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Hot head | Montgomery De la cruz

⚠️Mild violence warning, and oh yeah- a shit load of swearing too ⚠️ * Your pov* You and Hannah burst into the boys locker room. Most of the guys hills red and whistled at you both whilst others hid away- pulling up their short or heir shirts back on. Hannah pulled you through the clouds of sweat and testosterone. “Y/N, Hannah, you know you can’t be in here” Zach informs you “Why? Afraid we’re gonna see a bunch of dicks form a bunch of dicks?” You snap “Nice one” Justin says as he makes his way over to you. You spot Montgomery by the mirrors. “Of course you’d be at the mirror you vain fuck” you whisper under your breath before storming over to him. He spots you approaching him in the mirror and turns to face you. “We need to talk” you demand “Like, now” Montgomery looks at you expectingly then holds his arms wide open “Talk then” before slapping them down by his thighs. You look around- everyone’s eyes we’re on you. “No-not here” “Why not?” Bryce questions as he swings his heavy arm over Montgomery’s shoulder. Montgomery folds his arms over his chest “Whatever you have to say. You can say it infringes of my boys” All the boys murmur in agreement and begin to surround you and Hannah. “Fine. Why’ve you been ignoring my calls, and my messages and my- “Here we go” Bryce says- earning a crescendo of deep male laughter from the others. “You can’t just have sex with a girl then just ignore her!” Yells Hannah “Hannah?!” You snap “Shit sorry” she pleads and you sigh “Babe-baby” Justin says calmly, putting one of his arms over your shoulder. “Montgomery here isn’t the type of guy to be in relationships- and to be honest- your not a relationship type of girl” You scoff and shrug his arm off your body. What the fuck is that suppose to mean? “Your a- how can I put his nicely… a one night stand” says Bryce “A smash and dash” adds Marcus “Or a hump and dump?” A random jock suggests from across the room “A hit it and quit it” Justin continues “Guys. That’s enough” Zach says, joining the circle. You watch Zach, he throws a quick but subtle smile at you but you just cut your eyes at him. “An ejaculate and evacuate” Bryce adds to the list “Its nothing personal. Don’t take it to heart” “Nothing personal?” You repeat. You look up at Montgomery “Is that all I was to you?” He doesn’t respond- he was barley able to look at you. You continue “Because you we’re so much more to me” All the guys ‘aww’ sarcastically in unison. “Shut up!” You yell at them. You take a deep breath and hold Montgomery’s hands in yours “And I know how much I mean to you. You wouldn’t have chased me so much if I didn’t mean anything. Remember?” … “No comment” Bryce says, making the others laugh again but you just ignore them. “We even had sex because I thought it was what it wanted” your voice had risen “I wasn’t ready but I did it for you and now your just gonna treat me like shit?!” “..Sorry” Montgomery shrugs- no emotion in his tone whatsoever “Your an ass!” Hannah spits “And your a slut!” Montgomery snaps back. Offended. Pissed off. And on the verge of tearing him a new one, you raise your hand and slap him across the face, but before anyone could react, he does the same to you. Stunned, everyone stood silently as you held your cheek which was now tingly and warm. A few tears began to stream down your face. “What the fuck Montgomery?!” Alex shouts “Mind your business Standall!” Bryce yells back Justin pushed Montgomery against the locker “Never hit a woman. Are you crazy?!” “Yeah, that’s fucked up!” Marcus added Hannah grabs or hand and basically drags you out the locker room. You stop outside the nurses office and you just brake down crying. He hit you and it was embarrassing. He hit you and it was physically painful. He hit you and it ached your heart because all you wanted was for him to love you. When did it get so bad? When did you begin to accept abuse? Other relationships weren’t like this. This wasn’t normal. “It’s okay- it’s okay” Hannah says as she hugs you. You sob in her arms for a long time before you brake away and wipe away the mascara from your chin. Hannah even wipes a tear from under our eye. You stare into her bold blue eyes “Thank you Hannah”

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For your follower special, Shiro and Lance, except this time Shiro's the sick one

“Come on, Shiro,” Lance said quietly. He dug his arms under Shiro’s armpits and hauled him up again to recline against him. Shiro kept slipping, too weak to hold himself up and too heavy to just stay where Lance put him. “C’mon, fearless leader. You gotta keep breathing.”

Shiro’s eyelashes fluttered against his reddened cheeks, but didn’t open. He was breathing, yes, but with a deeply worrying wheeze that hurt Lance’s ears. Lance wrapped both arms around Shiro’s chest from behind and just concentrated on keeping him upright. It was the only thing that seemed to ease his breathing.

