and he is aware of it

Taken for Granted (pt 3)

As Namjoon closed the door behind him, he stood by the entrance, snickering to himself. “Her? Liking me? Wahh” he said silently to himself. He wasn’t sure what it was he was feeling now, but he couldn’t stop smiling. “As if I’d like her?” he said again to himself.

“Hyung what are you doing by yourself there?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Huh? Oh nothing” Namjoon said, flustered.

(One week later)

“Hey guys, Y/N isn’t coming today! Looks like it’s just us tonight” Jin said, filling his voice through the dorm.

“Awh, whyyy” Taehyung asked, coming out of the living room.

“She said she’s sick” Jin said with a frown.

“Let’s go there then! We can bring her food” Taehyung said, excitedly.

“Yah, if she’s sick she should just rest. She can’t be taking care of you guys too” Jin scolded.

Taehyung walked back to the living room with his head held down. He was looking forward to watching the movie you two had discussed a few weeks ago, but it looks like it would have to wait another week. 

Namjoon meanwhile, listened to everything silently from the dining table. “That’s weird, she never falls sick…” he said to himself. 

“What’s that? Couldn’t hear you” Hoseok said, sitting across from him,

“oh, no it’s nothing” Namjoon said.

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NCT 127 reaction to you falling asleep on their lap


Anon: Nct 127 reaction to you falling asleep on their lap😊

This was such a cute request to write istg🤧These are the types of requests I like writing and I easily get carried away too😂As you can see by the length of these lol, I am perfectly aware that I have basically written mini scenarios or drabbles lmal yall better love me after this😇❤️😂


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

When you arrived by at your shared apartment, skin pale and eye bags prominent after a long day of work and university, all you wanted to do with sleep - literally. Eating, drinking, doing your essays, were all the last things on your mind but they were things that needed doing, regardless of what you wanted. 

Taeil watched silently as you moved around the kitchen, rustling together some food for the pair of you, your figure moving slowly and lacking. He stood from his place on the sofa, halting your movements when he gently pulled your arm. You tried to protest but Taeil raised any eyebrow, his way of telling you not to bother arguing back because you both knew this was the right thing to do. He brought you back to the sofa, allowing you to lie down on the sofa, head in his lap. 

Quickly, he felt your breathing calm and your light snores, his hands playing with your hair, which only helped but lull you into your sleep. He wouldn’t have much of a reaction, and wouldn’t say much either; but he’d be very worried for you, eyebrows furrowed as you slept. 

Unlike the other members, who’d find it cute that you were sleeping on him like that, he’d find it upsetting and a sign you weren’t sleeping well right now.


Originally posted by fluffandfluff

Johnny would be aware of how much you loved to sleep. You could sleep anywhere, everywhere, anytime, something he was merely jealous of you of. It wouldn’t be the first time you fell asleep in his lap, but it would be the first time you do it around the other members. 

You falling asleep against, on his shoulder, across his lap, in his lap, wouldn’t come as a surprise to him. He’d be used to you having a little nap on him, finding your warmth comforting and reassuring, so sometimes wouldn’t realise when you had actually fallen asleep on him. 

The other members started to hear your light, steady breathing, occasionally looking at you then at Johnny, waiting for him to actually acknowledge your sleeping. Eventually one of the members pointed at you, attracting Johnny’s attention and turning his head towards you only to find your head laying on his lap, hand intertwined with his, your legs brought up to your chest. 

Some of the members, like Taeyong and Doyoung, cooed at you, finding it absolutely adorable, which only made Johnny blush and his heart flutter at you. He’d look pretty relaxed, but inside, he’d be so excited and fluffy, finding it cute how you were comfortable enough with him to do this around his members.


Originally posted by dimplesjae

Taeyong would be sat up on his dorm bed, flicking through his social media, headphones blasting music and replying to some messages, when you quietly entered his room, grabbing his attention. He instantly noticed how quiet and tired you looked, the smile on your face not exactly looking as bright as it usually is, and his eyes softened at you. 

Patting the space on the bed beside him, he ushered you over, taking off his headphones and putting his phone away. You smiled at him again gratefully, taking slow, heavy strides towards him, and climbing onto his bed and into his arms. He sighed into your hair, brushing his fingers lightly through your hair and humming softly, something he knew helped you go to sleep. 

Eventually, you slumped heavily against him, moving your body so your frame nestled tightly against his legs, and your head laid in his lap. Taeyong would find you so cute, watching you in adoration and continuing to play with your hair. Your presence would always calm him, even if you were sleeping, so he’d try to savour the moment. 

You like this, would also give him the opportunity the to admire you, sometimes tracing your features lightly; he’d just think you were so adorable and innocent like this.


Originally posted by taei

Yuta would be the type of boyfriend to take photos of you on his phone all the time. Majority of them would be taken without you even realising and off guard, which would always make him giggle and tease you about them. And he’d especially take them if you had fallen asleep. 

Although he’d laugh at you and say that you snore loudly and drool in your sleep, he’d find you adorable in you fell asleep in his lap. He wasn’t sure exactly why this was; maybe it was because you looked so cute or because it was such an innocent gesture or because it would make him feel so special. But he’d love it and would actually be the only time where he didn’t take photos of you, and if he did, they’d be super cute and good ones. 

However you actually falling asleep on his lap would be rare; you’d always try to avoid doing so because of his teasing and photo-taking, embarrassed by his actions. But sometimes, you just wouldn’t be able to help it, settling into his lap and napping there. 

