and he has finally realized that it probably never will

( Because I cannot control myself, here’s another Gaston Headcanon. MORE LIKE HEADCANONS HAHA.).

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  • There’s no doubt that he’d be protective if he actually found himself that deep in love. It’d be a passionate protectiveness that (probably) seems controlling but he’s just concerned for your safety.
  • Comes into heavy play when he goes hunting(which is frequently). You’ve gone with him once or twice, and managed to shoot down a few birds to which he was beaming with pride because “I taught her how to do that. That’s my girl.”
    • The funny thing is, the more his relationship progressed with you, the more he found excuses to let you stay home when he went hunting because he was literally so worried that you would be hurt if he took you with him. (Which, you had never been hurt with him before but still, there was always the possibility.)
      • “It’s just a day with LeFou and I.” is usually the most common thing he tells you, and you bought it the first couple of times but after that it became a bit more suspicious.
      • You start holding your ground and tell him that you want to go.
        • He can’t say no to you, which comes in handy with situations like this so before Gaston really knows what’s happening, you’re getting ready to go hunting with him.
          • “It’s just a blur, LeFou. She says she’s going and I can do nothing to stop it even though I’m afraid for her safety. She’s got this sort of…” His nose scrunches in thought, “Spell on me that makes it impossible to say no.”
          • LeFou probably just murmurs to himself, “If she can handle you, she can handle herself hunting.”
  • Who am I kidding he’s probably always worried for your safety and asks if you need to be walked/escorted anywhere.
    • He’ll usually ask it in a subtle way like, “can I come”. It piques your interest, especially when you’re just going to get something from the store a block from your house. 
    • You chuckle quietly, kissing his forehead before saying, “I think I can manage.”
    • He probably just stands there and watches you walk away, his heart beating a bit harder than before. There’s something about you just leaves him completely starstruck. 
      • “It’s almost as if she… She strikes me down like  lightning gracing the Earth.”
        • To which LeFou gags.
          • He’s lowkey jealous and honestly a bit surprised that Gaston has…. Fallen in love.
      • Gaston probably offers his jacket to you whenever yo complain about being cold because he doesn’t want you to get sick. So, if he ever does give you it, you smile gently, wrap your arm around him and continue to where ever you’re going so the both of you are warm because you are also worried about him getting sick(Despite Gaston constantly telling you that he almost never gets sick). (No stress y’all, I’m making headcanons specifically for that.)
  • After some time together, you finally come to realize that LeFou doesn’t like you because he’s got feelings for Gaston himself. 
    • I’m not kidding, there’s no doubt that LeFou is protective over Gaston himself so like? You take it upon yourself to befriend him and you explain, “I love him and I’d never hurt him. Ever. I know you wouldn’t either. Can’t we just put this behind us and try to be friends? For Gaston?”
      • Things do get better, and slowly over time the two of you become the best of friends and tend to gossip every now and then.
  • You know what, while talking about being protective, I see him being exceedingly possessive at times.(Not all the time) More often than not, it happens in the tavern. With people being drunk, they don’t quite realize that they’re staring at Gaston’s girl.
    • Probably notices when someone is looking at you in that way
      • It starts off small and he’ll gives them a glance of warning, a simple, “back off’ sort of stare.
      • If it continues, it escalates. Gaston wraps his arm around you, holds you close, digs his face into your hair if you’re busy with something else. Just to remind you and who ever has your attention that he’s not appreciating the unwanted attention thrown onto you.
        • Gaston knows that you’re not some prize to be won by some drunkard, and so he stays close to you for the rest of the night. If they happen to start talking to you, he’s right on your hip, taking a sip of his drink while he’s focusing all negative energy their way. Of course, it’s something you notice and you lightly brush your fingers along Gaston’s fingers as he’s holding you from behind.
      • If the situation where one of them leans towards you, or subtly touches you while Gason is not near you, there’s always the possibility of extreme measures. Especially if Gaston notices that it’s unwanted(Meaning, you resist or you scoot away from the touch. He’s got a keen eye for this sort of thing). More often than not, it’s small daggers being thrown at them,close enough to pin their jackets to the wall. It happens so fast, it leaves you a bit breathless and a few moments later, Gaston is next to you, digging his daggers out of the wall and growling at the drunkard, “If she wanted you to touch her, she would have said so. No, get out before I personally throw you out.”
  • Binch don’t get me started on jealous Gaston. (JK please do).
    • Jealousy is probably something that happens rarely, considering Gaston is aware how happy you are with him(And call it cocky) he knows that you’re satisfied too. (HAHA in more than one WAY).
    • He gets what I like to call “ugly jealous”. If he notices you chatting it up with someone you’ve known for a while, and you gesture, throwing your head back when you laugh, staring, etc. He’ll get that burning sensation in his chest, watch you carefully to see if you’re flirting or just being friendly(And TBH he’s got no radar for that.He sees being friendly as flirty a lot of the time.)
      • Because he’s probably confused as to which it is, he takes matters into his own hand and doesn’t lash out but will storm his way over there and kiss you flat on the mouth before saying, “I’m sorry I’m late, LeFou—” He looks up and gives whoever you were talking with a rather cynical smile with, “Well, who’s this?”
        You’re left a bit light headed after the kiss and find it hard to speak and so your friend introduces themselves and Gaston feels at ease knowing that they know you’re taken.
        • Don’t get me started on the body language though. Hands on his belt, legs spread slightly, broad shoulders, he needs to make himself seem more appealing than the other. The subtle, dirty smirk as he talks to them. Even the undertone of his voice, which is actually rather husky and needy. 
          • He makes them know that you deserve him and deserve all of him. You’re the only person who deserves him. Gaston simply plays the intimidation card when he’s jealous and has gotten caught doing so many times by you.
    • I’m screaming because he probably likes it when you catch him doing this because Gaston lowkey likes being told off by you? 
    • “You don’t need to do that every time I talk to someone I know. Trust me, Gaston. You’re the only one I love and you don’t need to worry about someone else coming up and snatching me.” you sigh gently, wrapping your arms around his neck and lifting yourself against him so you can kiss his lips softly. He’s happy to respond to the kiss. His lips mesh against yours a bit harder, telling you exactly what he wanted now that he was being scolded. Snuggling his arms around your waist, he now helps you lift against his body. “And you should know better than to do that. It drives me crazy.”
      “I won’t stop doing it, you do know. I want everyone to know that you’re mine and that,” He dips his head and places a rather heated kiss to your collarbone, “I’m yours.”

I AM SCREAMING AT MYSELF. Thanks for reading guys! reblogs and likes are appreciated! Have a good one <3.

