and he has a date night (or had a date night) with his wife and it was adorbs


Ah, welcome! Whether you’re a new lirry shipper, an old one, a larry shipper, a whatever shipper, this is the ultimate Lirry fic rec made just for you! (and my satisfaction). Took me like 100 hours to make. Basically if you wanna read some good Lirry fics, long or short, this is where you’ll find them. Even if you don’t ship Lirry give some a shot! I’ve bolded the ones that are must must reads but the others are great too. Sorry. i hate that i made this. Strictly from ao3. I’ve read lots off tumblr and wattpad too but can’t be fucked to add them. (order is oldest to newest i know i suck but some of the best are the older ones)

The Distance Between First and Second  (48,522) 

*PAINFUL. But amazing.*

He is happy. Really. He is happy for Louis. Happy for Harry. Happy for them. Happy for himself.

Until he’s not.

might like you better if we slept togetherFAV (7,038)


Liam is one of those people who seem to be able to handle everything, so Harry likes finding the cracks in his armour and poking at them. It’s satisfying somehow, making him vulnerable.

Calm, Collected, and Nice (2,688)

*dom liam like c’monnnn*

Sometimes Liam doesn’t want to be seen as calm, collected, and controlled. Sometimes he just wants to be controlling.

never looked surprised (10,436)


Harry’s going to be a good friend now Liam’s got a broken wrist and can’t get himself off. Really. That’s all he’s doing.

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I’d Never Let You Go  FAV (10,776)

*i could read this 10000x*

“Harry, you essentially just told my sister that we’re dating.”

“Pretty much,” Harry says, and grins. “Champagne?”

in other words, pretending to be boyfriends fic

Cupid Got Me In a Chokehold (12,109)

It’s not as if he needs the extra friends. Not really. Definitely not curly haired, pretty eyed, nice lads anyhow. Nope. Not at all. (except he does).

like that fire running in your veins (1,697)

*omg this was the very first lirry anything i’ve ever read. it was like 2am. changed my life forever*

Where Liam is a hot doctor and Harry wants in his pants.

basicially an excuse for porn tbh

Harry’s Day Off (2,503)

Harry planned to spend his day off by himself, in his hotel room. He didn’t expect Liam to join him…

What Happens Here  FAV (12,089)


Though he dubbed the “prude” of their small group of friends, Liam is smitten with gay porn star, Harry Styles. He spends more time than he’s willing to admit watching his videos and admiring him. His feelings toward the thrown into overdrive when he runs into the star while celebrating Niall’s birthday in Vegas.

Even When We Fight (30,128)

*grumpy liam thumbs up*

University AU. Liam’s the star of the debating society until Harry shows up and steals the spotlight. Meanwhile, Niall’s in love, Zayn lives while he’s young, and Louis looks after his friends.

Think About Summer (13,237)


Liam is a pool boy. Harry is his best friend.

Good Boy (9,063)


Harry is Liam’s pet.

You can use me (15,781)


They start off just getting each other off as a comfort thing, it slowly turns into something more.

broken hearts, shattered songs (14,233)

Harry’s broken.

oh daddy now, now, love me good (1,225)

Harry likes to call Liam ‘daddy’ when they’re alone. Liam’s not entirely sure how he feels about this.

Glad Tidings of Great Joy


Basically, Harry comes over to Liam’s. They watch Elf and talk about their feelings and it’s all silly and Christmassy and surprise, there is kissing at the end.

It’s Hard Being Me (4,192)

A Lirry/Ziall story in which Liam is nervous around Harry and Niall and Zayn are a sickly sweet couple obsessed with getting Liam a date.

Drunk (3,701)

*just saying that Gothic Barbie was the first Lirry writer i really got into and everything she writes is perfection.*

The first time it happened Harry came stumbling into Liam’s room and Liam let him. He felt bad because Harry was drunk. That was probably Liam’s first mistake. He should have slept on the floor. Or taken Harry to his own bed. But of course, Liam hadn’t been thinking at all and he let Harry stay with him.

Harry had slept in his bed before, but they had both been sober. That night however, circumstances were much different. Harry had been especially… affectionate that night.

Twisted (13,185)

*louis being a dick*

Highschool AU where Liam and Harry are best friends. Harry has been crushing on Liam for years and wants to tell him how he feels, but there’s a new boy in school, Louis Tomlinson, who’s there to stir things up.

