and he is just so handsome

BTS reaction to their s/o too shy to touch them

@  foxy-dreams  : hello! i really like your style of reactions, could i request one? when their s/o really wants physical contact but is also really really shy about it? like walking together and reaching for his fingers but just holding pinkies? thank you!    

This is soo cute *-* I love it! Hope you enjoy


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Loove this. Jin would be so adorable, cute and lovely. You getting too shy even if you really need to hug him after rought day would make him all soft. He wanted you to comfortable with him so for every possible way he’ll be slowly helping you to get over your shiness. But still he don’t want to change you.

“Y/n~ This flower need your kiss to change into really handsome prince. So come and quickly kiss him~”


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One more reason to tease you. He love you and he thought that you are really cute when you are like this. Yoongi sometimes will provoke your shiness only to see your red face. He would make fun of you that there’re so many fans that would give everything to only touch him but his soulmate is getting all shy and don’t even  want to hold his hand. He knew that you want to be in physical contact with him so he thought that maybe his teasing will encourage you.

“I knew that my being can knock everyone out. I’m just too cool.”


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Asking you why you are feeling shy. He didn’t have anything towards it but he’s curious. We all knew that if you are shy about skinship with him he would make somthing that this shiness will be going away and hope that won’t come back. Hobi can sometimes act that he’s hurt that you are holding only his pinkies but in real he think that you’re adorable.

“Owhh. My Y/N gets shy again?? Can be anything cuter than you?~ I don’t think soo”


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Trying everything to make you more comfortable around him. Of course if you’ll be fine with it. Watching movies together while hugging, cuddles and randomly kissing. Namjoon would find it cute when your face is turning red every time when he is coming towards you to kiss you. He would find way to eradicate your shiness about phisical contact.

“You are the cutest. I love you. One day you wouldn’t looks like beetroot while touching me. ”


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He would be so sweet. He’ll patiently wait when you’ll be ready to take his hand without being shy. Jimin will assure you that you don’t need to by shy around him.Sometimes he can be playfull like coming towards you and randomly taking your finger, looking deeply in your eyes if you are fine if he will take your hand.

“Jagii~ no need to by shy. I’ll give you time and your shyness towards me will dissapear.”


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Tae knew that you’re shy and that you won’t touch or kiss him because of that. So he were kissing you without any warning or when you took his finger he always taking your hand and don’t wanna leave it. He’ll be doing everything to make you less shy and transform yours desire into activity.

“I love youu~- *kiss*- you are cute- *kiss*- I love you now even more -*kiss*- You are still shy? I can do this all day~”


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He’s shy too about touching you. But when you two would date for few moths he would be more bold. You were looking at his lips for few minutes. Jungkook notice it and come closer making a small distans beetwen your and his faces. He thought that maybe he can provoke you to kiss him. You just turned red and go to another place in the room. He looked at you, started to laught and come to you and hugs you.

“Kiss me finally! Look I’ll help you. I’m not bitting”-jokingly said Jungkookie


I’m in totally in love by those gifts that the wonderful gem @djfatchip gave to me! She commissioned the amazing artist @augmented-mind to do these impressive arts of my ocs Jessica Shepard and Gustav Bertrand. Really, I don’t have words to express how much it means to me and how much I’m in love with those arts! I can’t stop staring at them and I screamed so much when I saw them. My canon Shepard, Jessica, looks absolutely gorgeous and almost exactly the way I imagine her, it’s just perfect and I’m in love with it all, seriously, it’s a dream coming true to see my beloved oc in such wonderful art! <3 She looks like a super hero and her eyes are glowing blue here because of her biotics and she is wearing the catsuit her Twin made for her, awesome! And Gustav looks exactly like the way I imagine him, even the scar in his eyebrow, he looks so handsome! I can’t stop looking at his grumpy face and smile at it <3 I have to thank the wonderful artist for this amazing job and for giving life to my ocs in the most beautiful and magestic way! Thank you so much, I don’t have words to express how much I’m in love with your art and these arts in particular! <3 And of course, I will always be thankful to my wonderful, fabulous and amazing friend Serenity! You already know that, but I don’t get tired of saying that I thank everyday that I met a friend like you, as if I knew you my entire life! It’s a dream that our ocs can meet in the wonderful universe of Lonely Hearts in Space, this universe is just a dream coming true, as it’s amazing to think of all the details and our ocs together. I really don’t have words to thank you enough for this wonderful gift, it means the world to me all your friendship and your admiration for my ocs! <3 Know that you deserve all the best in the world and you can always count on me, for everything you need! And that your ocs are wonderful too, just as your writing, stories and everything you try! You have a wonderful talent and I’m sure you will have so much success in all your dreams <3 Thank you so much, I love you, Dear! And I will always be grateful for everything! <3