GOT7 as College Students
  • Jaebum: somehow smuggles a pet into his dorm even though they're strictly prohibited and his roommate is probably allergic (it's fine, he's sure of it,,.. he hopes)
  • Mark: the kid you didn't know was in your class all year because they sit in the back and never speak up (seriously has he always been in this class?)
  • Jackson: is friends with everyone on campus but doesn't know half of their names. probably also on a first name basis with his professors, honestly
  • Jinyoung: asks to compare homework constantly. he knows his answers are right, and yours are probably wrong, he just wants to feel better about himself
  • Youngjae: STILL plays pokémon go in between classes. doesn't realize he's about to walk into a fountain until it's too late (how convenient that his overdue essay is ruined)
  • Bambam: takes his finals in glitter pen because he forgot literally every writing utensil back at the dorm and it's his LAST HOPE, OKAY? IT'S BETTER THAN THE IDIOT USING RED PEN NEXT TO HIM (probably yugyeom let's be real)
  • Yugyeom: accidentally ends up in an upperclassmen lecture but by the time he actually pays enough attention to notice, it's too awkward to get up and leave. learns a great deal about civil engineering that day, though

Oswald and Ed are both guilty *shoves Barnes aside* in the wrong. Oswald should not have killed Ed’s girlfriend out of jealousy and lied to his face about it. Ed should not have abused Oswald’s memory of his father or shot him while he was begging for Ed to recognize how much he loved him. Both are villains and both have done really terrible things to each other. However, it is clear that Oswald still loves Ed. And I’ve been convinced from the start that Ed loved him back, but never wanted to admit/accept it. (Great post about that here.) 

Now we have ice cube Eddie. It’d be great if Oswald is the one who eventually thaws him out, maybe he needs him for a scheme. I don’t think Ed’s going to be defrosted and ask Oswald for forgiveness. He is probably going to be mad, but I also think he’s fascinated that Oswald outsmarted him so flawlessly. In the finale he realized Oswald really is the only one who sees him. I think he’s going to be upset that he still doesn’t know who he is since he built this persona on a lie, that’s going to be something he needs to work through.

Oswald hopefully is going to spend some time with frozen Ed and realize that he played a big part in the destruction of their friendship. He has never apologized for killing that plant Isabella. 

 What I would like for them is an actual conversation where they apologize for being so shitty to each other so they can move forward. I feel like this kind of conversation could lead to them reminiscing about their past and maybe finally an admission of love from Ed.    

Anyways, my hope is for them to realize how powerful they are together. However Ed gets out of his ice prison, I hope they move back towards friendship. These two need a real heart-to-heart conversation, it should be emotional, there is still so much unresolved between them. 

And THEN they are ready to become the murder husbands they’ve always been destined to be.

Gotham Writers, we survived “love is weakness. Now give us “love is power.” 

compilation of some miscellaneous erasermic fic ideas from my twitter:

  • accidental sugar daddy mic. once his radio show takes off, he finds himself with lots of extra money. so he buys shit for aizawa. it starts off small, so aizawa doesn’t even notice as it escalates until finally someone (probably midnight) is like “how long has mic been paying your rent??”
  • young!erasermic where aizawa starts avoiding mic after realizing that he has a crush on him. of course, mic freaks out and assumes that aizawa is avoiding him because aizawa figured out about his crush and is weirded out by it.
  • young!erasermic where it’s actually aizawa who calls mic his best friend first. mic’s never had a best friend before and is like “REALLY??”
  • college AU where mic has a part time job delivering pizzas. aizawa always orders at 3 am and arrives at the door tousled and shirtless. mic has multiple theories about aizawa: 1. he’s up late studying, 2. he’s up late gaming, 3. the pizza is a post-sex ritual.
  • drunk!mic convinces drunk!aizawa to get his nipples pierced. sober!aizawa… is not pleased. (of course, mic’s are already done and because aizawa knows nothing about taking care of piercings, mic helps clean them and stuff.)
  • mic sort of casually hand-feeds aizawa sometimes because aizawa’s too lazy to peel oranges and stuff himself. they’re not even in a relationship. it’s been a habit for so long that they don’t even realize it’s weird anymore? everyone in the staff room is staring.
  • young!erasermic AU with annoying theater kid mic. that kid who ALWAYS plays the lead and is somehow still popular despite it. great singing voice. aizawa plays violin and gets roped into being in the pit orchestra, and mic flirts shamelessly.
  • aizawa runs a very popular twitter for his cat. mic finds out after recognizing the scarring on aizawa’s hands in a video he posts. “you know, i didn’t recognize your voice at first. i hadn’t pegged you as the type to use babytalk with your cat.“ "shut up.”
Langst hallucinations AU

Okay so, I’ve had this au stuck in my head for a while. Basically, Lance has become so homesick that he starts to snap. If you don’t sleep for more than a week, you could get hallucinations, but probably a good day’s sleep could easily fix a few problems you will encounter. BTW, there is some Klance/Klangst in this so just be aware of that.


 Lately, Lance has been lacking in action and response. Whenever they are training he seems to be lacking the usual enthusiasm and energy, and it doesn’t help that the team has to shout in his face to get him to notice they’re even there. It’s getting them all worried. They ask Lance if he’s okay, he just replies with a simple ‘Yeah’ or ‘I’m fine, really…’. Of course, the team aren’t completely convinced with that answer but let him off so they don’t irritate him. They know how hard it is for him, they know a bit about his insecurities because he was brave enough to tell a little to the team. Little do they know, Lance hasn’t slept in a week and a half.

 Lance has recently been having intrusive thoughts, saying stuff like “Why are you even trying when you know you’re just dead weight to the entire team”, “Hunk probably hangs out with Pidge more because he finally realized how stupid and pointless you are.”, “You’re weak, what are you doing here when you know that you should be dead right now?”, or “Keith will never like you back, no matter how hard you try.”. Lance tries so hard to ignore those thoughts but the more he hears them the more unstable he feels. His nightmare occurrences have increased probably even more than Shiro’s. He dreams about how the team sees him as nothing but a useless placeholder and how he doesn’t belong anywhere, or his family. His family are the worst ones, either his parents are scolding him about how disappointed they are, he dreams of what they might be doing on Earth without him there and if any of them are still really alive, or….. the team returns to Earth and Lance runs home…. only to find every single family member dead on the floor… and a bloody and used weapon is in his hands. 