Five Christmases (13,202)

It only took 5 Christmases for Liam and Harry to get their acts together.

kiss me underneath the mistletoe (3,617)

where Harry and Liam kiss under the mistletoe a few times and then Harry has some sort of sexual revelation concerning Liam and his face and they kiss some more under the mistletoe and then don’t need mistletoe anymore idk

The First (6,363)

The first romantic thought Harry Styles had about his friend and band mate Liam Payne was not a pure one.

The Move (2,319)

When Louis wants to move in with his girlfriend, Harry is forced to move in with Liam. And he’s not thrilled about it.

The Five Times Liam and Harry Shared A Bed  FAV (3,808)


It was almost midnight and Harry could barely concentrate. He could feel Liam breathing next to him. He’d been here before, kinda. It’s not like this is the first time he’s touched Liam or been next to him in a bed, and it wouldn’t be the last. But lately things have felt… different. Like there was some new energy between the two that couldn’t be explained.

The Five Times Liam and Harry Kissed  FAV (4,023)

The culprit? Harry Styles. Who else? Louis liked to claim he was the mischievous one in the group, but everyone knew it was really Harry. He was always saying and doing things that… well, Liam would never do or say.

The Four Times Harry was in Control… And the One Time He Wasn’t  FAV FAV FAV (5,681)

*i can’t even count how many times i have read this. its perfect*

Oh, Liam. That boy stirred something wicked inside of Harry. Something would need to be done about that.

Love is Love  FAV FAV FAV (25,030)

*i’m telling you this author is jesus and this fic is amazing*

Liam’s head is spinning. A feeling he’s unfamiliar with. He’s pinned against a wall, his lips pressed to someone else’s. Another unfamiliar feeling. Liam Payne does not get drunk and make out with strangers in bars. At least, he didn’t. Until tonight.

the burning rhthym in our hearts (22,489)

Harry Styles, frontman of an indie rock band, had definitely not spared a thought for popstar Liam Payne since they were briefly on the X Factor together except perhaps for a bit of scorn. Definitely absolutely not. Not until the moment his band played right before Liam at a festival, anyway.

Par for the Course (4,706)

*smut smut*

Where Liam’s filthy rich, golf is somehow a turn on, and Harry needs a lesson in the intricacies of rimming.

if it’s loving that you want (30,632)

*kind of an OT5 but still Lirry and wonderful*

In which Liam’s a sex pet that the other four boys have purchased, but he’s a lot shyer and frightened than they had thought he would be.

Get Mine Get Yours (2,641)


Liam and Harry have the house to themselves.

These sins will lead you home (15,910)

Harry and Niall are Polo players and Liam is Harry’s new roommate with a boyfriend back in England. Things get messy.

once the show gets started, it’s bound to be a sight to see(26,331)

in which harry flirts a lot liam is a bit of a grumpy idiot.

Fucking Harry Styles(13,419)


Liam is the number 1 porn star on his site until Harry joins the company and steals his spotlight. So when his boss tells him that he has to make a video with Harry to boost ratings, Liam throws a fit. There is no one Liam hates more than Fucking Harry Styles.

Fucking Liam Payne (15,215)

Joining the same exact porn company as Liam and then actually surpassing him in popularity wasn’t exactly Harry’s plan, but it happened.

Fucking Liam twice and then then Liam asking him on a date had happened too.

Collecting Page-Six Lovers (14,949)


After his wife leaves him and their daughter, Liam is perfectly happy living a single life. He moves in with his friends Niall and Zayn, and the three of them raise Ginny together. Everything changes when Ginny wins a radio contest to meet her favorite singer, Harry Styles. It’s all a bit unnerving, but Liam can’t help but tag along for the ride.

i should run you a hot bath (4,406)


Harry pines for Liam.

Irresistible FAV (15,230)

It shouldn’t be this hard to enjoy sex with your girlfriend.


The one where Liam can’t make things work properly with Danielle so Harry offers to help him out and things get a little out of control.

Waist to Floor (4,689)

It’s not like Liam sets out to touch Harry all the time; it’s just his hands sometimes reach out and touch without his permission and Harry is often the one on the receiving end of said touches. That’s how it begins, anyway.

i could pick it up (we could take it slow) (11,404)

*drunk shenanigans are my faves* 

Liam’s a handsy drunk.

My Super Hot Stepdad (3,954)

*don’t even get me started*

Harry want to be fucked by his hot stepdad, Liam…

waiting for a 'no’ that’ll never come through (6,139)

Maybe that’s why Liam’s become mad with the need to fuck - because Harry’s just so easy to please and always eager to please that Liam just - he can’t help himself, can’t stop himself from wanting it always and completely contradictorily, wanting to draw it out.

