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It Started With A Kiss

Summary: All the ways Dean loves to kiss you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1018

Warnings: All the fluff

A/N: I’m actually super proud of this! Thanks to my grammar nazi and my poetic friend @idreamofhazel

A kiss is the most powerful thing a man can say. When Dean kisses you, he kisses you with such passion and fervor, like he can’t get enough out of you, like you’re going to slip away at any moment. Each kiss tells you something different. That’s the thing about Dean, he has an appreciation for a woman’s body like no other man you have met before.

When he first kissed you, it was by surprise. You had no idea Dean was even remotely attracted to you. You had been hunting with him and Sam for years and the man never once made a pass at you. But when he kissed you, there was no doubt in your mind that Dean Winchester loved you. The kiss wasn’t just a sign of attraction, it was a proclamation of his love. The kiss was full of confidence; confidence that you were the one for him, that you would fill the hole inside his heart. It only took one kiss for you both to know that was it, that was your last first kiss.

In the morning, his kisses are lazy, peppered all over your face, like he has all the time in the world. He kisses any exposed skin, your shoulder, your neck, your thighs. It’s as if he spent too much time away from you, even if he dreamt of you all night. He kisses you until your eyes open and you turn towards him to capture his lips with yours.

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Cookies And Cream

Requested by: @magnoliastan-barnes
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I didn’t specifically include the quote, I hope that’s okay!

Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour

Bucky’s POV

Bucky was completely lost in his thoughts when he wandered into the kitchen, but his brain, and his steps, come to a stop when he notices you. You’re wearing a floral apron, and your hair is thrown up into a messy bun, surrounded by a tonne of ingredients and metal bowls. His breath faulters as he stares, unable to tear his eyes away. Even when you were deep in concentration and reading a recipe you were a ray of sunshine.

Bucky had been smitten with you from the moment you introduced yourself; the newest addition to the Avengers, and the last one to meet Bucky after he returned from Wakanda.

“Oh hey,” you call to him, your voice echoing off the large, open space walls. Bucky’s cheeks grow hot and he hopes you didn’t realise he’d been staring at you, probably with lovey dovey eyes,

“H-hey,” Bucky stammers. Without realising it, he’s tentatively walking towards you. He tries to casually take a seat at the island counter, but slips and almost falls off the stool, making him more embarrassed, “What’cha making?”

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SF9 Reaction to: Your Idol Group Having A Sexy Comeback

Inseong: Turns into a gross flirt. “Hold on, I need glasses to truly appreciate your beauty,” he’ll say. He feels no jealousy at fans enjoying your sexy comeback, as he knows he’s the only one who gets to touch.

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Youngbin: He’s a little jealous, mostly because your relationship was a secret, so no one knew you were his. He has to grin and bare seeing other idols gape at your performances. While visiting you backstage, he barely notices the other idols and staff around as he makes it a point to show off that he’s dating you.

“Come here, sit on Binnie’s lap. Do you want a kiss?”

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Jaeyoon: The moment he sees your comeback played on the music channel, he dials your number, acting extra as always.


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Dawon: The extra-est of extra, King of being Too Much, will be so childish. “Yah! What is this? Why are you grinding like that - You can’t be my bias and my bias wrecker, stay in your damn lane!”

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Zuho: Tries and fails to act like he’s cool about it. “Jealous? Me? What makes you think that :) :) I’m perfectly fine with your comeback :) Especially that dance move where your group mates hands slide up your leg :) That was a cool part :)”

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Rowoon: Your number one hype man. He promotes your comeback better than your own company and knows the routine off by heart. Whenever your song comes on the radio, he blasts it and tries getting the others to join in.

“Come on, Chanhee! You know the moves!”

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Taeyang: This soft child doesn’t know how to react. Like many teen boys watching your music video, he felt a spark go down his spine. But you weren’t just any random idol to drool over, you were his. So while he was supportive of you, he wasn’t quite sure how to react to his hyungs and fans alike seeing you like that.

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Hwiyoung: Dolphin squeals every time you appear on screen. “WHOOOOA! THAT’S MY BABY!”

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Chani: “I heard it’s really good! But I haven’t watched it yet, Youngbin won’t let me. Every time I try watching the music video, he storms into my room and takes my phone away … But the first five seconds were very impressive!”

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I’m Sorry. Barry Allen x Reader

Pairing(s): Barry Allen x Reader

Note: I had this thought in my head for a while and I really hope you guys will enjoy this imagine. I’m using Grant’s Barry again cos his portrayal has a bigger sense than Ezra, but once we get more Ezra! Barry there will definitely be so much more of him. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to leave a request.

Request?: No

Word Count:1045

Summary: Barry and Reader have been such great friends ever since he woke from his coma, but reader has a crush on Barry and Barry loves Iris. Reader and Barry will get into a fight cos of his recklessness and she lets it slip. What happens when Barry learns that his other best friend loves him?


