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Two things: do you think Johnny Gosch was murdered? and can you pretty please reblog your crime documentary masterpost? Please and thank you :)

There’s no doubt in my mind that Johnny was still alive for a prolonged period - from the $1 note with his signature to the reported sighting in Tulsa where he was seen running away from two men shouting “help me, I’m Johnny Gosch” before they caught him and dragged him away.

However, I don’t believe he visited his mother that night. I think she made that up to keep his name in the media and keep people searching for him and to add to the conspiracy theory surrounding the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. If he did return, he would have gone to the home he grew up in, where his father still lived, not his mother’s new apartment, surely. I certainly believe there is a cover-up to a shocking magnitude.

I have a few documentary master posts. They’re in here:

you guyssss I have a super positive story okay and if you know me irl or know who I’m talking about pls don’t spread rumors okay? cool


One of my housemates is the most hood person I know. And by that I mean he grew up in a dangerous part of a big city in a military family, his father isn’t a part of his life, he’s been shot, was into drugs, and was rough around the edges. He grew up not going to church, though he was catholic. Somehow he ended up at our small Christian college in Nebraska. He got kicked off the football team here for threatening players and other issues (possibly failing drug/alcohol tests, but I’m not sure). He transferred to another school for a year, but came back here because he said he felt it was where he was meant to be.

Now I didn’t really know him until my other housemates brought him on to live with us this year, but it is clear to me how far he has come since freshman year to senior year this year. He’s still rough around the edges, but his faith has grown into something solid. He’s going to be a special education teacher because that’s what he’s passionate about (he’s dyslexic) and it’s obvious how much he cares for people with special needs.

He’s been going through a lot the past few weeks and has been meeting with the campus pastor as well as the campus counselor. And he told me today that both of them on their own told him that he would make a great pastor. I got really excited about that, and I told him I agree. He told me this evening that he was thinking a lot about it and that he could see himself pursuing that in seven or eight years.

So, there’s obviously a lot more to it but that’s my story from today and it blew my mind and it’s incredible to see how God works in people’s lives.

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Jimin grew up to be such a beauty

he really did ;; and honestly he keeps getting more beautiful every day, i feel like at some point my heart won’t be able to take it anymore… i’m already struggling anyway lmao

just for fun, cooking headcanons for the Origins party members:

It’s canon that Alistair can’t cook. No one ever taught him, and eating bland, mushy pottage was common in Templar training, so he basically grew up thinking that was an acceptable way to eat. Needless to say, the party doesn’t let him cook anymore.

Morrigan is really good at identifying wild herbs and vegetables, being taught by her mother, and her cooking tends to feature them. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat, and therefore doesn’t use it in her cooking much, which annoys a lot of the party. Everything she cooks ends up tasting weird and unique, but is rarely unpleasant. At camp, it’s common for her to make her own food over her own fire.

Leliana isn’t a fan of the stews and pottages found at camp, thinking they’re all too heavy and bland. She prefers eating breads and grilled vegetables, like how she ate in Lothering, and sometimes uses Morrigan’s fire to cook these. She and Morrigan actually bond over this.

Sten rarely contributes to the cooking, since it’s not his place. He’s good at hunting wild game, though.

The party’s too afraid to let Oghren cook, since he’s always drunk and kind of smells bad. He knows how to make a good beer-braised nug with deep mushrooms, though, and one time he cooks it for the party and they’re all pleasantly surprised.

Wynne is the best cook in the party, and usually ends up being in charge of the meal (although she insists on everyone else helping out). Campfire cooking is new to her, but she learns how to make wild game stews pretty quickly that everyone loves. If she’s in an actual kitchen, she can whip up a full meal pretty easily. Being able to shoot fire out of her hands really helps.

Zevran is the only one in the party that actually uses spices in his cooking, and he always travels with a pack of Antivan spices that he applies to his own meals, no matter who cooks. When he does cook, the reactions are mixed, and once Alistair thought his spices were poison.

Loghain is a champion at surviving in the wilderness, so of course he’s good at hunting and campfire cooking. However, he refuses to use any kind of seasoning that’s not salt (and occasionally black pepper if he’s feeling daring), like a true Fereldan. He’s basically the opposite of Zevran, and the two of them refuse to eat each other’s food.

Dog can’t cook because he’s a dog, but he’s an expert at killing and eating wild animals. And Loghain’s table scraps.

Shale doesn’t eat, but has very vague memories of enjoying deep mushrooms. But she thinks eating would be a major inconvenience.

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How would RFA react if MC was actually a really toll bean? (Like 6''3 or smthn)

Seven is like, piggyback me. Please. Oh, can you hold me bridal style too? Tells all the dreadful jokes MC has probably heard all their life, but tries to come up with some more original ones (which still suck. He’s not funny. he is but shut up) He’s like, really happy that he can be the short one. Being little spoon? Yeah boiiiiiiii. It’s just really perfect, and he was really excited to meet MC irl so he could see them himself :^) 

Yoosung is like woooaah! Neat! How tall are you?? Have you always been the tallest when you grew up?? He asks a lot of questions, because he’s just really excited and amazed (might get a bit annoying, but he means it well. Curious fella’.) He, like Seven, kinda likes that he can be the short one (a bit protected and stuff) :’)) But he doesn’t admit it, unless he’s in a good mood, because it’s kinda embarrassing. 

Jumin is tall too (Well, like 6 feet.) Understands the struggle, to a certain degree. If MC has trouble with fitting clothes, or fitting shoes (that actually look good) then don’t you worry. Jumin’s got their back.
(He made a really dry joke once, but since his way of delivering it was kind of weird it wasn’t that well received, so he never tried again.) 

