look,” you paused, taking a bite from her plate and turning to her with a smile, “not dying.” Handing her the plate, you nodded towards the dining room, following her to the table, only to take seats at the farthest ends away from each other.  “So, no longer with HYDRA?”

She stared at you blankly, refusing to answer the question.  

“Well?  What kind of small talk is there?  Hey, mom, kill anyone interesting lately?”

“What do you want, (Y/N)?” she said again, still watching your every move.  “How did you know where I was?”

“Eat before it gets cold,” you mumbled, “I paid too much for this to go to waste.”  You put a forkful into your mouth, looking at her as if to make a point that you still weren’t being poisoned.  A small but dark smile crossed your lips as you watched her begin to eat. After a sufficient number of bites, you spoke again, “so tell me, mother, what on earth could be so desirable to you that you would sell Tony Stark’s only child to HYDRA?”

She choked slightly as she swallowed, but barely enough to notice, still maintaining her cool demeanor. “I didn’t want you.”

“Yeah, I’m smart enough to figure that out, believe it or not.  But here’s a surprise; Tony did.”  

“So you’ve talked to him.”

“Oh shoot, I almost forgot!” you chuckled sarcastically, “Uncle Bruce says ‘hi’ too!”

She sat up straighter in her chair and cleared her throat a few more times, now looking uncomfortable, with her resolve to distance her emotions failing her.  “(Y/N)…”

You pushed your plate away and leaned back in your chair, clasping your hands together on your lap. “I’m just gonna stop you right there, mother,” you stopped, glancing out the window to see four angry Avengers approaching the house, “I’m guessing that you have about two minutes for any last words. I can write them down if you have anything inspiring that you want to leave behind.”

Her coughing became more pronounced, and her breathing became irregular.  She jumped up from her seat to lunge at you, but you were faster and leapt back towards the door, opening it for the men to enter.  Her breaths faltered and she fell to the ground near you with her fingers grazing your foot, looking at you with shock.  “How…”

You kicked her hand away and knelt next to her, grabbing her chin to lift her to look at you.  “You’re not the only biochem genius in the family, mother.”  She continued to look at you with surprise, but now slightly confused, her skin beginning to take on a pale pallor.  “Oh, no! Not me,” you laughed, feeling Bruce take his place behind you and resting his hand on your shoulder.

“I tried to make this as humane as possible for you,” he said coldly, “not that you deserve it.”

“Damn, Banner has a dark side,” Bucky whispered to Steve and Tony.

“I told you, I don’t trust a man without one,” Tony replied, though his gaze was frozen on the woman taking her last breath on the floor in front of you.  “(Y/N), you okay?”

Slowly standing, you felt a little tremor in your legs, but Bruce quickly pulled you into an embrace that held you steady.  “Can we go home now?” you asked him quietly, smiling to yourself at the feeling of Bucky’s hands joining him to support you.  Tony was next to move in, pulling you away from the pair and into his arms.

“Anything you want, sweetheart.”  He held you for a few minutes, finally sighing deeply and resolving himself to what he had just said; he would give you anything you wanted.  He pushed back from you and took your hand, lifting it and handing it to Steve.  Before he fully released you, he leaned in close to Steve’s ear and whispered a warning.

“I have twenty years of overprotective fathering to catch up on, and you’ve just become the boyfriend that daddy can’t stand.”

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I particularly think that after Luhan left EXO, he showed us more of his childish & natural cute side than manly side... C'mon just see him being manhandled in RM & other chinese variety shows!! (Pleasee make a set gif about it 🙏🙏🙏) Keep lovin' Hunhan <3

Oh my god you’re actually so right, I preach you

Allow me to introduce you to my lovely collection of Running Man Lu GIFs

OMO he’s so cute *dies*

^^The struggle is real

Like for real^^

He makes me smile XDD

^^^A wild deer appears in his natural habitat  

^^^^ 2 fab 4 U

^^ What I like to call, the “what the shit” face

^^^ ;w; LuHan you’re so cute and gullible, it makes me cry 

^^^AHHAAA LuHan, you’re adorable 

And of course, my personal favourite…




LuHan: What is this shit.

Ahhh, Thanks Anon, I really enjoyed that XDD

but imagine waking up in luke’s arms on a wintry sunday morning after a pretty steamy saturday night. your forehead is pressed against the soft skin of his chest, and your legs are intertwined under the white sheets. he holds you lovingly even in sleep, with his chin resting on top of your head and his hand draped over your waist. after last night you were too tired to change back into your pyjamas so you just put on your underwear and luke’s ginormous blink-182 t shirt, knowing that he loved it when you wore his clothes. you feel his hand running up the side of your torso as both of you begin to stir. his mouth moves to your forehead, lips pressed against your hairline. he kisses your head tenderly. “gooooooood morning baby,” he mumbles, his voice sleepy and muffled and you kiss his collarbone in response, smiling helplessly.


Yeezy Season 3 just live streamed on TIDAL a few moments ago ringing in over 20 million viewers over the 2 hour live stream and the spectacular appeared to be a film feature of fashion meets hip hop. With cameos from the likes of Naomi Campbell and Young Thug, Mr. West even managed to bring out our long lost Frank Ocean.

In it he unveiled along with it a video game based on his mother flying up to heaven as well as the listening party for WAVES a spectacle one of it’s kind

This week has been a run of asthma attacks for the black community from Rihanna going platinum with ANTI, Beyonce announcing the Formation World Tour and now this

Black is Beautiful!

Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram / Business Inquiries

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Dr. Daddy - Ashton

“Hi! Can you do a daddy 5sos one where the kids are teenagers & they wake up at night feeling sick & 5sos spends the night taking care of them until the kids finally fall asleep? Please?”

“Can you do a daddy 5sos where the kids are teenagers maybe like 13-16ish & they get REALLY sick like they’ve never gotten t hat sick before but the dad doesn’t have a lot of stuff in the house so he has to run out to get like medicine or soup and stuff but he doesn’t wanna leave the kid home alone so he takes them and stuff goes terribly wrong at the store and then they get home and it gets even worse? Like maybe they throw up at the store or in the car or something like that? Please?”

A/N: I had to reach a little bit for this one, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! This was really fun to write. Just like with some of my other prompts, these will be posted individually over the next few days. This is the second one, and the others can be found on my masterlist! xx

For a short period of time in Jake’s childhood, the boy had struggled with ear infections. It seemed that more often than not, the boy was laid up on the living room couch, crying and tugging at his ear as you and Ashton scrambled to ease his pain in any way possible.

Once you guys found out that Jake’s kindergarten classroom had mold in the ceilings and linked that to Jake’s reoccurring infections, you had switched to another class and all was well. You and Ashton really forgot it was a problem, and years passed with no signs of a problem.

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