 Lance stopped sleeping and instead cried every night, trying hard to block out his intrusive thoughts and stay awake. Soon, it began to take effect on his health. He grows more hungry than usual but always waits till night to have an entire feast, Hunk and Coran notice a shortage of some food supply or even full plates that are left in the fridge for the next day. He’s been getting sick more often than usual and it’s putting everyone on edge. He begins to become more forgetful and unaware of his surroundings, Shiro and Allura notice and tries their hardest to get Lance back on track. He sometimes stumbles over his words and stutters once and a while, Pidge and Keith sometimes have to correct him on words and grammar. He also begins to have hallucinations around the castle… all of them are of his family.

One night Keith was up late training like he usually does, when he heard a sudden shout. It sounded like Lance. The shouting continued as Keith tried to track down where it was coming from. When he ran into the kitchen, he found Lance huddled on his side on the floor with his knees to his chest, head down, whimpering and calling out to his mother as if she was actually there right at that moment. Keith panicked, unsure of what to do. So he just ran over to Lance and began to shake him and call his name. It took quite a while, but it worked after a minute or two. By then Lance was crying, tears running down his face. He looked around only to find that his mother was no longer there where he’d seen her when he walked in for his late night meal. He swore he saw her but knew that was impossible. He told Keith what he saw and Keith looked at him concerned, telling him that no one was there when he found him. 

The next day, Keith stayed pretty close to Lance, not once telling him off or making fun of him. He told the team what happened the night before and they all decided to keep a good eye on Lance. The same day, Keith and Pidge got to see Lance staring intently at nothing, his eyes watery and damp until tears finally fell and he was running in the direction of where his eyes lay. Keith and Pidge ran after him through hallways and into the training deck. In the center of it, Lance stopped and fell to his knees screaming. Everyone gathered there to help Lance in any way they could. Eventually, he calmed down in Keith’s arms and began whispering someone’s name. Keith was close enough to hear and it seemed that Lance was calling and apologizing to his nephew Mateo, who Lance has talked about to the team many times before. Why was he apologizing to his nephew? 

That night, Lance was stable enough to tell the team what’s been going on. How he has nightmares so he hasn’t slept in 2 weeks. Why he wasn’t there at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What he’s been seeing. The first thing he saw was his sister Cleo sitting on his bed of his paladin bedroom, reading a book. He immediately ran up to her to hug her only to land straight in his bed, Cleo nowhere in sight. The second was his father in the dining room, reading a newspaper while drinking coffee. He stopped coming to eat with the team after that. The third was his mother cooking in the kitchen, she actually looked at Lance for a second, seeing her smile again making Lance cry. That was the night Keith found him. The fourth time was when Lance saw his nephew Mateo playing in the halls of the castle, telling Lance to play tag with him and he ran off. Lance immediately chased the little boy, through sharp turns, forks in the path, and finally the entrance of the training deck… and when he entered, he found Mateo bleeding on the floor with holes through his back out his chest, bloody burn marks covered the edges of the holes that was burned into the little boy’s shirt. Lance looked down to see his bayard activated and smoking at the tip, signaling that it was just used… to kill the boy who called Lance his favorite uncle and vice versa. 

From that point on everyone always stayed close to Lance making sure he was healthy and happy. Hunk made sure he ate and if he got sick, he’d make multiple meals for Lance. Shiro made sure Lance was healthy and well enough to train and if not he would force Lance to sit this one out. Pidge, Allura, and Coran checked his vital health rates weekly. Keith slept next to Lance every night hoping it would rid of the nightmares, and apparently, it worked pretty well, later on, Keith began to have feelings for Lance and vice versa. Lance would say they were kinda overdoing it, but he couldn’t blame them. He knew his state was really bad at the time so he just let it happen with little complaints.



There you guys go, hope you enjoy this. It’s my first Langst scenario so plz don’t judge if it’s bad. Sorry for the Klance, I have no self-control. Thank you for taking the time to read it, you may continue scrolling now.

SAKURA AND NOZAKI WILL BE MARRIED FOR THREE YEARS WHEN HE FINALLY REALIZES HE PROBABLY ISN’T DOING THIS FOR RESEARCH either that or he already figures they’re going out and just has never said anything and eventually he’ll be like “I mean we’ve been dating for three years so” and Sakura will be like SINCE WHEN?! REALLY?! THIS WHOLE TIME?! OH GOD I MISSED IT
I’ve Already Come Undone

Summary: He doesn’t notice it at first. He’s too happy. He’s back. For good, now. Damian’s alive, and talking to him. Jason and Tim are mad at him for a little while, but they both start talking to him soon enough, too. Cass gives him smiles and hugs, and she lets him kiss her cheek every occasionally. So, yeah. He’s too caught up in his family to notice what’s happening at first. 

In which Dick’s trauma catches up to him before he’s ready. Spoilers for Forever Evil.

ao3 |

(This is a long one, so strap yourselves in.)

He doesn’t notice it at first. He’s too happy. He’s back. For good, now. Damian’s alive, and talking to him. Jason and Tim are mad at him for a little while, but they both start talking to him soon enough, too. Cass gives him smiles and hugs, and she lets him kiss her cheek every occasionally. So, yeah. He’s too caught up in his family to notice what’s happening at first.

It starts with swallowing Tylenol, of all things.

He swallows it down, but just as he does, he chokes on both the pill and the water. He’s coughing up water, but he ends up reflexively swallowing the pill in order to breathe, and he spends the next fifteen minutes staring at the puddle of water from the dropped water bottle next to him on the kitchen floor.

Alfred finds him like that.

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Kick It

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  • Unsurprisingly, Choi Minho is the star of your university’s soccer team.
  • Captain, top goal-scorer, unofficial mascot; Choi Minho.
  •  He spends 99.9% of his time on the field either playing or practicing. And when he’s not playing? He’s cheering on his teammates.
  • If superlatives were still a thing in college, you bet Minho would be voted most spirited.
  • With the amount of time he spends on the field, you’d think that he didn’t have any classes or, at the very least, he’d be failing the ones he does have.
  • But no.  Minho takes his academics just as seriously as he takes his football.
  • Which is why, more often than not, Minho spends nights that he doesn’t have practice or a match cooped up in the library.
  • And that is exactly where the two of you met.

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Like Fire (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompts:  “ If you like this idea, what about reader as one of Padmé’s assistants working in her Coruscant office, who somehow meets Maul. They either just do it once or start an affair (depending on how long you wanted to make it).” and “Is it possible to request some Darth Maul smut? I kinda need that in my life right now. :)”

Warning: NSFW smuttiness! You have been warned! Also, to make the smut a little…easier… I’ve written this Maul with his lower half still intact. Not that the story line is very important in this fic, but just so you know, it’s after Naboo. Let’s say that Obi-Wan didn’t cut him in half, just kinda…stabbed him. That work? Lol I hope so. Anyways, on with the show!

