and he hugged an egg

“He just wants to be heard.”

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Madi not recognizing Bellamy when she meets him on his own because he was never described as having a beard by Clarke. She takes her new friend back to meet Clarke.

It’s a little tweaked but I am riding the s5 spec train haaaard these days, so keep these prompts a-comin’.

“Sorry for hitting you,” Madi said.  Clarke paused with the bucket of water, not wanting to interrupt.  Through the space in the trees she could see Bellamy sitting across the fire from Madi and held her breath.  If the bunker really was gone, these two were the closest thing she had to a family and they hadn’t gotten off to the best start.

Clarke had been spying on Eligius all day, desperate for a glimpse of her friends.  She saw Murphy and Monty, and an hour later she spied Raven and Echo being taken back to their camp.  Harper and Emori had been the first ones off the ship but no matter how long she watched, she couldn’t see Bellamy.  The Eligius crew didn’t seem to be looking for him either, which meant either they didn’t know about him or— or the worst had happened.

But then Madi came running up and dragged her away from her perch on the cliff opposite the Eligius camp.  “I screwed up, Clarke,” she confessed.  “I thought he was Eligius because you said they had them and you didn’t say anything about a beard so I thought he was one of them and I panicked because he didn’t really look like your drawings because you never drew him with a beard and—” she babbled.

Clarke hurried after her ward, her heart already beating faster.  “What happened?  Who is it?” she asked but she was already half running in the direction Madi pointed.  She hardly dared to hope, but when she burst into the clearing she couldn’t hold back her smile.

It was Bellamy, alive— and bearded— and tied to a tree.  He was halfway through wiggling out of his bindings but when he caught sight of her he froze.  The blood drained from his face as if he’d seen a ghost, but then she was running to him and helping him out of the ropes and burying her face in his neck as he hugged her tighter than she had ever been hugged.  He had a goose egg and a cut on the back of his head where Madi had beaned him with her club, but otherwise he was safe and whole.

The fire hissed and cracked and Madi looked up at him anxiously.  Bellamy gingerly lifted his hand and touched the back of his head.  “You did what you had to do,” he reassured her, and Clarke set down the water.  She wanted to give them just a little more time to work through this before she barged back in.  “Your knots need a little work, though,” he added.  “If I had been Eligius, I’d have been free in another five minutes.”

Madi narrowed her eyes.  “Clarke taught me those knots,” she said, and Clarke couldn’t help but preen at the protectiveness in Madi’s voice.

“Yeah, well, they still need work,” he said.  Bellamy waited a beat and then broke into a grin.  It took Madi a second but she grinned back and Clarke let out the breath she’d been holding.  “I can show you, if you want,” he offered.

“Clarke said you taught her how to shoot, too.”

“I did.  I assume she’s taught you?”

“She has, but—” Madi leaned closer and lowered her voice to a whisper.  “ — I’m way better at it, though.”

Bellamy snorted.  “That’s impressive.  Clarke’s a pretty good shot.”

“Yeah, and I’m better,” Madi bragged.  Clarke smiled to herself and bent to pick up the bucket when Madi spoke again.  “I’m really glad you’re okay,” she said.

“You didn’t hit me that hard,” Bellamy ribbed.

“No, I mean— she was really worried.  She talked to you on the radio every day, no matter what, even if we didn’t really have time or she was sick or it was storming out.  She said it was about the routine, but when you weren’t with the others—” Madi broke off, tossed a twig into the fire, and watched it burn.  “I didn’t want to know what it’d be like for her to get everyone else back and not you.”

Clarke tried to swallow past the lump in her throat and Bellamy blinked rapidly.  “Well, I’m here,” he said.  “And for what it’s worth, I think she would have been okay.  She has you, right?”

Madi straightened her shoulders.  “She does,” she said proudly.

Bellamy smiled and Clarke took the break in conversation to walk back into the clearing.  She set the bucket down and picked up her rag, but she couldn’t miss the way Bellamy’s eyes followed her as she moved.  The relief in his face was palpable and she knew she mirrored his expression.   “I’m going to see to that cut,” she said as briskly as possible.  She touched his shoulder to turn him towards the light and Bellamy’s hand reached up, fumbling for her.  She grasped it tightly and blinked back her tears as he rested his cheek on her hand, but then Madi pulled out a rope and asked Bellamy to show her a better knot, and the moment passed.

😊Easter Bunny Blurb (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Grayson’s sick :( so E fills in as the Easter bunny.

Warnings: Mentions of daddy but nothing to fret about

A/N: Sorry I’m posting this so late but I hope you guys like it! Requests are opened!

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Y/N on a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid do I look?” I turned around from counting Easter eggs to see my lovely boyfriend dressed up as the Easter bunny. He was wearing the full gear head to toe. I stifled a laugh to protect Ethan’s feelings. “Go ahead and laugh.” I slowly walk up to him and lift his rabbit head up and give him a soft peck on the lips. His large hands wrap around pulling me into his soft rabbit fur.

“Ugh Ethan stop it’s hot.” I said pushing him away. He slides his head back on.

“Yeah that’s because of you.” Ethan’s voice is muffled in the large rabbit head. I rolled my eyes and walk back towards the eggs. I bend down and grab two garbage bags full and I turned to Ethan. “I hate this.” Ethan muffles. I walk over to him and kiss his pink nose.

“I think it’s cute you volunteered to be the Easter bunny this year since Gray is feeling sick.” I hold the sacks out and his large mitts take them from me almost dropping one sack.

“Yeah yeah I only agreed so we can have the place to ourselves tonight. I miss my babygirl.” Ethan says as he attempts to get a better grip on the bags. I will admit, Ethan and I haven’t had alone time in so long that I craved his touch. I miss lying on his bare chest listening to his steady breathing as we watched Netflix.

