and he hates that

tbh it really annoys me when i see those “percy thinks he’s everyone’s type” posts because percy jackson’s not that kind of guy?

this is a dude who’s had body image issues in the sea of monsters, who was pretty much oblivious to rachel’s crush on him, was bullied for the most of his life, and who isn’t a cocky asshole (he has his faults but being arrogant or prideful isn’t one of them). i doubt that percy ever thought about his attractiveness to other people. 

every time i see nico fics where percy says shit like “what do you mean i’m not your type, i’m everyone’s type” i die a little inside due to the extreme percy jackson character assassination. 

fanon percy is a stereotypical reckless jock who has too high an opinion of himself “i’m so awesome, i’m the best hero there ever was, everyone wants me!” . canon percy is a skater boy who’s a yankee fan whose opinion of himself is probably something like “i did okay since i didn’t get killed today.” 

people often forget that percy’s started out as an underdog, and even though he’s now a hero he’s never stopped rooting for the other underdogs and he’s never thought that he was better than them (his interactions with frank and hazel in the son of neptune is basically the best example of this)  


X-Men: Musical AU

Defying Gravity (Wicked) 
I hope you’re happy in the end.  I hope you’re happy my friend.

But okay, so the Musketeers have to go guard the King and Queen at a ball or a fucking…presentation or some shit, so Porthos knows he has to look nice. So he makes sure to actually take a bath that day and put on his lacy collared shirt…and he has to spend some time in front of the mirror with some 17th century hair gel making each twistycurl look perfect and he takes his time picking just the right section of hair and makes sure to twist each curl in the opposite direction from the last so he doesn’t look too “done”. And those other fuckers just dip their head in a bucket, put their hats on, and go.

I can’t explain it but the “and I you” is just so off. Honestly, that’s what’s dragging me down the most (well, the terrible plot line and then that… which, admittedly, seems a bit small in comparison)

I appreciate that he probably saw a shit storm of a different kind coming if he had to explain Marian (or so he thought) was pregnant but still, you’d think there’d be a little more reaction

I really don’t want to have issues with Robin, he is still the victim and I love the character, but to me that (the scene as a whole) wasn’t him and I have to admit I’m struggling

I’m so conflicted, going to hope things change with a bit more time and hopefully by the end of next ep, a bit more clarity (though I’m scared)

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X (I'm sorry Diarmuid for the fights)

No matter how much I appreciate you, I still find your attitude towards your husband’s behavior naive. You should have had the time now to acclimate to this world and stand for your own beliefs, instead of becoming blind of love every time someone points out his flaws.

I will not back off from this.

neverendinglove4suju replied to your post “seriously tho who cursed zhou mi to be hated for every little thing he…”

What happened now

I heard he’s getting hate on weibo bec of Fashion King. He’s Korea’s rep or something and that pisses the Chinese people off.

pft. It’s not like those people would not hate him if he were to represent China. They just hate him for everything. He could breathe China’s air and still get cursed at.