and he is aware of it

adam and ronan at school though? i mean sometimes i remember that there is a lot of time between trk and the epilogue when adam goes to college, and it fucks me up bc

  • lazy kisses against the lockers between classes!!!
  • ronan walking adam to his classes bc they are Dorks in Love and it’s not like ronan is in any hurry to get to his own classes anyway
  • when they share classes ronan always takes the seat next to adam and glares down anyone who might have come before until they move
  • he also spends all of class staring at adam, who is Aware and Flustered
  • “discreetly” playing footsie under the table thinking the teachers have no idea but they do 
  • or actually, ronan getting adam lunch bc he knows adam is too busy to eat after school 
  • doing homework together (or: adam doing homework while ronan lounges nearby, making paper airplanes out of his notebooks, leaning against adam’s back)
  • makeout sessions behind buildings or in little cozy spots where they keep getting interrupted bc honestly everyone knows these spots and uses them for making out sessions
  • “GOD DAMMIT GET A ROOM” shouts jiang more than once
  • “please please act like adults” pleads gansey
  • “psst i know a great spot ;) ;) ;)” this is henry ofc
  • studying together omg adam helping ronan study by giving him certain incentives (”no kissing till you get question 15 right” “fuck you parrish” but adam stands firm on this so ronan has no choice but to study)
  • surprise surprise ronan actually begins passing the rest of his classes with respectable grades, which is ironic bc he doesn’t plan on finishing school


hey fellow pokemon go-ers! i hope everyone is doing well and staying hydrated. this is just a friendly psa to be aware of your surroundings when you play, because a lot of pokestops ARE memorials or other important commissioned pieces.

while i was at a popular park downtown today, an active duty soldier asked me, my friend, and my sister to keep an eye on a small memorial to lost war soldiers that people kept unknowingly sitting on. after he left, most of the people that we politely asked to move did get up and apologize, but around 4:30 pm, my sister approached a man and asked him to not sit on the memorial, only to be told that she was “the third person to tell me that and im not moving.” my sister (a 16 year-old) tried to explain to him (a fully grown ADULT who was there with his kid nephew who by the way seemed to understand that they shouldnt be on the memorial better than his uncle) why it was disrespectful to sit there, and the jerk tried every petty excuse in the book to justify him not getting up and moving to any other part of the park that he could sit at such as benches and a nice concrete ledge about fifteen feet away.

the man continued to make a scene for about an hour, even after he got a crowd of 40+ people AND three policemen arrived.

this sort of behavior is really immature and reflects poorly on the whole pokemon go community, so if you guys could keep an eye out for your friends and other players around to make sure we as a collective are better about being respectful of our surroundings, that would be awesome.


RaNia’s Alex is VERY aware that A1sts(RaNia stans) ship her and Youngguk. She’s liked several posts that A1sts have created about her. She even tweeted earlier this year that she was(kiddingly) awaiting his call. WELL SHE JUST MIGHT GET THAT CALL! Yesterday Youngguk found her Instagram and liked her picture.  He doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and Alex doesn’t follow him so he had to have looked her up himself to get to her profile. YONGGLEX SHIP IS SAILING YALL.

anonymous asked:

Wait, Theon was named for a Stark? I thought the Greyjoys and the Starks were mortal enemies so why would Balon name his son after one of his enemies? And I don't get the connection between Jon's name and Ned going far to protect Jon. I thought this was only about Ned naming his adoptive son in honor of his foster father.

Wait, Theon was named for a Stark?

No, he wasn’t. There’s no way Balon Greyjoy deliberately named his son after a Stark, especially not one credited by rebelling ironborn forces from Bear Island and Cape Kraken. I don’t think Balon was even aware of Theon Stark when he chose his son’s name, considering that the Hungry Wolf ruled thousands of years ago and Balon wasn’t exactly known for being a scholar to know his history. If he had been, he’d have avoided that name because not only was it the name of a reputed Stark who rebelled both Andals and ironborn from the North, but it was also the name of a Greyjoy who was only known for being defeated. King Theon III Greyjoy of the Iron Islands was one of those whose reign witnessed the decline of ironborn power to the point of setting the defeated ironborn to hard labor after King Theon was defeated when he sailed against the houses that stopped paying tribute.

