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Hi! Could you recommend me some of your favourite fanfictions? The ship doesn't matter, I like all! <3

Helloo~! ^_^ omg there’s so many of ‘em but here ya go :

(This isn’t in order since I can’t rank them)

- Vampire!AU , Soulmate!AU , (kind of) Smut, Fluff,  Angst with a Happy Ending, Enemies to Lovers. 

“‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. He can’t believe that he of all people got soulmated by a vampire.Why him of all people? ‘Wait,’ the vampire shouts, ‘I don’t even know your name!’ ‘You should have thought about that before you gave me your blood to drink!’ Taehyung yells back and keeps walking through the rain.” Taehyung and Jeongguk become soulmates – more or less – by accident.

{ My review : I honestly love Enemies to Lovers too much for it to be healthy XD , and this fanfic just gave me all da feels)

- Vampire!AU , Angst, Happy Ending, Friends to Lovers, Implied Sexual Content

“Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human.“ Jungkook has successfully kept his condition under control for many years, until a certain someone’s scent suddenly becomes too overwhelming for him to ignore.As he begins to lose the firm grip he has on his instincts, the safe and happy world he has built for himself with Bangtan begins to crumble, and he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to keep it together.

{ My review : I know I know, I have a thing for Vampire AUs :P but tbh who doesn’t? This fanfic is a bit long so ya gotta grab your popcorns and cuddle up :3 This was real good, definitely one on da list~} 

- FakeDating!AU, Friends to Lovers, Slight Angst, Fluff.

Yoongi’s sister Hani is fake-dating Jimin to hide from her mother that she’s gay, but Yoongi doesn’t know this. All Yoongi knows is that he has had a not-so-little crush on Jimin for over a year and that its kinda hard to be a supportive dutiful brother when Jimin is just too blindingly beautiful.

{ My review : I’ve seen this fanfic around a lot, but I was a bit hesitant to read this, cos I usually don’t read fics like these, but goddamn this was soo good I even cried :’) }

- Cyborg!AU, Android!AU, Smut, Implied Homophobia, Slight Angst, Slight Fluff

Yoongi is a struggling novelist with four cats, an obsession with coffee and an unhealthy relationship with his parents.

And Jimin is…a cyborg.

{ My review : And again..this fic was totally out of my comfort zone but omg this was soo fxckin good I died inside, definitely at the top for me}

-Angst With a Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Childhood Friends to Lovers, 

everything starts when jeongguk moves over, and jimin teaches him to ride a bike.everything ends when kim taehyung moves over, and jeongguk abandons his bicycle.+ “they say that if you watch the sunset on that hill for 31 consecutive days, your unrequited love will be reciprocated.”

{ My review :…I just ;-; 1000/10 would recommend. It’s so good omg)

- Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Metaphors

Jimin takes the sun with him when he leaves Yoongi on a snowy Thursday morning.

{ My review : This was was absolutely amazing, so amazing that I recommended it twice here on my blog! This is definitely a tear-jerker)

- Heavy Angst, Sort of a Happy Ending, Violence, Assasins!AU

“I-I don’t understand…” Jimin said, eyes watering as he focused on Yoongi. “I thought…you were going to kill me…in the bathroom.” “Yeah, well so did I,” Yoongi said wryly, and Jimin flinched, trying to make himself impossibly smaller. AKA It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Min Yoongi in possession of a heart will be in want of sleep.

{ My review : While the ones above were soft and heartfelt, this one is pretty brutal yet with a kind of romance that could get you to feel a tug at heart :’) }

- Soulmate!AU, Tattoist!Taehyung, Heavy Angst

“You’re so beautiful, Hoseok-ah, I would have loved you forever.” Hoseok never wanted to meet his soulmate. So he has his soul tattoo removed, only to find Taehyung, his soulmate, and also the tattoo artist to remove the bond.

{ My review : This one was real angsty, so if you don’t like sad(but not really)endings, don’t read it, or else you’ll be bawling your eyes out like me T_T I know I mainly read Yoonmin or Jikook but this one was too good }

- Blind!Namjoon , Medic!Jimin, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Slice of Life, Smut

From a prompt: au where jimin is a medic and namjoon is a lieutenant who becomes blind after a bombing.Rating bumped to M for mild smut in second chapter.

