and he goes to understanding and caring in like 0.2 seconds

seungchuchu hcs

because i’m still sad over how little screen time seung gil got

-phichit has the most fun ever seeing seung gil’s reaction when calling him ‘jagiya~’ (dear) when it’s just the two of them
-seung gil can’t tell if he’s happy or jealous of how well phichit and his dog get along
-sometimes he feels like he has two dogs
-phichit just barely cares when he hears this, replying that seung gil is a lot like his pet and then they take a selfie together with a doggy ear/face filter
-they walk the dog together sometimes, at night so they can hold hands and chat in low voices close to each other
-seung gil’s clothes are a huge turn off it just goes from sexy times to sns time
-it’s fine if seung gil doesn’t talk much, phichit understands
-and when he does, he’ll ask questions
-(though sometimes he does want seung gil to say it out loud, and he’ll bait those words out of him any way he can)
-seung gil quickly learns that phichit is no actual angel but boy does his heart tell him otherwise
-seung gil is so done with all the cute things phichit does
-phichit is so done with seung gil’s closet but what can he do
-seung gil is starting to learn from phichit how to be flirty and romantic and phichit is an unhappy flustered mess
-when they first started dating, every time phichit got nervous he’d dodge the issue by taking a picture of seung gil’s face
-the first time phichit saw seung gil smile he had a mental breakdown
-seung gil finally dealt with all the criticisms over the lack of expression in his programs and did one that really expressed the sexual allure of man and boy was phichit allured
-meanwhile phichit learned how to be quiet with his emotion and performs one of the most beautiful and thoughtful programs ever
-phichit is always trying to sneak vegetables into seung gil’s diet
-sometimes seung gil is afraid he’ll be swallowed up by phichit’s charisma and flair. just one moment of weakness and he’ll fall too deep for this person he needs to beat
-sometimes they steal a rink away for an hour to themselves and just skate together, hand in hand, helping each other with jumps and enjoying the presence of each other
-they’re fine spending so much time apart, occasionally messaging each other. they knew what was coming when they entered the relationship
-whenever they hang out phichit is always (trying to) hang off seung gil for his warmth
-or his dog
-seung gil refused a selfie with phichit once and it was terrible, he was hounded so long, he’ll never say no again
-usually phichit sits in seung gil’s lap to keep him from escaping from quality time together but once seung gil sat in his lap and phichit got turned on in like 0.2 seconds but then he kept making a big deal out of it like “HOLY SHIT SEUNG GIL THIS NEVER HAPPENS I NEED A PICTURE” and seung gil just gets up and leaves him to take care of his own problems

therainydayartist  asked:

I was wondering if you could do a react of the companions if sole blacking out on them? (Solo's face goes pure white, unresponsive, eyes dilated and glazed over, and shaking a little.) ((Only for a couple seconds thoug.))

It’s been so long since I’ve been on! Busy with graduation of family members now and such. Still playing far harbor so none of you better give me spoilers. Anywhoo I think this is the kind of moment where you realize that you love someone and don’t want them to go~

Ada: Her hands start sparking and she uses the blunt end of them as a defibrillator to bring Sole back within 0.2 seconds. “Ma’am/Sir, I will always be there to save you. If you need it, I got the tools. I wont let you die on me.”

Cait: “H-hey… What’s wrong? Wake up…” her voice was shaking. “Ya can’t leave me yet…” She didn’t know what to do. How do you save someone? Especially someone you love? At that moment she hated how ineffective she was. She was so damn powerful in the ring but completely powerless when it came to when she was needed the most.

Codsworth: “No… I can’t be the last living one of the family. It’s just not right! Please mum/sir, please wake up.”

Curie: The second Sole starts convulsing she takes one deep breath in and out. She worked quickly. One. Stimpack to the heart. Two. Hand in a fist over the chest. Three. Listen to the heart beat. Four. Pump in time. Five. Tilt the head back, block the nose, and breathe into their mouth. She repeated this until Sole came to and she let out a shaky breath, collapsing in their lap. She did it. She saved her love.

Danse: “Dammit soldier don’t die! The Brotherhood needs you! I need you!” He shook them as they began to shake. He tried to keep his composure but his heart was hammering in his chest as he aggressively tried to wake them. When that didn’t work, he picked Sole up and radioed in for an emergency evac to the Prydwen to get medical attention stat.