Wheels Keep Turning (2,056)

Liam so used to being felt up by his bandmates, and so used to keeping a lid on what he feels about them, that he doesn’t realise Harry might be looking for a reaction of a different kind.

Trouble FAV FAV FAV FAV (28,416)


Liam is a young teacher and Harry is his overly charming and obnoxious student that desperately wants to get into his pants.

Caught (7,007)

They could flirt with each other and tease each other in public and no one would have a clue that behind the scenes they were secretly fucking. But trying to hide things from everyone was taking its toll and Liam and Harry had nearly been caught multiple times.

The Long Way Round (18,633)


Liam and Harry aren’t dating, honestly, it’s just that everybody thinks they are. Everybody, that is, except Liam.

Meanwhile, Louis, Zayn and Niall fight over Doritos, Rubik’s cubes and the best way to get Liam and Harry together.

I’m Not Gay(2,298)

Liam has trouble accepting his sexuality. His friends help him understand.

Super Rich Kids (16,103)

The rich are thought to have everything they could ever want or ever need; however, Harry Styles is dissatisfied with his life as a super rich kid unfazed by drugs, alcohol, and sex. Liam isn’t like everyone else, though, and Harry can’t help but to notice it. Their summer spent together completely alters their lives and makes them realize that love will always matter more than the money.

I Want You To Rock Me (5,362)

Harry catches Liam watching porn. And then he does something about it.

Honey, you are the sea upon which I float (13,946)

The one where Harry and Liam travel around Asia, feelings ensue, and things get difficult when they make it back to London.

finders keepers, losers weepers (5,033)

Louis has a drunken revelation about two of his mates that actually turns out to be 100% accurate.

Too shy to ask for it (2,992)

Liam and Harry are very close twin brothers. Everything between them is nothing else but sweet, caring and lots of love.

On Letting Go (9,435)

or, the one where liam helps a friend in need.

Just Hold On, I’ll Carry You (3,756)

Harry’s exhausted from tour. He finds that Liam makes an excellent pillow, but sleeping on Liam leads to feelings. Lots of feelings.

spring green is much too yellow, sea green is far too pale (2,922)

*the cutesttttttttt*

Liam doesn’t really notice the depth of detail Harry’s put into his Barbara costume until Harry drops the suitcase and reaches forward to pick it up. There’s a glint of pink at his fingertips, a little brighter than usual, and Liam is so startled that the “Oh, Barbara” slips out before he can stop himself.

You’re So Fit, Li (3,299)

When Liam comes out of the shower after a concert, Harry can’t really keep his hands to himself.

dolled up in your room (7,972)

*i think this was the first crossdressing fic i read. good times.*

Basically, Harry wears panties and thigh-highs and Liam really, really likes it.

If it wasn’t for you, don’t know what I’d do (6,148)

After finding out that their loved ones have been cheating on them, Harry and Liam find comfort in each other.

Co-dependency, Drugs and Other Things That Don’t Mix FAV (13,145)

*soooo goooood*

Harry’s just a rich kid with drugs, sex and a cunt-like attitude on his mind. He’s got no time for anything other than fucking around, but then there’s Zayn with his fucking desire to fuck everyone and they’re trying to impress the new kid in town. Harry’s got too many issues of his own, why does he even hang out with all these twats?

Oh and of course, Harry’s just fucked up just at the sight of this new kid - goody two shoes and a muscular body. He’s just setting himself up for disaster.

empty sighs and (bottles of) wine (11,646)

Liam’s an author lacking inspiration and Harry is a waiter at the town diner who just so happens to catch Liam’s attention.

In AP English (17,090)

A highschool au in which Harry And Louis are the best of friends (sometimes mistaken for dating each other), Harry’s in love with the star of every sport in the school, Louis may or may not be in love with someone who graduated six years before him, and Niall and Zayn are so in love that they miss a lot of important things because they’re…keeping each other company.

Teenage Dirtbag FAV (7,699)


Liam is forced to become Harry’s History tutor. Harry is the Punk guy that everyone talks about and Liam doesn’t know how he’s going to get through this.

I’ll Show You Who’s God (3,432)

Harry fucks Liam against the wall of a confession booth. In a Church. That belongs to Liam’s dad.

around the world in eighty thousand days  FAV (61,715)

*took me a century to read this but it’s incredible*

Harry sings in a band, travels around the world, gets a lot of new tattoos, and falls in love.