“I miss my daddy.” I said as I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“No no I want a real kiss after you said that.” Ethan says pulling the rabbit head all the way off. I laughed as he sets the bags down and grabs my waist with both his hands pushing my back against the wall as his lips attach to mine roughly. I kiss back with the same amount of force as he pushes harder into me. Soon Ethan pulls away from me. Which is a good thing because I know how Ethan can get.

“Go set the eggs out.” I said pushing him back, but he pulls me into him give me a soft kiss which lingers.

“I’ll see you later babe.” He says putting his headgear back on. We walk out of the closet to see Cam and Lisa in the kitchen making dinner.

“Hey you guys! E go hide the eggs! The kids are going to wake up from their naps any minute now. The big gifts are in the back of my car make sure you hand those out.” Lisa shoos Ethan and he goes outside. “Y/N do you want to set the table?” I nodded grabbing plates and silverware.

After about ten minutes I decided to go outside and check on Ethan. Lisa and Cam were going to wake the kids up from their naps so I wanted to make sure Ethan did everything he was supposed to. When I get outside I see all of the kids grabbing eggs and a giant bunny in the middle of the field. I smiled when I remembered that was my boyfriend. He was hopping around and handing the kids stuffed animals and he was helping the really really little kids find the eggs. I was amused to just sit here and watch him with these children. He looked up from one of the kids and looked to me, giving me a wave. I blew him back a kiss as he pretends to catch it. I smiled as he placed his giant mit over his mouth. I shake my head and I sit on the porch.

I see Ethan hand out his last gift and get rid of his last few eggs. He hugs the children as they run back towards the house to see what goodies and treats they had received from the Easter bunny. I see Ethan hopping towards me which causes me to spit out a laugh. Ethan gets next to me and takes his giant head off along with the mits.

“Y/N babe unzip me please.” He turns his back towards me and I do what I was told. I unzipped the hot rabbit suit to reveal a bare backed E.

“Ethan where is your clothes?” I asked blushing slightly.

“It’s too hot to wear this with clothes under. I’m going to run upstairs and take a shower. When I get out everyone should be leaving or already left. Go pick a movie and we have the living room to ourselves tonight.” Ethan says kissing my cheek and running inside. I follow inside and I go in the living room.

Ethan got out of the shower just in time for Easter dinner at 6. Dinner was nice as I tried to ignore Ethan’s hand on my thigh most of the time or his famous side glances every so often. It was almost 8 now.

“Well this Easter has been amazing. It was nice to meet you Y/N. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!” Ethan’s aunt said to me.

“You definitely will.” He says kissing my cheek causing me to blush. Soon all of the kids had left. The only people left were Gray, E, Cam, Sean, Lisa and I. Cam went out with some friends after dinner for someone’s birthday. Sean and Lisa were cleaning up from the kids and then they wanted to head off to bed. Grayson was in his room most of today with a stomach bug. Ethan and I were making a pallet out of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. I started the fire when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around and a pair of lips on my shoulder. “I’ve missed you babe.” He mumbles against my shoulder. “Let’s lie down. I’m tired.” We sit down and I lie on Ethan’s chest listening to his steady breathing. His hand was tracing random designs in my back. “Oh I almost forgot!” I lean up as Ethan runs in the kitchen and back with an Easter basket.

“Ethan what is this?” I asked curiously as a smirk grew on his face.

“I wanted some candy and I had a gift for you.” Ethan says sitting on the pallet. He pops a Hershey kiss in his mouth and he hands me a rather large Easter egg. I give him a look which he returns with a smile. “Open it.” He says sucking his bottom lip in his mouth. I inhale deeply before unscrewing the plastic egg which revealed a silver necklace with a key. I smiled as I pulled the necklace out of the egg.

“Ethan…” I trailed off as I looked at the key. I flipped the key over which revealed ‘2-15-2016’ carved in the back. That was the day we were official. Ethan flipped the key over for me. I noticed 1509 was also carved in. I looked up at him then everything made sense. “Oh my God, E this is your apartment key.” Ethan nodded.

“Our apartment key. I already talked to Gray and you can move in if you want or if you just want to get away our apartment is yours to use.” He says to me. I get on my knees and tackle him in a hug.

“Ethan I love you.” I said kissing him gently. His hand finds the back of my head and he kisses me back. We pull apart and I rest my head on his chest as he plays with my hair. 

 “I love you too Y/N. Happy Easter.” He says kissing the top of my head gently. We warm up to the fire and we eat some candy. Ethan and I talk about everything and anything as we soon drift off to a sweet peaceful sleep.


First fic I’m posting. It’s from mobile so I can’t exactly add a “read more” so um… sorry.

Hanzo is an anxious new dad but Werecree is there to calm him down.

The dragon lay in his nest, which was built on top of their large bed surrounded by pillows and many blankets, something he himself had to fluff up and put together when he felt their little one coming. It was what kept him in his dragon body until now, not wanting to lay such a thing in his smaller, human-like form. It ended up being a good idea, seeing as the egg he was currently cradling was about the size of his torso, maybe even bigger.

Hanzo rubbed his scruffy cheek against the smooth outer shell of his egg, enjoying the how nice it felt against his skin. This wasn’t his first egg, no. He’s laid ova before, mostly in small clutches. But this is his first fertilized egg, his first baby. And he didn’t regret it; he loved his mate, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be as anxious as he is right now.

“Come now, Hanners. At least lemme touch ‘em.” Came his mate’s voice from his place just a few feet away.

Hanzo turned his head to hiss at him, causing the werewolf to whine and tuck his ears down flat. “Not with those claws of yours. And they are still fresh,” he grumbled, referring to his egg, “probably fragile. I am not taking any risks.”