Seriously. I’m tired to delete this anon hate asks against Rapier. Tired as hell.


OH! and just to stop all those fangirls who got idk why jealous of something about the comic I’ve made for @askdaddybendy \ @msmoroxide … HE’S FUCKING HOMOSEXUAL! IS NORMAL THAT HE COULD BE FLIRTY WITH AN HANDSOME GUY!



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Just a side note on E*ria. I used to work with younger students when I was in high school & this one girl loved PLL. She told me she actually wanted a relationship like E*ria's BECAUSE he was a teacher and she thought it was so adorable. This show literally has kids thinking it's okay to be in a relationship with your teacher! Isn't that so problematic? So apparently predators are okay but heaven forbid a woman wants to love another woman. We have bigger issues then that. Just wanted to share.

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This makes me so sad. The only reason E*ria is seen as adorable or cute or unproblematic is because Ian is handsome. He’s a conventionally attractive white dude. If he was overweight with greasy hair or looked like a stereotypical “gamer nerd in his mom’s basement” type, EVERYBODY would talk about how creepy this relationship is. If he was a less attractive man, everyone would see how problematic this was. It’s literally teaching girls, as you say, to think it’s okay to date a teacher, and not just that, but to automatically trust men who are attractive which can be a dangerous thing.

((birb dad ginjika iS GREAT HHHHHHH))


((AHHHHH-! Look at this handsome man!!! You captured him just right <3 You even have those little subtle wrinkles in there, a product of dad-dum over the centuries XD Thank you SO much!! I’m glad someone could capture him far better than I could ;3;~ ))

Waiters: and you still get glances from us handsome men so-

Dolly: what

Waiters: ?

Dolly: y'all don’t find that a little presumptuous

Harry: Dolly we’re not sure what you’re-

Dolly: Like I like y'all but not like that I’m sorry if-

Rudolph: oh no Dolly that’s not what-

Dolly: Oh okay just like- why is Louis crying

Harry: *comforting Louis* Louis has been working hard on his self confidence and you just basically said he wasn’t handsome

Dolly: oh my god Louis-

Stanley: and Dolly was the comment about my weight necessary like I never felt like I had a problem but I do now like why would you bring that up