{ My review : This melted my heart, I keep saying this so much but just trust me when I say that this is so so good :’) }

-A/B/O AU! , Angst, Humor, Eventual Smut 

First heats suck. First heats especially suck when you were never ever ever ever supposed to be an omega.

{ My review : This fic is from the same writer as Look Here, yes, but it’s cos his/her fics are always so good. :’) }

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I have so so much more to recommend~ But these are some of my favorites

Soulmates - Bellamy Blake Imagine

Authors Note: Thinking of making it with parts? Maybe 2 or 3? Lemme know.

Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

Reader x Bellamy Blake

Word Count: 883 words

Warnings: none that I know of

“Hey (Y/N), look there’s your future husband to be.” Your best friend Meg nudged you in the Ark dining hall. Bellamy Blake. “Shut up!” You whispered yelled at her. “It might not even be him.” You tried to reason. “What other guy on this Ark is named Bellamy?” Your other best friend, Tiffany corrected you. “Who knows, there might be someone on Earth that’s named Bellamy.” They both scoffed knowing you were just making excuses for yourself.

The damage had been done, Bellamy had shot Jaha to get to his sister. He’d begun to rule the camp and now with Clarke, he was establishing a society with the 100. But he never felt complete. He had yet to meet her. He knew leaving the ark meant leaving his chance of love. But ever since the whispers of Octavia finding her soulmate in a grounder, he thought it might not have been as bad.

Now Octavia openly stated her dislike towards her brother, there was nothing on earth here for him anymore. Clarke turned it around, the prime reason he was walking back to camp, and into the communications tent.

“Get your hands off of me!” You growled at the guards. “What do you want Jaha?” You stood there arms open completely lost. “(Y/N).” Haha began and Bellamy’s eyes widened. The name, his name that was ever so delicately tattooed on his wrist. 

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Monsta X Reaction to: Discovering Their GF Has Tattoos

Anon: Hello! :D Can I request a Monsta X reaction when they discover that their girlfriend has tattoes? Like big and colourful ones. She always hides them because she’s afraid they won’t like them. Thank you *-*

Shownu: During a car ride one particularly hot day, he’s worried to see you all bundled up. “Why don’t you take that off? You’ll die of heat stroke!” So you slip your jacket off and he looks over, almost crashing the car. “You have tattoos?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

He’s usually a quiet person but this car ride is different. He talks the entire time, asking questions about the pain, the story behind them, your age when you started, all that. He’s just really curious .. and totally into it.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Wonho: Your shirt slips down your shoulder and he catches a glimpse of tattoos he never knew you had. “I can see them, baby. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do when we’re home.” He’s never one to live by what society says. He fully supports boy in heels and makeup and girls with muscles and ink. In fact, he finds your tattoos very sexy, as they’re a sign of not caring for stupid “societal norms.”

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Minhyuk: At first, he was so worried; “What will my parents say if they see?” “Did they hurt?” “What if you regret them in the future?” But later that day, when you’re laying in bed and he can see that you’re upset with him, he starts to rethink his initial reaction.

“Jagi?” He’ll rub your shoulders, eyes drinking in every curve and colour of your tattoos. “Will you tell me why you got them? Maybe then I can understand you better. And I’ll help anyone else that judges you understand too. Because they’re beautiful, like art on your skin.”

Originally posted by alette-stars

Kihyun: His motherly nature takes over. “Yah! What are these? Weren’t they painful? Why would you want to hurt yourself like that?” He doesn’t understand the pain factor but has no issue with the finished results. However, he does wish you had told him. “Are there any other secrets you’re hiding? A love child? A tail? A third eye?”

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Hyungwon: ”Ah, what are these?” He’s rather calm when he spots your tattoos, although he was barely awake so that could be why. Even when he fully wakes up though, he’s not judgmental, more curious.

“Can I suggest an idea for your next tattoo? My face. There’s no better art, am I right?”

Originally posted by wonkkyun

Jooheon: Despite your badass ink, he acts as if they’re cute and adorable because in his eyes, they are. They’re not scary or “manly.” They’re a part of you and you’re the cutest bean ever (that’s his name for u on his phone btw).

Originally posted by wtfmace

I.M: He wants to know why you hadn’t told him. Not because he’s mad, more because he wants to know if you truly trust him or if he’d not shown his love enough. You two talk it out and once it’s sorted, he asks if he can see all your tattoos. Not necessarily in a sexual way. He just wants to admire and appreciate them and your body.

