and he has a cute little mole in the same place i do

Extra Credit - Part 3 Jaebum Fic

Next thing you know, you’re at Mr. Im’s house after school. You kind of wish you didn’t agree to babysit his child but you couldn’t say no. He was really desperate for someone to baby sit him and you were his last resort.

You went to the little boy’s school to pick him up and you explained his father asked you to pick him up. He asked “what’s the code” and you replied “bart simpson” because Mr. Im told you prior that was the code. The boy giggled. Mr. Im taught his child well. That was very clever of him. By having a code, it would prevent the child from being stolen. You also learned Mr. Im had an obsession with Bart. Everyone has their weird obsessions right? 

His child’s name is Jaehyun. He is 4 years old but acts more mature. You were walking toward your car with him and he ran toward your door with his little legs and attempted to open it for you.

“Dad told me to be nice to all women no matter what” he said.
He spoke softly and cutely. He has straight black hair with sparkling dark brown eyes just like his fathers. He didn’t have the two eye moles like Jaebum but he had a mole underneath his eye.

“Thank you Jaehyun” you said staring back at him because you couldn’t believe how cute he was. The way he spoke was very adorable and sweet. It might sound mean but you really didn’t like kids. Their whining and screeching and how they always picked their nose irritated you. But Jaehyun hasn’t annoyed  you. He hasn’t whined or complained yet and he seemed very calm. Maybe you weren’t annoyed because he was Mr. Im’s child and you were infatuated with Mr. Im. You felt so creepy and weird for thinking your teacher is attractive. It is December and you are still fascinated by him. You really needed to stop being so in love with Mr. Im though. Why couldn’t you just look at him like a regular man? Oh right… It’s because he’s about 23, which is young, and he is single and good looking. His voice was smooth, even when teaching, and he always dressed in gorgeous dress shirts. Who knew simple dress shirts could turn you on. You could smell his cologne when you asked him questions about assignments at his desk and you wanted to just stuff your face in his chest.

You played hide and seek with Jaehyun for an hour and then he wanted to play with some of his Legos so you agreed. You really sacrificed that afternoon because you hate Legos a lot. No particular reason. You just disliked them. Wow, you just realized you’re very negative: dislikes certain kids, hates Legos, what’s next?

Another hour or so passed and Jaehyun said he was hungry. This child is perfect. Most kids would start whining and saying “WHERE IS MY FOOD” but Jaehyun said in a sweet voice, “I am hungry Ms. Y/N do you think we can have a snack?” He is so mature you thought. Before you could answer, the door swung open and you saw Mr. Im holding takeout from Bambam’s family Thai restaurant, also your favorite restaurant. But you knew you shouldn’t stay.

“Oh perfect, Jaehyun said he was hungry just now” you said grabbing your coat and walking toward your teacher.

“Dad!! Y/N and me played a lot I was having so much fun. I missed you” Jaehyun screamed.

Mr. Im hugged his son quickly and looked at you confusedly.

“Why are you grabbing your coat Y/N? I brought this food for all of us. Thank you so much for babysitting Jaehyun”

Oh no. He wants to eat dinner with all of you? You wanted to get out of the house as quickly as possible now that Mr. Im arrived. You can’t even look at him in the eye without blushing.

You turned around slowly with a fakeish smile and said “Oh I have to finish homework! I wish I could stay but thanks for the offer. Sorry!”
Your voice was abrupt.

“Nonsense! How can you have homework? If I remember correctly, Mrs. Foster gave a math test today and she never gives homework on the days she gives out tests. And the language arts teachers all had a conference so you had a free period right? I don’t know about your other classes but I certainly didn’t give homework. You can spare some time with us right?”

Wow. He really put you in your place. That was a long justification he just gave you to make you stay. You felt your cheeks reddening because of embarrassment and because you looked at him and he smiled at you with his teeth showing. Was this your first time seeing his toothy grin? It was gorgeous.

“Please stay Y/N.” he said again with a smile.

You ended up having dinner with them and you were glad considering they were having your favorite. But you weren’t glad at the same time. Awkward moments and hand brushings happened between you and Mr. Im as you helped him set up the table. You and Mr. Im discussed fundraiser ideas for your class and the new principal of the school. What fascinating topics… Sarcasm. Jaehyun was busy playing with his food instead of eating it while you guys chatted. But, if any of your friends found out about this scenario… they would bombard you with questions and suspicions. It was such a harmless event. You only baby sat his child and ate dinner. You’re telling yourself its harmless and it really is, but what would happen if people made up a rumor about it all. A couple years back, that story your friend told you of a girl kissing Mr. Im’s cheek was the story of the entire school for a week. You had nothing to worry about though because no one knows of this current situation or teachers lounge one from September. And you certainly won’t mention.

As your saying your farewells to Jaehyun and grabbing your coat, Mr. Im stops you.

“Don’t leave just yet. Let me thank you for helping me so much today” he says happily while handing you a hundred dollar bill.

One baby sitting job and he’s giving you a hundred dollar bill? It was literally for only two hours? What the hell?

“Oh there’s really no need to thank me and please keep your money. I cant accept money from my teacher It was not a problem baby sitting him. He is very cute.” you said with a laugh.

“How about I add extra credit to your grade then?”

There he goes again with the stupid extra credit. The thing that got your thoughts running wild the first time he emailed you. Then you went off and kissed him the next day.

“Sure that’ll be fine.” you said. What else could you do but to agree?

He began asking you on the days you would be free because he wanted to make you a permanent babysitter on some days when he couldn’t pick Jaehyun up from school on time due to grading papers and other meetings. Great… Would it be a bad decision to accept?

“I can pick him up any time after school and I can be with him until you return from work. Just tell me the days you’ll be working late” you said with some hesitation. You thought you sounded like a loser. You wanted to smack your head because you couldn’t bare babysitting Jaehyun if it meant seeing Mr. Im’s face a little more often. You would faint.

“Thank you so much it really means a lot Y/N. Can I have your number so I can text you during school on when I would be working a bit late? I hope your okay with late notice. I am sorry; sometimes things come up during the school hours. I won’t be working late everyday, but sometimes I get a little busy.”

“It’s really not a problem” you said. He asked for your number and you didn’t answer because you were nervous and unsure.

“Okay! Lets exchange numbers!” Mr. Im said again.

Oh no. You had no choice. You exchanged numbers and then you realized you were acting super childish. Your hand was trembling when you were putting your number in his phone. You took back your phone and noticed the way he named himself on your phone.

“JB? With a smiley face?”

“You can call me that. Wouldn’t it be awkward to call me Mr. Im all the time?”

It would be more awkward to call your teacher by a nickname you thought to yourself.

“I will pay you 100 dollars each time you babysit.”

“Please Mr. Im, that would be unnecessary!” you said quickly.

It would be weird to have your teacher pay you.

“I’m sorry. I forgot that you only settle for extra credit you little nerd.” he said laughing.

“Extra Credit doesn’t cut it. I don’t want anything Mr.Im.”

“What can I do to repay you then? Kiss you?” he says with a bit of sass and a smirk.

Your cheeks turn a bright red and you stare down at the ground. This is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life.

“I was only kidding. We can discuss this later. Good night dear.”