“Our team is coming for us, Shiro,” Lance said. He hoped his voice sounded strong and steady. He hoped it was comforting to listen to. Most of all, he hoped Shiro could hear him. “I know you’re not feeling good, but this’ll all be over soon. We just have to hold on.”

Shiro groaned and turned his head toward Lance’s voice, then went still when his forehead touched Lance’s cheek. Lance’s heart filled his throat. He pressed his head more firmly against Shiro’s.

“Everything’s gonna be okay,” he whispered. “Everything’s gonna be fine. Just keep breathing. Keep breathing, Shiro.”

Shiro breathed. Lance listened, and sometimes talked. One night of anxiety and waiting felt like a lifetime.

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Love’s Truest Language 

by summerwine (48k)

Published : 2017-04-22

The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.

“Where’s your order forms, then?”

“I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.

Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?”

Explicit, Chaptered
apples: the giving trees of kazakhstan - mediocre-anime-fangirl (mediocreanimefangirl) - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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In the autumn of his tenth year, there was a boy he shared apples with.

They were in a ballet class together. The boy was not as good as him, but Yuri still felt a certain way when around him. He felt like he was sitting under the shade of a strong tree that would protect him from anything and everything.

And the apples were amazing. They were the best he had ever tasted.

“Where do you get your apples from?” Yuri had asked him one day, after practice, as they walked to the playground nearby.

“My parents send them from Kazakhstan. From my home in Almaty. There are all kinds of apples there,” the boy had answered him, handing Yuri another apple slice.

“Kazakhstan,” Yuri repeated thoughtfully. The other boy’s eyes sparkled, like hearing Yuri say the name of his homeland had been something he had been missing his entire life.

“It’s beautiful at home. I live right by an old abandoned apple orchard, and my little sister and I play there all the time, and we eat apples all day, and take care of some of the trees there,” Otabek explained, excited to share some of himself with the boy.

“Otabek, will you take me with you, one day?” Yuri asked, slipping his free hand into Otabek’s. Both of their cheeks were dusted pink, the autumn air nipping at their faces, and their closeness making them flush with exhilaration.

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Exiled Together

“Exiled Together”

He slept with both eyes open
As the maiden near him cried.
Under covers tightly woven
They knew tomorrow would be goodbye.
He gave her all he had
But soon she’d have to go
Leaving him very sad
And possibly quite alone.

She could have been pelted
By stones from those arms
Who would rather see her swelter
Under fire by a barn.
Every time they tried
To torture her to death
This man would come around
And defend her one last breath.

But now she would be cast
Into the morning’s rising sun.
I can’t say I know for sure
What exactly she had done.
Was she deemed a witch?
A fugitive? A traitor?
Was she the town’s snitch?
Everyone would hate her.

Except for this man
Who grabbed her oh so tight.
He tried to defend injustice
For he knew this wasn’t right.
Never the less morning came
And with tears in his eyes
He let go of her hand
As she waved goodbye.

But then at that moment
There was a pause for concern.
He began to smell the smoke
As the ship began to burn.
Without even thinking
He dove into the sea
Swimming towards the sinking ship
To bring her back to safety.

She was too scared to jump
But he assured her she’d be fine
With his arms raised out.
With a smile very kind.
He told her to be brave.
He said she was strong.
His outstretched hands he gave
Right where she belongs.

And in his arms they sank
Together under the sea
As the wooden planks
Followed soon beneath.
But they rose again from depths.
How I can’t contrive.
Swimming from the wreck
Not many would survive.

Was that ship even rigged
To burn or self destruct?
The interior like twigs.
A poor man’s construct.
But none of that mattered.
Clearly she was meant to die.
But this man saved his maiden.
He made sure she stayed alive.