Dogmeat: *pained whimper*

Deacon: He froze. Locked up. In that second when Sole’s eyes rolled back, his life flashed before his eyes. He saw Barbara burning, curled up on the ground, screaming. All the pain rushed back and immobilized him. He was paralyzed for a good few minutes before realizing that Sole could die any second. He stripped off his shirt and wrapped it around Sole to warm them up as he took them in his arms to let them know he was there.

Hancock: “HEY! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Here!” He stabbed an ultra stimpack into their heart and waited impatiently as he placed their head on his lap, stroking their head with his hand and caressing their hand in his other. “Shit sunshine, you just gotta wake up and smile for me. I don’t know what I’d do without ya!”

Longfellow: “Oh shit cap’n! Hold on, don’t you go dyin’ on me! We got this whole damn island left to save and I ain’t no hero!” He grabbed them in his arms and ran all the way to Far Harbor to deliver them to Teddy. No one had ever seen Longfellow be so desperate for another person.

MacCready: “Oh shi-shoot boss, no… C’mon, c’mon, c’mon! He was trying to remember what he’s learned in Little Lamplight about how to give CPR. They had to look out after themselves. But it had been a long time and one mistake could mean death. He put his head on their chest. “You can’t go… I love you.”

Nick Valentine: “Kid! Hang on! This is gonna hurt a bit!” He threw Sole over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and ran all the way to Diamond City to get them some meds. He oversaw every second of it. Sole was the best damn partner he was ever gonna get and he couldn’t stand something bad happening to them.

Piper: Sole said they were anemic but she didn’t know what that meant until they fainted out of nowhere. It scared her to death and she didn’t know what to do, or even what it was, so she just clutched onto them for dear life, stroking their back and their hair softly and lovingly.

Preston: “General? What’s going on? Are you okay?” When it hit him that they had fainted he put them on his back and hiked all the way back to Sanctuary. He had to remain calm. He didn’t get to where he was by freaking out when someone was hurt, even if it was someone he cared for deeply. He had to be strong for them.

Strong: “HUMAN? WHAT WRONG? HUMAN NEED WATER? STRONG GET!” He came back with a jug filled with water and dumped it on Sole’s face, effectively waking them up.

X6-88: “Hold on ma’am/sir, I’ll get you medical attention immediately. I won’t let you die.” Luckily he at any time could beam them back to the Institute. With Sole shaking in his arms, he sprinted towards Dr. Volkert and gave very curt and direct orders for him to follow. X6 quickly became irritated that the doctor wasn’t moving fast enough and hissed at him to speed up. He needed them to be better NOW.


Maxson: At first no one saw Sole faint except him. When it happened he yelled at everyone to get out of the room (they didn’t understand why). He quickly ran up to his Sentinel’s side, released them from their power armor, and began administering CPR. He was going to protect them with his own two hands. There wasn’t a damn person on the Prydwen who would get the pleasure of seeing them weak. That was only for him.

Glory: “Goddammit! What happened? Hey! Whisper! Can you hear me?” By instinct, she caught Sole before they hit the ground, having fainted standing up. They were in the middle of a combat zone however and she needed Sole to wake up so that they could protect themselves as well. She was going to have to lecture them on health and nutrition once this was all over.

Now That Victuuri is Canon

It seems that a lot of people are upset because there was no explicit discussion of the kiss or further confirmation of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship in episode 8.

I understand why a lot of people feel this way. It’s another reason to fear if this whole thing is just really advanced queerbaiting. It’s a completely valid concern, given how many times we’ve been scorned. However, not only have we gotten confirmation from the creators that Victor and Yuuri are romantically attracted to each other, but even if we ignore all that it’s impossible to ignore on-screen events. I know I needn’t get into that and this is not the point of this post.

What I want to address is the subgroup of people who are upset because they were expecting more obvious romantic interacting between Yuuri and Victor. I’ll be honest, I wanted things to “get spicier” in a super dramatic way too, but thinking about it, that would not have made sense for this show at all. I’m not here to say “let’s be thankful for what we got” but rather to say “let’s look at what we got, and see what that all means in the grander scope of things.”

(As usual, sticking this under a cut because boy oh boy does it get long.)

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