But I don’t think Balon thought of any of that - or knew any of that - when he chose his son’s name. I don’t think he gave any consideration to historical figures (and I generally don’t recall any indication that the Iron Islands were keen on using namesakes?) The name just had the same sound as those used on the Iron Islands. Balon, Maron, Euron, Victarion, Aeron – they all have that -on sound so Theon falls right in line with them.

(Edit: theonivgreyjoy pointed out that both the Ironborn and the Northerners are descendants of the First Men so it’s not unusual to find common names between the two regions. Theon’s older brother was named Rodrick, which is also a popular Northern name.)

However, Theon thinks he was named after the Hungry Wolf. As we have virtually no evidence that supports that, the context of the scene where Theon Stark is mentioned provides the explanation. Theon stark was brought up when Theon was leading Barbrey Dustin to the crypts of Winterfell prompting a conversation about how they both wanted to be a part of the Stark family, which is why they both turned on them when denied.

Theon desired to be a Stark so much that he convinced himself that he was named after one. It’s a made up connection in Theon’s head born out of desperation to belong to the Starks. It probably started when he was a kid, hearing about the heroic acts of a Stark that shared his name and creating an illusion about being named after him that by the time he was a grown up, it had become a fact to him. It’s a narrative indication of just how desperate Theon was to be a Stark that even a flimsy connection such as this one meant something to him, continued to mean something to him that he held onto it even when he was adamantly insisting that he was Reek.

And I don’t get the connection between Jon’s name and Ned going far to protect Jon. I thought this was only about Ned naming his adoptive son in honor of his foster father.

Well, for a guy that is so connected to so many characters and whose death started the events that led to the War of the Five Kings, Jon Arryn remains one of the characters that we don’t know all that much about in proportion to the thousands of pages of narrative we have. But one thing that we do know of him - perhaps his most memorable act in the whole series - is that he was the one who really started Robert’s Rebellion when he raised his banners to protect Ned and Robert when the Mad King wanted their heads.

Jon Arryn raised his banners for Ned, his foster son. He hid and smuggled him from the Vale to the North to raise the Northern banners, when a blood thirsty and paranoid monarch fearing usurpation brutally killed Ned’s father and brother and demanded Ned’s own head.

Then we have our Jon, Ned’s adopted son, hidden for years in Winterfell to protect him from a vengeful Robert who viewed all Targaryens as a threat to his throne, who killed Jon’s biological father, sanctioned the brutal murders of his brother and sister and would have wanted Jon’s head if he had known of his existence. I’ll give you two guesses to what Ned would have done had Robert found out about Jon and gone after him.

On the Grant Twitter Fiasco Today

Grant isn’t perfect and I don’t mean to sound like his stan, but he’s honestly more socially aware than people in this fandom give him credit for. I respect that he acknowledged his privilege and explained that he is still learning to the extent that he doesn’t feel he is eloquent or knowledgable enough to Tweet about social justice concerns as much as people might expect him to because of his status. I don’t think he deserves the attacks that come his way, especially when he has a history of sharing other people’s words on issues of gun control, racially motivated police brutality, refugee relief, etc. He has said that he feels more comfortable promoting the words of others versus his own, which I think is pretty respectable.

As a personal example, I remember after the Paris attacks last year, Syrian refugees and Muslims alike were considered scum and it seemed as though everyone chose to marginalize innocent victims of war who were trying to flee violence for a better life. I have to say among all the hatred, racism, and xenophobia I was seeing on my Twitter feed, it was touching to see a Tweet from Grant urging people to donate to Syrian refugees as well as Tweets criticizing the inevitable wave of Islamophobia that followed. I know he shouldn’t be applauded for doing the decent and right and expected thing, but I still appreciated it in the storm of horrible things that were being said about Muslims and Syrians that I considered so hurtful.