Dolly: oh my god did I make this weird? I made this weird I’m so sorry

Waiters: ……

Dolly: ……

Waiters: ……


Yano as boyfriend

- secretly loves being called ‘oppa’
- your dates are mostly in cafes because no one loves cafes more than seo sangwon
- lots of couple photos
- like every time you go out on a date he insists that you take photos because MEMORIES
- and you’re like: “sangwon this is like our 46472810th date”
- but deep inside you’re really happy bc!!! He is so sweet and he really treasures all the times you’ve spent together
- buys a new memory card w/ a larger capacity bc his old memory card basically just gave up on him bc
- asks you like 1000x times which filter is better (and tbh you dont see any difference)
- you’re like: “you don’t need to filter your photos you’re handsome anyways!!”
- and he’s like “awwwww jagiyaaaaaa~” and leans in for a kiss
- but you’re like: “sangwon we’re in public!!”
- So he’s like “ok when we get home you owe me 27281827 kisses”
- the type of boyfriend who would help you w/ your homework
- although he’s also struggling with his school works + idol life
- disses your professors who always gives you a hard time in class
- gets all your classmate’s phone number so he knows who to contact IN CASE OF EMERGENCY
- and you’re like: “you don’t need to get that guy’s number i dont even know him LOL”
- he always gives you updates whenever you’re not together
- Like sends you a selfie w/ the caption “jagiiiii, we’re going to practice until late todaaay ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i miss youuuu”
-  and “Jagi, me and Sanggyun went to the konbini to buy some snacks, i’ve bought some of your favorites, wish you were here”
- and sanggyun’s like: “wtf Br0 it’s like 4am she’s prolly sleeping”
- like when you’re out on dates he always hold your hands and kiss it
- or when youre just lazing around your house, he likes giving you hugs and showering your face with kisses
- likes to lie down on your lap whenever you watch movies
- he plays with your hair when you can’t fall asleep
- sometimes when he gets writer’s block & can’t find the inspiration to write lyrics, he would video call you
- and you would tell him that he shouldn’t stress himself so much and that the lyrics will come to him in no time
- and he will feel much better bc just simply hearing your voice makes him super happy and inspired and he will have the energy and the passion to write lyrics
- when you get into a fight, he will free style rap and you couldn’t help but laugh bc it’s so silly and funny and sangwon would be like: “heheheh i’m sorry jagi-yaaaah”
- And you would end up making out in the couch bc what is a better way of making up than making out ???
- And YOU COULD SAY THAT HE CAN DO OTHER THINGS W/ his mouth other than rapping ;) ;) ;) ;) 
- is just basically a ball of fluff and you love him so much bc he is so sweet and caring and always finds time for you
- and you can only stand being mad at him for like 0.7471818 seconds
- because he is so CUTE and seriously who can stand being mad at him he’s literally like a baby!!!
- he sends you song recommendations & you find it really funny that despite him being a rapper, he actually likes ballad & sad songs
- Like he likes listening to Sam Smith and gets emo when he listens to “i know im not the only one”
- he is the maknae of the group & is always being taken care of so when’s he’s with you he tries his best to take care of you instead
- Like you got a small cut when you were cooking & he immediately rushed to the first aid kit and returned holding alcohol, betadine, cotton pad and even some bandages LOL
- and you’re like: “RELAX, i only need band aid”
- and he asks if you wanna go to the hospital and you’re like: “sangwon it’s just a wound it’s not even 1cm long!!”
- volunteers to help you cook dinner
- but is actually just finding a reason so he can flirt w/ you @ the kitchen
- like he spends half of the time hugging you from behind and kissing your neck
- and telling you how sexy you look wearing that apron
- anyways, having Yano as a boyfriend is the best thing that can ever happen to you
- because he makes you happy and smile and laugh a lot bc he hates seeing you sad
- and he would diss anyone who tries to make your life harder LOLZ
- and yep, seo sangwon is not perfect but you love him anyways bc seriously, who can hate Seo Sangwon (besides sanggyun ehem) ???

chapter 13

Mayday || Jinyoung

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Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1286

Warnings: mention of murder

note: HIIIII EVERYONE! a little bit late but here it is! I’ve been listening to IU’s new album and I’m obsessed with her voice! Literally heaven. Anyways, hope you guys had a lovely week! Happy reading and take care -admin

It was like playing two truths and a lie where I had to pinpoint the facts about Jinyoung that were true. There were so many rumours spread around him, it was hard to lay a foundation of trust between Jinyoung and I. However, that was before I knew the real Jinyoung and his intentions. My feelings for him have developed during the times I’ve spent with him, which was either getting ourselves killed or through a sexual connection. Either way, I felt my heart tug towards him whenever I see his face. Behind those handsome looks, he’s just a lost boy without a family. Behind those deceiving eyes, he was looking for someone to love him.

