and he goes


My baby at 16
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Can I just. Imprint the picture of the peaceful and happy family on my soul and keep it there forever. 

How long before CLAMP tears it apart. 

Why am I reading this again. 

But I absolutely love that the reason that other countries want to invade this land is because of their grass.

Every time Apocalypse Noctis comes on my iPod I get motivated to draw something dynamic and epic and something way out of my drawing skill, then the song ends and Iose motivation and I end up with a doodle like this. Every damn time.


The Queen ~ Why don’t you tell me how the hell you got Harvey to hire you in the first place.

Mike ~ Fire up that laptop, and I’ll show you.

BATB Modern AU Headcanons
  • Belle and Adam don’t really want children of their own, at least not in the near future, so Belle dedicates her time to starting her own children’s literature company called Beauty and the Books. It’s hugely successful. 
  • Plumette is her head of her marketing and is literally a genius, Lumiere is constantly blown away by his fiance’s beauty and fucking brilliance and honestly he’s lovesick for her
  • Lumiere himself opens up a classy af five star restaurant in the city, and Cogsworth agrees to work with him if it means he gets to work his own hours
  • Mrs. Potts and Chip move back in with Mr. Potts and Chip grows up in a very simple household. He goes to school where he discovers his passion for dance, but the dance school he wants to attend is super expensive so Adam and Belle help his family out with the tuition :3
  • Cadenza and Garderobe tour the world as an operatic/musical duo, being a fabulous power couple together and booking shows anywhere from italy to israel. They are literally living the dream man
  • Lefou is head of Belle’s company’s creative team and has his own really big office and stuff where he frames all of his boyfriend’s shirtless selfies
  • Gaston is a bodybuilder who makes all his money from his ultra-famous instagram. He’s also a stay at home dad since he and Lefou adopted a cute lil son 
  • Meanwhile, Adam is a professional model and does really classy perfume/cologne commercials and stuff. He’s been offered a few movie roles, but he doesn’t like travelling or people that much, so he’s turned them down to live a relatively quiet life with his Belle
  • Maurice lives in a little cottage out in the country, where he’s been content for a long time. Everyone frequently visits him because Maurice is the best grandpa :))
Cassian Appreciation Post

- Doesn’t always show it but deeply cares for the people close to him
-always knows how to lift peoples’ spirits
-is literally a source of sunshine and happiness for the people around him
-Welcomed Feyre into the night court and even trained her in combat
-is reduced to his abs and body, when he is so much more than that
-“I can think of no better way to end my existence than to defend those who need it most.”
-was born an Illyrian bastard, and no one expected to him to be more than foot soldier, but he still rose to become a General Commander
-needs seven siphons, thATS HOW FUCKING POWERFUL HE IS
-had a tough childhood in general yet he still manages to bring humour and happiness everywhere he goes
-his wings were ruined when he tried to save someone he cared about, yet I doubt that is going to stop him from still for fighting for the people he loves

People need to stop reducing Cassian to just his abs and nessian. He is more than just part of a ship. There is more to him than his abs. Please realize this.

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skye you know who this is. i wanna request an au for seungkwan๐Ÿ’–

  • youtuber!seungkwan 
  • he puts up covers of songs and also does cute vlogs about his life,,,,everytime he goes to visit his family in jeju he does a vlog and spends like 30 minutes of it talking about how much he loves his family and then the other 10 minutes is him running into the ocean fully clothed because subscriber vernon requested he do so 
  • his voice,,,,is undeniably amazing and everyone keeps asking him if he’s gotten signed to any labels
  • seungkwan always gets really shy talking about the fan letters he receives, even though in every video he makes corny hearts with his fingers and winks and stuff like that
  • like he’s still a soft boy and is humble for all the people who like him
  • has a fanclub that literally goes into the comments section on every video and deletes any hate because #protectseungkwan
  • you’re actually a youtuber too, but what you do is review singers voices and everyone keeps sending you the link to seungkwan’s page and when you finally listen to his covers
  • you fall in love,,,,,,,,,,with his voice
  • and you do a video reviewing his cover of a famous love song and you’re just full of praise because like WOW???? he has the voice of an actual angel
  • and seungkwan gets so happy watching your review that he leaves a thank you comment and it gets upvoted to the first spot
  • and everyone is going crazy in the comments about how cute you two would look together and if you know each other in real life
  • and that’s how you end up getting an email from seungkwan about what he should improve on vocally and how he trusts your judgment
  • and you guys talk a lot over text and stuff and ,,,,,, finally you decide to meet
  • and when you do,,,,you’re both blushing looking down at your feet and you both say you admire the other and then get flustered
  • and you guys unironically go to karaoke and have so much fun seungkwan makes you laugh till your stomach hurts and then he’s like “is it ok if i vlog this???” and you’re like sure!!!
  • except when he gets his camera out he pulls you over and he’s like “you guys know them right!!!!” and you give a wave
  • and you guys talk on camera together,,,,and it’s fun!!!!!
  • and when seungkwan uploads literally everyone is like ‘hehe cute first date!!!’ ‘more couple vlogs!!!!’ ‘when is your 100th day?’
  • and you get so shy when you see all these people saying that but also,,,,,,you and seungkwan have already set up a second date next week hehe 

