and he is totally loving it

sana and yousef have the most banterful relationship and you can’t convince me they don’t

like he teases her so much (fondly, never ever hurtful, never pushing boundaries). and she just narrows her eyes at him and makes some sassy response and literally roasts yousef and it makes yousef’s head fall back with laughter because sana is just so funny and clever and where does this girl get her wit from

sana lowkey loves making yousef laugh. she loves making all her friends laugh

there is one time where yousef runs over and nudges sana’s hand while she’s applying some of her Dark Lipstick™ and that’s the only time she hasn’t said anything and instead runs over to him and swats him over the head (he ducks and tries to avoid it but you can’t avoid sana when she’s on a mission). and everyone around them is ????? what is happening???? but yousef is laughing so everyone guesses that it’s all good (sana is totally not laughing either she’s completely annoyed what do you mean the corners of her mouth are twitching upwards)

anyway they’re at this party one time and yousef is just chilling with his arm around mikael (mikael is playing with the fingers yousef has on mikael’s shoulder, trailing up and down them lazily). sana is there too, and it’s the first time yousef has introduced her to mikael properly. like, they’ve met in passing before, but this is the first time sana has met mikael as yousef’s boyfriend. and yousef is aware that sana has been eyeing mikael the whole night, been asking him pressing questions. and she’s been kind of tough on mikael, actually. 

(when she leaves to check vilde isn’t throwing up, mikael turns to yousef and says, “she hates me!” and yousef just rolls his eyes and shakes his head and says “no, baby, she doesn’t hate you” but he kind of wishes sana would chill just a little bit)

but yousef knows she won’t, really. because as much as sana and yousef joke around, they are like brother and sister, and sana would never keep quiet if yousef was with someone that she didn’t think was worthy of him

but she comes back and sits next to them and they start talking again and yousef tries to change the atmosphere to something more relaxed. it’s all chill, everything is chill, the vibe is good, even if yousef can tell that mikael is still a little nervous.

then someone accidentally spills a drink over sana and oh my god yousef tries really hard not to laugh - like he tries, tries so hard, but sana KNOWS he finds this funny so she turns to him and glares at him and that’s when he loses it, laughter bubbling out of him, he can’t help it

and he chokes out an, “are you okay?” even though he knows she’s fine, and sana just glares at him more and says, “is something funny?” and oh god yousef just laughs more and more until suddenly sana is throwing a drink over him too

and he scoffs, shakes his hair like a dog (splattering it all over mikael, thank you very much), and then he asks, “what was that for?!” 

sana just scowls and says “you know what that was for, yousef acar”

and mikael snorts and yousef turns to him, mocking offence, saying, “what, you’re taking her side now, baby?!”

and mikael just shrugs and says “you deserved it”, grinning like an idiot before moving some of yousef’s wet hair away from his eyes and asking, a little more softly, “are you okay?”

and something in sana’s expression softens because she registers the tone in mikael’s voice, the softness, the way he looks at yousef with so much warmth and admiration. and even though yousef is literally the biggest idiot on the planet, sana knows he deserves to have someone speak to him and look at him the way mikael speaks and looks at him. with care, with gentleness, with teasing grins and soft touches.

okay. okay. maybe she’ll give mikael a chance after all.

Can we talk about Shalluratt (is that the ship name??) because its so great and I love it??? Just imagine it

-Matt LOVES to brag about Allura and Shiro. They’re both so beautiful and badass, how do you not expect him to? They, in turn, brag about their super smart super amazing boyfriend.

-Shiro getting embarrassed by the Allura/Matt tag team. They made a pact to make him blush at least once a day. So far, they’ve succeeded. Shiro is dying.

-I don’t know if Allura/Matt would be romantically involved with each other or not but I can totally see hugs, cuddles and cheek/forehead kisses begin shared, platonically or not

-They all match with each other, its so cute.

