and he hates that


Two times Connor was on his way to Australia while making us believe he still was in LA.

“All of us are so anxious to see this movie because, every day, the work was incredible. It was taxing, in a very interesting way, because we were in the snow, at first, and then we get inside this room. Quentin shot on a refrigerated set, and it was 30 degrees, every day, in there. We were miserable in the environment. You could see our breath, but the stuff that we were doing was amazing. We would finish doing a scene and look at each other and just grin like, “This is incredible.” And we may be blowing smoke up our own asses, but I hope it’s as good as we felt like it was when we were doing it.“
-Samuel L. Jackson about the filming of The Hateful Eight

I think the thing that pisses me off about Hannibal Lecter is that he likes to pretend he only goes after the unpleasant members of our society, but he doesn’t think twice about flat out murdering the people who accidentally get mixed up in his shenanigans. You aren’t some goddamn special snowflake Lecter. You’re just another average, plain, boring serial killer. the only thing “special” about you is that you’re a liar and a hypocrite. Just fuck off.

when people talk shit on sid it makes me so sad because one time i saw him out to lunch and some woman with a stroller spilled her diaper bag and he stopped to help her pick it up and carried it to her car