and he hates that

calum: i don’t even like cats- [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of kittens spill out of pocket] w-what a fuckign i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of cute cats scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

It’s really interesting that people are so focused on Rick’s supposed closeness with Michonne when he’s actually leaving her completely out of the loop.

Like, he’s talking to her, telling her he’ll give this place a real shot, putting on the appearance that he’s trusting her to be making these decisions— meanwhile, he goes to bury a gun, proving that he’s thinking the exact opposite of what he’s saying to her, and that they’re not working on the same wavelength at all.

Then, he appears to be slowly trusting Alexandria on the outside: coexisting with the people, settling down, allowing his people to live in their own houses, accepting the position of constable. To her, he’s accepting this place and giving it a real shot. But the minute he’s away from the rest of the group— including Michonne— and alone with Carol and Daryl, he states what he’s really thinking. No, he doesn’t trust this place, and he’s ready to take it over if he has to. He’s not going out on a limb like he’s led Michonne to believe. He’s not “trusting again” or “letting go” like she asked, despite what she thinks.

Honestly, there’s hardly any real communication there, and if anyone is intimately engaged in Rick’s train of thought, it’s Daryl and Carol, because they were doing the exact same things as him even before he announced his plan. Despite what everyone seems to think, Michonne isn’t even in the loop as far as Rick’s mentality and plans are concerned. He reserves that for the people to whom he’s closest: Daryl and Carol.

Remember that months ago we adopted a new cat? At first he was really shy and he was afraid… because we have 5 dogs (and they are good dogs, but they are also pretty intense, if you know what I mean)

Now he farts in your face, he bites you when he pleases, he just ate the fish my mom was going to cook… in conclusion he’s an asshole. An adorable asshole and we love him.

people using homophobic slurs around me because they think im straight makes me v uncomfortable i dont know how to deal with it 

When you’re a very rare plush like Goemon, some collectors can spend days and days looking for you, and when they find you, they’re ready to pay quite some bucks to get you. Spending time in a package isn’t great, but once you arrive, you can chill on pretty shelves and sometimes get your own clear case to protect you from dust and damage ! Pretty good, isn’t it ?

Well, not when you’re Goemon and you end up with the crazy Sylveon lady.