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jailhouse Fuc-Uh rock

Dean x Reader

Summary; You and Dean go undercover in Dwight Correction Centre, Illinois to catch a rogue Reaper, luckily for you two, the prison houses both Men and Women together.

A/N: So, after seeing the gifs of Dean in Prison again it spurred my muse to write a one-shot about the Reader and Dean in prison together, now I did my research and there was a Prison that temporarily housed both Men and Women convicts before closing in 2013, it was based in Denver – Illinois however I have absolutely zilch idea on how accurate this would possibly be so lets just take the accuracy with a pinch of salt!

Word Count: 4,318

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Dom!Dean, hand-on-throat sexy action but not too intense, Violence

Originally posted by proof-is-in-the-pudding

“Well, personally I thought that it took you a little while to get here but looks like you finally made it” you said from the back of a riot van.

“Can it princess, you and your lunatic boyfriend enjoy your time in there together while you still can before the trial where you both get put away, apart, for a long, long time” the driver warns you.

You roll your eyes and shake the shackles that are binding both your arms and legs which are attached to the bottom of the van “yeah I’m sure we will.”

Dean just shakes his head, sat next you and in the exact same position “y'know, we robbed four stores before you amazing cops made your appearance.”

“Shut the hell up, didn’t get away though did ya?”

You and Dean both share a look before deciding that it’s probably best if you do cram it for now, so how did you end up here?

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BTS reaction to their S/O being covered in Tattoos

Anon Request


I feel like Yoongi would love his s/o covered in tattoos like he’s already such a badass guy and walking around with a badass chick by his side looking hot af covered in tattoos would just boost his ego as well as turn him on.  

“Jagiya, have you looked at us in the mirror lately?”

“What are you on about Yoongi?”

“We look so tough together. No one can mess with us. We can take over the world.”


J-hope (to me) is the kind of guy who can be supportive but at the same time, if he doesn’t understand the concept of people’s opinions or choices, I feel he has a hard time accepting. But with his s/o, I feel he would try very hard to accept and eventually get used too and definitely love the tattoos. 

“So, Jagiya, What does this one mean? …. Wow, This one’s really pretty too it’s definitely my favourite.”  


Jin seems like a very accepting guy of many things and his s/o being covered in tattoos wouldn’t bother him personally. He would look at them as more of reason. He wouldn’t hesitate into thinking that each and everyone has their own personal meaning and he honestly couldn’t wait to study your body as he points at each one demanding an explanation. 

“Jagi… Tell me now, why do you have a bunch of fish swimming in a circle on your hip?”


Ah Joonie and his kinks, I can see it, we can all see it and I feel like tattoos would be one of them. If not it would just be something he’d be into. He’s the most accepting out of the 7 members so he wouldn’t even second guess how he felt about them. His s/o would receive compliments and encouragement all the time from him about their tattoos or new ideas for some.

“You know what tattoo you should get next baby?”

“What are you thinking?”

“Ryan the bear. To signify my love is the same for you as it is him.”  


Deep down, Kookie would think his s/o having tattoos is so hot. On the outside I think he’d find it hard to show it at first, but once he got used to it (and expressing his true feelings properly) he would be cocky about how beautiful he thought they were, pulling off all those tattoos.

“What are you staring at Kookie?”

“My baby looks so hot showing off her tattoos today.” 


Jimin would just be an excited mess and the compliments would never stop coming from his mouth towards his s/o. A hell of a lot of body appreciation and reassuring touches, looks and whispers would come from him if he saw someone was whispering or eyeing his s/o in a way he didn’t like. He’s the very cute, protective type of his baby. 

*Making sure he’s loud enough in the public area*

“Ah my baby, you’re so beautiful. Oppa loves you so much!”


Tae has such a strong passion for art and the many versions it comes in, so he would definitely be the one to study his s/o’s tattoos until he knew which one was what, and meant this, and just everything there was to know about them he would try and learn. Although he does come off as more traditional, he has mentioned that he’s wanted a tattoo before so I feel like tattoo dates would be cute if he chose to get one with his s/o.

“Jagiya, I think I want a tattoo as well.”

“Oh my god yay! We can go together! I’ve been meaning to get another one!” 


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do you know any fics that are simple and fluffy but definitely not boring

I’ll give some that I really like, I guess? I gear more toward angst and fluff can bore me easily sometimes, so I hope these could be considered not boring, considering my standards lol

Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint - Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook’s clothes. They don’t care that alphas and omegas aren’t supposed to be best friends. 