Don’t Push It  FAV FAV FAV FAV (29,914)


Harry hadn’t meant for Liam’s jeans to become so damn tight, and Liam definitely hadn’t meant to suggest that Harry be the one to fix it, but these things had happened. And now the two of them were suddenly facing a tension they’d never even known existed between them and no matter what they thought of they couldn’t find a solution to relieving it. And they were both far too stupid to back out now.

Pool Boy (5,701)


So Harry Styles can’t swim and yet he’s a pool boy. He just cleans them, and has no intention of getting in them, until he meets a certain boy who can’t seem to be found out of the pool. Also, this boy may also be a secret that his best friend has been keeping from him for years.

Why so secretive with your extremely hot brother named Liam, Louis?

World Was On Fire FAV FAV FAV (48,484)


Harry spirals out of control. Liam does his best to hold everything together.

like a consumption that can’t be tamed (2,719)

*i love this so much idek*

liam just really, really likes the way harry eats.

Eau Sauvage (13,234)

or, Liam and Harry are endlessly confused by each other, until they work out a way to be slightly less confused.

nor are mine ears with thy tongue’s tune delighted (24, 655)

louis is the shrew that doesn’t want taming. harry happens to like being adored, thank you. liam is hopelessly lovesick. niall’s the man with the plan. and zayn is in it for the money, until he isn’t. a 10 things i hate about you au.

Tank Tops and Sweater Vests (9,200)

Nerd Harry and Jock Liam in High School. What more needs to be said?

Duck Me(1,142)

*ed is cute in this one*

Liam drunk texts Harry.

in your wildest dreams. (10,156)

*yes yes yes yes*

Liam can’t stop thinking about Harry’s arse.

(Really, that’s essentially the whole story.)

Waiting for Wonderful (30,184)

A sort of summer after high school AU.

Loosely, very very loosely based on, inspired by, and an homage to the 1989 Cameron Crowe film Say Anything.

The working title for this for the longest time was The One Where Liam is a Track Star and Harry is the Weird Kid Who Loves him. Another working title was Lloyd Dobbler is an Arsehole. The two of these combined sum up the plot pretty accurately.

Harry’s Song (10,359)

Liam Payne is a gorgeous hunk of a song-writing beast, and Harry’s noticed.

Malady (12,069)


Harry and Liam play I Spy, kiss a little bit, and get each other sick, all in an effort to figure out where they are.

My Super Hot Stepson (3,779)

*in case you would like to read the sequel…*

Four Years Later..

Harry comes home from a camp and Liam is happy and horny to see him but Liam sees a changed boy. He’ll find out what exactly has changed..

Taking Care (9,257)

When Louis suggests a game of Truth or Dare, Liam fears for his sanity while Harry fears for his heart.

Secrets (3,710)

Louis can tell that Harry’s up to something. Louis makes it his life’s mission to find out what it is.

Rock Me (7,672)

Liam needs looking after. Harry wants to be the one to do it.

Suck Harder Slut (3,341)

*OT4 with Lirry but omfg this is just.*

Zayn, Louis and Liam are the most popular boys in school that Harry has had a crush on for ages. Harry’s a nerd that often goes unnoticed until one day Zayn invites him over to Louis’ house for some fun.

Drive Me Crazy (5,605)

Harry was slowly going mad. That was the only explanation he had. And Liam, poor, sweet, innocent, gullible, heart-on-his-sleeve Liam was the reason for Harry’s madness.

bright light city (gonna set my soul on fire) (14,550)

accidentally married in vegas fic.

Crossed Wires (21,624)

One Direction need a new singer. Harry walks into the band and into Liam’s heart.

Elephant In The Room (3,172)

Louis wants to know why Harry and Liam don’t kiss each other like the rest of the band. What follows is lots of boy kissing to force Harry and Liam together for just one little kiss.

My Favourite Place(4,988)

When Harry is heartbroken, he somehow convinces Liam to pretend to be his boyfriend. Liam reluctantly agrees.

Healing Hands(17,785)

It should be easy because Harry’s had years of practice, but somehow he’s finding it really hard to treat Liam with any distance at all because all he wants to do is bury his hands in Liam’s hair and plant kiss after kiss on his delectable lips.

Harry is a physio, Liam is a patient, Harry has a huge crush and Liam may or may not like boys.


Harry is Liam’s favourite sex slave.