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Being one of Padme Amidala’s assistants was a full-time job, taking up most of your hours during the day and even stealing a large portion of your nights, leaving you sleep-deprived in your efforts to get her reports done on time and make the right appointments with the right people. But you did love your job; the senator was one of the few good politicians out there, fighting for the rights of people not only from her home planet, but all around the galaxy as well.

It didn’t change the fact that you wished there was something…else in your life, though. Something new and exciting, something just for yourself. You’d wanted to find someone to share a relationship with for a while, but it just seemed so impossible, what with how demanding your job was. As you dwelled more and more on your lack of a love life, you grew less and less passionate about your duties until, one day, your boss approached you about it.

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Random Tolkien Thoughts...

So, my summer job is that I work at Family Video. I work opens by myself, so I get to pick which movies I watch. This week, I have been marathoning Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. And I had some random thoughts…

Thought 1: Bilbo never fully recovered from the deaths of his friends in the BOFA. So, when he had his party, he mentions how he was saying goodby to everyone, and he told Gandalf he wasn’t going to come back. Bilbo later says how he wanted to go to Mirkwood and see the lonely mountain again. But he knew he wasn’t coming back…what if he was going to say goodbye to his friends, one last time before he passed on?

Thought 2: Related to thought 1, Bilbo just wanted one last adventure, so see the lonely mountain, his friends, probably visit the Durin graves…but when Frodo sees him in Rivendell, he mentions how “age has finally caught up with me”. I saw that scene, and I cried…because Bilbo never gets to go back, he never gets to say his final goodbyes to the Dwarf family he made in his amazing journey. It breaks my heart.

Thought 3: The fellowship realize the fall of Moria, and Gimli is heartbroken over it. He clearly didn’t know, and since he came from (I’m assuming) Erebor or somewhere around there, probably kept in touch at least, no one else knows about it yet either. After the war has ended…was it Gimli who had to return and tell Dwalin, Nori, and Dori (if they were still alive) that their brothers had fallen?

Thought 4: Later in the movies, Gollum gets reintroduced, and eventually starts traveling with Sam and Frodo. It is Frodo’s kindness to Smeagol that (in my opinion) gives him the strength to push Gollum away. But it is obviously lost when he thinks Frodo betrayed him in the scene with Faramir. But I can’t help but wonder…Sam, who has been awful to him this entire time, what if he had been kind? What if Sam, Frodo, and Smeagol were all friendly-ish to each other. If Sam had been kind, earned his trust, would Smeagol have been so easy to give up his trust in Frodo?

Thought 5: along with thought 4, talking about Gollum…. he came under the power of the ring and had killed his friend (it was an extended scene I think in the movies). And Gandalf mentions at one point that Smeagol was like a hobbit once. Now…with that in mind, think back to when Bilbo first meets Gollum in the cave, how easy it was for him to pull him into the game of riddles. Now, Gollum, it is seen many time, has no issues killing things, betraying them to get what he wants, so why didn’t he just immediately kill Bilbo? Sure, maybe he just wanted to play a game, but then think of how quickly he came to trust Frodo after he and Sam caught him…pledging his allegiance to him. What if the two are related? What if the reason Gollum is so eager to interact with both of them, is because they remind him of his lost friend, and becomes so incredibly violent afterwards, because their betrayal reminds him of his own betrayal to his friend???

Just some random thoughts I wanted to get out of my head. You can just ignore them if you want ;p

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater Chapter Two

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater | Phan Skam AU. Internalized homophobia is probably one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, but it’s only made harder when the people around you don’t quite understand why you’re so afraid. When Dan Howell meets Phil Lester, he finally realizes he has to overcome that hurdle. | Phan | Mature | Internalized homophobia, Drugs, Alcohol, Underage drinking, Parties, Discussions of Religion, Sexual Comments, Smut, Bi-polar disorder | Ongoing Chaptered

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil, or any other youtube personalities.

This chapter: 3,773 words

A lot of my lovely readers have never seen skam, and have already started asking some questions of me to help them understand what’s going on better, so here is a link to a post where I explain who the characters I’ve changed Dan and Phil to, are, and a brief explanation of the subjects explored in the season I’m basing my fic off of.

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anonymous asked:

Aang gets tons of flack for EIP (rightfully so, as much as I love him he was being awful) but no one mentions how he backed off when he had realized he made katara uncomfortable, apologized, berated himself, then sat away from her in shame (he tends to withdraw from people whenever he feels self loathing e.g. during "The deserter") I'm not trying to excuse his behavior but he seemed remorseful about causing her discomfort, gave her space and didn't broach the subject again. Thoughts?

Ah, but wait. Did Aαng apologize?

Katara: Aαng, I’m sorry but right now, I’m just a little confused.

(Cut back to Aαng who looks to the side. Cut to a side view of Katara as Aαng’s head appears on screen and he pecks her lips. Katara opens her eyes and takes a step back, shocked.)

Katara: (annoyed) I just said that I was confused! I’m going inside.

(She walks off screen. Cut to an area outside the railing behind Aαng as Katara runs off.)

Aαng: Argh!  I’m such an idiot!

Who apologized here again? Not Aαng, but Katara–who, thanks to Aαng pressuring her, is made to feel guilty for something that’s not even her fault. Aαng says, “I’m such an idiot!” only after Katara has left, and worse, never tells or shows Katara that he realizes how unacceptable his behavior was. She probably didn’t even notice that Aαng was huddled up in his seat due to the fact that her back was to him the entire time.

Given that Katara is never on the receiving end of an apology, they really needed to have a conversation together, alone, before the series finale. Because you see, it wasn’t just the unwanted kiss Aαng was guilty of; it was a pattern of aggressive behavior.

Aαng kisses Katara at the invasion without checking if she wanted to be kissed, then flies away without bothering to make sure her response was a positive one:

In the inter-series comic “Love is a Battlefield”, he gets so angry at Katara for avoiding the issue that he shouts at her: 

Then he raises up a fire spewing volcano, which causes Katara to hide behind a pillar in the Air Temple:

He could have really hurt Katara, but once has apologized, he follows it up with more resentment under his breath: 

In EIP, he nods at the actor Zuko saying “I thought you were the Avatar’s girl”, as if the kiss means he “claimed” her when he never even asked Katara out, told her how he felt, or wondered how she felt:

He admits getting so angry at Katara not being his that, if not for his blocked chakra, he would be in the Avatar State. The Avatar State, which is a destructive and deadly force that Aαng can’t control and has almost killed his allies several times:

He says “We kissed at the invasion, and I thought we were going to be together”, again, as if the unasked-for kiss meant first dibs on Katara forevermore!