Zen compliments them a lot, because a) Everyone are beautiful b) Being tall is stunning c) Long and nice legs d) they would look really good together since he’s tall too, e) he can just go on and on tbh. So beautiful. He loves MC. But he’s taken a bit off guard at first meeting. But when he’s over the initial surprise (that lasted a few seconds) he’s all chill and nice. 

Jaehee is a little bit surprised at first, since she didn’t expect it, but it doesn’t show on her face at all. She’s 5′5, little one, so the height difference is really cute. Has to stand on her tippy-tippy-toes to kiss them, and kinda likes it. Lowkey wants to try to sit on their back once, but would never ask, and would probably out of embarrassed say no.

How do I move forward?

I was married, and I thought that would be the end. I had found the man who made me happy beyond just romance and sex. He completed me. We complimented each other.

Till we didn’t.

I grew up.

He didn’t.

It lead to verbal abuse from both of us.

Did you know that your significant other can sexually assault you? Well they can.

His drinking got more persistent.

We were angry.

He drank.

He made threats.

I was angry.

He drank.

Till finally I found my courage. I left and took the baby with me before things got worse, and they did get worse. Luckily we were safe and away.

Apart we started to recover. No longer were we poisoning each other.

He started to see our boy more and more.

We were functional coparents.

Till the one morning I got a call.

Is my boy okay!? His father had him last night, is my boy okay?! Were the only words running through my head.

Was it a car accident?

It was an accident all right, self induced, self medicated, self prescribed.

But was my boy okay?!

The no longer secret girlfriend assured me he was fine, as she mourned my husband. Her tears were offensive. She loved him and I didn’t understand how anyone could love such a man.

I hadn’t loved him in a long time.

That didn’t matter anymore because my boy would be forever safe.

What about me though?




If love exists do I even deserve it?

How do I move forward?


Bella and Cassandra are chatting through the wall that separates them.

- “Call it mother’s instinct. But I knew there was something off with Don. That is why when you and him started dating I decided to run a background check on him.”

- “Why didn’t you just tell me, mom?”

- “You were head-over-heels in love, Cassie. I know you. You need your facts…So I found out Don came to Pleasantview in a rental car. A car that had been rented in Strangetown the day after that UFO crash. I tried very hard to find more information about him. I even visited Strangetown one day. But all traces ended there. It was as if he didn’t exist before August 2014.”

- “He always tells me he grew up in Riverview, but I guess…”

- “It’s all a lie. There are no birth records of him in Riverview either. I didn’t exactly know what was wrong with him, but by then I was sure there was something very wrong. So I decided to face him directly, and tell him to stay away from you. I was even ready to offer him money. So I visited him one evening at his condo. And…well, I guess you know the rest.”

- “He locked you in here, took advantage of his visits to the manor to leave a letter in your and dad’s room and made it all look as if you had abandoned us. But…why?”

- “All I know is that Don… he is…he’s Pollination Technician.”

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For the Broken Home thing the Anon said. Is it because Ashton grew up without a dad, and he had to be the "father like figure" to his younger brother and sister? Is that why he might not like it?


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Does Odin get along with all your friends and family or is he a one-person lizard?

Odin gets along with certain people some people he has never warmed up to though and will only tolerate being in the same room as them these people however are usually people who are nervous around him or talk really loud though. He really gets along with people he grew up around like my parents and best friend and seems to recognize them by just their voice!

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One of my favourite parts of the ep. was at the vows, when Aaron says he could've messed things, the way Robert says 'don't', it shows so much his denial, holding back the fear of losing Aaron, Ryan was brilliant here.



it broke my heart because honestly robert has never been happy, never. he is getting married in a little garage in the village he grew up in and it’s the best day of his life - he’s good at ignoring issues, pushing them so back into his mind that it only aches a little when he thinks about it. he can flash a smile, he can focus on the here and now - literally all he used to bang on about pre-wedding to chrissie when it came to him spending time with aaron.

aaron is different though, he can’t just forget it all, he is a giant worry pot and he isn’t able to ignore the damage he’s already done to them and that’s why he says it, that’s why he talks about messing things up because he genuinely believes he has but then robert’s there with his little ‘don’t’ and it means so much.

it means ‘don’t’ think about tomorrow
it means 'don’t’ ruin this moment by thinking like that
it means 'don’t’ make me think about it too

robert has literally been holding back the fear of losing aaron since he came back from the police station, rob’s been this constant pillar of support telling aaron to stay positive, telling him it will be weeks and that things will be fine when he gets out. but in this moment he just doesn’t have the strength to say any of that, he doesn’t have the strength to be that convincing and yes you see it in ryan’s amazing acting, it’s hard for him to even let it out. he doesn’t want to think about the inevitable heartbreak that he will be forced to face tomorrow, he’s pushing that further and further back into his mind and just focusing on getting married to aaron

so yeah with that in mind i think rob’s soul crushing reaction to aaron being inside for twelve months will shatter us all as he finally faces his fear head on.

🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 (why nonnie, why????)

@vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo replied to your post: kcrabb88: Hugo’s wife and daughter have gone on a…

I mean, to me the concept itself doesn’t sound that weird since I’ve spent a lot of summers in the Finnish countryside in places where it’s almost weirder if you HAVEN’T seen all your next door neighbours naked at some point. But I wasn’t expecting this from a 19th century bourgeois dude who grew up in a city. Even if he was French.

I mean what gets me more is the whole “ In Guernsey” aspect of the event 

like, I’m GLAD people were chill  about it, but also…happily baffled that it wasn’t more of a problem??