and he hates that

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“Sometimes you even look like her…”

He’s just a Crystal Gem
Each day he watches them
Cry and then cry again
He’s Stevennnnn

He’s got a pink lion
Rose shattered Pink Diamond
Opal is the best fusion
He’s Stevennnnn

Pearl is still hurting
Garnet is gay!
If you think they can’t, they’ll always find a way!

The Cluster will erupt
Jasper will become corrupt
The Rubies will float through space
He’s Stevennnnn
Stevennnnn, Stevennnnn
He’s Stevennnnn!    

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So recently I've seen a lot of jimin ship hate, and I'm laughing because people who hate on idols for "getting in the way of their ship" are pathetic, how dare you hate on Park Jimin and still call yourself an army, you disgust me in every way with your death threats to him, you don't think do you? That he could read that and it could hurt him, make him cry even, that's because all you care about is your stupid little ship well you've got another thing coming people, because he's up there doing what he loves with people he loves, and you're not gonna change that. Have a nice day send love not hate.

This applies to all members, just recently I’ve seen a lot of hate centring jimin.

I know it’s unrealistic but seriously… James going out this week would be giving him a taste of his own medicine. He made a deal with Clelli last season and Bridgette/Frank this season for HOH and then sent one of them out anyway. It would be seriously big karma on the behalf of those four if he went out after basically giving Ratcole HOH this week.

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Munakata proposes Fushimi and Fushimi tries not to cry

Imagine Munakata being all smooth and romantic as he proposes and Fushimi trying to act like he’s not at all affected by it when he’s totally having emotions. Munakata I think would probably propose in private, not wanting Fushimi to be uncomfortable the way I think he would be if they were out in public. He probably sits Fushimi down and is being all affectionate and close with him and Fushimi starts getting a bit suspicious because this is weirder than normal even for Munakata. Then Munakata pulls the ring out of his jacket and Fushimi’s just speechless for a long moment, not really knowing what to say, just quietly freaking out because someone actually loving him enough to propose to him is entirely new territory. Munakata just strokes his face and very seriously tells Fushimi that he loves him and wants to be with him, sliding the ring onto Fushimi’s finger. Fushimi just nods a bit but he can’t really find his words and then Munakata touches Fushimi’s cheek with a finger and tells him he doesn’t have to cry. Fushimi immediately denies crying at all except his face is distinctly wet and there’s a choke in his voice, Munakata smiles and tells him that it’s all right to be happy, Munakata’s pleased he could bring out such emotion in Fushimi. Fushimi manages to get himself in control enough eventually to say yes but he totally denies crying forever afterward. Munakata’s just like ‘of course, Fushimi-kun,’ in a tone that suggests he’s totally humoring Fushimi because they both know he cried.

my favorite adam is not even tdt one but i say so just to piss off people who criticize him for being a traumatized kid who has to work his ass off because he lives by himself (as he just pressed charges on his abusive father) and pays his own school + had to cope w/ being basically possessed by a 1000  yo magic forest, and is acting as so