and he just lays down hahaha

Dear Journal,

Sirius and I painted the living room today. We were kinda bored of the beige colour. We chose a light blue because we definetly needed some change!

“Babe is this shirt worth keeping?” Sirius asked me, looking for an old shirt ready to be ruined.

“No I love that shirt on you! Why don’t you paint shirtless?” I chuckled.

“Oh are you trying to get me naked honey?” He asked, smirking.

“Maybe..” I laughed.

We were singing out loud to some muggle bands. It was really fun! While he was painting around the big windows, I dipped my finger into the blue paint and drew a smiley face on his bare tanned back. He turned around quickly, wondering what was going on and I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Did you just draw on my back with the paint?” Sirius asked, sassily.

“No..” I laughed.

“You’re in deep trouble my love..” He said, tickling me.

I was laying on the covered floor, laughing really hard. Sirius kept tickling me no matter how many times I begged him to stop.


“Okay Okay… Now we need a shower to get that paint off.” He said, smiling down at me.

He was holding himself over me and kissed my lips.

“You have blue paint on your nose.” He giggled.

“Oh do I?” I laughed.

“Yes.. It makes your freckles pop!” Sirius said, smiling.

He carried me to the bathroom and sat me on the counter near the sink.

“I hope that this blue paint will come off because we need to pick up Teddy at the Train station tommorow..” I said.

“Well let’s find out..” Sirius smirked.

He lifted up my shirt and I removed my trousers. The bathroom was steamy and the shower’s glass was all fogged up. The burning hot water felt amazing on my skin. I looked at Sirius who was standing under the water, brushing his fingers through his hair. When he catched me looking, he drew a smiley face on the glass which made me laugh. He was always there to make me laugh. We got out of the shower and dried ourselves up. We were standing in the humid bathroom in our boxers. I was brushing my teeth and Sirius was sitting on the counter, looking at me. When I was done, he instantly layed his hands on my cheeks and kissed my lips softly.

“Babe you need to shave, your cheeks are scrashing me!” I said, giggling.

“Oh.. But I don’t feel like shaving.. I’m too tired to do it.” He pouted.

I waited a good five second and gave up. He looked way to cute with this puppy pout.

“Okay fine! I’ll do it..” I said.

“Yay! I love you!” He said, smiling.

“I love you too.. Now stay still and stop moving, I don’t want to cut you.” I said, standing in between his two hanging legs.

I was working slowly so I wouldn’t hurt him and he was staring at me. His eyes never left my concentrated face.

“Here, all fresh and clean. Now you can kiss me!” I said, brushing my cheeks against his soft ones.

“Aren’t you the best husband ever!” He said.

I smiled and kissed him again.

June 4th 2014

A Little jump

(@jonsa-countdown ah, I’ve been thinking of this idea for so long so decided to write the first chapter for the free day!)

Jon knows that sometimes strange things happen. Like losing a sparing round from Theon of all people and getting hit in the head. Its the last thing he remembers, feet slipping and Theon raising the wooden sword above and feeling the blow as it slammed against his skull.

But it’s stranger still to wake up in his father’s chambers.

For a second, Jon is afraid that any moment Lady Stark would walk in and finally find a reason to throw him out of Winterfell. It’s only the realization that being unconcious, both his father and Maester Luwin must have shifted him to the Lord’s chambers to provide him with some much needed rest that stops him from bolting out.

Despite being a bastard, having been honoured to such an extent fills Jon with a gratitude that seeps deep into his bones.

If I wasn’t a bastard, this would be mine one day.

Jon pushes the thought away as soon as it comes. He can’t think like that. He won’t. He closes his eyes and leans against the pillows and furs then brushes his hand over his head. It should be a bit swollen but it isn’t.

How long was He asleep?

It’s a knock on his door that forces him to stir. Jon gets up and swings his legs up from the bed. It’s weird. How his body feels. Tired beyond words. He shrugs and sits at the corner of the bed as the door opens, closes and Sansa steps in.

For a moment, he’s speechless. Because bloodyhell, did she have a sudden growth spurt since the last time he had seen her? She gives him a sweet small smile and looks at him as he gets up.

Looks down at him. She’s at least one inche taller. He shuffles awkwardly. The only consolation to his ego of the fact that he is shorter than his younger half sister in height is that Robb would be too.

“Good morning, Jon” she says awkwardly.

He’s a bit surprised as Sansa would scarcely say his name.She would always go around calling him half-brother even if she were to ask him the most simplest of things. Perhaps, his injury had made her act as such.

Still, Jon doesn’t know how to react so he mutters a response. He still cant believe how old she looks, if someone who had never been to Winterfell were to come they would never believe her to be 10.

He shakes his head. She probably came to speak to father but found him instead.“ I’ll go now.” He says and makes to leave but Sansa surprises him by placing a hand on his chest to stop him.

“You can’t go out like that, Jon” she scolds him a bit too close for his comfort.

He glances at his dirty jerkin and finds no reason for her objection. He’s a bastard, who’s going to bloody care if the clothes he wears are dirty.

“It’s fine”

Sansa looks taken aback.“ Of course it isn’t. Get dressed properly. We’re all waiting for you in the hall.”

He would still need to leave and go to his room to do so.

“They’ll be some lords there too. I’m not sure what it’s about but from what i can guess, it’s probably another dispute with the freefolk. So you need to hurry.”

Freefolk? But more importantly than that, why would it matter if he was there? Was this some polite way of telling Jon his place? He feels blood rise to his cheeks, he knows it already.“ I know what a man of my rank is required to do when the lords arrive. You need not remind me, My lady.” He snaps.

Sansa gives him a confused look but nods despite it. “Okay. I’ll be waiting.” She tells him and turns around to leave.

He looks at her as she pauses before the closed door and turns back around towards him. Sansa steps in close, her face unreadable before she leans in and…

For a moment, Jon does nothing but melt instantly when she kisses him. It’s soft but a bit demanding too. He has never kissed before so inexperienced as he is, Jon tries his best to respond.

Until, of course he remembers who it is. Jon jerks away from Sansa as if she’s molten steel. His eyes are wide and frantic too perhaps and breathing comes difficult to him.

Sister, sister, sister.

If Lady Stark were to see, she would blame his bastard nature.

He can’t bring himself to speak. Prime proper Sansa. “What-what the hell was that? What the fuck was that?!”

Sansa has the audacity to look offended.“ A kiss, Jon. Must I need to explain that to you?”

Jon shakes his head. Even his father would blame him. No one would ever believe Sansa would ever do something like this.

