and he got me into firefly

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by @celinamarniss. I don’t know what fandom facts are so I did my best??

1. Most of my earliest fandoms can be blamed on @afgurri, who was and always has been excellent at knowing just what he needs to say or show me to get me hooked on something. He got me into Firefly by showing me “Shindig,” for example. He started me on that, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, literally all anime, and Sandman (and thus: comics). I’ve gotten him into plenty of nonsense in return.

2. The earliest fanfic I wrote was for Gundam Wing. I wrote two little fics, both of which are still out there. I reread them every few years, and stand by them.

3. The fic I’m proudest of is Extra Whip, but my fave thing I’ve written is currently the ace attorney fic. Whenever it gets kudos I want to find the person responsible and hug them.

4. The most prolific period of my fanfic writing career was when I was the loneliest I had ever been. Wrote a shit ton of Parks & Rec and Inception fic tho. It was also when I really started interacting with fandom on LJ and tumblr! Thanks for keeping me alive, Parks & Rec and Inception pals.

5. When I got into Stargate, i did it in the most ass-backwards way imaginable. I decided to pick SGA up when Jewel Staite joined the cast, so I went to borders to get a box set (HOW WE DID BACK THEN), but they only had season 2. Bought it anyway, which started with a Part 3. We watched it anyway, then continued on to the new season on tv, then later doubled back and watched season 1. Still later, I saw the SERIES FINALE of sg-1 on tv, decided I’d like to watch it after all, and through a combo of box sets Adam already owned and me shelling out for the giant complete series box, watched all 10 seasons of the show in about a month. While also working retail full time. It was extremely foolish, probably.

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Another Sleepless Night (McCree x Reader)

(Ahhh, I need this too much!!! I am a horrible person when it comes to McCree Fluff! And Thank you for helping me come back to the ‘Bad side’ of the tracks because I have been reading some other things so I needed to come back home. Enjoy ^_^ Mod Firefly)

2 Damn days…2 Damn days of barely any sleep and was starting to show it seems so you were hating yourself because usually, you could handle anything but not having him by your side, it made things hard. Stupid Soldier for sending him to Hollywood when it was already a hard time sleeping and seeing how he just got back and was beyond exhausted, you let him sleep as you got out of bed, going to the bathroom to think for a few minutes.

Angela offered to give you sleeping pills but you were a stubborn one, you didn’t want to take pills to sleep, you wanted to sleep to the heat of his chest and the smell of his cigar and whiskey by you. You left the bathroom and he was still snoring, earning a soft chuckle as you go to the living room and turn on a movie to help you feel sleepy. It was some children’s movie about a talking snowman and a woman who can make ice come from her hands, making me think of Mei.

“Darlin?” a voice is heard from behind you as you turn and look at him before biting your lip. He was in just his boxers and had appeared to have just woke up. “Darlin, it’s 3 in the damn mornin’ come back to bed.” He urges as they shake their head. “Sorry, can’t seem to sleep lately, you go back to bed.” you urge as he comes and sits by you before pulling you close. “Insomnia kicking you around again?” He asks as you nod and he smiles, taking your hand in his before kissing it gently. “Wait here darlin.” he warns as he gets up, leaving them alone to watch the children’s movie.

5 minutes pass as Jesse comes in with blankets, some kind of mug that had the most delicious smelling liquid inside of it and what looks like some lotion, making your eyebrows raise slightly. “Here, drink this while it is still hot and give me your feet.” He urges as you are confused before he takes them in his hands, rubbing the lotion on your feet as you drink the most delicious hot chocolate in the world. “Why are you spoiling me?” You ask as he smiles and kisses your knee, causing a blush to appear.

“You call it spoilin’…I call it pamperin’. Besides, this should make up for me leaving so much, hopefully.” He says with a hint of guilt in his eyes but you know that this cowboy has work more pressing than being here for you when you are having a bad day or not able to sleep during the night. “Jes, I understand, you don’t have to do this to make me understand. You have work and so do I.” You smile as he kisses your knees again and smiles his signature smile at you. “I am doing this to help you sleep…I can’t sleep well without you beside me.” He says as you realize that he was staying awake because you could not sleep.

“Did you finish your hot chocolate?” He asks as you nod and he takes the cup before settling in beside you, holding you and that’s when you started to feel sleepy. “Jes, thank you.” You mumble as he smiles and kisses your head. “Shh and sleep, sweetpea. I love you.” He says as he starts to hum something along the lines of a lullaby but before sleep finally took you into its embrace, you managed to make that man smile once more.

“I love you too Jesse…Thank you again.”

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I’ve been a fan of Owl City for almost 7 years now, and he and his songs have shaped the way I am today. 