I’m just trying to convey that I don’t think he’s a bad person as some fans are making him out to be. He’s still learning, as all of us are. We have to stop demonizing and attacking people whenever they make mistakes out of ignorance or unawareness and give them the opportunity to apologize and learn from that mistake, otherwise people’s mindsets will never change and they will never unlearn their biases.

keep--singing  asked:

so are sheeva n brexit both force sensitive? do they know about their heritage like leia n han n sloane and brendol i mean like DO THEY KNOW THEIR AWFUL FAMILY TREE

sheeva and brexit are both force sensitive and they absolutely use their powers for Evil uhh they are of course aware of their awful awful family tree and strive to live up to it (at least until brexit turns 15 and he goes through his rebellious teenage phase and does whatever he can to disappoint his fathers)


Puppy Love

Requested Imagine: can u do a imagine where the reader handcuffs the boys in a motel room after they save her and she tries to steal from them? oh and throw in some dean ppup love 2. thx!

  • 749 Words
  • Dean Winchester x Reader | Sam Winchester
  • Warnings: none that I’m aware of!

You silently slip the cuffs over Dean’s wrist, trying not to wake up. His brother, Sam, lays in the other bed, already cuffed to the chair you sat in between the bed. It was as good as you could get at the moment.

You snap Dean’s cuffs together and walk over to his open duffle. He trusted you, he trusted you so much and here you were, ruining it all. You’d have the Winchester boys on your trail once again, in a bad way. But that was the job.

Dean groans in his sleep and shifts. You quickly grab his wallet and look over just in time to see him shoot up, rubbing his eyes and smacking his lips. Finally, he realizes something is wrong when he looks at you.

He moves his hand, nearly pulling the chair and Sam on top of him. “Y/N!” He yells.

Sam’s eyes fly open and he gets to his feet, though he stumbles and sends Dean on his, too.

“What the hell?!” Dean growls.

You smile sweetly and hold up the keys to the handcuffs. “Sorry, boys. Gotta do what I gotta do.” You smirk some and grab Sam’s wallet off the dresser. “See you around, maybe.”

As you head for the door, you hear Dean muttering under his breath and Sam saying something a little louder, though it was hard to make out.

You had your palm on the door when Dean said, “don’t break my heart, darlin’.” You freeze. “Please, I’m begging you, Y/N. You’re the first girl I’ve had feelings for in a long time and I—I just don’t know what I’d do if you leave.”

“Dean…” Sam mutters.

“No, she has to know.” Dean’s voice cracks a little as he continues. “Seriously. I need you.”

You slowly turn around to face the man and see the serious, hurt look plastered on his face. There were tears in his eyes and his shoulders were shaking. You start to feel guilty, the feeling of your heart being squeezed tightly and your breakfast felt like it might make a reappearance.

Sam gulps and his face turns a little red, almost as red as Dean’s was. Dean was trying hard not to cry but the single tear fails him, slipping down his face and landing on his arm, which was looking rather raw from his twisting and pulling from the handcuffs.

The room was different after that. Guilt really took you over, making you look into the face of the man that rescued you from that vampire nest and think about what you were doing. This job, it wasn’t something you wanted to do, it was what you had to do to survive. Then again, did you really need that money? Surely there were better ways, perhaps not easier.

“Please,” he murmurs, wiping his face with his sleeve. “Please—stay.”

Was this a method of getting himself free? You carefully study his face, from the pulled eyebrows to the cheeks that were stained with tears, the set jaw and his trembling lips, you realize it can’t all be a lie.

“I need this.” You stammer.

“I’ll take care of you, sweetheart.” Dean slowly sits down on the bed, bowing his head in defeat. “If you have any doubt, go on. Leave. But I know you have to feel something, too.” He glances your way.

You take a quick look at Sam, who was moving his head between the two of you like it was a great tennis match. His lips were in a thin line, his eyes wide.

“If you mean all these things that you say,” you put the wallets down on the dresser and pull out the single key that would free them both. “how come you wait until now?”

Dean looks up at you, his lip sucked between his teeth. “I… honestly didn’t really think about it. The thought of you leaving… It hurts.”