And Yuta would always tell you when you wake up how cute you are and pretty, practically gushing about you and complimenting you. He’d quickly realise that he was the reason why you didn’t like sleeping in his lap, so would try to make it up to you and reassure you that he liked it and was sorry if he made you uncomfortable.


Originally posted by hey-uta

Doyoung would feel a little flustered to have you sleeping soundly on his lap. He would find it hard to understand how you could possibly sleep in such an uncomfortable position, and not somewhere normal, maybe like a bed

He wouldn’t have even noticed you at first; you both were on his bed, him on his phone, searching intensely at memes for some inspiration for the next album, you just daydreaming against him. He was so distracted by his research, that he didn’t hear your stifled yawns, he didn’t feel you slump heavily against him as you started to doze off, he didn’t even realise that you had your head on his lap, deep in sleep. 

Only when he wanted to get up to print something out to show the other members, and was held back by the weight of you on his lap, did he realise. Blushing deeply, he sat back, unsure of what to do. His arms would be in mid-air, him not knowing what to do with his hands or where to put them.

After a couple of minutes of gawping and confusion, he’d relax back against the headboard of his bed, lightly putting one of his hands over your hair and the other stroking your arm gently. He’d feel a bit awkward, even though no one could see him and you were asleep and oblivious to the deep shade of pink tinted on his cheeks. 

Over time, and the more times it happened, he’d get more comfortable and like it even more; but maybe the first time he’d feel a little flustered.


Originally posted by neotechs

No joke, I literally think Jaehyun would start squealing in his place. He’d be that type of boyfriend to find everything you did, every move you made, everything you said, the cutest and more precious thing ever. As a boyfriend, he’d be very lenient and selfless towards you; he’d only think of you in his life, practically waiting on you hand and foot. Something like this would totally melt his heart, no matter how many times it might happen. 

You’d be slouched against him in the dorms, him chatting and laughing with Ten and Johnny, when he noticed how your breathing had started to slow down and you were talking less and less. His arms would snake around your shoulders, bringing your face to his chest to which you subconsciously snuggled into. 

You hadn’t even got to the bit where you laid your head in his lap yet, and he was already blushing and grinning like a fool. It would literally get to the point that Jaehyun was so distracted by you that he didn’t hear Ten’s question or see Johnny waving to try to get his attention. Eventually they’d give up getting his attention, leaving the room to let Jaehyun carry on being creepy admiring you. 

When you did move your body in your sleep, so that you were lying down, head in his lap, Jaehyun would gasp, cheeks heating up. He’d be grinning so wide, his hands flapping in the air with excitement and some squealing sounds escaping his mouth. 

Shaking with enthusiasm in his place, he would finally calm down, resorting to just playing with your hair and taking a few photos of you; but the wide smile on his face wouldn’t leave at all.


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

WinWin would like it but probably wouldn’t stay there for long; not because he didn’t like it but because he’d worry that you’d sleep badly or were uncomfortable. 

It’d be late at night when you did this once, WinWin staying up late to message his family back home and to just relax with you for a bit. You had tried hard to stay up with him, but found it difficult after the day you had just had; what with work, studying, going out with friends for lunch, you were shattered and yearned to sleep. Nevertheless you fought your own needs, wanting to stay up with your boyfriend since you never really had much time with him like this anymore. 

Unfortunately, you just had to listen to your body and sleep, moving down to nestle your head quietly in his lap. He’d smile at you, brushing your hair out your face, very much aware that you had been trying so hard to stay up with him. 

After a few minutes though, he’d worry a bit for you; in your relationship, he’d always secretly fret if you were eating enough, or drinking enough, or sleeping well. So, after a bit of thinking, he’d decide to gently turn you, lifting your head slightly so it could now rest of the bed pillows instead of his lap. 

He’d rearrange the bed covers so they covered you both, and he’d lie next to you, much preferring having you sleep like this as he could admire you easier and hold you close to him.


Originally posted by dovounq

The first time you fell asleep in his lap because let’s be real here you would probably end up doing it a lot of the time would  also be in front of the some of the members. Mark would always try to keep PDA to a minimum, and skinship in general too, liking to only holding your hand and having an arm wrapped lazily around your shoulders. 

Even though you didn’t mean to fall asleep on his lap, it did happen and Mark would probably freeze up, looking at you in confusion. The other members would laugh at his reaction, some telling him to stop looking so offended and others telling him it was cute and to relax. 

But he couldn’t help but feel awkward. It would be one of the few times you actually had some skinship with him in front of the members, even if it wasn’t that big of a deal or that big of a gesture; and he wouldn’t know what to do. He wouldn’t want to disturb your sleep, knowing fully well that if you had just accidentally fallen asleep on him, it must’ve been needed. 

Ignoring the comments from the others, he’d let you rest, awkwardly placing a hand on your shoulder and the other on the sofa. Although he tried to go back to listening to the other’s conversation, he’d end up slowly, and subconsciously, relaxing; moving his hand from the sofa to play with your curls and his other hand to rub your arm gently. 

Over time, he would get more comfortable with this kind of thing, just like Doyoung.


Originally posted by haenyan

Would be a mix between Yuta and Jaehyun I think. Whilst you were napping on his lap, exhausted from the rubbish day you had just suffered, he’d be so excited and hyper. He’d sigh happily when he saw you had fallen deep in sleep, loving the fact you were happy enough, and trusted him enough, to sleep on him like that. 