I’ve made a lot of sketches and illustrations inspired by his songs, so I’ve decided to start a passion project called “30 Illustrations for Owl City”. He has made a lot of songs, but I’ve decided to start with 30 of my favourite Owl City songs. I can’t promise myself that I’ll release and illustration every day, but I will definitely finish 30 illustrations for Owl City. 

1/30 Fireflies 

    His most popular song! I first knew about Owl City, when I heard “Fireflies” on the radio. I kept listening to this song, until I got really sick of it. I really liked this song, because it made me feel as if I was floating with fireflies. It was as if they were carrying me up, so I could look at the view of the earth from above. It made me think, “This world is amazing!!!” I no longer listen to it as often as I did 6 years ago, but whenever I have a hard time finding inspiration, Fireflies is one of my go-to songs. 


You think I got rattled, so you’re coming out here on your white horse to give me one of your great movie speeches. I don’t need a speech from you today. I don’t need a speech from you or my father or my brother or my agent. And I don’t need some billionaire taking me all over the world, as if I’ve got nothing else to do. He can come watch me train in Arizona if he wants to. I don’t need a man to rescue me. I’m the one on the mound right now. Me. I throw the ball, I give the speeches, and I decide if you and I are gonna talk about what happened the other night, not you. And I’ve decided we’re not, by the way, because we’re teammates. And as long as we’re teammates, that’s how it’s gonna be.
—  Ginny Baker, kicking ass and taking names
Pitch, 1x10, “Don’t Say It”
A Tale of Ink (McCree x Reader/ Reaper x Reader/ Soldier 76 x Reader)

(For you, our beautiful Anon, I would love to do this and thank you for the compliment, Admin GK found the perfect Mei that describes our work here at the page. I hope you enjoy! ^_^ Mod Firefly)


“Whatcha got there?” He asked as they pulled their sweater off and then looked at the long tattoo on their forearm and a wash of guilt washed over them. “It’s something that is a constant reminder.” They say as they get ready to go shower as he follows them, wanting to full story. “When I was younger, I made a stupid mistake and all I could do was keep screwing up. I put this on my forearm because it reminded me that someday, I will know why I was meant to be here.” they sigh as they run the water and he holds them from behind before they could strip anymore clothing off. “Want to know something, you make mistakes to grow but this beautiful piece of art, it not only serves a reminder for you but it makes me want to be stronger for you too. So this way when you have a down day, I can be there for you.” He smiles as he kisses them as the reply with an eager kiss back. This is what they needed, to know that they won’t be alone during the worst day of their life.

“Shall we make some sin before we get you cleaned?” He smiled as for the first time in their life, the art on their arm was exactly right…As Mr. Johnny Cash says: ‘Life is rough so you gotta be tough’


‘Dying is Easy…Living is a Challenge’…Those words hurt more than most realize. After the death of a close friend, they could only look at the mirror and cry. Reaper saw this and was confused by it but what was the most confusing was the words that had been inked into their skin. “What is this, amado?” He asked as they looked at their arm and then back up at him. They didn’t want to tell him about the nights where they wanted to be with their best friend but could not bring themselves to do it because they didn’t want to leave his side. “Gabe, do you remember about my close friend that died…they committed suicide and I blame myself for not helping them.” was what was whispered as he holds them in his arms, letting them cry.

He knows what it is like to lose someone but to lose someone by that account, that hurts worse than anything else. “Then why do you have these words on your arm?” He asks as they look down he makes them look at him. “Tell me” He urges and then in clicks with him as he holds them, telling them that life is hard but his would be impossible with them. He would do whatever it takes to make them smile again because he loves them that much. Every day from then on, he told you that you mattered to him at least once a day.

Soldier 76-

“I didn’t know you had a tattoo sweetheart.” they hear from behind them as they look down and felt some sadness come back into their heart. “What does it say?” He asks as he looks at it as they reply. “Memento Vivere…its Latin.” He looked at it as he asked what it means before he realized that they were shaking and looked at them, seeing that they looked either nervous or maybe embarrassed. “No needed to be upset because I saw your tattoo, I love it.” he says as he sees them holding their arm and holds them since no one was around. “Is everything ok?” he asks once again as they shake their head. “Jack, I have something to confess…I am the child of a once strong leader in an army…I turned away from him because I was hurt so much that I lost so much time with him.”

Soldier held them as he listened to their tearful confession because he did not think that they were that secretive but nodded to them to continue. “I returned eventually and I remember that growing up, he had a tattoo on his hands that said Memento Mori…meaning Remember that you must die.” Soldier froze as they continued. “He wanted to protect the world so he said that was to help him remember that he has to keep going with the mission but…he was killed by the enemy and left me alone.” He holds them and remembers that their words do not match their fathers. “Wait, then what does yours say?” He asks as he tries to remember anything to help him understand the old language on their arm.