So now he called you dear? What the hell?

You pretended like you weren’t affected by his comment and said goodbye.

Winter was coming to an end and spring arrived. You and Mr. Im grew a bit closer in the student teacher relationship. It was normal and things didn’t get creepy or weird. You called him JB at his house but Mr. Im at school. He did continue to tease you in front of your classmates and you actually liked it sometimes because you liked when he spoke to you or gave you attention. Even if he was making fun of you. You had a hopeless crush and there was no harm in having one. You regret kissing him but you were happy he wasn’t awkward about it.

“Oh you’re so short Y/N.”

“When will you stop roasting me Mr. Im? You never ever roast Irene or Wendy.”

“I don’t want to roast them. I only roast the people I like which is you.” he said looking into your eyes sternly. He laughed jokingly.

That was a conversation one afternoon and it made you happy even if you knew that wasn’t meant to be flirty. You were blind. You wanted to think it was flirty. He was your crush after all. He told you often that Jaehyun complained when you weren’t there and missed you constantly. He rarely complained about anything but he complained if you weren’t present. Sometimes Mr. Im would buy you guys take out and eat at the dinner table like a regular family. He never cooked but you didn’t mind. Who knows what the hell he would make. Sometimes you guys went out to dinner. People from school could see you if you went out with Jaehyun and Mr. Im so you constantly protested when Mr. Im suggested going out. He would tell you it wasn’t a big deal but you would sit in fear. You insisted on paying him back but he said that this was his gift for you for babysitting Jaehyun.

“Stop being so paranoid shorty. What’s wrong with having dinner with a student?” he would say.

EVERYTHING! you thought to yourself.

You started getting use to the routine and you would ask JB about his day and all the teacher gossip.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but did you know Mrs. Raven has a glass eye?” JB would tell you.

You used to always hang out with Jackson after school and you would ask about your classmates gossip but now your more interested about the teachers gossip. Your best friend was basically replaced by a teacher. Jackson would ask to hang out after school but you told him you had to tutor some children. He thought you were bullshitting him because he knew you didn’t like kids but you told him you were being truthful. You felt bad for lieing but if you ever told Jackson about JB he would take it the wrong way. Considering JB is a good looking fellow, everyone would think your sleeping with him but he really is a gentleman. Everyone in your school thinks JB is a bit of a player considering the girl from a couple years back kissed him and he didn’t react. WELL WOULD YOU WANT A REACTION OR SOMETHING?! JB HANDLED THE SITUATION LIKE A MAN you always said that in your head when you heard people talking about the situation. The girl shouldn’t have done it. You hung out with Jackson when you could but Jackson could feel the friendship deteriorating and it made him very curious on what you were always up to.

One day Mr. Im texted you and said, “I have a date tomorrow night and I’m sorry to have you do a late shift but are you able to? Can you come by tomorrow at 6:45? My date is at 7.”

He’s having a date.. This must be his first in a while. Or maybe before you became the babysitter he went on dates. All these thoughts went on in your mind and you grew increasingly jealous. Why are you jealous? You’re supposed to have a crush on him but you’re only supposed to admire his looks from a far. But no. You’re very jealous and you feel immature.

“Hey Y/N! I’m glad you could babysit Jaehyun. I haven’t been on a date in like two years so you can tell I’m a big excited!”

Oh two years…

“It’s no problem I hope you have fun!”

Suddenly Mr.Im hugs you and whispers in your ear “I am so nervous.”

This is what you hated/loved. When he made these sudden movements: hugging, teasing your height and made you blush, points on history essays that you didn’t even turn in but he gave you an A+ because you babysat Jaehyun. This was his idea of extra credit and you loved it kind of.. You weren’t as jealous as you were the night before because you realized that his girlfriend left him with this child. Imagine the pain he must’ve gone through. She abandoned Jaehyun but you didn’t know for sure because he never told you the details. And this is his first date since she left. No wonder he’s nervous. You are happy for him that he is finally entering the dating scene. You can live with the pain in your heart of your hopeless history teacher crush because you’re still young but this man is an adult and he deserves love at the age of 23. Your 18 year old mind needs to mature you thought to yourself.

You pat his back and his fluffy hair and tell him good luck and that it’ll be great. If anyone from school saw this they would conclude things but it was innocent. You say goodbye and you go to hang out with Jaehyun. Your favorite show was Scooby Doo as a child and you recently caught Jaehyun watching the new version of it. That made you so happy because you’re never to old to watch Scooby Doo. Jaehyun even laughed at the jokes and you can’t believe how cute and sweet the boy is. His cute giggle made you smile and wish you could be with him forever. Over the past few months you have gotten closer to him and you even made him interested in K-pop. His favorite song was G-Dragon’s Crayon. The fact that Jaehyun listened to you harping about all your favorite boy groups and girl groups made you adore him more. Finally someone who listened to your obsession. Sometimes kids only want to talk about themselves but Jaehyun payed attention to you. A four year old is paying attention to you and you are so happy.

Jaehyun fell asleep at 9 while you guys were watching Beauty and the Beast because you told him it would be fun since all Disney movies were fun but it ended up making him fall asleep. And you went to tuck him in his bed and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. He was too precious and had such good manners. You wished you babysat at night more often because you had fun watching TV with him.

You were walking back to the living room and then you realized JB’s ex-girlfriend left him when Jaehyun was 2. The last time JB went on a date was two years ago, so that means two years ago he was taken by his ex? Right? You dismissed the thoughts and just scrolled through Instagram, snapchat, and twitter mindlessly and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

You awoke to the sound of the door opening and shutting harshly and you jumped from the sudden sound. JB walked in and he has a fixed look of despair on his face.

“What’s wrong? Did it not go well?” you said in a worried tone. You were genuinely concerned and sad for JB. It didn’t go well? You wanted the best for him.

“I wouldn’t say it didn’t go well but I’m just sad and I don’t even know why I went out.” JB said in a shaky voice. He sat down next to your legs which were across the couch.

“I don’t know what happened between you and your ex in the past but I’m sure the more dates you go on, the more comfortable you will get and the more you’ll forget the past and go back to normal.”

You weren’t sure if your statement was too personal considering you assumed things about his emotions. You weren’t sure if he was sad because of his ex or not and you accidentally brought up his ex even though he didn’t mention her.

He tapped on your smooth legs and drew circles on them just so his hands could concentrate on something.. “She left me two years ago and this is the first time I went out with a girl since then. She… She was beautiful. But she didn’t want to care for Jaehyun. She said she was too busy but I was too. But I always made time. We were young and didn’t have much money. I’m surprised we even made it two years without getting broke. She said that it was too much for her and she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she would leave me with Jaehyun and concentrate on herself. She said she lost feelings for me too. She said she was sorry. She said even though we had a kid that didn’t entitle her to love me forever. I understand she stopped loving me. We were high school sweethearts…those never last. We were too young for Jaehyun anyway. But she left him. She actually left him. That is what made her very unappealing to me. To leave your child? That is not beautiful or praise worthy. I will forever keep Jaehyun. I love him. He is so kind… and… I wanna raise him to be a good man…and I will forever cherish him. I will never abandon him. He is a responsibility and I am happy to carry that responsibility.”

