and he has a cute little mole in the same place i do

I’d Be Lying: Thomas x Reader (Part 1)

 Pairing: Thomas x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, smutty smut smut, and fluff 

Word count: 11,219 (idek what happened)

A/N: I originally planned this to be more tragic, but my heart is too fragile for that. I’m also going by scenes from the movie that I obviously had to change up a bit. This is what our dear reader is wearing (just cause I like it and it makes her look bad ass). Forgive me if i have any grammar and/or spelling mistakes as it is midnight and I am very tired. So enjoy and be prepared for part 2!


Being the only girl in the maze did have it’s cons. Like being babied by the boys, them being timid around her whenever they start “rough housing”. 

“Be careful, or you might hit Y/N!” 

“Alby will kill us if anything happens to her!” 

“Oh no, Y/N are you okay?” 

She knew they meant well. But she wanted to have fun just as much as they did. At some point she had to sit them all down and explain to them. She was not a dame. And she proved it. She wanted to be a runner, and she was good at it too. But for Alby’s sake, she stuck with Newt and Chuck at the crops. 

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just neighbor things

summary: your new apartment life starts out rather bad, but luckily, your odd friendship with your new neighbor helps keep both yours and his life just a little bit more manageable.
member: seongwoo
genre: fluff?? neighbor!au??? 
a/n: i literally have no idea what im doing i’m so sorry 
insp. by these au prompts!!

