and he hugged an egg

Headcanon that Saitama doesn’t like to touch things when he’s nervous/anxious/flustered since he’s terrified that he might break something so he either shoves his hands under his armpits, crossed his arms, curls his hands into fists and keeps them in his pockets or just wring his hands.  And he’s also terrified of maybe breaking the ground/floor/running over people too so he just kinda…stands there.

Nervous/anxious/flustered Saitama that stays as still as possible.

(Genos finds this freaking adorable)

A drawing of an Human Egg ( @offegg ). Redrawn from a doodle i did before.

But for real, i’ve been really feeling it recently. I finally starting to getting a better grasp on a step by step process of drawing. Skill-wise still not good, but at least i get some consistency in line, color and general process.

And boy does my hand hurt. But it’s worth it.

Also go give Egg a huge hug. He is lovely, soft and fluffy.

I asked them to look angry at the camera, and afterward Patrick told me he didn’t know if he looked angry enough. 

For @new-endings who got into the med school of her choice! (You go- good luck!!) She requested Saitama with a Togepi (Along with another one)

…and yes, Genos wants to kill the other egg. (Not the one he’s hugging.)

On a very unrelated note, Togepi is too frigging adorable. I would want to fight anyone who dares challenges that. (I saw first gen and the gens after that, just gave up since there are too many Pokemon to keep track of)

Other than those… @new-endings, enjoy!

Actual conversation that happened today
  • Colleague: Oh yay, the mossy frogs are having sex.
  • Me: Technically, he's just hugging her until she lays eggs. That way he makes sure he's right there to fertilize them externally.
  • Colleague: That's romantic.
  • Me: Hell, if sex was just hugging, I might not be ace. I'm all for hugs, I just don't want any dangly bits in there.
  • Colleague: *chokes on laughter*