   Barry Allen. Where do I even start? Well, we’re best friends- not like him and Iris of course, but we’re definitely still best friends. The beginning of this friendship all started when Barry woke up from his coma. I know it’s creepy, but I had a crush on him when he was brought to STAR Labs. He was easy on the eyes, just saying. Although the second he woke up made it a lot worse for my small crush. He was a sweet, loving and caring person. When he came in after finding out he had super speed, he used it for good, and not bad like most of the people in this city. When Barry woke up we just instantly connected and became such great friends. That’s where we are. Caitlin and Cisco both know about this crush I have on Barry, but we also all know about Barry’s crush on Iris. It’s hard for me, Iris is extremely beautiful and I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous, but I also have to be grateful for Iris. If it wasn’t for her secret relationship with Eddie (well a secret to her dad) then Barry and I wouldn’t be as close as we are. In all honesty, I’m actually pretty grateful for the whole West family. Due to Joe’s duties as a father, he insists on Barry keeping the whole “Flash” thing a secret from Iris. That’s where I come in. Ever since he woke up from the coma, he had to keep so many secrets from Iris. For starters his crush on her has always been a secret to her (although I don’t see how), and his secret identity. He needed someone to just listen to him when something bothered him, and I let myself be that person. Which dangered my very tiny chance of being with him, but I hated seeing him so hurt. I was always there for him whenever he needed a pair of ears to listen. We have been through so much in the past months, whether it be his feelings for Iris, the rejection that we said was just a random symptom , metahumans or even his work stress. Which pretty much brings us to this common situation; Barry putting himself in extra danger. Barry has the tendency of carrying the city on his shoulder, he always protects the city, but when it comes to Iris, he puts himself in even more danger and it worries me so much. No matter how many times I tell him that he has to be more careful he never seems to do it.  Everyday he would come in with a new cut or bruise on his skin, and everyday I give him the whole “you need to be careful” speech. Barry has to juggle working as the CSI of the Central City Police Department and being the friendly speedster saving the city. Which I totally understand, he’s a hero in both of his careers; his excellent forensic brain helps the police know exactly what they are looking for and even how many people, and of course he saves everyone as the Flash being able to speed someone away from all harm. Although he is always Barry Allen, meaning he will always want to keep that one person safe at all times. Which brings us to the current situation. Barry Allen’s childhood bully being a metahuman, a metal metahuman, making it impossible for Barry to throw in an actual hit.

     We have been spending our time thinking of possible ways for Barry to be able to hurt him, but the only way would be if Barry runs fast enough and punches him at the right time and place, which is almost impossible. Although it wasn’t. There was only one reason why Barry attempted the shot in the first place, Iris West. Thankfully Barry was able to rescue Iris from him but it didn’t happen so easily. Barry was in the medical bay getting patched up from the first fight with his former bully and from the still very painful, yet very effective punch. He went down to the metaprison and when he came back up it was just us two.

“I thought you said the punch wouldn’t work”, a small chuckle left his lips, but cos of my worried state I didn’t chuckle back.

“Did it really work if your hand is temporarily wrapped?”

“You can’t seriously be mad at me? I was able to save Iris.”

“And I’m extremely ecstatic that Iris is somewhat safe, I heard she punched him too… but you seriously need to be careful Barry.”

“I was being careful, if I were to have messed up who knows what would’ve happened to Iris.”

“Barry, you were extremely lucky that you were able to go fast, who knows what would’ve happened to YOU if you weren’t able to.”

“Well I was careful and I’m alive, see?”

“Gosh Barry, you can be a serious pain, but you’re lucky I love you.”

     The words were never supposed to leave my mouth, but cos I was so angry my brain didn’t process what just came out. Barry and I just stayed quiet but maintained eye contact.

“You what?”

“Are you seriously that oblivious that you can’t see how I feel about you?”

      And once again, the silence rolled between us. Barry processing what had left my lips just made me so nervous. I know he doesn’t love me and I just need to hear it come out of his mouth. I need to move on and I need this rejection to let me go.

“Please, just say something.”

“What do you want me to say? Do you want me to lie and say I love you?”

“No. that’s not what I want. I want you to tell me the truth. To say you don’t love me so I can move on.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, Barry. It’s fine. I have to go anyways. I’ll see you Barry…”

      I just quickly left, and headed home. I wanted to be alone more than anything right now. I didn’t know what Barry did after, I just had to leave and go home and forget all of this. Which is exactly what I’m going to do.


I might do a part 2, but only if someone requests it cos I don’t know how I want this to go.

Rick yawns as he steps toward the door of the cabin he and Morty have been staying in since they ran. It’s just after 8am, and he’s returning after a quick patrol to make sure they haven’t been found.

He slips quietly into the warm cabin, and spots Morty almost immediately by the fire.

“What- What are you doing up?” He asks as he takes off his coat and kicks off his shoes, hurrying toward the fire.

Morty stands, a thick blanket draped around his shoulders, and despite his obvious exhaustion he smiles at Rick.

“I- I woke up and you were gone. I knew you’d be cold when you got back.”

“Well who’s going to think we’ll hide in a frost dimension?” Rick defends playfully, failing to conceal a shiver.

“Nobody.” He replies.

He opens his arms and the blanket for Rick, and Rick’s heart stutters in his chest when he realizes Morty is only wearing Ricks extra sweater. Answering the unspoken request he steps forward, and the moment his fingertips make contact with Morty’s skin the brunette yelps.

Rick laughs gleefully, and Morty playfully glares up at him. Before he can say a word to tease the brunette, Morty speaks.

“Wear gloves!” He grumbles, shifting so Ricks hands are more firmly against his fire-warmed skin to warm them with his body heat. “You’re- you’re not a little kid anymore Rick, I- you could get sick.”

Rick tilts his head and lifts his hand to cup Morty’s cheek. Despite the frigid temperature of the appendage, Morty leans into it.

“Okay.” He says gently. “Sorry baby. How- How about your warm me up?”


He slips away for a fraction of a second and when he reappears he has another blanket and a few pillows in his arms. He lies the extra blanket on the floor, the layer of insulation toward the roof so when they lie on it it’ll protect them from the cold floor. He then tosses a few pillows down and kneels on the setup, waiting silently for Rick.