Those were the sweetest things you have ever heard someone say. He really loves Jaehyun. Fatherly love is just too beautiful and enchanting. Your hopeless crush on JB made you love him more and you couldn’t bare to see him so depressed.

“I am just your student and babysitter but I hope you can find comfort in my words. Every child deserves a mother. Sometimes circumstances prevent the child from his mother. In this case, his mother left. But I know you are doing such an amazing job taking care of Jaehyun. He is the most well-mannered boy in this entire world. I have seen so many rude kids that made me dislike children as a whole but after being with Jaehyun, I realize he deserves the world. It is a pity he can’t be with his mom and I’m sorry that you had to go through that pain. Be strong. I know you can. I have faith in you. One day you can go out freely and meet women and then you’ll find a woman who will jus click with you and even if she isn’t Jaehyun’s real mother, her love for you will bring joy to Jaehyun and she’ll love him dearly when she loves you too. I don’t know if this makes sense because I’m only 18 but I hope everything works out.”

His hands had stopped making circles on your legs and instead just lay softly on your legs. You attempted to withdraw your legs from his hands to give him a little hug but he grabbed your left leg firmly.

“I… I.. I’m sorry. Don’t leave my grasp.” JB said.

You awkwardly sat there. This is the most in depth conversation the entire year and to be honest, it wasn’t THAT awkward. Until he grabbed your leg of course.

A few minutes pass and then he suddenly darts his eyes to yours.
He moves closer to you and grabs your head and places it at the crook of his neck and he whispers in your ear with a tone of sadness and desperation… “Please. Please don’t leave me. I’m scared.. I.. I just.. you are so mature.. and sweet… And Jaehyun has been so happy since you entered his life. I am so thankful you are his babysitter” he said while stroking you leg now.
“He has always been a happy boy even when his mom left; he was too young to realize but he still smiled and even more when you came. He knows his mom left him because I had to tell him and I was so sad that he remembers her somewhat and has to go through the pain of his mom not wanting him. I had to tell him because all his friends at school had mothers. But he comforted me and told me I was the best dad ever. He is caring and i love him but.. I wish he had a motherly figure. You’re so motherly to him. Ever since I met you in September… I have to admit that I.. I think you are the most mature woman I have ever met. You handle every situation delicately and carefully. I admire that. I can’t just ask you to be his mother but I just want to admit this now. After tonight I realized how much I enjoy your company and how grateful I am to have you in our lives.”
You hesitated and were surprised by his ramblings.
“I have grown to admire and adore Jaehyun and I have always admired you as my boss and teacher.” you said to JB.

You both sat in silence and JB suddenly spoke with a quiver in his tone.

“I know I can’t say this but I think you’re… charming and such a great supporter and I.. I think you… I really like…I.”

He kept stuttering trying to think of what to say exactly.

“Thank you Mr. Im I like you as a teacher and a boss too. I really want to care for Jaehyun because he deserves the world” you said quickly. You only thought that’s what he meant. But he really meant he had grown to like you.

“No… I don’t think you understand. I like your personality. I like the way you ask about my shitty day. I want to… get to know you. You’re funny and you are always interested about my boring life shorty… it makes me feel important. I love teasing you too. I must sound like a loser but I haven’t had such affection in a long time. You’re petite and so cute. I call you shorty but I really like your face when I tease you. I shouldn’t be telling you this but I have been feeling this for quite some time.”

Was he drunk? He has been rambling for a long time since he came back and now he’s saying he liked you? What has gotten into him? This is your dream -for him to like you- but it was not a reality you felt. You looked into his eyes to see if you could tell if he had any signs that he was intoxicated. He looked normal and then you inched closer to his mouth to see if you could smell any alcohol and you thought maybe you would kiss him again in this silence. JB looked into your eyes to see if you had any approval but you had a questionable look. He grabs your small hand and puts his left arm around your back and harshly but urgently kisses you. But it was gentle. You are a bit late to respond. He’s kissing you now? How? He likes you? You kiss him back at this point and press yourself closer, wanting to feel more of his heavenly lips. His hand moves back and forth against your back and he dips his tongue inside your mouth and your tongues dance with each other. He explores your cavern for the first time and grabs your waist.. He kisses the side of your lips and then begins to move down your jaw and starts kissing the nape of your neck. It sends a shiver down your spine. No one has ever kissed you there before. He lightly bites the area and you were afraid it would leave a mark.

“I… I can’t do this. It’s wrong. I am your student” you said in a hushed whisper.

“I have been controlling myself since the beginning of the school year… I can’t control myself” He said while sliding his hands up your shirt. He pulled away from you and just stared at your eyes.

“I want to be with you… But wouldn’t that affect our relationship?” you said. You finally got what you wanted: your teacher returning his crush for you. But it felt wrong. You were scared.

He twirls your hair in his fingers and leans closer to you lips and whispers right above them “I want you.”

You realized that he was being serious. Your teacher actually likes you back. You completely gave in.
“So take me Mr. Im. I’m all yours.” you said as you captured his Iips.

Teach Me (Part 6/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1,960

A/N I gotta say, this one is by far my fave of this series, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!



You woke up to an empty bed, the only indicator that Bucky had slept here last night was the crinkled sheets on his side. You felt a weight of disappointment sink into your chest that he hadn’t stayed until  the morning. You shook it off and went to brush your teeth and take a quick shower before grabbing your sketchbook and a few pencils before heading down to the kitchen.

When you  neared it you could hear Steve and Bucky talking.

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Confession Room (Part 5)

(Part 6)

You found yourself around Jaebum a lot more than you imagined. It made your heart a maniac each time, but you loved it because it made you feel. Apart from your raging emotions, Jaebum was actually really kind, opposite from the cold aura that he exudes. Never once did you take each moment spent with him for granted, but that didn’t mean he didn’t. He was clueless about how much you admired him, so at times he invited other girls to join the two of you whether that be for a walk to the convenience store or practice.

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anonymous asked:

Lydia gets bored in class one day and starts drawing Stiles. It starts to become a thing after awhile and she doesn't really think much of it until Allison sees her notebook full of Stiles

Hey anon I really like this prompt! here you go:

(Post 3b)

It started during English.

The new teacher (since the last one turned out to be an evil druid) was droning on about his completely subjective interpretation of A Streetcar Named Desire, and Lydia couldn’t be bothered to hear another word about how Blanche was some completely innocent damsel.

(Maybe she didn’t want to be reminded of how she too used to fool people with a conjured image.)

Her hand was itching to write something, because Lydia was still a conscientious student, and taking notes was second nature. But she knew that she was bored and would start doodling, and she feared if she started doodling she would end up drawing another supernatural motif.

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Bedtime Tuck In

They might have a fan meeting tomorrow, but right now, the only person he wants to see is you. 

Featuring: Daddy!Taehyung, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Steam wafted out of the bathroom as Kim Taehyung opened the door.

You sat criss cross applesauce on the hotel room bed, gulped. How could you not? Daddy’s hair was wet, fresh from the shower, and around his bare figure he had wrapped a bathrobe decorated with light rose designs. He caught you staring at the expanse of his collarbones, the bathrobe slightly opening as he leaned down to grab something from his suitcase.

