and he is handsome

things you didn’t know about the Bye Bye Man that make it sound even more like a fake movie than it already does:

  • the bye bye man has an animal sidekick. it looks like it’s a dog made of raw ground beef. 
  • a real and actual power that the bye bye man has is the ability to cause erectile dysfunction
  • when the bye bye man shows up, you hear the toot toot of a train. no reason is given for this. toot toot.
  • there are college students who own a house phone
  • faye dunaway is there
  • there is a character named Mr. Daisy. he uses the phrase “handsome boys.”
  • the bye bye man is shown in the library. he’s not cast in shadow or anything. he’s just there. he has some books. i can’t remember if we hear a toot toot when it cuts to him, but i like to think we did.
  • the bye bye man has long long touchin fingers
  • can you imagine hooking up with someone and the bye bye man broke your genitals. you would have to say “i am sorry i cannot get aroused the booboo man did a witchcraft on my peepee”
  • toot toot

In any time, in whatever apperance… he’s still handsome

The most handsome character in Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker VS Sebastian

Back during one of the recordings of anime season 1, I told Mr. Suwabe “Undertaker actually is the most handsome character in Kuroshitsuji. If the series continues, I’d be glad if you played this handsome type of Undertaker someday.” 8 years have since passed and it has finally come true. I can’t express how happy I am. –Toboso

I’ve been asked “If Undertaker is the most handsome character, then what about Sebastian?”. Well, when I draw him, I have this image of a peculiar, reptilelike yet handsome character with *’Sanpaku eyes‘ in mind. One of the A-1 pictures staff once said “It’s hard to draw Sebastian since the features of his face are rather simple and he’s not an overly handsome character. Generally speaking, handsome characters with small irises are rare in animes.” -Toboso

Ciel, too, used to have sleepy eyes in the earlier chapters and I didn’t really draw him with the image of a “super super *bishounen [good-looking young boy]” in mind. It was only later that I thought he might fall under the “gloomy *bishounen” category and thus started to draw him more beautifully, especially since Circus arc. -Toboso


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BTS's reaction to you kissing their cheek? ❤

(I’m going to say that this kiss was somewhat random)


• Probably be surprised but would find it really cute

• “Ah, you just couldn’t resist this handsome face, could you.” 

• But on the inside he would be really happy about you showing your affection

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• Confused

• Probably wonder why kiss him so suddenly

• But he wouldn’t mind it

• Would definitely tease you

• After he was satisfied with the teasing he would ask: You want to kiss somewhere else this time? (only if he was in the mod though)

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• kiss you back on the lips immediately

• Maybe it would escalate

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• Would find it super cute and hug you tightly

• “Aish Jagi, you’re too cute, can I kiss you for real?”

• Cuddling/hugging would ensue

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• Would somehow accidentally turn around and end up kissing you on the lips

• really embarrassed but wouldn’t regret it

• “Can we do it again?”

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Okay, I can see this going two ways

First one:

• omg this lil mochi would be so flustered

• would try to act cool but is bright red

• mochi smiles

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• turns his head and his eyes look back and forth from your eyes to lips

• Slowly leans in to kiss you

• after the kiss, when your faces are still close, he would do that smirk/smile

• “Just go straight for my lips next time jagi”

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• ??????

• Blushing

• Nervous/happy giggling

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A. A. A. A. A. Hello I’m just a kitten!anon and help! Can’t stop making the handsome Charataker and when I saw the request about them being a bride…. I just can’t help making this >\< kyaaa! I just can’t stop slowly screaming at how handsome he is in a tux~

Oh and I hope you love this minty and nacho 

Imagine swimming with Peter Quill

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“Shit, shit. It’s cold Peter!” you recoiled from the cold lake. Peter laughed from where he was floating, a few feet from you.

“Come on, you little chicken shit!”

“Are you calling me chicken!” You squinted your eyes and glared at the handsome wet man. 

He grinned widely and shrugged. “What are you going to do about it, McFly.”

“Oh, that’s it!” You stormed into the lake, ignoring the cold until the water got waist deep. You yelped and Peter smirked, swimming toward you.

“Come on, you little baby,” he reached for your waist and pulled you deeper into the water. You grind your teeth and let your body get use to the cold. Peter smirked and pulled you into his chest, you slipped your arms around his neck. 

“This isn’t so bad,” you confessed pressing a kiss on his wet lips. He hummed against your mouth and under the water his hand roamed down to your ass.

Laughing you pulled from the kiss and rolled your eyes at the handsome man. “I see you waste no time getting frisky.”

“Well, you are all wet,” he gave a sly smile, as the water moved around the two of you.

Your eyes narrowed as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Oh, you have no idea, Peter. No idea.”


PARK MF’ JINYOUNG. Killing me since day one. HOW IS HE SO DAMN HANDSOME?!?! He needs to stay in his lane. I am trying to stay loyal but I find it hard to do cause of bullshit like this. He is effortlessly sexy. Those ears, that face, that JAWLINE. I’m done goodbye.

I’m only on S2E4 and everything hunk has said has been “I’m dumb and love food” how disappointing