-Cuddles, so much cuddles

-Matt is an attention seeking kitty, he’ll lay across Allura or Shiro’s lap whenever he’s in need of love. Allura finds it adorable. Shiro rolls his eyes but gives Matt what he wants.

-Shiro: The stars are beautiful.
Matt: Yeah.
Shiro: You know what else is beautiful?
Shiro&Matt: Allura.
Allura: *blushing furiously* Guys, ohmygosh.

-For Valentine’s Day, Allura bakes sweets with the help of Hunk, Shiro writes super sappy poems and Matt goes over the top by ordering a truckload of rose petals and dumping them on their lawn. It tools months to get rid of all of them. Matt still thinks it was worth it.

-All three are super horrible with sleep schedule so they stay up watching sappy love movies or conspiracy documentaries.

-Matt getting picked up by Shiro and/or Allura and him blushing everytime.

-Matt trying to pick up Shiro or Allura but falling to the ground because he has twig arms. He gets smooches for effort tho so its all good.

-Matt: *laughs*
Shiro: I get to kiss him first.
Allura: Over my dead body.

-They’re Team Older Siblings

-Matt: So when we get married, which last name are we taking?
Allura: Not mine, it’s too long even for me.
Shiro: If I take your last name, Matt, am I even “Shiro” anymore?
All three: Holy shit.

anonymous asked:

while I agree that Negan is not a good person, he's most definitely not a rapist. he never forced any of the wives to sleep with him. also I agree that he's not truly developed as a character yet, but he's only been on the show for 1 season...

no offense but coercing someone into “marrying” you and having sex with you by threatening the lives of their loved ones and denying them medication for their potentially life-threatening condition is rape.

as for negan not being truly developed yet because he hasn’t been on the show long enough… gareth (the cannibal guy) was in a total of 4 episodes and he’s still one of the best written and most genuinely menacing antagonists the walking dead has ever had. -rita


  Request: Hi! Can I request a Kai imagine with numbers 13,63 and 99? <3 <3

Prompts: “Kiss me.” “Stop running from this. I know I’m not the only one who feels it.” “We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.”

Imagine~ Being trapped with Kai and he reveals his feelings for you. 

“How the hell did you manage to get us both stuck in here?” Kai shouts at you angrily. 

You rolled your eyes at his temper, clearly not intimidated by him. “Maybe if you hadn’t tried to kill everybody you don’t like we wouldn’t be here at all.” you retorted. 

He rolled his eyes at you, clearly irritated by the whole situation. You had a love/ hate relationship with Kai, you’d always had feelings for him but he was also a complete ass. He trusted you with everything but he never showed how much he actually valued you. 

“All you had to do was distract him using your boobs or some shit and you couldn’t even do that.” he groaned, running his hands through his hair. 

“Sorry, I didn’t feel comfortable using my body to distract some random pervert for one of your stupid plans to kill a witch.” you said, smiling sarcastically to the boy. 

“He wouldn’t of touched you, I wouldn’t of let him.” Kai said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

You scrunched your eyebrows, confused as to why he was caring about anyone else but himself. 

Kai was the most selfish person you knew and you’d always doubted whether or not he would save you if it meant putting himself in harms way. Which is why you never put yourself in dangerous situations for Kai. 

 “Since when did you care for anybody else but yourself?” you scoffed as wandered around the lodge the witch had locked you both in to. 

Kai scoffed at your words turning to you as you scoured the house, wondering where the hell you were. 

“What the hell are you looking for?” he said, completely ignoring your question completely. 

“Looking for something that can tell me where on earth we are so we can leave.” you said, glancing over at Kai briefly.

Kai rolled his eyes as you looked around. There was absolutely nothing to tell you how to get out or where you were. 

The lodge was completely falling apart and you could tell it’d been abandoned for sometime. You were completely human which is why you were surprised you weren’t dead yet considering how much you did for Kai. 

“Nothing bad’s going to happen. He just left us here to annoy me.” Kai groaned, rolling his eyes.