(there’s some hurt/comfort in this but it’s mostly fluff!)

butterfingers by Batman - The amount of things that Taehyung has a steady grip around is limited to three.

dating for dummies by sugasus - in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

All’s Fair in Coffee and War by expplipo - “Goddammit, Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk moaned, “I thought I’d get you with the soy.”

Love Makes Quite the Fashion Statement by kimtaehot - Taehyung knits ugly sweaters, and Jungkook wears his heart on their sleeves.

Nice to feet you by expplipo - “What?” Jeongguk says. “Are you really trying to interrogate me after kidnapping me for my feet?” “It’s not kidnapping if it’s consensual,” Taehyung insists.

change my world (you’re the sunlight in my universe) by yururin - Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe’s freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love. Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

My Love Is Carried To You By My Feet by JemKay - Taehyung gets stood up and Jeongguk (unsuccessfully) tries to ignore him.

Date Me by flywithtaetae - Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.

Things You Said at 1 AM by lexwrites - 12:54 AM is Taehyung on Jungkook’s lap, breath hot against his skin in the freezing cold. 12:57 AM is messy kisses of teeth and tongue and promises of forever hanging off Jungkook’s tongue. 12:59 AM is ‘I love you’s whispered into their skins and Jungkook wants to say more, but he isn’t eloquent until Taehyung is under him, moaning out Jungkook’s name like it’s the only word he’s ever known.

You were dreaming out loud (I caught on) by drymartaeni - “I think she gets lonely when we’re gone. We can’t let our dog feel lonely, Jeongguk-ah.” Taehyung has decided they’re getting another dog. Problem is, he can’t seem to choose one.

pick me up, buttercup by vppa - AU where your soulmate’s first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet. Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook’s forearm will now forever read “Hey baby, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” What the fuck, universe.

(this one has just a hint of angst in the middle but it’s mostly adorable and hilarious)

baby boy (you got me feelin’ some typa way) by coffeensuga - Taehyung likes pastel and pretty things and the occasional bow in his hair. Jeongguk likes American punk music (as well as some Troye Sivan, but he’ll never tell anyone that) that matches his back jeans, beanies, boots, and tattoos (as soon as his mom will let him get some). But Jeongguk thinks he might have a pastel soul, because Taehyung gets him feeling “some typa way.”

dating kim taehyung: a rulebook by jeontae - Jeon Jeongguk’s rules and tips on how to deal with excessive human bean Kim Taehyung.

like that sun (melt my heart with that bright smile) by stardustandblackholes - Jungkook works in a pet store and Taehyung just really loves puppies or (“You come to the pet shop everyday and look at the dogs but whenever I ask you say you don’t want any but you keep coming in are you sure you don’t want one bc that one time I let you hold a puppy you nearly cried” AU)

ensoleille by kimtae95 - taehyung likes to wake up with the sun.

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Hi CC! Just wanted to say that your Siren au is amazing and I die everytime you illustrate one of the ficlets Lucy writes. But I wanted to ask about Yuuri... as a siren, I noticed you always draw him with black hands and feet. Are those feathers, or claws, or something else I don't understand? Were sirens like this on the Greek mith? Even if they're not, you are doing a wonderful job. The tattoo on his back is amazing, and when he spreads his wings, it's gorgeous! You are awesooooome! :D

Awwww, I’m glad that you like it ;w;

And ah! :D
They are tattoos for the most part in the drawings I have shown ^w^
From those tattoos feathers sprout when he goes full Siren mode! o3o
Just like the tattoo that he has on his back ^w^

In the greek myth they were originally birds with the heads of women!
Kinda spooky if you google image them! :D

thanks thanks ;;;

Property Of Vagabond

But like what if Ray came home one day with “Property Of Vagabond” tatted on his shoulder.

And Ryan sees it and immediately goes on and on about how it’s permanent and how he’s going to regret it. Ryan is adamant about telling Ray it was stupid and put a bullseye on its head because the tattoo is basically saying that vagabond would care if his property was taken. (And let’s face it, Ray is his weak spot)

Ray won’t take his crap though and wears it proudly because he likes showing off he’s his. Plus the tattoo looks good af on him.