“You’re my-”

“Wife!” She cuts him off.“ I can’t believe you, Jon. Didn’t we decide that we would try? Were you not the one who agreed?! And the minute, I try this is how you react? Where was your hesitation last night then? I remember you being eager enough in bed.”

He stares at her horrified.

Sansa glares at him then pushes past him to the wardrobe and takes out a clean jerkin and father’s cloak throwing it on the bed.“ Wear this” she snaps at him.“ I don’t have time for this nonsense.”

When Sansa leaves him, she slams the door shut. Jon still stares at where she stood a moment ago, utterly baffled.

He grazes his lips, still warm and wet, swallows and lays down in the bed closing his eyes tightly, covering himself in furs. A dream, he thinks, one conjured up deep within, a testament to his bastardly nature.

He’ll wake up soon enough. Just a fucking dream.

Special story for the 33+

Thank you my little ‘wings! I’m so happy right now! I hope you like this story and it’s sortof a sequel to  this.

(Promps are open!)

Hope you like it!

After the Christmas party where Bruce proposed to you the household became a nutshell, Alfred and Dick  took upon themselves to  be your wedding planners( SECRETLY), well Alfred made the planning Dick …eagerly helped in everything he can.

“Where do you prefer the ceremony being? The beach? The forest? oh!oh!oh! in the Atalaya! That would be so cool!”

“I don’t think the Justice league would approve, I suggest the beach. It could be a romantic wedding with the sea colored in the pinks, oranges and yellows of the sunset and when they kiss for the first time the moon will be rising in the sky.”

“OMG, Alfred sooooo romantic!”

“I think the two of you have seen to many rom-coms” said Tim looking weirded out at Alfred and Dick’s actions. “And why are you wearing glasses Dick? You don’t need any.”

“What type of wedding planner would I be if I’m not wearing glasses? Also it makes me look fabulous.” Dick said flipping his hair fabulously.

“I don’t know, a normal one?” Tim deadpanned.

“Master Damian is rubbing off on you master Tim”


“What’s going on over here?”  You said as you were entering in the living room, where they were “planning”. You dragged your feet over the carpet as you had Damian hugging your waist in a dead grip while whining because “Father doesn’t let me go on patrol, says I’m sick. I ‘M NOT SICK FATHER! THAT WASN’T A COUGHT FATHER! Mommy do something” his face was buried in your shirt. He sure has to be sick if he just called you mommy, but you ain’t complaining.

“NOTHING! THERE IS NOOOOTHING FOR YOU MOM! NO WEDDING PLANS WHATSOEVER HAHAHA!!!” Dick said lying down over the table and all the sheets laying there while laughing nervously. Tim face palmed at Dick’s poor acting. You raised an eyebrow at them.

“Wedding planning?”


“….You did.”


“Oh for supes’ sakes! This is stupid!” Tim yelled, eyebrows twitching.

“You are the stupid one, Drake”


Damian seemed to get over his short lived normal childlike moment and teared himself off of you.

“You wanna fight, drake?!” Damian clenched his fist meanwhile Tim looked at him angrily.

“STOP THE TWO OF YOU!” You shouted.” Tim, you go down and tell your father to come up we’re going off to have a NORMAL family dinner. NOW TIM, N O W.” Tim didn’t have to be told twice as he ran to the batcave. Your other two sons tried to escape but failed.

“DICK” He stopped and looked at you like a deer in headlights. He looked at you fearfully.

“yes mommy?”

“You are going to call Luke and Jason-“

“But mom!”


“no mommy!”

“Some other women would not agree with you, Grayson. As they think you are indeed a butt”

“DAMIAN!” Dick yelled outraged.


“Yes, mom!”

“What’s my wonderful fiancée shouting her lugs out for?” Bruce said as he dropped a short loving kiss in your lips. As you were distracted your sons escaped, scared out of their minds.

“Why can’t we have a normal day in this manor?” You hided your face in Bruce’s neck. Kissing his neck. He laughed and hugged you. “But you love it”

“…yeah, I do” you smiled at him. He kissed you and cornered you against the wall, kisses soon became a make out session, his hand inside your shirt searched for your bra.

“Wow, stop right there cowboy. I got to call the girls for our family dinner tonight.”

Bruce’s face fell. You kissed him again.

“If you are a good boy, you will get a prize tonight.” You winked at him. He smirked.

“What prize would that be?”

“Oh well, I’ve just bought a black lace see throught tong with a transparent bra with black lace. I just tough you woul like them, but I was wrong so…”

“NO” You looked at him amused, his eyes we’re blow wide and darkened with lust.

“You want it?”

“Hell yeah”

“So play nice” You kissed him again and leaved the room to call the girls.

“You damn vixen”


All the Batfamily were sitting in this really fancy restaurant, and all was going well, the kids were being civil, Bruce was looking at you with a teasing smirk and Alfred was just sitting there sipping his drink. When suddenly…



Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Two face, The Riddler, Penguin and Scarecrow.

Why were they here?

For the sake of the plot… AND COMITING A ROBBERY!!!

“Riddle me this-“

“NO, I’M SICK OF YOUR FREAKING RIDDLES! SHUT UP” Poison Ivy yelled at poor Eddy who only wanted to do his thing.

“Now everybody! Hand over your money and jewelry!”

The Penguin came to your table and taped your ring with his umbrella.

“Hand it over, pretty bird.”

You’ve had enough.



You launched at him, taking his umbrella from him and whacking him on his little head.


They looked at you surprised.


You looked positively murderous.

Your family looked impressed

The villains looked scared as f*ck.

Wow, look at the Batmom. Is just as scary as Batman, if not more.

“You sure have balls, miss” Harley said “I like that.” She winked at you as Ivy wacked her on the head.

“We’re going now, but not because you are scary or anything. Just we have enough money already”

As they were leaving you heard them say

“She’s just as scary as Batman” Twoface said

“She’s more like a Batmom “ Riddler said “ She was protecting her family “

“More like Batmomma, ‘cos dang I would hit that”


“Aiie, Red with do you hit me?! “


“Are you jealous, red? OOOH YOU ARE!!! I KNEW YOU LOVED ME!”


You huffed and straightened your clothes and went to your table were all your family was looking at you as if you were a goddess.


“I just fell in love with you all over again”

“Mom, you’re a badass!” Steph said and Cass noded.

“Totally, did you see the villain’s faces?”

“Yeah, they looked f*cking scared out of their minds!” Jason roared with laughter.

You sat next to Bruce as he whispered in your ear.