Rick takes a moment to react, instead taking a moment to appreciate the glow of the fire on Morty’s skin. His heart pounds in his chest and he almost feels dizzy with how much he loves this kid.

When he snaps out of it he unbuckles his belt and drops his snow-dampened pants to the ground before lowering himself to the floor with Morty. As soon as his head hits the pillow Morty clings to him, wrapping the incredibly thick blanket around both of their bodies and tucking his head under Rick’s chin.

“Get some more sleep.” Rick murmurs, reaching his hand to stroke his fingertips across Morty’s cheek.

“Okay.” Morty murmurs.

“You’re beautiful.” Rick tells him suddenly, and Morty’s cheeks turn pink.

“Y-You’re not so bad yourself.” Morty murmurs, pressing a kiss to Rick’s chest, and the older man chuckles softly.

“Goodnight, Morty. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Headcanons for how Eren, Jean, and Erwin would react to their s/o doting on them and trying to get them to rest while they're sick/injured? Love your blog!

Thank-you so much! 


  • Considering he has to regrow limbs/skin pretty frequently, it goes without saying there are times where his s/o has to take care of him. Eren hates being confided anywhere, so he’d probably be really fussy about the whole thing.

  • His s/o has to be careful not to be too coddling with him, though. Although they just want to help him, Eren really doesn’t like when people fret over him too much. 

  • Of course, he’d be secretly grateful for all the extra attention from his s/o. When they would stay with him and keep him company simply because he couldn’t move around or would place a cool rag on his head and hold his hand during fever fits, Eren takes a moment to realize just how much he loves them.

  • While he doesn’t necessarily want to talk if he’s feeling awful, Eren likes it when his s/o stays with him for the night. They’re warm and it makes him feel less vulnerable with them there so they are happy to comply. 

  • Of course, Eren would thank them when he was better and would definitely return the favor if his s/o ever fell ill. 


  • If there is anyone who is going to soak up all the extra attention from his s/o, it’s definitely Jean. Even if it was just a minor sprain or common cold, he’d turn into a baby and ask his s/o to take care of him.

  • Of course, his s/o would roll their eyes but comply. If Jean was really sick or injured, however, his playful attitude turns into silence and all he wants to do is sleep. His s/o would stay by his side and make sure that he had everything he needed, whether it be water or medicine or just some company.

  • He’d like his s/o to read to him just to fill in the background noise. Depending on how delirious he is, Jean never remembers the stories but appreciates the sound of his s/o’s voice and the comfort it brings him.

  • His s/o has to become good at dodging his kisses because Jean is totally the type to tease them about getting sick just from being around him. It’s just a joke and he wouldn’t actually go through with it, but it’s funny to watch his s/o block their mouth with whatever book or item they were holding in their hands.

  • Jean is the type to want to watch his favorite movie over and over again when he’s sick. The DVD title probably plays in loop when he falls asleep. 


  • Oh boy, getting Erwin Smith to stop being the Commander for a day or two to get over an illness or an injury would be an absolutely nightmare. He’s constantly asking about work, even if his voice is scratchy and he’s running a high temperature.

  • His s/o would reassure him that Levi and Hanji had everything under control, but this doesn’t stop Erwin from getting up from bed and heading to his office to double-check their work. It’s not that he doesn’t trust them; he just has a hard time laying down and doing nothing.

  • Eventually, his s/o keeps a diligent eye on him and would force him to lay back down whenever he’d try to get up to get something. Although Erwin wouldn’t want to burden his s/o with having to take care of him, they’d insist on making sure he fully recovered.

  • Eventually, when his fever starts to go down, his s/o would let him read a little or play a board game to entertain him, given that he wouldn’t be doing much of anything else. Although he’s fairly well-behaved, his s/o can see that he has cabin fever and desperately wants to be recovered. 

  • When he’s all better, Erwin would thank his s/o for putting up with his antics and would absolutely return the favor if his s/o got sick from being around him and his germs.

(Apologies if there has been a similar post made)

Eddie discovering that “Riddle of the Minotaur” has a fandom YEARS after the game was released. (Think something akin to MYST fans, people who write up their own lore and make wiki’s/walkthroughs)

Meanwhile Eddie’s just finding out about all of this, this community of people brought together by his game, a game that only brought him anger and frustration. But this group only found joy in trying to figure out puzzles and get that much closer to the game, they didn’t know anything about what Mockridge did to the creator, that part remains a mystery (I assume Mockridge hid the details behind legal documents to get a bigger cut of the profits).

So he finds this community of people who grew up with the game, and love it, despite the fact that NO ONE has beaten it. They’ve made mods, created more content (extra puzzles, skins), written up their own backstory. There was probably at some point after the game’s release talk of a sequel or extra levels, but of course it never happened, but they’ve discussed what could have been.

Communities like this are often tightly knit between members, so all of these people have gotten to know each other better, brought together by the love of this game. They’ve celebrated holidays, happy moments, consoled each other through sad ones … They all found each other through this community.

All of this. Thanks to Edward Nygma’s game.


Éomer is very physical. Living among a warrior people and knowing from early age he’s going to follow in the steps of his father the First Marshal, it’s a good thing this is something that comes to him naturally. He enjoys the feeling of being on the move, whatever it may entail at the time, and if he’s forced to stay in one place for too long, he becomes impatient and twitchy. He usually walks fast and his stride is long, and he often needs to remind himself to adjust his pace in order to let shorter people keep up with him. 