“We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” you smiled sarcastically, thinking about everything bad that could possibly happen here. 

“I’m a heretic, we’ll be fine.” he said, more confident than it should’ve been. 

“A heretic who with a neck snap is out for about half an hour. And I’m a human who can do just about nothing to defend myself.” you said with raised eyebrows, clearly annoyed with him. 

He rolled his eyes, annoyed at the fact you damaged his huge ego. 

“At least I’m not a defenseless human.” he sneered, gradually coming closer to you. 

But you weren’t intimidated, not even in the slightest. If he hurt you, you wouldn’t help him and he really needed your help. 

“So what if I am? You couldn’t do half of your evil plans without me so I’m not exactly useless.” you smirked, walking towards Kai with every word. 

It annoyed Kai that he didn’t intimidate you but he knew everything you were saying was true. Kai needed you for a lot and without you he would be screwed. 

“What makes you think that? I don’t need you in the slightest.” he smirked, towering over you. 

“Yes, you do.” you grinned, running your finger down his chest before grinning up at him. 

“Kiss me.” he whispered. 

You were completely stunned for a moment, he must’ve been joking. Right? You refused to believe his feelings were true, especially after all of the times he’d used you for his own gain. 

“W-What?” you stammered, still taken aback by him. 

“You heard me.” he breathed before smashing his lips against yours. 

You kissed back almost immediately, all of your feelings conflicted. You didn’t want to enjoy it but you did. 

You knew he was most probably just using your feelings so you wouldn’t leave him but somewhere inside of you wanted to believe he was being true right now. 

Before you could pull your thoughts together he pulled away, leaving you conflicted. 

“Y/N..” he started but stopped when he saw the look on your face, waiting for you to say something. 

“Kai, we can’t. I can’t.” you breathed shakily, your emotions conflicted. 

His face turned from normal to hurt at your words. His eyebrows scrunched wondering why you’d refused him so quickly. 

“Why?” he croaked, upset at the fast rejection from somebody he was so close with. 

“Because I don’t know if you actually like me or if you’re just using me. And I don’t know if I feel the same away.” you lied, knowing damn well about your feelings for him. 

“Don’t lie to me.” he said, hurt evident in his voice. 

“I can’t do this.” you said slowly. It pained you to it because everything within you wanted to be with the cocky heretic. 

“Stop running from this. I know I’m not the only one who feels it.” he stated, looking straight through you. 

You let out a shaky breath not sure what to say. 

“Don’t make this difficult, Kai.” you sighed desperately trying to keep yourself together. 

You ran your fingers through your hair, looking for any form of distraction to take you away from the situation. 

You glanced over at Kai and you saw the pain that was evident in his face. 

Something within you told you to hug him, kiss him and be with him in general; but you couldn’t allow yourself to. 

“Please.” he squeaked, and you could feel a glint of hope. He wouldn’t try this hard for to keep somebody, let alone you. 

Which is why somewhere inside you stirred and you felt as if he was being honest, he actually liked you. 

You stood in silence, unsure what to do. Kai stared on at you, waiting for what you were going to say or if you were going to say anything at all.

“Lets figure out how to get out of here first.” you sighed, leaving him hurt and confused. 

(a/n) ooo not a happy ending who saw that one coming ay. 

Secrets, Songs and Bad Habits part 2

In which the strange dynamic gets stranger.

A/N: I’ve had such a positive response to part one of this imagine and I am so extremely grateful! I seriously just want to hug you all. However I can’t so I have decided to post this instead and make this a little series with maybe some smut in the next chapter?!?! I hope you like it lovelies xoxo

Warnings: language and kissing? (is that even a warning idk)

At two o’clock you clambered out of your window, this time with a new anticipation. You had thought of nothing but Jughead since you had left his arms to return to your slumber. Sure, he had acted like a total prick but his confession and that kiss made up for it all. You lowered yourself from your roof and onto the dewy grass beneath then turned around to be met with the sight of a tall, dark-haired boy staring at the floor, cheeks flushed and hands in his pockets. You smirked and slowly approached him. his chiselled features and curls peeking out from his beanie were illuminated by the fiery glow of the streetlamps. He looked up at you and mimicked your smirk as his eyes ghosted over your attire.