“ You know, (y/n) I can’t wait to get you home, tear off your clothes and f*ck you senseless all night long. You got me so aroused right now, that stunt, wow so frecking hot.”

You blushed and smiled at your family’s awestruck expression.

Damian  came next to you and hugged your waist, looking up at you with a awe expression.

“Mom you have to become my teacher. I want to learn to do that”

Your heart warmed at his childlike expression.

“Sure thing, dear.”

“You were so awesome, mom. I’m impressed”

Well, this didn’t go as bad as you thought. You had a good time with your family, you stopped a robbery, you got Damian admiration and a wild night with Bruce.


A good night, indeed


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B99AU They're trying to get away from the mob and decide to hide out in Nicky's apartment. Everyone is a little weirded out with how normal looking his apartment is. Then they start interrogating the dirtyFBI agent and NIcky just starts pulling knives out of decorative cushions and opening books that hold even more knives and oh look that lovely centerpiece is apparently hiding a sword. After this no one really wants to sit down or touch anything because oh look that vase has a gun hidden inside

HAHAHA YESS IMAGINE THIS SCENE THO, like Olli and Nicky are trying to butter up the same witness so they can rent his apartment.

“You brought him in here to butter him up!” Olli accuses. 

“Yeah,” Nicky hisses back. “And I’ve been laying it on. Real. Thick.” He thinks back to him staring at the witness until the silence was deafening enough for him to slide a mint over.

“Okay, well, prepare to lose because no one sucks up better than me when I want something,” Olli growls, when backs up a little at Nicky’s bared teeth. “Of course, you already know that. Because you’re so scary and smart. I just did it to you.”

Nicky’s frown gets even deeper.

“Looks like you and I are in a good-old fashioned suck-off,” Olli crows triumphantly. 

“Don’t call it that,” Nicky says, walking back to his desk.

“Why not–oh yeah. Okay. Yeah.” He calls out at Nicky’s retreating figure, “Don’t tell Sid I called it a suck-off!”

“You called what a what?” Sidney’s voice says from behind. 

Could you open this pt3

A/n: I’m back by popular demand, nah I’m just kidding nobody demanded it but I’m still back. Now to the story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joker pov As I sat in my cell waiting for the moment to bust out my mind travelled back to my new doll. I mean she was no Harley but I think that’s why I was thinking of her now. Maybe I needed a little variety in my life, someone different that could keep me on my toes. I sat up and scratched my head, “Ah when did I care how they were different they were nothing to me, that girl could die today and I would probably laugh.” Are you sure about that; when Harley left you nearly destroyed Gotham? “Aye what gives I’ve never heard you before I know all of the voices in my head, I even named them.” Of course you wouldn’t know me, I’m your conscience it’s been awhile since we last talked. “Hahahaha you’re killing me, my conscience Hahahahaha even I know that’s a load of crap!” You can deny it all you want, but even a demented person like you has and deserves a conscience. “Yea yea yea just keep it down I’m trying to sleep, if you didn’t know I’m going to have a very busy night.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y/N pov “ I gave him the key the only thing we have to do now is prepare to attack” I said as I hoped in the van. “I’m surprised you were able to do that not just anybody can walk in and out of Arkham Asylum” Frost said as he started the van up and began to drive back to Jay’s place. “ Really it doesn’t seem that hard all I had to do was put on a wig and poof I’m a totally different person.” Frost made a face before saying, “That’s only cause you’re a female, they were probably distracted by your legs and ass to notice anything else, let alone the two guards you snuck in.” “You know Frost I have a sinking feeling that you don’t trust me” I say as I finally pull off the wig. “ I don’t get paid to trust you, my job is to take care of my boss only” Frost said as he turned off the van and got out. “ Am I sensing a little unrequited love from you Frosty, what is a certain clown not noticing your lingering glances?” I laugh not being able to hold it in anymore, just imagining Frost trying to tell Mr. J how he feels is the funniest thing ever. “Hahaha I’m sorry Frosty I know you don’t go that way, it’s just so funny thinking about it” I say as I am not bent over with laughter, I wipe my tears away as I look over to Frost to notice the glare he has on his face. “I’m sorry really I am, but let’s go get ready it’s almost time to break Jay out.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joker pov I was starting to doubt that I was going to get out tonight, as I went to lay back down I heard an explosion by my cell. “Well would you look at that my little doll actually pulled it off, now it time to get out.” I unlocked my cell and began to walk towards the exit of the room, they should have known better than giving me a plain ole bar cell. I ran down the hall to see if I could spot any of my men when I ran into two guards. “Hands up stay where you are Clown or we’ll blow your head off” one guard says as he aims his gun at me. “Whoa boys what’s with all the hostility I just decided to go for a little walk to stretch my legs” I say as I left my arms up. Where are they, I swear if I die I’ll kill them all. Before either guard could say anything else gunshots were heard, the next moment they were on the ground dead. “Wow you’re a pretty good shot Panda you too Frost.” I look up to see Y/n standing between Panda and Frost, I notice that she took off the wig and her hair is back to (h/c). I would never say this out loud but it matches her, I hope she doesn’t change it anytime soon. As I’m looking at her more I notice something else. “Is that my jacket!” I say as I walk up to her to notice that she did indeed have on my custom purple alligator jacket. “It might be, I mean I did find it in what I think was your room” she says as she backs away a little bit. “There is no might that is my jacket hand it over before I make you” I say as I hold my hand out waiting on her to give it back. “No you’re just mad because I wear it better than you, I should’ve known you would be jealous” Y/n says as she wraps the jacket around her more. “Boss we don’t have time we have to clear out before the bat shows up” Frost says as Panda nods his head beside him. “I’m not moving till I get my jacket back from this thief.” “Oh that’s real rich coming from you are you forgetting you stole me from my apartment , and I’m not moving until you can admit that you’re jealous” Y/n says as she stomps her foot and crosses her arms. I have to admit she looked really cute with a pout, but that doesn’t cover the fact that she told me no. I grab her arm as I pull her close and lean down to her ear,“If you continue to act like a disobedient child I’m going to spank you like one.” Her face goes from pouty to embarrassed as she tries to stutter out a reply. “What did I just say, how about you be a good girl and do what daddy says.” I say as I let her go to take off the jacket. “Fine I was getting hot in it anyway so don’t go to thinking you won anything” she says as she shimmies out of the jacket and throws it to me. I catch it and began to walk and put it on, “Good job princess I thought I was going to have to punish you, now let’s go I still have a restaurant to take you to.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/n: Well that’s all for now I’ll write another chapter tomorrow. ~Juju out 😁✌🏾

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EXO finding out you have a crush on a member of Seventeen

not-a-superheroine said: Hi!!!!!!! Your reactions are awesomee! Can I request an reaction of EXO (including Kris, Tao and Luhan) when they found out that your bias/crush is a member of Seventeen? It’s a bit weird but It would be funny hahaha All the love xx


Suho: *getting ready to fight him off*

Baekhyun: *agrees with you when you say the Seventeen member is hot*

Chanyeol: *he’s actually pretty sad because he wants all your attention to himself*

Chen: Really babe? Really?