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A day early but here, take this piece of trash. 

Dick smiled as he heard the snores coming from his tiny toddler.

What a day.

Mar'i celebrated her first birthday and a party with superheroes was everything a child could ask for. Of course, she didn’t understand what was going on and she probably will not remember this day but Dick and Kory would do anything to make their child happy.

It was a small party which included Mari’s aunts and uncles and her grandparents, all dressed as civilians. Dick and Kory’s apartment wasn’t exactly superhero friendly and the peeping neighbors would pass out if they saw Batman stepping through the elevator doors.

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A Year Later

(I went through and edited this last night. I like it better now. lol. And I’m sure if I look back on this in another year, I’ll be like "No, no, past me. THIS is how you write this story.” ^_^ )

Night watch is particularly awful tonight.

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To your Touch-starved Sheith. I can imagine that Shiro wouldn't be too keen on being touched *in any way* when he's without his prosthetic. Might even isolate himself just to be sure no one would catch him off guard. His dominant hand--which is also a prosthetic, would be one of his only means of defense. I'd imagine it would be a HUGE milestone in their relationship for Shiro to let Keith stay with him after removing the limb as well as letting him touch and caress him without it. Defenseless.

(talking about this post)

Oh man I am RIGHT there with you. You’re killing me here but I can definitely see that happening.

I imagine Shiro would avoid taking if off as much as possible, for the reasons you mentioned, and as a result it gets very sore and cramped. He would be in incredible pain and might even get a fever from the inflamed skin. I can see Keith realizing this, or maybe Shiro’s in so much pain he can’t hide it and Keith just sits him on the bed and gently confronts him about it. Part of my prosthetic theory is that his arm also has straps that go around his shoulders and chest for extra stability to keep it on while fighting, and if left on too long those would chafe and dig into the skin terribly.

Keith coaxes Shiro to remove his shirt and pleads to let him take of the prosthetic, but poor Shiro has this mental block and he doesn’t want to, but he’s in so much pain. Finally he just gives up and lets Keith take it off. His eyes are closed the whole time and he is in tears, saying what he never wanted Keith to see him like this. Keith pressed their foreheads together and tells Shiro he loves him, right now, at this very second, no matter what. Keith tends to Shiro’s arm and makes him promise to let him take care of him.

Sorry, I kinda ran with this! But I love the idea, I’ve had a fic planned for a while and if you don’t mind I’d love to use this concept! Thanks for sharing.

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i'm gonna be cliche (sorry) DCJ - prompt : I'm Pregnant . Sorry, i seem to have forgotten what number it was and the screen disappeared when i clicked on this, oops. i think it was mid twenties? but the number isn't important, right?

“I’m Pregnant” 

“Ow fuck!” Dean pulls his hand free of the engine and glares at the blood oozing from the fresh cut on the knuckle of his middle finger.  It looks extra bright against the grease smearing his skin.

His glare shifts to the car he’s working on.  The damn thing has bitten him a few times, and in his head he’s started referring to the old Plymouth as Christine.  

“You okay?” Bobby asks from the open door to the shop’s main office.  

Dean straightens from under the car’s hood and pulls a rag from his back pocket, but realizes using it to clean the cut wouldn’t do much good since it’s filthy.  So he tucks it back in his pocket and heads for the sink at the back of the shop and turns on the water.  Bobby joins him as he starts scrubbing his skin with soap that makes the cut on his knuckle sting.

If it stings, the germs are dying, right?

He doesn’t look up from his hands when he speaks.  “What’s up, Bobby?  Did you need me for something?”  Because there’s enough noise in both the shop and the office that Bobby wouldn’t have heard him cussing over a cut finger, so he must have been there to witness it.

Sure enough, Bobby holds up a thick white envelope.  “You got mail.”

Dean freezes and eyes the envelope.  “Oh.  Uh… leave it there.” He gestures to the counter next to the sink with his chin.  “I’ll look at it when I’m done with Christine.”

Bobby gives him a skeptical look.  The envelope is unremarkable, but Bobby would have seen the return address, which means he knows at least part of Dean’s secret.  But at least Bobby doesn’t prod him for more information.  He drops the envelope on the counter, and pats Dean on the shoulder.  The gesture is accompanied by a kind look, and then Bobby leaves him alone.

Very deliberately, Dean finishes washing his hands, and takes a close look at the cut.  It’s still slowly oozing blood but it doesn’t look like it needs stitches, so he grabs a clean rag and wraps it around the wound.  Finally he lets his eyes fall on the envelope. 

It was pristine white until Bobby smudged it with his fingerprints.  Even working in the office it’s impossible to keep grease-free hands.

He wants to tear the envelope open and find out what it says right away, but his stomach twists with anxiety and he’s afraid to even touch it.  The letter inside it is going to change his life, one way or another.  He’s not sure he’s ready.  Once he reads it, he’s going to have to talk to Jimmy and Castiel about it, and they might not be happy with him for not telling them about it in advance. 

It’s shitty to spring something like this on them.  Especially since his life isn’t the only one that might change because of the contents of that envelope.

So he procrastinates as long as he can, finishing work on Christine, then hanging around the shop a little longer doing paperwork that he usually leaves for Bobby.  At least until Bobby chases him out.  He’s tempted to take a longer route home, but he’s not a complete coward so he drives to the house he’s shared with his husbands.

But he goes the speed limit, and not a mile over.

Castiel’s truck is parked next to Jimmy’s Continental in the driveway, and for once Dean isn’t irritated that they’re blocking him from getting into the garage.  He’s far too engrossed in talking himself out of a mild panic attack.  He pulls up at the curb, and drags his feet on his way into the house.