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  • congrats
  • You just got kicked out of your parents’ house
  • And now you’re trying to haul 50 pounds of stuff into your new and kind of shitty apartment
  • But as a 3rd year college student with a questionable major 
  • Who has no idea what the fuck they’re doing
  • This was a pretty good start for you
  • The rent for the apartment was pretty cheap considering it was small
  • But anything you could afford with your half assed part time job at the local supermarket was good enough for you
  • You finally lugged the last of your boxes into your apartment, letting out a heavy breath
  • Instead of throwing yourself on the floor and rewarding yourself with a nap
  • You figured you should be a good new neigbor in the apartment complex
  • So you showered and freshened up, making yourself look less sleep-deprived and somewhat presentable
  • You rushed out your door and knocked on the door of the apartment to the left of yours
  • You were hopeful to make some new friends in the complex and get along with your neighbors
  • Since you’d be living here for a while
  • However, your hopes went down the drain when you heard the sound multiple cats screeching behind the door
  • And angry footsteps moving forward and swinging the door open
  • Which probably would’ve hit you in the face if you didn’t step back
  • You were faced with an elderly woman, holding a chubby cat in her arms that looked as pissed as she was
  • Still, you decided to be confident and move on, greeting her with, “hi! my name’s Y/N! i just moved–”
  • Before you could even finish your introduction she glared at you with her angry old woman eyes and cut you off
  • “new neighbor? ANOTHER kid?”
  • You were unable to even respond to her as she kept annoyedly complaning about something like “noisy kids” and “don’t know what they’re doing” and “no decency”
  • The second she finished her thoughts, she shut the door 
  • Without even greeting you, leaving you alone in the hallway
  • “nice to meet you too i guess” you mumbled
  • Okay, so not a great start
  • But hey you still had your other neighbor to greet who hopefully wasn’t an ass
  • With new high hopes, you knocked on the door a couple times, waited for a minute or two
  • But there was no response
  • You decided to knock a few more times aaaaaand still no response
  • Giving up, you figured that your neighbor was either dead, asleep, or out of the house
  • You really hoped it wasn’t the first one
  • As you were about to turn and head back to your apartment
  • A voice a couple feet down the hall called out to you
  • “hey, what’re you in front of my apartment for?” they said, sounding slightly annoyed
  • You stiffly turned around, not wanting to make yet another bad first impression
  • You were expecting another angry person to be yelling at you
  • Boy oh boy you were SO wrong
  • The second you turned around and faced the person, you swear your heart probably stopped
  • Oh my god he’s hot
  • You were faced with a tall guy, subtle dark circles underneath his eyes and a family size bag of hot cheetos in his arms like it was his firstborn son
  • But oh man did he rock that sleep deprived look 
  • He was probably around the same age as you, college student you assumed
  • You struggled to get your words out, only managing to sputter, “uhh i’m y/n! i’m your new neighbor?”
  • He raised an eyebrow, looking at you up and down and completely iGNORED YOU
  • Before unlocking his apartment door and disappearing inside without saying another word to you
  • Good job, y/n, first day in and you’ve pissed off both neighbors
  • He might’ve been cute 
  • But that didn’t mean anything if he was as much of an asshole as the elderly cat woman next door
  • You sighed and decided to wave the white flag for the day, retreating back into your apartment to rest
  • Your place wasn’t exactly super well furnished
  • So at most right now, you had a crappy mattress, some blankets, and your best friend, the coffee maker
  • But you just had to deal with it until you unpacked everything else so you crashed on your mattress
  • And scrolled through your social media until you knocked out
  • As if your first day/night in your new place couldn’t get worse
  • You heard some loud and rapid knocking at your door, waking you up from your sleep
  • It was dark inside your apartment and outside the window too
  • So you pulled out your phone to see what time it was, squinting at your bright screen in the dark
  • 3:17AM
  • Literally who the fuck was bothering you at 3am
  • You groaned and threw your blankets off the mattress and got up to head towards the incessant knocking
  • When you finally got to the door, you threw it open to see the dumbass trying to bother you
  • “i’m tired what do you wan–” you grumbled, unable to finish your sentence when you saw once again
  • Your undeniably good looking neighbor from earlier who didn’t look too sober at the moment
  • He looked pretty disheveled at the moment, but still damn
  • His brown hair looked slightly messy and he wore a plain t shirt over black jeans, and the three cute little moles on his cheek caught your attention
  • Before you could even ask if he was okay because he clearly did not look like it
  • He immediately fell against the doorframe, leaning and holding onto it as to not fall over
  • And he began rambling endlessly without even giving you a second to comprehend what he was trying to say
  • “hi i know it’s like 3am i’m so soryr but i’m just really tired and really drunk right now and i dont’ know WHERE my keys are and the old lady next door scares me with her gardening shears so please hav mercy on me and let me crash for the night plus you’re pretty and i know we just met but i think i like you so hi hey how’s it going”
  • And with that, he fell asleep against the doorframe
  • what the fuck
  • One part of you just wanted to leave him there and go back to sleep
  • But then another part of you didn’t want to be sued for abandoning a helplessly sleep deprived guy
  • So you tugged him forward so that his body fell over your shoulders and you dragged his RIDICULOUSLY HEAVY BODY into your apartment
  • jesus christ i just wanted to sleep
  • You didn’t have any couch or chair to lie him down in
  • Nor did you have the strength or patience to lug him all the way to your mattress
  • So you decided just to leave him on the floor by the kitchen and threw a blanket over him
  • You mentally pat yourself on the back for being a good citizen of the world and crawled back into bed
  • Right as you were about to fall asleep again, loud snoring began to echo through the apartment
  • You sighed in regret, contemplating if bringing him in was even a good idea
  • But you just ignored it and pulled your pillow over your ears and finally got to sleep
  • The next morning, you tiptoed into the kitchen pouring out some cereal into two bowls and making yourself a mug of black coffee
  • As you waited for the water to boil, you walked over to the sleeping body in your living room
  • You squatted down in front of him and nudged his shoulders lightly
  • He didn’t budge at all so you started nudging him harder, basically almost shaking his shoulders till he started moving
  • His eyes finally cracked open and he began stretching his arms a bit before sitting up and rubbing his eyes
  • He looked around your apartment which was stilled filled with boxes and tons of junk lying around
  • Poor guy looked so confused until he saw you sitting in front of him
  • “well this doesn’t look like my apartment”
  • “no shit it isn’t” you replied
  • “i think you’ve got things backwards, first you wake me up at 3am drunk as hell, crash in my living room, eat my cereal, and i don’t even know your name yet” you said
  • He struggled to stifle a laugh as you got up to hand him a good ol bowl of Fruit loops and a fork
  • He accepted the bowl but held up the fork with an eyebrow raised at you
  • “look i just moved in and i can’t find my spoons so you’re just gonna have to eat with a fork” you shrugged, shoving fruit loops down your throat
  • “funny because my apartment has all spoons but i can’t find my forks,” he laughed, “the name’s seongwoo, ong seongwoo, but you can just call me ong”
  • You smiled at his humorous personality– he was definitely growing on you
  • “y/n, but maybe you would’ve know that already if you didn’t oh so gracefull ignore me yesterday,” you chuckled
  • “Yeah, sorry about that, running on 2 hours of sleep and hot cheetos can make a guy moody sometimes” he responded
  • And so began your long morning of eating cereal and talking with your new neighbor, seongwoo
  • You learned that he was a year older than you and went to college about 15 minutes away from yours
  • He used to live on the on-campus dorms but got evicted by his roommates after his 2nd year for being too noisy
  • And apparently the person that used to live your apartment before you came was some middle-aged man that would steal his coupons from the mailbox
  • So he was relieved that that DEMON was finally gone
  • His other neighbor was yet another old lady who was overly obsessed with her plants and would try to cut him with her shears if he got too close
  • The two of you bonded over complaining about old cat lady and old plant lady, laughing over your encounters with them
  • After demolishing your box of fruit loops and talking all morning, you asked, “hey since i basically housed and fed you for the last 8 hours, can you like please help me unpack”
  • He happily agreed and you both spent the rest of that afternoon unpacking the boxes and uncluttering the apartment
  • While you would unload the rest of the plates and bowls into your lower cabinets
  • seongwoo would be putting away the cups and mugs onto the higher shelves that you couldn’t reach
  • Finally you had some chairs and other furniture to fill the space so that you weren’t eating on the floor or with forks all the time
  • You finished unpacking nearly all of the boxes, leaving some in the closet for another day to handle
  • After you guys finished, you exchanged numbers in case you guys needed something in the future
  • “if you need anything or need to drunk crash at my place whenever you lose your keys, just knock really loudly,” he laughed, heading out the door and back into his own apartment
  • Turned out his keys were under the mat the entire time
  • After that incident, you guys just started depending on each other for a lot of things
  • Because you guys were basically each other’s only friend in a building of angry elderly women
  • If you ever needed something from a tall shelf and couldn’t get it, you’d just knock violently on the wall for seongwoo to hear on the other side
  • If the landlord was inspecting rooms to make sure they weren’t being trashed
  • You’d help seongwoo hide all of his junk in the closet to make his apartment at least look clean
  • So that he wouldn’t get evicted from ANOTHER place
  • Whenever you’d forget to bring one of your textbooks to class, seongwoo had your spare key and was only one text away
  • Would drive all the way to your school just to drop it off so you didn’t fail chemistry
  • And of course there were nights where you’d both go out to drink together just for fun and it didn’t matter whose apartment you both crashed in
  • As long as you could at least get in to one of them
  • Yeah both of you tend to forget your keys a lot LOL
  • Studying for your midterms and having a mental breakdown?
  • No prob, seongwoo’s got you
  • He’d come over with a bag of hot cheetos, a 6-pack of dr. pepper, and popsicle he bought from some ghetto vendor down the street
  • “i heard you slamming your head against your textbook from across the wall so i thought i’d come help”
  • Whenever he was sick of his job at his college’s campus cafe and wanted to go home, you’d call his phone and act like you were his dying relative
  • So his boss would let him go home early
  • Every friday you guys have a ritual where you alternate between crashing at each other’s place and watching a movie until you both fall asleep
  • To cool off from the stress of being poor, tired students
  • But sometimes you guys argue over what movies you want to watch
  • Or what you guys eat as a snack
  • “bitch you picked the movie last week now give me the remote before i feed your house keys to the neighbor’s cat”
  • Like you could knock on his door at 2AM just to rant
  • And he would let you in and feed you stale poptarts until you calmed down
  • Or you guys will do face masks together and do some EXTREME pore cleansing while watching reality tv shows
  • The only thing you guys can’t depend on each other for though is food
  • One time you barged into seongwoo’s place and begged, “i’m out of food please help i really can’t adult today”
  • And he’d laugh at you and say, “you know the funny thing about this is that you ACTUALLY think i can cook,” as he pulls out ramen cups out of his cupboard
  • and oh boy y’all are just really cute n friendly neighbors that help each other out 
Sunrise-(Stuart Twombly)

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

Characters: OC, Billy, Neha, Nick, Yo-Yo, Lyle, Graham, Stuart and (Y/N).

Warnings: none

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Word Count: 3718

Summary: just a mini fic about the movie The Internship I wrote for fun :)(some of you guys also requested it, so here it is, Teen Wolf imagine should be up tomorrow) Guys wooo this is finally up, I didn’t know if I should post it since I’m writing a Stuart fanfic on Wattpad anyway, but here it is :)

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Mix-Up pt. 1

<- Prologue | Part 2 ->

Short: After joining the sorority on your new university you accidentally get roomed with a notorious frat boy called Jongdae.
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut
Words: 4468
Notes for Update: 25
Warnings: ppl being mean, frat boys being frat boys, really nothing. 
A/n: The first part of my new series, i’m excited and had fun writing this actually. It’s based on a dream i had once. Thank you to @sechens for inspiring me to write this series.

Your pov

You wrapped your hair up in a towel on top of your head, drying off your skin and rubbing some cream onto your face. The tiny bathroom was fogged up from your warm shower, but you felt properly refreshed now. After that bullshit of a hazing you needed it. You had to be at class in 3 hours, so you had enough time to rest and read a bit before going.