Jesse pouted, scooting a bit closer to his mate and their egg. Hanzo’s eyes narrowed at him, but he stayed still, cautious. “Sweetheart, yer a big, strong dragon. I’m sure yer egg is just as tough as you are.” He said, his tail smacking against the blankets once. Hanzo frowned, seeming to think over the pros and cons of letting his mate pet their egg.

He grumbled quietly to himself and shuffled a bit, still holding onto his baby, “Alright, fine-” Jesse’s ears perked up and his tail smacked against the blankets again. “-but under one condition.”

Jesse was honestly surprised that Hanzo was considering letting him touch it. His dragon was stubborn, usually able to stand his ground for a while before softening up. It has only been a couple hours. “Sure, buttercup, anything! What is it?” His tail was wagging obnoxiously behind him by now, making it hard to hide his excitement.

Hanzo’s sharp ears gave a twitch, his lips pursed as he came up with the words. “You must wear oven mitts. I do not want you to scratch our egg.” He said sternly, fixing Jesse with a hard gaze. This was not up for discussion.

Jesse cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his paws, clenching and unclenching his fists. He kept his nails trimmed for reasons kept between him and his mate, so he figured that wasn’t the real problem Hanzo had with him touching their egg. The werewolf pouted at him but sighed when he saw Hanzo wasn’t in the mood to argue. “Alright, fine, I’ll wear some mitts. But it’s a promise!” he announced as he stood up, carefully stepping out of the dragon’s nest, “Imma touch our little angel ‘cuz guess what? That’s my pup, too!” Jesse sang on his way out of their room. Hanzo rolled his eyes but couldn’t stop his lips from curving up into a small smile.

He watched his wolf exit the room before looking back down at his egg. He ran his hand along the smooth surface, thumb rubbing over the freckles that decorated the shell.

Of course Hanzo would be anxious. He was already extremely protective whenever he laid his unfertilized batches of eggs, only letting Jesse help him with the laying process, maybe even allowing him to hold the smaller eggs in his paws sometimes. It depended on how he felt that day. Now was different. Now they had a responsibility to keep this egg safe and warm. It was their pup, after all. Hanzo was just afraid of the egg cracking or becoming too cold or maybe it wasn’t even Jess- no, it was definitely Jesse’s. Now the dragon was over thinking, his tail flicking in irritation.

The dragon takes in a deep breath, repeating the lines in his head-

The egg won’t crack if they’re careful.

The egg won’t become too cold if he continues to hug it.

The egg is 100% Jesse’s.

-He exhales and feels his nerves finally relax, his cheeks flushing a light pink in embarrassment. It’s ridiculous how he keeps having to tell himself these things, reassure himself that everything’s going to be okay. In reality, he’s just terrified of screwing this up. He trusts his mate, loves him very much, but he just doesn’t trust himself.

Hanzo jumps when Jesse appears at their door, a big smile on his face with equally huge oven mitts covering his paws. “Found ‘em!” He called out as he walked back over to their nest. Hanzo naturally hugged the egg closer, but he couldn’t help the way his cold heart fluttered at how thoughtful and caring his mate has been. Most of his demons seem to fade away as he watches Jesse position himself near him, mittened paws out and ready.

The dragon let out a small, impressed huff and slowly pulled away from the egg. “I’m surprised you really went in search for some mitts. I figured you would have started to whine.” Hanzo teased, reaching forward to scratch right underneath the werewolf’s scruffy chin. Jesse’s tail wagged at the attention, pounding heavily against their sheets.

“Well, I know better than to argue with ya when yer actin’ all momma bear with yer babies.” He crooned, nuzzling the palm of Hanzo’s hand when it was offered to him.

Hanzo let out a snort, “I am nothing like a mother bear.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.” The wolf teased, grabbing hold of Hanzo’s wrist with his ridiculous mitt-covered paw to press small kisses to his fingertips, “Ya get all protective and stubborn and ya always look like yer goin’ ta bite me…” Hanzo blushed as he continued to plant kisses up his arm, “But then you turn around and take such good care of yer eggs. It’s damn cute, darlin’.” Jesse’s unoccupied hand had wandered over towards the egg, making sure it was in line of sight of Hanzo. He didn’t want to piss off his dragon, afterall.

He looked up at Hanzo, his gloved hand hovering over the top of their egg. A silent question.

Hanzo bit his lip and hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Jesse’s tail flopped heavily and his ears perked up, finally dropping his hand to pet the egg his mate refused to abandon. He whined happily, feeling something almost big and natural blossom in his chest. He felt the need to protect it, and Jesse figured this was what Hanzo must be feeling.

Jesse dropped Hanzo’s wrist in favor to carefully wrap his arm around his waist, pulling them close together. His dragon didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Hanzo hummed and rested his head against his shoulder, letting his eyes flutter shut.

The wolf nuzzled against Hanzo’s hair, mindful of the horns jutting out from his forehead. He breathed in the scent of him and pulled him closer, carefully rubbing the egg between them. Everything was pleasant. Jesse was with his soulmate, with his pup, and all he wanted to do was to protect them both. It was his natural instinct to do so, despite knowing Hanzo could take care of himself. But he knew Hanzo wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

He looked down at him and found him completely relaxed, eyes closed and probably drifting off to sleep against his shoulder. The wolf was a natural heater, and Hanzo, being the cold-blooded dragon he was, tended to use him for his body heat. Not that Jesse minded.

The werewolf looked back at the gloved paw resting on his egg and he hesitated for a moment before slowly attempting to wiggle his hand free while the other stayed comfortably on Hanzo’s hip. Suddenly, the dragon grabbed his wrist and growled, without opening his eyes,

“If you touch our pup with your damned claws I will have your arm ripped off and tossed into a meat grinder.”