And so they swam forever
And never looking back.
They exiled themselves together
Into the night’s looming black.

it’s so sad how much ryuji’s leg actually hinders him, but he does his best to not let that get in the way of himself or his friends goals. SO HERE ARE SOME HEADCANONS ABOUT HIS LEG !! ( besides the first one since it’s canon )

  • he IN CANON walks with a slight limp when he walks or runs.
  • it still hurts, although only if he really pushes himself with running or simply standing for too long.
  • he finds it aches when the weather changes, mostly throbbing pains which he finds uncomfortable.
  • he tends to shift his stance a lot, mostly leaning on his stronger leg.
  • he sometimes wears a knee brace under his pants on days when the pain is bad.
  • his leg gives out if he runs for too long, falling under him ( instance in the first palace when he fell )
  • ryuji went though physical therapy for his leg but found it annoying so he stopped attending, although now wishing he’d been cooperative enough to follow though, feeling as though it would have helped.
  • the reason for the continued pain is that the bone didn’t set right while it was in a cast; thus the reason for both his limp & pain.
Our life under Sakura

He looked at the Sakura blossoms falling down around him, he smiled fondly as he watched the soft pink petals dancing their way down to the earth, he sipped his tea, sighing in contentment, he loved this tree, he loved the Sakura too much, he thought about it for a while, wondering why he was so attached to this scene, then he smiled, because of course he loved them, because it all started under a Sakura tree, “Romantic, right?” These words were the first words that moved his heart.

It was also under a Sakura Tree that he decided to swim the Medley relay race with his friends, the decision that changed his life forever, under the same tree later, he said his goodbyes to Rin for the first time.

This tree was the only being that witnessed his tears when Rin left him crying, saying he would quit swimming, he had never told anyone how heartbroken he was that day.

When Rin came back after four years, ignoring him and obsessing over a race between them, he stood under a Sakura that looked like their tree back in the elementary before his relay with his new time and prayed for a miracle to bring Rin back to them, back to him.

His prayers were answered that same day, under the same tree when Rin cried on top of him, and then swam with them the best relay he had ever swam, that day he saw Rin’s laughter for the first time in a very long time and he knew how much he loved that laugh how much he had missed it.

And if he were to be honest with himself, he would admit that it was in the Sakura pool at Samezuka that he realized he was in love with Rin.

Under one of those trees they said their goodbyes for the second time, this time with the promise of calls and texts and a promise of a future together, a future that seemed as bright as Rin’s laugh to Haru at the time.

The beautiful pink petals was drawn on their team jackets when they met again joining the national team together, and beginning their way towards greatness, the same jackets and the same petals witnessed their victory at the Olympics years after, gold adoring both of their necks, tears in Rin’s eyes at finally realizing his dream with Haru, it was that very night that Haru confessed his feelings being too high on happiness and euphoria, and was pleasantly surprised to be kissed with a passion that returned his own feelings.

It was exactly a year after they started dating, that Haru made a surprise trip to Australia on Rin´s birthday, Haru had never seen Rin that excited and happy, they spend their day enjoying each other’s presence, it was Haru’s turn to be surprised that night, when Rin covered his eyes and lead him to his bedroom and saw the single bed covered in Sakura petals, he will never know where did Rin get those in Australia, nonetheless they slept together that night for the first time, Haru learning what becoming one with the one you love meant.

Sakura came and went in their lives as they continued to share their life together thru ups and downs, winning and failing, happiness and sadness.

It was after they decided to retire after ten years of success that it happened, he would never forget that day.

Rin came to him one day asking if Haru would go with him somewhere,  Haru naturally agreed and went along, he was taken to a field full of Sakura trees in their bloom, pink was everywhere, but in the middle of the pink storm there was red, shining as the sun itself, that day Rin kneeled down in front of him, asking nervously if he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, it was the first time Rin saw Haru all chocked up, couldn’t say anything but nod fervently, watching in a blur as Rin put the ring on his finger and kissed him.

Spending that day kissing under Sakura trees was not a bad way to spend their first day as “husbands”.

After all these memories with this tree it felt wrong to live without it, so it only felt natural to buy a house with one of those trees in the backyard, a house for both of them to call it home.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard movements in their house, his tea was getting cold now. Haru looked at the house anticipating someone’s arrival, the house that he and Rin had shared their life for the last couple of years in.

Hurried steps were heard, approaching him fast before a small figure jumped on his lap

“Papa!” The voice cried with a giggle, and started talking about his day, as much as he can talk yet any way.

Haru looked at the baby’s blue eyes that matched his own, he didn’t believe that he would love someone as much as he loved Rin, he was proven wrong when the red haired baby came into their life.

The baby continued to talk excitedly trying to squeeze his day in one sentence.

Haru heard a chuckle behind him.

“Sakura! Lay off Papa a little”

Rin said with an affectionate tone, and came to set on the arm of Haru’s chair, kissing his head as greeting, Rin gazed lovingly at his lover and his kid, though Sakura ignored him and continued blabbering on and on about the aquarium he and Rin visited earlier.

“An’ daddy showed Sakura the huuuge sha’ks…” making a gesture with his tiny hands.