D.O: You need to stop that right now

Kai: *stares the member down trying to figure out what it is you like about him*

Kris: Well I guess he’s decent looking…


Luhan: Is he as cool as this? B*tch I don’t think so.

Xiumin: Oh, I see what’s going on. You just need a reminder of how sexy your boyfriend is

Tao: You should pay attention to me

Sehun: *the poor maknae feels left out* Hi…In case you hadn’t noticed I’m still here

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Here's a prompt : Sonic Boom : Sonic and Amy are forced to share a room (or more importantly, a bed) after the team finds a village, can you write something about how they would react to that, and how they would make it work? That would be interesting!! (and evil >:D ) KAY BYE!!!

External image

Oh my~ naughty naughty~

Well, I don’t usually write stuff out of ‘innocence’ but I can keep this cute AND steamy at the same time~ maybe~ lol, if canon permits me XD

To be honest, I’m really excited to do this, but I’m going to leave the characters as true to Canon as possible… so… no weird moments in bed or something, just… mostly talking and discomfort xD lololol, but that’s the BEST anyway, right!?!? cause if the characters we’re in this type of odd situation, this is how they MOST LIKELY would react to it! And I find that better than making up some romantic squee feast that don’t mean a thing cause the characters aren’t acting themselves. So let’s see what I can do~

“THE SAME ROOM!?!?” Sonic and Amy both shout out together, as Tails sighs with some sweat drops on the side of his face.

“It’s all they can afford to provide us… and we can’t leave Amy alone, this village has proven to be more shady than it even appears.” Tails warned, and then looked to the tree house that Amy and Sonic would have to be sharing. “It’s only one night, can’t you… just put up with it for one night!? Please?!” he placed his hands together and up, ducking his head down in a begging stance.

Sonic looked away, not liking this AT ALL, but getting the point Tails made. This was a shady place, and it may be best to stick in pairs…

“Besides, if you won’t then-” Tails was about to offer but Sonic stopped him.

“Knuckles snores! There’s NO WAY I’m sleeping next to THAT!” Sonic had outstretched his arm to completely cut Tails off from Amy, as Tails looked unamused by his action and just rolled his eyes.

“Then I suggest you stop complaining… if anyone should complain it’s me..” he sighed out, silently whining as Knuckles gorged himself on the food they had left out for them.

“Yeeeah. Good luck with that.” Sonic waved back and walked to the tree house with Amy, who was strangely… quite silent.

Sonic looked over to Amy, worried a bit about how she might be taking this news, “Hey, you okay?”

“Y-yeah.” she drew a smile on her face, though she looked nervous and was tensed up.

They were passing by one of the village’s taverns as a few men whistled to Amy, and started calling out to her. “Whoo! Who brought the cutie in here!?” “She sure looks new.” “Hey, sweetie! Dump that kid and come see how a real man lifts! 1, 2, 3-!!” the men all roared different things as Amy slowly moved closer to Sonic, who suddenly felt an urge to aggressively attack those men.

He held in the response though, and just casually put his arm over Amy, pulling her away as she blushed and walked quickly away at his pace.

“Aw man! Looks like she’s already got a dude.” “man! what a waste.” “Hey, are they..?”

Sonic quickly lifted his head up to whisper in Amy’s ear, “Grab onto my back.” She was confused at first but did so, as he climbed up to the tree house.

“I-I could of climbed myself!” Amy slightly protested, but Sonic just let her go when they reached the top, and rolled up the wooden-stringed ladder, not wanting any unwelcomed company…

“Go ahead and get in.” Sonic motioned for her to get in as he looked around, scanning the area and trying to plan a route of escape, if one needed to be made, that is…

Amy walked in to see a padded bed of sorts, low to the ground as the ceiling was barely tall enough for her to stand, and so she had to bend down considerably. “THIS… is a ROOM?” she felt it was a more like a bird’s nest, but at least the covers felt warm.

Sonic came back in and suddenly noticed the smallness as well. “Dratt.” he spat out, thinking he could of been as far from Amy as possible, but now… that wasn’t going to be an option.

He shut the door and lowered the mini blinds that were on the two windows to the side, and then turned and just flopped down, trying to not make this uncomfortable for the two of them.

Amy wasn’t laying down just yet, and peeked out the window. She had her knees up against her and was holding her legs with one of her arms as she used the other to look out the window, before Sonic finally caught her attention.

“Hey, you going to sleep? It’s been a long day.” he really didn’t want to sleep either,… but maybe if Amy fell asleep first,.. it could be easier.

“N-no I’m okay.” Amy was sadly, thinking the same thing, and waiting for Sonic to sleep.

They both looked away for an awkward moment before Sonic lost it.

He threw his hands up to his head, letting out a silent noise of agony over the situation he was placed in, before faking it off as a stretch and a yawn and then reaching for the ceiling, able to touch it. Once he was bored of banging on the ceiling he looked away and sighed.

“…Maybe it would be better if I laid down.” Amy noticed he was just as nervous as she was, and giggled slightly. Glad she wasn’t the only one.

Sonic moved over as much as he could, but their sides still touched, so they turned over to their backs.

“…So…” Amy started.

“…Nice night.” Sonic concluded, as they both looked around, before looking back at each other.

At the exact same time, they both laughed, rolling back on their backs and laying next to each other, they let go of their nervousness together.

“Hahaha! We’re acting like children!” Amy laughed out.

“I know! It’s not like we haven’t ever been this close before or something, right!?”


“Yeah! I mean, I could lay here and watch the stars with you, what’s the difference between that and this!?”

“I know right!? We’re such goofs!”


They laughed again before finally calming down and looking away again.

“…So… you have enough covers?” Amy asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah,… I’m good…” Sonic AND Amy weren’t using the covers, so it was a kind of funny question to ask.

They were both still waiting for the other to fall asleep first….

Sonic bounced his pointer finger up and down on his stomach, as he had one hand over the other, before pulling both arms under his head, and looking off again.

Amy took a deep breath and let the awkward silence commence on. Fiddling with her fingers, biting her lower lip, before finally moving more toward Sonic.