You flushed when Daddy called you out on your sneaking.

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Took You Long Enough

This is a fanfic thingy ma boober for the amazing person who I was paired with for the Carry On Secret Santa!!!!!! :D

I hope you enjoy this little soul mate AU thingy where when ur true love touches you, the world explodes with color. So here’s a little Normal!Soulmate!AU thingy I came up with. Happy reading!!!!!

Technically speaking, it was easy for Simon Snow not to notice. Yes, he was told ever since he was little that one day he’d feel someone’s feather fingers touch his skin and the world would explode with color. That he would only ever see it again unless he sealed the deal with a kiss full of wishes, hopes, and dreams. There was a number of things that could’ve happened. He could’ve accidentally walked into someone and find himself looking into eyes full of color, or he could merely shake hands with someone and know. But that didn’t change the fact that meeting your soulmate would be special. 

But it wasn’t special for Simon, because his soul mate was already colorless.

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If Only [a Earth 1 and 2 Barry Allen imagine]

Request: hi! would you mind doing an earth 2 barry imagine where the reader flirts with him and he’s just a stuttering mess and she ends up kissing him and he’s just in shock but it ends cute? i just need more fluff with e2 barry 😩 thanks babe!

a/n: i went overboard…and i agree, more e2

Being on a whole nother earth is really weird. Everything appears the same as earth one but…Isn’t. Cisco had vibed you to the wrong earth. You think. Neither him nor Barry are with you, so it’s safe to assume that you’re alone. Therefore, you decide to go find their doppelgängers. Maybe they can help.

The first place you search is the Central City Police Department, or the CCPD for short. You step in, gazing at the differences. First of all, and most important, Iris is here, but as a detective. Not Joe. Wow. She’s with…Eddie?! You run a hand through your hair, watching them kiss. When they pull away, you see his Jitters nametag. Eddie works at Jitters?

This is kind of hilarious. Your eyes widen in realization. If Iris is a detective on this earth, would Barry still work here? Then the answer to your question shows up. You cover your mouth with your hand.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?!“ he beams, adjusting the golden thin rimmed on his ear. Trying to contain your giggles, you take in what he’s wearing. A light gray sweater vest sits on top of a crisp white button down; a striped yellow and silver bowtie wraps around his thin neck and a darker gray jacket is thrown on top. With his chestnut hair parted on the other side, he shuffles over to you, barely picking up his brown wingtip shoes.

You cross your arms across your pale pink knitted sweater. “Well, aren’t you just the most adorable thing ever?” you purr, grinning from ear to ear. If only earth 1 Barry dressed like this… You would love that. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

A bright red blush scatters along his cheeks, nose, and down his neck, outlining his cute little moles. He immediately opens his mouth. Then closes it…only to open it again. “I…erm…Thank you…? You…I think you are adorable too?” he stutters, hoisting his glasses up his nose, “D-did you, um, get new clothes?” he asks, gesturing to your sweater and high waisted jeans. “I mean…it’s just…you usually wear dark colors- Not that it’s bad!” Barry holds his hands up, curls them into fists, and sets them in front of his mouth.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you quickly think up an explanation. You clasp your hands together, holding them down at your thighs. “I wanted to try something a bit different. You like it?” you ask sweetly, taking a step forward.

Barry gulps, nodding his head rapidly; his glasses slipping off his face. “Of course I do! I like you in everyth-” he gets cut short when your lips press to his. Those same grassy green eyes widen an inch, yet his lips part, allowing your tongue entrance. He moans quietly in the back of his throat while his hand cups your cheek. He pulls away, gasping for air, and fixes his specs. “Y/N! What has gotten into you?! I’m at work! How many times do I need to tell you, no french kisses in public?!” he shouts, smirking just a little bit as he looks around the office frantically.

You grin bashfully, “Sorry, I just needed to do that before I left.” Oh my god, you kissed Barry.

Barry smiles, shaking his head and pecking your cheek. “I’ll, um, see you at home, sweetheart.” he peers at your hand, noticing the lack of jewelry. His brows furrow, “Di-did you lose your wedding ring again?” he asks, pouting. Your breath hitches and you nod. Boy, if your Barry could see himself in this world…


Somehow Y/N had gotten separated from the two guys when Cisco vibed the three of them to earth 2. Though, the engineer says she should be on the same earth as them. Barry would find her before they left. For now, they needed to get to S.T.A.R Labs so Cisco could ‘borrow’’ some of their tech. By borrow, he totally meant steal.

Barry gawks at the giant replica of Central City. It’s a lot more futuristic than earth 1; a lot more metallic things. He flops his tan jacket against him so he’s comfortable. “Cisco!” he scolds, gesturing to the flash of the phone camera. “Not the time.” he says quietly, putting his hand flat in the air.

Cisco cringes, pouting, “Sorry.” he whispers…then snaps another picture. Barry frowns at him. “That was the last one, swear!” he promises, putting his phone away.

“Barry!” they hear Y/N yell. The speedster whirls around, blinking a few times when he sees her. She has on a dark blue crop top under a black leather jacket; a pair of black skinny jeans hug her perfectly…and she has on combat boots. Barry heaves out a deep sigh, looking her up and down, tempted to scream ‘step on my face you goddess’. “Wow, new look? Where’s your glasses, babe?” she wonders, tilting her head.

“Contacts.” Barry replies nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. He jumps when she grips his jacket, yanking him down to her height. She slams her lips on his, catching him by surprise. Her tongue fights its way into his mouth, exploring. Barry gasps, pulling himself away from her. “Y/N!” he mutters, eyes wide.

Her shoulders slump and she giggles, hiding her lips with a few of her fingers. Cisco’s jaw drops when he notices a diamond ring on her hand; he hits the other guy on the back playfully. “I know, I know, no french kisses in public…” she mocks, grabbing Barry’s hand, “I couldn’t help it- Where’s your ring? You lost it again, didn’t you?” Y/N smirks.

Barry blushes as red as his flannel, scratching the back of his neck. “Well, you know me…” he chuckles awkwardly, peering behind him at Cisco.

Shaking her head, Y/N kisses him again. “I’ll go look for it.” she sighs, patting his chest, “You. Get back to work, mister. I’ll see you at home.” she winks, “And I like your outfit, hottie. Gives off this…vibe. But I do miss your bowtie.” she frowns, walking away, “Love you!” she shouts from across the street, waving.

The speedster waves back uncharacteristically slow in complete shock. Cisco smacks his upper arm, mouth hanging wide open. “Yo, yours and Y/N’s doppelgängers are married, man! Your double got more game than you! Ha!” he laughs, gripping his vibe goggles.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Barry huffs, mind racing with thoughts of his Y/N. Oh, if his Y/N could see herself on this earth…


Request: A Lokixblackreader fic he’s in love with her,he’s always romantic and wanting to protect her he’s always trying to impress her. He finds her good and caring nature adorable but worries about people hurting her because she’s too nice and one day she calls him out on it because she can actually defend herself 😁

You were walking through the aisles of a bookstore looking for the perfect book to take home with you. It couldn’t be just any book of course, so this was going to take a while. This is why you had elected to go alone. Anybody else would get impatient and hurry you alone, also the quiet was nice. This little place was warm a tucked away, not quite in the busiest area in New York. The cashier at the desk was used to seeing your face, he smiled at you every once in awhile when you happened to make eye contact.