Jesse gulped and whined, ears falling flat. But Hanzo continued, leaning up to press a kiss to his snout,

“I am kidding, I love you. But I swear to God, Jesse. If you so much as think of pulling those oven mitts off, you are sleeping on the couch for a month.” His eyes fluttered open just to frown at him.

Jesse was both terrified and impressed by how quickly Hanzo could change from loving to intimidating. He only smiled wide, pressing their foreheads together, “You’ve got it, sugar plum. Ain’t no way I’m sleepin’ on the couch. It’s too darn comfy here.”

Hanzo scoffed and kissed his snout again before laying his head back against Jesse’s shoulder, releasing his wrist to instead rest his hand on Jesse’s atop their pup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

My Little Princess (Mingyu Drabble)

Anon asked:  Can you do mingyu scenario? He treats you like princess, and you act cute around him, cause he likes babying you ❤. English not my first language so sorry. Thanks in advance 💕

You’re welcome! <3 Fluff is actually my weakness though so I had the best time writing this. One of these days I need to write angst again ://. Hope you guys enjoy! (P.S. Title is based off of one of Jooheon’s lyrics in Ex Girl by Monsta X.)

- Admin Erin

Genre: Fluff :)

Word Count: 499

Originally posted by mingyiu

        You let out a soft yawn and rolled onto your side, reaching over to your bedside table to turn off your alarm. Rubbing your face and blinking your still sleep-blurred eyes, you flopped onto your back and frowned when you realized that your boyfriend, Mingyu, wasn’t asleep next to you like he usually was. He had just gotten back from Seventeen’s tour and One Fine Day in Japan, and you had fretted over him the whole week after his return, making sure that he got enough rest and had enough to eat, sometimes even bringing him food when he was working. (Not that Mingyu minded your extra attention at all.)

       However, your concern faded when the scent of bacon wafted into your room through the door that had been left slightly ajar. A small smile spread across your lips as you sat up and swung your legs over the side of the bed, making your way into the kitchen as silently as possible. Your attempt at scaring Mingyu almost failed when you caught a glimpse of him standing at the stove, shirtless too, cooking breakfast for the both of you, but somehow you still managed to sneak up behind him without melting into a puddle. When you got close enough, you wrapped your arms around him in a back hug and he jumped, dropping a freshly cooked egg on the ground.

       “Hey!” Mingyu protested, and you bent to pick up the egg, throwing it away with a sigh.

      “Sorry ‘Gyu, but can’t you just make another one?” He shook his head and put down the spatula that he was holding, spreading his arms wide for a hug. You smiled and snuggled into his warm chest, almost giggling when he placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

       “That was our last egg.” Mingyu pulled away from the hug and moved back to the stove to check the cooking progress, and you opened the cupboard, pulling out two plates and two mugs. Humming Smile Flower, you started to brew some coffee for the two of you as Mingyu put the food onto the plates. “You can have mine, then.” He decided, taking his cup from under the coffee machine and pulling out a seat for you.

       “Are you sure? You need to eat, Gyu.” Mingyu shook his head and kissed your lips lightly, tasting of caffeine and sugar.

       “And I need to take care of my princess.” You couldn’t help but be taken aback by the pet name, one that he hadn’t called you in a while, and he laughed at your surprise. “Okay?”

       “Okay. Just don’t be too shocked when I bring you food at the studio today.” Mingyu rolled his eyes and chuckled, ruffling your hair as you sat down and started digging into your food.

       “I love you, Y/N.” A blush tinted your cheeks at his words and you looked up, meeting his caramel colored eyes that you always got lost in.

        “I love you too, Mingyu.”


Having grown up half living in the Burrow due to your dad being friends with Arthur it meant that you were close to all of them. You spent a lot of time getting to know each of them, viewing them to be almost like your own family, and you were glad to end up at Hogwarts with most of them – it made for a very entertaining few years.

‘(Y/n), dear!’ said Molly as you entered the Burrow, your arms laden with Easter Eggs for them all.

‘Hey, Molly,’ you said, beaming as you almost tumbled into kitchen.

‘Food!’ said Ron, moving to help you, causing you to chuckle. ‘Here, let me help!’

‘Is that a Hungarian Horntail egg?’ asked Charlie, his eyes lighting up as he moved to help further.

‘A chocolate one, Char,’ you warned him, almost falling over as Ron took the eggs away from you.

‘Aw, couldn’t you have brought a real one?’ asked Fred, leaning against the doorway into the kitchen.

‘Yeah, we could’ve used it to prank Perce,’ added George, smirking around at his brother.

‘I heard that!’ called Percy from the living room.

‘They’ve been like this all morning,’ said Ginny, making you jump slightly as she peered over the back of the armchair.

‘More like their entire lives,’ said Bill simply, rolling his eyes slightly.

‘Aw, you’ll miss it when you grow up and leave here, Bill,’ said Fred, mocking innocently over at him.

‘It’s good to see you,’ said Arthur, pulling you into a side hug. ‘Rather than just the eggs,’ he added as you dumped the rest of the eggs on the table.

It would involve:
Trying to get Percy to lighten up slightly with the twins – ‘C’mon, Perce, it was a joke, it’s funny,’ you said, frowning as he tried to wash the bright purple hair dye out. You sighed. ‘C’mere, I’ll help,’ you said, moving to grab some colour stripper.

Being very protective of Ginny and Ron while at Hogwarts as they seem to be the ones who get the most stick from people. But them all being there for you as well, making sure people know that you’re with them at all times.

Getting a knitted jumper from Molly every Christmas in your favourite colour and inviting all your family over for the holidays. Arthur constantly asking you questions about Muggle things as well because you live in closer contact with them than the Weasleys do – and you’re a half-blood.

Talking about your obsessions with Bill and Charlie – ‘Yeah, but dragons!’ ‘C’mon, Char, why would you like anything that could burn you alive?’ ‘Oh yeah, I forgot that goblins were better to deal with, Bill.’

