and he is ruining my life

twenty one pilots has ruined my life in the course of a week. So here, have a Blurryface. He’s on fire or something. 

I’ve been listening to these guys for a while now, but I’ve only recently decided to try my hand at making some art for them, since I’ve been seeing so many wonderful and inspiring pieces being made by fellow fans. So yeah, hi!

I’m sorry it’s so messy lmao I dunno what I did with this anymore I can’t paint

mayeangel8  asked:

Sooooo I heard you just watched the Princess Bride, therefore it's story time. During filming for the fire swamp scene, where Buttercup's dress catches on fire, William Goldman was on set watching. Keep in mind that he WROTE that scene. He wrote the entire book. So her dress catches on fire, and he FLIPS OUT. He screams, he ruins the shot, and everyone just looks at him, like, "the heck?" and then of course he's super embarrassed and whatnot. Anyway.

Me: *totally didn’t already know that*

Me: *totally didn’t google every piece of trivia I could find about the movie as soon as it finished*

Me: *totally isn’t obsessed with this movie now and TOTALLY isn’t wondering where it’s been all my life and 100% isn’t thinking about cosplaying a genderbent Inigo Montoya*




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She's grieving, you know. She'll never get over losing her sparkmate. They were going to have a life together. And you ruined it. You didn't even do most of the work, the vehicons did.

That’s not my problem. 

And idiots who go rushing into well guarded mines with no backup don’t deserve any better than getting taken down by small fry. He should feel honored I even bothered with him instead of having him shot. Who do you think posted those guards and ran those operation so flawlessly anyway? Me. I set up the conditions for that victory, and I personally dealt the killing blow. He could easily have been rescued by his pesky compatriots, but he wasn’t because I was decisive. No other Decepticons managed to offline any Autobots, because they were too busy trying to impress them.


Ness: I’m not sure where Porky- er, Pokey ended up. Luke or Claus would probably know better but… I don’t want to bring it up. For most of my life I knew Pokey as nothing more than a nuisance. For them, he was a dictator that ruined their lives and destroyed what they loved most. It’s a sensitive subject, y’know?


a quick doodle i did after holidays

not really sure if this has been done yet…