When you exited the shower you bumped into something, staggering back and holding onto your towel for dear life.

“Excuse me?” an unfamiliar, male, voice sounded.

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Needy Fionn

Okay so this is super fluffy almost to the point of cringy haha I apologize! If anyone has requests or want to talk about Fionn just message me! Enjoy:)


“Fionn I’m busy!” You say giggling but still not looking at your boyfriend Fionn. For the past 15 or so minutes he had been trying to get you to stop the work you were doing and pay attention to him. Of course you loved giving Fionn attention, but you’d given him attention sense 9 this morning and these emails won’t write themselves.

He lets out a frustrated sigh but returned his head back to your shoulder. You pat his thigh a couple of times and return to your laptop.

Finally when you were done and had finished sending the last email, you shut your laptop and placed it on the coffee table in front of you. Fionn quickly removed his eyes from the game on TV and turns his head toward you.

“Are ye’ finally done?” He questions placing a quick kiss to your temple.

“Yeah jus’ had to get some emails sent, now I’m all yours bub.” You say bopping him on the nose with your finger.

A smirk forms on Fionns face. Before you know it he has you pulled onto his lap to where your straddling him. You wrap your hands around his neck and his arms wrap around you pulling you impossibly closer.

Fionn really does have a perfect face. I know people say nothing is perfect but to you Fionn is or whatever is closest to perfect. He has so many qualities that make him incredibly sexy AND cute at the same time. First your eyes wander to the cute little mole he has on his chin. With out thinking you kiss it. Fionn’s lips pull up into a small smile. But now your looking at his incredibly cute freckle so you HAVE to kiss them. First start with a few quick kisses on his nose, but pretty soon his whole face just seems very kissable so you start planting kisses every where. His cheek, his jaw, his forehead. Fionn was a giggling mess.

“Quit tha’!” He says laughing turning his head from side to side. But his hands don’t move from their spot on your hips so you know he secretly loves it. When Fionn’s really in the mood, he can be the most affectionate person on the planet.

You only slow down your kisses when he puffs out his lips and makes kissing noises, which makes you laugh. Quickly you grab his face and plant a kiss right on his lips. But Fionn had other plans.

Within a matter of seconds he had flipped you over to where your back was on the couch and he was hovering over you. You both quit laughing.

With out question Fionn brought his mouth down to your jaw and lightly nibbled at the skin.

“What’re you doin’?” You ask cocking your eyebrow at him.

“My girl needs some lovin’ too.”

803: The Mole People

I hate this movie all out of proportion for how bad it is.  I mean, yeah, it sucks, but looking at it as objectively as possible, I’m not sure it merits the volcanic rage it inspires.  Maybe I just really, really despise John Agar.  Or maybe it’s the racism, or how it fails to tell us anything about the title creatures, or the shitty ending in which ‘happily ever after’ is snatched away at the last moment from the character who most deserved it.

Okay, maybe The Mole People really is totally loathsome.  Let’s examine this.

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frostedfleur  asked:

Stydia + art school AU?

This is going to be an all arts school, not just only visual art.

  • Lydia is an art major and Stiles is a music major. He has a band formed by Stiles (drummer), Kira (lead singer), Scott (guitar), Isaac (bass/ sometimes guitar) and Danny (key board and bass player as well). Lydia, Malia and Allison are an art, dance and photography major, respectively.
  • They meet because Malia is dating the lead singer of Wolf Pack, Kira, a smol cute who is so different from Malia so the girls are dying to meet her. Malia takes them to a gig the band is having to see Kira.
  • They are only able to meet her after the show, so the girls get a good spot in to watch them, and they’re drinking and dancing and having a good time and the cute drummer and Lydia are totally eye-fucking. So hard. Getting to a point where she’s drinking her fruity drink and sucking the straw that actually makes Stiles miss a beat or five.
  • After the show, Malia takes them backstage to meet her girlfriend. They all love her and she’s so smol, Lydia and Allison can’t get enough of her. And then she introduces them to the band and the drummer (oh, the drummer) is there. He chokes on his beer when he sees her (and Isaac obviously is like “Wow, calm down Stiles, they won’t bite you) and Lydia answers “Only if he wants to” and like, Stiles basically dies
  • The bad and the girls hang out the rest of the night (Malira making out 80% of the time, Allison and Scott talking and playing darts and Lydia, Stiles, Isaac and Danny are in a very heated pool game)
  • Lydia is destroying all of them. Danny is not surprised at all, Isaac is regretting for betting so much money and Stiles loves it because he knows he sucks on the game but it’s so hot
  • When she finishes them (taking a lot of money with her), she and Stiles start to talk and get along so well, even though they’re drunk af and prob won’t remember the next day
  • It takes them a few weeks to get back in touch. Lydia and Stiles hadn’t had a chance to talk more because of classes and life, but things change when Lydia needs a model for her next project. The problem is that it’s a naked project and most people she asked said no
    • obviously i was going to the ‘naked pose au’ bc how couldn’t I?
  • But Kira, who’s in their place a lot, tells that Stiles would prob do it bc he needs the cash since his job pays poorly. Lydia gives him a call and he agrees, setting up to meet her that weekend.
  • For some reason he thinks the naked thing is a joke????? so when he meets her to help her do the project and she asks to take off his clothes, his mind goes in a total different direction???????
  • “Don’t you think we should go a little slower?” he asks, but Lydia shrugs and says “Hm… No, I have something tonight, so this needs to be quick”
  • I mean… Stiles is just… so clueless.
  • He takes his clothes off and looks at her, waiting for her to do the same, but she doesn’t. She just… looks at him. He feels a little weird about it because he thinks none of his hook ups ever examined him like that. After a while (Lydia surely took her time looking at the end of his happy trail) she nods and Stiles just.. walks towards her and tries to kiss her.
  • “What the hell do you think you’re doing??????????”
    “Um… kissing you?”
    “…. I don’t know, isn’t what people do before having sex?”
  • Lydia blinks twice just looking at him. He’s so confused. Then she says “… We’re not having sex. I’m here to pain you. Naked.”
  • STILES IS SO EMBARRASSED. He doesn’t know what the fuck to do. He wishes that Scott is there to rescue him. Or that the earth could pull him into it’s center and let him die of embarrassment. And Lydia sees how he wants to die but she sighs and look at his face “Look, do you want to do this? Because I really need that grade and you’re getting paid, so..”
  • And Stiles is mortified, but he does need the money so he lets her paint him but refuses to look at her for his life. Not that she minds, because she’s also not looking at his face at all. And for some time they think it’s fine like that, but the atmosphere is so tense, so awkward and Stiles hates it so much. So he opens his mouth.
    • Like, comic relief is really his thing.
  • “Are you painting me like one of your French girls?”
    • i swear if you do not get this reference, unfollow me, please
  • Lydia stops. She looks at him. He’s with his brows raised, looking at her waiting for her response. And she notices he’s trying to make the mood lighter, so she cracks a smile, making him relax.
  • They spend the rest of the afternoon chatting and flirting when she finishes, he gets dressed and checks out her work. It’s amazing. She draw him perfectly, every single part of his body looks authentic, she even got his moles in his face and the res of the body. It’s kinda weird seeing him exposed like that but she did an amazing job.
  • “I’m sorry I assumed we’d have sex… I just… I thought that there was something going on when we met at the club, so…”
    “Oh, there was.”
    “Oh… oh” He truly doesn’t know what to say or do, so Lydia smiles at him.
    “But like I said, I have something tonight, so feel free to call me any time soon.”
  • Do I need to say that they end up fucking? Because I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.
sick best friend!dk