“Shut up, you dig it really?” you whispered teasingly, motioning to your lack of bottoms and the raggedy hoodie hanging loosely over your curves and inching further towards him.

“I didn’t say any…” he was cut off by your lips on his. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you impossibly closer and he chuckled against your lips when he noticed that you were stood on your tiptoes and straining to reach him despite him leaning downwards. He pulled away and you gazed back at him doe eyed and biting your lip. You drove him crazy. “So, I’m guessing you didn’t regret last night?”

“Not at all,” you whispered in response, reconnecting your lips with his for a moment before reluctantly pulling away once more, “do you?”

“Well…” he pretended to consider it but his lopsided grin gave him away and you promptly shut him up with another kiss.

“Come on Juggie, let’s walk,” you wrapped both of your arms around his in an attempt to gather some heat amongst the chilly autumn air. You fell into step with each other, making your way towards the drive-in as you had done for the past few weeks.


Monday morning rolled around and you waltzed groggily through the hallway, too tired to be aware of your surroundings. You almost toppled over on your heels as you were pulled into the janitors closet under the stairwell. Still out-of-it you blinked confusedly at your ambusher only to find Jughead with his back to you peeking out of the door that was cracked open slightly.

“Jug what the fu-” you were cut off by his lips on yours. When he pulled away he just stood there smiling sheepishly as you looked back at him with furrowed brows. “Why are we in the janitors’ closet?”

“So nobody sees us!” he replied, scoffing and narrowing his eyes as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. You snorted in annoyance.

“Why the fuck don’t you want anyone to see us?” you demanded, hands on hips.

“I thought we’d discussed this Princess, to everyone else we aren’t an us and that’s just the way it has to be…” he sighed and although you were slightly disappointed by his apparent desire for secrecy, you simply couldn’t help the smile that crept onto your lips as he referred you both as a collective.

“Hmmm…so, does that mean that this,” you motioned between you two with your index finger and then grabbed his shirt in your fist, yanking him closer so that you were backed up against the wall and his forehead rested against yours, “is an us?”

He swallowed thickly, wetting his lips in contemplation and you nervously chewed on your bottom lip whilst anticipating his response.

“Look, I don’t know what this is…” your heart dropped momentarily and disappointment invaded your thoughts until he spoke again, his voice wavering with honest nervousness, “…but I really, really don’t want it to end.”

He looked at you, light eyes filled with sincerity and want. His breathing was heavy and you could tell that it was unusual for him to be so open.

“Me neither,” you breathed and he reached up to cup your face with his hand, thumb running over your lower lip before leaning down and pressing a searing kiss your lips and then a chaste one to your nose. You giggled lightly at his affectionate gesture and intertwined your hands.

“So…” Jughead began but he was cut off by echoing ring of the bell that signalled the beginning of the school day. He sighed in exasperation and brought his hand up to scratch the back of his neck, “…to be continued?”

“To be continued” and with that you slid out from your place between him and the wall and opened the door, merging effortlessly into the crowds of people flooding through the walkways and falling into step beside Cheryl.

You left Jughead trying to stifle a grin and realising that she to him was the equivalent of her cigarettes. She was like a bad habit – he knew he shouldn’t want her but he craved her more than anything because despite the fact that he knew being with her was a bad idea, he couldn’t help himself, when he was with her it felt so good.

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I read a fic a while back and can't remember the name of it. In the fic Dan and Phil got married while drunk in Vegas with Tyler and Louise and a couple other of their friends.. Im pretty sure that they wait to get a divorce and I remember that Dan is really upset about being married to Phil but they end up falling in love and get remarried. Thanks!!