(But Ryan knows he secretly likes Ray’s ink. He loves it especially when Ray has the tattoo visible while they are out in the clubs and getting drinks with the rest of FAHC. That way the onlookers who give Ray lustful looks take one look at the tattoo and turn away frightened out of their fucking minds.)

((Ray knows Ryan loves it, thus keeping the tattoo always visible))


Hello, could you do a blurb where Harry joins you to get your first tatoo? Thank you!

You had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time. Nobody in your family had tattoos. It’s not that they are against it, it’s just not a common thing in your family.

When your family first met Harry, they were a bit taken back by all his tattoos but one word out of the boy’s mound and they loved him.

‘Hey love, you don’t need to get one if you don’t want.’ Harry said looking a bit worried because you were quite pale in the car.

Harry decided to join you when you told him you finally made up your mind. He had been very excited since the day you told him. Immediately he started looking for the perfect tattoo for you. He also tried to reassure you by telling you all about his experience with getting tattoos.

‘No, I’m sure, just a bit nervous I guess’ you said giving him a nervous smile.

‘Okay, just know I don’t want you to feel pressured to get one. I know I have been a bit excited.’ He said.

You snickered, ‘a bit?’

‘Yes I know, I am just, I don’t know… happy I guess that I can be here with you.’ He said giving your thigh a squeeze.

‘And I am happy you are here with me. It nice to have someone with me who knows what’s going to happen.’

‘Well we’re here.’ Harry announced. You looked outside the car window and saw the ‘Tattoo shop’ sign in neon.

‘You can still go back now.’ Harry said.

‘No, I am sure about this. I am ready’ You said with a smile.

‘Okay then here we go!’ He said getting out of the car. You started to open your car door and by the time the door was open Harry stood there with his hand out to help you out the car. Something he always does. It’s what you loved about Harry, he just does these little things that just show you he cares and loves you.

Harry opened the door of the tattoo parlor. You sighed and not a second later you feel Harry giving the hand he’s holding a squeeze.

‘Hello there Harry!’ Dan said. Dan has been the person who gave Harry his first tattoo and a couple others. Harry told you Dan was the perfect person to go to for a first.

‘Hi Dan, how are you?’ Harry said while shaking Dan’s hand.

‘Good, good and you?’ Dan said.

‘Good, just done the CD promo and starting the promo tour for the movie soon.’ Harry said.

‘Ah yes, congrats man, the album is amazing.’

‘Thanks mate!’

‘But anyway, (Y/N) you ready for your tattoo?’ Dan asked now looking at you.

You nodded your head, not trusting your voice because your mounth was super dry because of the nerves.

‘Well I have this little design for you. I hope it is what you wanted.’ Dan said while walking down the counter to get his sketch book.

‘I am excited to see it too, still hasn’t told me what it is.’ Harry said.

‘Well we were talking about a tattoo in your neck so you can keep it covered when your hair is down. And you told me you wanted something meaningful.’ Dan said while going through his sketches.

‘Ah here it is, I immediately had this in mind.’ Dan said while laying the sketch in front of you.

It was beautiful.

‘I don’t know if you like it, I also have…’ Dan started but you stopped him by holding your finger up.

‘It’s perfect Dan…I really love it’ You say.

‘I am happy you like it.’ Dan said. ‘Then I will get everything ready, be back in a minute.’ Dan said and walked to the back of the shop where all the equipment stands.

‘So, what do you think?’ You ask Harry.

‘I think it’s going to be beautiful on you.’ He said while taking the sketch his hand.

‘Turn around’ He said and you did. He pulled your hair up and putted the sketch against the nape of your neck.

‘Okay, I am ready. (Y/N) I am first going to put the sketch on your neck so you can have a look of how the end result is going to look like and then we can get started. you pulled my hair in a bun and Dan got started

‘Take a look in the mirror.’ Dan said.

‘It’s so beautiful.’ You said excited.

‘So, you sure because I don’t do removals’ Dan said with a bit of humor in his voice.

I am a hundred percent sure!’ You said.

‘Okay the follow me (Y/N). Let’s get this thing inked on you’ Dan said with a wink.

You followed Dan and Harry was right behind you rubbing your shoulders.

‘Hey, you okay you have been quite.’ You asked Harry.

‘yes, I am fine love. I think I am a bit nervous myself and I don’t know why.’ He said and laughed.

‘You silly man, you do really like it don’t you?’ You asked.