Sonic had a mini-panic attack as his quills stood on end and he spread his arms away but Amy just placed her head on his chest and that was that.

“…Uhhh…” He let out a very breezy awkward noise.

“…There’s no pillows.” she countered, looking away and pouting slightly.

“That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s cold.”

“That’s slightly more believable.”

“It’s cramped.”

“That one would of got me.” Sonic settled down a bit, but held his hands up in the air, not sure what to do with them now before Amy reached up and moved one of his hands to her back, and the other he just looked at and slowly moved behind his head again.

“…Okay.” his heart was racing, feeling the nerves again as Amy smiled, having her head right next to it and hearing it beat wildly.

If only he could hear her heart right now…

“Okay.” she whispered back, and giggled. “Good night, Sonic.”

Sonic looked down a moment,.. and for a second he lost where he was and just smiled at Amy. “…Sweet dreams… Amy.”

A moment went by…~

“Just not to sweet, okay? I mean, I’m RIGHT here, so..”

“…Sonic… not ALL of my dreams involve you, okay?”

“…Are you sure?”


“Cause if I wake up and there’s selfies printed all over your room when we get back to the hub-”


“…I’m horribly ugly when I sleep.”

“hmm, that’s tragic.”

“So no selfies.”

Amy giggled, realizing he wasn’t going to sleep until she did first.

So she gave in, and tried to fall to sleep first.

A few minutes went by of silence,… before…


She looked a little annoyed now.


“…I think your rather cute when your sleeping.”

That was it.

Her eyes shot open, she blushed, she rotated 180%, and slept with her back towards Sonic as she hyperventilated and her heart raced with joy.

“Wo-woah! I didn’t mean to make you nervous! Wait! Come back! My chest is cold now!!!”



Tails’s eyes twitched as Knuckles sprawled out on the bed, literally leaving only a small corner for Tails to curl up in as he snored to the high heavens.

“I should of grabbed Amy when I had the chance!” Tails looked like he had gone crazy, but that’s what happens when you don’t get any sleep…

Falling In Reverse Sentence Starters.

Just from a few select songs I love uwu.
Just change the pronouns or a bit of the sentence if needed!
Some NSFW. Triggers: Abuse, Cheating, Betrayal, Possessiveness.

Fashionably Late

  • “It’s 9 O’Clock on the dot.”
  • “I’m hanging with her/his/your/their friends again.”
  • “Great taste.”
  • “Beautiful place.”
  • “I don’t wanna be that guy to make you sad and make you cry again…”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about making out with your friends.”
  • “I love the way that this began.”
  • “It started off right, so innocent…”
  • “I’m letting you know.”
  • “I’m letting you go, I want your best friend.”
  • “You seem so shocked and so surprised…”
  • “I’m sorry it hurts.”
  • “I’m surely a jerk.”
  • “I understand why you’re mad.”
  • “Don’t talk that crap when you call me back!”
  • “As a matter of fact— don’t act like that!”
  • “Everybody knows you’re right.”
  • “Everybody knows I’m wrong.”
  • “And you’re fashionably late…”
  • “It’s got nothing to do with how you look.”
  • “She liked my post up on my Facebook.”
  • “After all, you’re not my type.”
  • “After all, you’re not my type, but all your friends seem pretty nice.”
  • “You know what I mean.”
  • “Stop making a scene!”
  • “I’ve got the topic conversation now.”
  • “I know I’m running out of time…”
  • “It’s not an honest demonstration now.”
  • “You’re not the only one.”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about fucking all your friends.”
  • “What?!”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about having sex with all your friends… hahaha!”

Caught Like A Fly

  • “I’ve got a couple things I’d like to get off my chest.”
  • “Haha, friends?! Who the fuck needs ‘em?!”
  • “It’s truth be told now or it’s meet your demise.”
  • “How did it feel when you held the knife that you stuck right in my back a thousand times?”
  • “You’re grandfather would probably roll in his grave if he knew of the person that you have became!”
  • “I will not just lay down and take this!”
  • “Not again!”
  • “Not again…”
  • “You have left my heart black and blue.”
  • “Just like your father did to you…”
  • “How does it feel knowing you’re barely alive?”
  • “You’re left empty inside…”
  • “Where I was strung out and drug through the mud.”
  • “I must agree… You’re just like me.”
  • “When you die I won’t be at your wake.”
  • “No eulogy from me, just a smile on my face.”
  • “While God might be busy with judging your soul, I will have slept with the girl/guy/person you loved most!”
  • “How does it feel knowing you’re buried alive?”
  • “I’m no fucking saint.”
  • “Oh the audacity!”

Good Girls Bad Guys

  • “Why do good girls like bad guys?”
  • “I’ve had this question for a really long time…”
  • “I’ve been a bad boy and it’s plain to see.”
  • “Why do good girls fall in love with me?”
  • “You live your life with no regret.”
  • “How you looked when you were wet is something I can’t forget.”
  • “I just wanna kiss your lips— the ones between your hips.”
  • “So come on!”
  • “Sexy, please text me, I’m ready for you.”
  • “Waiting, I’m begging, please get here soon…”
  • “Ooh lala, what lovely curves~!”
  • “Baby I get off by getting you off first.”
  • “Sorry girl if this is quick.”
  • “Please just take it in and suck my dick!”
  • “Guitar!”
  • “I wanna know.”
  • “I need to know.”
  • “So come on, I gotta know!”
  • “So come on, tell me!”
  • “Bitch, you gave me the fucking clap.”

Pick Up The Phone

  • “Pick up the phone!”
  • “Answer your texts!”
  • “I apologize about last night, I really didn’t mean to disrespect you.”
  • “You better be alone!”
  • “No, I’m not obsessed…”
  • “If I catch you with somebody else you know I’m gonna be upset.”
  • “I truly believe the reason I’m here is to tell you the truth— that your ending is near.”
  • “One day you must look at yourself in the mirror.”
  • “I still don’t think you’re hearing me clear…”
  • “You must understand our friendship is done, justified by the person you’ve become…”
  • “Enough is enough.”
  • “Now I’M the one that’s holding the gun!”
  • “This will be the end of us!”
  • “I have tried way to many times to heal…”
  • “I have loved you so much it hurts me dear….”
  • “Pick yourself up off the floor.”
  • “Wipe the tears from off your face cause the cops are knocking on the door.”
  • “Better tell them that you fell.”
  • “When they see the bruises on my face, they’re probably taking both of us to jail.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of fighting each other.”
  • “I’m sick of the fighting, the lying, the crying, the calling your mother, the calling of names…”
  • “We bother each other.”
  • “We kiss and make up and get under the covers.”
  • “A dangerous cycle…”
  • “I don’t understand the kicking, the screaming, the breaking of limbs…”
  • “I’ll be damned if I see you with some other man.”
  • “If I can’t have you, then nobody can!”
  • “Death do us part.”
  • “I thought you would never stray from my heart…”
  • “I’m better off living in hell.”
  • “Pick up your phone.”