Basically being part of the family and always being welcome in the Burrow, them sometimes actively inviting you because you’ve not visited for a while.

A/N: Gif credit goes tot he respective owners, I just found them on Google.

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Either Isak and even morning routine or night routine! for the prompt

<3 beautiful prompt my angel 

Isak could feel something tingling his skin. he felt soft warmth, heat up his face and fingers gently dance across his cheek. Isak kept his eyes shut, pretending to be asleep as Even nose kissed and created imaginary art on Isak’s face with his fingers. 

Finally he felt Even’s warm lips on his and he couldn’t pretend anymore. He wrapped his hands in Even’s hair and softly let himself be awoken by true loves kiss. 

Even smiled against his lips “morning sleeping beauty.” 

“are you always going to wake me up like that?” 

Even raised his eyebrows “are you complaining?” 

Isak blushed and ferociously shook his head. “nei nei nei never” 

Even grinned “come eat breakfast” he said pecking Isak on the nose before jumping off the bed and pulling Isak up with him. 

Isak hugged Even from behind as he finished cooking the eggs and sung to the radio. Isak hummed to the tune as he set the table. 

While they ate they discussed what the world would be like if they were taken over by aliens, zombies and finally cats.

“cats?” Even laughed shaking his head 

“um ya! have you seen a cat? they are smart as hell Even!” 

“you never stop surprising me” Even smiled fondly, finding another reason to love the boy siting right next to him.

send me a fluffy prompt and i’ll write something short and happy for you

  • Title: Pull
  • Pairing: Jake x MC (romantic), Diego x MC (not romantic) and Mike x Jake (not romantic)
  • Summary: Jake and MC discuss what each of them thinks about soulmates. My entry for #ChoicesCreates @hollyashton@lauraotaku2234


Originally posted by uptional

Quietness sat between them comfortably, both of them looking at the shining stars and pale moon that contrasted with the black sky. There was a light breeze that had pushed them closer, his arm lazily resting on her shoulder to give her more heat, as they both lunged on the hammock.

Everybody else was sleeping, and when the girl suggested they went down to have a couple of beers and enjoy the silence, he couldn’t refuse. There was something about the way that she spoke to him, the way that she carried herself with him, that made it almost impossible for him to say no to whatever she might propose.

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A Pair of Aces Part 2

Ace stares, but there’s no denying it, there’s another him half sprawled over the bar, another him that doesn’t seem to quite know if he should be gaping at Ace himself or Sabo. Speaking of whom-

Ace stalks over to the tangled pile of limbs that his brother and Riskua have ended up in, carefully extracting his red-haired girlfriend (His girlfriend! She’s his and even after two months that’s still taking some getting used to) and swiftly pulls her into his arms.

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What I say: “Wow. Wolf 359 is a great podcast. I love it!”

What I mean: “I love all the characters and their bickering, but it’s all mostly situational, like there is nothing to keep Eiffel, Hilbert, Hera and Minkovski’s minds active while in that space prison so of course they have to bicker and fight to get it out of their system and release the pressure of these near-death experiences they always run into but wouldn’t they in normal circumstances be pretty chill?
Can I talk about how all the characters are likeable but flawed and have their own motivations creating amazing drama? [SPOILER] Can we talk about how Eiffel was gone for 2 years, alone in this abyss of space, cryogenically freezing and re-freezing to stay alive for just enough time to find rescue? And how everyone thought he was dead and the incredible guilt (well except Hilbert but he’s lost his experiment so that’s awful too for him) and when Eiffel comes back and THERE WAS NO REUNION HUG just rage because bringing him back to the station is more punishment than rescue. Also NO HUG. Eiffel is by no means a perfect cinnamon roll, he’s been dropped and stomped on and thawed and re-thawed like a soggy lump of dough but he’s a good egg and he needs a hug, please.

Initiation (Will Roland x Reader)

Anonymous: “Hi Jess! Can I have an fluffy imagine with Will Roland where it’s my first day as an understudy for Alana, and the cast celebrates it? Sorry if it’s too weird lol 😅”

Plot 1 of 2: It’s your first day coming into the show as Kris’s understudy for Alana and boyfriend Will and the rest of the cast surprise you when you show up to celebrate you joining the cast!

warnings: nopity nope nope (idk swirlie mention and implied ass slapping from the one and only Mike Faist)


You walked into the side entrance to the Music Box Theatre, for the first time as a cast member. You took a sharp inhale of breath and took in the sight and familiar smell of the theatre. Walking down the hall to the staircase that led to all the dressing rooms, you pulled out your phone, smiling giddily at your screensaver like you did every time you saw the picture. It was one of your favorites, a selfie of you and your boyfriend Will on the first night Dear Evan Hansen went on Broadway…

You had gone to see the show, slightly amazed that Will actually managed to get you a ticket. You had walked him to the theatre and to the door, but you weren’t allowed past that point, cast and crew only. He looked at you and smiled, you grinning back proudly, pulling him into a firm and comforting hug.

“I’m so proud of you, Will, you’re gonna be amazing, okay?” You reassure him, pulling out of the hug and holding onto his shoulders tightly, looking him in the eyes.

“Well, I am the Will Roland after all!” He joked. You chuckled, mumbling about what a nerd he was, before leaning in to kiss him good luck. As he turned to walk into the building you called to him.

“Break a leg, nerd!” You called, The sentence being sincere but mostly an excuse for you to use the cliche ‘break a leg’ saying, “Or break in a glove, instead!” You said, giggling to yourself.

“You’re not funny!” Will called before the door closed behind him. You could hear his fond laughter from the other side. You smiled and walked back towards your apartment to get ready for the show tonight, which was only in a few hours.