With a sigh, you walk over, freeing both men from their own little prison. Part of you thinks of leaving just from sheer humiliation of not going through with your plan, but that was all before Dean pulls you down into his lap and gives you a passionate kiss. There’s love behind that sweet little gesture, proving to you just how much he meant what he said.

“This job…” he pulls away, looking at you. “Who do you work for?”

Suddenly you felt shy. You shrug a little and look at him. “The vampires…”

(closed starter for ceraph-the-dragon)

*general was tired as he finished walking up to a cave and sat a lose vine at the top of it he flyed up with the last of his strength and wrapped his tail around it he yawned and slowly started to drift off into sleep not aware of what’s inside*


Ben c @ sdcc2016

(in response to a fan making a sound that he thought sounded like a cat; also shows he is aware of the -lock portmanteau practice)

tevvintersoldier  asked:

kurt is always stealing peter's tshirts. literally 90% of tshirts kurt wears belong to peter but no-one ever questions it

Look. I’m not saying this is canon, but it’s totally canon. 

Kurt doesn’t mean to start taking Pietro’s shirts, but after the mansion gets blown up he doesn’t have time to go shopping right away. When Pietro realizes that he’s been wearing the same clothes for three days running, he gives Kurt free use of his closet. They’re close to the same size, he says, and anyway, they’re friends. Friends help friends when their wardrobes get blown up by a combination of jet fuel and Summers energy.

And Kurt just keeps borrowing Pietro’s shirts after that. Part of him doesn’t even realize that he’s doing it, and the rest of him is very aware that what he’s doing could be considered wrong. He tends to ignore that part. Pietro’s shirts are comfortable. They’re well-worn, the fabric is soft, and Kurt always feels happier when he’s wearing one of Pietro’s shirts.

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TMNT Boyfriends: Confessions/Jealousy

What. The. Actual. Hell.
Donnie had stumbled out of his lair after two (maybe three? What day was it?) days of upgrading a few things for the Shell Raiser. Coffee mug in hand, he had made his way to the kitchen, only to find a not so pleasant situation inside.
Y/N and Leo cooking.
That in itself wasn’t so bad (fine, yes, it did smell amazing) but it was the other stuff that bugged him. The way Leo gently put his hand on your shoulder or made you laugh with a dumb cooking pun. The way you were smiling at him, Don’s older brother who was completely aware of his crush on Y/N.
Was this happening?
Was this actual life?
He was just about to turn around and scatter back to his room (probably hoping that this was an exhaustion induced hallucination.) when you noticed him.
“You’re here!”
You smiled triumphantly at Leonardo and said
“I told you the smell of food would get him to come out. Here, we made pasta.”
You handed him a big plate and smiled sweetly at him.
You started making the other’s plates, telling Donnie about something that he didn’t hear. He was too busy looking at you and Leo and the pasta in confusion. Leo cocked his head until he realized what exactly was going on in Don’s mind.
He shook his head and leaned closer.
“She wanted to do something for you, idiot. Do you actually believe I would hurt you like that?”
Donnie shook his head and whispered
“Get out of here for a moment. I have to do something.”
Leo smiled and grabbed his own plate, shouting a goodbye over his shoulder.
“Yeah, Don?”
It was amazing that all his charming, romantic fantasies had suddenly vanished, leaving him with nothing but awkward.
“Do you wanna eat dinner with me? Like…just us?”
You smiled and said
“Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Um, yeah, actually. I am.”
“Yes, definitely. I’d love too!”
Donnie silently cheered, smiling wide.
“I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a really long time.”
“Me too. What made you decided to do it?”
Donatello thought about the way to answer that. Because Leonardo was getting a bit too cozy and-no, that was dumb.
“I just…thought it was a good time…”

Lustre | Min Yoongi x Reader

Word count: 1′750 

Warnings: None

A/N: A late birthday present for @damnjooon (it was meant to be a drabble oops)

Min Yoongi was well aware that he wasn’t the spitting image of a perfect boyfriend. He didn’t take you on fun dates, he refused to go shopping with you, and spent most of his downtime when he wasn’t spending entire nights at the studio laying about or napping in your shared apartment.