‘I do, it’s beautiful, love.’ Harry said

‘Okay so you can sit down here and then I will get started.’ Dan said while putting his gloves on.

You sat down and all of a sudden heard a buzzing sound which took you by surprise and made you jump in your chair.

‘Easy love, he’s not going to start without telling you.’ Harry said trying to get your nerves down.

‘I know I am sorry, I don’t know why I got so surprised by the bussing of the gun. Must be the nerves.’ You said while laughing.

‘That’s okay (Y/N), a lot of people are nervous. But I am telling you it isn’t as bad as you think it is.’ Dan said.

‘Hey, you will be fine, just squeeze my hands when it hurts okay.’ Harry said.

I smiled at him. ‘I am happy you’re here with me.’ You said and have him a quick peck.

‘Always here love.’ He said.

‘Okay I am ready when you are (Y/N).’ Dan said.

‘I am ready.’ I said and Dan started with the tattoo. You know it did hurt but not as much as I imagined it would. Harry squeezed your hands when he saw that you were squeezing your eyes shut because of the stinging feeling. He tried to reassure you as much as he could during the process by saying things like: ‘Almost there love’ and ‘Doing great!’

After 15 minutes the buzzing stopped and Dan swiped over the tattoo a couple of times.

‘So all done.’ Dan said and stood up to get his material sterilized.

You went to the mirror and saw the tattoo. You were happy that you didn’t regret it. It really looked beautiful.

‘It looks absolutely stunning love. You happy? Harry asked.

‘yes I am.’ You said with a small genuine smile on your face.

You hugged Harry and mumbled a thank you in his neck.

‘No problem love. Love you.’ He said.

‘Love you too.’

‘So (Y/N), happy with the result?’ Dan asked.

‘Really happy, thank you so much Dan.’ You said and went over to give him a hug.

‘Well you will be feeling a bit of pain during the next few days. Harry knows what you have to do and if there is a problem. Don’t be afraid to come in.’ Dan said.

‘Thanks again Dan.’ You said.

After you paid and said your goodbyes, you went back in the car and you couldn’t help but look at Harry and smile. He smiled back and you and started to drive back home.


Here you go anon, I hope you liked it!

Sorry for any mistakes…My internet didn’t work last night, so I had to reupload the whole thing…

Also I am the worst at ending a story. Haha. So sorry.

Request are open, so don’t be shy and leave a request!

Lots of love,



vague gta au → the kingpin 

(From the files of Senior Reporter Turney)
One of two supposed modern kings taking up residence in the Fake AH Crew: “King” Ramsey. Beef him up a bit and give him more sleeze and he halfway resembles your average crime boss. Tired eyes, map of tattoos on his skin, more personal stories than I should care for, and always smells like some sort of alcohol. Despite being regarded as the leader, he doesn’t seem like it. His employees do and don’t respect him, which usually gets kids killed in this area of work… In fact, he seems more like an exasperated father than a boss whenever I catch him with a crew member. Has an impressive amount of wealth and power, likes taunting police, and loves his little dysfunctional crime family. Rumoured to have a history with the majour players in the LSPD.

So I re read the first book... I finished book 2 today... I may have a problem... send help... or not... I'll probably be done with the fifth book by the end of the day... HA! Enjoy my discoveries!

Kendra plays soccer and is a doodler

Errol Fisk is a fake name, but Fisk is also the last name to Maddox and Dougan… ?

Kendra is terrified of being kidnapped . She consistently worried about it after they met Errol. 😭😭


I love Kendra and Seth’s parents! They’re great.

Vanessa has short fingernails

Tanu wore a tank top the first time he met Kendra and Seth he has a dark green tattoo in a thorny wreath around his bicep

Kendra feels like an outcast

She had a zit on her chin

One of Tanu’s main goals was to cure Warren 😭❤️❤️😭😇😇 Tanu is too good!!!

This mental image. Albino Warren doing choppy jumping jacks in a sombrero

Dale cried when he saw Warren healed❤️

Warren!!! Ah he’s my fave! Grand total of injuries at this point? Skewered by spear, bit by snake tail of Panther, legs clawed. When asked, “how are you holding up?” His answer? “So far so good.” And this isn’t a one time thing!!!

Warren is legit impressed by Kendra and Seth.

Warren tried to run alongside mendigo so he didn’t weigh them down. He really does have the mentality of ‘go on without me’

“Jackpot! Cookies!” -warren

“Being butchered by monkeys is pretty low on my list of ways to go.” -Warren…. I assume trampled by deer is also low on the list Warren?