Game Over

  • “My life is like a video game.”
  • “Trying hard to beat the stage…”
  • “All while I am still collecting coins.”
  • “Trying hard to save the girl.”
  • “Obstacles— I’m jumping hurdles.”
  • “I’m growing up to be a big boy.”
  • “I battle with the evil ways.”
  • “I travel far and try and save…”
  • “Sorry but your princess isn’t here.”
  • “I take a rest and push the pause.”
  • “I level up and move along.”
  • “In hopes that the next stage I will clear…”
  • “Fucking passed, asshole!”
  • “I’m just trying to keep from dying…”
  • “It’s just a game that we play.”
  • “I’m looking for a better way to play it.”
  • “Life is for keeping score.”
  • “Stop complaining and start changing it!”
  • “Today I went to therapy and told him my embarrassing issues I’m having with my life.”
  • “He told me that I need to change, life is not a video game.”
  • “Stop playing and open up your eyes!”
  • “Don’t talk about it.”
  • “Just be about it!”
  • “Don’t ever doubt it, even when your brain is clouded!”
  • “I might be crazy, but life’s amazing!”
  • “Throught it all, even with the problems your facing… Just know that it’s ok.”
  • “Up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right, B-A, select start.”
EXO REACTION: You (their GF) die tragically in a drama

Omo this is gonna be hard to make DX but lemme try this out~ 

here we go~ 

Xiumin: *Calm down Minseok. She’s just acting, its not true. She’s fine, she’s fine.*

*And the minute you enter the house he will hug you tightly and will never let you go.*

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Luhan: *Unable to watch, barely containing his tears in* 

“Are you okay baobei?”  you’ll ask him as he pull you for a hug and cry silently

“Im fine! You’re a great actress baobei!” He’ll say in a broken voice as you laugh but still feel bad for making him feel that way. 

Kris: *As you two watch your death scene together he will keep glancing at you, observing your so living self and will mentally promise to protect you.* 

Suho: *He will try to hold his tears in as soon as he feel like you’re gonna look at him, his hand will reach yours holding you tight as in to tell himself that you are fine and very much alive.* 

Lay: to kyungsoo “And then she *sobs* she just dies *sobs* like *sobs* what a cruel fate is that *sobs*

Kyungsoo: Its. a. drama. hyung. 

Baekhyun: *Is not looking at the screen, trying so hard to think of something else*

“Jagiya, are you alright?”

“YES! I’m fine I’m fine” 

Chen: *You’re Kai* 

“I will never let you go!!!!” 

Chanyeol: *After the scene ends he will go to the bathroom to try to calm himself down*

“Get it together Park Chanyeol she was just acting!” 

D.O: “HAH! You totally deserved it! HAHAHA!”
You:. *judging him so hard*

D.O: “What? You killed the man’s son and you expect to live happily?”
You: Im not gonna talk to you for a month.

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Tao: *Is a crying mess* 

Kai: *You spot him crying and run with your phone to take a picture*



Sehun: *When you see his tears rolling down his cheeks, you will smile and try to wipe them away*

Sehun: *Gif* 

Feel free to request~ 

Exo fighting with their daughter

Anon asked: Exo’s reaction to fighting with their daughter after she did something wrong/bad.


I’m going to do some (or maybe even all of it) that will include their daughter arguing about the punishments that they get for what they did. (This might become more of punishment related reaction then actual fighting)


Xiumin: *contemplates whether he was a bit too harsh with his punishment to ground his daughter and take her electronics away for a week after the fight but then remembers what she got in trouble for* “a month with no electronics or hanging out with friends for shoplifting, seems like a fair enough punishment to me”


H/D/N: “I’m not the one who smashed the pictures in the hallways!” *she screams in his face for the seventeenth time during the fight*

Luhan: “BULL! You’re the only one who has been in this house within the last three hours and three hours ago those pictures were perfectly fine”

H/D/N: “how do you know I was the only one here huh!? Mom could’ve done this or a burglar! How dare you accuse me of doing this!”

Luhan: “BULL BULL and more BULL. Your mother loved those photos just as much as I did so she’d never smash them and tear them to pieces + she’s been at work since 6 a.m this morning so it wasn’t her & this house has some of the highest, best security in existence, if there had been a burglar I would’ve known immediately. It was you who broke all of our family photos and I know it so don’t try getting yourself out of trouble with your pathetic lies!”


H/D/N: “I’m not the only teenager in the world who has driven after having a little bit to drink! nothing happened anyway so I did nothing wrong! and you’re a bit of a hypocrite. I bet you’ve driven while under the influence before so don’t think that you can get away with trying to punish me for doing something that you’ve probably done in your past!”

Kris: “You really think you can argue with your own father about this? You think that just because nothing happened that means that what you did wasn’t bad? You really think your ‘argument’ will get you out of trouble? HAHAHA, how about no!”

Suho: *tries to have more of a professional “sit down and think about the situation” talk with his daughter but his daughter escalates the talk to a fight that he desperately tries to avoid joining*

Lay: “You beat up two, TWO, of your class mates just because they took the last  pieces of pizza in the lunch line. I though I raised you better than this!”

H/D/N: “I paid two dollars to the teacher to make sure that I got a piece of pizza for lunch and those idiots took what I paid for so they deserved it!”

Lay: “You say that they deserved to be beaten up, well I say that you deserve to be grounded for a week. Your mom can also come up with further punishment for you when she gets home”

H/D/N: “You say that I deserve to be punished, well I say that I deserve to have a different dad who’ll agree with me and support me for standing up for myself! I HATE YOU!” *his daughter screams as she runs to her room and slams the door* 

Lay:  *actually super hurt by what his daughter says, he looks up the stairs of the house where his daughter ran and mumbles to himself* “deserve a different dad who’ll support her?….Oh you know, like I do but only when she’s being good…. who does that girl think she is?”

Baekhyun: “Punching an old lady who was walking down the street just because she was quote on quote “too slow for your liking”…!” *Baekhyun reads from the police report that he received upon bailing his daughter from the police office*  “this is ridiculous h/d/n!! This is the third time this month that something like this has happened!”