Honestly, the first time round, he couldn’t believe you had even done it. He’d think it only happened in the movies or something, never expecting you to do it. So, the first time you did, his reaction would be so exaggerated and pumped. 

From that moment forth, every time it happened, he’d always blush and smile so excitedly, giggling when he could feel your light breathe on his thigh. Sometimes he’d lean against the sofa, smiling into the air and letting out an airy breathe; moments like this would be so precious and special to him and he would just wonder how someone like you would ever want him. He’d be so grateful for you honestly, even if he didn’t do well at expressing it to you directly. 

Once you woke up from your nap which was absolutely fabulous may I add, he’d change from his blushing state to his teasing self. He’d pinch your cheeks, cooing at you and laughing at you blushing at him. Although he’d be teasing you a lot afterwards, he’d still be very fluffy and soft for you and if you were to do anything else, like cuddle him or kiss him, he’d return to the intense blushing and stuttering from earlier.
Damon Albarn : "Est-ce que je me trouve beau ? Oui, clairement"
Après cinq ans de silence, Gorillaz sort un album corrosif sur le monde qui perd la boule, porté par la voix si flegmatique de son leader. Confidences.
By Anne-Sophie Jahn

I translated a few quotes :

- It must be exhausting to be a sex symbol?

When I was younger, I was pretty. Today, I’m handsome, I prefer that. Being pretty is not easy. When I was a kid, people thought I was a girl. I was vulnerable, the other kids hated me and beat me up. I was very preoccupied by other people’s opinion of me. I was aware that I was attractive, because of my looks, and it was incredibly easy for me to have sex with women. I always respected women, I was raised that way. I really love them so I’m very happy that they love me too.

- So, you think you’re handsome?

(he grunts) Do I have to do the false modesty thing? No, ok. Do I think I’m handsome? Yes, obviously. But not everyday ! (he laughs, showing his gold tooth). With the right angle and lighting, I’m still kind of handsome.

boba-boy  asked:

heyo, can i please get an update on the trans!Stiles and hair pulling? (Derek pulling Stiles' in specific) thanks a lot babes!!❤❤

hair pulling:

want it all tonight by haleofStilesheart (1/1 | 3,316 | NC17)

Derek and Stiles celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together with a night of marathon sex. In the morning, they’re still not sated.

Your First by Simone (fvckyourfandoms) (1/1 | 7,279 | NC17)

It’s Stiles freshman year of college and he decides to rush a fraternity. He becomes Vice President Derek Hale’s favorite pledge and they end up much closer than expected.


A story in which Derek can’t keep his hands off of Stiles’ sweet, irresistible, virgin ass and fails at not feeling him up.

Lick Me Like You by milkysterek (1/1 | 1,397 | NC17)

The Sheriff was only a room away, visible through the open window that looked out over the pen whilst his only son deepthroated Derek from under a desk. If Derek wasn’t going to hell before, he sure was now.


for keeps by suddenlyatiger (1/1 | 1,122 | PG13)

Stiles is very aware that this isn’t all in his head.

Are we All We Are by lynnwrites (6/? | 15,363 | G)

The one where Stiles runs away from home and moves to the quaint little town of Beacon Hills, where he finds himself surrounded by happy people, healthy gossip, great new friends and a grumpy diner owner who steals his heart along the way. (Very slowly, and then all at once.) 

Advice to people who know or meet famous people.

Please be aware of their right to decide who their friends are and what their interaction with you ‘means.’


My mother is a reasonably well known radio DJ in my hometown (well known enough that a new waitress at our usual lunch spot was starstruck, well known enough that I get ‘Oh my GOD, she’s your MOM????’ from total strangers). Once at a road show, a fan of hers brought her a diet Coke. She took it and said thanks. Later on his Facebook, he tagged her bragging about how he ‘had a drink with her.’

Also have witnessed well known friends (people who said to me ‘I consider you a friend’ so I feel all right in saying that) being referred to as ‘My friend so-and-so’ by both near strangers and people who, while my friends are nice to them, are most assuredly not friends for one reason or another.

Please, please, I know a lot of people think this is harmless, but there are a lot of people who used closeness to celebrities as a way to move through social and business circles or as ‘bragging rights.’ Please do not misrepresent interactions with people this way, even if you’re not trying to gain anything from it, because it perpetuates that subconscious attitude that celebrities are ‘fan property’ and are whatever we want them to be.

Is Zayn alright? Is he eating well? Is he warm enough? Is his heart happy and full with the knowledge that he’s loved and appreciated? Does he know he is an inspiration to so many? Is he aware that I love him the very most and would swallow all the flies on earth thus damaging the fragile balance of our ecosystem if he asked me to? Does he know that every time I see him smile, my soul and my futre brighten? Just!!!! Is Zayn aware that he’s a good dude and I wanna hang?

5x20 Drabble (first fic)

Oliver looked around the room. His first thought once he came to consciousness, Felicity. “Felicity”, he called out, when he got no response, he called out again, starting to get frantic,getting up and walking around the bunker looking for her. The lights had all gone out, and there was no sign of Chase anywhere. “Fuck”, where the hell is Chase he thought, and more importantly, what the hell happened to felicity?