Seth when he’s going up to the revenant totally showed off before the courage potion failed. He took a few punches and fancy kicks. Then he flexed his muscles, giving him “two good reasons to surrender” pg 359 😂😂😂

Seth fights fear the same way as he does in the fifth book with the standing dead on his way to morisant. He talks to himself and makes fun of the fear

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Who I could picture in your Soulmate AU for Tony's new love could be Dr Strange. He could even provide tangible proof that Gregory isnt Tony because he has medical records that maybe Tony had a broken arm as a kid that Gregory caused and its fracture is still shown in adult Tonys chart while Greg never had that injury and can prove where Tonys soulmark is while Gregs is a fake tattoo bc even the best money cant beat a real soulmark. Ooh even Howard and Msria come forwsrd say Greg isnt Tony

Crap, why didn’t I think of that! Ah well, I made it harder for myself then. All I’ve got is childhood photos with Gregory clearly having different names than his current ones. It can still work. Besides, Tony has their mother on his side. Even the media can’t counter her words.
But the focus is all about getting Steve and Bucky out of Gregory’s clutches. Tony doesn’t care for SI. Gregory can keep that. He DOES care about his damn name getting taken and thrown around for every negative thing Gregory has done. And getting Steve and Bucky free is his last reason. Tony still has a heart after all and no one deserves Gregory as a soulmate. No one except the two original names he had that Tony still remembers vividly. 

Steve and Bucky aren’t bad people, they’re just idiots who didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into.

But getting them out of Gregory’s clutches is a little on the hard part. What with the one part of the media screaming murder because Tony is a homewrecker and the other thinking they deserve it for falling for it in the first place. 

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Dex and nursey for the headcanons?

ah i love these dorks

•once dex came down to breakfast with a black eye and everyone thought he had gotten into a fight with someone the night before but really nursey had punched him in the face in his sleep

•"good morning angel, my love, sweetheart, light in the dark-“ “mcfuck off”

•once nursey tried to count all of dex’s freckles but he lost count around 237 (he was only at his shoulders)

•nursey actually has a second tattoo but only dex knows where it is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

•once dex read an entire journal of nursey’s poetry and was like “it’s pretty but i understand none of it” and nursey had to explain that it was literally all about dex good god man have you never heard of a metaphor

•once dex was on nursey patrol and had to carry his sorry drunk ass back to the dorms like a fireman and nursey spent the entire time telling him what a good firefighter he’d make “specially ‘cause…your hair! ‘cause the flames would think you’re one of them!” “why are you like this”

•dex likes to send nursey pictures of otters holding hands bc that’s usually as sappy as he can get. nursey has an entire folder of them saved

•dex is the Official Killer of Spiders. he was sworn to secrecy about the time nursey cried over finding one in his coffee cup

•dex’s little siblings think nursey is The Coolest Ever (and nursey doesn’t know yet but watching him interact with the little kids like that makes dex go all heart eyes)

•dex will eat ranch with ANYTHING. the first time nursey saw him dip his pizza into it he almost broke up with him (“IT’S DELICIOUS” “IT’S AN ABOMINATION. IT’S AN AFFRONT TO NATURE AND PIZZA”)

•both of them sob during every pixar movie

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do u have a frerard reclist? or lyk, can u direct me to ur fav reclist or smth? thnxxx

i’ve been wanting to make an official page but omg i’m so lazy AND DISTRACTED BUT OMG OKAY


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🅱- 23 and 24, Driplierst (maybe the story of the ass tattoo)

“Host?” Edward asks upon their settling to a point he has a lovely view of Host’s ass.

“Hm?” Host questions, turning his head back to look at Doc.
“Is that a tattoo?”

Host blinks, and then blushes. Ah. That tattoo.
“It… is, yes.” Host sighs, moving to sit up.

“Property of Dr. Iplier?” The doctor snorts, and Host clears his throat awkwardly.

“There was a bet between Dark and I-”
“Tell me the story?”

Host sighs and nods his head hesitantly, shifting about to rest himself against Edward. The doctor wraps his arms around Host, and settles to listen to the story. 

“We bet and you lost, so you have to do it.” Dark insisted, smirking with a mischievous glint in his eyes. 
Author grumbled nodding his head a bit.