H/D/N: “what’s ridiculous is that I keep on getting in trouble over stupid, unimportant stuff”

Baekhyun: “unimportant!? Stupid!? You think that an old lady being sent to the hospital with a broken nose because of you is stupid!?”

H/D/N: “yes stupid! StUPid, stupid, StUpId, STUPID, Everything I get in trouble for is stupid!!!!”

Baekhyun: “well the way you’ve been acting and what you’ve been doing is STUUUPIID. next time you get in trouble with the law neither I nor your mother will be bailing your STUPID butt from going to jail”

Chen: “don’t even think about trying to get out of your punishment. What you did was wrong and fighting with me about it was even worse so you’ll go through with the punishment whether you like it or not”

Chanyeol: *him and his daughter fight for hours until late in the night about how her going to a strip club underage, with fake id’s, with her friends was bad… against the law bad is she had gotten caught by anyone other than him. Finally the fight gets to the point where they’re both wondering around the house in utter frustration and anger towards each other, banging their heads and grumbling against random objects and looking at each other with anger. Chanyeol trying to figure out what he’s going to do to resolve this situation and how he’ll punish his daughter while his daughter thinks of how to get herself out from punishment that she knows is coming*

Kyungsoo: *Kyungsoo and his daughter fight and fight and fight forever without end until Kyungsoo reaches his final boiling point and explodes, unconsciously yelling at her to “SHUT UP!” his uncommon temper and highly raised voice frightening her into silence and obedience*

Tao: “you really think I can’t tell the difference between you hanging out with a group of friends and you hanging out with a group of gangsters who’ve been going around criminalizing the city?”

H/D/N: “painting graffiti on old buildings is not “criminalizing the city” dad! Graffiti is just art, it’s not like we’re going around selling illegal drugs and beating innocent bystanders up or anything! They’re not bad people! I can hang out with whoever I want!”

Tao: “clearly you need to be educated on how graffiti is a form of vandalism which makes not only those people you’ve been hanging around with but also yourself forms of criminals” 

Kai: *Kai would be upset about having fought with his daughter but when she had started screaming at him when he was lecturing her about what she’d done wrong he’d had no choice. He’d stand in the spot he’d been standing in while lecturing her, giving out angry and upset huffs of breath as he attempts to calm himself down after sending her to her room*

Sehun: “do you think that I yelled at her  too harshly?” * he’d ask his wife after the fight* 

H/W: “no, she had brought the fight upon herself by starting it so yelling at her for it as justifiable”

Warren plays fallout 4 all day when it comes out and Nathan get’s upset because he wants attention so he just lays all over Warren and moans until Warren finally puts the controller down to give him some cuddles and face kisses.

anonymous asked:

Hey :D Could you write a Sehun scenario? I would like to request a pillow talk with him

Apologies for this taking so long! Both of our lives just suddenly became hectic. I’ve had so much work and I’ve been away a few times and magically injured two ankles but Erin beats me BECAUSE SHE’S MOVED TO KOREA SAY WHAAATT?

The nights lately have been hot and humid so you’ve taken to closing all the curtains and the blinds, plunging the room in total darkness, before blasting the aircon, chilling the room so much that the heavy blankets and Sehun’s body heat are more than welcome. For some reason, he’s taken to insisting that the two of you sleep upside down, so every night it’s an ordeal of pulling the blankets free from the end of the bed so that you can crawl in that way. You have to admit it is better. The aircon ghosts over your faces perfectly, creating a soft breeze, and ensuring the best of sleeps.

Tonight you’re both sleepy, curled up under the blankets, knees knocking against each others as you lay facing him. He blinks slowly at you and yawns. You mirror him and pull a face when you’re done.

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Baekhyun: (*faints)

Sehun: (He defintely wants the V)

Kai: (You know something gonna go down tonight  ^^)

Suho: (Even w/ his tongue he is very cute)

D.O: (Still squishy)

Chanyeol: (At first I was all like “damn” then I look at him again and was like “are you high”?!)

Chen: (hahaha very cute and very troll like)

Xiumin: (his tongue is like: “I smell some food” hahaha)

Lay: (You, and Jongin. Y’all just asking for it, aren’t you?!)

Tao: (He is saying that he wants some pizza)

Kris: (The galaxy has arrived lolXP Dfauq did I just said?!)

Luhan: (That tongue is naughty. But he still looks so cute)

fordaloveofkpop  asked:

Can you do Exo reactions to being at an all girl sleepover? Bwahaha


Luhan: “You guys want to paint my nails?”

Kris: “…this is so boring. All that you guys are doing is sitting around on Tumblr… wait… is that FOOD?!”

Suho: -busting out his awesome dance moves for Just Dance-

Lay: “-playing charades- What am I?”

Baekhyun: “-playing Monopoly- Yeah, that’s right bitches had me all that money.”

Chen: -listening to the girls gossip-

Chanyeol: -getting all them girls with his romantic piano playing-

D.O: “-playing truth or dare- I dare you to…..”

Tao: “Make me look handsome girls.”

Kai: -first one to fall asleep-

…but then he sees that there’s chicken….

Sehun: -partying hardcore, too turnt, there’s no going back, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!”-

*Hahaha, I laughed so hard. Hope you guys liked it. …And I’m still laughing…haha

- Admin KP

how he is with you - il volo - Ignazio Edition

oh my god a relationship with Ignazio is probably nothing but sweet kisses and holding your stomach in laughter that never stops. If you’re dating Ignazio, you are probably the cutest thing he ever did see. you’re probably SO pretty. You either caught his attention right away or way into your friendship he realized ‘wow, i’m in love with her.’ He probably loves just wrapping you in his arms and holding you. He wants nothing more than to hear your beautiful laugh and see you happy, just because he thinks you’re most beautiful when you are, but constantly beautiful nonetheless. you’re probably mega talented in some way, and he tells you it all the time. He loves telling people about you. in interviews he probably gushes about how you make him feel and how happy he is with you. And he always seemed happy before, but not like this. not like this. He probably likes to carry you to the sofa where you’ll lay down to watch movies together. He’ll probably do impressions of the characters to make you laugh. He’s a huge drama queen (drama king?) hahaha. You know what? Half of the stuff he does probably isn’t even meant to be funny. He just does it and it’s too random and weird and silly and embarrassing not to laugh at. He doesn’t get embarrassed though. He just smiles that huge happy smile whenever he sees you laughing. HE PROBABLY LIKES PLAYING WITH YOUR HANDS WHILE STARING AT YOUR FACE. He’ll probably poke your face a lot. And honestly i feel like the most important thing to him is that you’re always safe. From everything. Ignazio would not want you to do anything remotely dangerous. putting up christmas lights? ‘no, honey, you know what? come down from there, i can do it.’ building furniture for your new apartment? ‘you know i can do that for you, hand me that screwdriver.’ and if anyone ever hurt you? He would probably fight them if he had to. If anyone ever talked bad about you, they wouldn’t hear the end of it. He’d go to the ends of the earth to defend you and how amazing you really are. and he would notice the little things about you. Like how pretty you look in that new dress or with your nails painted that color. your favorite drink on a hot day, or your favorite flower. your favorite thing about mornings, your pet peeves and your obsessions, he would remember them all. and if he ever saw you crying, he’d wipe those tears from your eyes and hold you against his chest until you felt alright again. He’d sing to you softly until those tears stopped falling. And then he’d probably cheer you up by telling a stupid joke or doing something weird that makes you giggle through your sniffles. And that would give him more joy than ever, knowing you’re okay. And he’s probably got this look. He’s got this look that he looks at you with, and every time, you lose it. He probably knows what he’s doing, too. And after he gives you that look he probably walks over to you slowly and kisses you hard and slow. a kiss you’re probably not going to ever forget.