    A book that was on your to read least caught your eye, and you decided now was as good as ever to buy it and start reading. You grabbed it off the shelf and continued looking. Once your arms were hurting from exhaustion of carrying ten books you went to the counter. The cashier looked at the stack appreciatively.

    “Find everything okay?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” you gave him a sweet smile, looking over at the assortment of bookmarks as he rang up your books.

    On your way home you looked around at all the surrounding buildings. The city really was beautiful in its own little way. You absently pulled a piece of lint off of your shoulder as you happened to look down.

    “You ought to be more aware of your surroundings,” a voice spoke in your ear. Your first reaction was to punch first and ask questions later. As your fist went out to strike whoever was close enough to your ear to sound that close, the person caught it and pulled you forward. You looked up and immediately sighed out an annoyed and relieved breath.

    “Jeez Loki, don’t sneak up on me like that,” you chastised.

    He leaned down and pressed him lips to yours lightly, giving you a fond look, “I wish you’d informed me of your travels.”

    “What? So you could glare at anyone who so much as looked at me. No thanks. You know, I can  survive without you looking after me.”

    “I know, but what quality of life is that,” he teased, putting an arm over your shoulder to keep you close. Additionally he took your bag books, and began walking down the sidewalk.

    “You look nice today, you know?” Loki complimented as the two of you walked, “I like your hair like this.”

    You felt your body warm and you tried your best to keep from making eye contact. You put your hand into your curls lightly, “Yeah, I uh… I’m trying something new.”

    “Have I ever told you how adorable you are when you are flustered.”

    “I’m not flustered,” you disagreed vehemently. He looked down to see you pouting and it made him laugh a little.

    “Oh, you are to innocent for this world, or any world, dearest Y/N. You belong with the angels in Valhalla.”

    “Well I don’t wanna  see Valhalla anytime soon,” you assured, “I didn’t expect you to be home so soon.”

    “I did not either, my love.”

    “Well I’m glad to have you home with me again. We can go out tonight and celebrate. I know a place I think you’d enjoy,” you grinned up at him.

    “What do you think?” you asked as you stepped out of your room, and into the living room. You were dressed and ready for a night out. You chose a frilly, girly dress that made you feel unbelievably dainty and pretty. Loki smiled as he saw you.

    “You’re beautiful. Wear is it you are taking me?”

    “This um… it’s kinda silly, well it’s a poetry bar… and well I know you like my poetry books, so I thought maybe you would like slam poetry too.”

    “It is not silly dear one. I cherish every evening with you.”

    The two of you headed out, Loki’s hand in yours. It was nice to just be with him, without some kind of time constraint. It just felt simple like breathing. He looked down at you every now and again when you weren’t looking. He cherished your smile and the almost juvenile excitement that was evident in your jaunty little steps. You were always handing out smiles, like they never cost you anything to give. You were like that with your kindness. Loki often worried that you were too nice, that someone would take advantage of that kindness. Someone as beautiful as you could be manipulated in the most horrible ways, he knew because he’d done that to others, never you though. He opened the door for you as you made it to the little lounge. You lead him to your favorite table and excitedly listened to the woman going up on stage. A little bit later you went to go get drinks for the both of you.

    “Hey,” a stranger said to you as you sat at the bar. You nodded with a polite smile. Your eyes wandered back to the poet on stage when you felt a hand touch yours. Immediately you withdrew, looking down at the the unknown hand and up to it’s owner. It was the same stranger.

    “I’m David,” he introduced.

    “Y/N,” you responded kindly.

    “I just have to say, you are unbelievably beautiful. I just had to introduce myself. Otherwise, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.”

    “Welp, I’d hate to be your regret. But I have a boyfriend,” you pointed towards Loki.

    “All the pretty ones do. Can I get you drink?”

    “Oh no, well I’m sure you could, but I’m already getting drinks for my boyfriend and I.” You reiterated, trying to get the man to take the not so subtle hint.

    “He has you getting drinks. He certainly doesn’t know how to treat a lady like yourself,” his hand encircled your wrist and you pulled back again.

    “Look, buddy, I’m telling you I’m not interested,” your tone was sharp, not allowing any more flirtatious attempts.

    “Is it just because-”

    “Y/N is there a problem here?” Loki asked. You looked back at him and sighed a little, you knew this wasn’t going to go calmly or quietly.

    “No, just having a chat,” you lied, giving him a small smile.

    “So you’re the boyfriend I guess. Listen, sweetheart, you’re cute, you’ve got the innocent look going for you, but honestly you didn’t need to go through getting a fake boyfriend. You ain’t that cute.”

    You rolled your eyes and opened your mouth to throttle the little disrespectful mole, only to be cut off by Loki grabbing him by the collar. You smacked your palm against your forehead. Loki was nothing if not quick tempered and irrational. He held the man just above the floor.

    “Loki, come on he’s not worth it.”

    “If you think you can talk to, Y/N, as though she is some common peasant you are sorely mistaken. I will peel the skin from your weak midgardian form. I will show you torture of the likes you could never imagine. You will beg for death long before it comes to you,” he growled.

    “Jesus fucking christ! Loki! Put! Him! Down!” you yelled. You didn’t yell, it always seemed like more energy than it was worth, but this seemed like the only way he was going to listen. Loki dropped the idiot, and he went scurrying away.

    “What the hell, man?” you shook your head. The bar was quiet, everyone was staring at the scene Loki had made. There were just too many eyes on you. You didn’t want to have this conversation in public. You hurried out of the bar, brushing past Loki to do so. He, of course, followed you outside. You didn’t speak again until you were at home.

    “Loki, why do you always do that?” you asked, looking up at him.

    “Protect your honor?” he questioned.

    “Go off like that? He wasn’t worth it, he was just some creep, he didn’t need you to put the fear of mortality into him.”

    “You told him to leave you alone and he didn’t.”

    “But I had it. I can handle myself Loki. I don’t need you to make a scene every time we go out and some asshole tries to be smooth.”

    “I worry for you,” he admitted, gently taking your hand. He brought it up to his lips, and pressed a kiss to it, “I have always been drawn to your kindness, your innocence to the evil of this world. You have never grown bitter from life’s hardships. I fear that humans will take that for granted, and they’ll steal that light from you. I can not bear the thought of you being  hurt  under someone’s words or their hand,” he spoke softly, pulling you a little closer, “I know you are a warrior. That is the only title to give someone who walks in grace as you do. However, it does not quell my fear.”

    “Loki,” you didn’t know what to say, “You’ve gotta trust that I’m gonna be okay. I can handle humans, none of them can handle a taser to the kidney, you can protect me from not humans.”

    “I would enjoy seeing you tase someone,” he grinned.

    “Well hopefully you never have to see it, you sadistic god,” you laughed. He placed a hurried kiss to your forehead and smiled down at you.

    “I will try to respect you as a warrior, my love.”

    “Thank you.”