He stilled in the corner when he heard a small voice cry out “Oliver”, running towards the voice, he found her trapped under one of the tables in the back. Once he reached her, he cupped her face gently, “Felicity, are you okay?” , “I’m okay, but I think chase used an EMP to blow out the electricity”. “How can you be sure?”, he replied, “because I can’t feel my legs. And the only thing that can short circuit all electrical devices is an EMP”. Oliver paused to look at her before responding. She looked so afraid, so scared, something he rarely ever saw in her. It hit him how much she had been put through, how much he had put her through, and the toll it had taken on her. For gods sake she had run in front of a bullet. Several times. And he had let her. He swore to himself he would never fail her again. “Hey, it will be okay. I promise. ”, he said still cupping her face. She looked at him with a small smile, before moving her lips as to say something, but before she could, he was already moving to pick her up and carry her. “Uh Oliver, what are you doing?"she asked. "Carrying you to your wheel chair”, he replied as he moved them across the room and gently placed her into the chair he had kept in the corner. “I kept this, just in case. I had hoped you would never have to use it, but I just wanted to make sure you had a back up”, he said as he looked at her, kneeling so he was at her height. “Thank you”, she replied, a look he couldn’t quite decipher in her eyes. “Oliver, we need to find where chase is”, she said, “I know. I don’t think he is here, otherwise he would’ve done something, but just to be sure, stay here in the corner, while I check around the lair for him” he replied. Quickly Oliver got up and grabbed a gun off the rack, and scanned the room with it. When he saw no sign of chase, he went back to felicity. She sat there in her chair, tears brimming her eyes. God, she really was beautiful , beautiful and strong and smart, and he had failed her, repeatedly. When she saw him again she smiled “guessing he’s not here”, she said, he simply nodded in return. “We need to get out of here”, she said and he nodded once again. Walking towards the elevator he realized the doors had been sealed and that without electricity they couldn’t be opened. He jogged towards the staircase and walked up to the top, but the door was locked. “Fuck”, he shouted, he ran back down to the stairs, walking back to Felicity, but noticed she had moved. He quickly started to panic when he heard her, “hey Oliver I found some lights we can use”, he walked over to her, where she was now sitting at the conference table flicking on lights. She opened a drawer and pulled out schematics for the lair and started to read them. He walked over to her, and sat in one of the chairs, “Chase locked us in. The doors and elevator are both locked”, he said, “I know, but maybe there’s a way out through the vents or something”, felicity responded. Oliver and her carefully looked over the schematics, when after a few minutes he said “there isn’t another way out felicity, and there is no way you can get out of here crawling through the vents without feeling your legs. Our best bet might be to wait until the team realizes something is wrong” he said. She turned her hair to look at him, “even if I can’t crawl through the vents, you still can and -” she began to say “I am not leaving you. You and I are getting out of here. Together. ” he interrupted, his tone of voice implying he was not to be argued with. She looked at him and nodded and then for the first time that night, let out a real breath and relaxed her shoulders.

He looked at her. He couldn’t seem to stop looking. He remembered those mornings when she had woken up, tangled between his arms, and all he could do was look at her. It was the happiest he’d ever been. And now, they were here, trapped, and all he could do was look at her. They were so broken, the two of them. He lied to her, and they had broken up. Then laurel died. Then havenrock. And then everyone had left, and it was just the two of them. She had never given up on him. She stayed all summer , helping him piece back the city, the lair, everything. She was right - she had stood by him through everything - and in return he killed her boyfriend and drove her into something that nearly got her killed. After that one night in the summer, he thought it was best to keep his space, keep his distance, but now, looking at her, he saw what he had done. He came to her whenever he was in need of help or guidance, but she never came to him. He had made her feel isolated, not a part of the team. He stopped treating her like a partner and there was no excuse. And that night, she stood in front of a goddamn bullet. Multiple bullets. And she didn’t let anyone stop her. She could’ve died. She could’ve fixing died, and it would’ve been his fault. If he had just listened to her, if he had been there for her - and not been so focused on himself and his agenda - he would’ve been able to help her. And instead, she thought he didn’t trust her, didn’t want to let her in, and yes a part of that was true, but the bigger truth was that he couldn’t lose her. Not ever. He wanted her safe because he lov - because he loved her. And he knew it wasn’t an excuse. She wasn’t something he could control, but damnit he couldn’t lose her. And the lack of care she had for her own life was concerning. Her drive for justice had taken over her, and she almost died. She almost died. He looked at her still, as she read over the schematics, and after a few minutes she finally turned her head, noticing his stare.

“You know it’s rude to stare”, she joked. His lips quirked up, ready to say something when she spoke, “I think there might be a way to open up the elevator doors, and I mean you’re pretty strong, so if you pull the doors apart, we can probably access the elevator. And I know the elevator needs electricity to run, but you can possible scale up the ladder on the side of the wall and get reinforcements.” He looked at her , his eyes never moving off her own, then spoke “felicity, god knows what Adrian’s plan is, but there is no way in hell I am leaving you in here until I know it is safe.” He used the same tone as before , and she nodded before moving her eyes of his, and stared at her hands in her lap. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He scanned her face, when he noticed blood on the corner right next to her hair. Anger swelled in his mind and He immediately got up and went to get some gauze and supplies from the med kit, then returned, turning her chair, and kneeled once again in front of it. The question already forming on her lips, but before she could respond he plucked off her glasses and pushed her hair back behind her ear. He dipped the cotton ball in some alcohol, and softly said “this might sting”, as he moved to dab it on her face. She flinched a little, not nearly as much as he did when she cleaned his wounds, as her eyes studiously avoided his own. He continued to clean her wound , and eventually placed the antibiotic on it, and then bandaged it. When he was done he placed her glasses on her face, her eyes finally moving to look at his own, a small smile crossed on her lips. She looked so beautiful, he thought to himself, but she broke his train of thought when she barely whispered a “thank you” to him. He was aware of how close his face was to hers, and he didn’t want to move back. “Anytime”, he said, using the same soft tone as before.