The envelope is a thick bulge in his back pocket, unopened.

When he opens the door he’s engulfed in the scent of Jimmy’s curry, and the guitar riffs of Metallica’s Black Album.  Castiel’s ruffled dark hair is visible over the back of the couch, and when he hears the door he sits up straight and grins.

“Dean, welcome home!” Castiel bounds up from the couch and into Dean’s arms.  He’s still in his scrubs, so he must not have been home too long.

“Heya, Cas.” Dean nuzzles the curls behind Castiel’s ear and holds him close.  The heat and strength of his husband doesn’t ease his tension as it usually does, because his mind keeps going through all the different ways Castiel might react to the news.

Their greeting alerts Jimmy to Dean’s arrival, and Jimmy appears from the kitchen.  He’s wearing a Kiss the Cook apron that Dean bought him as a joke when they first started living together, and his face is flushed from working over the hot stove.  Castiel releases Dean and steps aside so that Jimmy can have his turn.

“Jimmy,” Dean says on a sigh.  He leans into his other husband and inhales the spices lingering on his skin and hair.

He’s only legally married to Castiel, but the matching rings on their fingers and the devotion they all have for each other transcend a sheet of paper with a fancy stamp and a judge’s signature.  Besides, even if poly marriages were legal, the twins wouldn’t be allowed to marry each other.  So they made their own marriage, and the years they’ve been together have been some of the happiest of Dean’s life.

He just hopes the news hiding inside the envelope in his pocket doesn’t mess it up.

“You’re just in time,” Jimmy says when he steps back.  His hands still rest on Dean’s waist, and personal space be damned.  Both twins crowd him, something that took him time to get used to, but now he loves because too much space usually means someone’s upset about something.  “Dinner’s ready.  Come help me set the table.”

The three of them work together to set the table and set out the rice and fried veggies and curry chicken.  Normally Dean would dig right in to the mouth watering meal, but his stomach is still twisting with worry.  He doesn’t quite pick at his food, but he shows slightly better manners than usual. 

The brothers notice, both of them looking at him curiously, but neither says anything.  Not at first anyway.  It’s not until Dean declines seconds that Jimmy finally crosses his arms on the table and leans forward to catch Dean’s gaze.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” he demands in a tone that says he doesn’t expect any bullshit.  “You’ve been quiet, and you act like you don’t love my cooking, and if you tell me that I added too much paprika, my feelings are going to totally be hurt.”

Castiel joins in on the inquisition, but his voice is gentle, as is the hand he rubs over Dean’s knee under the table.  “Did something happen at work?”

Dean sucks in a deep breath, and let’s it out in a sigh.  “Sort of.”  He hasn’t opened the envelope yet, but work is where he received it, so he’s not exactly lying even though he hasn’t opened it yet.

They watch him silently, their eyes expectant.  Shit.

“Dean?” Castiel prompts when he remains silent.

Because he’s an asshole, he says the first thing that comes to mind.  “I’m pregnant.”

So is the silence in the room as they stare at him in confusion, their heads tilted at the exact same angle, which makes him grin.

“Um, Dean.  Sweetheart.” Jimmy reaches across the table and rests his hand over Dean’s.  “You’re very pretty in panties, but you know you’re a man right?  You’re not equipped for pregnancy.”

“Unless you’ve been keeping something from us,” Castiel adds.

The laugh building up in Dean’s chest collapses, and his shoulders sink.  He pulls his hand free of Jimmy’s and reaches into his pocket for the envelope, dropping it on the table between the plates and serving dishes.  It’s crumpled from being folded in his pocket, and has even more greasy fingerprints smeared across it.

But the KU logo is clearly visible through the grimy fingerprints.

Identical pairs of blue eyes go wide, but Castiel is the first to reach for the envelope.  He turns it over in his hands, and looks up at Dean when he sees that it’s still sealed.  “You applied for college?”

“Yeah,” Dean murmurs.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Jimmy asks.

Dean squirms in his chair.  “I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  And if I get in, I’ll have to cut down my hours at the shop and I don’t want to make things harder on you guys, so I’m not sure I’ll even-“

“Oh yes you fucking will,” Castiel growls.  He holds the unopened envelope to Dean.  “I think I can speak for both of us when I say that you’re an idiot if you don’t think we’ll support you through this.”

“What he said,” Jimmy adds.

Heat suffuses Dean’s cheeks under their reproachful glares.  Even though he’s only a year younger than them, he feels like he’s being scolded by older brothers.  Which should probably be weird since the three of them fuck each other almost daily, but since that also includes them fucking each other, it’s not nearly as weird to him as anyone else might find it.

Sheepishly he accepts the envelope and stares down at the KU logo.  He can feel the weight of his husbands’ stares, but they remain silent and let him go at his own pace.  Which is one of the things he loves about them.  And they’re right that he was being stupid by worrying about their reaction. 

So he takes the plunge, and rips the envelope open.  Inside is a fat bundle of paper, which he assumes is a good sign, but he holds his breath until he reads the cover letter.  As the news sinks in, a grin spreads across his face.

“Well?” Castiel demands when he doesn’t say anything.

Dean’s laugh is shaky with the threat of tears, but they’re from happiness and relief.  He passes the letter to Castiel, who brightens almost as soon as his eyes fall on the words on the page.  “Well,” he says, when Castiel passes the letter on to Jimmy.  “I guess I’d better talk to Bobby about those shorter hours.”