~Mod Lillian

a man up close


Anon request: ‘hey idk if you’re taking prompts but if you are, pls write an au where simon and baz are internet ‘friends’ (boyfriends) who meet for the first time. thank you bless you’

Warning: None really. Some language (only one time I think) (and nothing worse than the book, so ya’ll should be able to read it without having any problems ;D)(Unless you had problems with the language in Carry On)

Word count: 1821

I feel so nervous I think I might throw up. I look at the time on my phone. Only five minutes now before Baz’s plane will land. 

“Relax Simon,” I hear Agatha giggle. 

“I can’t,” I say and I look to my side where she’s standing. She has an amused look on her face. 

We have been waiting at the airport for fifteen minutes now and the weird tingling in my stomach keeps getting more intense. I can’t believe I’m about to meet Baz in person for the first time. I will be able to touch him, hold him, smell him. 

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The Little Things Pt. 6 (Drabbles)

Shattered!Verse Drabbles

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Group/ Member: GOT7/ Im Jaebum

Pairing: JB x Reader

Originally posted by imbanny

It was the little things that made their relationship so special. Be it a glance, a touch, or a kiss, it was the random, happy moments shared between them that made trying worth it.

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secret love

genre: idk tbh lmao 

a/n: i’m here with this random soulmate!taehyung drabble, this is totally random and idk if i’m going to do another part, if you want another part let me know! rain pt 2 should be up either tomorrow or monday though! enjoy!

word count: 926

Originally posted by taehyungifs

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Flower Petal Wishes

Summary: He loves me not. He loves me not. He loves me not.

Dan has convinced himself that he is worthless, a complete failure, unlovable. He doesn’t understand why this dark haired man is even interested in him. Why he would ever waste his time on him.

Genre: Angst, fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 3K

TW: Alcohol, low self-esteem, implied homophobia, bad parenting.

A/N: I can’t help but feel like this entire thing is just me translating expressions from Dutch into English. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

Read on AO3: X

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Namjoon Scenario: Failed Attempt.

Request: i would like to request a scenario of namjoon helping his girlfriend study for a big test but they keep getting distracted.

Genre: Fluff

Finals week was a pain. That was a thing in which you thought everyone could agree on. The stress and the millions of pages to read and concepts to learn were huge, but in order to pass the semester it had to be done. So you organized yourself to study and do well in all your tests, everything was going as smooth as possible, but when that math test approached you new trouble had arrived. Math was your weak point and in this one you knew you had to try the hardest, all those operations and formulas were just too much.

Lucky for you, you had a ridiculously smart boyfriend to help you with that.  

-I don’t know how I’m going to do Namjoon! – You said the moment he arrived at your house, he had his glasses already on and was dressed in comfy clothes, well as comfy as jeans and a t-shirt can be. Namjoon always looked so stylish with those long legs and broad chest. –I think I’ll lose my mind-

Namjoon hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead. –No one is losing anything, I’m here to help-

You settled on the dinning table, all your study tools already arranged on it. The calculator, notebooks, multiple pens, pencils and erasers and of course your precious highlighters because, how could you study without a bit of color here and there?

Namjoon brought his iPad and was now watching something on it. You’d told him that you were going to read the theory first and then he could help you out with the exercises but seeing him being so interested on the little gadget you couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing.


He lifted his gaze from the iPad’s screen and smiled. –Tell me jagi-

You smiled back at him and pushed your chair closer to his. –What are you doing? -

-Oh I’m glad you ask- he said eagerly, it seemed like your weren’t the only one who wanted to talk. –I need your help-

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anonymous asked:

voiles as eerily close twins?

Hope this is along the lines of what you wanted, anon!


Świętomierz Genim Stilinski is born on a rainy April 1st afternoon. The birth goes fairly smooth, Claudia thinks, as smooth as births can go. John doesn’t leave her side for a moment of it, letting her clutch at his hand in stalwart support. Świętomierz slips free and the nurse whisks him to the side to clean up. Claudia relaxes at the side of the squirming baby – all that’s left is the afterbirth, but-

“You’re crowning again!” the doctor exclaims, her voice filled with shock.

Ten minutes later Narcyz Johnathan Stilinski joins his brother in her arms to breastfeed, a shade pinker than his red-faced twin, but otherwise completely identical. Claudia stares down at them, feeling like the world’s strangest April Fool’s joke is being played out before her.

The ultrasounds only ever showed one baby.

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Exo Reaction To Talking About You In An Interview

Thank you for requesting!  (✿◠‿◠) (◡‿◡✿)

(Kyahhh!!! This is so cute omfg!!!) 

Note: In some of them you are an idol and in others you are not. 


Even though it would seem like Sehun would boast about his girlfriend, i don’t think he would. He’s so young and apparently hasn’t been in any serious relationships, so if he loved you enough to go public about your relationship then it’s obvious he’s serious about this and he wants to cherish what the two of you have. “How are you and your girlfriend doing?” The MC would ask casually as a smile tugs at Sehun’s lips, looking down in embarrassment because of the thought of you seeing the interview, but really these facts won’t stop Brathun Sehun from appearing “Honestly, she probably misses me a lot by now,” “What’d make you say that?” A member would question, probably Chen as Sehun nods slowly to himself “Cause i miss her a lot right now.“ 

Originally posted by sehunijjang


Like Sehun, he would really cherish your relationship a lot, although he wouldn’t boast about, it’s apparent that he’s happy with how things are going. And honestly Kai is such a sweetheart, i feel like he doesn’t have a certain ideal type and just worries more about personality and if he likes you then wow, you probably are the cutest and nicest girl ever. When asked about you, he’d probably make cute little remarks ”She looks really cute when she’s playing with Monggu!“ Or ”For some reason she looked extra pretty today.“ Or my personal favorite ”We mostly fight over who gets the last chicken!“ 


Ah yes, Tao, our little princess. At first when he gets asked about you he’d refuse to talk about you and becomes really shy, but when they show a few video clips of Tao doing aegyo to you backstage or out in public, he’ll laugh his signature laugh yeah the one that makes our ovaries explode  and bury his face in embarrassment in the neck of a nearby member Baekhyun So is it true that you do aegyo to her in order for her to buy you something?” the MC would ask with a laugh as Tao strongly denies it but his members would say otherwise “How about doing aegyo for Y/N?” he’d act like it bothered him even though he enjoyed doing aegyo because he gets to see your adorable blushing face everytime he did so.


We all know how he is on interviews. His blank expression when he has absolutely no idea what to say and he just becomes so squishy and awkward. The same would happen if he were asked about you in an interview, the members would probably be casually talking about their album and so on until the MC asks ”I heard you have a girlfriend! Mind telling us a little bit about her?“ Kyungsoo wouldn’t even know it was him they were asking until Kai has to nudge him to snap out of it. ”Uh….uh….“ A small smile would find it’s way on his lips as a blush creeps onto his face ”She’s…uhm…“ ”Don’t mind him, he’s actually really happy and wants to boast about his overly cute girlfriend but he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings into words.“ Kai would save the day as usual as Kyungsoo and the members laugh at Kai’s comment, knowing well it’s true. Kaisoo 


This giant is basically an open book! He’d talk a lot about you, only the simple stuff though like, obviously your name and how long you’ve been together and you’re dating spots. Ofcourse he’d only reveal things that don’t really matter too you and him, he’d keep the important information to himself like how many moles you have on your thigh and such. “Is there any special place you guys like to go to from time to time?” the MC asks as Chanyeol shakes his head with a smie on his face “It won’t be special anymore if i tell you guys.its the bedroom


Chen’s a troll. Once a troll always a troll and is forever a troll. When asked about you, he’d probably tease and make fun of you a lot ”Your girlfriend just had a comeback!“ ”She could be crowned dancing machine by all the NG’s she got!“ Of course they would all be jokes and you’d be completely fine with it because well, you did the same to him on your interviews ”What are your thoughts on EXO’s Chen’s dancing during Love Me Right at Inkigayo?“ You’d answer this with a long sigh “Well, It’s good that he tried.” And MC’s would be really amused and the members and viewers alike both would always be laughing whenever you guys talked about eachother. 