A Map of My Heart and Mind (ao3) -  Dan and Phil get drunk and wake up married in Vegas, the day after Dan’s 25th birthday. Dan thinks they could just get it annulled but Dan knows what marriage means to Phil, how important it is, and he wonders if they can just fake it for a year so it’s not a total waste and then divorce. Of course, a year is a long time to pretend to be married and things can always change…

- Eliza

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about once JJ and Otabek finish there school and get there jobs right. Maybe them working together to send Yurio back to school, cause they both love him and want him to do something too that makes him happy?

While they both totally would, the direction in my mind plotwise that the AU takes actually goes a bit differently than that. Basically, Yuri just becomes Otabek’s manager when his DJ career actually takes off, and he doesn’t really need to go back to school because he just has the hands on experience by that point. Maybe if he asked to go back to school so he could be a better manager the boys would obviously support him, but to me that’s how things progress in the AU

(Also, JJ does get into law but also helps Otabek with all the legal side of things~)

dazzledreams  asked:

Dan said in an interview there was version of the transformation where he emerges from rose petals shirtless. He said he worked out b/c of that scene but it was re shot b/c some mother in early screenings thought it meant he was naked and didn't want their daughters seeing it ( pfft they just didn't want to admit they liked it more then they should have,) I really need this on the DVD/Blue Ray! I love to see how it differs especially with Belle there. Please let it be on there!


I’m all about more Dan. :)

Wearing Their Shirt (Flash Preference)

Requested by anon:

Their reaction to you wearing their favorite t shirt Barry Eobard Caitlin Cisco Harry Hunter Eowells Eddie Snart and Iris :)

Barry: Barry would just smile the biggest when seeing you in his shirt. He would look you up and down, observing you and enjoying the sight, taking in the moment. Then he would just be all flirty and hold you close, kissing you as he tells you how adorable you look in it.

Eobard: He would pretend it wasn’t oaky for you to take his shirt. And he would put on the act for a while until you actually get worried and then he would grin and you would just roll your eyes and slap his arm, to which he laughs.

Caitlin: Her reaction would be adorable. Open her eyes wide and blush, totally not expecting it. She would stutter and ask you why you took her shirt even if she tries to clarify that she loves you wearing it and that you look really cute on it.

Cisco: He would be a nerd about it. Cisco would pretend to be offended that you’re wearing his favorite shirt, claiming that he never gave you the permission. But in the end he would drop it and say you just look better in it that he does.

Harry: It would startle and fluster him a little. At first he would be a bit confused and lost, not really knowing what to do about it. He would be a bit awkward as he approaches and compliments you on how you look on it.

Hunter: When he sees you, it makes you wonder if it upset him. But then he smirks and walks closer to you and just wraps you in his arms and is super smug and flirty about it.

Eowells: The first genuine reaction would be awkwardness and surprise, but he would soon recover and act all flirty and smug towards you.

Eddie: He would be astounded and would just stare at you with heart eyes and the biggest grin. Eddie would be an absolute cutiepie about it, bathing you in compliments and reminding you how much he loves you and how great you are.

Leonard: Leonard would be confused by the sight, squinting his eyes until he would end up smirking and making a small comment about how great you look in it. And then, cue the flirting and making out.

Iris: She would chuckle, not really expecting to see you wearing her favorite shirt. But she decided to take it in her favor and flirt a little, pointing out how you also fit it nicely. Even if she would tease you saying she looks better on it just to wind up a bit. 