Fine I’ll do it. I can’t believe I agreed to this-” He huffed, blushing lightly. 

Dark snorted, shifting and adjusting his suit.
“Time to go, then. I’ll be nice and pay for it since I know you’re dirt poor.” He sneered, but it was all in good fun. 

Later, when Author has the tattoo and Dark has mocked him nearly to death, Dark will comfort him for his odd crush on Dr. Iplier-

“You had a crush on me?” Edward mumbles, a grin in his voice.
“Edward we are dating-”
“It’s still cute!” Edward coos, kissing Host’s cheek affectionately.

“You’re an idiot, Edward.” Host chuckles, leaning back against his boyfriend with a content little sigh.

“But at least I’m your idiot.” Edward murmurs, and Host smiles. 

“Yes, you’re all mine.”

How has my life suddenly become very sweet in just one day. He’s very sweet n cuddly n lovely and he has pokemon tattoos and stubble and a v strange talent for impersonation. But he’s lovely. And everything feels safe in his arms. N he lets me rest my head on him even tho it’s probably really uncomfortable but he insists it’s not. And I’m all mushy and now my flatmates know I’ve got someone but I don’t care because i can’t stop smiling and I’m just really glad I’ve met him and I told him that and he said it back and HES JJST SO SWEEEEEET :-)) 💖🐇

How and Why?

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1k

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language.

Summary: No matter the feelings between them; ‘best friends before soulmates’ has always been the deal… Or at least that’s what they thought.

Beta by: @20secspnfam4 & @waywardlullabies

Day 4 of Countdown to Halloween Collab

Prompt: Pumpkin Spice + Books 

A/N: please remember this is a series, that’s written in first person and is also a tattoo soulmate au (dean isn’t a hunter and he’s in college) hope you guys like this one; remember to check out lau’s (@waywardlullabies) & karo’s (@loveitsallineed) pieces, and also to leave feedback ♥ xoxox.

follow or look in my blog ‘countdown to halloween’ tag for chapters.


“I have two questions.” I sat next to Mary’s Winchester side on her bed, Dean and I showed off our wrists, “How and why?”

Mary sighed, her still sleepy eyes adjusting to the light, questions and confused glares. She took a glance at our wrists. Smiling slightly as she read the grey cursive letters forming ‘I love you’ on Dean’s and my own.

“I don’t get why you two are so freaked about this,” Mary said. “You guys love each other.”

“We do, but we never woke up to having tattoos of it,” Dean replied.

I nodded repeatedly in agreement with Dean’s words, “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Mary sighed. “I didn’t write the rules about this soulmate thing.”

“What’s going on?” A male and similar voice to Dean’s appeared in the room.

I turned my head to see John Winchester standing at the door wearing a black robe. He’s holding two cups of coffee and looking at us confused. And I’m pretty sure it has to be the fact that his twenty-four year old is sitting at his bed with his best friend and soulmate at seven in the morning.

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Arc One, Episode Six: A First And Very Red Memory

TW: Blood and flashbacks

“This is Widow’s Rest.” Ghast gestured grandly to the quiet shopfronts. A few passersby stared at the odd group. “It may not look like much, but this little town is a spot of history. So many here have seen different days. You’ll want to ask them, if you’re one for stories.”

The group made their way down the worn cobbled brick road, Ghast pointing out each building and lingering on her favorites.

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Akatsuki no Yona: Urban Fantasy AU

So last time 1 AM Green gave me a High Fantasy AU and this time she gives me a Low Fantasy AU. 1 AM Green, you are so diligent these days. Where High Fantasy describes stories within a fictional secondary world that functions within separate rules then ours, Low Fantasy is stories that are fantasy and yet governed by the rules of our world. An Urban Fantasy would be a story was fantasy elements that would take place in a city, where supernatural beings and magics function either with or without average human knowledge. 

In a world much like our own, supernatural beings live their day to day lives beside humans, without the human’s awareness except for the higher ups. This has created a partnership between the Bureau for Supernatural Affairs, and governments of human districts that help to keep supernatural creatures from being outed. However, when a warlock by the name of Soo-Won comes to have influence in the city of Kouka, he decides that the humans and human-like supernaturals would be better off without the other supernatural beings and works to make the district unlivable for supernatural beings. It is up to our HHB to save the day and reestablish the balance between supernatural and human in this city. Read below to learn about our team and the magical world they live in. 

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