He demands to know why she is unsure (really, Aαng?), thus pressuring her to give an answer to something she just told him she hasn’t figured out:

Then he kisses her without her consent.

Yes, Aαng knocks himself on the head for being such an idiot, but then in the next episode, they both go right back to their old dynamic as if nothing had happened, instead of having the talk they absolutely needed to have about entitlement and personal space.


When you follow a negative pattern of behavior for weeks on end, such as repeatedly throwing a tantrum when you don’t get something you want, you have to change that pattern immediately and act in a different way throughout the rest of the show in order to demonstrate that you’re a changed person.

But what does Aαng do in the very next episode? He throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get something he wants, and he throws that tantrum at Katara:

Katara: Aαng, we do understand. It’s just…
Aαng:  Just what, Katara?! What?

Katara: We’re trying to help.

Aαng: Then when you figure out a way for me to beat the Fire Lord without taking his life, I love to hear it!

(Raises his arms in exasperation and walks away.)

This does not bode well for Aαng truly having turned over a new leaf in terms of how he sees her and how he treats their relationship.

Hi! I’m the anon with the remorseful!ααng EIP ask thingy. I just wanted to add that you’re arguments are always so eloquent and intelligent, and though I may not always agree with them, you do strive to treat the characters fairly. Appreciate it. Have an awesome day! :-) 

I appreciate this, and also your willingness to ask thoughtful questions instead of the usual vitriol we antis get. :) I hope you have an awesome day, too.


Sirius Black x Reader.  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   Part 5/End

______ = your name

(L/N) = last name

You’re in Gryffindor and Sirius seems to not know who you are. This is going to be a long series of chapters. Is written in first person. Reader is female.

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I’ve seen Sirius Black around the school. Quite often, he’s always making a ruckus with the teachers and other students. Especially some poor sap named Severus. I’ve heard of the Black family and Sirius was certainly a strange one. Our years together, he never seemed to notice me.

The first year at Hogwarts, we were in the same grade. Both first years. Both sorted into Gryffindor. But of course, he was too entranced by the others, he didn’t even notice me.

The second year was normal. He was going around with his trouble making group although it was mainly him and the Potter boy. James. His friends Peter and Remus always were in the background whenever they were around.

The third year Sirius and his friends started picking on kids more frequently, sure he picked on people the first two years but the third year was when things picked up. I think it had to do with them all turning teens and the girls going head over heels for them. All except for Lily, who always seemed to be around to criticize them and their demeanor.

The fourth year, they started hexes. Giving people warts, jelly-jinx legs, you know, all that good stuff. By this time, I’ve noticed a pattern with this group. At the end of the month, the book nerd/nice one. Remus. Always disappeared. And I could hear them sneaking out at night at this time of the month. It wasn’t until we learned about werewolves that I had a suspicion. Didn’t change my attitude towards him. But it did cause me to become closer to Lupin. Not voicing my thoughts about the matter, however. If he wanted to tell me. He would. We would still hang out in the library until his friends whisked him away, completely ignoring my existence. He was a good book buddy.

The fifth year. I had gotten closer to Severus, and Lily. Severus always seemed to know what he was doing in potions and I was absolutely atrocious at it. So he tutored me since the second year and Lily came with the package deal. Till one day, the boys. Bored I guess? After their O.W.L.’s, they came up to Severus and hexed him. No reason besides ‘the fact that he exists’. Kept picking on him, even after Lily had banished their friendship and left. I wanted to move forward and stop him but my own thoughts held me back.

“they’d hate me.” My mind spouted. “as long as they don’t hurt him he’ll be alright. right?

But both were the wrong answers. Once the boys had their fun, they left. Dropping poor Severus onto the ground from a horrible height. I rushed forward and helped him up and gathered his things. He kept shrugging me off and telling me to leave but I couldn’t. My guilty conscious wouldn’t rest till I at least did one thing nice for the man I abandoned. Once Severus was all set, we left to go to the castle. He seemed like he was regretting something but held back. He probably regretted what he said to Lily. But it was too late.

After that, he canceled his tutoring lessons and ignored me from then on. Lily doing the same. I was left alone, once again since the first year.

I made another observation of the ‘Mauraders’ As they started calling themselves. There was at least a month where they spoke as if they had something in their mouth. And at the end of the month, they all had left to somewhere, longer than usual. This pattern went on for a couple of months. By the end of the school year, they were annoyed and relieved. As if they had to do something over and over again until it was perfect. And they were finally finished.

This is the sixth year. I just boarded the train to go to Hogwarts. I sat alone in my compartment, no surprise since I’ve been doing it since the first year. The seats were comfy as I laid back on top of them, sleep threatening to take over. I held a book and was re-reading the same passage over and over. The words not processing in my head. I resisted skimming along and skipping paragraphs. I let out a sigh and set the book down on the floor next to my bag, a bookmark slid between the pages. I sat up and settled into the corner, my back to the outside window showing the passing scenery. My eyes flickered to movement outside the door to my lonely compartment. Low and behold, it was the Mauraders. James took the lead, talking to somebody I couldn’t see, he leaned against my door and messed up his hair. Sirius was behind him. His back leaning against my door as if it was a wall. Remus had a book in his hand and a bag on his back. And Peter was timidly taking up the rear. I made eye contact with Peter and waved. He blinked a couple times before he registered that I had greeted him before he waved back. He went on to stare at James and Sirius, also ignoring me.

My knee bounced with agitation. What if I wanted out, how was I supposed to do that if a certain pretty boy, was leaning against it. I rested my cheek against my fist that was propped on my non-bouncing leg. I stared at the ceiling in irritation.

I was tempted to get up and open the door and make the playboy fall in when a familiar click sounded, and the door to my compartment was opened.

And in leaned Sirius Black.

“Well hello.” He purred, looking at me up and down. I forced a blush away and thought of the annoyance he’s caused me.

I waved and sat straight up, pulling my bag to my legs.
Hoping that he wasn’t planning on flirting with me like he had with every other girl. News flash, I’m not like them.

He took a step into the compartment, making it feel less lonely. James must have felt his best friends presence from him disappear or something because he turned around. Stopping his conversation with someone, and filed into my space. Followed by Remus, who finally looked up from his book, and Peter.

“So, you new here?” Sirius asked, his hands stuffed into his pants pocket. His shirt untucked and messy, cloak curtained behind him. His Gryffindor tie draped around his neck, untied. I realized that I hadn’t changed into my own robes.

I can’t believe he just asked that.