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A concept: s/o telling TFA Blurr they love his voice and find listening to him ramble soothing. I mean, I can totally see why it's maybe not some people's cup of tea but I think it's super cute and endearing ysugihgfhd


Blurr TFA

He’s not used to hearing people say that about his voice, he’s used to passive aggressive comments and the occasional eye roll. He never really thought it was hurtful, just incredibly tiring to hear all the time. You were sitting on the edge of his desk one day while one such comment was made, interrupting his mission report. He scoffed and kept on going, albeit more slowly. Even though he shrugged it off the comment made you mad 

Later, when the two of you were alone, you asked if you could tell him something. A bit confused, he listened to you say, “Remember this morning when that bot said you talk too fast? I know those comments don’t bother you, I just want you to know that I find it really soothing to listen to and I love your voice and how you talk.” 

At first he thought you were just saying that to be nice, but when you insisted that no, you really meant it, he was a bit speechless. Very speechless in fact, he opened and closed his mouth at least three times before getting out a weak ‘oh’. Once he got his train of thought back, he barreled right into a lengthy thank you, getting more and more flustered throughout. Somewhere in there he ends up rambling about all the things he likes about you too, he wants you to feel as special as you make him feel 

After Zero

Just a little Kalluzeb I had to write after that damn fanalie. Spoilers for season 3. Also available on ao3

Kallus was still standing at the back of the Ghost when Zeb walked up to him.

“Hey Kallus, I was curious, if - ah - if anyone had looked you over…” Zeb trailed off while gesturing at Kallus’ face.

Kallus managed to hold back a wince as he gave a half smile. “No. It’s fine really. There are others that need the attention more than I do.”

Zeb rolled his eyes and his ear flicked, “Come on, I’ll patch ya up.”

Kallus hesitated for a moment, but the look Zeb threw over his shoulder was too much. He couldn’t refuse.

While walking to the small medbay they had on board, Kallus felt like everyone was staring at him. He felt so out of place, still in his ISB uniform.

Zeb gestured to a seat, while he grabbed some supplies. “This really isn’t necessary, Zeb. Honestly. I’ll be fine.”

“Shut it. You kept us from dying. Now sit still, this is probably going to sting.” Kallus pretended not to notice the smirk Zeb had while saying that last part.

Kallus winced, but didn’t move. Zeb’s hand was gentle on his chin, as he helped keep him steady.

“You know,” Zeb started after a moment, keeping an eye on what he was doing. “We really are all grateful for what you’ve done for us. You gave up everything just to help us, to help the entire rebellion. I - we want to thank you for doing that.”

Zeb still hadn’t attempted to make eye contact, and if Kallus was honest with himself, he was grateful for it.

Kallus wasn’t able to say anything for a few moments, trying to decide the right words. “It was the honorable thing to do.”

Zeb smiled as his ears perked forward. He took a step back as he wrapped one hand around the other, doing the small traditional bow.

After a moment Zeb placed one of his large hands on Kallus’ shoulder turning him around “C’mon Kal, let’s see if we can get you set up with some new clothes. I’m sure we’ve got something,these are a little outdated for you.”

Kallus gasped, he definitely landed on that shoulder at one point, “Fine, but if you hand me a one armed sweater, you are dropping me off at the next habitable planet.”

Zeb laughed heartily. Kallus was glad to have had the chance to hear it, and hoped he would hear it much more often.

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Yes! That anon is right. It's the video she posted on her instagram stories and he was showing her pictures of cats and he said "hold on, babe" !!!!! At least I heard that

Anonymous said: did you find the cat video? omg I need to see it!!! :D


THIS IS THE VIDEO (via the all so lovely @betty-and-jughead)

OH MY FUCKING GOD; seeing it again it DOES totally sound like he’s saying hold on babe!!!!!!!!! (could also definitely be hold on wait, but ima ignore that fact)

anonymous asked:

OKAY this ain't canon but Candace totally gets an internship w/ OWCA and on her first day she sees Perry in the hall and at that point neither of them know 'cause OWCA never explains anything and Perry has a mini heart attack and Candace just screams 'cause "he knows I called him a meatbrick and holy f*ck THAT'S where he goes all the time" and then Vanessa walks by and is like "oh, so it's YOUR platypus that beat my dad up on a regular basis" and Candace is just DONE.