(i’m so excited for this bakfh you don’t even know)

• xixosudidi best friend dk is legit an angel i can’t put it any other way

• so like one day you’re in your apartment and you’re just minding your own business cutting up a watermelon

• ,,,and you hear screaming???

• and you’re like O.o

• and your brain just scrambles like “waT DO”

• so you keep listening bc you don’t know where it’s coming from and it’s obviously nowhere in your apartment so you venture outside

• and when you open the door it hits something??

• and the screaming stops lol

• and you look down and there’s this boy there and you’re like what the

• and then this other dude comes up and is like,,,

• “thanks for hitting him with that door he would nOT shut up”

• and you’re like you’re welcome?? but your friend is knocked out on the floor??

• and he’s just like “eh he’ll be fine. mY NAME IS DOKYEOM WHERE ARE YOU FROM”

• and you help him bring his roommate friend, whose name is soonyoung you find out,, inside his apartment to his couch

• and then you stay for dinner and make sure soonyoung is okay and then you leave

• and then like 10 minutes after you get back in your apartment you get a knock at your door,,,

• and you open it and dk is just standing there

• and he doesn’t say anything for like 10 minutes and you’re like i stg dk what do you want

• and he just smiles and sweetly says “can you plEASE hit soonyoung with this door again,,, he woke up and now he won’t quit complaining,,, pretty pleaseeeee”

• and you just smile

• and slowly you become best friends :)))

• you’re either always at his apartment or he’s always at yours

• so it’s like 8pm

• and you haven’t talked to dk like all day

• but you’re at the point in your friendship where you don’t even have to talk to each other you just sorta have peace in knowing that they’re still nearby

• but you get a knock at your door and you’re like yay dk probably wants to watch a movie or something

• but you open it and it’s soonyoung,,,,

• and you’re just like it’s a sad sad day

• what do you want soonyoung


• and you’re like i really wanna hit you with this door,,,,

• but you go over anyways and as soon as you get in the door you see a sleepy dk covered in used tissues on the couch and you hear soonyoung do this uGLy evil laugh while running out the door

• and you just go yell out from the doorframe at him


• *his car skurts away lol*

• you mutter to yourself as you walk back in and close the door

• you look back over to the couch and dk has his eyes lazily open and a small sad smile on his lips and it kinda hits you,,,

• like omg poor baby let me take care of you

• so you like walk over a little quicker than your normal pace and you’re like

• so this is why you didn’t talk to me today hah

• and he just smiles and then he starts talking and he sounds uGLY like his voice is so nasally

• and you just smile and listen as he explains his,, condition

• then you go straight into caretaker mode

• you start gathering all his tissues and taking them to the trash

• and you’re like “first of all you’re drowning in your own snot rags dokyeom you-”

• and you’re about to joke around with him like “your legs work they aren’t sick”

• but then he starts like coughing and he sounds so miserable and you’re like lowkey misty eyed and you’re not sure why

• like he’s just so vulnerable right now??

• and you’ve never seen him like that so you’re kinda shook

• and your heart flutters a bit

• you feel your face heat up as you wash the snot off your hands at the kitchen sink


• so you spend a little second at the sink like collecting yourself before you walk back in to the living room

• and you see dokyeom like reaching towards the tv remote that’s on the coffee table and it’s just out of reach

• but he won’t move to get it so he’s just sorta like trying to be elasti-girl and stretch his arm out to reach it

• even though he knows it’s not possible

• so he just sighs and sits back

• and you just quietly walk up and grab the remote and sit down next to him

• “what do you want to watch ?”

• “idk just whatever you want to watch, i caNNOT watch project runway right now bc meredith just got eliminated and i do NOT want to be angry aND sick”

• you just giggle bc even tho he’s all raspy and nasally and slurring his words,, he’s still same ol’ best friend dk

• best friend.

• you lowkey didn’t like the sound of that

• so you subconsciously pout

• and he looks at you all innocently like hey why the long face

• and you just brush it off and turn on like modern family or something

• you just sit there sorta quiet and watch the show and it’s kinda weird bc it’s never this quiet with you two

• and you look over at dk and he’s just occasionally softly smiling when something funny happens

• you find yourself admiring his features,, his cute little moles,, his red nose from blowing it so much,, the cute little crinkles by his eyes,, his messy hair

• gOSH

• he looks so perfect

• you never thought about him this way before

• like he’s so beautiful and shifusix??

• he just looks so open and carefree in his cute little orange blanke-

• your thoughts were cut off by a loud obnoxious

• sneeze

• but it wasn’t from dk tho?

• it came out of your body

• and he just looks at you like :o

• and chuckles a little heartfelt laugh

• and you somehow feel self conscious all of a sudden so you blush and look away, not even a sliver of a smile on your face

• then you’re like why aRE YOU LIKE THIS Y/N LIKE FR

• and dk does NOT like it

• he’s like “okay what’s up?,, you’re never like this around me y/n i may be sick but there’s nothing different right now”

• and on the inside you’re like yES RHERE IS IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND

• but you tell him it’s nothing and he doesn’t like to push you beyond your boundaries,,

• (yet another thing that you realize is so special about him),,

• and he doesn’t pressure you to tell him

• instead he jokes about your sneeze and that you’re already getting sick so you might as well come cuddle with him instead of being so distant

• and -reluctantly- you go and snuggle up to him

• and you can’t lie it always feels good when you cuddle dokyeom

• but now it felt.. different?

• everything felt different.