“No. I’m not.” I made my voice as calm as I could almost failing. Remus stepped forward, confused on what his friend was doing. Probably thinking ‘has he really never noticed her?’

James sat into one of the seats, Peter taking his side instantly. Both watching this with amusement.

“Oh. What house?” Sirius asked, taking a step forward. Biting his lip, causing his already handsome face to double. I almost blushed but processed what he said.

“Gryffindor,” I said plainly, ignoring his good looks and focusing on the anger that has been following every single question of his.

“Hey, me too! What a coincidence. What year?”

Are you kidding me? He hasn’t realized who I am, did he even try? Remus opened his mouth to intercept the final question. But was stopped by an amused James.


He really hasn’t noticed me. It’s been 6 years, we’ve been in the same classes, the same common rooms. The same table at lunch. For 6 years.

“Oh.. I’ve never seen you around.”

‘Oh really, how about the time I had to have help from Severus on the sleep potion and you interrupted our study by making the cauldron explode on him. Or the time Lily and I were by the lake and James led you guys to talk to her. I slipped away since it was extremely awkward. Or how about the time Remus and I were in the library having a pleasant talk about the newest P.C cast book when you demanded notes from the history of magic from him. That was just the 3rd year. Shall I go on?’ My mind screamed at him. I so badly wanted to say this out loud but refrained. I didn’t reply, I pulled up my bag from the floor and onto my shoulder, then stood.

I kept a fake smile on my face, he seemed confused. Questioning why I stood and had my things. I answered his internal struggle by fleeing to the door. stopping halfway through the doorway when he shouted yet another question.

“Wait! What’s your name?” I glanced over my shoulder. Disappointed at how calmly he’s taking this. More disappointed at how he didn’t even know I existed till now.

“______” I whispered angrily. My facade falling and my loneliness showing through. I rushed off the way the came before they could stop me with any more questions. Not realizing I had left something behind.

Sirius blinked in confusion before turning to his friends. Two of them red-faced with suppressed laughter, the other red-faced with rage.

“______. ______, (L/N)?” Sirius asked, his eyes widened in realization. Remus came up and started hitting his friend in the arm with a book.

“You’re. An. Idiot.” He punctuated with every hit. Sirius slid to the side, raising his arms, trying to protect himself while saying “okay, okay.” Till Remus stopped.

“How did you not recognize her?!” Remus’ eyes narrowed. Sirius raised his arms in an unaccusingly way.

“Hey, in my defense. She looks way different.”

“No. No, she doesn’t. Perhaps she got a haircut over the summer but it’s very clearly her.”

“… We’re talking about the same ______, right?” Sirius looked at his friends. Two of which weren’t holding back in her laughter, finally letting it out and rolling on the floor clutching their sides. “The same weirdo that followed Lily and Snivilus around for like 3 years.”

Remus let out a loud groan and twirled around and hitting his head against his book in the same movement. Sirius shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“You have to apologize.” Remus declares from behind his book. His voice coming out in a groan. Sirius’ face twists.

“I don’t have to do anything.”

James finally gets a control on his laughing and sits back up, leaning against the seat to stand.

“Mate, I can’t believe you forgot ______. You were only just telling us how much you fancied her.”

Sirius suddenly looked away, his voice going quiet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. ______? I didn’t forget her… I just…  besides. She’s weird, couldn’t fancy her.”

“Oh really? That’s not what you were saying in your sleep.” Peter joined in. Helping James stand. Both looking like they might be on the verge of laughing again.

“Oh bug off Wormtail.” Sirius rolled his eyes. He turned around and sat in the seat you sat moments ago. His foot hitting something. Capturing his attention, he ignored what the boys were saying and picked up the thing he ran into. It was a book. The cover was faded and it seemed well read. He slid a hand across worn words on the cover and flipped it open. The first page had your name on it. He grinned at the handwriting. It seemed to fit you so perfectly. The slopes and edges. Before he knew it he was snapped out of his trance by a certain werewolf.

“Oi Padfoot.” Remus looks at the book in Sirius’ hands as he yanked on it. Then read your name inside the cover. A grin taking his face. A plan forming. “This is perfect. You can deliver ______ her book and apologize.”

James slid into the seat next to Sirius then takes a turn to look at the book. “Whoa, this thing is old. Think it’ll rip as easy as it looks?” He grins. Remus shakes his head and reaches to take it out of James’ hands, But James yanked it out of his reach and flipped through. Noticing different notes written in sticky notes in the margins.

“Quote, this. Loneliness can be considered an emptiness to some but…” He read the first sentence out loud his mouth gaping as he took a breath to continue on but Sirius yanked the book back with a huff.

“Whatever. I’ll return her stupid book.” He set the book beside him and stared out the window. The others following along and falling into silence. Broken after a few moments by the same person who started it. “Has… Has ______ always looked that … Good?” He forgets the proper word but replaces it with another.

No one answered him.

Hands Off My Cookies, Friar!

Hands Off My Cookies, Friar!

 A/N-This was what had been going through my head when I sat down to start writing chapter 8. It’s not where I saw the chapter or the story going. I always imagined the back story of Lucas and Zay in my head. So, cookie baking day with Zay’s Grandma Gandy became about Lucas and Zay. I didn’t want to delete it so I decided to post as a one shot or companion piece to A Weekend in Paris. One thing I’ve learned when Zay gets in your head, he won’t be ignored.

Thanks to @sand1128 for the encouragement, title suggestion and proofread. Thanks to @hiheyhowdyhi and Courtney and Kayla also for the encouragement and proof reads as well. Thanks especially to Courtney for telling me to write it and get it out of my head. This turned out way cuter than I thought! Also thanks to @spamiam77 she has been a great source of encouragement to me as well! Thank you all! And I promise chapter 8 of A Weekend in Paris is next. 



Thursday, July 13, 2023 Grandma Gandy’s House

Riley and Lucas had been in Texas for a month and a half and had been having the time of their lives. They had been on the ranch for most of their visit. The only exceptions were when they visited Austin and the day they baked cookies for Zay with his Grandma Gandy. Riley had decided that she loved Zay’s grandmother. She was sweet and sassy and didn’t take crap from anyone. She now understood where Zay got some of his sassiness from. Pappy Joe had decided to tag along with Riley and Lucas on their cookie making day. Riley thought it was cute that Pappy Joe and Grandma Gandy had secret crushes on each other and neither one was too old to flirt with the other.