In the Dark (12,101)

The one where Harry has a secret admirer in the band but I can’t make up my mind which one it should be so I’m going to write an ending for each one of them.

Can’t Say No (4,470)

“Because you never say no,” he said slowly, huskily, his voice deepened with sleep. “You’re never too tired or too busy or too stressed. I like that. A lot.”

ninepins when we roared  FAV FAV FAV FAV (22,381)


au. harry puts his life on hold. liam’s there to help him through it. (or the one where harry raises a baby and liam moves in with him.

Replay (12,352)

"Well, I like Zayn’s collection because it’s most like mine,” Liam muses as he grins at Zayn, who grins back at shared memories of blasting Zayn’s music at the top speaker level on late, lazy nights. “But Harry’s is the biggest.”


Breathe (9,298)

Everybody plays that game when they’re a kid. The one where you see how long you can hold your breath before your face turns blue and you can feel all the oxygen leaving your body. Like the weight of the world is holding you down and you’re struggling just to stay afloat.

Like you can’t breathe.

Harry feels like that all the time.

all we seem to do is talk about sex (3,848)

*oh look Harry wearing panties some more*

Harry wears panties for Liam and sex ensues. (That’s literally it.)

Boyfriends (19,003)

Harry decides that he wants a boyfriend. Liam’s there for him, until Harry realises he maybe doesn’t need to look very far at all.

Figured It Out (5,745)

Harry’s sad. Liam goes into protective mode and throws a punch. Damage limitation ensues.

Cats and Kitchen Scraps  FAV (25,981)


Liam somehow ends up agreeing to letting Harry move in with him even though they’ve never even had a full conversation before, and Harry ends up forcing Liam into letting him adopt a cat that makes it it’s mission in life to get Harry and Liam together.

The Hangover (7,716)

Niall throws open the door and glares at them. "What the fuck did you do to me last night?”

“I guess that means you don’t remember anything either,” Liam says in frustration. “Here.” He shoves the rest of his painkillers into Niall’s hand and tugs Harry inside.

Zayn’s sprawled on the bed, one eye open, watching Harry and Liam warily.

“I think I might be dead,” he mumbles against the pillow. “Why are you in a pink robe?”

The Only One (10,223)

Liam’s homesick and lonely and Harry wants to make him feel better.

You’re my first, my everything (12,449)

Liam is a cool dad. Harry is his cool child. Liam buys them an Ipad. Things go downhil from there.

Keep You As My Own (2,296)

*this is a bit messed up but like, i read it again a couple times dont judge*

Harry works at Liam’s daycare, and one day decides to keep Liam as his own.

Truly, Madly, Deeply (21,570)

Harry’s a famous popstar. Liam’s a mostly-broke teacher. Liam’s pretty much perfect. Harry pines.

Pirates and Firemen (5,739)

*wonderfully wonderful*

"Our costumes for Niall’s mates cousins Halloween party have to stay a secret from each other,” Louis says, reaching over to sneak his hand into Harry’s bag and triumphantly extracting a packet of crisps and ripping them open over Harry’s empty protests. “All agreed?”

Niall nods, Harry shrugs and Liam just looks worried.

My Little Butterfly(3,504)

Harry is autistic and Liam is his step-brother. Harry seems to have an obsession with butterflies.

As Usual Styles Gets His Way(1,908)

A movie night in leads to Harry and Liam getting a little heated on stage, who knew a movie could get both boys so worked up. Harry, that’s who, because according to him “Styles always gets his way.”

We Can Be Anything (15,475)

"It used to be Niall, he thinks as he lets the water sluice down his body, hopes it’ll wash away some of his resentment. It used to be Niall who they all felt protective over. When did that change for him? When did it become Liam?”

Shiver (14,633)

*how can you not want to read about liam being a stripper*

Liam is a stripper. Harry owns a strip club. Louis is the star attraction. Zayn tends bar. Niall’s everyone’s friend.

Jealousy Doesn’t Look Good On You (13,402)

Or where Liam pretends to be Harry’s boyfriend to make Louis jealous.

does it make you feel alive? (5,062)

they get mobbed at lax. harry tries to comfort liam. things gets in the way.

Chasing The Clouds  FAV FAV (15,538)

*growing up fics are so important. this is beautiful*

“I don’t want to grow up,” Harry confides to Liam as they turn the corner and pause as they look at the menacingly large gates to their new school.