Originally posted by blissful-reveries


A mix of Chen & Kyungsoo, since at times Baek can get shy and flustered when talking about personal matters. It’d probably go something like “I heard that our Baekhyun-shi has got himself a really cute girlfriend!” The MC would say as Baekhyun chuckles in the way that he does as he looks at his members for help “Do you mind telling us a bit about her?” The MC would ask and after realizing his members weren’t going to help him because of the little shits they were Well, she’s really short, sometimes she’d have to parachute just to get off of a chair.” This joke would cause everyone to laugh and Baekhyun instantly regrets this, knowing he’s definitely gonna get a beating from you when he gets home.


He’d be all smiles and giggles when talking about you. He’d be a mixture of shy and ‘That’s my baobei!’. Whenever a bully like Sun Hong Lei i love him compliments you just to see if the little lamb would get jealous, Lay would just be all smiles agreeing to whatever came out of his mouth “She’s my baobei after all!” Knowing how Lay is on interviews he’d probably let a few personal things out accidentally like “How did you feel about her dancing?” “Honestly it…made me uncomfortable in a certain area.” He’d say with a chuckle not realizing that he’s an idol that needs to keep his image and everyone in the room would go nuts. 


Suho would be professional about it whenever he was asked no matter how hard the questions were, he’d keep his cool, being the leader and all “Any thoughts on marriage?” An insensitive MC would ask “Right now both our schedules are really busy and hectic, unfortunately we don’t even have the time to go on a decent date but we’re happy. The thought if marriage…hmm i wonder?” This would probably go on headlines though, but in the end he’s still Suho after all so when confronted with these sort of questions “Fans have talked about you looking at her chest area a lot,” Suho would bang his head on the table in embarrassment as the MC continues “We have a few photos to follow up this rumor.” Suho would lose all his shit when he sees the obvious horny him looking at your chest “Delete those pictures!” He’d cry out. 


He’d be laid-back and proud that you were his girlfriend, but i feel like he’s the type to boast about it in a subtle way. For example “I heard Y/N modelled for the Vogue China!” The MC would clap as he shows the audiences the magazine of you on the front cover “Aiyo, She looks really pretty…” he’d say as he takes the magazine from the MC’s hand “Aiyo…” he’d look up, smiling goofily and losing face as he looks at you on the cover again wondering how in the world he ever got you to say yes to being with him “I’m a lucky man.” Kris likes to give a call whenever he misses someone so after the interview i’m petty sure that he’ll give you call, just because he misses you and to tell you how much he loves you.


Ahhh, our humble Luhan…wouldn’t be so humble when talking about his girlfriend, you! He’d probably talk about you before the MC even asks about you ”Who in the group likes eating sweets?“ ”Oooo! Y/N does!“ The members would laugh at how cute their hyung was as Luhan continues praising you, but when asked about himself he becomes shy and stops talking completely, because humble Luhan is humble.


Minseok is really reserved, like we don’t know much about his private life and that’s okay. This is why i don’t think he’d date an idol, because he seems like he prefers things reserved. Whenever MC’s would ask about his girlfriend, i feel like the members would shamelessly help their hyung because it seems like they respect Xiumin a lot and would do their best to help their cute hyung since they know that Xiumin doesn’t really like sharing personal stuff “I’ve heard the eldest has a girlfriend-” “YAH YAH YAH! You skipped ME!” Sehun would say and it wouldn’t really bother Sehun that he’s being like this because Brathun.

Hope you enjoyed! 。◕‿‿◕。 

Please feel free to request!

Valentine’s Day

So, I’ve posted about this a bit before, but remember that AU where Baz and Simon meet again when they’re 32 on a Singles tour of Magickal Britain? Yeah, this is that. 

Post- humdrum, Simon doesn’t have magic. Oneshot. V fluffy. Fluff x 10000

They were forced to do it, but they never thought it would end up like this


Penny talked me into this. I would have never, in a million years gone here on my own, but she was relentless. 

“Simon, it’s nearly Valentines Day, and you need to get out of the house!” 

She was just as persuasive over Skype as in person, though if she hadn’t been in America, she probably would’ve dragged me to the bus stop herself. 

She did have a point though. I had tried to make something happen with Agatha after Watford, but things hadn’t worked out. She had run off to America. Just like everyone else. 

I’m really not that bitter about all that. Micah and Penny’s kids are adorable (and brilliant) and I visit all the time. I even talk to Agatha sometimes. But, all the other relationships I’ve tried have fizzled out, so now I’m here, at 32, on Valentine’s Day on a Singles Tour of Magickal Britain. Typical. 

I feel a little out of place in the crowd, surrounded by magic. I lost mine at the end of 8th year, in the process of defeating the humdrum. Being a hero isn’t all fun and games. I mill around, looking for people I know. Then, I see him. His head peaks out above the crowd. He always was so goddamned tall. 

It’s Baz, the vampire, my former roommate, the guy who made my life hell for 8 years. I walk toward him, not knowing what I’m going to do. I might punch him. We aren’t roommates anymore, and I don’t have a school to get expelled from. Mostly, though, I want to know where he’s been. I’d assumed he’d gotten himself a pretty little wife from one of the Old Families and had a bunch of vampire children. But, here he is, at this bus stop wearing – sweet Merlin, he’s wearing jeans


Fiona had made me go to this stupid thing. “Meet a bloke, have some fun Basil.” 

Yeah, because I’m sure I’m going have the time of my bloody life. 

I walk around for a bit, looking through the pamphlet, and then I see him. Well, I don’t just see him. I see him and smell him and hear him and feel him all at the same time. Simon fucking Snow

He’s walking - no - running towards me, his face flushed and intense. Of course he would be here. Of course. 


I consider ignoring him, but that would honestly be impossible. Of all the things I could do to Simon Snow, ignore him is not one of them. I turn, putting on my old mask of aloofness and distaste. 


All of a sudden, he’s right there, invading my personal space. We’re inches apart, and he looks so confused. Is he deciding whether or not to hit me? His eyes fall to my lips. We’re so close, I could… I hate this. He makes me feel like I’m 18 again and trying my best not to kiss him or kill him and I hate it. I hate being a part of his story. I hate how much I love him, even after all these years. I hate it. 

“Baz, what are you doing here?” 

“I could ask the same of you.” 

“Penny put me up to it.”