You got to the floor you’re dressing room was to be on, putting your phone away after shooting Will a quick text saying you’d made it and asked if he was here. He said he had to do something before coming to the theatre and would meet you there, being very vague about why he wasn’t going to be walking with you today. You had shrugged it off and didn’t think much of it, wondering now what he had to do as you opened your dressing room door. Your hand flew to your heart as it sped up, hearing a semi-large group of people yell various forms of ‘Congratulations!’ when you entered your dressing room. You smiled, Will standing in the very center of the rest of the cast and their understudies, smiling proudly at what he had done. A banner hung lazily over the mirror in your otherwise plain dressing room. It read ‘Welcome To The Cast, Y/N’ in big blocky letters in the same color scheme of the show.

“Awww, Will!? Did you do this?” You asked, running into his arms and squeezing him tightly.

“Nah. I mean technically I guess I did, but I really wanted to make you go through some cult initiation thing. Unfortunately some people,” he gestured to Ben and Laura, “didn’t think it would be funny to give you a swirlie or make you do the autograph line in just the Evan egg or something,” he chuckled, hugging you tightly.

You laughed, pulling away from the hug, “Thank you all, seriously,” you said, each of them saying their own ‘you’re welcome’s and ‘congrats’ and patting you on the back as they all eventually filed out of your dressing room, leaving you and Will alone.

The two of you eventually made your way over to the small couch in the corner of your room, cuddled on it as you talked quietly about the show before you had to get ready.

“Thank you, you really didn’t have to do this,” you said, looking up fondly to the banner, which you figured Mike painted based of the amount of blue paint on his hands and the blue handprint his understudy, Michael, hadn’t yet noticed on his ass.

“Anything for you,” he said softly, kissing the top of your head lightly, “now, about your initiation swir-”

“Roland,” you warned him, giggling a bit at your nerd of a boyfriend.


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so, uh, what if your son being human isn't permanent? like one day you're hugging your beautiful baby boy and he turns back into an egg, sliding out of your arms and onto the cold, hard ground, breaking instantly. preston, then what?

[Look What You Made Happen. Hes Having A Breakdown.]

Me for You PART 1

Bucky x Reader

A/N: Torture scenes

Originally posted by allthingsmarvell

Y/N had just finished crisping the bacon when she heard Bucky unlock the front door of her apartment and close it gently, he likely expected her to still be sleeping so when he smelt breakfast he poked his head into the kitchen and smiled, ‘I thought you were gonna lay in.’ His maroon, long sleeved top had darkened with sweat from his run and she wrinkled her nose slightly as he wrapped his arms around her middle for a hug, 'Bacon and eggs?’

'Hash browns too. Toast maybe,’ She kissed his stubbled cheek and pat his chest, 'Go shower off that manly musk and by then breakfast should be ready – you want some juice?’ Bucky nodded and kissed her forehead before heading for the shower. They had a good routine after three years being together, he shared his living space between the rehab centre, the Avengers Tower and her apartment, he hadn’t wanted to go to the Tower so soon after after the rehab in Wakanda – he was a little shaken by the last bout of treatment. His nightmares had come back this time and he said he could only sleep in her apartment with her in his arms, it had been difficult at first but it had been a month since his last bad dream and she wanted to give him a treat. He deserved it.
She was just serving up when he came back, his bare feet patting on the wooden floor with uncharacteristic lack of stealth, his white tank top had just fallen over his stomach when she looked up, 'Did Steve make you do an extra lap or was it squats?’

Bucky half collapsed into a chair at the little table, 'Both.’ He rubbed at his sore thigh muscles, tutting when his metal fingers caught the material of his lounge pants, the new arm was courtesy of Tony Stark – though their relationship was still a little strained – he didn’t like to complain of the limb’s weakness compared to the HYDRA arm or even that it caught on everything. It didn’t even move as smoothly but he was grateful for it none the less. 'Star spangled punk made me do both with him and then had the cheek to make me drive him home.’

'My poor Bucky,’ a glass of juice was placed beside his right hand and he felt her hand run through his short, damp hair, kissing his freshly shave cheek before she took a seat opposite him, 'Didn’t you say leg days were important? Something about “If you wanna sit on it -”’

“'You wanna be comfortable”. You weren’t supposed to hear me say that!’ Bucky licked his lip and shook his head with a bashful chuckle, 'Well, my secret is out now so I guess you’re gonna have to tell me how comfortable I am to sit on.’ The brunette returned her smile and dug into the breakfast she had made, she made his eggs just the way he liked and it somehow tasted better than anything he’d ever eaten before. He put down his knife and fork, barely halfway through the plate and just stared at her until she looked up.


He reached across the table and took Y/N’s hand, steely eyes holding her gaze, 'I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. You make me feel normal and loved and like nothing bad will ever happen again… You make me happy, Y/N.’ He kissed her knuckles and watched her blush, watched her shyly smile at him before returning to eating the food she had made for him.

'You are normal…’ Y/N threw a pinch of toast at him and laughed as it bounced off his arm, 'And I love you.’ They finished breakfast quietly, Bucky took the dishes and washed them up despite her complaining she was supposed to be treating him, he was still plenty old fashioned sometimes. He insisted on carrying anything remotely heavy, he washed up and took out the trash, he liked to spoil her and she enjoyed his attention. 'I gotta go to work soon so I’m not gonna see you til tomorrow morning right?’

Her arms wrapped around his middle as he dried the dishes and he smiled as he felt her cheek rest between his shoulder blades, he covered one of her hands in his, 'I don’t have to go.’

'Steve’s never going to be one hundred years old again, Bucky! You’re his best friend and you need to make sure he has a good party or that he at least doesn’t get tied to a lamp post in his briefs!’