“Jack, this is my reminder to not waste another day, to progress with the mission and now with you by my side, I can do that.” He smiles as he holds them but in the back of their minds, they still remember their Father’s sweet words the final time they spoke. “Remember these words, my child…‘Memento Vivere’…Remember to Live, my sweet child.”

(Sorry some are short and some are long but I have plans to get the Memento Vivere tattoo soon and that is a story that goes with my all time favorite band. Thanks again!!!)

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So, today was the first day of school for me and I had Latin. My Latin teacher starts off the class with a PowerPoint slide that has a picture of a Game of Thrones book and George R.R. Martin. So, he begins saying,

“Alright so, one thing you should know about me is that I love to read. I’d read anything. I love Harry Potter. I love Shakespeare. I love The Great Gatsby. I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I even read 50 Shades of Grey, which I did not love. But let me get one thing straight. I refuse to read Game of Thrones. Why? Look at this guy. The man is 67 years old and he has about 5 books and still has AT LEAST 2 more coming? I telling you right now, he’s gonna die before he finishes it. And as I think about putting myself in this situation, I would not do well in that mess. You didn’t see me after Firefly got cancelled. And let me tell you, I was not a happy guy. So In order to protect myself, I am not even going to watch the show or stand 5 feet from the books. Ok? Got it? Ok.”

And the entire class was just speechless.

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My mom hasn't technically watched Voltron w/ me??like she was in the room with me while i watched it all in one day but she was on her phone or not really paying attention until it got to the point where she left the room because i refused to give her the remote.

lmaooo oh geez anon

Wash: This midnight fishing is great.

Mal: Sounds to me like someone doesn’t want to go home.

Wash: Yeah, I’m laying low. Today is the anniversary of a huge fight me and Zoe got into last year.

Jayne: Yeah? What about?

Wash: Oh, I forgot our anniversary.

[Mal and Jayne look at him in realization]

Wash: I’m never gonna do that again!

Jayne: I…

[Mal silences him. Wash takes a swig of his beer and sighs contentedly. He takes another drink… and then the penny drops]

Wash: [screams]

Mal: There it is!

  • Quincey [cocks gun]: Six men came to kill me one time, and the best of them carried this. It's a Callahan fullbore autolock, customized trigger and double cartridge thourough-gage. [He offers it to Arthur.] It's my very favorite gun.
  • Arthur: Are you offering me a trade for what I've got? She has a name!
  • Quincey: So does this! I call her Vera.
  • Arthur: Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

I was never blessed with an abundance of friends. The few friends I did have were truly wonderful, and I was content.

Aiden was like me. Quiet, shy, intelligent and introverted. We became best friends as children, and have remained as close as brothers our entire lives.

As all young boys do, we grew up. We graduated college, got jobs, and Aiden even got married! He has a young son, Jared, who refers to me as Uncle Eric. It’s the cutest thing when he comes up to me to show me some new and fascinating thing that he’s discovered, like the wonder of a firefly, or the beauty of a colorful flower. Children teach us to reevaluate things that we’ve learned to take for granted.

Aiden has been having a tough time lately. He and his wife separated and he’s been having financial difficulties for some time, between paying for full-time child care, his rent, and all his other bills. I’ve been helping as much as I can, but it never seems to be enough. Luckily, after thinking things over for a while, we came up with some ideas that may help his situation.

We were discussing one of those ideas when it happened. He turned to me with a wild look in his eye, and attacked me with a savagery I did not know he was capable of showing. He waited until there was no one around to help me before he made his move, like he’d been planning it. He was apparently under more stress than I’d realized…

I fought him off, but he was relentless. He simply would not give up… I had to do what I did. I had to kill him.

After it happened, I looked on in shock at his body now lying lifeless before me.

Oh well, I remember thinking, shaking myself out of my shocked stupor. I guess he changed his mind.

I shouldered my rifle and headed into the daycare.

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Hey hey hey Will! Got any stories about you and Nico you'd like to share? *nudges*

So, I introduced Nico to Netflix, to help get him caught up on Pop Culture, and to give him something to do if he couldn’t sleep. One day, Nico comes into the infirmary, looking like he hadn’t slept, but looking happy, so I knew it wasn’t a nightmare. And he just asks me: “Hey did you say there were other places to watch TV shows other than Netflix?” “Yeah why?” “Because Netflix doesn’t have the second season of Firefly and I want to watch it.” 

And that was the saddest thing I’d ever heard him say. -Will