and he hates that

paul coming back would literally ruin this season so it better not be true

yousef who plays mikael is literally on a show where his character’s best friend is being called the f slur in a schoolyard and yet hes out there on snapchat 
“im here with this f*****” disgusting 

anonymous asked:

Why would u fuck w/ people trying to get their masters just cause you a hoe; Just find someone who works at a McDonalds or Waffle house. Don't ruin someone's life with gonorrhea just cause u want free stuff from an intellectual.

This is such cute anon hate omg. Is this that one dude whose feelings I hurt the other day cuz I tugged at your crooked hairline or is this a NEW salty fuck who doesn’t know a joke when they see one and think they know enough about me to try to hurt my feelings? I’m dead inside and reckless right now so come off anon and say it with your goddamn chest you punk!

What, are you a fucking child? Did a teenager write this boring shit? Rebecca, you’re 16 now sweetie and I know the hormones are stressing you out but being mean to strangers on Tumblr because Jessica toooootally doesn’t deserve Tad isn’t gonna help you.

Happy birthday to the prettiest hoe

Hi yes, its Loris Karius’ birthday so today should be a national holiday cus royalty was born aka Prince Charming, and this hoe basically slayyed everyone’s existence w his looks and aesthetics and i love him sm, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

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