Constituency: (noun) An area whose voters elect a representative to a legislative body.

Nation: (noun) A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.

I suggest that May learns the fucking difference. 

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Hello I would like a headcanon of '' the drunk guys ''

 Nathaniel has a very wild streak when he’s drunk. He basically acts the complete opposite of how he acts normally. He’s very bold and won’t hold back when he wants to say something. Becomes a straight up savage. He’s also easily persuaded so you could literally get him to do anything which is both good and bad. You could ask him to strip naked and he’d do it, that’s how bad it gets. After about an hour or so though he begins to feel sick and throws up, and becomes this huge mess. You have to help him walk or else he’s going to be on the floor. For these reasons he refuses to get drunk around others unless it’s his s/o or a reaaaaaally close friend.

Castiel is the sloppy drunk. He slurs his words so much and he kind of drags his feet around wherever he goes. He tries to makeout with you and gets super sad when you don’t want to and begins to complain. He also gets angry very quickly about the littlest things and will try to pick a fight with any and everyone, he doesn’t care. He’d probably be that guy you find the next morning passed out with a cup in his hand drooling everywhere. He has the worst hangovers too so unless you wanna deal with grumpy Cas you shouldn’t let him get drunk.

Lysander is very excited to do things but still reserved. He speaks just a bit louder. “Hey Lys you wanna dance to this song?” “Yeaaaah, I’d be *hiccup* delighted to.” He laughs at everything for some reason. You could slap him in the face and at first he’d be upset but then he’d start laughing. He can’t walk straight at all, he drags his feet everywhere. He’d probably be knocked out after a few hours but he’d be sleeping in the weirdest places like in the bathtub, in the closet or in the middle of the hallway. In the morning he can’t remember a thing and there’s really no point in trying to get him to remember cause you’ll just confuse him.

Armin is extremely loud and stubborn. Like, you’re trying to get him to lie down and he’s all “NO! I DON’T WANNA GO TO BEDDDD!” He’s basically a gigantic child. He’s also extremely clingy and will whine and complain if you’re more than like 3 feet away from him. You also have to watch him very carefully because he’d probably hurt himself by like trying to cook something and then accidentally stabbing his hand. His face also gets super red and his eyes have the glazed over look to them. He spaces out a lot almost like he’s high but then he randomly comes back to reality and will start ranting about something completely irrelevant.

 Kentin is that drunk that will reveal all of his secrets to you with no hesitation. You could ask him literally ANYTHING and he’d tell you, but not before pressing his fingers against your mouth and going “SHHHHHH!!! I’ll t-tell you buuuuuuut you can’t say nothing!” Also uses terrible grammar. It’s best not the bring up these secrets to him the next day though because he’ll just get super embarrassed. He eats so much food too. Chips, candy, soda, all of that and he just doesn’t stop eating. He’s also weirdly emotional when he’s drunk about the most random things. He could watch a sad commercial and be crying for like 5 minutes about “the poor doggy.”

  • Jimmy: Oh, really? Well, I guess Thomas should know about Ripon.
  • Alfred: Du-ude!
  • Thomas: What happened in Ripon?
  • Jimmy: Well, Alfred and I are in a bar...
  • Alfred: Did you not hear me say, "Du-ude"?
  • Jimmy: ...and this girl is making eyes at Alfred, okay? So after a while he just goes over to her and, uh, after a minute or two, I see them kissing. Now, I know what you're thinking. Alfred's not the type of guy who just goes to bars and makes out with girls. And you're right. Alfred's not the type of guy just goes to bars and makes out with 'girls.'.
  • Thomas(laughing out loud): You kissed a guy? Oh my God!
  • Alfred: In my defense, it was dark and he was a very pretty guy.