• and you’re just like dang how did i not notice this before

• you look up for a second to sneak a glance at his lovely features again

• but instead you see dk looking straight at you

• “you’re very cute when you blush, y/n”


• you look away

• and he just puts a finger under your chin

• and pulls your head back to face him before looking straight into your eyes

• and then his lips are on yours

• and it just feels so right

• the kiss was short, sweet, and slow

• and it felt like it lasted 8 lifetimes

• but you wish it would have been 80 mILLION LIFETIMES

• and you’re so shook

• and he starts to give you this long confession about how he’s been like fanboying over you since the day you met

• and you’re just like in shock bc haidhsidh omg

• he finishes talking and he just does this really adorable cheesy smile

• and you bust a nut


• (no i’m lowkey not)

• you bust out laughing and he just smiles and you’re like

• i didn’t realize it til today but i am legit head over heels in love with you

• and he just kisses you real quick and then places another kiss on your temple and then you snuggle up to him

• and then he sneezes in your hair

• but it’s cute

• you pass him a tissue

• then you hear him gently snoring

• not the type of snoring that makes you think there’s an elephant in the house

• but the cute kind ya know

• like when you can hear his slow heavy breathing but it hardly makes any noise it’s just calming white sound

• and somehow even though he’s asleep, his hand is still rubbing circles on your arm

• and you just smile as you feel yourself drifting off

• and right before you’re about to fall asleep

• you hear the door open

• “DOKYEOMIE hONEY I’M HOM-what the funk yo?”

• and you’re just like soonyoung shhh our baby is sleeping i’ll tell you all about it in the morning

• and he’s like ahhh~ crazy kids~


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Teach Me (Part 6/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1,960

A/N I gotta say, this one is by far my fave of this series, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!



You woke up to an empty bed, the only indicator that Bucky had slept here last night was the crinkled sheets on his side. You felt a weight of disappointment sink into your chest that he hadn’t stayed until  the morning. You shook it off and went to brush your teeth and take a quick shower before grabbing your sketchbook and a few pencils before heading down to the kitchen.

When you  neared it you could hear Steve and Bucky talking.

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anonymous asked:

After searching for ages I finally got a job! It's not huge but it's something to get me started again. Rebooting my life. Point is, I work at a library now and I wanted to know if you had some librarian Sterek? I'll even take hanging out at a library Sterek! Thank you and have a nice day!


Anonymous said:Could you do a sterek library sex rec?

Congratulations! I have always wanted to be a librarian. I guess I’ll console myself with being a curator of fics instead of books. And for the second ask, some of these contain sex and some don’t.  And our librarian!Stiles tag.- Anastasia

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checking him out by Marishna

(1/1 I 1,063 I Teen)

He was back.

Tall, dark, and broody was back on his floor for the third Friday night in a row… with a partner. Of course TDB would have a gorgeous, blonde girlfriend.

he Derek Hale Munch for BDSM Beginners (Friday Night in the Salinger Library, Room 4) by house_of_lantis

(1/1 I 3,884 I Mature)

Everyone told him that college was a time for experimentation and personal growth, the first step towards adulthood and the real world. Stiles Stilinski is a freshman and he leaps into the fire with both feet, drawn in by the sexy and mysterious Derek Hale, who also happens to be the toppiest Dom and also the president of the university’s BDSM club. What began as a healthy curiosity for the kinky and the perverted turns into a journey of self-discovery as Stiles learns about and accepts his kinks and who he wants to teach him to truly submit.

Maybe this time with clothes? by fairyfey

(1/1 I 1,840 I General)

“But” Scott pointed out “You had time to get dressed. Did you not think you were going to die?”

Stiles waved his hands about, as much as he could whilst holding a takeout box and chopsticks and rolled his eyes.

“Does it matter? The building wasn’t really on fire and I got a hot guys number!”

“Yeah, a hot guy who wears pink underwear” Scott grumbled.

Stiles sighed.

“Scott, your boxers have cartoon puppies on them, are you really one to judge?”

Scott, looking defeated, asked when Stiles was going to call Derek.

Talk Nerdy To Me by stileskolpath

(1/1 I 1,922 I Teen)

Stiles’ textbooks have been going missing…

… And are coming back with highlights and notes and shit.

He suspects a werewolf is to blame.

Derek and the Librarian by tabbytabbytabby

(1/1 I 1,855 I General)

Derek never goes to the library, instead preferring to buy his books. However, when he can’t find the next book in the series he’s reading at any of the local stores he’s forced to go to the local library. There he meets Stiles, the librarian. After that Derek finds himself going to the library more and more often just to see Stiles. Little does Derek know, Stiles is taking extra shifts at the library in hopes of seeing Derek.

Come On Down by captaintinymite (augopher)

(1/1 I 2,215 I General)

Stiles has been working to complete the unfinished items on his mother’s bucket list for a while now. He’s down to the last two items on her list of twenty-five: Appear on the Price is Right and See Stiles meet that special someone.

He’s got the first one of those in the bag when he hears those famed words, “…come on down! You’re the next contestant on The Price is Right.” Little did he know, he’d manage to complete the second one too.

and that’s a wrap by the_problem_with_stardust

(2/2 I 4,120 I Teen)

An insanely attractive guy and his terrifying dog move into the Preserve. Too bad Stiles is a magnet for embarrassing situations.

He Blinded Me With Library Science by mklutz

(1/1 I 6,575 I Explicit)

Stiles blinks. “Right, the reading room. Do you have your, uh …library card?” he asks. He’s never been able to make that sound normal and not vaguely dirty when he actually means wand.

You Say That You Care by Nirvana

(7/8 I 10,316 I Mature I MCD)

Derek Hale is the son of Lawyer Talia Hale and Architect James Hale. He is a famous Cage Fighter. At the age of twenty-two years old, Derek found the love of his life and his mate Stiles Stliniski. Derek sadly went to Costa Rica for a year. It was found out that he had a scandalous fling with Kate Argent. When Stiles found out he was devastated, he went on a retreat for three months to find himself. Upon coming back Stiles decided that he needed to be with Derek. His mother always said ’ try and love your mate through the good and bad.’ Derek was ecstatic, he and Stiles made love for three whole days.Three months went by before either of them realized Stiles was pregnant. When it was found out, Derek denied the child completely. When the six months went by and Charlie was born Stiles didn’t put Derek’s name on the birth certificate. Stiles forgave Derek two in a half months later and everything was fine until Charlie’s first birthday. Jennifer Blake showed up drunk. She  told everyone who would listen about how she’d been sleeping with Derek before the pregnancy fiasco. She explained how she had aborted three of Derek’s children and he still kept coming back  At that moment, Stiles realized Derek Hale was Unconscionable.

Echo by reillyblack

(1/1 I 31,046 I Explicit)

A monster explodes all over Stiles one night while the pack is fighting it in the woods. Stiles passes out and wakes up to a reality where he and Derek are happily (and sappily) dating and living together. Is he viewing the future? …Or something else?

Anything to make you smile by Oywiththepoodlesalready

(8/8 I 38,313 I Teen)

In which Derek gets a new roommate whose best friend takes to practically living on their couch pretty quickly.
Which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that said best friend is the same guy who’s been holding Derek’s table at the library hostage for the better part of a month.
And, oh yeah, there’s also this thing where Derek might maybe be the tiniest bit in love with him.
Easy peasy.