Felicity didn’t know what to say. She simply moved her stare back to the hands in her lap, noticing how he hadn’t moved from where he stood kneeling. She was so angry. All the hurt and the heartache and sadness had just made her angry. And she hated being angry. She just wanted to cry and let it all out, but she couldn’t do that anymore. He didn’t trust her, and while she trusted him implicitly, she didn’t want to fight with him, or talk with him about it, because she didn’t really know if he would be there for her. After all, everyone in her life who she had loved had left, or died, or lied to her, and she was so sick of letting people in who would only her. It was becoming clear the toll the past year had taken on her, and she knew she should talk to someone, but Oliver wasn’t that person anymore for her. She hadn’t gone to him this year, and he never seemed to care what was really going on, so maybe he had moved on, and maybe she should too. His quiet “felicity” broke her out of her thoughts.

“Felicity. I -” he paused, His hand cupping her face again, but she only flinched when he did, clearly startled by his unwarranted touch, as his heart broke at the fact that he wasn’t supposed to do that anymore. He dropped his hand, cupping her own, hoping it was a more appropriate touch, and began to speak again. “I’m sorry felicity. For a lot of things really, but you have to know I trust you. More than I have ever trusted anyone in my life. I just - I just can’t have you getting hurt. And I know that might sound stupid or "caveman like” as you would put it, but I can’t lose you. I lo- I need you. I don’t know how to live without you. You have always been the light of my life- the light of the team. You carry people - you carry me. You’re supportive, and smart and brilliant and beautiful and I just need you. I need you to be safe, and I don’t mean just physically. I don’t want you carrying my burden, or selling your soul to fix my mistakes. And I know that because you are selfless you will do anything to save me- or anyone for that matter. It’s what makes you a hero - but I just can’t lose you. And tonight, when you stood in front of that gun, and I’m not talking about my gun, I think I lost my mind. Because felicity there was no way to know that I would take that guy out, and later when you stood in front of those people you barely know, to protect the person who could get you chase, you risked your life again, and that- that scares me to death. Because felicity, whatever torture or hell chase puts me through- losing you is the worst thing that could ever happen. I love you. I am in love with you. I have never stopped loving you, and I will never not be in love with you. Hell, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with you. And this love felicity - it - it gives me a reason to live, and to fight, and to be a better man. And I know it isn’t fair to put this on you- to say this to you. Because you deserve better than me, hell I’m not sure there is a man alive who deserves you, but I just need you to know that this isn’t because I don’t trust you. It has nothing to do with trust. And I know I lied to you, aggressively, and I know how much that must have hurt given that everyone you ever loved lied to you and it must have broken your heart that I lied to you. And I know I broke your trust. And then I hurt you some more because I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. But that ends now. I will never be the man you deserve, and I know I’ve lost you for good, but I am going to be there for you, and I’m not backing down. And I swear to you, I trust you - implicitly. And I promise to work on getting you to trust me, because I will be there for you- for everything. “ Oliver paused , looking st her as she stared at him, her mouth slightly open in shock, as she was about to say something a violent beeping noise sounded in the lair.

"How romantic Oliver!” a chilling voice said, coming from some sort of speaker system. Chase he thought to himself, he quickly grabbed a gun and stepped in front of felicity’s chair. “Oh I’m not in this room,” said he voice, “the speaker system is quite effective. I just wanted to let you know you’re trapped. And that the only way out is through the ladder in the elevator, but I have a feeling you might not make it out alive. Of course the alternative is the oxygen slowly being sucked out of the lair through the vents in 24 hours, and your sweet sweet felicity dies in your arms. Either way Oliver, by the end of this night, you will both be dead. And felicity will know exactly the type of man you are.” The system beeped, and then a short fuse blew on the speaker, clearly short circuiting whatever connection the speaker had to the outside world. Oliver turned to look at felicity, as she spoke “Oliver, you have to climb up the elevator shaft. I’ve seen you scale walls, I know you can do it. Once your outside you can get help, and then you can come and get me too. But staying here with me won’t help. I’m a dead weight without legs and without electricity, and at least you can get out.”

“Felicity -” he began to say, but he was interrupted , “Oliver, please. Either we both die or we both have a chance to live. Please Oliver, ” she begged him, and he looked at her again.

“Ok”, he replied. He bent down again as he said okay, and this time she grabbed his hands. She rested her forehead against his and said, “Thank you, for what you said. I’m sorry too, I really am” he smiled again and then moved his head and pressed his lips to her forehead. Then swiftly got up and walked to the elevator. She rolled behind him, stopping a few feet behind him. He grabbed at the ends of the door and began to pull them apart. Slowly he was able to move them, and eventually they were open wide enough. He grabbed the gun that he had set in felicitys lap, and used it to keep the doors jammed open. He turned once more and smiled at her before he leaped to the other side and grabbed onto the ladder. Then her started to scale up when he saw the entrance was blocked off by the top of the elevator. Slowly the elevator started to rumble, and he realized it was about to drop. He quickly scaled down, and tried to leap through the crack in the door where felicity sat in her chair. But he missed and fell. The last sound he heard was “OLIVER”, as a scream shouted from felicity’s lips.