Ida Mae Gandy reminded Riley of her own grandmothers. She was sweet and soft-spoken like Amy Matthews and could be loud and outspoken like Rhiannon Lawrence had become later in life. Riley and Grandma Gandy were in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes they had used while the cookies were cooling. Lucas and Pappy Joe had gone outside to look and Grandma Gandy’s car. It wouldn’t start and she needed it to go play bingo tomorrow night. Once they were done and waiting for Pappy Joe and Lucas to come back in, Riley was looking around in the living room at all the pictures of Zay and his brother, Gordon. Riley had to admit, Zay was a cute little boy.

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How would sans react if he had a wet dream about squish? Do skellys even have wet dreams???

i think skellys have wet dreams hahah

oh man

he’d act super nonchalant. squish would never know. but he’d be super confused and embarrassed. and he’d probably think about it at inopportune times and get embarrassed all over again.

papyrus would be like


and sans would be like. uh i’m not acting weird.


“wh-what bro?”




“that was yesterday.”


and then sans is left with two choices: embarrassingly tell papyrus what happened or lie through his teeth and make up some ridiculous excuse.

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Do you read fics? If so what are your favorite Sekai fanfics? :)

  • Posted on 15.04.05

i do~, but i didn’t read much sekai fanfics since i’m kind of person who can enjoy reading sekai fic that i love repeatedly. and i do read only top kai and bottom sehun.

here are my fav sekai fics :

SF :

- We’re Pretty And Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored | R | ( Sehun transfers high school to a wealthy part of Seoul and meets the whirlwind that’s Kim Jongin.)

-Take Back The Night Sehun finally returns to Jongin and hot reunion sex ensues. |NC-17| (Sequel to We’re Pretty and Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored even though it’s 8 months too late).

- DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. | NC-17 | (don’t call me baby)

- Lost kitten. | NC-17, fluff, smut | 
(Without a clue as to who he is besides his own name, Sehun wanders into Dr. Kim’s office.)

- Falling Out | G | (Baekyeol breaks up and Sehun steps in to help. Will he be able to save the relationship when the cause of breakup is his own man?)

- One Uncomplicated Life, To Go Please | PG | (Sehun serves behind the counter in a café & pastry shop while Jongin goes to college.)

- Talking Kai | G | (In which Kai is a talking Sim in Sehun’s most loved, more than how much he loves his bestfriend, and trusted iPad.)

- The One Who Makes You Happy | G | (Sehun shows Jongin a compilation of their memories together through photos.) ps. unfortunately the pictures that were used in this fic were removed by the owner ;’(

- Trying To Tell You No But My Body Keeps On Telling You Yes |NC-17| (Oh Sehun has a tiny little crush on Kim Jongin.)

- What If  | G | (Jongin wants to protect Sehun so he keeps their relationship a secret. But what if what he wants makes him sad?)

- Yellow Zinnia | G | (It’s that day.) ps. so beautiful, but it’s the only character death that i read, and i swear to myself that i will never read this kind of sekai fic again

- My Heart Is So Lost Because You Took It With You | R | (Sehun was away on the Eve of Christmas Day so Jongin decided to be all sappy and disgusting and gross and, you get it.)

- When You Say You Love Me, Know I Love You More | G | (Not only the year is saying good bye but so is he, or not?)

- A Man Provides | Wolfau |

- Stupid NGs | G | 

- Perfect To Me | Fluff | 

- Sehunnie’s BFF | Fluff |

- Feel This Moment |NC-17|

Series :

- Overlapping Worlds [ i ii iii iv v final story video ] | G | (They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.)

- Safe (Lost Memory) [ i ii iii iv v hidden part vi vii viii final ] | G | (He always carries a gun. He probably carries a code. He has never wanted to protect a man all his life. Until he is lost. Who is he protecting? And who is he protecting him from?)

- Absentia [ i ii iii iv v vi vii final playlist ] |NC-17, Drama| (Sehun wishes to see the future. He unknowingly jumps in time and loses five years in the past. Slowly, he realizes, he didn’t only lose time. He lost a lot.) ps. i love this fic but i can only read for once.

- Chance [ 1, 2, 3, 4, Special 5] | Fluff, Mpreg |

- Can I just Alohomora your heart for me? | Fluff, HarryPotterAu | NOT COMPLETE YET

The below sekai fics are belong to one of my favorite sekai writer FishMeAnEXo

- Everlasting Summer | G, Romantic | (Everyone wants their summer to last.)

- Kitty Wants It | Fluff, CatboyAu Smut|

- Yes, Boss | Smut |

- Lapse of Etiquette 1 & 2 | Wolfau, Fluffyangst, Mpreg |

- Once Upon A Time | Fluffy, Romanticcomedy |

- I Wish I Could See You (A short sequel to Can I See You?) Ps. i love this one but you need to read  Can I See You? first.

- Ardour In Avalanche  | Wolfau, Mpreg |

- Purr Of A Catboy | Fluff,CatboyAu |

- Daddy and His Kitties | Fluff,CatboyAu, Mpreg | (A short sequel to Purr Of A Catboy)

- My Sweet Baby | Fluff, Mpreg | 

- That Wasn’t The Plan | Bondage, Smut

- It’s Just You | Fluff, Mpreg |  ( Sequel to If Not You.) i love the special sequel since i just love baby jae so much so i decide to put it on my fav sekai fics lol

- My Crazy Stalker  | Fluffy, Comedy |

is that too much ?? lol~ but i think those are all my most favorite sekai fics ^^ ♥

  • Update 15.04.13 :

- Bittersweet | G | jongin lives as a member of poor carnival troupe, until one day he’s takes in by a rich man to live with him and be the companion of his sick son.

  • Update 15.05.10 :

- Garden city movement | R | In which Sehun starts his senior year of college with a new roommate – Jongin has one too many demons to fight.

  • Update 15.07.07 :

- Room 301. |smut , hybridau| Jongin is a dog hybrid who’s lived at the veterinary hospital his whole life and Sehun is a cat hybrid who’s Jongin’s new next door neighbour.

  • Update 15.08.06 :

- My Angel  | Smut, Fluff, Little Angst | Having a pampering sugar daddy may not be a bad idea after all.

  • Update 15.11.07 :

- Hypernova | Smut,Fluff, Non-AU| The story of how Jongin and Sehun’s friendship forms, strengthens, and delves into love over the years.

  • Update 16.01.03 :

- Territorial Boundaries |Fluff, Smut, Mpreg, Hybridau| Sehun get’s a hybrid puppy for his 8th birthday. The two grow attached to each other. 10 years pass by and Sehun notices some changes in his pup. It was how Jongin seems to stare at him quite often with a wanton glint in his eye, or how he had turned possessive and growls at anyone who so much as laid their hands on Sehun,

- A Sinner or a Saint |Fluff, Romance|  Oh Sehun was from a strict Christian family. His father was a pastor, who had already decided Sehun’s life plans for him. When the boy Kim Jongin, with bleached blonde hair, tattoos covering his body and a couple of piercings moves into the neighbourhood, right next door to Sehun

- Somewhere Only We Know |R , Bestfriendsau| Following a divorce, Jongin’s high school love suddenly moves into his city. But it’s been years–and Osaka is full of surprises.