Inside This Place Is Warm by wolfcloaks

(20/20 I 40,057 I Explicit)

oming down; One love, two mouths

Stiles Stilinski:

-Senior at Berkley
-Double majoring in Human Biology and Biomedical Engineering
-Student Librarian
-Closet Artist
-Basket case extrodanaire
-Hopelessly crushing on Derek Hale (read as: pining)

Derek Hale:

-Grad Student at Berkley
-Philosophy Major
-Dog enthusiast
-Does not cry during The Notebook, fuck you,Laura
-Is definitely not pining over the librarian with the cute moles
-Would very much like to tell the librarian’s curly haired boyfriend to fuck off


Where Derek and Stiles are complete dweebs in love and jump to horribly inaccurate conclusions


When your meet-cute turns into a bit of an (light) angst fest but it’s all ok in the end

Things Left Unsaid by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(5/5 I 40,262 I Explicit)

Struggling with library patrons, being an uncle to Scott and Kira’s baby, being grossed out by his dad and Melissa’s adorable domesticity. Those were things Stiles could handle. What he couldn’t handle were his feelings for Derek Hale. Feelings he thought he squared away years ago, the night Derek left Beacon Hills for good–at least that’s what everyone thought.

But after dedicating a collection in the public library to the Hales, Stiles gets to reevaluate just how strongly a certain Hale can affect him. It doesn’t help that everyone knows to ignore talking about the night Derek left. The night Derek and Stiles left a mark on each other.

Now, they both have to struggle through being there for Scott and Kira, while trying not to kill each other. Through the shared tears and laughter, they both come to realize there are more than a few things they left unsaid.

The Company I Keep by secondstar

(19/19 I 67,551 I Explicit)

Stiles has a favorite table at the library. Then some asshole comes along and steals it from him.

It Makes You Stronger by Ems_Is_The_Name

(12/? I 71,180 I Explicit)

Meet Stiles a junior at a small California college. He’s a teacher’s assistant and a librarian. While on a mission to find someone to give a lecture he meets the young and rich Derek. The attraction between the two is electric and they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Derek is pretty experienced in the sexual field while Stiles is a virgin. Can he handle that? Follow along as Stiles finds out his limits in a way that causes him to lose Derek because talking is way to easy. When Derek re-enters his life things are different and so is Stiles. Come with them as they learn to trust each other and accept who the other is despite their flaws.

The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by turningterrific

(2/2 I 82,866 I Explicit)

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

Bedtime Tuck In

They might have a fan meeting tomorrow, but right now, the only person he wants to see is you. 

Featuring: Daddy!Taehyung, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Steam wafted out of the bathroom as Kim Taehyung opened the door.

You sat criss cross applesauce on the hotel room bed, gulped. How could you not? Daddy’s hair was wet, fresh from the shower, and around his bare figure he had wrapped a bathrobe decorated with light rose designs. He caught you staring at the expanse of his collarbones, the bathrobe slightly opening as he leaned down to grab something from his suitcase.

You flushed when Daddy called you out on your sneaking.

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Mark of Beauty, Ray of Sunshine


pairing: wontaek
notes: i relayed this idea to my friend two days ago after a modest game of hide and seek and it was so fkn cute i had to do it. the title is kinda silly but it’s all i could think of B^) // hey by the fkn way fkn LR fkn MURDERED ME
words: 1,430

“Sanghyuk thought it was dirt…” he complained, pouting his bottom lip more. Wonsik’s eyes crinkled and shone in amusement. “Does it look that strange?”

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anonymous asked:

For the sexting prompt: Derek has Stiles dad under Sherrif in his contacts, which is unfortunately too close to Stiles, and Stiles is just offended he didn't get a cute nickname. Like you've seen my dick and my phone name doesn't even have a heart near it

There’s no actual sexting in here but I hope you still like it! (also on ao3!)

Stiles was feeling a little left out.

Erica had Boyd in her phone as Love Of My Life while Boyd had her in his as My Sunshine. Kira had Allison in her phone as My Huntress while Allison had Kira in her phone under Vixen.

Jackson had Danny under Babe while Danny had his boyfriend under Prince Asshole which was extremely fitting. Even Peter and Chris Argent, who had apparently started dating, had cutesy nicknames for each other in their phones.

Stiles himself routinely switched between several nicknames for Derek. The list included, but certainly wasn’t limited to, Sourwolf, Alpha, Superman, Der, the Bae, and even just D.

What did Derek have Stiles in his phone as? Something sweet and cute like Honey or Sweetie? Something more suggestive like Sexy or Gorgeous? Maybe something more traditional like Babe or Baby?

No. None of the above. Derek had Stiles in his phone as Stiles.

Derek had always been brusque and to the point, never one to mince words. And usually, Stiles admired that about his boyfriend but not this time.

He knew that it shouldn’t bother him so much, that it was stupid and didn’t actually mean anything, that he was being completely irrational. He knew that he shouldn’t care about it but he did.

He wanted a dumb little nickname like the rest of his friends did. Or just some sort of emoji by his name, something like a little heart emoji or some other stupid little emoticon.

But he didn’t. Which offended him a little bit. Derek had seen his dick for fuck’s sake and he still didn’t have a single heart by his name.

As much as he hated to admit it, it bothered him much more than it should have.

Especially since that meant his name was right next to his dad’s in Derek’s phone. And that made sexting rather dangerous.

Stiles was just waiting for the day that Derek accidentally sent the Sheriff a suggestive text message. Or god forbid a dick pic.

Feeling like a complete idiot, Stiles never brought it up to Derek. He was too embarrassed to broach the subject, preferring to wallow in his own patheticness. That is until the incident with Derek’s phone.

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If Only [a Earth 1 and 2 Barry Allen imagine]

Request: hi! would you mind doing an earth 2 barry imagine where the reader flirts with him and he’s just a stuttering mess and she ends up kissing him and he’s just in shock but it ends cute? i just need more fluff with e2 barry 😩 thanks babe!

a/n: i went overboard…and i agree, more e2

Being on a whole nother earth is really weird. Everything appears the same as earth one but…Isn’t. Cisco had vibed you to the wrong earth. You think. Neither him nor Barry are with you, so it’s safe to assume that you’re alone. Therefore, you decide to go find their doppelgängers. Maybe they can help.

The first place you search is the Central City Police Department, or the CCPD for short. You step in, gazing at the differences. First of all, and most important, Iris is here, but as a detective. Not Joe. Wow. She’s with…Eddie?! You run a hand through your hair, watching them kiss. When they pull away, you see his Jitters nametag. Eddie works at Jitters?

This is kind of hilarious. Your eyes widen in realization. If Iris is a detective on this earth, would Barry still work here? Then the answer to your question shows up. You cover your mouth with your hand.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?!“ he beams, adjusting the golden thin rimmed on his ear. Trying to contain your giggles, you take in what he’s wearing. A light gray sweater vest sits on top of a crisp white button down; a striped yellow and silver bowtie wraps around his thin neck and a darker gray jacket is thrown on top. With his chestnut hair parted on the other side, he shuffles over to you, barely picking up his brown wingtip shoes.