Felicity was in shock. But she quickly snapped out of it as she rolled over to the supply station and grabbed one of the grappling arrows. She removed her self from the chair, and held on to the end, while sticking the arrow firmly in the elevator wall. She then sat on the edge and fell over, holding on tight to the rope. As she neared he bottom she tugged slightly, allowing the rope to tighten up, and landed on the ground with a soft thud. “Oliver” she shouted, seeing him laying against the brick wall at the bottom of the shaft, and crawled up to him, sitting between his legs. “Oliver - OLIVER - come back! Oliver come back!” She shouted, cupping his face, Tears coming out of her eyes. “Oliver, please, please don’t leave me. Oliver, I can’t lose you. I love you. Please. Oliver” she said on a loop, hoping there was some god that would just wake him up. She felt his neck, searching for a pulse, and after a minute, she felt one. Relief flooded through her, but she was still so nervous, he could be unconscious, or knocked out permanently. She cried silently, praying to every god.

After an hour, she heard a deep breath. She stilled. Oliver slowly moved his head, and opened his eyes. “Felicity”, he said softly. “Oh Oliver”, she sobbed, and he pulled her close hugging her. “How did you get down here”, he asked, “grappling arrow”, she replied. Oliver smiled- a big smile and let out a shaky breath. “Felicity that was dangerous, you could’ve gotten hurt” he said, “there was no choice to make, Oliver. I wasn’t going to leave you here” she responded. He couldn’t believe how far she would go for him - actually he could. She had always done everything for her. He really loved this woman. “Felicity, now that we are trapped down here, I think it might be a good idea to talk - to really talk” he said. Felicity quickly dropped her eyes from his gaze and look down. Slowly she brought them back up, a scared look in her eyes, “look Oliver, we have to figure out a way out of here. How are you feeling? Can you walk? We need to get out of here or get some help!” She said adamantly. He cupped her cheek again, “felicity, I’m fine. But we are at the bottom of an elevator shaft, and I don’t have the strength to climb up it. At this point we have to trust our team will find us and get to us. For now, the only thing we can do is talk - and I think it’s about time we do” he said.

Felicity looked at him, and then spoke, “what do you want to talk about Oliver?” “Let’s start with you thinking I don’t trust you” he said. Felicity looked at him and spoke slowly and softly again, “Oliver I just - I understand that those five years you were alone. And that your default is to go about things alone. But I - I need you to let me in. And I know that is hard for you, but I don’t know how to be in a relationship with someone if they don’t trust me. And I need you to trust me when I make a decision- even if you disagree. I just need you for once, to be there for me when I really need it. Because I need a teammate, a partner, someone who trusts me, trusts the calls I make. And last year- when I found out about William. My heart broke, because I thought that you were supposed to be the one person I could trust, but you had been lying to me. And I don’t know what I can do to make you trust me. I don’t. And I- ” he interrupted her “- felicity, I do trust you. Implicitly. I know that I hurt you so deeply with William. And I probably broke us for good. But you have to understand I trust you. And I’m light of that I need to tell you something. Something that I never told you because I wasn’t able to admit to myself. But last month, when I was tortured, chase showed me something about myself. Those five years away felicity, they changed me more than you know. The reason I never talk about the bratva - my last year there- is because it’s the year that made me what I am , a killer. I am a killer felicity. I liked to kill. When I was in the bratva, killing was what I did, they turned me into this man who wouldn’t think twice about killing, and somewhere in all that killing, I became this person. The mission; righting my fathers wrongs- it was all a lie. And I became a killer. I did this to kill, and until tommy died, I didn’t know how to stop killing. When I met you, you were the first person I met, that I didn’t see as a target, as something I could kill if I needed to for my safety. You were - special. The first person I knew that was just good. Good to the bone. And you deserve to know the type of man I am - I am a killer. And if you walk away after all of this, I won’t blame you or resent you. You deserve so much better. So much. ”

Felicity looked at him before speaking “Oliver, you are a good man. I know this. I know it in my bones. When you were with the bratva, yes they turned you into a killer, but after years of you being tortured and beating, your only comfort was killing. Killing someone was the only way to ensure that they wouldn’t come back for you. And killing someone was the only way you could survive- survive like your father told you to- so you could right his wrongs. You aren’t a sick psychopath who likes to kill people, you are a man who was put through hell and back and you made it out the other end alive. And maybe when you came back- you resorted to killing, because it was the only thing you could trust. But you changed. You became a hero - a better man. You became a man who people follow. He arrow is a part of you, but it’s not the whole you. Oliver queen is a good person. Arrow and all. You are a hero - and your past and the things you did to survive - they don’t define you. You are a good man. I believe that more than anything. And you can’t let chase make you believe in something you’re not. You are not a killer.” She let out a breath after she was done speaking, her fiery gaze boring into him. She spoke so confidently, so strongly, he couldn’t help but let a single tear fall from his cheek. He pulled her close and hugged her, whispering “thank you” into her ear. They remained in an embrace for quiet some time, before She moved back and said, “for the record, I love you too. I never stopped, and please don’t think you broke us. Truth is, while a big part of me was scared of the lies and the mistrust, another part of me ran because I was scared. And you should know it wasn’t all you. I always run from things like this when I get scared. Something in my DNA, I guess. So I’m sorry for that.”