Of course she did. Before I have time to formulate a witty comeback, however, we’re being ushered gruffly onto the bus. I’m put at the back of the top half, and Snow in the seat right next to me. I start to protest, but the tour guide gives me a death glare. I can feel the magic welling up in her. One more word out of me, and I’m getting spelled to my seat. 

I turn, and let myself really look at him. His hair is similarly styled to the last time I saw him, if a little shorter. His skin is tanner, and has the slightest bit of stubble. He still has all his moles, in the exact same places. Crowley, I’m in too deep. 

The bus is moving now, and he begins to speak. 

“So, Baz, why are you still single?” This man is going to be the death of me. He seems to realize the indelicacy of his statement, though, and backtracks. 

“I mean, I’d just assumed you’d have a wife and kids by now.”

I laugh involuntarily at the thought of me with a wife. I had been out to everyone I know since after graduation. Also, heteronormativity at its finest. 

“What’s so funny?” 

Oh, shit. Am I going to have to tell him? 

Snow keeps looking at me intently. He will not stop until he gets an answer. When I imagined coming out to Simon at school, it was usually followed by “And I’m desperately in love with you.” But that wouldn’t do today. So, I just start. 

“I was laughing because…well… I’m gay Snow.” 


I sit there in shock. The tour guide is saying something, but I don’t hear it. 

Baz is gay

I lived with him for 8 years of my life, I followed him through the catacombs, I watched him sleep for Crowley’s sake, but I didn’t know that? Now that I think of it, I never really imagined him with a girl. But, could I imagine him with a guy? I – I think I did, actually. I must have. Weird. 

He’s staring at me, and I have to respond. 


Nice. Perfect answer. I am such a fucking idiot. 

Baz must realize the awkwardness of the silence, so he talks instead. 

“So, why don’t you have a wife? I thought you and Wellbelove were locked and loaded.” 

“I dunno, things just, never really worked out.” 

Why am I doing this? Why am I being so goddamned civil? We’re having a normal(ish) conversation. We never did that, in all our years at Watford. But, we’re not at Watford anymore. 

I look at Baz. He’s still got those insane cheekbones, and that long, silky black hair. He’s still fucking perfect. 

“So, I guess we’re just kind of… alone together, right?” 


My 15-year-old self is screaming at me now. Seriously though, “Alone together”? Is he trying to kill me? This is going to set my life back 10 years. I’m never going to be over Simon bloody Snow. Well, I might as well enjoy his presence while I can. I smile. 

“Yeah, I’d like that.” 

We sit on the bus as the tour guide tells us about the Massacre of Warlocks Three in the adjacent park. How romantic. 

“So” Simon asks, “What have you been doing after graduation?” 

Small talk with Simon Snow. This is… different 

“I went to Uni and worked at Starbucks for a while, but now I teach violin.” 

He smiles. Simon Snow smiles at me

“I teach too! I’m actually a counselor at a local public school. I get to help kids, which is really great.” 

He’s obviously very passionate about his work. I love him so much. I know it’s pathetic, but I don’t care. Even without his magic, his company is still intoxicating. I can’t help but smile. 


Baz is smiling. Not sarcastically, or out of spite. He’s just smiling because he’s happy. I like Baz being happy. I look into his eyes. They’re stormy grey, like the ocean on a cloudy day, and just as deep. He tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. He looks so cute when he smiles. 

Before I can process that thought, or act on it, the bus comes to a screeching halt. The driver calls out: “Squirrel! Sorry!” 

The shock gets me back to my senses. I’m on a pathetic singles tour with Baz, my former nemesis. 

Who you just thought was cute

I look over at him. He looks back, seemingly remembering I was there, and asks 

“Are you okay?” 

I smile again. 

“Yeah, you?” 

He laughs. 

“Yeah, I’m fine” 


We sit there, looking at each other for a moment. He’s wearing a tight sweater, with a scooped neckline. I can see his neck and a sliver of his chest. I don’t know why, but it makes me blush. Then, I remember. 


He’s looking at my chest, seemingly spacing out. His curls fall over his face, begging me to run my fingers through them. 

Then, all of a sudden, Snow’s eyes get wide, and he turns bright red. 

He looks at me, and then turns away, staring resolutely out the window. What was that? I reach over and touch his shoulder, and he jumps, scooting slightly away. 

What the fuck is going on? 


I am able to imagine Baz with a guy. Not only that, but I have, multiple times over the course of my stay at Watford. And that guy was me

I’m freaking out. Memories are running through my head. Had I really made a list of all the things… oh, I had. I had. I feel Baz touch my shoulder. 

Really not the best time right now!! 

I get closer to the window. I’m hyperventilating now. How had I not remembered all of this earlier? I spend most of my time reminiscing about Watford, so how had this not come up? Wanting to kiss your vampire roommate seems pretty important. 

“Hey, are you okay?” 

I have to turn around, or he’ll think something’s up. Oh God, I feel like a teenager again, so vulnerable and self-conscious Stay cool. Be cool

He looks so worried. His eyes are large and full of compassion. He is so worried about me. Why is he so worried about me? I have to say something. 

“I’m… I’m fine.” 

Baz still looks concerned. 

“Are you sure?” 

He grabs my hand. I gasp, and look up at him. 


The contact is electric. His skin is so warm. He is so warm and everything is so cold and I need him. He’s looking at me with those absurdly blue eyes, and I’m falling. I’ve gone too far. I have to restrain myself but I can’t because he’s right there and I’m falling. I feel like I’m 18 again and the world is on fire. 


I haven’t felt magic in almost 15 years, but this is pretty goddamned close. I look at Baz’s lips. Why is he so fucking perfect? 


The tour is going to be over soon. This might be my last chance. I should kiss him. I should kiss him and get it over with and move on. I should kiss him and get this out of my system. But then, he kisses me


We’re on a bus full of people, but I don’t really care. I just care about the taste of Baz’s lips. Sugar and mint and longing, just in case you were wondering. 


Simon Snow is kissing me and nothing makes sense and the world is on fire. I pull back, breathing heavily. He’s looking at me, seemingly as astonished as I am. The whole top deck of the bus has turned around to stare at us. The tour guide it silent. Someone starts clapping. A couple more join in. The first floor must be so fucking confused. 

Simon leans in and whispers, “How long have you wanted to do that?” 

“20 years, give or take.” 

He laughs. 

“Me too… I think.” 

He collapses into me, and I rest my chin on his head. 

The tour guide comes on the intercom 

“Another successful match made by Signature Magikal Singles Tours.” 

Fiona is never gonna let me live this down. 

of freckles and man buns

N.A: I’m dedicating this to @ofjaylos for staying with me till 3am yesterday talking about jaylos headcanons, honestly she has the best headcanons ever and this is mainly what we were talking all night. If you liked it you can ask for another one cuz this is just like a 40% of all the headcanons that we discussed.

based on this post

warnings: this fic has clueless guys in love, freckles in neck, manbuns and conspiracy friendship, you have been warned.

If there’s something that Jay found more boring than having to actually go to classes, was having classes with Fairy Godmother. Yes, he knew he had to pay attention but when you have grown up in a place were one could get bonus points by being late or simply not going at all, it was kinda hard trying to stay awake.

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