You cross your arms across your pale pink knitted sweater. “Well, aren’t you just the most adorable thing ever?” you purr, grinning from ear to ear. If only earth 1 Barry dressed like this… You would love that. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

A bright red blush scatters along his cheeks, nose, and down his neck, outlining his cute little moles. He immediately opens his mouth. Then closes it…only to open it again. “I…erm…Thank you…? You…I think you are adorable too?” he stutters, hoisting his glasses up his nose, “D-did you, um, get new clothes?” he asks, gesturing to your sweater and high waisted jeans. “I mean…it’s just…you usually wear dark colors- Not that it’s bad!” Barry holds his hands up, curls them into fists, and sets them in front of his mouth.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you quickly think up an explanation. You clasp your hands together, holding them down at your thighs. “I wanted to try something a bit different. You like it?” you ask sweetly, taking a step forward.

Barry gulps, nodding his head rapidly; his glasses slipping off his face. “Of course I do! I like you in everyth-” he gets cut short when your lips press to his. Those same grassy green eyes widen an inch, yet his lips part, allowing your tongue entrance. He moans quietly in the back of his throat while his hand cups your cheek. He pulls away, gasping for air, and fixes his specs. “Y/N! What has gotten into you?! I’m at work! How many times do I need to tell you, no french kisses in public?!” he shouts, smirking just a little bit as he looks around the office frantically.

You grin bashfully, “Sorry, I just needed to do that before I left.” Oh my god, you kissed Barry.

Barry smiles, shaking his head and pecking your cheek. “I’ll, um, see you at home, sweetheart.” he peers at your hand, noticing the lack of jewelry. His brows furrow, “Di-did you lose your wedding ring again?” he asks, pouting. Your breath hitches and you nod. Boy, if your Barry could see himself in this world…


Somehow Y/N had gotten separated from the two guys when Cisco vibed the three of them to earth 2. Though, the engineer says she should be on the same earth as them. Barry would find her before they left. For now, they needed to get to S.T.A.R Labs so Cisco could ‘borrow’’ some of their tech. By borrow, he totally meant steal.

Barry gawks at the giant replica of Central City. It’s a lot more futuristic than earth 1; a lot more metallic things. He flops his tan jacket against him so he’s comfortable. “Cisco!” he scolds, gesturing to the flash of the phone camera. “Not the time.” he says quietly, putting his hand flat in the air.

Cisco cringes, pouting, “Sorry.” he whispers…then snaps another picture. Barry frowns at him. “That was the last one, swear!” he promises, putting his phone away.

“Barry!” they hear Y/N yell. The speedster whirls around, blinking a few times when he sees her. She has on a dark blue crop top under a black leather jacket; a pair of black skinny jeans hug her perfectly…and she has on combat boots. Barry heaves out a deep sigh, looking her up and down, tempted to scream ‘step on my face you goddess’. “Wow, new look? Where’s your glasses, babe?” she wonders, tilting her head.

“Contacts.” Barry replies nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. He jumps when she grips his jacket, yanking him down to her height. She slams her lips on his, catching him by surprise. Her tongue fights its way into his mouth, exploring. Barry gasps, pulling himself away from her. “Y/N!” he mutters, eyes wide.

Her shoulders slump and she giggles, hiding her lips with a few of her fingers. Cisco’s jaw drops when he notices a diamond ring on her hand; he hits the other guy on the back playfully. “I know, I know, no french kisses in public…” she mocks, grabbing Barry’s hand, “I couldn’t help it- Where’s your ring? You lost it again, didn’t you?” Y/N smirks.

Barry blushes as red as his flannel, scratching the back of his neck. “Well, you know me…” he chuckles awkwardly, peering behind him at Cisco.

Shaking her head, Y/N kisses him again. “I’ll go look for it.” she sighs, patting his chest, “You. Get back to work, mister. I’ll see you at home.” she winks, “And I like your outfit, hottie. Gives off this…vibe. But I do miss your bowtie.” she frowns, walking away, “Love you!” she shouts from across the street, waving.

The speedster waves back uncharacteristically slow in complete shock. Cisco smacks his upper arm, mouth hanging wide open. “Yo, yours and Y/N’s doppelgängers are married, man! Your double got more game than you! Ha!” he laughs, gripping his vibe goggles.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Barry huffs, mind racing with thoughts of his Y/N. Oh, if his Y/N could see herself on this earth…

anonymous asked:

Lydia gets bored in class one day and starts drawing Stiles. It starts to become a thing after awhile and she doesn't really think much of it until Allison sees her notebook full of Stiles

Hey anon I really like this prompt! here you go:

(Post 3b)

It started during English.

The new teacher (since the last one turned out to be an evil druid) was droning on about his completely subjective interpretation of A Streetcar Named Desire, and Lydia couldn’t be bothered to hear another word about how Blanche was some completely innocent damsel.

(Maybe she didn’t want to be reminded of how she too used to fool people with a conjured image.)

Her hand was itching to write something, because Lydia was still a conscientious student, and taking notes was second nature. But she knew that she was bored and would start doodling, and she feared if she started doodling she would end up drawing another supernatural motif.

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Took You Long Enough

This is a fanfic thingy ma boober for the amazing person who I was paired with for the Carry On Secret Santa!!!!!! :D

I hope you enjoy this little soul mate AU thingy where when ur true love touches you, the world explodes with color. So here’s a little Normal!Soulmate!AU thingy I came up with. Happy reading!!!!!

Technically speaking, it was easy for Simon Snow not to notice. Yes, he was told ever since he was little that one day he’d feel someone’s feather fingers touch his skin and the world would explode with color. That he would only ever see it again unless he sealed the deal with a kiss full of wishes, hopes, and dreams. There was a number of things that could’ve happened. He could’ve accidentally walked into someone and find himself looking into eyes full of color, or he could merely shake hands with someone and know. But that didn’t change the fact that meeting your soulmate would be special. 

But it wasn’t special for Simon, because his soul mate was already colorless.

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Request: A Lokixblackreader fic he’s in love with her,he’s always romantic and wanting to protect her he’s always trying to impress her. He finds her good and caring nature adorable but worries about people hurting her because she’s too nice and one day she calls him out on it because she can actually defend herself 😁

You were walking through the aisles of a bookstore looking for the perfect book to take home with you. It couldn’t be just any book of course, so this was going to take a while. This is why you had elected to go alone. Anybody else would get impatient and hurry you alone, also the quiet was nice. This little place was warm a tucked away, not quite in the busiest area in New York. The cashier at the desk was used to seeing your face, he smiled at you every once in awhile when you happened to make eye contact.