The legs of two chairs scrape across the floor, and then Dean is at the bottom of a pile of Novaks.  They’re laughing and congratulating him, and promising to give him all the support he needs, and Dean thinks not for the first time, that he’s a very lucky bastard to have them in his life.

Kenshirou and Musashi Headcanons #1

I’d like to say a massive thank you to @pumpkincalico​ for giving me my first ever request; I hope you like these. I got a little caught up with how cute these two are, so you can expect a few chapters of a proper fic over the next few days. 

- Kenshirou felt terrible for keeping Musashi in the underground solitary cells after the incident at the New Years tournament. Musashi tried not to let it show, but after the experiments were performed on him by Elf, he was worried he was going to spend the rest of his life locked away in the dark somewhere, separated from other people, because there was no room in society for a monster like him. Kenshirou spent all day with Musashi when he was still in solitary, talking to him constantly, so that Musashi knew it was just standard procedure after an incident like that, and he wasn’t being shunned and left to rot. It was during this period that the two of them got to know each other a lot better. Kenshirou was grateful that Musashi was more open and honest about his past than he had to be, telling him about his family and his childhood, not just the experiments that were performed on him. To make things equal, Kenshirou told Musashi about his past. At first he told him about his old job training police dogs, but eventually things got more personal, and he opened up about his childhood; how he’d always spent all his time playing with dogs, because he found them so much easier to be around than people.

- Kenshirou is observant of everyone in his charge. He noticed how much being locked away underground made Musashi suffer. After that he made an extra special effort to start taking Musashi outside more. He might not be able to see the sights, but Musashi still enjoys the wind running through his hair, and the heat of the sun on his skin. Once Musashi proved himself to be trustworthy again, Kenshirou started taking him further afield than just Building 4. Whenever Kenshirou has to drop off paperwork in Building 5, he lets Musashi tag along so they can visit the courtyard together. Musashi enjoys the sound of the waterfalls, and the different scents of the flowers, but most of all he enjoys the way that Kenshirou describes the scenery for him. The first time he asked where they were, Kenshirou gave him the simple answer of Building 5’s courtyard. Now, Kenshirou finds something new to describe in minute detail every time they go together. Musashi likes hearing the supervisor talk about the cherry blossom trees best; he can hear how animated Kenshirou gets when talking about them. When they’re in season he can feel the petals brushing against his skin when they fall. Kenshirou tells him about the colour gradient of the petals that get caught in Musashi’s hair, after he picks them out for him.

- Musashi loves to read, but Kenshirou struggles to find all of the books he likes in braille, or audio form. Whenever this happens he reads to Musashi instead. Kenshirou never thought of himself as someone who especially enjoyed fiction, but being able to have in depth discussions with Musashi makes the whole task much more enjoyable for him. They get caught up for hours at a time, talking about what they think of characters, and where they think the plot is heading. One time Hitoshi was running round the prison screaming that he’d lost an inmate, after Musashi missed headcount because he and Kenshirou were three hours into a debate about who the true antagonist of a story was, and neither side was willing to give in.

Relationship Headcanons

- Musashi didn’t realise the true extent of the his boyfriend’s dog adoption addiction until they moved in together. Trying to cook breakfast? Make sure you cook an extra twenty rashers of bacon because a pack of mini wolves are begging, and won’t go away until they’ve each had a treat. Need to be up early in the morning? Who needs an alarm clock when you have twelve dogs jumping on the bed with you, demanding to be taken on their morning walk. Musashi grumbles a lot about Kenshirou having a problem, but he secretly loves living with all the dogs, because his boyfriend talks to them in the same cute way that people do when they mix up their pets for a baby. His boyfriend usually brings home his gruff, grumpy exterior from work, but as soon as he’s surrounded by his dogs, he melts into the cute little muffin that only Musashi knows he can be.

- Sleeping next to Musashi is like sleeping on a radiator. In winter it’s great; Kenshirou never takes his feet off him. In summer it is not so great, but Kenshirou is determined; he will not be defeated by the weather. He’s going to snuggle with his boyfriend even if it gives him heatstroke. Musashi usually laughs at him, he’s happily buried under two blankets, because the heat doesn’t bother him, while his boyfriend is laying on top of them, fantasising about sticking his head in the freezer for a while to cool down.

- They were undecided about having kids, so when Yamato and his wife wanted to go away on a trip together to celebrate their anniversary, they asked if they could be the ones to watch Nadeshiko for a few days while they were away, to see if they were any good at looking after children. They never quite decided if they were ready for kids, but they did discover that they were the best uncles ever. Yamato could barely drag his daughter away at the end of the week; she was determined not to leave all the cute doggies behind, and instead of using the night light Yamato left, Musashi had been making shapes out of fire dance around the room for her until she fell asleep. Now she goes to see Dog Uncle, and Fire Unicorn Uncle at least once a week.

- It took a couple of years before either of them thought about proposing. In the end it was Kenshirou who decided he wanted to make their relationship official. He had a whole speech planned out that he’d perfected, about how Musashi was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and how Musashi completed him as a person. He had to stop half way through, because Musashi was starting to smoke around the edges; he really hadn’t been expecting the proposal, and he could not handle all the emotions. Their wedding was small, but they only wanted the people there that really mattered to them. Kenshirou trained one of his dogs to be the ring bearer, of course.

anonymous asked:

So like I have a lil self ship with aizawa and like, it's super domestic bullshit. I make tea at weird hours for him, I carry an extra set of eye drops. It's embarrassing but honestly he needs someone to get him out of that God awful banana skin of a sleeping bag

Awww. Domestic stuff is Good! He has too much on his plate he needs someone to help him

○ Aizawa gets grumpy sometimes when you take his sleeping bag so you can clean out the juice and applesauce containers of the day and put it in the wash, but he decides that having you wrapped around him is a good substitute so he stops complaining

○ Tea on the roof at 3am is a date now. 1am convenience store runs because neither of you have popcorn for your stay at home movie date are also part of dates

○ Kisses your forehead before he leaves for work every day and just silently lets you give him a little rundown to make sure he has everything. He doesn’t mind that if it’s you.