  • Update 16.04.12 :

- You Mean The World To Me |Fluff| jongin described sehun as his whole universe, the one who had always rotated around him and the one who kept him standing without falling apart.

- Being In Love Is Not A Crime |Fluff| In which Sehun had to marry someone he hates wholeheartedly.

- Give You Everything You Want (Everything You Need) |Fluff, ParentAU| When Sehun moved to a little town far from everything he’d ever known, he wasn’t expecting get feelings for anyone. Even less for his daughter’s annoyingly perfect kindergarten teacher.

- My Eyes Adored You |Fluff| A nerdy outcast unexpectedly gains an avid secret admirer when he moves into a new university. Who? His hot supermodel crush whom he always thought was a million miles away from him.

- Rivals at Heart. |RivalAU| Sehun never expected things to get dirty with his rival in a swimming pool.

- For His Happiness |Fluff, Mpreg, Angst| Jongin and Sehun had a good life. They had been lovers for five years, and even though Minseok wasn’t his son, Sehun had raised him with Jongin since the child was four.Everything was perfect.Until the father of Minseok and the love of Jongin’s life came back, and Jongin’s special smile returned.What could Sehun do but back away from the life that never really belonged to him in the first place?

  • Update 16.07.04 :

- Starlight  |Fluff, Mpreg| Three months down the road, and things never seem to be boring in the lives of Sehun and Jongin. sequel to For His Happiness.

-Suffer, demon |Smut,Fluff| it’s sehun’s birthday, he’s got ticklish hip bones, and he thinks he might pass out a little when he’s fucked on his back

- J |Fluff, Smut,HighSchoolAU| Jongin just wants to show the world that Sehun is his.

  • Update 17.01.29 :

- The story of a deal turned love |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun and Jongin are forced to marry in order to produce their hair.

- Pregnant with my best friend’s baby  |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun was in love with his best friend. Nothing new here.But one night will change everything between them. Sehun doesn’t regret it but how long before Jongin finds out the trust.

  • Update 17.02.05 :

- So Baby Come Light Me Up |Omegaverse, ABOAU| Getting a new student is a rarity in the first place, but someone transferring a quarter into the school year is basically unheard of. Why the son of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the country has suddenly decided to come to their school is a mystery. Even more so when the son in question is an alpha.

If you ever wanna break your own heart just think about what it was like for JD to see his mom die. Imagine little JD, on a day like any other, with his parents at a detonation sight. He’s bored and can’t wait to go home, and then suddenly, he looks at the window of the library, and he sees his mom. And he knows his dad is about to blow up the building, so he tries to yell at her to come out, but she just smiles sadly at him. He’s freaking out but his dad is too far away, and he knows he won’t be able to get to him in time to tell him to stop. He keeps trying to get his mom to run away, but she just waves at him, and then, boom. Flames and smoke and crumbling brick and the realization that his mom left, and is never coming back. Imagine after, when he’s all alone because his dad is a piece of shit who won’t even comfort him. Imagine him going through the pain of losing his mother completely by himself, with absolutely no one to talk to him or support him. Think about how he has literally never had a single person in his life since his mom. How numb and miserable he must have been, and how the only source of comfort he ever had were literally just slushies from 7/11. How it must have felt to finally find something worth living for, only to realize that he could never be good enough to be with her, because he knew it was too late for him. Think about how hopeless he probably felt on that football field, full of self hatred and regret. Think about the fact that the very last thing he saw was the only person he’d ever loved since his mom.
you’re welcome :,)

Did you know The Punisher made the Joker Shit himself

Was reading the Batman vs Punisher Crossover Deadly Knights and I REALLY FRIGGIN LOVED THIS. The Joker never gets scared or rattled but when facing the Punisher who doesn’t play that shit

The Joker never gets rattled. When his plans are foiled Joker barely doesn’t curse aloud and shake his fist. He just laughs. 

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and Batman has rarely managed to make the Joker flinch. the Joker keeps laughing because he knows that Batman will never do what it takes.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. 

Originally posted by stalsey

Not many things can wipe the Joker’s shitty grin off of his face, but Frank Castle The Punisher isn’t known for doling out second chances, especially for a homicidal maniac that has probably killed hundreds and will go on to kill thousands more. Joker recognizes the conviction in the eyes of the man holding the gun, and for once realizes the finality of his situation. He’s thinking: This man might actually close the DO THE DEED and it  aint funny.

Then Batman comes along, right on time.

Usually when the Joker gets away, it’s because of some BS and no matter how he escapes, the Joker is always laughing. But when he gets the chance to scamper away from the Punisher, there’s no trail of “HA HA HA"s; the Joker just feels lucky to get out of there alive.

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Another point to Punisher for making the joker piss himself

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Derek Hale From HR

For @yoshifics who…well I didn’t know what you wanted but the Admin was like “You’re writing hot office smut? Give it to them!” so I did! Happy holidays and a happy new year, celebrate with sterek smut! :) ♥

by @nogitsunelichen

So Stiles usually is not that bold. That being said Derek Hale from HR made him bold. There was just all that muscle under those extremely tight button-ups (like come on those biceps should not give him awkward cubicle boners). Not to mention the guy was graced with glorious stubble and cheekbones so sharp they could cut diamond.

At this point his pathetic infatuation on Derek Hale from HR was a little much. His twelve year Lydia phase wasn’t this bad. Stiles used and abused any opportunity to talk to Derek. With Lydia it had just been admiring from afar and shoving love notes in her locker.

Which was the other thing; Derek Hale from HR was a guy.

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I had to colour this >.<

Im glad the last conversation sinbad had before going to the palace was with jafar. Since they understand each other so well and it was also great to see Ja’far finally speak up and express his thoughts since for the majority of this final arc his been silent, sitting in the background observing. Even though he is one of the few characters whose played a large role in sinbad’s life. Too bad sin’s ego is larger than the universe. srsly he never listens and he never learns either :’(. Oh well so long as he lives by the end cause he deserves happiness and so does Ja’far.

Imagine Ja’fars reaction the next morning when he realizes Sinbad has vanished. His probably gonna slap him the next time they meet. Not gonna lie another scene like what happened in the slave arc would be pretty good.

So long as there alive by the end >.< :/ :’(