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Hello, Do you have a favourite look of Tom other than Ultimate Tom? Love you blog.


Well, I’ve thought too much about this and have too many answers, so I’ve had to limit myself again.  It’s a good problem to have. ;)

My opinion about Ultimate Tom… He’s just lovely.  

2012 Blonde Curly Tom in his natural state is how I picture him in my scribblings, especially Ping Pong Tom casually wearing his Armani tux at Wimbledon. He’s so summery and relaxed and the curls are perfect and I want to share a straw-burry milkshake with him while we cuddle.  The light scruff is so teasing.  

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Blonde Velvet Tom from the BAFTA’s earlier in the year is wunduhfull.  He seems so young and handsome.  How could Miss Piggy not fall for him?!

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2012 also gave us Avengers Premiere Era Tom and just…I am both aroused and exhausted looking at him.  So purty.  And vibrating with excited energy.  The London premiere is a particular favorite of mine.  His hair looks soooo soft, like a shampoo commercial.  And that tux, fondly known as The Suit (later followed be The Suit 2.0 at the Emmy Awards last year).  I love it.  The piping, the bow tie, the lapels, everything.  *sigh*

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I love Thor:TDW Premiere Era Tom in fall 2013.  As you can see from the 2012 examples, I am a big fan of the Armani years.  The London premiere three piece tux gives me the vapors.  Plus this was excellent Floof. 

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But…last year…last year we got Harry v. 2.0, essentially a newer version of Ultimate Tom but with Glasses.  He was magnificent.  

He posted that selfie with the book and then came the Evening Standard Awards and the Sky Women in Film and Television Awards and Gorilla Tom and UNICEF Tom and the final Emergency Lessons video of the year… 

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And then.  


Then there was Golden Globes Tom, beginning with Cinnamon Stick Tom.

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I mean really.  I can’t think of anything to say that isn’t crude that gets the point across, so I will only comment…. 

Y E S 

Thanks for asking!

why you should stan namjoon: his ability to manipulate and play around with the korean language

A little while ago, I asked a question about whether Korean music sounds like gibberish to non-Korean speaking listeners. Majority of those who answered said yes and for the most part, many just try to recognize certain phrases or the overall gist of the song when you are listening to it. Now this sort of got to me because as a bts fan, the members play around with words in their songs and they honestly have some of the most poetic/complex lyrics in the industry and it’s really interesting for me, a Korean-American, to be able to hear and distinguish that. But for non-Korean speakers, you guys can’t really do the same. An awesome example of this is Namjoon because well- he is just a genius, a modern-day poet. So, I’m going to try my best to try to point some of the word play in his lyrics out because I think you guys would find it just as interesting as I do!

1)  흥탄소년단/Fun Boyz

저 위 정상들이 보이지
일상에 상을 하나 더해 난 이상해지지
정상인 상태로는 정상에 못 가요 baby

trans:  “You see the peak over there, right? Add one more prize to my daily life, I’ll get weird. You can’t reach the top by being normal baby”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the word “정상” which can mean two different things depending on whether you use it as an adjective or a noun. As a noun, it means “the peak” (like the highest point of something). But as an adjective, it means “normal”. In the first line, he uses it as a noun- asking a question if you can see it. But in the third line, he uses the word in both ways. If I were to translate the last line stiffly it would be something like: “in a normal state you can’t reach the peak”

In the second line, he also does another word play.  일상 is a noun that means “daily life” while 이상 is an adjective that means “weird” or “abnormal”. However, he also makes a math pun in the line. The first syllable of  일상 is  일 which is the number 1 and the first syllable of  이상 is  이 which is the number 2. So literally, if you “add one more” to  일상 you get  이상. Add “one more” to daily life, you get weird.

Also! Note the repetition of the syllable “상” (sahng) through out his verse!