When they fell in love with a girl they met online...

Woah! That’s some creative ask right here ! :D Thank you so much for requesting, I will do my best ~ Also.. I’m sorry it took so long!

Here comes~


*Happy and anticipating every day he can write/talk with her*

*Confused and hurt, not knowing why she would stop writing/talking with him.*

‘’I don’t understand, yesterday was just fine and now she’s ignoring me.’’

CY: ‘’She probably finds you ugly.’’

‘’Ya, stop lying Chanyeol-ah’’


Baek: ‘’What’s wrong with you, why do you keep making those faces?’’

‘’Remember the girl I was talking about yesterday? Look at her she’s so cute!’’

*Internal squeeing xD*

*After she stops talking with him, he’s worried that he did something wrong.*

‘’Did I say something that made her angry? Was I too forward? Why is she ignoring me..?’’ 

Mental breakdown


Kai: ‘’Woah Hyung, she’s cute!’’

*After she stops talking to him.*

‘’I don’t understand what I did wrong?

Lay: ‘’You probably trolled her too much.’’

‘’Aish, don’t be like that.’’

Kai: ‘’He might be right though.’’

‘’Not you too!’’


He probably ends up talking with her from morning to night, till his members scold him to finally put that phone away.

Baek: ‘’Ya, D.O-yah we need to practice, put that thing down!!.’’

‘’Just a moment..’’ *Ends up getting late to practice.*

;A; Don’t break his heart by ignoring him, just look at this face !


*Shows her his dogs and keeps sending her pics of them hahaha.*

‘’Look look they’re just as cute as you!’’ *Keeps grinning and smiling from ear to ear when he talks/writes with her.*

*Confused as to why she would stop talking to him.*

‘’Was it something I said? Did I send her too many dog pictures?’’


*Happy Yi Fan is happy.*

*Looks at the messages he sent.*

Last seen: 8.32 PM


‘’Look Gege she’s so precious!’’ *Could keep talking about her day and night.*



Minseok: ‘’Why are you smiling so brightly, did something good happen?’’

‘’It’s nothing..nothing.’’ *Keeps texting her, totally happy.*

*Super offended that she would just start ignoring him all of a sudden without telling the reason.*


Tao: ‘’This is the girl you’ve been talking about? She’s cute! ‘’

‘’I know right. Told ya. YEHET’

After she starts ignoring him

On the outside he’s like this

On the inside though

*Internal crying*


‘’I probably said something wrong… or maybe I was too embarrassing? My members always keep telling me to take it a step slower..’’ 


‘’See I told you she’s cute, she’s like an angel!’’

Kris: ‘’Yea Tao, that’s the 11th time you said that to me now…’’

*He keeps giggling though.*

*Angry and in denial after she started to ignore him.*

‘’Whatever it’s not like I need her.’’ *Keeps checking his phone every 5 seconds.*


*Keeps talking about her non-stop.*

‘’And then she said ..’’

Chen: ‘’I know Hyung… I know.. Please stop, you’ve been going on about her for hours..’’

*Not sure how to take it.*

‘’Did I say something wrong…?’’

Ayyyyyyyy that’s it I hope you like it!

And I don’t think any of the members would react negatively ( is that word right.. it sounds weird..) about her size or shape :D It’s the character that counts after all ^_^!

anonymous asked:

au where the boys all work in a cafe and ur a daily customer

• you are really close to the boys since you are a daily customer

• when you walk into the cafe, dino, hoshi, and seungkwan greet you very loudly with some sort of nickname

• probably something cute and simple like ‘sweetie’ because you are so cute and sweet to them

• s.coups and woozi yell at them to stop being so loud and disturbing the other customers (even though they are being loud themselves)

• vernon sweeps up around the shop and tries to be cool by leaning on the broom and saying ‘sup’ but slips and ends up laying in the pile of dirt he just swept up

• and you are like “oh my god vernon are you okay!!??” and he is like “HAHAHA NO WORRIES AHAH” and he is super embarrassed

• sometimes when you are sitting down drinking your coffee, dokyum sits down besides you and you both start having a conversation

• he probably stutters a lot while trying to give a compliment and ends up just asking how your drink is

• but woozi yells at him to start working so he gets all scared but after dokyum leaves, he starts talking to you

• there was one day that you didn’t come to the cafe so they forced jeonghan to go to your house and he was like “no guys chill they are probably out with their friends” and when he arrived at your house, you and your friends arrived at the cafe

• mingyu and wonwoo treat the cafe like a host club (nerds)

• every girl they see, they will start talking to them but when they realize you are there both of them run over to you like “omg y/n you are here!!!!!!” and they shower you with compliments and questions about your day

• jun is the one to get jealous of your friends that’s it

• the8 is a total cutie, he always asks how you’re doing and he gives you free stuff

• literally he throws muffins at you guys

• you are buying coffee for people at work and he is like “since you bought so much coffee, 3 of them are free!!!” and you are like “!!!!!”

• the8 is the best god damn thing ever like he probably just pays for that shit and says it’s free



• NO ONE CARES IF JOSHUA IS NOT WORKING, EVERYONE LOVES HIM THAT MUCH so he uses it to his advantage to talk to you all the time and everyone gets jealous

• basically, ‘gentleman’ joshua is a sneaky lil bitch

• since you spend so much time at the cafe you definitely fall for one of them but that’s up to you