Bucky turned in her hold and kissed her lightly, cupping her cheeks and rubbing their noses together, 'I’ll be the one pulling his pants down, babydoll.’ He pressed a kiss to her lips and they went about their morning in peaceful companionship until he dropped her off at work and promised to see her in the morning.

'Love you, Buck.’

'Love you more, Doe.’ Shaking her head at his personal joke of calling her a doe, a female deer, she blew him a kiss and watched him drive away.

There was no smell of bacon when Bucky came home the next morning, he walked into the apartment and frowned at the dim light filtering through the closed blinds, it was past ten and Y/N was usually up by then. 'Babydoll?’ He called and headed for the bedroom, 'Y/N? You still slee- ’ The brunette stopped dead as he saw the destruction of the bedroom, the window was smashed, the frame broken, furniture thrown over and the bed sheets in tatters on the floor…then there was blood. His heart grew heavy, seeming to drag him down to his knees and tear the breath from his lungs as he took in the destruction and the HYDRA insignia crudely painted on the wall.


They’d come in the night and stormed her bedroom whilst she slept, the sounds of the fourth of July fireworks drowning out the noise, she had fought tooth and nail. Bucky, over the years, had taught her to defend herself and he had stowed a knife away behind the headboard. Y/N stood no chance against five men ready for an all out assault, she had slashed at one of them and drawn blood before she felt a fist slam into her jaw, she had fallen against the dresser, concious enough to rip a draw out of the dresser and threw it bodily toward one of the men.
She had laid dazed on the floor for all of a second before someone grabbed her ankle and she had to scrabble for the leg of her make-up table, holding on for dear life. She screamed as her ankle was twisted sharply, the bone cracking and her grip coming loose from the table for her to be dragged across the floor.

Pain bloomed in the back of her skull and her world had gone black. She woke up in some sort of warehouse with a bright light shining down on her, blinding Y/N from the figures milling around her, she could hear voices and boots but her eyes couldn’t adjust. Her wrists were bound to what she thought was a chair, it dug into her skin and something about it made her hair stand on end and then the pain started to seep into her bones and muscles. Her left ankle was pure agony, tight and hot, the pain shooting up her leg near constantly, her lip was split and she felt how battered and bruised her body was from the short, pathetic fight she had put up.
It wasn’t a mystery why she was here, why she had been taken from her home, they wanted Bucky. He had always been terrified of this happening, she had calmed him down from nightmares about this very scenario and how often had he drilled her on their escape route from the apartment? She knew the risks of loving the man, she knew what these people would do to him if they ever caught him and they had thought – everyone had thought – that HYDRA would leave him alone.

'Where is the Asset?’ She jolted at the seemingly bodiless voice, squinting against the light to try and find them, to give shape to what was making her heart go crazy.

The woman grit her teeth and tightened her lips, she would give them nothing, all she wanted was for him to be safe and happy. She screamed as something squeezed around her broken ankle, the pain was blinding, it made her stomach roil and she choked on her own cry. 'The Asset. Where?’ It was a woman’s voice this time and it was on her left, 'We know the Asset was in your home, that it stayed there.’

'What are you talking about?!’ Y/N struggled against her restraints, 'I h-have nothing o-of yours! W-what asset?!’ She had practised this a hundred times with Bucky, she would deny she knew him, she would deny everything. It was harder than she ever thought it would be – she was terrified and she couldn’t think. 'Just let me go!’
They tore another pained cry from her, this time her fingers were the source of a sickening crack as they were snapped backwards. They asked no more questions as she sat in the chair sobbing, her head rolled to the side and her vision was still blinded from the bright lights and tears.

The man spoke this time, they were kneeling by her side with a soothing hand on her arm, 'The Asset lives with you for months at a time. We know you are heavily involved with it. Tell us where the Asset is and you can go with no further harm.’ The voice seemed gentle, almost fatherly and she felt sick at it, did they speak to Bucky like this? Coax him gently to fool him into believing they were the right side to fight for? She shook her head, closing her eyes as she continued to cry at the pain she was in, suddenly yelling out as something jabbed into her shoulder and electric ran through her nerves like lightning.
It felt like hours, days even, that they questioned her. Again and again they asked her where Bucky was and every time she refused to answer they shocked her. If they were not shocking her then they were hitting her, breaking another bone or stabbing her with something sharp – it made her bleed but never penetrated deep enough to truly injure her.

Gunfire interrupted the next barrage of the interrogation, yelling from outside accompanying the short bursts of shots – precise shooting that got closer and closer. Deep down Y/N knew who it was and she felt a new wave of anguish wash over her, Bucky was walking into their trap – this is what they wanted. They wanted Bucky back.
It was confirmed that the intruder was him, she expected the ones hurting her to order a team out but they were told to stand down, to let the Soldier in without a fight. They opened the door to the room and Y/N shook as they took the bright light off of her and let her see Bucky’s silhouette coming closer, a rifle ready in his hands and he stepped in, his blue eyes looked all about the room and finally he settle on her.

'B-Bucky…’ She choked out his name and his eyes softened as he looked at her, 'You idiot…you…’

Bucky’s body stiffened when one of the people next to her moved, his gun aiming for their head and his expression so severe it frightened her, 'Get her out of that thing.’ No one moved, 'I can kill all of you before you can get a shot off – Get her out of that chair. Now.’ They had strapped her down to the electro chair they used to wipe him, the pads were so close to her head he knew a press of a button would have them clamping around her skull. She was in it for his benefit – to frighten him – to remind him of what they could do.

'And whilst you’re killing us, her brain will be getting fried. How fast do you think I can push this button on the console, Soldier?’ It was the woman this time and she sounded smug as she turned a dial and Y/N gasped when static crackled just behind her head, 'This is set for you, Soldier, imagine what it would do to your girlfriend’s mind? I think her brain would burst and her organs would fail one by one.’ Bucky’s jaw clenched visibly, his finger hesitating on the trigger, 'She can go, we’ll even get her to a hospital. All you have to do is comply.’