    A book that was on your to read least caught your eye, and you decided now was as good as ever to buy it and start reading. You grabbed it off the shelf and continued looking. Once your arms were hurting from exhaustion of carrying ten books you went to the counter. The cashier looked at the stack appreciatively.

    “Find everything okay?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” you gave him a sweet smile, looking over at the assortment of bookmarks as he rang up your books.

    On your way home you looked around at all the surrounding buildings. The city really was beautiful in its own little way. You absently pulled a piece of lint off of your shoulder as you happened to look down.

    “You ought to be more aware of your surroundings,” a voice spoke in your ear. Your first reaction was to punch first and ask questions later. As your fist went out to strike whoever was close enough to your ear to sound that close, the person caught it and pulled you forward. You looked up and immediately sighed out an annoyed and relieved breath.

    “Jeez Loki, don’t sneak up on me like that,” you chastised.

    He leaned down and pressed him lips to yours lightly, giving you a fond look, “I wish you’d informed me of your travels.”

    “What? So you could glare at anyone who so much as looked at me. No thanks. You know, I can  survive without you looking after me.”

    “I know, but what quality of life is that,” he teased, putting an arm over your shoulder to keep you close. Additionally he took your bag books, and began walking down the sidewalk.

    “You look nice today, you know?” Loki complimented as the two of you walked, “I like your hair like this.”

    You felt your body warm and you tried your best to keep from making eye contact. You put your hand into your curls lightly, “Yeah, I uh… I’m trying something new.”

    “Have I ever told you how adorable you are when you are flustered.”

    “I’m not flustered,” you disagreed vehemently. He looked down to see you pouting and it made him laugh a little.

    “Oh, you are to innocent for this world, or any world, dearest Y/N. You belong with the angels in Valhalla.”

    “Well I don’t wanna  see Valhalla anytime soon,” you assured, “I didn’t expect you to be home so soon.”

    “I did not either, my love.”

    “Well I’m glad to have you home with me again. We can go out tonight and celebrate. I know a place I think you’d enjoy,” you grinned up at him.

    “What do you think?” you asked as you stepped out of your room, and into the living room. You were dressed and ready for a night out. You chose a frilly, girly dress that made you feel unbelievably dainty and pretty. Loki smiled as he saw you.

    “You’re beautiful. Wear is it you are taking me?”

    “This um… it’s kinda silly, well it’s a poetry bar… and well I know you like my poetry books, so I thought maybe you would like slam poetry too.”

    “It is not silly dear one. I cherish every evening with you.”

    The two of you headed out, Loki’s hand in yours. It was nice to just be with him, without some kind of time constraint. It just felt simple like breathing. He looked down at you every now and again when you weren’t looking. He cherished your smile and the almost juvenile excitement that was evident in your jaunty little steps. You were always handing out smiles, like they never cost you anything to give. You were like that with your kindness. Loki often worried that you were too nice, that someone would take advantage of that kindness. Someone as beautiful as you could be manipulated in the most horrible ways, he knew because he’d done that to others, never you though. He opened the door for you as you made it to the little lounge. You lead him to your favorite table and excitedly listened to the woman going up on stage. A little bit later you went to go get drinks for the both of you.

    “Hey,” a stranger said to you as you sat at the bar. You nodded with a polite smile. Your eyes wandered back to the poet on stage when you felt a hand touch yours. Immediately you withdrew, looking down at the the unknown hand and up to it’s owner. It was the same stranger.

    “I’m David,” he introduced.

    “Y/N,” you responded kindly.

    “I just have to say, you are unbelievably beautiful. I just had to introduce myself. Otherwise, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.”

    “Welp, I’d hate to be your regret. But I have a boyfriend,” you pointed towards Loki.

    “All the pretty ones do. Can I get you drink?”

    “Oh no, well I’m sure you could, but I’m already getting drinks for my boyfriend and I.” You reiterated, trying to get the man to take the not so subtle hint.

    “He has you getting drinks. He certainly doesn’t know how to treat a lady like yourself,” his hand encircled your wrist and you pulled back again.

    “Look, buddy, I’m telling you I’m not interested,” your tone was sharp, not allowing any more flirtatious attempts.

    “Is it just because-”

    “Y/N is there a problem here?” Loki asked. You looked back at him and sighed a little, you knew this wasn’t going to go calmly or quietly.

    “No, just having a chat,” you lied, giving him a small smile.

    “So you’re the boyfriend I guess. Listen, sweetheart, you’re cute, you’ve got the innocent look going for you, but honestly you didn’t need to go through getting a fake boyfriend. You ain’t that cute.”

    You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth to throttle the little disrespectful mole, only to be cut off by Loki grabbing him by the collar. You smacked your palm against your forehead. Loki was nothing if not quick tempered and irrational. He held the man just above the floor.

    “Loki, come on he’s not worth it.”

    “If you think you can talk to, Y/N, as though she is some common peasant you are sorely mistaken. I will peel the skin from your weak midgardian form. I will show you torture of the likes you could never imagine. You will beg for death long before it comes to you,” he growled.

    “Jesus fucking christ! Loki! Put! Him! Down!” you yelled. You didn’t yell, it always seemed like more energy than it was worth, but this seemed like the only way he was going to listen. Loki dropped the idiot, and he went scurrying away.

    “What the hell, man?” you shook your head. The bar was quiet, everyone was staring at the scene Loki had made. There were just too many eyes on you. You didn’t want to have this conversation in public. You hurried out of the bar, brushing past Loki to do so. He, of course, followed you outside. You didn’t speak again until you were at home.

    “Loki, why do you always do that?” you asked, looking up at him.

    “Protect your honor?” he questioned.

    “Go off like that? He wasn’t worth it, he was just some creep, he didn’t need you to put the fear of mortality into him.”

    “You told him to leave you alone and he didn’t.”

    “But I had it. I can handle myself Loki. I don’t need you to make a scene every time we go out and some asshole tries to be smooth.”

    “I worry for you,” he admitted, gently taking your hand. He brought it up to his lips, and pressed a kiss to it, “I have always been drawn to your kindness, your innocence to the evil of this world. You have never grown bitter from life’s hardships. I fear that humans will take that for granted, and they’ll steal that light from you. I can not bear the thought of you being  hurt  under someone’s words or their hand,” he spoke softly, pulling you a little closer, “I know you are a warrior. That is the only title to give someone who walks in grace as you do. However, it does not quell my fear.”

    “Loki,” you didn’t know what to say, “You’ve gotta trust that I’m gonna be okay. I can handle humans, none of them can handle a taser to the kidney, you can protect me from not humans.”

    “I would enjoy seeing you tase someone,” he grinned.

    “Well hopefully you never have to see it, you sadistic god,” you laughed. He placed a hurried kiss to your forehead and smiled down at you.

    “I will try to respect you as a warrior, my love.”

    “Thank you.”

~Mod Lillian