and he is ruining my life


The true depths of strength, of resilience, of honor and loyalty.

I didn’t think the others gave him enough credit—for noticing the shift in someone’s emotional current. To command legions, I supposed, he needed to be able to read that sort of thing, judge when his soldiers or enemies were strong or breaking or broken.

“I’m a warrior. I’ve walked beside Death my entire life. I would be more afraid for her, to have that power. But not afraid of her.” He considered, and added after a heartbeat, “Nothing about Nesta could frighten me.”

Cassian had been born for this—these fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation. I’d never seen anything like it—the skill and precision. It was like a dance. I must have said it aloud because Mor replied, 
“For him, that’s what battle is. A symphony.”

Cassian’s own voice broke as he said, “I never got to repay your mother—for her kindness. Let me do it this way. Let me buy you time.”


Imagine Sam realising he can have both you and hunting

You stretched out your limbs, relishing in the warmth of your blankets as you turned in your bed. Your body stiffened when you collided with another but you smiled when you saw who it was. “When did you get here?”

“Early this morning, let my self in.” He grinning down at you, a hand running through your hair. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, like I said before; this is your home now too.” You lazily kissed at his cheek, enjoying the way his smile grew wider at your words.

“I’ve missed waking up to you.” He confessed, arms tightening around your waist.

“Me too.” You snuggled in closer to his chest and were suddenly reminded of a time Sam had admitted that he was afraid his way of life would eventually ruin your relationship. “And to think you said this wouldn’t work.”

“You aren’t going to let that go are you?” He chuckled lightly, shoulders raising up and down.

“Just admit you were wrong and I’ll never speak of it again.” You smirked, eyes looking at him through thick lashes.

“Fine I was wrong.” He held his hands up in a sign of a defeat, nose nuzzling into your hair as he inhaled the scent of your shampoo.

You playfully jabbed at his side as you smiled contently. “Now that’s something I could hear everyday.”

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Nesta gritted her teeth, trying to haul Cassian up once more. A broken sound of pain ripped from him. “Go!” He barked at her.

“I Can’t,” she breathed, voice breaking. “I can’t.”

The same words Rhys had given him.

Cassian grunted in pain, but lifted his bloodied hands - to cup her face. “I have no regrets in my life, but this.” His voice shook with every word. “That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta.”

She didn’t stop him as he leaned up and kissed her - lightly. As much as he could manage.

Cassian said softly, brushing away the tear that streaked down her face, “I will find you again in the next world - the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.”

—  A Court of Wings and Ruin (pg. 652)

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Can you do some headcanons about Maglor too? They can be about anything, I just couldn't help but ask for him too after I saw the Maedhros ones ^^

Sorry guys, I’m not trying to make these boring but I’m sick at the moment and it’s crushing my creativity 😰

-Anyways, a lot of people view Maglor as being the smallest and gentlest of his brothers. I view him as being just as tall and as dangerous as the rest of Feanorians.
-If so more dangerous because he’s most likely the calmest but studies have shown that people that are good at music have a higher in. So, I feel like he’d be able to ruin your life and no one would know because he’s so good with his connection and strategy.
-Very manipulative.
-Quiet and observant but by no means timid and afraid. He’ll state his opinion and back it up quite well (his skill is almost to par with Celegorm’s smart and persuasive mouth.)
-Extremely dangerous with his blade.
-He could have probably brought Angband down by himself because he’s a quiet killer.
-This got so dark I’m sorry.
-Cool and calculating blue eyes. Piercing your soul when he looks at you.
-Smooth, large pale hands, fingers calloused at the end from centuries of playing instruments.

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sub otabek has ruined my life because now he's the only thing I think about

same?? i hope you’re all already writing your fics about sub otabek because i want them all

A crazy man just came up to me on the subway platform and started ranting at me. He called me “fatso” and said I was disgusting and he couldn’t stand to look at me. He said I smelled and I needed to fix that by losing some weight and that I wasn’t fooling anybody. I just stared at him, dumbstruck. Then he spit on me and walked away, muttering, “fuckin’ fat bitch.”

I know he was mentally ill but I’m having to work really hard not to totally lose it right now. I spend so much time and energy trying to convince myself that people AREN’T thinking that when they look at me. A stranger just shouted my worst fears at me and I couldn’t say a word. I’m humiliated, I’m ashamed, and I don’t know what to do. Why did this have to happen? It’s going to ruin weeks of my life. It’s going to take so long to get his words out of my mind.

Please send positive vibes my way, I’m really reeling from this. I wish I weren’t so sensitive and that I could get over it immediately but I’m not that strong. I’m going to hear him before I go into every audition, every time I meet a new person, every time I walk down the street. I’ll hear “fatso” echo with every bite of food I eat for months. I just feel ashamed for existing as I do right now.

*inhale* still fresh it’s 3am here Heheh uh.. I hope their pose is not awkward. Tell me if it looks weird Blame wttm I never expect it’ll be a pair skate (and sensual) gdi Seeing my old wttm drawings make me sad but also happy. Can’t believe yuri is actually skate his exhibition with beka. Never have a thought about that Beka not even won a medal This mixed feelings..


a quick doodle i did after holidays

not really sure if this has been done yet…


Endless List of Favorite Characters – Ichinose Guren (Owari no Seraph)

“Something you want to protect. Friends. Comrades. Family. Pick any or all of the above… but just find them. If you don’t, you’ll be a weakling forever.”