No matter what you said or how happy you were, he knew he would always harbour that tiny seed of doubt—doubt over himself and his competence for giving you what you deserved.

And so, as your birthday came around, he found himself unlocking the front door to your apartment, fumbling with the key as his clammy hands betrayed a little of his nerves. At the boys’ insistence he was dressed to the nines, collar crisp and jacket pressed for the evening he had painstakingly thought out.

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marauder headcanon

when they arrive at the carriages 4th year, and James is now aware of the thersatals even though he hasn’t seen death.

so sirius and him pull out chunks of meat from their bags

and lily is like what the actual fuck, potter

and remus is like “i’m gonna die”

and james and sirius take turns dangling the meat and sending the carriage running off in all directions, and through the forbidden forest

getting back to the great hall and peter going, what the bloody hell happened to you guys

and lily just growling as she picks out stray twigs from her hair

sirius and james leaning back with impressed looks on their face

anonymous asked:

I think the timing of Liam's tweet was quite brilliant. He acknowledged the anniversary, but by doing it at the end of the day, he made sure that his tweet was not the focus of the fandom, nor was it a focal point in any of the media articles that were written yesterday. It was important that the focus remained on his solo announcement, but he still made it clear he was an enthusiastic part of the band and looking forward to the future.

You’re right. I suspect that the new management teams probably had a hand in all that, either coordinating with Jason or tweeting some of the stuff themselves. While individuals may have new management, One Direction is still, as far as we know, a Syco band.

I’d actually venture a guess that they’re aware of how we believe (*know for a fact*) they’ve been sabotaging the band and used yesterday to counter our arguments going forward.

animaniac4  asked:

Oh my lorddd. Your Shiro make out scene was 👌🏻. Can you plEASE make one for Keith, where him and his s/o are watching a movie late at night, and the smexy tension gets a little out of hand? (can get caught like shiro-dad) Im sorry im trash for the emo-mullet man foRGIVE MY SINS (not on anon bc fuck it)

Can I request a scenario for Keith when his s/o gets critically injured and is in a crio-pod and when they’re better Keith won’t let them go anywhere that he’s not aka he is a very clingy worried baby who wants to protect them and they give him lotsa smooches to make him feel better

Keith had promptly fell on his bed and stayed that way for about two hours. Throughout this time he hadn’t been aware that you were in a crio-pod, with a large wound up your side that was being healed. When he woke up he had stormed to the crio-pod room and demanded to know how you had ended up in the pod. Shiro had explained that you’d assisted on a mission and had been injured. Keith frowned at Shiro and sat against the crio-pod’s base. After several hours you had emerged from the crio-pod, fully healed, but very tired. Keith offered you a movie and some food. You agreed and some hours after, you and Keith sat on a couch idly watching some documentary about the 1960s. However, you couldn’t focus on the movie as you felt Keith’s hand creep up your thigh, resting on the upper part of your thigh. His hand remained there for several seconds until you couldn’t bare it any longer. You moved over and straddled Keith’s lap. 

“What’s this?” Keith inquired teasingly, moving his hands to cup the back of your thighs.

“Not much,” You replied, taking his chin in your hand.

Keith surged towards you and moved his mouth to yours. You hummed and pressed yourself harder to Keith. You separated your lips from his and attached them to his neck. Keith tugged at the hem of your shirt, signaling that he wanted you to remove it. You leaned back and started to tug the article off when Shiro walked through the door and entered the movie room, light from the TV reflecting on the older man’s face.

“Keith!” Shiro said, a disapproving tone in his voice.