“Really? And what else did you do?” feeling a strong arm warp around his shoulders, Haru smiled, listening to his boy talking, till Sakura finished telling his adventure and was nodding off resting against his’s chest, Haru caressing the red locks absentmindedly.

“Ready for our big date tonight?”

Haru looked up at Rin’s voice only to be kissed on the lips, Rin’s hand grasping his jaw to keep his head up, he closed his eyes immediately enjoying the feeling of the other’s lips, gasping when Rin deepened their kiss, pushing his tongue in, he pulled back after a minute leaving Haru kind of breathless.

Haru looked down at their sleeping son and smiled, “Yeah”.

After dropping Sakura off by Sousuke and Makoto -Haru will never get over just how much Sakura was attached to Sousuke but at the same time it had always amused him how much Sousuke loved and cared for their son-.

Going to their dinner date, like a couple of teenagers again, they came back home for Haru to find their bed full of Sakura petals, the familiar sight making his heart full with affection.

“You’re all mine tonight, Haru” Rin whispered in his ear making him shiver, he felt Rin’s arms around his waist, they kissed, passionately and deeply like they’ve never kissed before, falling together on the Sakura covered bed, “I love you” Rin whispered and Haru lost himself again that night.

He opened his eyes to find himself warm and wrapped tightly in his husband’s arms, he looked up from Rin’s chest to see his face better, Haru smiled when he saw a pink petal stuck between the red locks, he caressed the soft locks, removing the petal and looking at it.

It had always been Sakura and it will always stay this way.

Feeling happier than ever, he snuggled closer to Rin, feeling the arms tighten around him.

They could afford to sleep in today.


💕A compilation of SHINee doting on Jonghyun, 2016-2017 💕 

Happy birthday to this gorgeous, adorable, talented man! I am constantly blown away by your talent, passion and empathy for the world, and you make us so proud. Here’s to a healthy 2017, and another year of great music! 

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percy reassures vex beneath the sun tree

You’ve found yourself at the base of the Sun Tree. As you look up at it, at this point the clouds that kind of gathered yesterday have all subsided and you have the most beautiful clear blue sky ahead of you, the morning sun’s coming down. The tree is beautiful as you watch it slowly blossom now as the months have passed. You start seeing green in the boughs, the occasional pod that might eventually flower as the season allows it. It’s serene. And as occasionally a breeze blows through, you hear the various branches hit, and some of the leaves shake, and… it’s a beautiful sight.

some neato stuff about gabriel reyes i felt like putting into list form just cause

  • led the overwatch strike team during the omnic crisis and won
  • is a tactical genius
  • sarcastic af
  • also chill 
  • makes dad jokes in game including such hits as “i work the graveyard shift” and “where’s your holiday spirit?” in his holiday skins
  • likes to pull pranks and have dramatic entrances
  • always smiling in every comic adaption we’ve seen him in
  • took down the entirety of deadlock pretty much by himself
  • took mccree under his wing when he could have just let him go to prison and now we got the cowboy dork we all know and love today
  • also likely had a hand in taking genji under his wing too
  • is a fan of basketball and basketball memes
  • likes costume design and can sew
  • angela ziegler asked him to design the overwatch uniforms once that’s how good he is at that shit
  • 6′1″
  • is the only one to show some compassion for the omnics in the uprising comic even though he led a strike team against them in a fucking war not too long ago
  • is the literal embodiment of the shrug emoji
  • is from LA and probably wears a hoodie in all types of weather because anything below 80 degrees might kill him
  • is sad they cleaned out the pollution in LA and now he coughs because he’s not used to the clean air
  • purposely put mccree in london after blackwatch’s suspension to make jack morrison help out the cause in kings row
  • both he and jack joined the SEP to help stop the omnic crisis—a program which is implied to have been extremely strenuous and probably didn’t have many successful cases
  • has a voice that could melt butter 
  • genuinely cares about his friends and seems pretty upset that overwatch left ana to die
  • knows jack morrison well enough to be able to predict his every move in a fight
  • “no one left behind” line when symmetra puts up a teleporter
  • friendly reaper lines are extremely tactical and also kinda quiet for someone who can jump onto the point and murder an entire team in 3 seconds
  • spares quite a few people during the animated shorts and comics when he could have easily killed them (ana, jack, winston, some of the guards in the infiltration short)

anyway i love gabriel reyes


“Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell.”
Collaboration between @taurielsilvan​ & @wondcrwomans​.

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