OKAY I LOVE THIS!! There’s so many great things that could come out of Candace interning at OWCA and I’m just. Yes. Even though it’s not canon, it’s great.

First off, she’d strike up a friendship with Perry after recognizing him. She’d probably end up talking to him (and looking through that pamphlet from the 2nd Dimension episode) and realizing that he’s actually pretty cool. And of course she’s friends with Vanessa already, but while interning there together I feel like they’d grow a lot closer. And maybe she’d even be friends with Carl!

Plus, OWCA is a perfect job for Candace. Their whole goal is to bust people! Even if she isn’t the one doing the busting, she’d get to see people busted by the agents every day. Maybe she and Perry could bond over their shared goal of busting people who do thing they aren’t supposed to.

Okay I could go on but my point is this is a rEALLY GOOD headcanon omg

elsabuesodeflorencia  asked:

Bro you got any of them lance hcs? I'd love you forever if you share some

*cracks knuckles* that’s like my life’s purpose tbh

  • Lance’s actual first name is Lancelot, and his siblings also have medieval-ish themed names because his parents met at a Ren Fair!
    • Regarding his sibling’s names: he has two younger siblings who are non-identical twins and their names are Gwen (short for Guinevere) and George (bc of the king). He also has an older brother called Artie (short for Arthur).
  • When he was like 12 he totally had BOTH an emo phase and a random phase, creating a somewhat hellspawn of a 12 year old
    • Is STILL low key emo. makes fun of Keith for liking emo songs, but REALLY likes those emo songs
      • Lance, grabbing a hair brush and singing into it: WOOOOAAAAAHH, IT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO BRAG, TO STEAL IT ALL AWAY FROM YOU NOW
      • Keith, barging into his room: BUT GOD DOES IT FEEL SO GOOD
    • Obsessed with penguins for some reason. Made a lot of penguin OCs and created a world around them that was… weirdly lore heavy?
      • 11 yr old Lance: Hi my name is Lance and this is my penguin OC. He’s a blue macaroni penguin which means that he’s helpful and that he’s awesome in every way and he is the best.
      • 11 yr old Lance, wheeling out a whiteboard: Okay there’s also several other types of macaroni penguins: The pink macaroni penguin is an energetic, witty, funny, cool, awesome penguin. The green macaroni penguin is more reserved, however just as awesome and a good friend once you get to know them. They are incredibly smart. The yellow macaroni penguin is a ray of sunshine, and would protect their friends at all costs. Rad as *whispers underneath his breath* fuck. The purple macaroni penguin is far more flirty and fiesty than the other penguin types, and they can be sneaky- but that doesn’t mean they’re bad penguin types. The-
      • 11 yr old Keith, butting in: what about red macaroni penguins?
    • He drew all of those penguins in a sketchbook wholly dedicated to his penguinsonas (flippersonas?). They all had mohawks and rad eyeliner that took him like 40 minutes to draw
  • He’s… so… bi…………. bless his heart….
    • He didn’t really ‘always’ like both guys and girls? He thought he was straight for like most of his life until when he was like 13 and started noticing how cute come of the popular guys in his school were
    • He tried out the bi label after sorta finding out what it is and was like ‘yeah. yeah this is good!’ and it worked out for him
  • His self-esteem may be taking a bit of a blow right now, but it used to be a lot worse a few years back.
    • He doesn’t let his friends know that he’s like that at all. He hides it whenever possible, because he’s LANCE. The fun-loving, goofy guy that keeps everyone’s spirits up with pick-up lines, jokes, and boosting morale. No way is he ever going to make people worry about him
    • Has an issue with ‘being the best’. Because he thinks if he isn’t the best, there isn’t really a reason for people to think he’s worth something, or special. A pretty big reason why he’s kinda rivals with Keith at least.