The two of you separated and you jumped off the couch, cheeks aflame. Keith hung his head back, panting.

im gonna be honest here and i  know this is controversial and some of you might not agree and im fully aware of that and ready to bear t he consequences of me saying this but i just wanted to voice my opinion on this so like honestly i just rlealy Really love my gf.i love her so much. just my opinion tho, pl s dont send hate

theshipswillsink  asked:

I just read your 'callboy Neil and business typhoon Andrew' prompt and now I am desperate for more! do you know any fics like that or have you written any more? It was great btw :)

( I haven’t seen any others, but tbh I fell more in love with smarmy aware-of-his-hotness!Neil & politicking Andrew the more this ask made me think about it, so here’s a bit more! Hope you enjoy!! )

( also thanks to @welliefox for giving me the idea of Neil and Andrew being shady at Riko while sipping champagne. :’) )

“Are red ties all he has?”

“By his word, they make him look fierce.”

“Like a kitten discovering its claws.”

“Or a teething puppy having a go at the new leather couch.”

“I’d agree, his bark’s much worse than his bite.”

“You should see the pathetic mooks he regularly runs up trees. He can scary on paper.”

“Really? The scariest thing I can see is his face. Near or far, one glance would send me running.”

Andrew’s mouth twitched.

As a woman in a low-cut, side-cut, cut-your-heart-out dress sidled up to extend a gloved hand to Andrew, Neil leaned away to hide his own grin in a glass of champagne.

(Sparkling cider, actually, but only Andrew, Neil and the bartender knew that.)

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anonymous asked:

ANDREIL & 56 (I can’t stand the thought of losing you)

Neil was being very careful not to say anything, move, or even breathe too loudly for fear of scaring Andrew away. Tonight they’d had sex, as they often did, but rather than immediately move away Andrew had lay down on top of Neil, his head pillowed over Neil’s chest.
He was afraid of breaking the spell of trust and contentment that lead to this unprecedented physical contact. His hands remained where they had been during sex, buried in Andrews hair, and he didn’t dare move them. Andrew was trusting him, completely, in a way he never had before and may never do again. If Neil moved at all, he might spook and move away.
He closed his eyes, reveling in the skin to skin contact. He was acutely aware of every part of himself that was touching Andrew, memorizing it in case he could never have it again. Andrews arms were encircled around him, his fingers moving gently up and down a small area of Neil’s spine. He could feel Andrews breath tickling over his skin, Andrews thighs between his own, muscular and smooth.
Andrew never minded his scars. He didn’t care that his head was resting over where a bullet had ripped it’s way through his body, or that his skin was not nearly as smooth with all of its peaks and valleys and thick abrasions. He liked Neil as he was, he didn’t want anything to change.
Andrews fingers stopped moving and Neil wondered if he might move away, but he didn’t.
“Neil.” His voice sounded odd. A little tired, like maybe he’d dozed off. A little strained, like he was struggling with something. He often sounded like this when he wanted to say something but his natural instinct of apathy and distance was fighting against it.
“Andrew.” Neil didn’t know how he sounded. He hoped for neutral, unexpectant.
“You can’t ever leave again now.”
“I don’t want to, Andrew.”
“I don’t care whether you want to or not, you can’t.” His body was tense. Neil wanted to rub the back of his neck and ease his tension, but he doubted Andrew would consent to it right now. “I can’t-” He stopped, struggling to force out the words. Words that would make him vulnerable, that could give Neil a power over him. But he had to. He needed to prove to himself that Neil could be trusted with moments like this if he were ever to let himself do it again.
“I can’t… Stand the thought of losing you. Again. Going to Baltimore, I was expecting you in a body bag or not at all. You can’t ever leave again. You need to stay here, wherever I am. You can’t go somewhere else.”
Neil stayed very still while Andrew spoke, wanting to him to let it all out.
“I promise, Andrew.”
“Your promises aren’t worth anything.”
“Then what can I do to prove that I mean it?”
“Be smart and take it as a threat. Cause if you’re gone, I’m going to find you again.”
Neil liked the idea that Andrew would always find him again, no matter where someone took him. He needed that, that knowledge that he didn’t have to run because there was someone here who found him worth protecting.
He let his hand hover over the back of Andrews neck.
“Yes or no?”
“Yes.” He went back to trailing fingers over Neil’s skin while Neil carefully rubbed the tension from his neck, still trying to promise that he would always be right here.

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