Summary: In a way, Will Solace had always been looking for Nico di Angelo. Or, of autumn evenings, one-night stands, and the accidental art of biting off a little more than you can chew.

It is late, the bar is almost empty, and Will Solace is losing hope.

Maybe it had never been a good idea in the first place, this whole ‘looking for a one-night stand’ thing. Will’s no good at hook-ups, which carry with them a certain, inevitable End-with-a-capital-E. He gets too emotionally attached, at almost dizzying levels of speed, and then he ends up alone on his couch, eating tubs of ice cream and watching hours of The X-Files on Netflix.

Plus, he’s lived in this town his entire life. Every face he sees is at least vaguely familiar, all belonging to people he’s passed on the street, ever since he was a kid. One-night stands need anonymity, blankness. Will can’t get that here.

He takes a sip of his beer and sighs, prepping himself to leave casting a last, long look around the room. The lighting is bad, the only glow cast by strands of lights wrapped around the bar and strung off the walls. There are two or three couples finishing bottles of cheap wine, one rowdy group of friends doing shots by the door, and one man sitting alone on the opposite side of the bar.

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BTS As Your Roommates

Disaster Namjoon :

Namjoon broke the door on your first meeting, god knows how he can beak a freaking door when he just had to open it, but nothing can be explained by science when it came to this disaster-man. Your room is a mess with papers laying everywhere during exam period and you can’t seem to see the floor beneath your feet. You guys are okay for now, but once you find out that namjoon broke the toilet for the sixth time in two month , it’s another story. He’s like your brother at heart and your loyal friend. He may break everything , but you’re clumsy so you compliment each other.

Magic mirror Jin :

OH mirror mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all ?! Of course it had to be your roommate jin. Not only was he gorgeous even when he woke up, but he also knew how to cook and has that irresistible fragrance that makes you drunk of ecstasy each time he passes by you. He’s like a prince coming out of a book and you want to match his level of perfect , but you can’t and he tells you its okay since no one can accomplish such a thing. He often gives you advices for your dates and your outfits ,since you’re a fashion terrorist in his perspective .

Cutesy Taehyung :

This guy painted the walls pink when he learned a girl would room with him.You were probably the best thing that ever happened to him! He welcomed you as if you were from another world and did everything to make sure you were confortable. Tae saw you as a fairy from another world and was always admiring you from afar. You both quickly got very close because you found him adorable.You would watch a lot of movies at eat lots of snacks while cuddling on that dream princess bed he made for you. Tae just loves you so much that he always throws a tantrum when you need to go to class, since he knows you guys will be seperated for more than 7 hours.

Hormonal Teen Jungkook :
He’s the quiet type who won’t bother you unecessarily. He seemed very shy at first , but as you got to know more of him, he’s quite manly and has that hint of cuteness. The tension always get extra heavy when he gets back from dance practice , with that moist looking skin and wet hair. You never know where to look and he doesnt know how to react each time you get out of that shower. You don’t know if its because he’s still growing and his hormones are acting up or something, but he tries to avoid you at all costs, especially during summer . Little did you know that you drive him insane with every little thing you do , but he’s a master at keeping it in his pants….well for now *cough , cough*.

Porn addict Park Jimin :

When this guy giggles , you know he’s up to something not good. This guy is obsessed Wether it be magazines or videos, he has the entire kit a single 45 y/o old man needs to relieve himself from sexual frustrations, the only difference is that Jimin is twice younger.You still remember catching him hiding all his posters and magazines. As the time passed you got used to him and feel extra awkward each time he does his “ things”.You felt embarassed to even look at him and You always threaten to tell the entire world about his secret if he doesnt clean his part of the room.This man gets out of control when there’s a girl near him, It’s probably a miracle that he still hasn’t jumped on you yet….

Movie Freak Hoseok :

This guy has posters of superheroes all over the room and freaks out everytime a new movie comes out.He might as well use up all of your electricity to watch all those movies on netflix. He’s quite casual, wearing sweatpants in and out as if he didn’t care about the universe. You both came to an agreement where he would let you watch your korean drama in peace, but he never listens to what you say, since he seems too excited about anything in general.You and him connect on some spiritual level when it comes to eating snacks, because you both like the same chips and the same ramen, which doesn’t make it hard for your groceries.