Oliver just stared for a moment. She still loved him. She loved him. He smiled at her and pressed his forehead against hers, “i don’t think it’s possible to love someone more than I love you”, he said. She smiled in return, as he pressed a kiss to her forehead and then she settled her head against his shoulders, lying down his arms. They sat there content, until Curtis, dig, Dinah, and Rene found them.

They were taken out of there, and a few hours later, they were all in felicity’s apartment. Her chip had started to work again, and his legs and body no longer felt so sore from the fall. The team talked, devising a plan to catch chase once and for all. One by one they filed out, until it was just Oliver and felicity. They sat on the couch side by side, neither of them speaking, as a movie played on the screen. Felicity rested her head against his shoulder, tucked against his side, and he swore all the pain of the last year was erased just by her being there next to her. He knew they weren’t back together, that it was going to take much more than a few conversations to get them back together. But they still loved each other - and she helped him realize who he was. He still wanted to talk about her jumping in front of bullets and diving down elevator shafts, but for now that could wait. He looked down at her, noticing she was asleep. He gently shifted, and picked her up in his arms. He carried her up the stairs - like he had done so many times before - laid her down on the bed. He toon one last look at her, dropped a kiss to her forehead and he swore he heard her mumble “I love you”. He walked out the room and settled on the couch. He knew she was okay with him staying, and he was not leaving her alone until chase was out of the picture. He laid down and closed his eyes- sleep coming to him for the first time in a year. He was making his way back home - to felicity.

The end

p.s this is my first time writing so any feedback or comments would be great - Gina ❤️

The Art of Remembering (4/?)

Summary: Killian hasn’t seen Emma in months, not since she ran off in the middle of the night. But when he receives a call from the hospital informing him that she’s been in an accident he rushes to be by her side. Nervous and anxious to see her again he’s not sure what to expect—but he definitely doesn’t anticipate that upon waking she would have no idea who he is. Modern au

Word Count: ~4,000


Also on:, ao3

Catch Up: one, two, three

Killian hardly gets any sleep that night, and it’s not for a lack of trying. The whole night feels like a teasing game of hide and seek, and all he wants to do is find a full night’s rest without feeling like he’s waking up every couple of hours. But sleep continually slips out of his grasp and he’s left alternating between tossing and turning, or staring through the darkness up at his ceiling.

He knows where his restlessness comes from, and it’s a complicated layer of things, but when stripped down and left bare it really all comes down to one simple word.


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The thing with Sana not being allowed to be with a non-Muslim and Yousef still going after her is what's bothering me!!!! Why would he do that? He surely must be aware of that.

i think he is aware of it too. it’s certainly off, isn’t it? like,, this whole time everything’s been going so smoothly, he’s shown a lot of interest in her. so what’s the deal here? is he intentionally leading her on or is it like a “i cant stay away even though i should” thing? because the second option is a STRONG PARALLEL to season 3

the most important thing to understand about reading capital is that marx isn’t really a difficult writer, he’s just extremely careful and that sometimes reads awkwardly but you don’t really understand why at first, which he’s aware of and so he repeats himself a lot to make sure you’re following. the result (and i agree with harvey on this) is a very cryptic presentation (especially at the beginning), but if you give marx the close reading that he deserves, you can see just how much he’s struggling to set up the foundations for his systemic critique and where it gets the best of him. he slips up sometimes and you can spot that once you’re on board, but until then you kinda just have to suffer with him as result of the bizarre language barrier he has to construct.

kuroda42 replied to your post “Who else breaks the fourth wall besides Papyrus and Sans? Why would…”

Asgore also *nods sadly* if you ACT after dying from fighting him and choose the option of telling him that you’ve died X number of times. Seems he’s aware of you coming back after he’s killed you.

(undertale spoilers)

That could be a case of breaking the fourth wall, but we do have a theory on why Asgore may be ready to accept Frisk’s word on how many times they died. Check out our theory about the fallen humans and their ability to save.

yousef not being muslim is gonna raise so much conflict i feel it.. first of all if sana knows him as well as she thinks, she’d know something that important to her.. anyway. the fact that he’s aware of their opposing beliefs but chooses to still attempt to show his feelings, support her, take blame for things that aren’t his fault show how genuine he is about her imo but.. we’ll see ! :P

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Hello Breezy, I am a long-time OL tumblr lurker who has naturally gravitated to your side of the fandom (just can't do the squeeing, the unwavering belief despite facts to the contrary and general ridiculousness). I admit to rolling my eyes sometimes at the fandom hypocrisy (both sides), but the difference is, your side is aware enough to know when you are exhibiting behavior like the others. Kudos to you for doing that and to the others for not getting all defensive about it. :-)

Thank you, anon. It’s nice to have you over here. I think your journey is similar to mine - lurking and making up your own mind about things.

I certainly hope we have more self-awareness than the ES. I think we do and I think that’s because many of us have been on that side of things - even if it was for a short time.

I was never on the ship but I was curious about Sam and Cait’s behavior during Season 1 promotions. I thought he was in love with her TBH. Then I saw pics of him with other women during the same time period and I immediately realized I was wrong and his behavior was acting. It was always simple for me.

I like the fact that the NSTs don’t get in big spats over differences of opinion. We are adults over here and realize we will never agree 💯 with anyone about this or anything else but we can appreciate well thought out considered opinions. It’s also a fun bunch who have great senses of humor and a wide array of interests so what’s not to like about that?