“Everyone has to grow up, Harry,” Liam says wisely. He squeezes Harry’s hand tighter before shifting his satchel more comfortably over his shoulder. “But we’ll do it together, yeah?”

Choices (5,290)

Perhaps that’s when he realises something might be wrong. That maybe he’s not okay after all.

Not-So-Secret Santa (3,611)

Liam pulls Harry’s name for Secret Santa, and he’s going to need some Christmas magic and a declaration of love to rival Love, Actually.

Half A Heart  FAV (36,019)

*i cried. ugh so so good*

"This is where it all begins, Liam,” Harry says as he wraps his arms around Liam’s neck and nuzzles into him. “This is where they’ll say it all began. Where the biggest boyband in the world was created. This moment will be in all the history books and this hotel will have a plaque outside with our names on it and a date and people will come here on tours to look at where One Direction all began.”

baby, it’s cold outside (22,035)


Or the one where Harry and Liam spend Christmas together.

I Wanna Kiss You (6,534)

Total crack!fic. Liam can’t keep his hands, or his lips, off Harry. At all.

broke some rocks right through your window  FAV FAV (57,473)


Reception teacher Liam might be able to handle a classroom full of children with no sweat— but when it comes to letting himself fall in love, he finds he still has loads left to learn.

This Tune Makes Me Think of You, Somehow (18,062)

Harry doesn’t want to be at uni, or join some stupid a cappella group, or fall for The Boy With the Arms, but things don’t exactly go according to plan. But if he can win a championship and Liam’s heart along the way…well, it’ll be aca-awesome.

How I Pictured It (33,775)

Harry falls in love twice a week. But when he falls for Liam, there’s something about him that has Harry completely smitten. Side Zayn/Louis.

I’ve Fallen For Your Eyes, But They Don’t Know Me Yet (22,171)

Harry can’t stop adopting puppies because he wants to keep flirting with Liam, the hunky veterinarian.

Things I Can’t (4,561)

Harry’s jealous.

now i’m all exposed (5,911)

Harry and Louis are not at all amused when Liam and Nick become best mates.

standing in the way of control (49,618)

Liam’s flushed bright red from embarrassment and part of him wishes he could take the words back, just rewind for a few seconds and stop the words leaving his lips. But a bigger part of him, that part of him that hides deep inside where no one can see it, no one but him, that part of him needs this and if there’s a chance that Harry will say yes, if there’s the remotest possibility that Harry might be willing to do this, then it’s worth the shame and mortification.

the curse of curves (but not really) (2,308)

Harry goes to Liam’s to study, they watch a scary movie, and cute things happen.

(everywhere you look) there’s a face of somebody who needs you (27,309)

After it happens Harry disappears for nearly three months. He comes home to a worried family, an angry Liam, and Niall asking for a favor. He postpones his album and moves into Liam’s house with Niall to help raise his two kids. He expects for things to be hard and for his feelings to be a bit all over the place, all things considered, but he never expects to fall in love – especially not with Liam.

or a very loosely based full house au.

think about all the places we could go (28,521)

*OT5 but Lirry*

In which Louis thinks it’s funny to stamp the boys with Liam’s name, Niall likes having Liam’s name on his forehead, Harry’s jealous, Zayn just wants to spend time with Liam and Liam’s overwhelmed, really.

Baby Boy (10,951)

Liam Payne and Harry Styles are two university students, they’re roommates and they’re dating. Everything’s fine between them, or at least until one of them shows an interest in something so far fetched they push the other away. When the secret surfaces, will they come to an understanding and work through it or will it tear the supposed happy couple, apart?

Little things I should have said or done (I just never took the time) (8,840)

Harry and Liam are best friends who can never agree on what radio station to listen to. Also, Harry might be a little scared of the word boyfriend.

all i see is you (3,300)

Or Liam and Harry go on their third date to Machu Picchu and this fic happened.

written in my memory (21,646)

Or the one where Liam has amnesia and he struggles to connect with the boys

didn’t mean to turn you on (3,916)

It’s not as if Liam doesn’t find people attractive – he does. He can look at someone and admire the cut of their jaw, the softness of their eyes or the set of their mouth and know that they are good looking. Sometimes he looks at someone and his heart twists uncomfortably and he’ll get an overwhelming need to know them – to be involved in that person’s life – but he’s never really experienced any form of arousal and definitely never felt any desire to touch and be touched by someone in return. At least not until he went to bootcamp for the second time.

it’s easy to be loved (14,184)

Or Liam wakes up as a girl and Harry realises some things.