Sleepy Yoongi:

This guy never bothers to lock the door anymore since he knows that you’re a normal human being that goes out the day and comes back a night unlike him who lives like some retired vampire. You are very worried about his health , since you never see him eat anything. You don’t talk that much , but when you come downstairs at 3am to drink water , he’s there to keep you company.He slides into your bed by accident sometimes since he sleeps very late and can’t seem to see where’s his own bed. You always wake up in fear, because you see that weird green hairy thing beside your head , but realize it’s min yoongi and smack the back of his head .

lady-fuj0shi  asked:

ok i noticed that Mo has another pillow at his side, does that maybe mean he hugs in his sleep or that he needs to hug something to fall asleep? bcs i know what(who) he can hug ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . aaand i'm reading too much into things again...


i admit i’ve always imagined he tian as the clingy one during sleep, but after getting your message im starting to reevaluate that because the idea of guan shan having to hug something or someone to sleep is honestly……… cute………………….

imagine him sleeping on his side and curling up around a pillow, wrapping his arms and legs around it and clutching it tightly while his head rests on another one, seeking comfort in it when he’s alone. and then he and he tian get together and at first it’s hard for guan shan to lose the habit, to feel comfortable enough to curl up against he tian instead of a pillow, but it’s okay because he tian is there, pressed up against his back, an arm wrapped around his waist and fingertips slowly rubbing soothing circles into his stomach, holding him tight, and suddenly guan shan finds out that there’s nothing more comforting than the warmth radiating from he tian’s body and to sink into sleep knowing that he tian is close

then one night they go to bed and settle in their usual positions - guan shan curled up around a pillow, he tian curled up around guan shan - but after a while guan shan gently rolls over into he tian’s embrace and wraps his arms around him, tangling their legs together and pressing his face into he tian’s chest as he hums contently against he tian’s skin. after that the extra pillow they used to keep on the bed becomes useless, and he tian is endlessly amused at how he now has to spend at least ten minutes every morning just prying himself from a grumpy guan shan who doesn’t want to let him go (not that he tian minds)

okay so I was talking on another blog last night about the fact that comic book Joey showing up naked or almost-naked a lot in his free time (i thought he was just very comfortable with his body or something) was actually a really smart defence mechanism because he can bodyjump through skin contact

I have no idea if cartoon Jericho has the same ability; but I mentioned wanting to design a wildly inappropriate Apprentice outfit for him (because Slade’s costumes for Robin and Terra were designed to optimise and exploit their abilities to full potential) and SO MANY PEOPLE WANTED TO SEE IT HAHA

so here you go guys here’s Jericho’s male stripper costume from a loving father who doesn’t get out of the evil lair much


  • exposed upper arms and hands for the highest chance of skin contact during combat
  • exposed midriff as an extra expanse of bare skin; also for an air of vulnerability/an easy target to draw opponents into close combat
  • forearm sleeves and leggings made of tearaway segments for the ability to swap out armoured protection for more bare skin
  • leggings instead of booty shorts because you are not going out like that young man
  • heavily armoured chest plate to avoid getting hit and dying
  • neck and shoulders shielded by solid metal because Joey’s weakest/most emotionally vulnerable spot is his scarred throat and Slade is a good thoughtful dad
  • sturdy non-functional belt to make the whole ensemble actually look like a practical costume and not something out of Rocky Horror
  • probably some kind of visor or protective eyewear to avoid as much damage to the eyes as possible

all for the low low price of ten million gallons of mind control serum/blackmail/brainwashing to actually get Jericho into this ridiculous thing

More Than

Here you go Anon! Remember you’re more than a weight! xo KS

“Ahh!” You cry in frustration. You just want to go out and look nice and nothing is fitting right. You stand in your closet for a moment just staring at your clothes. Clothes that, apparently, don’t fit anymore. Everything is too tight, your pants don’t zip, you just wanted to look beautiful, for Aaron, and how can you now?
You start tearing clothes off of hangers and throwing them out into your bedroom. Fuck this pencil skirt! Fuck this pair of jeans! Fuck this top and this one! You didn’t realize you had hot tears running down your face until one falls and hits the top of your chest.
That seems to be what the dam needed to break. You drop to the floor and sob, your body shaking with each one as you mourn the loss of your slender body. How could you let yourself get to this point? Where nothing fit. You continue to beat yourself up with negative thoughts, you’re so lost in them you don’t hear Aaron come home.
“Baby?” He asks softly from the doorway, “What’s wrong what happened?” You frantically try to cover up the body he’s seen a million times over.
“I’m-I’m not going tonight.”
“What? Why not?”
“I’m too fat! None of my fucking clothes will fit!”
“Baby an extra fifteen pounds doesn’t make you fat.” Aaron chides sliding to the floor next to you.
“It was enough for you to notice.”
“Your boobs got bigger. Of course I noticed.” You can’t help but laugh at that as he pulls your body to his. He trails his hand down then back up your spine. “I didn’t fall in love with what you look like, I fell in love with you. Your kind heart, your laugh, your willingness to care for Jack, the way your voice gets husky when we have phone sex, the way you comfort me when I wake up from those nightmares. Those are the reasons I fell in love with you. Not the body that’s going to change.”
“I just want to be beautiful for you.”
“Believe me. You already are. But if you want to change, get back into these clothes you’ve torn out of our closet, then I’ll be there to help in any way I can.”
“You’re too good to me.” You whisper.
“Well someday I’m going to be an old man who probably gains more than a few pounds so I’m hoping that you’ll feel too guilty to leave me since you’ll still be so damn sexy.” You laugh with him then kiss his cheek.
“Thank you Aaron.”
“Now can I show you what I got you?”
“You got me something?” He nods and pulls a long bag off of the bed. Peeling the bag off he reals a long black dress. It has a fuller skirt and a low cut front that will show off enough skin to be sexy but not too much to be uncomfortable. “Oh Aaron it’s beautiful. What if it doesn’t fit.”
“It will.” He sounds so confident that you can’t help but laugh again. “Go try it on.” You sigh softly then do as he asks, and he’s right. It fits perfectly and you know he’s right about everything he said too. A few extra pounds isn’t the end of the world, and you have Aaron to remind you when you forget.