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ൠ that big wheezy guy we all know and love

From the headcanon ask meme:

ൠ - random headcanon

If Vader encountered a ysalamir (Force-nullifying lizard thing), he would collapse and be rendered almost totally nonfunctional when its Force-nullifying abilities kicked in. 

I have had this bizarre fic idea in the back of my head for months, where Thrawn comes into a meeting late, stroking the ysalamir in his arms like he’s a bond villain, and Vader just crashes to the floor and goes into convulsions while the assembled officers stare at him in a silent panic. 

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Oh my gosh, I totally get the Captain Underpants thing. My lil bro is suuuper ADHD, so when he was little he could only read short(ish) books with plot lines that were over quickly, which is surprisingly hard to find. He LOVED Captain Underpants, and I even signed him up for the weird newsletter thing they did??? Anyway, they were a Godsend for an ADHD kid with an active imagination and not a lot of ways to express it.

Yeah man, I totally get that. Like my mum’s a teacher and I remember her researching Dav Pilkey (cuz she does that) and basically finding out that that was the case for a LOT of kids. The great thing about Captain underpants is they are SUPER easy to read, but because of their thickness and how they’re formatted, they look like a real book. So kids who have weak literacy skills don’t have to be embarrassed by bringing a pre school looking book to school. They can bring captain underpants, a book that’s fun and they can actually read, and it looks just like their friends’ books.

My brother is neurotypical. Like he doesn’t have a diagnosis of any kind, but my mum really struggled to get him to voluntarily read as a kid, and he still has issues with writing today. He’s at university now for mechatronic engineering (my bro is basically Hunk guys. I’m not kidding. He will make muffins and 3d model something in the same afternoon) and he still gets either my mum or I to check over his essays because they need a lot of work. But Captain Underpants was a huge influence in making him enjoy reading. It helped him to see that it doesn’t have to be boring and that it’s possible for him to finish a whole book. Today he still reads comics like Chew and Batman more than he reads actual novels, but that’s ok.

Basically Captain Underpants got a lot of kids who struggled with reading excited about opening a book, and I will defend this shit to my grave.


Arabella: And how does it feel to be dad?
Adan: That’s… tough. But awesome indeed. Sometimes you just want to give up cause it’s tiring, and complicated, and you’re continuosly afraid to mess up sometimes. Every move you make could shape he’s character you know, it’s not something to understimate.. but when I see him, everything changes. He’s just our world now. What about you two? Still taking it slow?
Arabella: Everyone need its own time I guess… it’s not an easy step so, we’re figuring out which path to follow…

Tristan looked at her backing him up as if he never saw something more beautiful than that: she would have done anything to cover him with his friends, so that he wouldn’t seem weak or immature, even if he totally was. He knew how bad she wanted to get married he just… couldn’t? It was nothing to do with love, he loved her as much as when he poked her near the monkey bars… he was just scared. As fuck.


40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 35:      The Master’s Touch Affair (S4 E6)

Can I just say how adorable drugged!Illya is? He’s all disorientated and looks totally like a little lost puppy (I know he’s a kitten but when he looks at Napoleon with those puppy eyes, it’s like my love finally comes to rescue me) XD And I “enjoy” seeing Napoleon manhandles Illya, it’s a bit rough I admit, but you can totally understand it’s because Napoleon worries about Illya deeply. The ending isn’t all that satisfying, but we all know whom Napoleon spends the night with in the end :) I also made a funny post about this episode a while ago, if anyone is interested!

(( Honestly the duet is still really nice, because wow Rider and Adam’s voices sound so lovely together.

Can you imagine their faces though when they found out they were doing this episode?

Cause i would love to know what their reactions were, especially to the dang poster .

Adam was very much aware of tomco for a long time before this episode aired, and he’s totally chill with it. But i can only imagine how amusing it must have been for both of them to find out they were singing a love song with their characters considering nobody could’ve seen that coming from season 1.

If Rider wasn’t aware of tomco before, he certaintly is now XD ))