For the best and worst parts of owning a collie, I’d say the worst parts are how alert and sensitive they are, fox is aware of everything. All the time. And sometimes that can startle him a little. He can’t always fully relax or settle.The talkativeness isn’t always great either. Sometimes he barks over very minor things.
The best parts are, the whole temperament is so great. Fox is so loving and affectionate. I love the biddability, but he’s still not too driven for me to handle. I honestly love how alert and sensitive fox is, he’s always tuned into how I’m feeling and I feel so safe knowing he’s watching out for me. And I love how he talks too all him sweet little noises are adorable. And most importantly I love that all the downsides of owning fox never overshadow the upsides, and I think that’s an important thing to look for when considering a breed.


my project for the next few days probably.    

I got tired of never finding the right pre-built house for Wynter.  So i finally broke down and decided to attempt to build it.


His lot is in the clearing behind the lake behind the waterfall.  In Bridgeport of all places.  I searched and searched and searched for the right world with a lot that would work for him, and all along it was in Bridgeport and I never noticed.

I think it was a resort community lot or something.

But the story is, Wynter built his own house,  and makes most of his own furniture. Whatever he can make out of wood anyway.  so….  (I’m well aware this is NOT how you really actually build a house but I have a picture in my head and this is the easiest way for me to figure it out)

But we’ve got company coming tomorrow, and different company coming Sunday,  and my mom’s pastor is visiting on Monday, and the house is a mess, so I need to quit for now and go clean up the kitchen.

I’ve learnt from my mistakes and this time around, I’m preparing myself for anyone to be A. When CeCe was revealed, I was partly mad because I wasn’t aware of the brilliant clues for her and it seemed so random. The only person who made sense to me was Wren because he was the only suspect I knew the evidence for. This time around I don’t want to feel like that if it isn’t Wren so I’m making sure I’m brushed up on all the possibilities and why they are in fact possible. I would really recommend doing so too because it makes the show so exciting. I’m gagging over characters I always brushed off. It’s madness.

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its funny cos u dont see that the only reason bill nye said that shit was to pander to the left

I cannot believe I wake up to anti-sjws whining that science doesn’t actually support them anymore amazing. 

So, you don’t seem to understand Bill Nye’s job. Bill Nye’s job is to read off scripts written by someone who does whatever science he’s talking about today. His job is to be able to explain science to the layman, that being you and I. Yes, I’m aware that he has a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (which was a STEM field last I checked? Don’t yall have a massive thing for STEM fields?) but my dude you don’t need a degree in mechanical engineering to read off a fucking script. I could do it, hell I even have qualifications! I used to be a radio broadcaster! I did the fucking news!

The point of science isn’t to confirm your world views, if we can objectively see that there’s more than two ways to experience gender, then whoops if you still tell people that saying that transgender and nonbinary people don’t exist not only are you still transphobic, exorsexist, and racist you’re just plain wrong. 

Harvard has an article titled Between the (Gender) Lines, has this to say about sex

“Sex determination – the way we are “coded” into a biological sex – is complicated in and of itself. There are far more options than just “male” or “female,” and countless instances of species that can actually transition from one sex to another within a single lifetime.”

They also said that the transgender people’s brains reflect that of the gender they say they are and not the gender that was assigned to them. Maybe also give this a read because the studies Harvard cited are from 1999 and 2000, meanwhile this article talks about some from 2014, so clearly we got some baselines for gender being way more complicated than we were told in middle school.

And then we have examples from actual legends and history about the existence of trans and nonbinary people. Akhenaten from Egypt, Elagabalus from Rome, and Caeneus from Greece. Hell there’s a whole book on people in history who are transgender. There’s a fucking precedent. Hell google “nonbinary genders around the world” and you’ll find cultures that have genders outside the western binary.

National Geographic even ran an article on gender identity and how it correlates, even touching on intersex people in relation to how they experience gender. And even states that gender is varied based on one’s own self-identification and cultural influence, not just the physical stuff. And lets not forget their Gender Revolution bit.

And you can’t use “oh but, your chromosomes!!” because my dude, my dearest dude, you don’t know what ones you have. You have an assumption, a guess, a hypothesis. Because unless you went and dropped the dosh from some expensive tests to find out what your dna says, tests that are only done when your doctor thinks your medical condition has something to do with your chromosomes, you don’t know shit. On top of the fact that chromosomes are only part of what makes one’s gender, not the whole damn thing. That’s like saying you have a cake when all you’ve done is bring the flour. 

So yea my dude, science is an every changing landscape where it gets updated once we know New Things. It doesn’t stay static because you want it to and refusing to see that something is true, according to whatever study you’re doing, is harmful not just to those it would affect but your field overall because of your poor work ethic and stubborn to realize that maybe in the past 20 years we actually learned things

So you end up looking like this

[Image Caption: A man standing in front of a board with “Science is a LIAR Sometimes” with pictures of Aristotle, Galileo, and Newton and paper cut outs of the word “BITCH” in red pasted over them.]

If reporting new scientific findings to the public means “pandering to the left” then I guess science is gonna be way too liberal for yall and you best scoot the fuck on out. 

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dark gayradwhitedad show me the forbidden student athlete AU

G O D OKAY so like

in reference to the headcanons list i made, i jokingly brought up a student athlete AU where evan would be a rly sporty dude? and then @stellaisgay and i started talking about this ridiculous OOC AU that is completely unfounded by everything and anything and isnt serious at all where evan is quarterback of the school’s football team and connor is a cheerleader and theyre a Power Couple