2) 고엽/ Dead Leaves

모든 낙엽은 떨어지듯이
영원할 듯하던 모든 건 멀어지듯이
너는 나의 다섯 번째 계절
널 보려 해도 볼 수 없잖아
봐 넌 아직 내겐 푸른색이야
마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네
미련이 빨래처럼 조각조각 널어지네
붉은 추억들만 더러운 내 위에 덜어지네
내 가지를 떨지 않아도 자꾸만 떨어지네
그래 내 사랑은 오르기 위해 떨어지네
가까이 있어도 나의 두 눈은 멀어지네
벌어지네 이렇게 버려지네
추억 속에서 난 또 어려지네

trans:  “As if every autumn leaf has fallen, as if everything that seemed to last forever is falling away, you’re my fifth season. Even if I try to see you, I can’t. Look, you’re still blue to me. Even if our hearts do not walk, they walk instinctively. Our lingering affections, like laundry, hang piece by piece. Only the crimson memories fall above my dirty self. Even if I do not shake my branch, it keeps on falling. Sure, for my love to ascend- it falls. Even if I’m near by, my two eyes grow further- they’re falling away. Like this, I’m being thrown away. I become young again inside my memories.”

Not only is his entire verse extremely poetic with his usage of analogies and personification and overall language but another thing that you have to make notice of is the fact that he raps in alphabetical order.

From the line 마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네 down, the verbs at the end of the lines follow alphabetical order.

The part of the Korean alphabet he uses is (from left to right) ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇ. Order-wise, and not by actual sound, its equivalent to the English alphabet would be abcdefgh.

Now pay attention to the first consonant of the first syllable of the last word of each line.

걸 어지네 , 널 어지네 , 덜 어지네 , 떨 어지네 ,떨 어지네 , 어지네 , 버 려지네 ,어 려지네



*ㄸ is a double consonant, meaning that it’s the stronger sound of ㄷ. In some alphabets, the double consonants come after its single consonant- meaning that Namjoon was still technically following Korean alphabetical order

One more thing to note is his repetition of the verb ending “-네”. This is typically used when the speaker is just taking notice of something and it implies that they have been taken aback by whatever has happened. For example, if you haven’t seen somebody in a long time, you might say something like “You’ve gotten prettier/more handsome”. In Korean, you would use the verb ending “네” for this situation and say something along the lines of “__ 예뻐졌네” or “__ 더잘생겨졌네”

So similarly, in this verse, it’s as if Namjoon is first discovering that hearts will walk instinctively, that his lingering affections hang piece by piece, that his love must fall in order to ascend, that he is becoming young inside his memories, and so on and so forth. It’s slight, but it adds a new level of depth to how you interpret his lyrics.

3) Always

난 세상을 이해하기 위해 사는데
세상은 날 이해한 적이 없어 왜
아니 딱 절반이 모자라
날 해하려 하잖아

trans: “I live to understand the world, but the world has never understood me- why? No, precisely one half is missing. It’s trying to hurt me.”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the verb 이해 which means “to understand”. When he says “precisely one half is missing”, he literally meant one half of 이해 which is 해. The verb 해하다 means “to hurt/injure” which is why he’s saying that “it’s (the world) is trying to hurt me.”  The world lacks one half of understanding him, which is why it’s trying to harm him.

Again, another thing I’d like to talk about is how he says 날 해하려 하잖아. Typically, the verb ending “하잖아” is used when you want the person/people you’re addressing to take notice of something. So, for example, if you’re craving something when you just ate- typically your friend would say something like “but we just ate!” And if you’re talking in Korean, it would be here that your friend would use the verb ending 하잖아 and use the phrase “방금 먹었잖아!” (you just ate!)

By saying 날 해하려 하잖아, it’s as if Namjoon is asking us to see that the world is trying to hurt him, it’s as if he’s implying “can’t you see this?” So it adds a whole entire new spectrum of emotion to his lyrics and I just wanted you guys to clearly hear the song the way he wrote it.