'Bullshit.’ He spat out and stroked the trigger, ready to squeeze it, 'You want me and I want her safe. You kill her and I’ll kill myself – you lose.’ Bucky lowered the rifle and pulled open his jacket to reveal the explosives he’d strapped to his torso and the thumb of his right hand was holding down a detonator. Y/N called out to him and he smiled bitterly, 'It’s alright, babydoll… I’m gonna get you out of this.’ Even if he couldn’t get himself out. 'I’m the only one left with your botched serum, the only Winter Soldier you could ever control successfully. I will drag every one in this entire building down to hell with me if you hurt her anymore. You let her go, take her to my contact and I’ll comply.’

'Who says you won’t blow this base as soon as she’s safe?’

’…I have no reason to end my life if there’s a chance I can get back to her.’ He’d gotten out before and he knew he could do it again. He had friends to help him on the outside and he trusted them enough to run this risk – even if he lost himself they would find him again. 'What’s it gonna be?’

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How to train your dragon AU where all the Jedi have dragons and padawan obi although late to find dragon ends up getting a super cool rare one jealousy ensues but obi wan still cant find a master (sry if the promt is not great BUT basically an AU where every Jedi gets a dragon)

He’s not angry.

Not really.

Anger doesn’t help him. He is worried though as he gently strokes the smooth shell of the egg with his hands, a small frown on his face.

Obi-Wan was so sure that his dragon would come any day. He was close to thirteen and had no master but surely he’d have his dragon right?


His black dragon egg was still smooth and hard to the touch, faintly warm to the touch. Even Bruck’s egg had hatched and now only Obi-Wan was alone of his creche mates with a unhatched egg. Bant had early gotten a blue sea dragon from her egg. Garen had a deep black space dragon that could actually fly through space of all things and Reft had one with fur that shone silvery in the light.

Yet Obi-Wan was all alone with his egg. He knew several knights and even older masters were looking at it oddly and he wondered if his unhatched egg was one of the reasons no masters had dared to pick him.

He doesn’t think he’s done something wrong.

He’s done what everyone else does. He’s kept the egg warm, feed it bits and pieces of his Force energy, kept the egg clean and the last few months he’s been keeping it close to him everyday. But yet his egg hasn’t hatched and its a steady case for Bruck to keep taunting him.

Little Oafy-Wan and his empty egg.

“…I know you’re in there.” Obi-Wan whispered, his black egg held in his lap, stroking it slowly with his fingertips. “I know you’re alive.” He hugged the egg to his chest and put his cheek on the top of it.

There was no response and Obi-Wan swallowed heavily and held more tightly onto it, slowly feeding bits and pieces of his own Force energy into the egg, humming softly under his breath as he let his emotions take charge and flavor the way he feed into the egg.

His longing, his love, his genuine awe and his adoration for the being inside the egg.

There was a cracking sound and Obi-Wan’s eyes snapped open in surprise, lifting his head up to look at the slowly appearing cracks covering the black shell and the small Initiate held his breath as parts of the shell started to fall apart and a small golden snout peeked out.

Out of the black shell a golden dragon came, about the size of a large house cat as it stared up at Obi-Wan with the deepest shade of green eyes Obi-Wan had ever seen. It had a stripe of almost white fur along its back that ended in a puffy flickering tail and strong looking talons. And when it spread its wings Obi-Wan could see a already larger then average wingspan.

Obi-Wan reached out with trembling fingers and stroked along the fur line, laughing breathlessly when the scaled creature purred under his chest and started pushing egg shell remains out of his lap to curl up on his human.

“H-Hello…Mika.” He whispered, beaming in glee when his dragon purred in acceptance of the name.

“Your dragon I see you have.” Obi-Wan looked up quickly, beaming at Yoda in response as the grandmaster smiled at him, sitting on the back of his own dragon. The murky swamp dragon snorted at the hatcling then settled as Yoda climbed of him to hobble closer, old eyes peering at the golden dragon. “Yes Master. She…” Obi-Wan couldn’t stop smiling, his emotions bubbling into the Force and making Mika chirrup at him in shared glee.

Yoda chuckled quietly. “A golden empress you have Obi-Wan. Rare they are, queens in their own right. Powerful flyers, able to command respect from others.” A clawed hand reached out to Mika and she snuffed at his hand before curling back up on Obi-Wan, getting a cackle out of the old master. “To be tamed they are not, companions they are. Respected and loved, if loyalty gained they are friends for life.”

Yoda knelt down slowly to smile at Obi-Wan. “Space flyers they are, scales harder then diamonds, fire breathers and mothers, protective of their brood. Strong your little one will be. Treat her right you must. But loved she is, bonded you two already are. Knows your love she does.”

Headcanon that Saitama doesn’t like to touch things when he’s nervous/anxious/flustered since he’s terrified that he might break something so he either shoves his hands under his armpits, crossed his arms, curls his hands into fists and keeps them in his pockets or just wring his hands.  And he’s also terrified of maybe breaking the ground/floor/running over people too so he just kinda…stands there.

Nervous/anxious/flustered Saitama that stays as still as possible.

(Genos finds this freaking adorable)


Karolina’s Playlist (1k Followers Celebration Challenge)

Prompt: Love Bug by Baby Bee

Pairing: Dean x read to find out :P 

Warnings: fluffy fluff!

Summary: Dean awakens and looks for his lover


so this is my entry, putting it on my writing blog instead of my main @feelmyroarrrr


Dean woke slowly. Stretching he realised the bed was emptier than he’d hoped.
‘Hmm I wonder’
He knew where she’d be, so got himself up. Putting on a t-shirt, boxers and his robe, he made his way to the kitchen.

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